A childish parliament versus an adult parliament

How can there be a childish parliament? You are right, all parliaments are for adults, national leaders, men and women and some very young men and young women. There is no parliament for children. The only parliament that is for children is a moot parliament that sometimes the schools would organize to educate the children and let them do some role playing to experience what the lives of adults would be like.

In a childish parliament, you can expect them to speak childishly and behave childishly as it is only natural for children to do so. And the language used would be childish as well. Any bad words used would not be tolerated and they would squirm and report to the teacher in charge. In a childish parliament, you would not expect them to be rude or to talk nonsense, oops, maybe children will do, occasionally as they would not know the difference.

Of course a childish parliament would not stand up to the adult’s expectation of honesty, integrity and truthfulness, at best like a debate. Oh yes, a childish parliament would have all the rules like in a debate. Everyone would be allowed to speak with a limited time and in decorum, speak good English, no Ingrish or Singlish. And no telling grandfather and grandmother stories.

Why, because time is precious in a debate. Each one is only given a limited time and they cannot afford to waste time telling grandfather stories. In a real adult parliament, you can imagine how much time is wasted if a parliamentarian wasted one hour telling grandfather stories. Not only he/she would waste her/his one hour, but the one hour of the PM, the ministers and all the MPs. And if this is broadcast over TV, it would waste the time of millions of viewers. Time is precious even in a childish parliament.

Actually, I think, an adult parliament has a lot to learn from a childish parliament. There are good things, good rules to learn from a childish parliament. Those good debaters should conduct lessons on how to speak well, speak eloquently in an adult parliament, even conduct good Ingrish lessons.
Another important thing about childish parliament is that they would not allow anyone to talk cock. The girls would be blushing. And if a boy were to get angry and shout, fuck you, the girls would be running out to hike in the toilet, some would faint. That is what childish parliament would be like.

Teacher, teacher, he cannot say like dat, cannot use bad words.


Anonymous said...

Ya totally agreed. Matilar should attend the lesson as well

Anonymous said...

Recently the white men party behave like a childish parliamentarians. The opposite party behave like an adult parliamentarians. The white party got angry cos a oppo Sylvie used the word " floated Test Balloon" to describe the future Gst tax hike as testing to brainwash the Sinkies minds into believing that Gst tax is the only way to solve the garblemen most of its financial issues. The oppo Sylvie suspected something must be fishy & used that word, a Heng not happy & demanded Sylvie to apologize but in vain, & Shame-murugan & a Dis-GraceFoo jumped into the charades to bully the oppo party. This show were all watched & seems like Ah Long olso unhappy but couldn't do anything, probably thinking he olso a Dishonourable one.

Anonymous said...

Gaming - Floated Test Balloon Sylivie vs Childish Gasstee Team:

Sylivie vs Ah Heng ( score 1:0)
Sylivie vs Ah Shame (score 1:0)
Sylivie vs Ah Fool ( score 1:0)

Netizens judge declared Sylivie win over three minion-sters pants down, a resounding 3 nil victory for the first time ever. If this a National soccer tournament of this little red dot over others big club, probably the national soccer team then got hope.

jjgg said...

This world fu of crazy people.. millions of words are spoken in parliament ..who really take notice of words n phrases.. Will people really go round saying PAP fly balloon ? Or will the remarks just be recorded in Hansard n forgotten. Temasick lost billions also no apologise.. lky only stands corrected.. where got apologies ah? I don't hear the govt apologising for having to raise taxes again n again.. despite their claim to obscene reserves.. so now you ask for apologies n sl rightfully says fuck off..what now.. silly cow

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely said...

A political party led by a boy who has never grown up will be filled with boys and girls who have also never grown up.

A parliament led by a spoilt brat whose parents had let him gotten his ways all the way, all the time, will be supported by similar spoilt brats and imitation-spoilt brats all the same, naturally.

A country led by a Dishonourable Son whose egoistic and father had over-estimated his capabilities and potentials to the extent that he was made Crown Prince and later installed as King of the Aristocracy, will inevitably suffer tremendously due to incompetency, inefficiency, deficiency and idiosyncracy.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is suffering from the Peter Pan syndrome. That's why you have boys who always want to punch above their weight.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, your para : "Of course a childish parliament would not stand up to the adult's expectation of honesty, integrity and truthfulness."

Think the children speak more truths than the Adults in honesty, integrity and truthfulness than the PAPies.

What baloney the PAPies flying their balloons.

Better use their condoms.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 10.08am
//Singapore is suffering from the Peter Pan syndrome. That's why you have boys who always want to punch above their weight.//

Hello, it should be :
Singapore's P-PAP is suffering from the Peter Pan syndrome. That's why you have boys who always want to punch above their weight.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Virgo, you don't like dat lah. Don't question honourable men and women for not talking honestly and with integrity lah.

I believe honest men and women will always speak honestly and with integrity.

Anonymous said...

Peter Pan Action Party versus Aunty Lian Floating Test Balloon �� -- a S'pore Story Tale ( it will probably be sold out!)

Anonymous said...

Why so sensitive about the phrase " Floating Test Balloons "??

In Singapore this method has been used many times before. eg in the 6M or 10M population case. The government just injects a rumour into the media through its mouthpiece and people starts talking about it. Lot of kpkb in the coffee shops and foodcourts. Soon the idea gets entrenched into the minds of the sheeples and when the intended event actually gets introduced and become law, sheeples are so used to the idea and kwai kwai accept it as norm.

Job done.

Anonymous said...

//Why so sensitive about the phrase " Floating Test Balloons "??

In Singapore this method has been used many times before. //

Precisely, that's why there is nothing wrong when SL used this words or phrases, it's been used by the PAPies all along to brainwash every Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

For a parliamentarian speaking childishly is already bad.

For a parliamentarian to act foolishly is worse.

For a parliamentarian to behave disgracefully is terribly despicable and unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if this can be called mankind brainwash engineering project?

Anonymous said...

@RB 10.33am

Uncle RB, maybe u r confused who r really the Honourable men an women. Is it bcos they gonna give u another few hundreds bucks & u become so gar-bla & cannot distinguished who r the honourable & honest ones?

Uncle, maybe u r not alone. Come the next election the PAPies will again win resoundingly to proof that their brainwashing works!

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.49 am

..u r a absolutely correct. It's been used since time immemorial & in many societies with the recent one here! That's why the Sinkieland Propaganda House r losing its printed papers sales.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

An honest man is an honest man. Period.

You need to make a distinction between an honest man and a dishonest man claiming claiming to be an honest man.

Get the drift?

I have no doubt about the honesty of an honest man when I see one.

Anonymous said...

//You need to make a distinction between an honest man and a dishonest man claiming claiming to be an honest man.//

It's pretty hard to tell a ' dishonest man claiming claiming to be an honest man '
Is a 'dishonourable' man telling a person what's gonna happen next or next few years honestly a honest man? Or
Is a honourable man telling a person what is gonna to happen next or few years but it never happen, a dishonest person?

..me confused & not like the monkey king of journey to the west who can use its eyes to see who r the evils demons.

Anonymous said...

A dishonest man, or woman, and party, is one who promised to return the full sum of money borrowed from your savings when you reach 55 years old, but when you reached 55 years old, he tells you he is not going to return the full sum and he further compels you to pay monthly/yearly insurance premiums in order to deplete and siphone out your savings until you are dead.

Anonymous said...

The video of ah lian said. Then ah mu said. Then heng ah. This video showed some talks of each. Ah lian has lots of training in it. Her voice was not as calm as one late legend. Her chance to be one is clear. She is coming out as leader of opposition with more training from these opponents.
The issue was the word "suspicion". Bay sai an ni kong. Must trust the honorable men and women s words.

There is a common sense to this. If someone has committed something not acceptable to the norm. He will create story to put right his words so as to be accepted. Note here, if he is bluffing, he would put right with a story to prove he has been honest. Kid does that sometime. Parent will teach the kid "please say sorry".

The effect is disaster if an adult says sorry like a kid. This adult is destroyed. The Pap did it before and one WP man apologized. Twice was asked, he did twice.

This time is a WP big gun. Voters will watch closely. Ah lian kong ho ho. The same pap asked for sorry sir twice, ah lian wrote, she was doing her duties as mp to ask question. Thinking about ah lian s explanation, she was right. She has the inbuilt duty to be watch dog.

Hey watch dog or watch bitch must also bark when something is not right. Voters in opposition camp support ah lian. If they dont, then future ah lian just keep their eyes close. The Parliament will be like children s play ground. After the class ends, the teacher say any objection kee chiu. No objection, white papers ver 2 pass. 10 millions foreigners will be in sinkieland to look for jobs.
Then 1000 companies will be on watch list for refusing to hire citizens. Until some days, citizens grand sons are too tired to be held as human shields. Every company hires 80% foreigners, and 20% citizens clerical staff and cleaners.

Horray, the success of globalization plan. 7 millions foreigners occupied most companies hiring 3 millions sinkies. Out of which, 1.5millions are national slaves.

Sinkies want such national building, the childish parliament will deliver to them. Regrets? Once foreigners occupied their space and settled in with jobs and space, they will not leave until they finish milking sinkieland s resources. Ie when sinkieland is useless similar to Lebanon, which was a financial hub at middle east, foreigners will move north to Forest city and KL. Sinkies voters will tear and there is no WP to ask question then say sorry. Sinkies better vote for alternative to have an adult parliament that ask tough hard to answer question and never say sorry to ask that. Voters have the votes. They must not hand shaking when putting the cross on alternative to the childish parliament players. Sinkieland must grow up or face being used as human shield city for foreigners as majority.

Virgo49 said...

Fyi and viewing :



Virgo49 said...

Apology wrong one.

Old already and want to close Windows fast

https ://youtu.be/bTR73FJk7Mk

Sorry not to Grace Disgraceful

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Greetings motherfuckers!

You all...no fun lah. No wonder people from HK and China shit all over Singaporeans and call us BORING.

Have you seen what can happen in a Taiwan parliament...or Japan...or Korea? When those cocksuckers get mad, they start smashing each other...like...er...schoolboys lah.

Our parliament is boring. 2 women can't even fight properly. As I said in the last thread, when women fight, they should do it naked, and slippery wet. Otherwise just shut the fuck up lah.

The fact that we have probably the most expensive parliament in the world (adjusted for the small size), I would think money-conscious locals would demand more ACTION, from the ACTION Party.

WTF man? These assholes are being paid princely sums to run the cuntry, but they are also expected to ENTERTAIN US when they are in session. I want to see Vivian and Sylvia get into it. I want to see her punch his face until bokok 🤣 I want to see an NMP throw a shoe at the PM, and hit the guy.

Step up your game lah...start fighting properly. These are not children...children do a much better job because they just "let go" when they fight.

So RB, please stop insulting kids. 🤡

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Matilah, In conversations with some Sinkies that we need more Oppo Members to query and "fight" the PApies, they told me that will be too disrupting and NOT good for the Country.

They are thru the decades been tamed by the PAPies that they DONT even want to have a "Fight" to fight for their wellbeings.

Poor Sinkies. That's why they gave 70% votes for better be slaves thAn fight.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you be very careful.

You can be charged or arrested for inciting violence. Don't pray pray. What you said is many times worse than floating test balloon.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

From one of the internet's most trusted sources for "truth", pay attention boys and girls:


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

Appreciate the warning bro. If you read my post carefully, there are no specific identifiers i.e. surnames, even reference to the specific cuntry's parliament. So let them cum, I'll cum on their faces lah.

It's ok to "incite violence" because they are just empty words. Unless the object and subject of the said violence is specifically identified---in this case you have to use your "imagination" which means you can "imagine" anything.

They couldn't even get the bust Amos properly...they had to do all sorts of finagling to finally get him on "religious insulting" aka blasphemy, like we're back in the 15th century.

Like my other compatriots, the parliamentary behaviour is just fucking unacceptable. I have a cheebye mouth which indubitably serves me well, because "bad words" (no such thing lah..just words!!) can be used to express scorn, derision, joy, anger, disgust...you name it...they are EMOTIONAL and powerful because they break social taboo.

However, I am not a parliamentarian, so I can just shoot off my dirty talk whenever I choose, depending on the situations I choose, for my own self-interest.

But when an elite people are a chosen or appointed rep in parliament, they give up such rights to privacy and self-interest. They take on responsibilities of REPRESENTING PEOPLE WHO'VE PUT THEIR TRUST IN THEM so they better watch their motherfucking behaviours, and exhibit self-control on the words which come out from that cocksucker holes in their heads.

Every Singaporean has the right to be angry, pissed off and derisive in this appalling situation. I'm expressing myself in the best way I know how, with the language befitting such a response.

Shameful cunts!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@Virgo 49 (and RB too)

The Leeder of one party (which name I won't mention...use your "imagination" 😂 ) use to claim he uses knuckle dusters, and would meet anyone in a dark alley with his hatchet.

Now, I ask you...who in the fuck is the one "inciting violence"? Again, use your "imagination", I guarantee it's not difficult to dee where my kopitiam logic is going here.

If there is one and only one reason I have for agreeing with the need for an opposition, is that we get an opposition who really OPPOSES the incumbents every which way, everytime... NO! SHOULD BE THE DEFAULT ANSWER TO EVERY POLICY..even the so-called "good ones".

The opposition has to have the means to counter knuckle dusters and sharp hatchets...they cannot go in there all "peaceful and nice".

Politics is DIRTY. It cannot be any other way. If you are going to play This Game, you have to be willing to jump into the sewer, fight like a sewer rat, and emerge covered in blood and shit, and still manage to get the job done.

Otherwise fuck off from The House and join the rest of us "normal" people getting high, getting laid, losing money gambling, and struggling to make enough money so we can finance our lifestyles of immorality and irresponsibility. 🤡

Opposition motherfuckers, get some MMA training lah. Go Thailand take Muay Thai course! Then come back and hantam those violent thugs who bring knuckle dusters and hatchets into the theatre of supposed "Civil Discourse"

Hey Singapore, Got "Gracious Society"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, do not underestimate what stupid people can do to you: )

Anonymous said...

Important for Govt to remove any doubt about timing of GST hike to protect its integrity, said Chee Hong Tat, the proposer of compulsory Eldershield plus earlier start age of 30 to pay premiums.

b said...

Sinkies must go anzcuk to see real parlia debate. Here is hopeless, pointless and a waste of time. Every minister behaves like a LKY zombie, so boring. LKY universities produce LKY zombies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@RB, Don't worry bro, because I am always concerned about the many ways we can be put in harm's way due to other people's stupidity. ;-)
Just condsider "defensive driving"---you have to be alert, and hopefully have the training to respond appropriately.

Anonymous said...

They avoided zooming on gst at 9%, that is the good result achieved.
Abe increased gst from 5% to 8% in 2015. He delayed 4 times to increase from 8% to 10%.

When in 2015, Yen was 101 after gst at 8%.
In 2013, gst at 5%, yen was at 80.

Therefore, sgd will have good value when gst is at 9%. All imported machines and materials are expensive by 2%. But the market excluded US in TPP. Goods go to US and China will be more expensive.
Goods to be made will not come to sinkieland. Go to Australia can get 25% exempted tax by Trump, sinkieland not included, how come?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is like Jurassic Park. A park made for adventure and entertainment. However, you have to pay a heavy price to get entertained. Moreover, there are unseen dangers lurking in the artificial environment created by people motivated by greed and ruthlessness. At any time you can be devoured by extint dinosaurs . Triceratops and T-Rex.

b said...

PAP only care for msian chinese and let them earn so much money, free ns, free scholarship, no cpf lock down etc. They only exploit sg chinese and make them want to leave this tiny island.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I don't think you are contributing to any meaningful discussion here. We in the Kuda Club actually discussed many of your posted view and did not find them constructive or useful but rather as a joke in our Kuda riding sessions.

Oh by the way in one of your posts you talked about using some sort of virtual gorgle? There is no point wasting money, it's cheaper if you use a brown paper bag to cover the old woman head while you suck their deflated tits to earn some small tips.

If you can avoid do like what we do, pay a bit and enjoy the Kuda riding.

Best regards,
Michael Tham
Singapore Kuda Riding Club
Board Member
Asia Pacific Kuda Riding Club
Executive Member
International Kuda Riding Club

Cc David Tan
Singapore PR Director
Singapore Kuda Riding Club

Anonymous said...

U hit the right point on pap policy.

Anonymous said...

Saying sorry doesn't help
Eases high cost of living.
May b someday parliament will
Do better.