Chee Hong Tat - Test balloons are false and vicious

SINGAPORE: The Workers' Party could have used its "test balloons" allegation on the timing of the Goods-and-Services Tax (GST) "to great effect for political attacks", if the Government had not challenged it in Parliament, Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat has said.

"Had the Government not pursued the matter in Parliament, most people would have overlooked Ms Lim’s 'test balloon' comment.  However, the WP could later use it to great effect for political attacks, including during the next general election," he wrote in a letter addressed to all Singaporeans published on the People's Action Party (PAP) website on Saturday (Mar 10)....

Mr Chee said in his letter that her allegation was "false and vicious" and "goes to the heart of the Government's integrity".

"The underlying sting of that allegation was that the Government was being dishonest with the people," he wrote.

The WP could then repeat the allegation at election rallies and claim that since the Government did not rebut it in Parliament, "it must be true", he said.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/test-balloons-allegation-if-not-refuted-could-have-led-to-10032354

I thought after Sylvia Lim refused to apologise to Grace Fu's threat to file a complain against her this silly chapter on the test balloon allegation would have been closed and forgotten. The above is another report in Channel News Asia on Chee Hong Tat's public letter to the people to tell the people how dangerous is the test balloon allegation.
For goodness sake, testing the ground before implementing or changing policies or laws have been a standard practice by almost every govt all over the world. There are times when policies are unpopular or controversial or simply bad for the people and govts need to be very careful of the backlash if introduced. They would adopt all kinds of tactics to test the ground, soften the ground, creating fake news and misinformation to distract or convince the people to believe the policies are good and not bad for the people. Some govts may even tell lies to get the people to believe in their bad policies.
Test balloon is just another different expression of such govt tactics. It is nothing new or abnormal. What is the farce all about? Test balloons are false and vicious? 

I give up. It is a waste of time and resources like crying wolf or throwing a red herring to confuse the people. Oops, is crying wolf false and vicious, is throwing a red herring false and vicious, like test balloon?

What do you think?

PS. I think the people would be better educated and entertainment reading my rubbish in mysingaporenews.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is a waste of time and resources like crying wolf or throwing a red herring to confuse the people.

If that is the case, then it is the 70% who voted for these politicians to cry wolf or throw red herring.

70% voted for them, so u kpkb no use, correct or not?

If only WP had been ready to be govt, Sylvia would not have been bullied in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Chee Hong Tat won with 73% votes in GE 2015, u know.

So even if he cry wolf or throw a red herring to confuse the people, he got the strong mandate from the people to do it, correct or not?

And Sylvia Lim nearly lost GE 2015, so she got almost no mandate to float test balloons, or even for anything, so obviously PAP will tekan her lah.

Politics is like that one lah. Get the mandate first, then can talk or do, or even can talk cock sing song like PAP, OK?

jjgg said...

Something wrong with the fucked up miw.. 3 of the ballon spotters went on the attack in parliament n couldn't prick the ballon with their oratories..so ..it's back to the keyboard kah kias to try n shoot it down. Keyboard kah kias also not doing good job because it really amounts to everybody in town saying .. oi.. if senior ministers only farting in parliament who will give 2 wanks what you say!!! I've seen better strategy in kinder playschool

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 850:

>> Get the mandate first, then can talk or do, or even can talk cock sing song like PAP, OK? <<

Damn Straight!

In contests there is The Winner, and then the rest. There's no such thing as 2nd place. All hierarchies are essentially bullshit---created by our brain's propensity for "kampung maths". (Simple maths to aid survival. e.g. how many monkeys in the tree, how many fruit on the ground... )

We invented 2nd, 3rd, 4th place etc. to "give some face" to the one's who did not win...so that we all could feel better about "losing", and that we don't tu-lan (bang balls) too much.

"Getting a mandate" is part of the win. The other part is the rock-solid security of being paid thousands of dollars a day to talk nonsense, and pretend to be "offended" when criticised. So in that way you get:

1. Mandate
2. Insane money (also from directorships of companies---bonus!!)
3. Create the illusion of working (productivity?)
4. Get support/ sympathy when people tekan you, because you don't have enough character to "take it in the right spirit".

All in all, a sweet deal lah.

What a fantastic Hotel! 💰🤣

Anonymous said...

//..What is the farce all about? Test balloons are false and vicious? //

There is nothing false or vicious or malicious by oppo part Sylvie's opinion on GaSshTee hike. Ah Chee Tat behave like a kid crying "...the wolf is coming ...Wolf is Coming .." ( 狼来了!) where in actual fact no wolf is coming to attack or eat him, such behaviour will backlash when there r really real wolf coming in the country to attack it's own people. So when next time Ah Chee Tat start crying wolf again, who wud believe in him.

Anonymous said...

The attention should be on the fucking 2 percentage point GST hike to 9.0%, not on test balloons.

They have successfully diverted the public attention to test balloons!

Anonymous said...

Every single article below suggested that the government should raise the GST (click on each one if you wish):

19 Nov 2017 – Straits Times: “Singapore to raise taxes as govt spending increases”

20 Nov 2017 – Business Times: “GST hike announcement could be on the cards for Singapore Budget 2018: economists, tax specialists”

20 Nov 2017 – TodayOnline: “GST tax hike in S’pore ‘likely’ but not in near term, experts say”

21 Nov 2017 – ChannelNewsAsia: “Singapore set for tax hike: What could it be and when?”

21 Nov 2017 – Business Times: “GST hike looms as Singapore’s funding needs grow”

22 Nov 2017 – Business Times: “Impact of GST hike on prices will depend on size, timing”

26 Nov 2017 – Straits Times: “Taxes introduced over the years and how the public reacted”

28 Nov 2017 – Straits Times: “GST could go up 2 percentage points in Budget 2018: DBS economist”

30 Nov 2017 – Singapore Business Review: “Speculated GST hike could boost e-commerce tax”

1 Dec 2017 – TodayOnline: “Preparing for a GST increase”

9 Dec 2017 – TodayOnline: “GST could be raised to 9% in Budget 2018: DBS report”

24 Jan 2018 – TodayOnline: “How much additional revenue can S’pore get from raising GST and other taxes?”

15 Feb 2018 – TheNewPaper: “What to expect if tax rates are raised at Budget 2018”

Who is the really Dishourable One, MP Chee Hong Tat?

Anonymous said...

You want some more evidence?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, the name Chee Hong alreday sound so obscene. "Tat" Cantonese for "Can".

Whats you expect from this " Chee Hong ". Skirts chasers.

The Media reported that this Budget Debate will throw out the Fourth Generation Leaders.

This Chee Hong wants to be one of them.

TKD have one Chong Chee Hong also. Hong patterns.

Anonymous said...

Chee Hong That or That Chee Hong really kena Chee Hong. Most probably, his wife refused to sleep with him for the last one month?

Anonymous said...

This is a problem on sinkieland, no vision for 2018, no vision for 2017. Vision means what are sinkies going to do for the year? Is the budget discussion over liao? When reading the reports, many would skip those topics on big name sylvia, topic was dishonarable behavior. The words "suspicion test balloon" needed hours.

The public should be clear in mind. It is a diverting attention tactics. The main subject was to increase tax on purchases 2%. It was directed to discuss what is called dishonrable behavior. Some site speculated sylvia will be 'fine'. Some said can go lock up for 2 years. If not for sylvia, this kind of attention suits some other opposition leaders. There was a siblings often faced ang chair load of poli to catch these siblings.

Sylvia has all the attention free of charge. If it happens like lock up, she will be on hero welcome when at stage. But lock up liao means no election for her: may be that is the way to road roller sinkie s future parliament, a plain horizon with only one white color.

Sinkies voters have the duties and responsibilities to make sure sinkieland will survive the old age statehood. Do look at their children daily rushing to schools and institutions to receive education. They are full of hope to live for their lives till natural ending. If voters allow a budget to show figures, and discussing someone s honarable or dishonrable behavior, it is a big risk. These people are no kids in a classroom without teacher. They should be serious to listen to objections to their proposals. How can an objection to 2% tax increase be diverted into discussion of a person s behavior? It marks this statehood is no longer paramount. It should have been directed quickly back to the main subjects. The people who guide the discussions should shut the gaps on diversion to personal attack. On the contrary, voters saw the 4G were the main vehicles with keen interest on the person rather on the subject discussion.

There is observation that sinkieland s heavily indebted as world top 10 or 15 highest in terms of gdp. It seems that sinkieland is not buying F35 which is one risk sinkies should note as Indonesia is buying Su35. Sinkieland is increasing tax to 9% on all purchases to help retailers to gain more business? Sinkies salary level raise was deterred by foreigners influx of 3 millions. Yet it increases tax to deter buying. Tourists are buying from Bangkok or sinkieland?

All these should be highlighted and answered. But the responsible ministars are not guiding the discussion to highlight the risks. Sinkieland s 4G are not up to the standard required of their responsibilities to guide national issues for forging unity in policy execution. This little state s survival depends on opposition members. Many sinkies are still in denial. Time and situation will not wait for them to vote in more opposition when sinkieland is in ICU state of weakness: flooded with foreigners, shortage of money, jobs runs short, salary on decline or stagnant, retailers close more than open. If opposition members are concerned about tax increases, Habis, there are only 8 members.

Anonymous said...

@ 951 am,

Well said. The 4G Ministers and MPs are mere Stooges. There is no oomph nor national interests demonstrated. All they are good at is ad hominium attacks without facts and substance. Typical rogue character assassins and mercenaries paid to kill at the orders of their Master.

Anonymous said...

When the koyo can not be sold, fixing starts.

Anonymous said...

How to have First World Parliament when MPs are not even Third World calibre?

Goh said...

We shd not be over sensitive about this balloon thingy.Common folk like me ,whether gonggong or not , are unaware or would overlook this if it's not brought up.
Even if they will to bring up in future election ,can unlikely affect the 70% .
However ...this issue now cause more harm than good as many supporters ,daft or not ,who are compassionate ,will tend to feel one is so petty ,bully kitchi and may result in vote swing to saliva.
It will not be a protest vote,but a vote of sympathy.I now worry I will start to fall in love with saliva.
Sometimes we really need brain to work.
It's time for our Peeyam to look for candidate with eq or iq.,not those simple minded Plp.Think of the pros n con.
Concentrate on more important issue to make it more than 70% and not let those laocheks here celebrate with their champagne.
Dun fall into the trap,dun rock the sampan and make me poorer.
Hope my effort is appreciate n not call up for apology:-)

Goh said...

Dun make fun of others name.
At least he is not a bolinchor.
I respect those with given name and not those with fanciful angmo name .
A nice name that one should be proud of.Hong Tat,keep it up.

Anonymous said...

A Chee Hong is forever a Chee Hong lah! Cannot escape people's notice or critcism.

Moral of the Story:

Father or mother before giving names to children better think long and hard. Don't let your children suffer from ridicules and criticism the rest of their Adult Life.

Anonymous said...

"nor national interests demonstrated."
Voters focused on national interest, politicians focused on personal attack. This is a fair description. That parliament building is not cheap and it should be rightfully used to talk only business. Once it was used to talk cleaning of hawker center roof top.

Interestingly, the same opposition to talk about "The $410,000 it paid for a study on the project alone is nearly 90 per cent of the cost of actually building the bin centre, which was another $470,000."(ST Aug 2, 2016,) That bin center was under the ministry of culture. That topic was talking business as it worth close to one million dollar for a rubbish bin room with roof.

How much does it worth to talk about dishonorable behavior? Not worth a thousand dollar. sylvia may have to come out "fine" for asking question as part of the fees.

Commission a consultant to consult honorable behavior in parliament as part of sinkie politicians s culture will be more interesting to hear. Voters will support. That will show the same standard demanded of all mp, not just the opposition.

The idea thot is Just for a laugh, might be more positive than what the shows did by these politicians. Hope it does not come true. A consultant charges few hundred ks like designing the rubbish bin house. So it depends on which side voters stand to watch 4G show series.

Goh said...

Such names are unique and can catch attention among the rest and chances of being selected for promotion is better than others.
Nothing wrong with the name.
It's the character of a person that is important.
Goh Ah Gong doesn't mean I must be gong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

agongkia is spot on. Ad hominem (including making fun of given names) attacks take the focus away from the real issues.

I'm am no stranger to the use of ad hominems, as I revel in their use on the net and in real life. 😂 But if my posts contained nothing but motherfucker and cunt I would rebuke myself. (because I come here to write for only my own selfish entertainment aka shiok sendiri)

Taxes often elicit emotional responses from nearly everyone. Most people agree on the need for taxation, but disagree on who has to pay it. "Don't tax me, tax them!". In the end, everyone pays...begrudgingly.

Imagine being in a state of unbearable horny-ness, at a singles bar just before closing time. You tak boleh tahan, your balls are close to bursting...that canon needs to be fired...and soon!

So because it is late, the "market is very thin". That means you have to target the least ugly chick.

Taxes are like that: they are not a beauty contest, where "attractiveness" is ranked. They are a "pick the least ugly bitch, and do what you need to, then get on with your life" situation---i.e. they're not "nice", but necessary for The Autocracy to do their job according to the mandate The Sheeple gave them.

I've been saying for years that taxes were on the up and up in Singapore. For decades Singapore, Singaporeans and foreign opportunists, privateers, Sovereign Individuals and the like (aka my friends) have enjoyed the low taxes in Singapore...to the point where these happy beneficiaries ridicule hi-tax regimes like Australia, Canada, UK, USA...all the wonderful welfare-demo-Crazies of the *OECD.

Well, as mentioned in this thread. Increases in tax should not come as a surprise. The media has been hinting at it for sometime already. Kopitiam Philosopher Uncles have had numerous deep and meaningful discussions...so why all the fuss now?

Sheeple-poreans need to take a double-dose of the Blue Pill, because the one they've taken is wearing off. 🤡 OK, enough ad hominem attacks for now...

*[Foot Note] Ah the OECD. Like their sister, the UN, they just love telling cuntries what to do, how to live, how much "free money" to give away by legalised theft aka "tax".
Like the UN, NONE of these cheeky cunts are elected by the people they desperately want to control, but somehow their self-claimed authority plays tricks on their imagination. 🤨

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, this see San face scoundrel with this given name already shown he no gentleman.

Why give face to him??

A name very apt shown a person personality.

That's why Chinese consulted even Hong Choon paying a ransom to name their children.

Only those Gong Gong will name their Children Ah Gong and Ahgongkia.

Maybe they thinking MALaysian AgONg or Ah Nua (lam nua)

Anonymous said...

WP must change strategy. Old dogs cannot learn new tricks. So all WP old dogs must becum backstage advisors. Let the younger dogs to front the party and learn new tricks.

One new trick is to get rid of the self-imposed limitation of playing second fiddle only.

Instead of co-driver without power, WP leadership must strive to be "Second-to-None". Only then, can the party's morale and gusto be raised higher.

There is no point in having an opposition political party to supplement and complement the ruling party, that has overwhelming majority in Parliament. It might as well close shop.

For the past 54 years, WP has been at the mercy of PAP. This pathetic state of affairs cannot and must not carry on for another 54 years. In order to prevent that from happening, A quantum leap must be set forth now.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


OK, let's say you call him all the dirty language in the book. What happens? Nothing. You might feel "shiok" for awhile, but life as we know it will continue.

So you do what you need to lah...

For me, I actually think this young man is OK. He's obviously been influenced and probably groomed by Lee The Elder. You will recall his speeches on the hustings where he beat his chest and displayed clenched fists...something we don't see very often (if ever) in staid SIngapore politics. Hence my hypothesis that he's been very much influenced by a young Lee Kuan Yew. IMO, he is contending for the Top Job. He is ambitious as he is smart, and will always defend the PAP, come hell or high water.

...but, as expected, not well liked by the "gimme back my CPF" crowd. 😂

Sometimes it might be beneficial to take a step back and disengage form one's emotions. I can respect a person even if I disagree with them, or even don't particularly like them.

In this case, he might have "jumped the shark" and lost a few points with his wild extrapolations of the govt "losing credibility"...but then again he is Singaporean. And we all know how Singaporeans can make small matters turn into big deals...KIASU LAH.

So I am willing to give him a pass on this one. I would have given him 5 Stars if he beat his chest and shook his fist at the opposition, but sadly he didn't entertain to that level. 😂

Anonymous said...

Singapore Government website:

Factually (MOF)

Is the Government planning to raise the GST after the 2015 General Elections?

There is no basis to these claims, and they are inconsistent with what the Government has recently stated.

06 Aug 2015.

There have been claims on some online websites that the Government will raise the GST after the forthcoming General Elections to fund increased spending planned in the next term of government. There is no basis to these claims, and they are inconsistent with what the Government has recently stated.

In the 2015 Budget Statement in February, DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam stated that the revenue measures the Government had already undertaken will provide sufficiently for the increased spending planned for the rest of this decade1.

Budget 2015 introduced important revenue measures such as the inclusion of Temasek in the Government’s Net Investment Returns (NIR) framework from 2016 onward2, and the increase in the top marginal rates for personal income tax from Year of Assessment 2017. These measures came after moves in recent years to make Singapore’s property tax rates more progressive, with significantly increased tax rates for high value residential properties, offsetting reduced tax rates for lower value homes.

In rounding up the 2015 Budget Debate, DPM Tharman stated, “We have prepared ourselves in advance and that must remain the way in which we plan for our budgets in the decades to come. With the change to incorporate Temasek in the NIR framework and the other tax changes I have introduced, in particular the increase in the personal income tax rate, we will be in a good position for at least the rest of this decade.”3

Less than 3 years later, March 2018, the new Minister for Finance is already planning to increase GST by 2% in the coming years (2021/2022).

So, how can the citizens trust the words of the Ministers?

Goh said...

We share the same thinking .This one cannot play play .Not someone who can joke type.Only smile on important day.
But smart .Willing to learn hokkien songs to impress those free lunch and dinner ah pek n ah sohs.
Got prospect.
Though the kamcheng I put in my hokkien songs singing are much stronger.,with feeling and tears,can make aunties shed tears,
i can never get those clapping sound volume louder than his.
So this laochek Virgo still erm chai see.
My Ah Kong taught me...gongsoon,Simlaichaijiuho..dun anyhow langgar and invite trouble.

Anonymous said...

That Chee Hong is gone case already if supported by two most notorious Tiok Chee Hong hanging around at this site. Bad luck liao.

Concerned Citizen said...

Below is an open letter to all Singaporeans, published at TRE. I take the liberty to reproduce it here:

ear Fellow Singaporeans,

Having watched the Parliamentary debate yesterday I’m afraid dat Disgrace Fu has been worsted and sounded more like a burst balloon than a trial balloon.

Psssst- all the winds left her sails when Sylvia Lim stood her ground and refused to apologise to Parliament simply because she has done no wrong and has adhered to the highest standard of debate expected of a opposition leader.

From the altercation it is clear dat Disgrace Fu’s ears need to be checked for she hears things which feisty SYLVIA LIM never said n cannot take in things dat she repeatedly said.

Sylvia Lim does not owe her or the House any apology whatsoever. It is the so called Leader of the House who owes her one for all the bullying tactics dat she and her Latin spouting Indian bloodhound colleague tried to impinge upon her.

The standard of government is falling each day. Why is there a need to announce a proposed GST increase 3 to 6 years in advance? Is it not stupid for the gahmen to let the cat out of the bag so early? Would it not create a situation for the wealthy Sinkies to do the heavy duty things in advance to avoid having to pay the hefty 9% GST? Or not to die so early to escape the Estate Duty?

Any reasonable person would smell a rat at the flip flopping of the gahmen these days from the Oxley Gate to the China Gate to the Water Gate and to the Flood Gate.

It is clear dat it has not done its homework thoroughly forgetting the very words of DPM Tharman last year dat there is no need to impose any new taxes during the current decade. If dat is so why raise the issue so early in the game?

The PUB water hike is another example of its wishy washyness. Again why announce it so much in advancewhen it will only take place in April this year?

Is it to allow more lead time for the People to better accept the bitter medicine?

But of course for the increase is 30% and not 3% and will cause another big dent to people’s pockets at a time when the economy is still in the doldrums and PMET’s are getting entrenched and retired before their time?

The country is drifting under the increasingly inept rule of the son who without his father is increasingly a hostage to the whims of misfortune. He cannot even settle on his own successor when he so dearly wants to retire at 70 again fuelling much speculation on whether it is his own son or the unsuitability of Chan Heng or Ong dat is causing the delay. Even ESM Goh is getting impatient n frustrated at PM Lee’s indecisiveness.

Whether it be failing health lack of vision nepotism or floundering of the crony system dat land us where we are now the omens are not so good. From Oxley Gate to the Halimah Gate to the Water Gate to the Keppel Gate to the Flood Gate the PAP is lurching from one drama episode to another.

The latest chapter of thin skinned underlings demanding apologies and threatening duely elected MP ‘s from speaking their minds is something dat sets us back to the last century. We definitely do not need shrilly shrews n Latin thugs in our August chamber.

Thank you.

Patrick Lowinski

b said...

Actually the best insult/day for payandpay will be when all oppositions resigned and no more opposition exist on the basis of wtf. This will tell the whole world sg is not a democracy but a fake one, people are exploited, forced into ns, forced into high density, forced into high costs of living etc. Anything not good is payandpay fault such as, What will happen in 2030 when many hdbs are 40yo?

Do read the article on "Highest-Paid CEOs Actually Run Some of the Worst-Performing Companies". Thus, highly paid ministers produces worst performing countries.

b said...

IMHO opposition in sg is a wayang only. Its never real. Its fake. Its a setup.

Anonymous said...

b said : "highly paid ministers produces worst performing countries".

Your words hurt our feelings. APOLOGIZE! U BETTER APOLOGIZE !

b said...

There are many ways to look at poverty. Its not all about GDP per capita. Its about standard of living. After years of building a nation, sinkies cannot even afford to own a bike, they can only share bikes. Its worst than a communistic country.

Anonymous said...

Opposition if resigns will disappoint voters efforts to vote them into parliament. Opposition should continue the good work to discuss issues topics related to voters jobs, income, salary and employment.

Opposition must fight for the average income and low income to have fairer distribution of salary:not for the high salaries executives to suck out majority of wealth, while contributing insignificant portions on results.

Opposition must show they are resilient. Never resign to disappoint voters. In coming election, WP must field larger groups of candidates to serve the constituency.

Sinkieland s future and survival is dependent on WP, more and more, as the ruling groups are not focusing on jobs, employment, income for citizens, fairer income distribution for workers at low lower and lowest levels. Personal attack for so long in parliament debate shows they are not keen on real work for those issues.

b said...

The opps are there to create a false pretense that there are opps, ie to brainwash the people that sg is a demo. The truth is there are no opps but only wayang. The true opps will all be silenced by isa. Its LKY style. Let the truth be told. Its time people wake up.

Anonymous said...

Highest paid and wasting time on clueless thing. Why pay millions for such nonsense? Use the million dollar time to do more impt things please.

Anonymous said...

Oppositions are real. They carry a different brand name.
The important point is: opposition talks about the 2% increase in GST. But the Pap talked about the "dishonorable behavior". That makes voters see the difference.
The election is coming. Voters can see the attack is a warning to voters.

There is no true opposition. There is opposition that questioning the ruling party s proposed policy. As long as questioning is initiated, the process is part of parliamentary process.
In fact, many good mp are doing the opposition s jobs. One singh voted to oppose the white papers.

There is no unreal opposition. There is opposition who hold contradicting views of the proposed policy like white papers.

That s why, a larger groups of opposition whose duties are to hold contradictory views will be better than the current 8 only.

You are a pap supporter, u can see many opposing views going against you. That makes everyone think if u are correct to say no opposition is needed in sinkieland. Voters need to vote for opposition in coming election.

Anonymous said...

New York City is 789 sq km.
S'pore City is 719 sq km.
New York City has 8.55 million people.
S'pore City has 5.7 million people.

New York City is run by a Mayor.

S'pore City is run by a PM, 2 DPMs, 4 MWPs in PM Office, 10 other Ministers and 6 MOS, plus full complements of a country's government, with judiciary, legislative and executive, police, military and civil defence.

New York City's Mayor is paid only a tiny fraction of S'pore PM's pay.

Yet New York City is run more efficiently than S'pore City. Why?

Anonymous said...

Not long ago, Assad s SSA and Tiger force was preparing the charge at Ghouta. Then there was a cease fire after few days of assault, initiated by US in UN. The Al Qaeda Nusra is IsIs supported by US. Under Obama time, John Kelly had arranged Nusra and others to negotiate with Assad. Nusra held civilians for years at Ghouta as shield, while firing artillery at Assad side.
About 7 days ago, the twitter map of Ghouta (held by Nusra) was like a shape of sinkieland. After a week, the Ghouta map shrink into 3 parts, much like yishun, jurong and jurong island.

Syria war reminds sinkieland s weakness: a huge divided population similar to Ghouta, while the Nusra came from outside, supported with arms from US, took the locals as shields to invade Damascus. Future sinkieland war could be similar if Malaysia, and Indonesia are at odd, while sinkieland is heavily divided with diluted national identity.

Sinkies need to vote for alternative to rebuild sinkieland s identity and deal with the flooding foreigners policy. The foreigners are equal in number soon. When foreigners exceed citizens, the situation will be far difficult to reverse. Vote opposition might be able to solve if WP can come into bigger voice in parliament.

Anonymous said...


A PR pointed out sinkie ruling elite "sleeping on the job".

" “He was also critical of the frequent train service disruptions in recent years due to signalling faults.
“”When we were designing the MRT system. we stated that the signalling systems were meant to be replaced after 15 years,” he said.
“But the upgrading of the signalling system, initially slated to be completed by 2002, only got off the ground in 2016 and will now be completed by the middle of this year (2018). “Someone must have been sleeping on the job,” he said.”

Wildermuth, a Swiss National and Singapore Permanent Resident who has been here since the early 1970s, has been credited as an integral figure who convinced the authorities to build the MRT network in Singapore."

Anonymous said...

MCI corrected toc s report.

"MCI said that the claim with regard to the "Government was now seeking AGC’s advice on Ms Lim’s actions because she did not apologise" is incorrect.

MCI, quoting Straits Times, said that the Government had already sought advice from AGC on the matter before House Leader Grace Fu officially asked Ms Lim to withdraw her statement and apologise last Tuesday (6 Mar).

In other words, before Ms Lim's decision to withdraw or not to withdraw her "allegations" last Thursday (8 Mar), the People's Action Party government had already proceeded to seek legal opinions from AGC"

Anonymous said...

"”When we were designing the MRT system. we stated that the signalling systems were meant to be replaced after 15 years,” he said.

“But the upgrading of the signalling system, initially slated to be completed by 2002, only got off the ground in 2016 and will now be completed by the middle of this year (2018).

“Someone must have been sleeping on the job,” he said.

Before 2002, the PM was GCT. After 2004, the PM has been LHL until today.

Therefore, both PMs were sleeping. They were too busy thinking how to increase and maintain obscene ministerial salaries and bonuses, and how to fix the opposition, and how to buy voters' votes.

After PM LKY, Singapore was already set to go down the slippery road of "resting on the laurels of past glory" set by the Old Guards.

Anonymous said...

They also were scheming how to suck more money out of Sinkies pocket with VER, AVER, COE, ERP, New Taxes such as Wster-borne Tax, Toilet Tax and GST, Cigarette and Tobacco Tax, Half-Tank Rule, Carbon Tax, Compulsory Insurance Schemes, etc.

Anonymous said...

& yet 70% believe in these white suckers, unbelievable! KJ gave up & said u all got the garment u deserves so dun kbkp, stupidity is no cure in this little red dot.

Anonymous said...

The Overall Highways and Road-Networks Master Plan was meant to cater for traffics up to 2006. Therefore, at least 3 years before the full capacity is reached, major works for the next phase of expansion had to start, i.e. in 2003. But no major works had started until 2009, when traffic congestions became a big problem.

That could be deliberate delay in order to use the traffic congestion as an excuse to erect more ERP Gantries and increase the COE price??

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.17pm
It will be a sad day for Sinkieland when SL is locked up behind bars. It showed the insecurity of this govt ti silence any dissidents including the oppo party & anyone who r critical of this govt. At the next election, when the ruling party is voted into governing again, the vicious cycle will start & the country problems will never be solved & snow balling effect takes place till many become victims of the white policies up to a unbearable stage, perhaps by them many will struggle with many migrated overseas leaving only the poor & elderly, by then any bunch of immigrants take over this island & cycle repeated till uprising,violence, bloodshed to topple the regime & emerge a new saviour party to overthrow the rotten white ones in X years time, this new ruler of tiny island hotel by then wud be ruled by new immigrants of X- men origin, sounds like another Sci fi tale to be wayang into Stefen Spiegel movie series of the little red dots..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 5:54pm

Your data on New York mayor is very similar to London mayor.
And the comparison could be more stark.

What is the job description of a NY or London mayor and his responsibilities and what is the job description and responsibilities of a Singapore mayor?

Who appoints or voted the mayors of the respective cities?

b said...

Aiyoh. Just let payandpay be ruling party forever with ZERO opposition. If smallland and sinkies are not great, it is ALL their fault.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 1.17pm
//That's why Chinese consulted even Hong Choon paying a ransom to name their children.//

Talking abt Fengshui etc ..., what do u think this combi 2727?

Even sys only 6 combi ...

Not suggesting u or anyone to buy (dun WASTE $$$) , just asking for (fun) your "feel" since u good at zhuah-ing numbers in MC in the Sky ... "God of Fortune" seems to be having strong presence this year? Did u feel it?

Anonymous said...

2070 is better bet. iBet!

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, Mee has another chicken recipe (beside the flavourful Sesame Chicken mentioned previously).

This recipe is called "Beggar Chicken" ... using a unique cooking method ...

But ... but ... dunno got DEMAND or not ...

How arh ...?

Any suggestion to test the market?

What ...?

What you said ... Uncle RB?

Test Balloons?

Use test balloons?

Can try survey the MSN readers and solicit their opinions?

Ok ... Ok ...

Thank you ... Good idea ...!

Anonymous said...

Uncles, Aunties and readers in MSN,

AnyboLEE think this new chicken recipe got DEMAND?


Briefly chicken are marinated overnight with a secret ingredient recipe conprising of 48 herbs.

Then the herbs are inserted inside the CHICKEN and to ensure the herbs flavour fully PENETRATED the chicken entirely the herbs must be inserted such that the whole chicken is FILLED SOLIDLY and TIGHTLY with a HUGE bunch of HERBS ...

After that the chicken boLEE is coated with a special edible tasty lubricant and also given a gooood massage (not kidding) to ensure the chicken is YUMMY, TENDER, JUICY, FLESHY and finger-LICKING gooòooood when it is cooked in a marathon style in an enclosure using just the HIGH TEMPERATURE generated from the intense burning desired HEAT at exact temperature of charcoal ...

After the coating, the chickens need to be wrapped in HUGE BANANA leaves repeatedly several layers, then use baking foil to roll & wrapped tightly to ensure no leakage during the cooking process.

This chicken is called "Beggar Chicken" for a unique reason.

The final step before putting the chicken into the heat to cook is to wrap it with a layer of unique material ...

It is called the ultimate spa ... ala chicken style ...

Certain mud is known for its health benefits when covered on the boLEE of human beans.

"Beggar Chicken" is wrapped in a special mud then cooked.

Anonymous said...

Don't have to confine to chicken. Can use duck, pig leg, turkey, rabbit, venison, turtle, pigeon, and PAPigs.

b said...

''I have been accused of many things in my life, but not even my worst enemy has ever accused me of being afraid to speak my mind. LKY''

- Nothing wrong with SL speaking your mind. LKY did that and as LKY fans, nothing wrong trying to be like him. This test ballons guy should go home and play with his condoms. So childish.

Anonymous said...

After LKY, some new generation leaders (or I shouldn't call them leaders)are the worst lot. They are arrogant, afraid to lose, treat oppo MPs like foreigners, without compassion, etc. even in Parliament. Also, shamefully getting top of the word salaries. See how these small group behaved towards Slyvia Lim. See our past true leaders of this land, e.g. Mr Goh Keng Swee, Mr Ong Pang Boon, Mr Hon Sui Sen, Mr Ong Teng Cheong, and many more. It is very sad and disturbing if the current leaders are not to serve to Singaporeans. Currently the worst is the most dis-graceful one !! No point getting females to be leaders just to make up the numbers. In the past, we did not have females and the country went on very well.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 1.17 //Only those Gong Gong will name their Children Ah Gong and Ahgongkia.//

Another very apt name for this mei mei siao is "CHEEHONGKIA"

Anonymous said...

Another name the father of Agongkia would have given him is Ser-Lung (coloured-wolf or pervert).

Anonymous said...

What is more false, dishonest & vicious in the job data? PR put together as Locals in the employment data with Sinkies. This will blur, confuse & replace Sinkies jobs with a front that Sinkies employment esp PMET jobs are getting better when it is not.