American Arrogance, Aggression and Imperialism. Part 3

US president Trump is a devil incarnate. He has now surrounded himself with a hundred percent war hawks in his cabinet whose hawkish views on foreign policies are in sync with his. His latest addition, John Bolton is a racist and white supremacist who has no qualms showing his extreme views and has always been a devil's advocate on attacking China, North Korea and Iran. Trump may be setting the background for war with Russia, Iran, China and DPRK. The world is in a critical stage and may end up in thermonuclear war and armageddon for mankind.

The problem is too many ex-colonnial countries especially those in South East Asia or to be more explicit ASEAN countries like to sleep with the devil, the Evil Empire. Well, US has might, military might and to them they may equate might is right and so they think US has the right to do all the evil deeds against others and there shall be no question asked. Many of these ASEAN leaders have their own personal self interest and agenda and cannot think in terms of wider benefits for ASEAN and their countries.Their warped minds have been captured and enslaved by US subtle propaganda to think and follow  the ways and decisions of Washington. By now they should have realised that US is and has been an evil aggressive and expansionist country that has been on a wild rampage for the last two hundred and forty years attacking, killing. conquering and taking over and annexing other people's lands practically with impunity. They should be more pro-active in their thinking to pre-empt US from turning South East Asia and the South China Sea region into a hot bed of strive and warfare concocted by US as it has done to the Arabs in the Middle East.

ASEAN politicians especially the leaders appear to be daft and ignorant of world history and politics. It is incumbent that they should ground themselves in world history and politics to get a better and true perspectives of the world.s present situation so that they can make a better judgement themselves and not be dictated by the likes and dislikes of US and Western imperialists.

There will never be peace in this world so long as the Evil Empire arrogates to itself the right and the power to control every country and to hold every country in servile obedience to American dictates and hegemony as what its predecessor and forbears imperial Britain had done. Let the ASEAN leaders and politicians listen and learn from the native American Indians, " Never trust whitemen, for they speak with fork tongues. "

Well, trust whitemen at your own peril. In the Middle East US plays on the narrow interest and mistrust among the Arabs religious bigotry of the Sunnis and the Shites and sow further dissension and deeper mistrust among them that they are easily manipulated by Imperial US to strive and fight among themselves not knowing that destabilisation , choas and wars ultimately suit the American agenda of taking full control of the Middle East and there together with the oil and other rich mineral resources beneath the Arab soil and seas. ASEAN countries must be wary of evil and insidious American manipulation in the South China Sea and not fall into the same fatal trap that the Arabs in the Middle East had fallen. ASEAN leaders and politicians must be more sanguine about the truth and history of Asia especially the South China Sea region and not rely on the Evil Empire's toxic propaganda whose aim is to plunge the region in permanent wars and turmoil among some ASEAN countries and China just as what is happening in the Middle East because of evil American plots and scheming.

China is not aggressive and expansionist which is the hallmark of imperialist US, Japan and the West.  Just like all the ASEAN countries, China, India and all African and South American countries had been held in bondage for decades or hundreds of years. China has no soldiers or military bases outside China unlike US which has over one thousand military bases all over the globe. These American military bases will ensure all countries listen and obey American dictates or otherwise face destruction and regime change. America has fought more than two hundred and thirty wars of aggression and expansion since 1775 to pursue its aim and ambition of eventually conquering the whole world under US total dictates and hegemony. Since the end of Second World War in 1945 America has continually attacked, dismembered countless countries, killing millions of people , carried out assassinations of national leaders who did not listen and follow American dictates and  brutally carried out regime change as seen in Iraq, Libya, Korsovo, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. The Evil Empire intends to carry out regime change in Syria and North Korea or DPRK but has been stopped by Russia's intervention. The Evil Empire's next targets for regime change  are some South American countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Ecaudor, Bolivia and Peru and some other African countries like Sudan,Somailia, Nigeria and Angola and also may be Cambolia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand in South East Asia.

It is timely to warn ASEAN countries not to be taken in by American toxic propaganda and go into unnecessary permanent strive and wars among themselves or with China. The Evil Empires's aim is to pick up the pieces after the war torn countries have sapped their energy and strength and rule over everybody as an overlord and thus enrich the Evil Empire with all the wealth and resources under its total control and hegemony.


Friday, 23rd March,2018


Morning Glory said...

Who is John Bolton?

The ex-US Secretary at the UN is a war hawks'Hawk.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump tweeted: "I still have some people that I want to change".

He was serious. He meant what he said. Listen attentively and closely at each and every word he says or tweets. Remember? He is an expert of "The Apprentice" and he enjoys saying, "You are FIRED!"

Early this morning, Trump tweeted:

@ Donald J Trump@realDonaldTrump

"I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9."
(6:26 AM - Mar 23, 2018)

Within less than two weeks, the Chief Economic Adviser (Gary Cohn), Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson), his Personal Chief Lawyer (John Dowd), and now National Security Adviser (HR McMaster) have been FIRED!. So far, in just over one year of his presidency, at least 1000 have been fired, 25 of them were top and key figures. Maybe I have lost count.

Why is he firing so many people?
Never in the history of a US Presidency has there been so many firings in so short a time by so cocky a Head of State!

One explanation is that Trump is paranoid with the perception that he is being "handled" by those around him, and is installing men who acts on his command and orders (of The Commander-in-Chief or The Mafia Chief) instead of advising him to be careful.

When Iran is concerned, John Bolton and Trump are on the same wave-length. Both want to attack Iran and get the oil and other resources.

With Tillerson and McMaster gone, the US is heading toward a much much more Confrontational Foreign Relation with the rest of the World. There should be no doubt in everybody's mind.

It is very curious that Trump has chosen Bolton, because he has frequently said the Invasion of Iraq and the killing of Saddam Hussein was a "colossal mistake". Yet Bolton was the active promoter of the Invasion of Iraq when he was in George W Bush's Administration, the blatant liar about WMD.

Candidate Trump regularly espoused non-interventionism, while Bolton is a war hawks' HAWK! Why?

Or was "non-intervention" only Trump's deceptive gimmick to attract votes? With hind-sight, obviously it was. He is a great selfish deal-maker. He make deals to win, for himself, not anyone else.

Don't be deceived by him again, President Xi. You are much smarter, I believe.

b said...

All usofa presidents are puppets. They have to do what their masters want them to do. Asean leaders have little choice but to obey or else will face punishments when food, water and electricity cut off and people die of starvation. Neither capitalism or communism is perfect. The world needs to keep in a balance state.

Anonymous said...

There are many cases in US involved ex Iraqi invasion soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, after 15 years. The problems of depression were never addressed, according to observers.

Good for US with so much money to spend on war. The coming one with North Koreans will be spine blowing for many of these elitist forces. Those could survive and go home standing or crawling, might enjoy the ptsd in they years of survival. US like war, but fear of entering it in their own soils. They always make sure dying and hurting are for non US citizens, while US forces are the intruders.

For the whole world, the only spot now to see US forces being buried is Korea. Syria war is ending, and US quietly accepts the defeat. US s trained and supported forces IsIs was so weak that Syrian forces wiped them off, but allowing them to go by green buses to Idlib, a place will again be assaulted later by Syria. How can US continue to invade middle east with this kind of results.

Want to win North Korea? Better pray hard Bolton.

b said...


Who can be trusted? Commie or capitalist? The answer is no one except God.

Mideast problem can be easily solved if people in europe are less depend on oil and gas by either moving to warmer countries or using other sources or they die. Its an obvious pipeline war. No demand no supply.

Anonymous said...

I think Russia and China should ramp up their war machine for war against the Evil Empires.


" We live in dangerous times. A panic has gripped the American media over Russia. Anyone daring to question the anti-Russian hysteria is risking their careers and reputation. .............................
Kovalik is best known for his work on the dirty war in Colombia has described the insanity of that war in which the US has armed and trained drug dealing death squads (and their sponsors in Colombia's corrupt drug dealing political and military elite) all in the name of fighting drugs...........causing untold misery to the people of Colombia where 100,000 have been killed and 9 million refugees have been created............
However the US needed an excuse to keep it's military industrial complex running and the Cold War provided a convenient excuse to silence critics, smash labor unions and intervene everywhere on the planet that US corporations felt their profit margins might be threatened by some third world president seeking to improve the lives of his or people.
In Syria a similar strategy has been pursued Syria was nearly destroyed by terrorists armed by the US, the Saudis, Israel and NATO and seeking to turn the country into a chaotic wasteland. In Ukraine the US backed a fascist coup that sparked a civil war.
It was the war in Ukraine that lead to our current cold war 2.0 Since most people would be shocked to learn that the US was backing a government full of "neo-Nazis" everyone who pointed this fact out was labeled a Russian propagandist. America's alliance with fascists is one of it's dirtiest cold war secrets Hundreds of thousands of fascist war criminals were settled across the US, Canada, Australia, and Latin America. They were kept active producing cold war propaganda and were used as secret armies to wage war on the Soviet Union in the early days of the cold war. They were funded and kept active through the World Anti-Communist League which united fascists, terrorists, and drug dealers from around the world. a scandal that emerged during the Iran/Contra era..............."

The link,
Anti- Imperialist U: The Plot to Scapegoat Russia

American cocaine use is way up. Colombia's coca boom might be why ...

The Dirty War on Syria: Barrel Bombs, Partisan Sources ... - BSNEWS

Anti- Imperialist U: Empire on the Rampage

Anti- Imperialist U: Exposing The Muslim Brotherhood

Anonymous said...

Europeans like UK to Germany are heavily dependent on Russia gas through pipelines to generate electricity, a cleaner energy than coal, and Germany rule out using nuclear energy.

But the finger pointing against Russia on murdering of double spies on UK land was almost blown into big issue, when Tellison flew from Syria to London wanted to make big. Trump quickly fire Tellison who was working with Johnson rallying Nato. Now Johnson is alone. One can see this kind of threatening to go war talk shows. Tellison refused to go against Iran and wanted to talk peace with North Korea. Trump wanted the opposite on these 2, while Trump does not have the urge to go against Russia.

Trump is better judge. Go gainst Russia will get supper fast missiles 10 times the speed of sound on US defense systems. Mati and no talk any more.

Trust no one but be wary on the speed of missiles. US can show fleets which are floating coffins, when u think of Russian s missiles landing on these floating irons built decades ago. US dare not to go war against super power. Build this in mind. US will go war against small countries, good example was iraq.

North Korea now? No way Trump will want to die his men in cruel ways. So what Bolton replaced McMaster? Both are talking. They cannot carry a AR15. Not military man like Mattis. Look at Mattis, does he want to fight?

Anonymous said...

One miscalculation, the anticipated US invasion of North Korea would see it quickly expanded into the 3rd World War, where the frontline can be anywhere in the whole world. Not necessarily just confined to the Korean Peninsula.

It will definitely bring all Anti-US Forces together to counter this over-sized Evil mMnster and bring it down to its grave.

However, the sacrifices in terms of human blood, limbs and lives will be great and horrendous, beyond imagination.

It will be a war that everyone loses. It will be the end of Mankind, whether smart or daft.

b said...

''But the finger pointing against Russia on murdering of double spies on UK land''

- the wolves really think people are stupid. if kgb wants to kill anyone, he/she will not leave any trace. it will look so natural, no one can suspect anything.

b said...

The wolves cannot be trusted. T is trying to win R over from C. Divide and destroy is in their blood. But R should be smart enough than to trust the wolves again.

Anonymous said...

President Trump on Thursday announced plans to slap punitive tariffs on imported Chinese products, then China declared a plan to impose tariffs on $3 billion worth of US products. This is only part of China's countermeasures. Soybeans and other US farm products will be targeted.

This unprecedented trade friction came about after the Trump administration labeled China a US "strategic competitor." It does not look like just a trade war, but rather the US is trying to bully China and the rest of the world in order to make China concede economic resources and development opportunities to the US and make the US forever big and strong.

Some may hold the belief that it's only Trump's tactics to pressure China to cede some benefits on the negotiating table. However, the benefits Trump desires could be huge. He wants all that it takes to ensure "America first," including China's right to take over the US as the biggest economy.

There is no room for China to back down, as Trump wants to strangle China's high-tech firms and prevent China from becoming the new center of capital and technology.

Although China will try to avoid provoking trade frictions with the US, the Chinese will rise up to the challenge if the US is determined to loot China's future to nurture itself.

Trump was well prepared before he started the trade attack, as the result of the conflict will affect the mid-term elections and his domestic political credibility. He wants to make himself look like a "hero" capable of taming China.

China must frustrate Trump. The US will learn a lesson once Trump's trade war with China ends in failure, which will for a long time deter the US from starting another trade war with China.

The overall objective is to strike a blow to the Trump administration's reckless trade policy against China, and make Washington think twice whenever it has the urge to act tough against China.

Anonymous said...

Russia just upped the ante for the missile defense world by unveiling a new arsenal of nuclear weapons, although it did not come as a surprise to the United States – and the Pentagon urged calm over the developments.

During a two-hour state-of-the-nation speech on Thursday, President Vladimir Putin announced an arsenal of nuclear weapons that will significantly boost the Kremlin's military capabilities. The weapons include a nuclear-powered cruise missile, a nuclear-powered underwater drone and a new hypersonic missile.

Thomas Karako, Director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told CNBC. "The weapons Putin described render NATO's mostly U.S.-led missile defense systems useless."

"Unfortunately, we are kind of behind the curve in terms of our cruise missile defense capabilities, This is why we have to open the aperture and look at the full spectrum of missile threat challenge. It's not just about ballistic missiles anymore."

Putin's speech cited other nations' actions as a key factor in supercharging Russia's arsenal.

"I want to tell all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral advantages over Russia, introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country's development: All what you wanted to impede with your policies have already happened," Putin said. "You have failed to contain Russia."

In an effort to back his bellicose rhetoric, Putin spoke in front of a projection showing video clips of the new weapon platforms.

"Now they need to take account of a new reality and understand that everything I have said today is not a bluff," the Russian president said.

Putin said the nuclear-powered cruise missile was tested last year and boosts not only a "practically unlimited range" but also advanced maneuverability and speed.

The Russian leader said the high-speed underwater drone has an "intercontinental" range, is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, and can operate at depths and speeds that will outpace enemy interceptors.

"No one in the world has anything like that," he added.

"It may appear someday, but by that time we will develop something new."

The intercontinental hypersonic missile, dubbed Avangard, is capable of reaching targets at a speed of 20 times the speed of sound and will strike "like a fireball," he said.

America's top nuclear commander echoed similar concerns Wednesday at the Association of the United States Army's Air and Missile Defense conference.

"Russia is the most significant threat just because they pose the only existential threat to the country right now. So we have to look at that from that perspective," said Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, or STRATCOM.

"I wish I could look at them as friends and partners, but when you have weapons that are clearly built for you, as a military officer and as a combatant commander I don't get a choice. I have to figure out how to counter those threats, and I look at them as threats."

Anonymous said...

Excerpts of President Putin's State of the Nation Address:

"I'm pleased to inform you that after certain experiments, we are sure that soon Russia's strategic missile forces will have a new system capable of destroying intercontinental targets with hypersonic speed and high-precision, able to maneuver both in terms of its course and altitude. There are no systems like that in the world."

He said Russia had been open about the development of such a system but that "nobody listened to us, but listen to us now." Lawmakers gave Putin a standing ovation at that point.

300 new models of weaponry
Speaking more generally about the new developments, he said Russia had adopted 300 new models of weaponry providing the armed forces with 18 new ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles), two submarine-based ballistic missiles. He added that the country had commissioned three new nuclear submarines and also increased the number of its high-precision long-range missiles.

He said Russia had developed new weapons as a response to the U.S.' withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty in 2002. The treaty, signed between the U.S. and then Soviet Union in 1972, barred the countries from deploying defenses against strategic ballistic missiles.

Russia has complained repeatedly about the U.S. placing anti-ballistic missile systems on its doorstep, as a result of what it called "eastward NATO expansion", in the form of the global missile defense system in Romania and Poland.

Putin said that if Russia had done nothing in response, its nuclear potential could have been undermined. Instead, Russia had responded by creating weapons that could bypass the U.S.' global missile defense system.

"After the U.S. withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty we've been working hard to develop new promising weaponry systems and this enabled us to make a big step forward creating new strategic arms … U.S. global missile systems are mainly against ballistic missiles and these are the core of our nuclear deterrent. This is why Russia has been developing extremely effective systems to defeat missile defense and all our ICBMs are equipped with such systems now," he said.

Putin says ‘oligarch list’ complicates Russia-US ties

'I'm not bluffing'

Putin insisted that Russia had no plans to attack anybody or to take anything away from anybody, saying "we have everything we need."

But he wanted the weapon development to act as a warning. "I'm not bluffing," he said, adding that Russia was ready to defend herself.

"I hope all these things I have said will sober up any potential aggressor and any unfriendly steps taken towards Russia like deploying missile defense systems and expanding NATO towards our borders. Militarily, this is no longer effective and financially, this is no longer viable and eventually, this is just nonsensical for the people who do this."

"Russia's growing military power is just a guarantee of peace on our planet," he insisted, and it would preserve the balance of powers in the world.

"Those who have been creating new arms races over the last 15 years, imposing unlawful sanctions on Russia to hold our country back, I would like to say, 'All the things you were trying to hold back have already happened, you were unable to hold Russia back.'"

Underwater Drones

"Russia is developing new underwater drones that can carry nuclear warheads. These are un-manned, noiseless submarines that move at ultra-deep levels and at supersonic speed. This is just fantastic," Putin said.

"There is no defense system that can cope with such subsurface vehicles that can be equipped with conventional or nuclear weapons, attacking coastal defenses and infrastructure facilities. These underwater drones are 100 times smaller than a conventional submarine," Putin noted.

Virgo49 said...

Yesterday, there is an article by this Ang Moh Jonathan Eyal - Europe Correspondent in London writing for the Shit Times.

"USA Finally Stood Up to China on Trade Inequality"

China unfairly traded with USA??

Wah Piang, you want to be like Land Whales as coined by Matilah and like "Ah Nuar" in Malaysia when you want just to drink, fark and enjoy and when became noncompetitive claimed that others unfairly conned and cheat you of unfair trading.

You imported all the luxuries and spend your time acting heroes and patriots going round killing the Natives and now pocket kosong and owe many debts, you said people cheat you.??


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> America has fought more than two hundred and thirty wars of aggression and expansion since 1775 to pursue its aim and ambition of eventually conquering the whole world under US total dictates and hegemony. <<

Which makes them very good at it. Trump just signed more money, so that they can become better at it. As long as the USD is the world's reserve toilet-paper money, America can outspend any rival when it comes to making fantastic mass murdering meat-grinders.

Strangely, I find such a situation a work of ongoing "art". It brings out the best in human creativity, for all the wrong reasons: Great Art! Bravo!

>> There will never be peace in this world so long as the Evil Empire arrogates to itself the right and the power to control every country and to hold every country in servile obedience to American dictates and hegemony as what its predecessor and forbears imperial Britain had done. <<

Americans had many chances to vote for Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders...who would have (even though they're politically opposite each other) ended "military adventurism" with one executive order cutting off the funding. But they didn't vote for Paul or Sanders. The voted for the handsome black guy, and the petulant fake-haired, fake billionaire.

>> Let the ASEAN leaders and politicians listen and learn from the native American Indians, " Never trust whitemen, for they speak with fork tongues. " <<

Hahaha, don't be silly. The Indians are yet another "conquered race". Sorry mate, you guys lost. You were silly enough to believe them, and you didn't have "back up" protection or intel to confirm what they told you. Now your race is conquered and fucked off to the dustbin of history. But...you do have all those casinos, and a huge alcoholism issue...which won't go away as long as you're getting "free money" from the casinos!

Life is full of pluses and minuses...so go ahead, you do the cost-benefit analysis lah. What have you got to lose? You're ready conquered. Your days in the sun, are over!

IMO, that's the "lesson" ASEAN ought to learn: Don't get fucking CONQUERED. No one will care if you are. 😹

>> It is timely to warn ASEAN countries not to be taken in by American toxic propaganda and go into unnecessary permanent strive and wars among themselves or with China. <<

Yeah, good luck with that buddy. As we all know ASEAN gets it advice from unnamed and unknown blogger, forums and Facebook...and if they read a "scary post" (only a few on the internet...right?🤓), they will heed the "advice" so they can save their people and their nations.😂🤟🏽

Let me know how your"campaign" is working out.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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