How can Singaporeans compete with more skilled, experienced and cheaper foreigners?

The above is the title of an article by Leong Sze Hian in the TRE. The content of the article argued against the policy of inviting foreigners to steal the jobs from Singaporeans, which to me is a very disgusting and deplorable thing to do to the citizens of a country. In general I quite agree with what Leong Sze Hian wrote. But I would like to take issue with the way the title is written which gives an impression that foreigners are really more skilled and experienced than Singaporeans, cheaper in some cases but not all. Do you know how much are they paying to the foreign CEO of local banks and other GLC linked companies?

Many of the foreigners came from third world countries that are less developed than ours. If these foreigners are that good, if their education system are that good, their countries would not be in such deplorable state and condition.

Two, many of the foreigners are rejects and failures or unemployed in their countries. The good ones will be employed. How can we compare our able workers with these failures and claimed that they are more skilled and more experienced than our own workers?

Third, many of their paper qualifications and the experience they put down in their CVs are fake. How to compare our people's qualifications and experience with fakes and claiming that they are better? At least half of them are fakes or have faked qualifications and experience.

There are exceptions, but in general, the foreigners coming here are the average at best and mostly the rejects and the fakes. Do a proper screening of their qualifications and experience and you will be shock to find out what and who they really are, what kind of education they got.

Singaporeans should not assume that the foreigners are better than them. If they are they would not be here but holding high appointments in their own countries or in the West. Even in the West, many companies are being run down by these foreigners and they are starting to fire them. The West have been sleeping for a while and hired a lot of the half bakes and fake foreigners. More of these companies in the West and also in Singapore will be run down by these foreigners in a matter of time. Some have already gone to dust or are on the way.

Do not take it for granted that the foreign fakes and half bakes are better than our workers.

The fakes and half bakes cannot cheat and fool everyone all the time. Even in IT, the signs are everywhere that the quality are half baked as well. Look at Creative Technology, after Sound Blaster, they went into incubation for a while but has reemerged with another earth shattering product in Super X-Fi Audio Holography, a product that would revolutionise the sound of headphones and mobile phones. This is home grown innovation that you don't get in third world countries.

Would there be more money to support Creative Technology into another international giant or would our money be poured into third world half baked companies and run down bankrupt western companies because we don't believe in our own talents, our own companies but in foreign fakes?


Virgo49 said...

Just one sentence.The Employers are only interested in their bottom line profits for themselves like like the PAP.

In league with the PAPies that breeds Shylocks like Ahgongkia they had no more social conscious responsibility for their own fellow men first.

All these Bullshits talks of what's Globalisation? ?

The MOM just wagang that priorities now to Singaporeans.

The HR and the Mangement can just simply shred your applications and resumes into the shredders and employ the foreigners.

How the hell you know that they have Singaporeans in priority??

The PAP is the Devil behind these nonsense and they want to act as Angels.

Just have GKS words : Employ our Citizens if you want to do businesses here. Our people come first. This is our Country.

Win win you make your MONIES, we have our employment.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, FTs are cheaper, easier to manage, more compliant, more hard working and with less MCs. Bottom line is the most important determinant of any business. If the annual GDP of Singapore is to be the ultimate goal, then FT importation is a must. Also, the future of Singapore workforce is also dependent on the recruitment of more FTs. The TFR of Singapore is 1.16 and not likely to improve. The only way to ensure that Singapore has enough workers to support the future ever increasing pensioners is to import more FTs, in the hope that more will convert to Singaporeans so that the economy of Singapore will continue to flourish.

The way I see it, Singapore is between the devil and the deep blue sea. The best route to take now may turn out to be the wrong one, or the current policy adopted by the government may be the best choice in the long run.

IMHO the government is on the right track. Bravo PAP !!

Goh said...

Good morning laochek
My towkay still struggling till today cos he refuse to have foreigner in his company payroll.
But I support him as Sinkies should be given priority though I may risk losing my job when he close down.
I dunno,maybe failing to help to collect foreign levy could be part of his failure.
Chinese,Jews..are recognise as two of the four tribes that are most intelligent wherever they are so I believe most sinkies are not daft.
However many become babatai after coming here,only looking for short time gain ,and karma,if there is,produce younger generation of sookukia.
Blame should be on those babatai PGs.
Ask them stop at 2,they kwaikwai stop at 2.Tell them not to marry more wives,they support the idea.
They cause our population to shrink so they are the one that cause the need to bring in more foreigners here.
And their sookookia cannot tell genuine or fake cert.
Cannot blame our towkays who have the courage to risk running a business helping sinkies to stay employable.
Nothing to do with any political party.
Better go for your magnum jackpot instead of barking at the wrong tree here:-)

Virgo49 said...

Good Times are not forever.

You have the Resources to have your 6 millions fully employed and DONT burn the country down with riots if times really turn bad.

Whats the fark about the what's TFR when the pee sai CANNOT even sustain its own small POP.

DONT ever things are rosy and make more MONIES for your pockets.

Think of the social costs.WhatSt the fark a Nation when their own fellow men falls thru the cracks just because you have more monies in your pockets.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should not assume that the foreigners are better than them. If they are they would not be here but holding high appointments in their own countries or in the West.

But then hor, Singapore don't have enough Singaporeans to want to do, or have the skills to do, the jobs eg in construction and infrastructure, that need to do for high GDP growth.

So no choice PAP have to accept foreigners to come here lor, since they are the best available, even if they are lousy and fake, since the best ones are not available.

And lagi best, 70% allow PAP to accept lousy and fake foreigners, even if these people are stealing Sinkie PMET jobs. So for PAP, why not?

Anonymous said...

IMHO the government is on the right track. Bravo PAP !!
9:12 am

Not say right track lah, but rather the less wrong track, or the lesser evil track, because not to accept any foreigners because they are lousy or fake will be even worse.

Anonymous said...

When a company shut down, how to employ citizens and PR? There is room for thinking about this conclusion first before hiring. From real life experience, some sinkies are opened to buy goods created by local brands. Not tiger. But say something end with z name. The market price was high at electronic retailer shelf. When they unpacked, they were trapped to ask the local manufacturer to help install the products. When they rush the new unpacked products to Ubizone, the citizens buyers would know the reason: the workshop hired all foreigners to make the products.

The answer is straight: such manufacturers will close shop. Walk into subsequent trade shows at suntax or exposed, guarantee such local brands will not have stalls there.

The answer is: those rely on foreigners to make the products will end up shutting down because of poor reputation. What is reputation? It carries some value like if a country uses money to get contracts in competition, certain country will avoid dealing with this kind of country. ie less partnership is forged, less customers mean business is poor yet they have to pay many employees doing nothing at home factories. The same applies to poor tangible products sold into international market to damage the brand name.

Is there a brand on sinkieland that is reliable in electronic? Not that sound specialist brand. That brand has the plants, all in china. Science park is hq, tax is cheaper here. Jobs have been long gone, at least 20 years ago. Wander why that sinkie boss moved the plant all to shanghai? He is far sighted. If he make in sinkieland, his brand s products will be ruined like many other sme. One reason is: the currency is adjusted high. Next reason is the cost for goods are inflated by mass immigration. The manufacturer will have to hire indians and pinoys as alternative to sinkies. But the quality of the products will inevitably suffered damages. If he site at shanghai, he is safe to keep his brand name to sell new products.

Many manufacturers espeically sme are not doing well on sinkieland especially when the time local currency was adjusted to 1.2 to 1 usd. It was a period raised in fast pace in few years from 1.5 to 1 usd. How to sell local poorly made products at higher prices: the local inflation was at 5.5%. Many eventually close down. They had no choice but to hire pinoys and indians at cheap rates. That s what the elites want them to do: keep the salary low.

Now the retailers are fast spreading on so many new malls. Will they want to see locals and PR come with big pockets of money? The elites want them to hire cheap labor, but these cheap labor at retailers play hide and seek with customers. The result is: sinkieland s customer service is getting worst from bad.

Sinkies are not concerned with this kind of broad trend. They only want to be NS men to have a country and serve the elites by voting for them. So much peace and stability, so many empty shops around. Good for sinkies future.

However, the world is not doing sinkie a favor. US is taxing imports that take their jobs away. EU are coming up with countries to block immigrants: UK, Italy, Germany, Austria,, u name it in each election, free immigration will be major subject.

Sinkie voters need to watch the elites 10 millions immigrants policy. The immigrants will not leave when let in. Citizens will lose their brand name as sinkieland, It will be the reputation of a 3rd world with 10 millions immigrants. Jobs will be hard. Reputation will be like corruption US fined it. It is not a clean place anymore.
Go ahead to do NS unconcerned about employers hire more foreigners. Our children will hate you for foolishly voting for the elites.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, just have a property in Melaka and you are a BabaTai??

What's wrong been a Baba if I am one? ?

Are you trying to belittle GKS, HSS and many others who are Whats BabaTais to you as idiots? ?

FYi, Babatais got more souls than you Chinese Jews as I said had no qualms in giving a few hundreds to call girls rather than just 5 $ increments to their employees.

This is how cruel Towkays and their Eunuchs make their MONIES.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.53

You are been brainwashed that Singaporeans do not have the skills or not willingly to do menial works like construction etc.

Does the government take the lead in having the Singaporeans trained and commensurate accordingly with these jobs of construction and engineering?

A third world country workforce can do better than Singaporeans who have been schooled any time longer and Better than others.

It's because they are having the easy way out to have these low paying hard menial workers to exploit to have their bottom line profits to show that they are generating a high GDP.

You want to work a coolie pay of the 50s when the cost of living is at the 21st century's.

With hard menial work you must. commensurate their jobs with the right salaries.

Japanese and Korean still have their own skilled construction workers because they believe in paying due remunerations to them.

They don't have to depend on.The half past six foreign workers who caused more destruction than construction.

Anonymous said...

10.20. You must be talking out of your a.... You said " Does the government take the lead in having the Singaporeans trained and commensurate accordingly with these jobs of construction and engineering?"

If the PAP government does what you said, would you send your children to study at those places to become bricklayers, construction workers etc? Of course you will not. I am sure like all Singaporean parents you would want them to be lawyers, doctors or bankers.

Singapore will always need low skill workers from overseas. Even if paid like the Korean or Japanese construction workers, the strawberry generation of Singaporeans will not take up the jobs outside the aircon offices, well unless the Singaporean government put a dome over Singapore island and aircon the whole island.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

How can Singaporeans compete with more skilled, experienced and cheaper foreigners?

That is the question no one bothered to ask, until now.

The idea of toe-to-toe competition, of exposing Singapore and Singaporean's to Schumpeter's Gale aka Creative Destruction was none other than the crafty old tough-guy, Lee Kuan Yew.

To me I fondly remember his comments about Singaporeans not being "hard driving" enough (TRUE) and that they've become soft (TRUE), and that exposing them directly to foreign competition will cause the "spurs to be stuck in their hides" (partly true. Many Singaporeans welcomed the challenge, but a few loud losers from the "victims universe" are still talking shit...instead of going out and trying to get a job...any job)

So...how to compete? No competition is easy. It requires effort, self-control and of course intelligence...and BALLS.

The problem lies in Singapore's unbelievable success. 4-5 decades of steady growth where Singapore just about out-competed everyone...including the Honkies. China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, were all shithole cuntries when
Singapore and Singaporeans were improving their cuntry and their individual stations in life.

And they grew used to the idea of constant wealth creation, living the good life...and as usually happens because of Human Nature: complacency and the Entitlement Mindset take hold.

And so now, Singaporeans have to search their souls to find a place where the foreign competition is now "about equal" in ability,and willing to earn less...what to do?

Welcome to the world of toe-to-toe competition. Every cuntry is going to face this---even China and India.

If you had any cow sense, you would thank the PAP govt. for giving you a "head start" in this flat, fast, hot and crowded "New World Disorder".

Got Meritocracy?

Goh said...

Confirm BBT.
One must be so lousy looking or sookoo if need to throw money on call girls.
Like looking for jobs here,Can even get free easily if you stop khooning in your coconut shell .

Coming back to topic...
How can Sinkies compete...With foreigners.
Easy lah..use knee cap think oso know.
Work smart but hard.
Be loyal to your employer
Can easily prove so by going for in camp training .
Go for PLP course of you can find one .
Contribute longer hours with a smiling face,like it or not.
Pretend to volunteer for ot .
Stop implying that" I know my right"
Discourage those activist eat full no shit put like Ah ngau ,gg..anyhow ask for minimum wage even when those ah lao never complain about salary but just want a peaceful shake leg job.
Most activist are failed towkay so they red eye,like hen poor in producing egg but pangsai very khiang.
Last but not least,dun take MC ,last minute leave as you can't tipu your Towkay.
Taking MC is like taking Sampan.
You will get caught easily.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aw shit. In my lunatic ranting and raving I forgot to "solve" the problem of competition.

How to compete? The main idea is that you must have an edge...whether you play dirty or clean, legal or illegal....you must have an edge.

The "best edge" (proven time and time again to work) is to find out what your employer wants, and give that to him, plus extra for a lower perceived cost, and deliver immediately

i.e. it is human nature to expect you wants and needs to be fulfilled good, fast and cheap

The original writer of the article can be excused. This guy is not a private sector guy. He is an academic.

VIrgo49 said...

Hello Ahgongkia, people take MCs and you said they skivrd. You two or three jobs just to throw monies on those call girls and you see People lazy and choosy.

As for that dumb Anon whi thinks that the government send you to be brick layers and menial labourers must be out of your mind.

Singaporeans can be trained to be skilled construction workers with the right remunerations.You think all can 've lawyers, doctors??

Many still with the right remunerations will work as menial workers if they are able to survive on that cost of living.

As for Matilah, you definitively advocated that non one owes you a living mantra as you are one of those parasites who snatched others ricebowls or capitalise on their foolishness to con their monies on the evil scheme of what's globalisation.

If not, why should LSS now announced more fair jobs for Singaporeans if there is No such state as a Nation and the world does not owe you living.

Goh said...

My colleague inform me next week certain date he is as usual on MC .
MC can tell in advance one meh?
It's doctor appointment for few hours at most but poly doctor never fail to give him MC every time.
It's work attitude.Appointment should not be granted MC.

jjgg said...

Aiya..all this bs floating around.. Singaporeans especially male Singaporeans must be the most reliable n most maligned creature on the planet.. first u have to serve your country .. then you have to fight against all the low cost foreigners just to get an entry level job.. then u have to get married to one of these chabors who's got years of u in the job market n who's fashion sense are crafted by Pravda. Dior n LV.. so.. is it any wonder why So much credit cards debts are racked up. The foreign worker...yup..even the angmos are packed 6 to an apartment splitting costs while the locals challenge the onslaught of trying to build a home.. so the problems lie with the policy makers..level the playing field.. make all foreign job entrant serve ns for 6 months @$250 per month and then we talk about sticking spurs to the Singaporeans hide. Kudos to the Singaporeans .. especially the males.. AGAINST ALL ODDS.. SHIT!!! to the policy makers

Anonymous said...

U r PR never been to NS? U spoke like one manpower ministar who said sinkieland will need cheap labor "needs low skills workers overseas". Is that real or u are too old to learn new ideas?

Year back some workers dismantled the tent at chinatown behind hawker center. They came around 20 people. Free hands climbed up the tent. Unscrewed the bars while sitting on another bar. That was what you think work should be done that way. But the world is not waiting for you.
What is done now only need 3 men. One lorry with arm to lift up one worker to unscrew the bar, while the other take it on the ground, and the driver supervised.

U need to teach your elite masters the world cannot wait for sinkieland. U go look at how the make the rain cover along roads. They put up the bars screwing on the ground, left them for weeks without putting on the cover sheets. Manpower problem? Not true lah. Could be another kakinan subcontractor to do the covers. Can the cover and iron bars be joined together and screwed onto the ground one go?

Dont talk cork about strawberry in sinkieland. Have u been to NS? how the combat engineers work? What air con not under the sun? Yes, how much you can pay sinkie NS men? They will work for higher pay not 5 dollar an hour lah. Those construction workers ah neh might get only 500pm as their levies are higher. But the total is still lower than one NS man expected pay. If u can raise to $12per hour or $2200pm, there will be sinkie NS men working under the sun. U can find sinkie engineers walking to check the road construction. The work like assembly all can be done in aircon factory, if the firms are prevented from hiring ah neh at cheap rate.

U are not smart. Kim Jung Un dont go to india, he can fire rockets reaching sinkieland. Be more receptive to the progress of this new world even you are old. Do not repeat those silly words once said by the elites: make sinkies children sick in brains.

Anonymous said...

How can Singapore Opposition Political Parties and Politicians compete with PAP and PAP's Part-time, Pseudo politicians?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, some people are not fortunate like you can have two ir three jobs and still strong as Ox and injects White BLOOD and still pays them.

Those sickly ones still need to have Doctors appointments.So DONT say they skived.Live and Let Live.

When you are in that situation, only God knows.

As for menial labourers. If NS men can be trained in digging trenches till palms bleed and Combat engineers in hot hot Sun, you think they cannot work as menial labourer??

If the salaries is twice or three times that of those in air cons offices, I would be rather be one. Bring more rice to my family and wink of an eye my CPF's retirement be few hundred thousands even though they are paid to me monthly.

The businesses must have social responsibilities as a Singaporean outfit and those foreign firms must also have to adhere to our terms.

Definitely, we shall have trained skilled labourers for them.

Now all taking the easy way of just getting cheap labour for instant gratifications.

Leave to them to have a choice to employ what's they required.

You dont impose your rules on them you think they follow.

Just said OH we cannnit fund any Singaporeans suitable so we have to get our own from home town.

Must have SINKIE land Bumi policies. Follow the Mats for a change.

Anonymous said...

Anyone read the ST today and what Lim Swee Say and the garment are going to do to save and protect jobs for Sinkies?

After the horse has bolted for 2 decades and many Sinkies became redundant, retrenched, replaced and forced to retire, they are going to close the barn gate as if it just happened yesterday.


Non-Scholar Not Bright Student. said...

For the past 24 years or so, Singapore's policies, be they foreign or domestic, defence or homeland security, political or social, economics, trades or commerce, banking or monetary, health or education, etc., have mainly based or related to the aim of growing the GDP. Why? Because all ministers' and civil servants' BONUSES and Secret Variable Allowance have been tacked upon a certain percentage of the GDP.

Basically, it is all about getting those who rule and those who help run the government (not the country). Monetary rewards have been linked to the buying of loyalty but disguised as preventing corruption. Is this not true?

This year's Budget presentation is the most glaring and most significant example of the Main Thrust in acquring more money and funds for the purpose of government spending in order to grow the GDP. Disguised as for healthcare due to aging population.

Since the beginning of the human beans, this aging process and aging population is in existence. Everybody knows this. Every day, every night, every week, every month, every year, one is aging. So is the population as a whole. This can be and has to be foreseen well in advance in a well-planned city governed by leaders who always boast of their own extraordinary quality and demanded extraordinary pays, perks and bonuses.

In fact, the white paper, that turned blue, on Aging Population of Singapore had been put up by the late Mr Howe Yoon Chong long ago, before he was out-voted by Mr Chiam See Tong in 1984 at Potong Pasir. So the Aging Population problem has already been made known more than 34 years ago.

That means, a responsible and wise government would have made plans to tackle the issue systematically and progressively, so as not to leave things to ferment and fester until 34 years later.

A responsible and wise government should not be expected to make use of this Aging Population issue perennially as an excuse to increase hefty taxes in whatever form. The financial needs to tackle this Aging Problem should have been foreseen 3r years ago and duly catered for, spreading over the whole period of 34 years, isn't it?

And that is where the CPF Scheme came in.

Moreover, the financial needs for the healthcare of the Aged have already been tackled by the arbitrary imposition of two COMPULSORY INSURANCE Schemes, engineered to automatically deduct, deplete and siphone money out of each CPF Savings contributor. Aren't these two COMPULSORY INSURANCE SCHEMES supposed to pay for the healthcare needs?

I am a bit confused. Please enlighten me, if you can, anyone.

Anonymous said...

A1.53 pm, likely agongkia will respond to you with his nonsense. Virgo don't waste your breath with him. Just ask him Out and you need to sodomised him to wake him up for his own good leh.

Anonymous said...

Heading should be: How can Singaporeans compete with less skilled, less experienced but cheaper foreigners?

Leong kena brainwashed by state media into thinking that foreigners are actually better than Sinkies. Tired and aging brain cells. Sad for him.

Anonymous said...

Leong is not too bright, though analytical. He is not too fast, though observant. He tried very hard to see issues from different perspectives but still cannot think out of the box. Once a Sinkie, always a Sinkie - brain-washed, fixated, subservient, kia-su and kia-si forever.

Anonymous said...

The most uncompetitive sector in Spore that is lowering productivity across the country is the ruling politicians n gang lah. Most over priced n over paid n making policies that are not sharp becos basically almost all are paper generals or from peusdo/fake private sector ie glc. 50 yrs plan....hahaha...cannot differentiate Indian n Malay woman, Gic acct needs many man yrs to prepare for OTC...hahaha where is proper risk mgt then?, gst helped the poor...hahaha, buy high sell low ceo??? The problem is that their ranks have swelled over the years...just looked at POPPIES convention...there is a lot of fat bloated ones to feed...not just miisters leh n they are in charged in many areas...sinkies are actually very competitive but brain washed by shit times.

Goh said...

During my recruit days,my platoon mates are so impressed when I help to dig trenches for them becos they are mostly ahsiakia n I was a general worker cum excavator operator before I serve ns so carrying changkol is like using chopstick to me.
Sinkies with secondary education unlike me are reluctant to take up manual job other than a minority who will only want to become site or safety supervisor.
My Ah kong warned me in time to come not much housing to built so better change profession.
Today though we still have many building to tear down but not much project.Many foreign workers are allowed to operate the excavators ...My excavator operator cousin who was once in demand committed suicide due to depression.
Though left,I still lakopi with these bortartcheh but experienced excavator operators weekly.
Their salary are quite pathetic.
Should have and it's not too late to reserve or restrict skill jobs like excavator operators for our own lower educated or bortartcheh .
Permit for these skill profession should have stop long time ago.
Spot check to be done to ensure general worker permit holder are not use to operate machine or driving lorry.

Anonymous said...

2:56pm and 3:07pm
U both are bright brains among the posts. Would spore lose out when Hen did not plan to increase defense budget? Obama had urged spore to buy F35, are spore generals listening?

Anonymous said...

Can unemployed Sinkies be reclassified as self-employed Sinkies ?

Anonymous said...

Take up a security guard license, self employed, taxi license self employed.

Anonymous said...

Security license needs a $50,000 deposit for government to use without interest.

Anonymous said...

Guard needs deposit? Then taxi license needs $100k deposit?
Most guards are indians, especially from malaysia, they have $50k?

b said...

Foreigners are better. Difficult to compete. They can sleep with bosses to get ahead or get bosses employed more foreigners. They can get long vacation leave during CNY and Xmas while sinkies have to cover for them. They are good in telling lies that sinkies are lazy and no good while sinkies do all the hard dirty work. Peasants are peasants and will stay simple and kind. But gahmen prefer dishonest people that is why the house on fire and productivity so low.

Anonymous said...

1 F35 only 90mil. Spore defense has neglected the increase in SU35 in Indonesia. It spent 1.2 billions for at least 12 Su35, Spore has no F35 will lose out. Indonesia station fighter jets at naturnal island and Batam. Spore has trillions cash. Just a small drop less than 1 billions can get over 12 F35. Why Hen did not plan for the enhancement?
Still want gst 2% increase for what.

Anonymous said...

All the comments here are from unhappy Singaporeans. If you cannot stand the heat, leave the kitchen. Why complain all the time. Just leave and let in those who want to come to Singapore. I am sure they will willingly take over and grow the GDP.

Anonymous said...

511pm next ti.e your children complained asked them to leave their house....siow ah???

Anonymous said...

Singaoreans own Spore, whether agree or disagree with current govt policies. N have basic right to voice their opinions. Appointed govt officials are stewards for the elected term not the permanent rulers.

Goh said...

Shut your CB mouth.If you cannot stand reading kpkb,stay away from this blog.
No one will miss you.

Anonymous said...

If u are unhappy to hear the complaints, u should leave the borders. Singaporean s entertainment is reading complaints. U come to the wrong place. Please go home. U are not welcome. Singaporeans complain to improve Singapore. U are not part of it therefore u dont complain. Foreigners should not stay too long in Singapore if they cannot bear to hear complaints.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, wow first time u show your anger leh. I have fucked u many times but u never get upset and now u got upset by 5.11 pm anon. 😀 😀😀😀😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ March 06, 2018 5:11 pm

"Alll the comments here are from unhappy Singaporeans. If you cannot stand the heat, leave the kitchen. Why complain all the time. Just leave and let in those who want to come to Singapore. I am sure they will willingly take over and grow the GDP."

Either you are a foreigner or you have a treacherous heart who has no qualms to sell off your country to foreigners.

You foolishly assumed that those who complained are unhappy people. To you, therefore, all unhappy people must leave the country. What absurdity!

You also foolishly equate every expression of opinion as a complaint because your small-heart and narrow tiny brain is unable to differentiate between comments, suggestions, feedbacks, reports, views and opinions, and complaints.

Even if all are taken as complaints. So what? Does it mean that anyone who complains must leave the country?

Based on your assertion, then Ministers or MPs who complain must also leave the country and their positions be replaced by foreigners?

Based on your thinking, when the PM is unhappy about something pertaining to the citizens' behaviour or actiions, must he also vacate his post and be replaced by a forigner?

Or is it only those whom you see "no-up" must be replaced by foreigners?

Nevertheless, complaints are meant to improve the country by looking at issues from a different perspective, different angles, different treatments. They should be taken positively, even though they must sound negative in the presentation. A country devoid of complaints is as good as a desert filled with robots and machines.

The bottom line is that Singapore is our country, our homeland. Every citizen has a stake in it, be they good, bad or ugly. Everyone is free do what he/she likes. We are free to say what we like, even complain as much as we like, as long we do not break any law.

Who do you think you are to even suggest that those who complained or are unhappy should leave our country and let foreigners come in to replace us?

If you are one of the PAP members, cadres, or grassroots leaders, then you are a disgrace to our society to tell your fellow Singaporeans leave the country just because you simply cannot tolerate complaints.

People like you are the ones who cannot stand the heat, intolerant, over-bearing and treacherous. But I still won't tell you to leave, if you are a Singaporean. Instead, I would advise you to go look yourself in the toilet mirror and knock your head against the toilet wall so that you can knock some senses into it.

Anonymous said...

839 Nice sound thoughts.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 5.11

What's farking grow the GDP?? The trashes are here because they are gian png with no jobs or
beggars to here for some alms from the locals.

Grow GDP at all costs and lost your souls at the expense of the less fortunate??

Monies to stuff in your coffins or buy your way to Hell.

Also GDP growths major shares goes to the greedy and unscrupulous.

If you are a papies skunks, kept your mouth shut.

Goh said...

I never show anger lah.
CB mouth to me mean
Chicken Backside :-)

Anonymous said...

You all so lucky. This boy or girl 5:11 never ask you all to apologise.

Boy or girl, go ask mummy if the people here must make an apology or not.

So childish, everything must apologise.

Anonymous said...

When they go for too fast GDP growth using cheap foreigners, this is how many ended up: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=ClUM3_1520168754

Anonymous said...

I think 5.11pm anon dares not comment anymore after being fucked by so many anons. I for one hates people who tell me to leave the country if I am not happy. That means at least one million sinkies that is the 30% have to leave. That may even include 5.11 pm anon Wife, parents, children brothers, sisters relatives, mistresses etc as some may have so call complaints or I term it as differences in opinion.

Alamak like that how? I think he needs to be sodomized by agongkia to wake up!😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

Anyone who made a comment that Anon 5:11pm is not happy about please make an apology or else.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> "If you don't like it here, LEAVE!" <<

Aha! That tired old bromide uttered out of frustration because the intellectually lazy and/or inept side has lost the plot, the argument and have nothing left in their brains or testicles to support their point of view.

But first, I'll address the parasite monicker awarded to me by a hostile Virgo49:

As far as I know, I have not acted parasitically on the road to "pursuing my happiness". Virgo49, and people like him, are stuck in this belief that if you "gain" something, it is always at the expense of someone else's LOSS. Never does it occur to them that the most effective way to get what YOU want, is to give someone what THEY want ---i.e. create "value" for the other party, so that they are willing to exchange value-for-value ---i.e. win-win. This applies non-monetary exchanges too like friendship, love and every form of human-to-human interaction and relationship.

If you hide at home like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in his bellfry, choosing to smoke and write shit on blogs like this instead of going out into the world and seek opportunity of solving problems for other people who will pay you, then I'm afraid you will be living a very shallow and colourless life. Anyway, your life, you choose...and I'll do the same! OK?

Back to the topic at hand. First thing, the world is cruel, unfair, unjust, unequal. To top it off, there are many who've fallen to the vicissitudes of human existence, and CHOSEN to have A VERY BAD ATTITUDE to it. They become, in their feeble minds VICTIMS. They then extend this idea into believing that they are ENTITLED to some form of "social justice" (hence the rise of the social justice warrior) or recompense for their state of existence. (note how ridiculous these ideas are)

As a result of this self-imposed identity of VICTIMHOOD and ENTITLEMENT, they will strike out t anyone...especially those who are more positive and are acting in RATIONAL WAYS to improve their situation, or just anyone who doesn't agree with their untenable ideas and tells these
Victims Entitled-to Social Justice to GO FUCK THEMSELVES

On a more practical note, getting residency in other cuntries could be a prudent move. The world is getting smaller, and we as a species have always been NOMADS. Now we have awesome cheap technology which bring the barriers way down. It is now possible for people with modest means to obtain PR elsewhere.

It doesn't have to be PR. There's also PT (Permanent Tourist, Previous Taxpayer, Perpetually Travelling) status too. Tens of thousands of Singaporeans---citizens and foreign residents for e.g.---have relocated to Johor, not just to Iskandar but JB too where you can rent or buy a condo for fuck-all.

Why give up your citizenship just because of a few nasty words from jealous people? People who will actually wish you harm, and if given the opportunity will sabotage you, just so that they can "feel better about themselves"

So Bashed-Up anon,pay no heed to these losers. The best revenge is SUCCESS.

Good luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

Singapore is brought down by the very low productivity n high costs of the Pappies lah. How to compete? You tell me lar?