Indranee - Male police officer to search female suspect terrorists

Again my initial shock to this suggestion was unfounded after careful consideration and thinking about all the positive things that could come out from this change in our law. Many conservative males would be aghast at the thought of men searching women and their hands groping all over the female torso and private parts. But hey, think positively and there are really many good things from this crazy and demeaning idea. Sorry woman, if a woman minister can suggest it, then it must be ok.

First, a terrorist needs no sympathy, not even if it is a female terrorist. A terrorist, male or female, is very dangerous and deadly. So a man would definitely do a better job searching a female suspect. What if the suspicion is unfounded? Just too bad, better to err on the side of safety, so they said. Be safe than be sorry.

And didn't you people know that it is very difficult to recruit female police officers? Maybe this could be a contributing factor for this change. Also the police is finding hard to recruit male officers but with this change I am sure it would be a great incentive for men to want to join the police force, to grope, oops, I mean search female suspects. They would say, with pleasure Sir. You can imagine how motivated the male officers assigned to do this job. M'am, strip please, I am just doing my job. Many would volunteer for the job. One slight drawback is that there will be a big jam at the airport checking counters as the females lined up for checks could be exceptionally long. And pretty and sexy looking women may find themselves picked for body search. There is nothing personal or the male officers picking on the pretty ones. The terrorists would definitely choose the pretty ones for such tasks as they would look pretty and harmless. And the male officers would prefer to use their hands instead of machine, thus a great savings from having to buy expensive high tech machine.

Even if the local men still refuse to join the police force it would not be a problem. The foreigners, especially those from the third world, would line up for the jobs and the queue could run from Kallang Immigration Centre to JB. They would not bargain for more pay when a job comes with pleasure.

The most direct benefit from this new law would be that no female terrorist would want to try their luck in Singapore anymore as they would not want to be searched by men police officers. Ok, there would be exceptions. The thought of it would terrorise any potential female terrorist from coming here. And Singapore would be safe from this angle and the only terrorist that would come would be the male ones. It would make the job of searching focused mainly on the male suspects. Even then, I suspect the male officers would still be diligently searching the women coming through our immigration checkpoints. You would never imagine how motivated these male officers would be, conducting their search duties, with pleasure and with glee.

Now, who is still against such an excellent idea?  I definitely support as it would make Singapore so much safer. When a woman minister said it is ok, it must be ok. And when a PAP minister said it is ok, all the PAP ministers and MP would definitely vote for it.



Anonymous said...

Live with it.. now they can suka suka enter your home for film / mozzies...wonder what will be next

Anonymous said...

..too bad uncle RB, we hv a garblemen that is paranoid.

Anonymous said...

Paranoid policies come from paranoid government that comes from government ministers that comes from PeeM that comes from a paranoid mind.

Anonymous said...

Incompetence led to insecurity.

Insecurity leads to abuse of power.

Sucessful abuses of power lead to legitimising more abuse of power.

Legitimising abuses of power lead to tyranny.

Tyranny leads to breed of tyrants.

A breed of tyrant lead to lawless laws.

Lawless laws lead to maximum use of force, including death sentence for fake news producers, shooting of peaceful protesters, forced entry into residences without warrants, policeman and immigration male officers can strip, causing indecent exposure, molest and violate the modesty and dignity of any girl or woman if their paranoid or panicky minds only "SUSPECT" they have LINKS TO terrorists, not necessarily terrorist themselves.

May God have MERCY upon .....?

Anonymous said...

In India, is it true that their policemen can body search females on suspicion of being terrorists?

Anonymous said...

Imagine you go out with your girlfriend/wife/daughter and a policeman suddenly appear and say he suspects your girlfriend/wife/daughter is a terrorist.

Then he body search her, touch touch touch, find no evidence, and say she can go!

Culture allows? Religion allows?

Anonymous said...

..when the men-in-blue meet a real female terrorist, b4 he can touch she would have 'kaboob' him, watch the Chinese HK movie 'čĩĪ道', the female terrorist took her revenge & came from behind to attack the HK CID & eventually killed the guy, don't underguesstimate wat the female can do.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah, Uncle RB...how to apply for this gig?

Singapore has very strict "anti molesting/ outrage of modesty" laws. Cannot suka suka rabah chicks, unless they rabah you first, or give explicit permission to touch their tetek, play with their pantat or stick your finger (or fist) up their pukis.

And now a Golden Opportunity presents itself for all the chee kopek and humsup uncles to do just that, 100% LEGALLY. Not only is it legal, but you, as a valiant defender of public safety are contractually obligated to search deep within their pantats and pukis for weapons, bombs and other items which threaten our peaceful way of life, and glorious cuntry!

I shall get started on my application forthwith. Angongkia, another respected ex-spurt in female anatomy should be encouraged to join this cadre of fearless fighters in the War On Terrorism,so he can selflessly serve his cuntry as well.

Every week, the anti-terrorist squad shall meet to exchange notes and hone our techniques on the most effective ways to probe the female body for hidden objects which could harm our society. I think we will all be pleasantly surprised at the speed these uncles will pick up these new "specialized skills".

Cheebye inspectors, baris...SEDI...AH!

jjgg said...

Who comes up with all these schemes n ideas huh.. is there a ministry of ideas .. procedures and laws to be introduced? Put it this way.. somebody must have told Josephine teo to use wanking space to bonk.. or tell me I'm wrong that she's been doing it in cupboard space.. then we have LSS saying it's ok to steal toothpicks to promote productivity .. now we have another case of indra forgoing modesty n civil liberties to frisk the ladies.. hey.. U can't imagine these things.. and the grandmother of it all.. lhl setting up a multi agency task force to determine who's responsibility is the ice cream stick ( hey.. just pick up the fucking thing la).. our million dollar ministers cannot be so daft to promote all these silly ideas.. it must be the freaking civil service think tank .. what do u Think...)))

Anonymous said...

Searching body using hands to feel the prop out parts without the outer cloths like suits can be done by male to female or female to male. What wrong with that? Never go geylang male might find it offensive for female officer to search their prop outs pockets between the legs. Too bad, these are the few male who never has had enough between male and female stories.

One can see some keep saying how exciting such thing has been. Even patting on the curve out chest of female with cloths on can excite these dudes. There was one convicted priest jailed for one week. He went to one woman at orchard center area after mid night. Talked to the woman and the woman made police report he patted on her breast.

Hey this guy should have been a NS man as his age. He patted on one woman s chest when she was seated at orchard center those wooden bench. Most NS guy knew what some of these women did.

Got the point in the skull? Nice guy nice boy, at the end pays the due for so nice when old age catch up. But pat on the chest with bra is not something described as shiok. Most officers bare hands doing search will be stunt to find it "shiok". Its a generation gap problem.

On anti terrorism, the US sponsored IsIs trying to hit Syria fired one rocket 2 days ago at Damascus kill 39 people. This was akin to someone fires a rocket from Bt timah hill to TPY center. So sinkieland s new law seems one step forward. It allows curfew by police commissioner prior allow by hom minister. But it disallows communication is something controversial: how someone was killed was unable to put on utube, that is something like no more videos on little india riots to be shown.

Good or bad? If there was no mass immigration and improperly done immigration with millions migrants, there was no little india riots. The mass immigration is pap s hallmark policy. Without immigration, no pay increase for ministars, bcos no GDP growth. But immigrants are no innocent. Europol said there are 30000 inspired to be IsIs on the run in Europe. Who will be the migrants landed inside sinkieland is undetectable. Just have an idea: Ghouta harasta had 1500 IsIs surrendered and fetch by nice green bus to Idlib, IsIs based. A small place had so many militants surrendered. The Ghouta war is about to end, but these militants are on the move. Not all are Arabs, some are ang mor. So watch out, if police officers pat search the wrong bodies, may get shot if the police officer feel shy and not press properly for guns hiding inside the big big baggy clothings.

Sinkieland once got little india riots, it was famous world wide. Now if it still want to harbor foreigners to cause another trouble, probably retailers will eat shits to survive. Salary workers will not expect increment to buy from retailers because investors will avoid this place. They can go malaysia JB, a booming town now. Dr M is aiming at Ayer Hitam victory in his lead on election. Sinkieland will have things to celebrate, if its only growth policy is mass immigration. ai see liao, no water how to wash hands after body search?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland come out this law next time more 'potential terrorists' will become real action terrorists & the men-in-blue will be more headache than the little India riots.
Suppose one men-in-blue search a suspicious female terrorist & found nothing, that guy 'could have offended' that female. That female angry but couldn't do anything she may report that to his abang or adik, once that guy-in-blue off duty, the female abang or adik might follow the guy-in-law to a corner that he kena murdered. This could happen here or when the guy-in-blue go overseas & get slaughtered, a tit for tat is a waiting bomb awaiting it to be ignite, more would not wanto become men-in-blue by then probably Taiwanese be recruited more.

Dr of Psyco-Medicine said...

Any person who has the cancer disease twice, will definitely have residual cancerous cells in the body. These cancerous cells might spread or migrate to yhe brain from the anus.

The person whose brain is infested with cancerous cells or cancerous DNA is likely to think of self-destructive ideas.

If such person is in a position of making important national decisions, he is certainly likely to make self-destructive policies that will seriously affect country and people.

Therefore, for the higher and overall good of country and people, such a person should not be permitted to hold high positions, whether private or public.

A country with a cancerous brainy chief at the helm is bound to head for self-destruct!

Is there not enough tell-tale signs and concrete indications?

Correct or wrong, logical or not, agree or disagree, uncles and aunties, adults and children, boys and girls?

Anonymous said...

The time for people reaching complete silent is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

A very staunch religious person who follows his Religion's Code of Conduct and Dressing closely will not allow any man to touch his wife's or daughter's body, whether policeman or customs man or immigration man. There will be serious consequences.

Be prepared for retaliation, revenge and retribution.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1052

>> Be prepared for retaliation, revenge and retribution. <<

Easily solved: The condition of flying is that everyone agrees to a body search.

If the refuse, tell them to go ride their camel or flying carpet...whatever...but the can't fly with us pork-eating, alcohol-drining infidels---who don't harm other people. ðŸĪŠ 🐷

This itinerary of "special treatment" to these folks, provides yet another good reason to drop a thermonuclear device on the Middle East, so we can all enjoy flying again. ðŸĪĄ

WTF, after 911 the shit changed. 17 years of this bullshit. Can't carry nail clippers or Swiss Army knife, can't bring water or any liquids > 100ml.

bomb the cunts. Take their oil. ☠️👍ðŸū

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.52. No worries, these duds will never check those Religious Apparel wearing and those all in black with masks covered their faces.

Immigration, Customs,SPF and most security agencies are mostly of black ants and brownies. Their favourite heroic jobs. Yellow Sinkies in higher positions of these Outfits are mostly eunuchs who took delight in torturing their own kind.

Sinkieland, for donkey years, LKY been using these methods to tame the more kwa lan yellow Sinkies.

This is a genocide against the chinkies by the Black Ants.

Many still don't not realise this.

Feel no Sympathy for them as most are apathetic and only cared for themselves.

They deserved to be screwed, searched and harassed by them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


That's why they need unswerving personnel like me, who doesn't give a fuck about religion!

I'll be very tan chiak, on the bola, paying extra special attention to said women.

I'll give them a far more thorough examination than their gynaecologist :)

Anonymous said...

Ng Chee Meng will be demoted to take over Chan Chun Sing as NTUC Chief.

Chan Chun Sing will be promoted to Full Minister, probably taking over Home Affairs, the ministry recently given the power to force indecent exposure and outrage the modesty, and "dig" into vagina and asshole of suspect female terrorists by male police and immigration officers - a move that will likely see a surge in applications for such jobs by sex perverts.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> a move that will likely see a surge in applications for such jobs by sex perverts. <<

Please have some respect.

Not just any sex pervert, professional sex perverts...those with the skills, training, experience and total dedication to their craft, and the safety of their cuntry.

Remember, we live in a meritocracy. Only the best will do, for Singapore.

Majulah! ðŸĪĄ

Virgo49 said...

Matilah just like our now still bachelor friend graduated not from Harvard.

They are post grads or professors from the Brothel Unis of Golok, Hattyai, Bang Cocks, Batu and Aussie Hippie Grandmothers and Transsexuals.

Fully qualified that they are just too afraid even to donate blood as they are afraid of Changi Resorts for giving AIDS to others.

So this faculty their specialists.


Anonymous said...

I retired Liao but will be interested to join airport security. If they can accept botak matilar and shortie angkongkia, then likely got chance. But of course I am only interested in the search details. At airport can target blondes with large tits plus all the air hostesses as potential search targets mah. Tio bo?😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.04pm

Sori in this little red dot. NoboLee is allowed or dare to search the whites Blondes Ang Mo ( some of them r elites class wealthy ones), their spouses will talk to Somebolee & the one that initate the search would be gone Liao. Even those working in the airport & checkpoints knew the 'standing order' & the ang mo Ambassador will come after them u bet it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Now they employed Taiwanese as security officers at airports. Tomoro they said Taiwanese too expensive. Then they will employ Pinoys, Myanmese, Banglas, Indians, Africans, whoever that is cheaper and better.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1223

Ah...you can have all the big tetek blonds lah...I live in a cuntry full of them. See until sian orleidi.

I like the dusky ladies--- black is really beautiful! 😎


Eh uncle, dun tekan angonkia using me as a "channel" lah. Ifg you are going to kick him in the nuts, do it directly please...dun rope me into your "contest" 😜

You all joke joke about this. Shame on you all OK? This is a serious job becasue it's about keeping the cuntry safe. Safety is most important. It allows the govt to run this Hotel to the highest standards, and gives you the opportunity to eat, shop and work…work hard, so hard that you pay enough CPF and taxes so the country can preserve its reserves, and the govt can “bribe you” before the next election.

So as you can see, as a highly-skilled professional, I’ll be taking this job and the role in keeping you thankless fuckers safe. At all times I will exercise the highest in professional standards. It is a stressful job. Imagine, everyday I will have to squeeze the tetek and korek pantat-puki of your daughters, wives, girlfriends, aunties and grandmothers. Are you aware of the vast responsibilities such a job carries.

Anyway, go ahead and laugh and make fun of people like me. All we want is a chance to serve our country and keep the sheeple safe.

Shame on you.

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, I did not refer to AhGongKia when I said my Bachelor friend. True, he had a string of postgraduate overseas courses degrees from All these Unis.

Sexual intercourse of course of all the Courses.

Keep SINKIE land safe by your sucking all the selected Teks Teks of the women you desired and letting all the Terrorists in.

By the way, why are the PAP creating so much fears of what's terrorists when the recent world is of no terrorist news except the wrangling of the Russian spies issues.

Still using the bogeyman tricks? ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49

Why you ask me? Ask the PAP lah. They have all the answers. Whilst we are discussing serious stuff about national security, as all good active citizens do, they are doing the real job of security for the cuntry.

But, as usual, I have a theory... Malaysian GE is getting under way. That might be an opportunity for the bad guys to pull a fast one. Malaysia will be divided along political lines meaning security resources will be tied up to maintain law and order.

Malaysians are far more passionate and active as citizens than Singaporeans who care primarily about money. Malaysia had racial identity as a big deal in its polity. Malaysians riot. Singaporeans don't.

So, it might be wise to be extra vigilant and make sure that Singapore is safe, seeing as how the Malaysian security fuckers are busy with other things.

Like I said...just a theory ;-)

Virgo49 said...

Not that lah!

It's the Black Ants.They had already let them in hundreds of thousands.They knew that they could become uncontrollable when their madness start again.

In their country, they have so many irrelevant and trival matters that flared up easily.

They knew their Damn mistakes of letting these hyenas and wolves in. It's be their demise if another Big India Riots breakout.

And not to disgrace their so called Special Opns guys from running away and fallen into drains, they DONT allow what's news Reporting and photographs etc.In my estate, daily you can see hordes of them lazing in the void decks and surrounding gardens waiting for job offers.
Now, DONT give a Damn to my apathetic neighbours.I have had spend enough time and resources and even get myself in fights with these trashes that now I dont want to complain to the deaf and dumb Authorities anymore.Just waiting For the first rape,robbery and murder in the Estate.

Only allowed their Selected Propaganda Unit in to convey their Fake News.

See the Shits Times of today picture of our Grey berets. How many Chinese Officers in them??

You think they be impartial to uphold the Laws and Order??

My Foot, unless the SAF steps in.

But sadly, understand that today SAF DONT have much IS drills unlike our times.

b said...

This MP must be stuck in medieval age or totally ridiculous. These days, body checking is done by scanning thru machines. The airports have invested millions of taxpayers monies to get those machines. Secondly, we have a female muslim president. Terrorists only want to target those ''white'' male dominated countries. Even those countries do not have body checking using hands.

Virgo49 said...

PTC announced change of fare structure.

Same breath, they said commuters happy with the increase.

Wah piang, must be the Papies who are happy with the increase.

When, increase? DONT know.

Test balloons first.

Hey, apologise.You doubt our integrity and credibility.

Virgo49 said...

See Shits Times of today one picture of commuters been checked one by one going into MRT stations. So inconvenienced the traveling public who are rushing for time.

When they are already in the Country, that means the Front Line Immigration /Customs/Coast Guards and other JLBs Security Agencies are Totally Useless or Koon.

Experience KLIA Arriving Terminals.Those back packs and small bags can just simply walked out without even go thru the X-ray Screenings.

JB Tuas and Causeway not everyone X Ray and other checks.Cars sometimes also waved on without checks.

Sinkieland Stupid over the Board Paranoid Clowns are just too KIA SEE. These are just harrasmensts to show you who are the Masters.

This is the Psychological Harrasments to tame you into submission.

Anonymous said...

Better don't say "test balloons" lah.

Not say I want to say. Buy I must say. Some highly paid people very scared of people say they "test balloons" one.

Can say "test water" because Singapore is surrounded by water.

For example: "Water, water everywhere, yet not a single drop to spare!"

Balloons can burst one. And for woman who has small breasts, when you talk about "balloons" or "watermelons" or "papayas", they may feel shy, ashamed, miserable, downtrodden, insulted or even offended. So, in papa-lee's-men, must be very careful not to anyhow use the words "balloons, water-mellons, papayas, coconuts, and even balls and bananas"!

Clear? Are you all clear?

Water got Newater made from old water, which is from sewage and longkang (full of germs, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, urine, shit, sputum, menses, pus, and worst of all undetectable, unpurifiable, unremoveable living spirits). But is okay to say "test water" because got debate about water in papa-lee's-men in the past already. Precedence already set. But so far never had debate on "balloons". Therefore, cannot mention the word "balloons"?

Goh said...

Sifu,oredi wrote days ago that I will be applying for the post if there is a change of law.
Ideally should vested the power to our screwty uncles too n it's a good selling point since we have many cheekopek sinkies.
Screwty uncles will no longer feel inferior.Laochek will stop throwing money in neighbouring country and who knows,he must have started enrolling for security courses using his skill future fund.
But should not grant him a licence cos he will take revenge on angmochabor.,everyone oso appear as terror to him.

Virgo49 said...

Another word for balloons is Condoms.

Or Baboons.


Anonymous said...

Update On The War In Syria

Syrian rebels and their families have begun leaving a key town in the besieged Eastern Ghouta area as part of an evacuation deal with the government.

State media said 88 rebels and 459 civilians had gone from Harasta so far.

Some 1,500 fighters from the Ahrar al-Sham faction and 6,000 civilians are to be transported from Harasta to the northern rebel-held province of Idlib.

The evacuation deal is the first agreed since pro-government forces stepped up an assault on the enclave a month ago.

A monitoring group says air and artillery strikes have killed 1,500 civilians, while at least 50,000 others have fled the siege on foot in recent days.

The exodus came after soldiers and allied militiamen drove rebel forces out of about 70% of the region, cutting it into three pockets - one of them around Harasta.

The implementation of the evacuation deal, which was brokered by the government's ally Russia, began on Thursday morning with a prisoner exchange.

State TV reported that 13 people held by the rebels were freed. It interviewed a soldier among them, who thanked God and the army for his release.

By 12:00 GMT on Thursday, a total of 547 people had left Harasta in buses, according to the official Sana news agency.

Ahrar al-Sham, which had controlled Harasta, agreed to lay down its weapons in Harasta in return for safe passage for its fighters to the rebel stronghold of Idlib.

The BBC's Martin Patience in Beirut says the deal may put pressure on the rebel groups that control other parts of the Eastern Ghouta to follow suit.

Similar deals have been on the table with Jaysh al-Islam - which controls the northern pocket around Douma - and Faylaq al-Rahman - which controls the southern pocket around Arbin and Zamalka - but have yet to get anywhere.

Both factions have vowed to keep fighting, even as they have been driven further and further back.

Government air strikes killed at least 19 people on Thursday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The UK-based monitoring group also said more than 4,000 civilians had fled Douma on foot and crossed into government territory through the al-Wafideen checkpoint over the past 24 hours. The civilians were leaving under an agreement between Jaysh al-Islam and Russia.

Rockets and mortars are also still being fired by rebels into government-held districts of Damascus.

On Tuesday, state media said rockets hit a busy market in the Kashkoul area, killing at least 35 people.

A police source told Sana that two civilians were killed and four others injured by a shell that hit the Barzeh area on Thursday.

The US-created ISIS left only a small group in Hajar al-Aswad, a small town 8 km south of Damascus, completely surrounded by the Syrian government forces.

King Indra's Head said...

"This MP must be stuck in medieval age or totally ridiculous."

This MP could have been a single for far too long and no man has ever touched her body. That is why her psyche is reflected in her external expression, depicting a sex-starved, desperate for male's intimate attention and cares, touch and physical exposure to the extent she could not hold it any longer, that she must publicly voice out her predicament in a very obliques and indirect way, so that she could still hold her head high and keep her dignity.

I am not Sherlock Holmes. But base on my 30 years experience as a Character-Analyst and a fervent reader of all the stories about Sherlock Holmes and his detection methods, I think I won't be too far wrong in my assessment and interpretation. However, I stand to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah all sinkie peasants'minds are dirty like longkang water. Also very imaginative. Nothing wrong also imagine all kinds of wrongs. They must be like the aleestocats. Their minds very pure one that's why they can think so clearly. Indrani's mind pure like an angel's.

Anonymous said...

How do you know her mind pure like an angel's?
In the first place, have you ever met an angel?
In the second place, how do you know what an angel's mind is like?
You can read an angel's mind?
In the third place, have you been very intimate with her, slept with her so frequently that you get to study her mind at close range?
I think you are simply talking without basis.