Tiger without his father

Tiger Woods has returned to play competitive golf again. He more or less disappeared, lost, for almost a decade after the demise of his father. Tiger Woods was in supreme form when his father was alive and guiding him with a firm hand. Tiger Woods was unbeatable with his father standing beside him like a pillar of strength.

The day his father passed away his game collapsed. He was lost. He destroyed everything he had, his family, including himself. His discipline life was in a mess. And so was his game. He fumbled and stumbled and lost not only his top world ranking, but could not win a competition henceforth. His sickness also took a toll on him. His back was crippling him.

Everyone who knew Tiger wrote him off completely. Tiger Woods without his father was a hapless child. He needed his father badly to bring his game back but everyday seemed to confirm that his glorious days were gone, game over.

A fortnight back in the Valspar Open Tiger Woods almost won. He came in second, losing only by a stroke. The Tiger that everyone wrote off is back and in contention. His return to golf and playing to win is most welcomed by the golfing world.

Tiger Woods has rediscovered himself. Tiger Woods has changed and found himself. He is now a man of his own. He has proven that he can win without his father. He has stepped out of the shadow of his father.

A Tiger Woods that can triumph over himself and play on his own merit, without the need for his father’s presence would be more fearsome and even better than before.
The new revived Tiger Woods is going to take the world of golf all over again as a new man. More victories would come his way. There is nothing more formidable than a man who is his own man and can win on his own steam, without his father watching over him.

Tiger Woods is the man.


Anonymous said...

Lao hero //Tiger Woods is the man.//


U verLEE bad ...?

Actually yew wanted to say:?

(Hopefully) "Dragon Fires (will become &) is the man"?

Anonymous said...

"Rooster (chiu kee) Metals is the man?"

Anonymous said...

"Ox (hengki) Earth is the man?"

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, can u replaced that Tiger Woods with Lee Ah Long?
It seems like this motivational story also bout that him except he only plays golf or never play with big shot Lah.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB posts often are quite predictable maciam varsity econs Don teaching macroecons and just replay the "tapes" ...?

But uni Don need to show they giving "goooood value for $$$"?

So they named the mod (modules) "fancifully"?

Eg. Simply just give "Big title"?

Like "Intermediate Macroeconomics"?

"Macro I"?

"Macro II"?

"Advanced Macroecons"?

Then just park some basic theory like "Solow's Growth Model" in the syllabus?

Then replay the "tapes"?

"Eazi-peazy" $$$ ...?

One term 6 weeks and possibly 3 to 4 weeks used up?

How does the tape goes?

Oh firstly basic production function Y = F(K, L)?

Then convert to per capital?

--> y = F(k,1) = f(k)

Oh btw, assumptions are using Cobb-Douglas function and CRTS (const return to scale, otherwise the math gets too complicated but the theory behind sama sama) ...?

Ok, end of 1st lecture, salary earned ... eazi peazi ... 1st week of term 1 settled?

Anonymous said...

Lecture 2 (week 2):

Oh this lecture we talk abt consumption function:

Y = C + I (to simplify explanation assumes closed economy with 2 sectors)

So switching around the equation,

C = Y - I

Again convert to per capital,

c = y - s.f(k) where s = savings rate, f(k) = output per worker, thus s.f(k) = savings x output per worker = investment per worker.

Further simplfying,

c = f(k) - s.f(k)
= (1-s).f(k)

That gives the basic consumption equation in the basic Solow's Growth Model

This brings to the end of lecture 2 (=> salary earned, eazi peazi, :)) ^-^ )

Anonymous said...

President Donald Trump went to see Tiger Woods and spent one whole day with him. Possibly to get a few tips on Golf from Tiger in order to brush up his own golf skills. Possibly also, on the other hand, to motivate Tiger to make a come back to Golf.

Anonymous said...

Or even to offer Tiger a job as Ambassador or in the White House, or to manage all Donald Trump's 11 to 13 golf courses all over the world?

Anonymous said...

Typo correction:... should be spelt

"... per capita" (aka per worker)

Hunter said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Having a strong father is correlated with success in later life.

Many black kids grow up without a strong father figure, because the men tend to just fuck off after the women they've been fucking shit out kids. The fucking was fun...but, er...sorry...no kids...we're outta here to find some "new pussy" 😝 and not pay out ridiculous money fro 18 years 🤑

Tiger, as a mixed-race black guy, was fortunate to have a strong, dependable father in his life. Death and loss visit us all. But we mourn and grieve, and get on with life, even though it's changed permanently.

This is how little RB knows about human psychology, grieving and how a death of a strong parent figure affects the child. RB is of course alluding to Lee Hsien Loong and the death of Lee Kuan Yew...any fool can come to that conclusion:

>> Tiger Woods has rediscovered himself. Tiger Woods has changed and found himself. He is now a man of his own. He has proven that he can win without his father. He has stepped out of the shadow of his father. <<

Tiger was never in the "shadow of his father". The same applies to Lee Hsien Loong. It is people like Redbean who lack the the knowledge of the human condition who PLACE Tiger and Hsien Loong IN THE SHADOW of their respectively deceased parents. i.e your charismatic dad dies, people say you're living in the shadow of your late dad. This is how lunatic popular beliefs and culture can be. No one ever bothers to challenge their own really fucking DUMB beliefs...even an oldie like Redbean, who---one would imagine--- should fucking know better given his extensive life experiences.

Uncle, lift your game lah. 👽

Hunter said...

Sinkieland also has one Tiger Wood. He is the disciple of Wooden Head, the famous Seat-Warmer of the world, the one who introduced Unconscionable Obscene Salary for his Benefactor, for himself and for his Minions. The Wooden Head was also the one who invented Goh-lock-nomics, similar to "Goldilock and the Three Bears".

Goldilock ate the 3 bears' porridge and broke the little bear's bowl, sat on their chairs and broke the little bear's chair, slept in their beds and messed up the little bear's bed; and ran away without being caught.

Goh-lock-nomics used Pricing to suck up the commoners' porridge through a sped of ruthless, rampant money-sucking schemes such as the COE, ERP, VER (150% import tax on vehicles), AVER (additional 75% tax on imported cars), GST and Freezing of CPF Savings through the Retirement Account and the Perpetual Annual Increasel of the Minimum Sum, and through extension of the Retirement Age from 55 to 60 years old. All these ruthless cunning schemes pick-up the 3 million bears' money, broke their rice bowls (many bears lost their jobs because of massive retrenchments), wrecked their seats (many PMETS became under-employed) and created a mess in their overall livelihood and the economy.

The disciple of Wooden Head, Sinkie Tiger Wood, continued down the same slippery road of Goh-lock-nomics, and made it worse. After he lost his father, this Sinkie Tiger Wood totally lost his direction and wherewithal.

He started to senselessly punch above his weight at the Super Powers.

He started to hear his father's voices.

He started to menaciously, tenaciously and viciously attack anyone who showed him "the emperor has no clothes".

And worst of all, he went against his own mother's and father's last will, vehemently wanting to keep the Ox-Soup for his own political benefits. As a result, his own siblings had to expose his dishonourable conduct and his abuse of power. They totally lost confidence in his leadership and had to run away to other countries to escape his strangle grip upon them.

Yet he is still not satisfied. He continues to persecute them by using official channels for personal vendetta. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Such is the comeback of the Sinkie Tiger Wood after his father's death.

May God have mercy upon us!

Anonymous said...

The PM’s wife said in her speech to a group of Australian Business Women that training is important for any business as they have to be socially responsible:

“Businesses have a stake in the well-being of the wider community that they operate in, Madam Ho said in her opening address. After all, businesses will find it hard to thrive if society fails. Hence, businesses must play their part as stewards for our communities, for our common good alongside governments and the civic society. This means that aside from focusing on financial returns and profit, businesses should also contribute towards creating a fair, equitable and sustainable society and train their people for the future.”

The speech immediately raised questions about her failed handover of leadership to Chip Goodyear in 2009, where she continued to be Temasek Holdings CEO and concurrently Executive Chairman.

There is still no successor in sight after 9 years and there is no talks about finding a successor either.

In recent years, Singaporeans have been calling for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to step downfor several reasons. Notably, no Singaporean asked for the PM to extend his tenure, which reflected the deep-seated resentment for the son of Lee Kuan Yew, After his demise.

Gauge for yourself, Lee Hsien Loong has been under his father's umbrella or not. Don't listen too much of the propaganda being spouted either way. Touch your own heart and ask your inner conscience and connect it with the experiences you have gone through in your life.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


IMO "inner conscience", heart, intuition can be problematic when making important choices. Cognitive biases are the reason. Because of the nature of our brains, we all afflicted by this, varying only in degree.

I prefer to look at the facts, as objectively as possible. Of course no one can be 100% objective. But if one is prepared to look at the facts, then argue both or all sides of the issue, then you probably understand the issue better than you would have, had you not been able to argue both the pro and against cases. (see the wisdom of Charlie Munger...it's on a video somewhere on YouTube)

LHL should not continue because of:

1. Health concerns. The nation needs someone at the helm who doesn't carry the increased risk (probability) of debilitating health issues.

2. His handling of the Oxley Rise family home situation. To me, that's a deal-breaker. And according to his siblings (not that it should matter: facts are facts regardless of who supports them). Using executive power for a personal benefit, is an absolute no-no. It is a one-strike thing...one strike, you're out.

Anonymous said...

Truth, Fact and Belief are subject to persnal bias of lack of knowledge, incomplete and haphazard investigation, faulty and myopic perception, erroneous assumptions, incorrect assassment, hasty analysis, poor judgement, and conceited arrogance believing stubbornly that self is always right.

Moreover truth may not be the whole truth or the absolute truth. Most, if not all, truth within the human realm of imperfection are only relative truth. They can never be absolute truth.

Similarly, there can never be available 100% fact for anyone's consumption. And facts derived from information available and the processing of the available information at a particular point in time. The processing of information needs proper collation, thorough analysis, interpretation and deduction. These require trained specialists with vast experiences. Lay people's processing of information is mainly based on gut-feelings which most world leaders are bound to do. Gut-feelings are mainly based on intuition (7th sense) which is a subconscious function of human psyche. Therefore, it is also subject and personal bias.

Moreover, facts can be faked. For examole, scientific reports can be manipulated to suit funding objective; statistics collected can be presented in various subjective ways to influence public opinions Or special interest groups' support; and results of surveys can be manipulated for the purpose of achieving political objectives. Therefore, over-reliance on facts without examining whether they are implanted misinformation, manipulated figures, or cooked-up results skilfully presented, can be a huge pitfall in decision-making.

Belief, whether by a majority or minority, or even a single person, is a debatable and questionable concept. It is neither based on facts nor truth. In every belief, there is a counter-belief or disbelief. Therefore, belief can never be the ultimate truth to influence others or to be used to make sound sensible decisions which affect ALL Mankind and Man-Unkind.

IN the final analysis, trust your own inner consciousness, the silent calm and nagging adviser and reminder, that has kept Homosapiens from Extinction. Don't trust any scientist who attempts to substitute unsubtantiable theories as the authority to over-rule what your inner-self knows better.


Anonymous said...

Matilar, please lar Knn. At first when I read your post I thought u make some sense but as I continues to read, then I realised that your mental faculty has been affected by what one anon said constant bombardment by one botak when u were in your Mother womb. Stop attacking RB lar.

Anonymous said...

According to a press release by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was unaware of corruption happening in his town council for 3 years, until a whistle blower made a complaint. The former general manager and secretary of Ang Mo Kio PAP Town Council, 58-year-old Victor Wong Chee Meng, now faces 55 counts of accepting bribes worth S$107,000 in total.

The bribes were given by the director of building works contractor 19-ANC and 19-NS2 Enterprise, in exchange for town council project works. S$49,377 were spent entertaining the PAP Town Council general manager, S$1,070 on meals and Geylang’s prostitution and S$30,000 to the GM’s mistress. A S$13,500 car discount was also given on a new Toyota Corolla Altis. The building works contractor also gave the PAP Town Council GM’s daughter-in-law a job at one of his subsidiaries, 4-Ever Engineering.

All these happened over 3 years from Dec 2014 to Sep 2016, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ignorant of the corruptions until a whistle blower made a complaint to the CPIB.

Victor Wong awarded town council projects to himself as the former PAP Town Council GM as he is also the managing agent for the town council, in what PAP MPs defended the corruption as “double-hatting”. Just like that. Case closed.

Imagine, if that were to happen in Aljunied GRC, ALL Hell Beings would have been let loose, together with the most vicious Multi-Million Dollars Attack Bull-Dogs, Hound Dogs, Terriers and Bitches, to ensure WP MPs have not a single moment of chance to defend themselves!

When will justice and fairness prevail?

Anonymous said...

I believe, in all fairness, all the MPs of AMK GRC are jointly and severally responsible for whatever happened in AMK GRC, it's Town Council and people whom the Town Council employed or contracted to work for and within AMK GRC.

Anonymous said...

If the Elections Department were am independent body instead of under the PMO, I think the Head of the Elections Department would have considered calling for a By-Election in AMK GRC, and all MPs of AMK GRC would have to resign or forced to step down???

Anonymous said...

If such thing had happened in China, probably many High State or Provincial Officials would have been dragged into the case, investigated, implicated or found negligent and severely punished???

If it had happened in the US, the Department of Justice and the High Courts would probably have already stepped in to impeach the highest responsible Congressman or the President, whoever appropriate??

Anonymous said...

Use Parleement to declare ownself not dishonorable son, no use of state organs against siblings, etc. Everything swee swee.
Corruption under his nose for 3 years, "I don't know".
Wifie talking cock in Ossieland, keena question why still sitting in Tummysick with secret pay.
You say lah....honorable or dishonorable; shy or no shame; no eyes or act blur.
GCT still watching....hahaha....his eyes still haven't drop out.
69.9% got eyes no see, got ears no hear, got mouths no talk.

Anonymous said...

69.9% was generated by COMPUTER. Not by human. That's why Sinkies are Idiots. Highly educated also idiots.

Only those working in the Intelligence and Security Division know what the hell have been going on over the last 50 years.

From above case, even CPIB did not know what was going on until whistle blower have the tip off.

Where is Efficiency? What Effectiveness? Where is the Competency? Where is the Extraordinary Leadership that was put forth to justify the Extraordinary Obscene Pay?

Anonymous said...

In 3 years, 55 counts of corruptions (excluding others not revealed because of lack of evidence). That means every month there was at least one or two corruption taking place under all the 5 MPs' noses and eyes and ears. Yet all the 5 MPs act blur? And CPIB and the Investigators, Prosecutors and AGC took their words for it. No further questions asked? Ministry of National Development, HDB, MOM and ACRA all of them don't bother to take any action? Got like that one? Too obvious, is it not?

How to prevent recurrent?

If PM's ward can corruption like that and all MPs got off Scot free, all other Town Council also can what? Why kept victimising ALjunied GRC?

God has eyes to see lah. One day God will interfere, for sure!

The fall of PAP will be sudden. Meteoric Rise will beget Meteoric Fall!

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair said...

Keppel's corruption happened for an extremely long stretch of 13 years under the very nose of Temasek Holdings Chuge Executive Officer cum Executive Chairman, Ho Ching. Who is taking the blame? All Top Management got off without a drop of sweat. Fair?

Anonymous said...

Typo error. Please amend word "Chuge" to "Chief". Apologies.