Can Kim Jong Un trust the Americans?

A meeting between Kim Jong Un and Trump is on the card, scheduled in May. This is another historic moment of the new century. But many rascals are insinuating that Trump must not trust Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans. The truth is the reversed.
Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il was betrayed and cheated by the conniving and lying Americans. He signed an agreement with the Americans to denuclearize and after dismantling his nuclear installations the Americans cheated him by heaping more demands than were agreed. Kim Jong Il tore the agreements and went back to rebuild his nuclear facilities.

Today we have a North Korea that is a full fledged nuclear power whether the Americans want to admit it or otherwise. A nuclear power is a nuclear power and does not need a recognition and acceptance from the Americans. Thanks to the Americans for betraying Kim Jong Il.

Now the Americans and their cronies are demanding that the North Koreans to denuclearize, to dismantle its nuclear weapons and facilities. In return the North Koreans are demanding a guarantee that their country would not be invaded or nuked by the Americans.

Can the North Koreans trust the Americans after being cheated by the Americans before? How can the Americans guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or nuked after they have denuclearized, without nuclear weapons? Even if Trump were to give his personal guarantee, can the next American president or future presidents abide by this agreement and guarantee? Surely not.

The North Koreans are safe from an invasion led by the Americans or Japanese today because of the nuclear weapons and the support of Russia and China. If they have no nuclear weapons, the Americans could turn a blind eye and allow the Japanese or other crony countries to attack the North Koreans while pretending to be neutral, or worse, do it themselves.

A guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or nuked is as good as No guarantee. The Americans cannot be trusted. Look at what is happening in the Middle East, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria and the other countries where the Americans have invaded and with troops on the ground and refusing to leave. Ask what had happened to Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi and the outrageous WMD ploy.

It would be foolish for Kim Jong Un to trust the evil Americans, the country that lives by the notion of American Exceptionalism. They can do anything they want, to invade and do regime change to any country they want. They can tear to pieces any agreement they have signed, like TPP, Climate Change or refusing to sign agreements like the Law of the Sea and many other UN sanctioned agreements.

An American guarantee is like a guarantee given by the devil. I am sure Kim Jong Un would be smarter than to be duped by the Americans.


Anonymous said...

A guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or nuked is as good as No guarantee. The Americans cannot be trusted.

Possible and perhaps with a 93% chance of being possible.

For Kim Jong Un, the Americans can be trusted as much as for Sinkies, their Sinkie opposition can be trusted to govern as well or even better than PAP.

Anonymous said...

Problem is if N Korea is not destroyed by an American attack, it will still be destroyed by economic sanctions if Kim Jong Un does not want to negotiate with the Americans.

So by trying to meet up with Trump, Kim Jong Un is actually choosing the lesser of 2 evils, just as majority Sinkies is choosing the lesser evil of PAP being the govt.

Kim Jong Un has no better choice, and so are Sinkies, but for different matters.

Anonymous said...

KJU trust a Dotard Tump? Must b crazy man. How to trust an enemy? Especially an evil empire unless he is insane. KJU bo bian then only negotiate Mah, after tat all back to same old same old, u exercise me test nuke cycle continues...

Anonymous said...

"White Men speak with fork tongue!"

That was said by many Native American Red Indians, whose ancestors were murdered, massacred , raped, slaughtered, tortured, rampaged, robbed, etc by the White Men who were the ancestors of today's White Americans. Trump is one of them!

Kim Jung Un can trust Dotard Trump as women can trust him gripping their pussies.

Virgo49 said...

DT need to go to the Mental Hospital for a Mental check up.

Mathis, his one time Secretary of State defiled him and suggested dialogue with KJN.

Now he agreed but sack him.

Sick, mentally sick.

KJN now holds the upper hand of armrtwisting the Americans. His necular arsenals is now a real threat to them. For him to completely neculerise is out of the question.

Like putting down a gun to confront another with also a gun.

He may agree to partial disarmament as this will also be costly to their Enconmy and no further testing of missiles.

In a way, he obtained his objective for a more viable settlement to be able to trade and survive.

Nobody actually know his necular capabilities and has already frightened the monkeys to submission.

Anonymous said...

KJU majiam Sinkies Lah, DT majiam Party against People Lah. So KJU bo bian k k 'kawan kawan' Lah. Ini Sinkieland screwed daroad daroad by new immigrants & new converts as mostly them voted the white party Lah,so Sinkieland will be worse than NK in times to come many migrated leaving the elites & poor / elderly with coffin monies also sapooh Liao la.

Anonymous said...

Of course he cannot trust Trump. Trump is nothing more than a street thug. Just like in the Middle East he must keep this region unstable and volatile. I am sure he does not want peace and harmony in Asia. The main reason for America to be so prominent in Asia is to be at the door steps of China and Russia.

Anonymous said...

Even Trump's wife also don't trust Trump . . .

Anonymous said...

Trump fired Tellison yesterday to take Kim Jung Un as a major change. Could be incidental. Tellison accused Russia poisoned ex Russia spy living in UK the Sergies (father and daughter). He called Johson UK s diplomat. UK PM gave Russia 24 hrs to respond. Nato countries expressed support. Prior to that one punjabi woman threatened to apply military force against syria. Russia threatened to attach US if syria is attacked. It is a laughing matter that UK can attack Russia. UK also laughs at Russia for having an old junk carrier wanted to attack US.
Trump is obviously calculating how much? If Tellison is going to support UK. Whitehouse had refused to get involve with UK s poisoned ex Russia spy allegation.

Russia simply asked for sample of the poison. No response to May s 24 hr ultimatum. UK laukwei. UK is sinkieland s ex godfather. Russia is Kim Jung Un s taikor, the #1 on Kim s new year greeting list.

Trump s big talk to use force on syria and north korea seemed to have effects. On syria, syria army saa and tiger force took out al queda at Ghougta: the loser is US s supported al queda. They are surrounded in 3 pockets, ready to go heaven or hell. US could only use words to threaten. If US invade syria, Russia will fire most likely missiles. If US use nuclear weapon on syria, Russia will respond instantly.

Russia is a force US diplomats find no point of return to confront.

If using this basis to think, Kim Jung Un is compelled to talk to US to work out a path to alleviate sanctions. This is also Trump s hope to see NK s issue resolved. But Tellison said, its Trump s decision to talk to NK. That means Tellison will want to stick to sanctions to go for "never end" sanctions? Therefore Tellison s sticky to fight cold war tactics is dangerous to world peace. To Trump, Putin is approachable. Now Kim Jung Un is also approachable. Trump is very smart on fire Tellision to be well prepared with meeting Kim Jung Un.

Whether Kim Jung Un could trust Trump is beyond doubt, no way. NK keeps mentioning sadam initially when justifying its nuclear weapons. Will they forget what sadam s lesson so fast?

The talk with Kim is likely to path the way out of direct war with NK. It is a no go now unless Trump s deaf. Putin had said clearly Russia will respond. Putin admitted he had ordered to shoot down a civilian plane known to have bomb on board. He changed ordered when clarified there was no bomb. This admission is clearly indicating Putin will fire missiles at US bases and support NK at war.

Therefore Trump no long can trust Tellision seems trying to sabo his efforts most of the time. This time, hope Kim has luck to path the way for NK to be a normal state. If he easily gives up nuclear weapons, then, Putin will have a big laugh at him. But this is Russia s close ally and sharing border with Russia. Putin will not let Kim to be the next sadam. Tio bor ah hiar?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When Kim Jong Un met Trump, he would ask Trump to guarantee no attack or preemptive strike on NK.

Trump would say sure: 100% guarantee. My words and my American honour. You remove all your nuclear weapons and we would be nice to you, like how we were nice to Saddam Hussein.

Kim would tell him: You think I am mad like you?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, bingo u hit the right spot & can read the minds of these top guns! Absolutely super brilliant marvels!

To equate Sinkies or Sinkieland with KJU & DT to the Papies r all incorrect cos this little island has be Sold out to the new immigrants long ago! KJU & DT r both honourable leaders of their own nation. Sinkieland's Leeder is a gong of all out to sell this place to everybody on this planet eg Sri Lanka, India, Paki or even Bangla..u name it.

Anonymous said...

Kju can trust this dotard at his peril?

Even an old timer with 40 years experience in a global top MNC treated like an apprentice style and "fired" ala reality tv ...?

Likewise, can sinkies should be as wary as kju?

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Un is facing up to fact. He completed nuclear arsenal left by his father. His new objective is to develop economy in new year message. He did just that. Talk to the worst man he hates to face, face to face. Do u think Kim Jong Un is playing masa masa?
Kim Jong Un, at helm for year since he was 27, should know well this face to face has zero chance if US is to insist on NK destroying its nuclear research centers, like what his father did. Trump has all to gain if he can tone down to get freeze nuclear testing. Kim will want US bases to be returned to SK. This part if impossible, the negotiation will not work.
The meeting might not lead to a solution at all.
So Kim Jong Un is getting ready to fight with Trump s pre emptive strikes. That is very likely in next half of 2018.

Sinkieland s far worst. When flat dwellers took videos of public vehicles being overturned, some might have fear for their safety. There was no control for a long time. If if the rioters are from the northerners living inside here who have size close to million, and the norther troops are lining up at borders with artillery firing on sinkieland, there will be leaders guiding the war?
It is pointless to fight and die. The northerners can cause the defeat of what the defense can do by passing information. Sold out or not, it should not be expected to win in war when the troops are at northern border. The internal 5th column riots should be unbearable to the residents. Kim Jung Un does not need to face this kind of 5th column.

Anonymous said...

Can Singapore trust India ?

Anonymous said...

Can Singapore trust India? Sure can. Or else the fools would not have signed the CECA. CECA is built on trust that India will take over Singapore and turn it into another India.

Anonymous said...

CECA was signed so that Sinkieland is sold to the Great India & Indians can come to little red dot to replace the Sinkies & many pmet r out of jobs nevermind these Indians r fake talents as long he voted the white people party can already & these new immigrants hv priority q at a Moo rally ward so the true blue kbkp also no use.

Anonymous said...

Moo-rally is a traitor. Next election must expose him to the daft Sinkies voters.

Another Mu-gan is also a traitor, who has become too arrogant and a big bully. Next election must expose his adultry to the daft Sinkies voters.

One more black ant, the one that is anti-China and pro-India must also be exposed to the daft Sinkies voters for selling out Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Apply TC job is well paid. Can get contractor threw 10k each time, paid for ktv expenses, and get jobs for related.

Go read the story of one TC gm story. Ceca is part of such thing to hire labor from the contractor that might give "freebies". Without ceca how to get freebie exploiting foreign labor? Charge TC high prices and the daft voters are so happy to see big bills each month, vote for the politicians again again and again. This time is 90% support.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland has no corruption?

How can cunning corrupted brains aiming always, since school days, for self-benefits and grabbing the top scholarships, have no corruption?

Actually Sinkieland has the most sophisticated systems of corruption So much so even have top corruption agency to protect the top.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Gee, many people here have very strange ideas on what "trust" (between people) is.

Firstly, motherfuckers, "trust" when agreements are concerned begin with only 2 people. (OK smart-arses, sometimes more than 2 , but 2 between 2 human beings is the most common and the minimum).

The amygdala in our brain has evolved over millennia to enable a physically weak species to dominate the biosphere. The amygdala makes the fear response in humans very visceral, and there are systems which instantly activate when even the slightest threat is perceived. We are a fear-centric species. We fear on multiple levels and categories: for e.g. We fear being rejected, losing face (embarrassment), being sick, dying and being killed, being poor, being insignificant, being paralysed, being mentally incapacitated, being caught, being accused or blamed, ... the list is long!

Trust is an absence, or sharp diminution of fear within a relationship, in the broader context. And to most adults, that is not something which occurs instantly. It takes time and effort to get to a point where people trust each other. And alot of it has to do with data processing. The human brain can be looked on as a Bayesian Engine where the probability (expressed as a "feeling of trust") of trust or distrust changes according to the analysis of the data received. That's why fostering a trusted relationship usually takes a long time, with as much interpersonal activity, contact and immersion in that relationship.

I think if we move past ad hominems for both Trump and Kim we can agree that they are both "players", and when there's a game going down, they will get their "Game Faces" on, and bring what they have (plus reserve) to the table.

Suffice it to say, both men don't trust each other. They may never trust each other. Let's face it boys and girls, this is a very common situation in all human relationships...especially our own!

But can Trump and Kim form a relationship based on a narrow band of trust confined to specific areas? i.e. can the make a deal/ contract and abide by it? Or will they make a deal and then try to "cheat" on the deal? Human nature is such that both scenarios are very possible.

Jared, Donald Jr and Ivenka (the kids) have probably already done "feasibility studies" on where the best places in N Korea are to builld Trump properties. The father is no fool lah. It's better to get N Korea to "open up"...fuck reunification if that's not possible. Just open up N Korea, a great start. Pump in a few billion...pay off Kim & Co...let them eat well too.

Trump will also have the intel on what Kim likes and dislikes. Kim will have his intel on what American's weaknesses are.

In that way, Kim saves face and is made to look like "a conquerer" as he "beat the White Devil" and got a nice payday for all his Dear Subjects.

Amrica is the world's foremost ex-spurt in making deals with "unsavoury characters". If Trump does what he says (make a deal), he is just carrying on yet another great American Tradition: the sweet-talking, charming, salesman.

Game ON!

Virgo49 said...

Just have the HDB take care of all TC duties as they been doing for donkey years before Lau Lee messed into it.

Trying to fix the Oppositions. Their Serpents Agencies made things difficult for the Opposition. Economy of scales. No need what's farking Mayors and Whats managers.

My HDB long time service HMOs no need be Condo Manintance Manger and later be Screwty Guard.

The two Opposition SDP MPs no need be ex MPs. HDB, Environment and all Serpents Agencies find troubles.

Now their own GM of all TC -AMK Lee San Tau TC.-corruptions.

What's a joke.Have the MPs concentrate on Parliament's matters rather than jaga lifts breakdowns.


b said...

It is not whether will ww3 happen but when will ww3 happen. It will be west vs east ie. the wolves vs earthlings. Usofa+uk+eu vs china+russia+nk. The north hemisphere will be heavily nuked. The bankers will run with all the pensions funds and wealth to some southern island. Many will mati. Japs and germs will be happy. They have been provoking this war for many years. Where two are fighting, the third wins. Learn to like one another is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

The peeyam visited aljunic jhee ass see. Its time for election. May be second half of year or next year first half.

The big guns spoke against SL should visit her territory to talk to residence and repeat those about dishonest and hypocritical (tr e) things SL spoke about. Let the voters to hear about their honest thinking.

Election in coming round will feature new leeders. The old and senior pee and pee leeders should demolish those they think are dishonest and hypocritical to have honest and unhypocritical politicians only.

b said...

Learn from the wolf. Trust does not exist, only the perception of trust exists. Kim can pretend to trust Trump but defence himself secretly. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

Anonymous said...

If New York City and London City, Shanghai City, Tokyo City - which are much bigger and more populated than Singapore - each of them is being run by only ONE MAYOR, why Singapore City needs so many JLB Mayors and Millionaires-Club-Ministers to run, PLUS Town Councils, plus the Whole Set of Government Ministries and Admin Service, with Civil Service, of a BIG Country???

All Singapore City requires is One Mayor with the full set of City Council to take care of all needs - both external and internal.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is not a city.

"Singapore is a fortress." - Duterte

Anonymous said...

agongkia March 11, 2018 8:51 pm
//No greed and 心要正 .//

What crab (& utter rubbish) u talking Chio si lang!!!

@ agongkia March 10, 2018 4:46 am
>>>>>>>>> When I see saliva being cornered over this floating baloon thingy me feel like needle poking in my heart.
I started to love auntie like saliva.
Oops ,should be Silvia or is it Sylvia.
How I wish I can go hug hug this auntie saliva but many cctv around watching me:-( <<<<<<<<<<<

Any oldie think this meimeisiao AGONGKIA qikopek cheehongkia got no greed in womanising etc and "心very正" in moral values etc, pls KEE CHIU!?

Heartland Sinkie said...

Heartland Sinkie March 13, 2018 3:23 pm
//Part 4: How come some unemployed are not in the unemployment statistics?

Uncle RB: “Many ... disappeared even in govt statistics of the unemployed ...“

In Economics, unemployment rate is calculated based on following definitions and formula:

............................. //

Uncle RB,

The above quoted article was a bit "too long" initally & "way exceeded" the allowable words limit in the box and subsequently quite a fair bit were truncated from the original article to fit the words limit. Inadvertently, some lines addressed to you were truncated along with some other text.

As per previously contributed articles namely Parts 1 to 3, pls do the necessary edit/ amendment as you deem fit and do consider it to be posted as another entry. Thank you.

PS: Shall try to keep it short and compact as far as possible in the future. (However, due to work commitments may not be able to have regular article contributions in the coming months ...) Cheers

Neutral Observer said...

Singapore Is Not A Country, But A City!

In his lecture during a meeting of the New York State Bar Association International Section, Law and Home Affairs Minister, K Shanmugam stated that many people are criticizing the dominance of a single party in Singapore politics because they are comparing Singapore with other countries. He insisted that Singapore should be judged as a city.

“…. nobody questions whether there is a democracy in New York .…. This is where most people make a mistake. I have tried to explain that we are different. We are a city. We are not a country.” - K Shanmugam.

b said...

Yup, we are a city kicked out by matland because of LKY being too ambitious.

Spiritual Medium for the Dead said...

"Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! We want a Malaysian Malaysia"

LKY as a member of the Malaysian Parliament in 1965.

"Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! We want a Singaporean Singapore!"

LKY's ghost screaming at his unfilial Dishourable Son every night until he could hear his voices.....

Anonymous said...

ST: Labour movement confirms it conducted poll last year to gather feedback on Budget issues, including taxes

There's your test balloon !

Anonymous said...

ST appeared today
"Wong, who worked for CPG Facilities Management, the managing agent of the town council, was removed from duty after the town council received a complaint about him in September 2016 over "the way he handles contracts and dealings in the town council".

Wong was removed as GM of amk TC.

So Wong worked as employee of managing agent, which take money from TC as contractor also was appointed as GM of amk TC.

There is no conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

@ 1048 pm,

To be precise: CUNT conducted a survey on The 2018 Budget with specific questions of taxes and raising of GST.

This survey was carried out with 300 of NTUC' Top Management Executives.

It was directed by CUNT Chief, Chan Mali Chan Wei Wei, who happens to be a Million-air in the Pee Aim's Office, whose job is similar to a Platoon Commander's Runner.

So, any fool can guess who gave the instruction to fly the test-balloon. Only daft Sinkies are worse than any fool. They act blur and some even got the cheek to play Reverse Psychological Wayang (RPW).