China needs to change its appeasement policy towards the USA

China has been operating under the policy of appeasement in the face of American and western provocation and aggression since the opening of its economy. Under Deng Xiaoping’s era, he advocated that China should avoid trouble, even ‘eat bitter pill’, stay out of trouble and dispute to concentrate on economic growth and development. This policy of non involvement and avoiding confrontation and conflict with the USA is still in place and is proving to be outdated and detrimental to the continue growth and rise of China as a sovereign state.

China must learn its bitter lesson of the past, when it was weak and invited hostile western countries and Japan to invade and to colonise China with wars and intimidation. The western countries, led by the USA, are still viewing China’s non interference and non aggression and non retaliation policies as a sign of weakness and are pressuring and challenging China in all areas, including trade wars, the Taiwan independence and the South China Sea. Even little countries would happily align with the Americans to take pot shots at China whenever a contentious issue is presented, thinking and believing that a weak China would not react or hit back. It is very safe to slam China in support of the Americans. A weak China as perceived by the hostile and unfriendly countries would invite provocations, challenges and intimidation just like the weak China of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Can China afford to continue with its policies of appeasement and walking away from provocations and confrontations? Is it good for China to appear weak and hapless in the face of American and western pressure and aggressive challenges?

China today is no longer hapless and weak like the past Qing Dynasty. China is now the second most powerful country in the world and would be wise to make the world understand and acknowledge this fact to keep provocations and unfriendly acts at bay. Appearing weak and appeasing the aggressors are exactly the reasons that brought about the continuous provocative challenges to China in the South China Sea, the inciting of Taiwan’s independence and the looming trade war.

China must take a stand, change its non aggressive and appeasement policy to suit its stature as a big power if it wants to deter adventurism and hostile intention. Unfriendly and hostile countries with ill intent and agenda must know that China is not a weak state but would hit back with as much force and power as it deems fit to aggressive intents and acts from unfriendly countries, particularly the little pretentious powers. China must mean business if it is to have a respectable standing in the international community, to be respected as a big power and not to be trifled with.

The day has come for China to stand up as a big power and not to be pushed around, to be challenged and not to push back the aggressive and hostile forces. A policy of weakness, of inaction and appeasement would do more harm to China than one of strength. The whole world is also looking for a China that can stand up to the aggression of the USA and western powers, to protect the small countries from being threatened by these powers. Small countries need another super power to balance the equation in international relations for peace and stability.

China has a big and critical role to balance the military and belligerent might of the USA and its equally bellicose western allies. Not facing up to these hostile countries is being irresponsible as the hapless little countries would have no one to turn, no one to defend their rights and independence except to submit to the threats of USA and western powers.

The world needs a new balance of power for peace and stability and to protect and defend the interest of the smaller and weaker states. The USA, the world’s most belligerent evil Empire, has been conducting wars every day for the last 7 decades, wars of aggression, invasion, covert wars, cyber wars, media wars and now trade wars. The Americans are not afraid of wars. They lived by wars and love wars. To stop them from their warmongering, the only way is to hit back with more wars. That is the only language they understand.


Anonymous said...

RB,I beg to differ with you on timing. China should be patient & eat humble pie and continue to grow its economy & technology until its economy is bigger & stronger than the US. US strategy is to disrupt China growth in quality & depth. It is unwise to fall into that trap like the Russians did 40 years ago to go into an arm race & bankrupted its economy. Less ego, more level-headedness is needed.
Pride & ego at the wrong time, with the wrong positions are very costly.

In any case, when you are truly strong "nobody dare to disturb you." But are you truly that strong?

But above all living in peace & harmony is good & beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Actually the more China don't give a shit about the Americuns the more that UaSs becomes more worried. Little UaSsA and little countries need not worry as China r patience & they knew maybe it's not the right time yet.

Anonymous said...

China need about 10 to 15 more years of peace & harmony to achieve big breakthrough & critical mass in advanced leading technology in manufacturing, space, agriculture, medical, information, banking & securities ecology, etc.
Be patient.

Anonymous said...

China is NOT THERE yet. What President Xi is doing is the right direction. China requires at least another 15 to 20 years of further progress and development. Especially on Space Technology, establishing a Moon Base as well as Mars or Venus Base with humans.

What is another 15 or 20 years when China has been able to eat humble pie for the last 150 years?

Patience, not recklessness, is the KEY to Success!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China should not appease, but adopt a "firmer" stance...without threats, without any hint of belligerence or hostility. They must make it clear that they have no "beef" with the US, but won't accept 2nd class treatment.

Being the most populous nation and the 2nd largest economy is a FACT whether people choose to accept it or not. Sure, like every cuntry large and small, there are internal problems, as well as some issues with the global community.

What they've done so far since Deng has been spectacular...no other cuntry has achieved what they have in such a short time. The graph of China's growth has been unrelenting on it's upward trend. So just watch the lay of the land for changes, and continue what they're doing...because it works fucking well.

Anyone who hasn't done business in China, should shut the fuck up...and go there, get fucked in the ass and lose money, then get up and learn from their mistakes,and eventually WIN.

If you are a pussy and neglect the Caveat Emptor motto, then you have no business dealing in the Chinese economy---where good and really fucking bad co-exist in a wild, wild, crazy but exhilarating environment.

Everytime I visit, I'm awestruck at how rapid the pace is, and the sheer "go for it meritocracy-thinking" of the business community. And they party as hard as they work, loving every second in enjoying the benefits of their unstoppable enterprise.

If you listen to guys like Pony Mah (TenCent)and Jack Mah (Alibaba), you get the sense that these "young guys" are every bit as smart and capable as the Zuckerbergs and Besos's of the West...and then some.

The sheer speed at which Pony and Jack develop their various businesses is just unbelievable. If you intend a career in business or entrepreneurship, pay attention to what guys like Pony and Jack are doing. How to win in a competitive, no-holds-barred environment? Study how they do it.

China is slowly taking steps to get away from the "unfair" USD reserve currency system. Will they go for a Yuan partially backed by gold? That seems to be the idea. who can blame them? They hold US debt (which they've sold off plenty of), but the US keeps printing money to pay them back.

Anyone with an inkling of Chinese culture will tell you that this "gweilo cheat Chinaman" deal cannot last. You want to "cheat" an Asian, especially a Chinese of his money? Tread carefully. You could be unknowingly creating a death wish ;-)

So IMO, for China:

1. Steady as she goes. Be firm and nice to "alert" the other party to be more respectful. Don't go for "dominance". Go for equality.

2. Get off the US dollar global reserve system---which has already begun. Continue along, then "harden" the Yuan/Renembi backing it with gold...or a basket of uninflatable assets. i.e. have a hard currency, not a debt-backed currency.

Anonymous said...

I suggested to buy 2070, opened starter prize on 25 March, Sunday. Anyone strike? I striked a little.

Anonymous said...

Trump decisively agreed to meet Kim Jung Un has changed the scenario. China should consider its failure to meet Kim as a set back. The answer is obvious. Song Tau went to NK failed to see Kim. Kim never agreed to meet Xi yet invited Trump to meet.
China Xi finally succeeded yesterday to bring in high official from NK through a train Kim Jung Il used to travel before. Inside was who? No body could accurately guess. But Great Hall had guard of honor in the dark photo. Cld be Kim. Cld also be Kim s sister Yong Jo.

China s failure to move with North Korea can be devastating because NK share borders with China. Trump is so flexible. With Moon at Kim side to interpret, the 3 men could end up some deals. While Kim got to keep his toys. China will be at most disadvantageous in long term security threat. China s sanctions on NK was a total miscalculations, a betrayal in common chinese s value to a friend.

Now China gets 60 billions tariff and 30 billions tax on stealing intellectual property rights. These figures will not go away bcos Trump signed on them. The only way is for China to back off with controlled volumes of trade exporting to US.

China is facing bad setbacks. The Taiwan independence will prop up now with free flow of visits including Taiwan president. In time to come, after 10 years, Taiwan will function like an independent country with President being viewed in US as Taiwan president and not part of China. Can readers see the weakness in Xi administration?

China will face one more from Philippines. Pinoys are setting up a military base at an island very near to Taiwan Yilan. That is to say, within 12 n miles and 200 n miles, pinoys can claim territory. Taiwan did nothing about it. China keeps quiet about it.
In China s policy using money only and nothing else, they think they are smart. But China follow US s sanctions on NK now face backlash from Kim Jung Un. Bearing the meeting in Beijing outcome, Moon Kim and Trump Kim will bring up deals that China will be at disadvantage in security.
In other words, China has lost a buffer state for pleasing US. Yet China gets into 90 billions tariff to sort out. How far can China bend backwards and forwards? It should not be a diplomatic success viewing the present results. Tio boh ah hiar?

Anonymous said...

"At least 100 employees of Singapore’s Uber operations were fired on the spot yesterday (Mar 26), right after the news of Grab’s takeover was announced. Employees were given only 2 hours to leave the head office at Mapletree Anson in Tanjong Pagar by 12.30pm.

The news was made at 10.30am in the morning and no compensation was provided. An employee told the media that they were all fired on the spot:

""During the meeting, we were told to pack up, shut down operations and leave the office by 12.30pm. We were given no updates about severance package or anything. We were only told that we were free to apply for other jobs. After the meeting, everyone was left speechless. Some people were in tears. I was devastated and I felt very lost. All of a sudden I was out of a job.”"

Comfort-Delgro Drivers with unpaid fares may not get their money.

Temasek Holdings paid $652 million of taxpayers' money last December, simply disappeared like magic!

How many technocrats with engeering degrees in the world make good business decisions?

With hind sight, was the selection of CEO for Temasek Holdings in 2004 really by MERIT or otherwise?

Anonymous said...

China wild East enterprises, that allow free wheeling & dealing & ambitious global growth combined with strong political party in last 30 years was a big winner. But if it follows Spore and starts tightening on private enterprises, sterility will infest & growth will decline, and soon its dynamism will be eroded. We have to wait & see, what next.

Anonymous said...

Not yet, not yet. The time for China to show her might is another 10 years or so. Grow the economy further and when the time is ripe, China will take on the US of A. Trump will be history then and Xi who will still be at the helm will show the world that peace, harmony and mutual economic prosperity is better than aggression and intimidation of weaker countries. I believe in the path China has chosen for now.

Anonymous said...

$652millions threw into a company having problems was not a risk free throwing, not called investment.
But being shareholders and not management can only bear the lose according to laws.
100 employees being fire? How many are PR? U tell me lah/ pity the real NS men who need the money to feed their kids.

The $652 millions should have threw into welfare for jobless citizens. How dare the elites provide jobless citizen real figures? The elites are putting their heads under the sands. $100millions for welfare was too much when xochaitaukwey stood up to voice concern, where old man walked out when he talked. Now 6 times threw into a bought over company is nothing, nothing to the elites. Xochaitaukwey said anything? Toothpickbox said any thing?

Anonymous said...

I think Russia and China should ramp up their war machine for war asap against the Evil Empires.


" We are in the middle of World War 4 and it will only end with the collapse of the American Empire or the destruction of Russia and China. Until then the empire of chaos will continue it's endless war across the globe it is not suddenly going to wake up one day and decide it wants peace the entire economy is geared for endless war and for america's rulers "Peace" would be the ultimate danger.
Aleppo like Stalingrad may be one of those battles that mark a decisive moment in history.
The fate of Syria may well decide the fate of the world.
The fate of the world hangs in the balance..........."

The link,
Anti- Imperialist U: June 2016 - Blogspot

Veritas: October 2011, An economist looking on fall of Gaddafi

Iran/Contra Pt 1: The Secret Team - Anti- Imperialist U - Blogspot

100's of US Tanks, Heavy Equipment Flow into Europe to Counter ...

Why Qaddafi had to go: African gold, oil and the challenge to monetary ...

Veritas Aequitas: Was Gaddafi All Bad?

Veritas: The workers need to be led: The top 1% making a fool out of ...


Who is supplying weapons to the warring sides in Syria? - BBC News

Anonymous said...

My advice to President Xi is that China should increase its nuclear warhead stockpile from the current 250 to 8,000 to match the American's.

Also, the Chinese should produce small nuclear bombs that can be used in normal combat, just like what the US is currently possessing and boastfully threatening other nations with.

Anonymous said...

America has been an illegitimate country right from the first day of its beginning. America as a nation was founded on the basis of the supremacy of its white God, on the supremacy of white people and their all encompassing evil doctrines that were concocted to justify their evil quests of seeking non white people's lands to destroy, kill and conquer. Go into Google and find out all their horrible doctrines such as 1. Doctrine of Christian Discovery, 2. The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, 3. The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism and 4. The Neo-Conservatise Wolfowitz Doctrine of American supremacy in conquering the whole world under American total control and hegemony. In short America is built on the total genocide of almost all the native American population and the subsequent occupation of their lands that now constitute the United States of White America.
White America must and will be destroyed sooner than later by the forces of good and by their their own over over extended evil deeds.


Anonymous said...

Australia joins US and other British allies, expels two Russian diplomats. - ST

Will Singapore do the same ?

Anonymous said...

Season parking fees to apply at 6 more military camps and bases from April 1: Mindef

Coming after teachers, this seems to be desperate times !

Why the austerity ?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether the opinions are valid but in most u tube video, most western think tank think that if China starts a conventional war, China army will be destroyed by the evil empire. 😀

Anonymous said...

Expelling Russian diplomats is the first warning sign that war is impending.

Anonymous said...

Correction at 10:22 am:

NTUC owns Comfort-Delgro. Not Temasek Holdings. Sorry. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

China today though alot stronger than it was during Qing dying years. Her neighbors especially japs had a headstart from 1945 to 1978 to do what ever to stay ahead of China.
Military wise the japs navy is very strong today even taking into account the rapid modernisation of Pla navy.

To stay ahead both navies which have fought many battles in the past will engage in fierce rivalry in time to come.

Many people say maybe another ten fifteen years but can uncle Sam is getting 急燥!

Anonymous said...

//China needs to change its appeasement policy towards the USA//

Past 2 days, many OLs faces turned "white & green" when they were alone working late or in office ....., anybody heard?

Maybe need to APPEASE some "wondering spirits" cos Qing Ming Festival started on Mon (26 Mar) and some "advanced party" already "descended" last Sat (24 Mar)?

Some OLs said they heard "many people" typing on keyboards sound when there was no one else in the office ... and they totally "freaked out" and ran out of the office ... really so scary meh?

Few years back, when at the cemetry, saw "shambody" with very long hair and slightly tilted head under a tree shade even during mid afternoon, wearing grey clothings and the pants covering way beyond the feet, so cannot tell standing or what ... what do you all think this "shambody" real or "fake" tinkie ...?

Back then did not freak out like those OLs but could sense "this tinkie" quite "fierce" from "her extremely cold stare" and maciam like going to move forward "to make an attack" from the appearance of her "partial clenching fists/ hands" but couldn't see her nails though ... do you think should have walked nearer to take a closer look at her nails?

From a slight distance, can see her face quite dark and "cold emotionless staring look" with slight tilt of "her head" ... coming to think of it maybe that was not her face but her hairs covering it ... very long hairs with slightly tilted head and quite motionless, staying very "still" but also with posture intending to "pounce forward" ... what do u all think "she" would have reacted if didn't ignore but walk nearer towards "her" ... ?

Heard some oldies usually go to cemetry to pray in the morning wee hours in pitch dark during Qing Ming Festival especially the actual day to avoid the jam/ crowd ... they quite daring hor ... don't u think so?

AnyboLEE dare to go at midnight to the cemetry to pray/ appease the spirits?

There is an old saying if never do evil things even in the middle of night people or spirits banging in the doors also no need worry or be frightful, tiok bor?

What for need to appease another country?

Is it a ghost or evil spirit?