Xi and Kim show hands to Trump and the Americans

It is official, Kim Jong Un visited Beijing and had a photograph taken with Xi Jinping and their respective first ladies. All the foolish talks about China and North Korea breaking up and relations at a low would now sound so hollow. Trump and his scheming idiots thought they got China by the balls to do their biddings, above all, to betray and abandon North Korea. They were congratulating themselves that they were so successful in creating a rift between the two neighbours with historical ties in fighting the Americans, and probably sniggering at how easy to drive them apart. Many stupid western analysts still cling to this farce and trying to explain that Kim is making a last minute effort to gain China’s support when the support was and is there all the time, and that the superficial rift was just that, to play along with the Americans.

This visit by Kim, his first visit overseas and to meet a leader of another nation, speaks clearly where his confidence lies and who he regards as his most reliable and important friend. Since the Korean War against the USA, China had withdrawn every single soldier fighting in that war from Korean soil. On the other hand the Americans refused to leave and had made South Korea a semi colony with the Americans commanding the South Korean soldiers.

On the other hand North Korea is a full fledged independent state in charge of its own destiny and sovereignty. China did not behave like the devious and treacherous Americans, to sit tight and refuse to leave. China could easily use the same excuse, American troops are still in South Korea, as justification to remain in North Korea. But the Chinese honoured their obligations and respect the independence of the North Koreans, and completely withdrew from North Korea.

For a while, the ugly and treacherous Americans have the world believing in their sneaky tricks of driving a wedge between China and its closest ally, North Korea. China even went along to agree to the American led sanctions against the North Koreans. Many fools really believed that China has become the enemy of North Korea and the North Koreans are depending on the Russians to protect and defend them. Should this be the case, Kim would be in Moscow to visit Putin.

The truth is out. The devious Americans really believed that China is weak and could be pushed around, conduct provocations in the South China Sea islands and waging a trade war with China thinking that China has no card to play. China has now thrown an ace at the Americans with this Kim visit. China would do more if the Americans did not desist from their provocation and aggression. Next China could withdraw support for the American sanctions against the North Koreans, and more to come.

As the Americans foolishly step up the pressure on China, China will respond accordingly and with more vigour and force. Let there be no mistake that China would not walk away when its core interests are challenged. China would not abandon its close allies and let them be bullied by the Americans. China cannot afford to do so or it would lose credibility in the eyes of big and small nations of the world that China is a reliable and dependable friend in times of need.

The game has just begun. China has stood up to the Americans for the world to see. Anyone still believes that China could be pushed around by the Americans and betray its friends? Anyone still believe that there was a big rift between China and North Korea and this visit was a desperate move by Kim to mend fences with China, or China and North Korea telling the bullies that they have been duped all this while? Are the Chinese and North Koreans so naïve to believe that the Americans could drive them apart by provocative acts, threats and sanctions?


Anonymous said...

China displayed their diplomatic wits with their long time friendship with North Korea. China showed the world that u can't betray your own friends in times of need. Chinese wisdoms of 远水救不了近火 & 唇亡齿寒 r practised today.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The ties between North Korea and China were built on the blood and lives of millions of Chinese soldiers that died defending North Korea against the invading American troops.

Anonymous said...

@Rb 8.40am

Uncle Rb, historically u r absolutely correct.
Base on the NK vistation to China is a confirmation of their longstanding friendship. Unlike Sinkieland diplomatic balance of China & UaSs, the Leegime select UaSs over China such that China sensed that & have to ditch the Leegime as can't be trusted anymore.

Anonymous said...

Only those leaders who betrayed their own kind and sleep with the Devil will betray China. Action speaks louder than words. People's Republic of China can easily see through the People's Action.

Anonymous said...

The story is not like those days when Kim s grand father cried till eyes swelled on death of ChouEngLai. Kim s grand father was part of the communist sought by Kiangkaisek in China. The old Kim was part of the troops under Lin Piau that thrust Chiang. Long over and long over still being talked like real on sinkieland among the old folks.

Kim Jung Un had left China as side line watching Kim s diplomacy activities (japan media). This visit in secrecy (first reported in Japan media) was a real surprise. South Koreans interpreted when confirmed the visit as "Xi s intolerance" against Kim s sidelining China. Xi wanted to meet Kim before Kim meets Moon and Trump.

Xi s assertiveness should not be taken as a concern to China s own security. Kim s visit was said to be invited. No surprisingly: scmp HK media had warned Beijing being side lined allowing Kim to meet Trump was a gap at China s risk. Based on this point: Kim being called to Beijing was not considered surprised.

All these nice words at initial welcoming: Xi said they were like old relatives visiting each other, Kim said he would follow his father s and grand father s wills to denuclarization, all were just talked corks. Xi said he would like to visit Pyongyang but Xian Huan never reported Xi accepted visit to Pyongyang.

Wednesday s statements were clear: both side did not mention denuclearization. Xi did not have dates with Kim.

Kim s demands were clear: he should want China at his side to support the withdrawal of US troops from Korea bases or at least no threat to North Korea, while North Korea "denuclearize" in phases. If China has the guts, it will be Kim s alliance. If China has no guts, Russia will have no choice, like it now supporting Syria.

The unclear stands lie on Trump. If he must attack North Korea, China might stand aside as Kim should not want to let his rockets and nuclear weapons end up with no bargaining power.

So in politics, it is the current situation facing Kim that counts most, he and his people s survival. Those stories about brotherhood in communists are no longer talked about or in practice in China itself, if someone has ever lived or worked in China. But on sinkieland, such brotherhood is still there, imagination is free. Politics cost his people s lives, if Kim believes in brotherhood now. Likely he believes in nuclear stuff.

Anonymous said...

Xian Huan never reported Xi accepted visit to Pyongyang.

Correction: xin hua news never reported Xi accepted visit to Pyongyang according to media

Anonymous said...


of course Lah, otherwise some 'ninja' or terrorists might strike on them Lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are so many stupid comments in the ST today showing that they really believed that China and North Korea relations were so bad that even Xi did not like Kim. How stupid can these so called experts, journalists and anal-lysts be, believing and living in their own lies and stupidity.

In politics there are many things that are meant for the media, and many things that are real and done behind the media away from the flood light.

What is real and unreal is not so simple as the foolish anal-lysts want to think.

Anonymous said...

North Korea will not have terrorists. They dont accept foreigners to work there.
Ninja strikes where they can go. U are smart men, half ninja, reading mago ha. Maga is no longer in fashion on trains. Hanphone high tec yes. Games apps,

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yes,indeed. It is Game On.

I don't believe all the chest-beating nationalism bullshit from every side and every friend or foe in this changing landscape of regional and global rivalry.

Any bloody fool with a press corp can take pictures of important people smiling and shaking hands. If you buy into this nonsense, chances are you are gullible and being conned in several other areas of your life.

Human relationships are COMPLEX and DYNAMIC, and therefore in a constant state of flux.

Also,past alliances and enmities may or may not play parts in what's going on moment to moment; right now.

Former Axis alliances of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany are now best buddies with the USA, who partnered with Stalin's Russia to rout the Germans. The USA walloped Japan with nuclear weapons---which is the worst thing one cuntry can do to another.

And today, NATO exists because the US and Germany are best buddies, to combat the evil USSR and post-USSR Russia---the former ally of the US. Japan and America are best buddies.

Roosevelt' US supported China to help curb Japan's power, even lending money to Mao, who was even supported by the British in his early political escapades.

The documents, letters, official paper has come out, and continues to be revealed even today 70-80 years on. If you look at the archived press reports back then and compared them to what we're finding out, you can see a lot of Fake News.

Also, very few in the MSM ever address the follow the money stories. Relationships are complex, and there're always financial stories...because you can't do Jack Shit if you don't have MONEY. But to get money, the people lending it to you want MORE MONEY IN RETURN or something of comparable VALUE.

No one in the theatre of global (all) politics does "something for nothing". The idea of "principles" is extremely FLEXIBLE---it can be adjusted to suit any narrative. Any narrative can be adjusted to suit any objective.

Every politician past, present and future has to have flexible ethics, otherwise they will not survive in the arena. Sometimes you sleep with the enemy. Sometimes you betray a friend. Sometimes you threaten. Sometimes you bribe. Or threaten and bribe.

Sometimes you destroy, conquer and occupy. Sometimes you communicate cordially and cooperate.

Sometimes you repel foreign interlopers to protect your nation, its people and your way of life. Sometimes you sell out your nation, its people and your way of life to "carry balls" of a foreign interloper. Sometimes you are a PATRIOT, sometimes a TRAITOR...and even sometimes... a bit of both ...just to keep The Game interesting.

What I like about this (although I hate politics and culture) is that it gives kopitiam philosopher uncles like myself interesting topics to talk plenty of cock about.

No one can predict the future, especially if the results of that future are going to be consequences of a huge chaos of many human actions going in many directions, and changing directions, essentially on a moment-to-moment basis.

However, talking cock is a wonderful human endeavour. It is the province of kopitiam intellectuals---the powerless coterie of seniors who hope that the powered-elite don't fuck it up....too much, because fuck it up, they most certainly will!

Anonymous said...


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung

The link,
Putin on the destruction of the Middle East – Must watch! - YouTube

Putin's Warning: Full Speech 2016 - YouTube

Anti- Imperialist U: The Plot to Scapegoat Russia

Putin Tongue-Lashes American Journo Who Criticized Him ... - YouTube

Socratic Method - Philosopher.org



Anonymous said...

//North Korea will not have terrorists. They dont accept foreigners to work there.//

R u sure? U been in NK? ..no bodyguards wud wanto take this risk of letting media know their masters date of Arrival to another country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The main topics for discussion when Kim met Trump would be denuclearisation and a guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or nuked by the Americans. In the latter condition, no one, not Trump or any American President now or in the future can make such a guarantee, especially when the only country that wants to nuke North Korea is the USA.

How are the Americans going to make such a guarantee? Only fools will think any American President now and in the future can make such a guarantee.

The only guarantee against such an attack is the North Koreans themselves possessing the second strike capability against anyone thinking of conducting a preemptive strike against them.

The talks with Trump would be just talks. Trump would not be able to provide a guarantee to Kim. Period. Kim would not be stupid enough to accept a guarantee from people that spoke with fork tongues. How is Trump going to make such a guarantee?

His father was cheated by the Americans. But the most important lesson is the invasion of Iraq and Libya and the murder of Saddam and Gaddafi, when they gave up their nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rb,
u r correct in your analysis. The UaSsA can't be trusted compared to China Xi, Kim probably knew that.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are waiting for Kim to dispose off his nuclear weapons and they will go in to finish North Korea for good, just like what they did to Iraq and Libya.

Anonymous said...

Very sure u have not been to North Korea. U waste time here. Go geylang to get drunk lah. Do u know where to get drunk at geylang now? Also dont know. Go toilet sure will have no terrorist at your home.

Anonymous said...

Trump's own credibility as home is already a big issue.

1. His promise of the Mexican Border Wall to be paid by Mexico has failed. Mexico simply refused to pay. So he desperately tried to ask the US Congress to provide the funds. It was turned down. Now he asks the US Military to pay for the wall.

2. There is a Special Prosecutor investigating into his connections with the Russians during his Presidential Election Campaign. It is still on-going and looks like the noose is getting closer and closer.

3. There is another investigation by FBI into his business deals in the past, focusing on anything and everything, including his children's businesses.

4. The continuous shootings at schools are making the citizens turning against him for defending the freedom to possess arms - the 2nd Amendment.

5. His promise to investigate into the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Rodham Clinton simply fizzles out. Not a squeak was ever made by him after he won the Presidential Race. Whereas, on the other hand, the Clinton and Obama camp, and both the Democrats and Republican parties, keep up the heat on him.

6. Even the Dept of Justice and CIA are not supporting him fully.


1. His foreign policy of making Allies pay for US military protection, just like gangsters and mafias, has met with disgust and resistance. Some of the Allies have turned against him.

2. His Trade War against many countries is working against him. There is now a Currency War to counter and reduce the effectiveness of his Trade War.

3. His shifting of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, thereby recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has met with international protests and objections, including a direct blow at the UN General Assembly.

4. His promise to withdraw from NATO has not been kept. This shows that it was only an election bullshit to get votes.

So, how can Kim Jung-Un trust such a double-crosser even his own citizens, friends and allies do not trust?

Anonymous said...

@ 1001 am:

That was a huge load of talking cock!

Anonymous said...

Wow the world didn't expect this to happen. The whole media in Taiwan newscape is abuzz with many first hand news clips in YouTube. Even showing north Korean vip visitors at a science meusum hinting cooperation. First ladies fashion styles are also media talking point .

Anonymous said...

With mother of all hawks now becoming security adviser of Bee kok, one who advocates the military aggression against north Korea. it is like 坐立不安…liao!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese people are rich in strategic thinking. In ancient times, they had the Art of War and the Thirty-Six Stratagems.

When confronting the US, they will look at the full picture and prepare for the future. They will mull over what will happen after a possible trade war before considering how to fight the US.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.13am

Omg, another insane person in this blog! Kindly ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Basically if Us play the Taiwan card . China will play the nkorea card.

Anonymous said...

China must take back Taiwan as fast as possible before the old people in Taewan all die of old age. The younger ones tend to become like Sinkies' �� and pro-West. For the past 20 years, the pro-West faction has grown bigger and bigger, both in the military and business sectors.

China must not delay Reunification any more.

Anonymous said...

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation last week issued its first known grand jury subpoena to a member of Trump's inner circle.

The recipient: Stephen K. Bannon.

The story, which was first reported by the New York Times, broke the same day that Bannon was testifying behind closed doors to Congress, and it suggests that Mueller is switching up tactics — or at least starting to employ new ones. The big, unanswered question is why.

Why Bannon?

Anonymous said...

trump faces many issues. the stormy daniel one is big headache. her large melons very jialat just one melon already larger than matilar botak head

Anonymous said...

Remember, the “C” word that matters here is “conspiracy,” not “collusion.”

And, remember, too, that Trump’s latest tweets about Russian interference aren’t just deceptive based on his own past comments. They also are contradicted by actual facts that link the trolling Mueller has identified to the Russian government, itself.

The people who know aren’t talking and the people who are talking don’t know. They are just guessing or misinforming.

Anonymous said...

Enraged that the waitress did not want to have a meal or go home with him, a Singapore permanent resident chased after the woman and threw punches at her, causing her to black out.

Samson Tanuwidjaja, 36, was jailed for six months on one charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt to the 31-year-old waitress on a pavement outside the Royal Thai Embassy along Orchard Road on 28 October 2015, fracturing her nose and bruising her face.

Please be reminded that a Singapore permanent resident is not a Sinkie. He is a foreigner.

Anonymous said...

Six months jail only? Not ordered to pay compensation to the woman with fractured nose? No canning?

Why so lenient to foreigners?

Prosecutor did not appeal against the sentence?

Anonymous said...

Afraid that his annual bonus will be reduced if profits go down, SMRT CEO stated openly that he would not spend more money on mantrnance, dspite increasing train breakdowns:

SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek, the ex-paper general, on Mar 29 said:

“I think more than 60 per cent is already very, very high in terms of the proportion of the amount of revenue that we are able to generate that goes into maintenance-related expenditures. The portion of fare income used for maintenance is not expected to go higher. We don’t expect that this can go to 100 per cent, it will not be a sustainable way for us to manage so we will have to find the right balance.”

No wonder the train breakdowns never seem to stop. Now the cat is out of the bag. He is more interested in making profits and bonuses than service to the people?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.06pm

ASsMrt hasn't learnt any lessons on maintenance of the mrt line & trains. They become amnesia so fast in all their mistakes. More breakdowns akan datang, avoid riding mrt trains if u can.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.18pm ( not anon 6.06pm correction)

ASsMrt hasn't learnt any lessons on maintenance of the mrt line & trains. They become amnesia so fast in all their mistakes. More breakdowns akan datang, avoid riding mrt trains if u can.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1138

>> That was a huge load of talking cock! <<

Thank you...I'll order another kopi C siew tai. ☕️

The load from my cock keeps yo mama happy. 🐓


>> Do u know where to get drunk at geylang now? <<

I sure do. There's a great place right next to where @1138 mom works. She lost one tetek to cancer, so got good discount. Teeth a bit bogay, but take out denture, wah piang kaninah... suction si beh shiok 🤡

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Blogger Han Hui Hui was carried out of the Select Committee hearing room, legs arms in the air, after she refused to leave her seat for creating a disturbance.

Hahaha !

Gila girl !!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Sg.gov: bully kechi. 他妈的! Select Committee ah? Wah...scary 👀 👻 💩. Wasting taxpayer's money...again.

Blogger Han : attention seeker. A legend in her own lunchtime, like the world needs another fucking criticising the PAP blogger 😹

But score 1 goal to Han....maybe... The book she had on her: "Authoritarian Rule of Law: Legislation, Discourse And Legitimacy in Singapore" might have pissed of the "select committee (or whatever fuck-name they've decided to call themselves) is available at the NLB...anyone who can be bothered (no point lah, nothing's going to change) can read it.

They make wayang for wayang sake. But the wayang got no standard lah. Cannot make it. Better watch Netflix instead. Professional entertainment lah.

Go ahead, if you like here is where the copies of the book are, you want, then chope your turn lah.


Anonymous said...

Temasek Holdings will be increasing electricity tariffs by another 2.8% effective from 1 April onward, according to Temasek Holdings-owned power plant company SP Group.

SP Group claimed that rising energy costs is the cause of the increase but still makes record increase of profits every year.

In 2017, the Temasek Holdings-owned company SP Group made S$948.8 million in net profit.

This is the second consecutive increase after January 2018’s 4% increase. This brings the total increase to 6.8% in 3 months.

Both increases are approved by Ng How Yue, the husband of PAP MP of McPherson, Tin Pei Ling of "I don't know what to say" fame. Ng How Yue, who was PM Lee's Personal Secretary during Tin Pei Ling's election debut, now sits as the Chairman of the Energy Market Authority.

The CEO of Temasek Holdings is Ho Ching, the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

Impending Cracking Down On Dissenting Voices and Criticisms on the PAP's Governing Failures

In a statement on their website published yesterday, the SDP said that the the recent introduction of / amendments to the Films Act, the Public Order and Safety (Special Powers) Act and laws that might be passed to curb deliberate online falsehoods are “oppressive” laws that are intended to curb the rights of citizens ” in the guise of national security.”

The SDP said it believes that Singaporeans are growing wiser to the government’s way and are apparently seeing the ruling party crumbling.

It said: “Singaporeans are beginning to see that ours is not a house in order and that the younger generation of ministers do not have what it takes, including having fresh ideas, to take Singapore confidently and securely into the future.”

The SDP suggested that the ruling party will use these “oppressive” laws against the opposition, civil society and the public to protect the party’s grip on power.

“Such a political manoeuvre will not have a good outcome for Singapore and her citizens,” SDP asserted.