Article by Concerns of a Heartland Sinkie - Part 2...

The immigration policy is probably a stop gap measure than a long term solution. Old fart had acknowledged during the 2010/ 2011 interviews for the launch of his "Hardtruths" that the TFR of naturalised immigrants was even worst than indigenously born sinkies ...?

In other words, the (short term) solution provided by the stop gap immigration policy would in time to come as the earlier immigrants aged morph into another problem instead of being a solution and greatly aggravate the precarious demographic development unfolding in peesai ...? The ratio of aged in the population could shoot up exponentially in the near future and onwards ...? Then what next?

So what could be the actual "Hardtruths" instead ...?

For what is to come, just look at the recent release of the 2017 A Level results and the ensuing flurry of annoucements by the recruiting unis ...?

In the face of declining enrollment now and in the coming years, many are repackaging their courses with double degrees, double majors etc etc ... no?

To make up for the short fall further down the road, are they going to repackage and offer triple degrees, triple majors & even quadruple degrees and quadruple majors ...?

Again the language used is fantastic and not unlike sweet nothings into the dafts ears ...?

The repackaging is for the ever changing job market and thus young undergraduates, (EVEN before their first premanent job) have to equip themselves with 2 degrees (skills) instead of one to ensure higher employability when they try to get their first job upon graduating?

Now, old fart admitted long ago in the early years that the IQ profile of a people does not change much over one or two generations ... did he not?

So how could up to 50% of each cohort suddenly be blessed with such increased (mental) ability to excel in 2 degrees or 2 majors when many in the past cohorts struggled even to manage with one ...?

What has changed?

Think deeper ...?

Think deeply ...?

What has changed?

Wake up (daft) sinkies ...?

See (and think) deeper beyond what you are being told or what appears on the surface ... pls?

For the sake of the future viability and sustainability of our beloved peesai, the place many are born, bred, educated, brainwashed, trained and conditioned like dog (& bitches) etc etc ..., wake up now and immediately ... will you NOT from your deep slumber ...?

Still snoring away ...?

Good luck ...


Virgo49 said...

Donald Trump even declared America First.

The Italians voted for Anti-Immigration.

Only SINKIE land sabo their own citizens with Foreigners First just to line their pockets.

And the Dafts kept snoring that they are FOR YOU, WITH YOU and SCREW YOU.

b said...

TFR is just an excuse to bring in millions of migrants. The gahmen needs to sell more properties and subscriber lines to pop up the economy and thier pockets. Just do the sum: 5m people, 4 per household, 400k per household. Thats is the minimum reserve the gahmen should have excluding many other items.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ b

The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is the reason for immigration. It's not "just an excuse". Singapore is stuck to this "growth model", which is locked in to the computers they use to calculate...and so they just follow what the algorithms spit out without any consideration for the individual human, and how it might affect them existentially.

In hackerspace, there is a term called In Screen We Trust. Meaning: everything you see on screen on your super-duper super-expensive exclusive computer (which governments use for data crunching) is The Undisputed Truth.

Technocrats have no time for human existential experiences. Humans to them are just numbers to be coded and crunched by complex algorithms designed by teams of super-smart math and computer science Phds.

And as you know, Singapore govt policy is computed and then strictly monitored and reported so that they can "adjust" as needed.

This is the hallmark of a Pragmatic Socially-Engineered Society, of which Singapore is the undisputed World Champion.

So to the OP (original Poster)---the govt is probably aware (more than you or I could ever be because they have killer tech) of the issues. When the screens they read say "there's a problem!", rest assured our fantastically-paid super-ministers will formulate yet another Pragmatic Policy to address whatever it needs to.

Singapore is an ongoing social experiment led by pragmatism. So expect changes to The Game that emerge out of left-field, completely unexpected and seemingly insane, but arguably "practical", according to the govt's standards.

After all those considerations, never forget that The People Get The Government They Deserve. If Singaporeans like their "growth model" of unswerving consumerism, crazy asset appreciation,and the ambition to get really rich, really fast...then politics---which is downstream (evolves from) culture will give the people the government they really fucking deserve!