My bruising past

The police report lodged by Ms Claudia Kwan after her 3-year-old daughter came back from pre-school with a bruise and swelling on her right ear brought a smile to my face. Not a smile of sadism but of fond remembrance. It brought back memories of an era when coming home from school with bruised ears or knuckles was no big deal, much less worthy of a police report. Those were the days when teachers doubled as Gestapo thugs to dish out dire punishment to disobedient students. Female teachers were particularly vicious - their claw-like nails left many a ear lobe with indelible pinch marks while the more inventive among them transformed wooden rulers into knuckle-dusters to rap (what else?) knuckles.

Not to be outdone, male teachers lined errant students against the wall and machine-gunned them with rapid-fire slaps. For talking in class, I found myself facing such a firing squad one fateful day. There were five of us and the four wimps next to me were already in floods and tears when the first “shot” rang out.  From the corner of my eye, I could see their heads jerk from the impact of his slaps. But I told myself I would never let a teardrop fall even if my head rolls. Shocked at my dry-eyed resistance, the embarrassed executioner whipped in two more slaps in a desperate bid to coax some fluid out of my tear glands. Just then, the public address system came to my rescue - not that I needed it. “Will Mr XXX come to the principal’s office! Will Mr XXX come to the principal’s office!” So off he trudged, with his tail between his legs.

When I came home with teacher’s finger marks plastered across face, my parents barely offered me a glance. They had our next meal to worry about. Since my hadn’t gone missing, what’s the big deal? Fast-forward to the present when a child’s bruised ear is enough to trigger Facebook postings, a police report and over-the-top parental hysteria, and you get the distinct feeling that you’re living in a different age. Different yes, but better? You be the judge.     


Goh said...

I am more particular about our BLC sadist or perverted parents sending their toddlers away at such age ,put these children at risk of being abuse by strangers and still got the cheek to kpkb.
Born into a oriental family but want to make them look angmo,it's abuse from a start.

b said...

Yup. 3yo is very young. Should be taken care by grandparents or families not by strangers.

Anonymous said...

I also Kena slapped before in school many times and sometimes I was innocent but the Teachers may just have a bad day and took it out on students. So angkokia need to be sodomized by matilar for talking nonsense again

Goh said...

I went k1 only when I am 7 years old.Compared to this 3-years old I am more fortunate to have 4 more years to spent with my mother,4 more years of sucking Ah Ma 's tektek,i remember Ah Ma when I drink tek tek.
Now I know why I love sucking tektek.,cos I always remember n miss Ah Ma .
I am fortunate that I can stay n care for my mum till her last day and not throw her in old folk home like how she can do to me by throwing me with strangers when I am 18 month but she did not .
My ex gf like Stephanie,Diana or Claudia etc want marry me on condition that I stay away with my mom but after sleeping with these BLC ,I can't be ungrateful and stay away from them instead.
They cry better than to make my mom cry.
Today many here dump their babies with stranger and always citing money no enough.
They deserve to land themselves in old folk home one day.
Hate to use the word karma but cannot find any other suitable word.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Well, the times they are a changin', as the old hippie song goes.

School in Asia has always been brutal. Part of the culture has always adhered to the idea Spare the rod, spoil the child

When the fucking Christians turned up on our shores and started forming "the best" schools, they did exactly the same---harsh punishment for so-called "errant" children. This time, it had the word of god to back up the legitimacy of this horrible practice.

However, I feel that things have gone a screwy 180.. Kids now are entitled, easily triggered snowflakes, who all know their "rights" and have no problem with open DEFIANCE toward authority.

I have mixed feelings about this: I do love kids to aspire to independence,and even occasionally get into fights; especially if it is standing up and defending against bullying.

Even though kids nowadays come across as defiant, they are still very soft. The over-protective, child-safety FETISH culture has made them this way, and it does children a great disservice.

The fundamental role of adults is to prepare the children for the cruel, uncaring REAL WORLD when they grow up...or rather... IF they grow up. And the adult world in general is failing the children in spades.

Gone are the days when (I speak as a male) you could come home after rugby or soccer, covered in mud with cuts and bruises, and maybe a black eye...then get a scolding from your parents and told to go "clean up" before dinner.

Now if a precious son came home like that, the parents would most likely make a POLICE REPORT and the following day take steps to SUE THE SCHOOL, even though the school had nothing to do with an after-school "friendly match" between rival institutions or factions.

Boys need to be TOUGH. They need to be taught not to deny their emotions, but to choose wisely (and of course they'll make mistakes) when it comes to responding to those emotions.

Girls...seeing as how the world is now much more "equal" towards women, need to be the same. If you over-protect girls, you make them less confident, less inquisitive and later on they won't be able to protect or defend themselves from the myriad threats out there in the REAL WORLD which affect women in particular.

Sure, one can find examples in the past to highlight "sadistic teachers", and that was a real thing, not just a phenomenon. There was child sexual abuse as well which was covered up because it was easy to do back then.

But one must also consider the millions of "normal adults" who were caned and slapped for being naughty as children; who now are perfectly OK, have stable lives,jobs, families etc.

Corporal punishment is not all together "bad". Sometimes it might be the last resort to a disciplinary issue.

Sadistic adult behaviour disguised as "punishment" is really bad. Such people should go to jail and perhaps get the rotan for their inexcusable behaviour. Also, improved psychological screening processes to weed out the "bad people" could help in lessening the numbers of assholes being entrusted with educating children.

Note that nowadays,especially in the "land of the free", young male children are turning up to schools heavily armed and murdering school staff and children.

In the same cuntry mentioned above, 40-50 years ago, kids would carry rifles to school for target practice; Shooting Clubs were a common extra curricular activities. How come there was no school shooting back then?

Could it be because corporal punishment was still being used as a disciplinary measure to rebuke the errant behaviour from children?

I don't know the answer, but I just had to ask the question.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Also have to note that the kid in the article mentioned is 3 years old. Too young to know what is right and wrong, and too young to receive any form of physical punishment, for any reason.

I recommend The Death Penalty for the person who harmed the child. It is a clear case of physical abuse. OK, capital punishment too extreme for you squeamish types?

Rotan then. Fucking cane them within an inch of their toxic life! 😡

Goh said...

It appears to you that the daughter was possibly harm by someone and not becos of a fight between children .
Going by the logic we cannot blame the one who harm her.This is becos the parent abetted, give strangers an opportunity to harm her.
Parent should shoulder the blame for leaving these little harmless children with the strangers.
Par the parent's karchng .

Leaving children with strangers is like a kampong chief not appointing a trusted assistant among themselves to care for the villagers welfare but leaving them under the care of foreigners ,giving foreigners a chance to exploit the poor,harmless innocent villagers.
Please spare a thought for our children.They are unable to express but it's cruel to put them with strangers at such a young age.I want to speak up for these naive n innocent children.
Or is it that sinkies enjoy being bullied to the extend that they become pervert,must put their little child to be bullied by others ?These children will grow up to bully their own people in times to come as history has proven so.
Take good care of our own children.,cane them ourselves if needed but definitely not leaving them with strangers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You forget one thing: this is not a case of "stranger danger". This is a case where a trusted party (school teacher) whose job it is to provide a duty of care doing very horrible things; in this case to a young child.

Parents have to entrust their children to other adults...at some point,more or less. No choice lah.