Kim Jong Nam - More fake news

Kim Jong Nam, the poisoned half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, told a Japanese friend in Malaysia his life was in danger six months before he was killed, a police official told a court on Tuesday.

Two women, Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, have been charged with murdering Kim by smearing his face with VX, a banned chemical poison, at Kuala Lumpur airport on Feb. 13 last year.

They were charged together with four North Koreans, Hong Song Hac, Ri Ji Hyon, Ri Jae Nam and O Jong Gil, who are still at large, with the murder.... Reuter

The attempt to put all the blames for the murder of Kim Jong Nam on the North Vietnamese continues in the Malaysian court. The presumed murderers or suspects are the North Koreans and the innocent ones are the Japanese. In fact Kim Jong Nam's good friend was a Japanese by the name of Tomie Yoshio, who would send his drivers to drive him every where for free.  And Kim Jong Nam confessed to this Japanese that his life was in danger. And for that, he asked for a driver, not a body guard, to protect his life according to this Japanese.

Anyone who knows the history of Japan and Korea would know that the Koreans hate the Japanese to the core for their brutal occupation and colonisation of their country. It was an era of humiliation that no Korean would forget or forgive the Japanese. But there would be the minorities in South Korea, similar to the bananas here, that would love the Japanese, definitely not the North Koreans.

Who would believe that the best friend of Kim Jong Nam was a Japanese and Kim Jong Nam trusted him so much that the Japanese knew his every movement? To the North Koreans, Japan and Japanese are enemies Number One. Who is this Tomie Yoshio?

There were other suspicious and questionable facts to the case. The unknowns that were not caught and charged, spoke Japanese and looked Japanese according to the witnesses.

Kim Jong Nam was a family member, trusted, and likely the front man for North Korea and running its foreign business operation, not a traitor. There is no reason for Kim Jung Un to kill him. In all probability he was killed by the Japanese and this Tomie Yoshio is a likely to be involved.

Kim Jong Nam knew that his life was threatened and he had the antidote in his pocket but somehow did not know how to use it when attacked.

In this case, the western media have tried very hard to pronounce guilty on the North Koreans and framing every report to say so but conveniently left unanswered, unreported, the part of the people that engaged the two women to do the job.

You do not need must effort to fish out the fake news in this case. The guilty parties are so innocent and the innocent parties are so guilty from the start.

Why are the Malaysian govt not blowing the whistle? They are privy to all the fake news that are being fed to them and would have a good idea who is really behind the murder. This is a clear case of a black ops.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, Speed here. Kim Jong Nam lived in a dangerous world of Black Ops and counter Black Ops. Who really did the evil deed ? The truth is up to one's own interpretation. Maybe in the future someone will own up. Until then one can only guess.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

From an observer's point of view, one can have a good guess on who is the culprit by looking at the result of a black ops. Which side is benefitting from the event. Which side is looking like an angel and which side is looking bad.

Just look at the Middle East, everyday the Americans are celebrating. Why? Their main objective is to keep the Arabs and Muslims fighting against each other and keep these countries in a constant state of instability and war so that they would not have time to think who is behind their suffering. Also, these countries would be buying weapons to make the Americans rich while they be poor for as long as they are at wars.

This is the biggest black ops in operation. The same formula will be introduced into East Asia and SE Asia, to make the stupid leaders and people fighting while the Americans and the West continue to control and rule over them, be rich while the silly people be poor and killing each other.

Anonymous said...

Fake news aside, watch tis real news on GST hike by Lim Tean speaking at Hong Lim Park yesterday

Anonymous said...

This is a clear case of a black ops.

Kim Jong Un is considered as a dangerous enemy of America because he has ICBMs with nuclear warheads that can reach America.

So why r u surprised even if there is indeed a black ops against Kim Jong Un by the CIA?

Most important is whether Kim Jong Un is smart enough not to allow the black ops, however it was carried out, against him to succeed.

And by having his half brother Kim Jong Nam killed, he succeeded in thwarting the black ops against him, even though America may actually be the one behind the killing.

Anonymous said...

KJN said he was in danger 6 mth before death. Was he retarded? He sold stories about his family and lived in the country that sanctions his very own country which was helm by his related brother. If he knew his life was threatened, would he fly around? In his pack upon death he had cash 138000 dollars, presumed to be usd.

4 days before his death: KJN met a Korean American from Bangkok embassy at Langkawi hotel. KJN flew into KL and went into Langkawi the same hotel appeared to have prearranged meeting.

KL poli witnessed said the suspects were fetched to airport by an local embassy car belong to North Korea and upon death the suspects were facilitated check in by the embassy to flee.

Ah hiar no need to be intelligent like an investigator to know what happened. One fat man thought he could be the next king. He is protected in one country. Many rumors said some king will be killed to make this fat man as replacement. Yet this fat man still moving around frequently. When he died, there was obviously no body guard.

Do you believe in this fat man s intelligence in the complex political world? Many will save his time to read other stories than to read a useless coup that can never work.

Just to contrast the personalities between the brothers. The real king told US on Saturday, if US carries out the drill and with sanctions going on, his country will "counter" the drill.

It appeared that he ruled out talk with US. Putin mysteriously said any nuclear attack on Russia s allies, Russia will respond instantly.
If the fat man were to be the king, he would have heart attack anyway. He was not the right material for the games.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the Middle East, everyday the Americans are celebrating. Why? Their main objective is to keep the Arabs and Muslims fighting against each other and keep these countries in a constant state of instability and war so that they would not have time to think who is behind their suffering.
RB 9:07 am

U r right. So that America can sell lots of weapons to rich Saudi Arabia. That's why Trump even paid a state visit to Saudi Arabia, and I think the one and only Middle East country that he visited.

Trump is doing the same thing to the Korean Peninsula, hoping to sell more weapons to S Korea and Japan. But the S Koreans are much smarter than the Arabs. Instead of fighting N Korea as instigated by the Americans, the S Koreans are now trying to make peaceful with N Korea through sports.

Smart Sinkies are just like the smart S Koreans. Instead of fighting PAP for being screw up, they are trying to make more money under PAP, or if they cannot achieve here, emigrate elsewhere to do so or to have a better life with less money.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.09

Sometimes I really felt No Real Sympathy for the daft Sinkies who kept the PAP in power and screwed their Arses daily and seemed meek, oblivious to the sufferings or to some still happily as they are still in a better positions than others.

Besides, they are easily conned or brainwashed by just some incidents of them killing chickens of frightening the monkeys and do the bidding of them to strike fears into the Rest into submissions.

Just listen to coffee shops, travel coaches talks of how their fellow daft Sinkies been made chickens for slaughtered and passed their messages for the Dafts to be wary not to be in the same predicaments.

This is how the Papies tamed the population.

Goh said...

Adoi laochek ah
KJM topic oso can drag your so call daft in huh?
I said you can't blame your so call dafts as their parent like you gave the opportunity to them in the past,as much as 80 over percent.
At least it's not 80 now but 60 over nia.
If the current situation is not what you want,you only got yourself to blame n not the 69.
Give you 7k flat,give you good food n power,you smls long aysai.Now no more cheap pigeon hole you anyhow blame others like kheeseow.
You retire oolui can talk like drink water lor,cannot expect everyone can afford to kpkb like you and you not going to help if they limkopi.
Give the 69 a break n concentrate on your magnum jackpot lah:-)

Anonymous said...

Not all sinkies are like pap lashed dogs rushing for the bones when their master throws on the ground. Never have heard them migrate because of Pap. But pap supporters turned color. There are former pap supporters now singing please hire me songs. Pap is having good time now. If not why they dont adjust ministers salary by 9%? Must have made alot of money through directors jobs moonlighting, 9% increments can be peanuts like you pointed out. Once a Pap can be director for 38 organizations. Thats the way to be Pap and supporters, cheong ah huat ah.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, you should study harder and be a Tua Kow in the SPF.

Too bad, you missed the GOOD times where then old Tau Kows and Revenue now Customs officers and the Lau chows in their hey days at the commercial companies made good monies by been stake holders in the Orr Amm corruption world.

The way you talked as though you are still thirteen years innocent age with public hairs just spouting and your voice just cracking.

Look around in SINKIE land and in neighbouring countries where vices are likewares in display on the markets and you can find young men and kids that reassemble your looks with no fathers as fathered by you.

Think you bought up a family of Upright Beans with the Chee kook behaviours of a father like you.

For info if you knew staff see and us in the 60s, you like us have one or two screws left in the caskets b4 the incinerator.

So pls do not kept harping that the PGs are the culprits for your present woes. We know how to u turn or 3 point turn when we find no road ahead. Unlike you like the Tratious Maskmen for the Japs and now the Papies.

Acting innocent AND kept stirring Shits for them to con the masses.

PGs left only 10% whereas the first 10% already sells salted eggs. Only 5-% for the PAP and 65 % the daft young dies who are more stupid than the oldies.

Anonymous said...

KJN was a Hua-Hua Kong-Tse (Flower-Flower Prince). He loved pleasure, freedom, wine, song and women. He was not very smart. He paid for his stupidity with his life.

If he had not listened to his mother but instead listened to his father, he would have still been alive and being the President of North Korea today.

If KJN had been the President of North Korea, he would have been either bought over by or succumbed to the combined pressures of USA, South Koreal, Japan and the United Nations; or China.

Remember, he disguised himself as a tourist and went yo Japan for your and got caught and sent back? His father was very angry with him then.

Alas, fate has to take its course.

His younger brother was brought up well by his mother (not same mother as KJN) to hold power and be the President of North Korea, one who can stand up to the combined threats of the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the United Nations and other small-fry bandwagon scumbags.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Of course this is a Black Ops hit. It is fucking sloppy and almost cartoon in character, but it is still political in nature and carried out by really rank amateur "assassins". Where did they find these people? Probably on Craig's List 🤣

Imagine a Tom Clancy thriller, with Mr Bean as the cold-blooded, highly trained Black Ops operator. i.e. a complete cluster-fuck that would make Tom Clancy throw-up in his own mouth, then give up writing altogether. 🤮

Possible Advert on Craig's List

Are you an Asian female and in search of a well-paid adventure? Then look no further.

We are an international American firm apparently a front for the CIA---a claim which no one can prove. The same sources also suggest that we meddle in the politics of other cuntries; again, it's a claim with no proof.

The candidates we're seeking should be reasonably attractive and well-presented.

Your role will be GROs (Guest Relations Officers) and your main duties will involve meeting politically-connected fat cunts with heart conditions at the airport. You will make contact with these greasy assholes, and give them "medicine" for their gluttony-fucked hearts.

You will be amply compensated for your work. Please forward your resume, along with recent photographs. Short-listed applicants will be contacted in due course

As with all Black Ops, and most office politics, the truth and deception are mixed up to present a confusing picture to any post hoc investigation. Also bear in mind, this is Malaysia---a place many Singaporeans consider a "shithole cuntry", albeit charming in many areas of culture. So if one is hoping for the truth to emerge. Even though this "hit" was so fucking shambolic, it is beyond the scope and ability of the Malaysians to figure this one out. 🤣

Just enjoy the fun lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49 1112:

» Just listen to coffee shops, travel coaches talks of how their fellow daft Sinkies been made chickens for slaughtered and passed their messages for the Dafts to be wary not to be in the same predicaments. «

Aiyo uncle, your own fult lah if you get your "information" from cock-talk from these "professional complainers". Fuck them lah, nothing will make these types of people happy...they always have something they're "not happy" about.

What? You think there's wisdom from Kopitiam Philosophers??🤣 Have you lost your fucking mind? 🤓

» This is how the Papies tamed the population. «

Adoi, please lah tambi...ok, there are instances where people can tekan you. But can they tekan you FOREVER? What? Are you not going to grow a spine and some balls, maybe form a Pose Comitatus to "attack" the tyrannical authority...and then install another more "democratic" system?

50+ years is a long time to hide behind the excuse of "fear". That's why I reject that argument.

There's something more nuanced very few have considered: most Singaporeans it seems prefers a govt who can "get things done" by any means---including the suspension of what the UN might consider "human rights".

🛑 Note: the idea of "human rights" is completely made up. It is not based on facts, but wholly created as a pure intellectual (mental activity) abstraction.

Made-up shit that is presented without evidence, can be REJECTED without evidence---badly quoting Christopher Hichen's famous "Hitchen's Razor".

So let's fuck off the "human rights" right now to clear the board so we can get a better picture.

Every culture has their own view of "rights" (since they are "invented" anyway).

Here's the "rights" which may appear in the collective mind of Singaporeans:

1. The right to live in a peacful, harmonious, safe and stable wealthy cuntry

2. The right to enjoy a high standard of living

3. The right to social mobility---i.e. succeeding generations do "better" than preceding ones, broadly speaking

4. The right to affordable and efficient transport, education and healthcare.

5. The right to some form of "handout" at the end of one's working life

6. The tacit message to the fake-democratic elected authority: "We want this shit, do whatever it is you have to fucking do...what? you want to be well-compensated...ok lah...PAY THEM LAH!. Just do your job....we're paying you!". I say it's TACIT because this is what I imagine people hold in their minds, but don't express verbally. Singaporeans don't always speak their minds. This is part of the CULTURE. It has more to do with "saving face" (for both parties) than it has to do with FEAR ...as all these "dissidents" keep on suggesting...like a fucking BROKEN RECORD. 💩💩

PAP "tamed" the population ah? Please lah. You can get up to all sorts of nonsense in Singapore....the media only reports those who were unlucky enough to get caught! Singaporeans are wildlings lah. They just know how to behave and apply self-restraint to not attract attention, maintain good relationships and live in that peaceful, prosperous society they enjoy.

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah, Peaceful, harmonious, wealthy country and next generation better than the next ??

MOT, these Dafts will have a taste of whether these are what they want in the NOT so far future.

You are propagating the hai kow yew of the PAP.

Many like you who are just better off to capitalise on those less fortunate are singing this tune.

They blamed and laughed at their fellow Singaporeans for been not too shrewd, not too cunning like them.

God give equal miseries to all irregardless you Rich or poor.

The wealthy like you will have your just rewards in other forms.

Karma is a Bitch. Know you will never believe in this Shits.

Anonymous said...

U are correct. This man frequent place like Beach club cafe KL to find prostitutes. Staff was reported to know him. He also put his photo on fb under kim chol name. How to avoid death when he overly exposed himself? Worst of all, he knew he could die, he did not wash away the liquid put on his face twice by the 2 prostitutes. KJN is retarded. If he takes the helm, North K 25 millions people will also be retarded for ang mor s pleasure .

Anonymous said...

Didn't know foreigner PRs can get help from Sinkies-elected MPs at meet-the-people sessions, as the Bukit Batok Murali Pillai alleged “Priority queue for PRs” is fake news saga shows.

The notice said:

“Dear Residents

Singapore Permanent Residents

We would be grateful if Singapore Permanent Residents residing in Bukit Batok SMC who intend to attend MPS, please proceed to identify themselves directly at the registration counter without the need to queue.

Yours Sincerely


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


At first I was surprised by your hostile and "inaccurate assumptions" response. Then a brief 3 nanoseconds later, my initial surprised turned into expectation. 😜

I shall address them in order:

1. >> these Dafts will have a taste of whether these are what they want in the NOT so far future. <<

How come you are seemingly "smarter" than these 'dafts'. What metric did you use to measure the relative strengths of 'daftness'. Or are you just gasak buta suka suka? I suspect the latter.

2. >> Many like you who are just better off to capitalise on those less fortunate are singing this tune.

They blamed and laughed at their fellow Singaporeans for been not too shrewd, not too cunning like them. <<

For fuck's sake lah. Singapore is one cuntry where the (so-called) "rich" categorically DO NOT exploit those lower down on the social order. Once in awhile you get a maid-abuse case...so what? Having a few assholes in a society doesn't mean the whole society is comprised of assholes.

> he wealthy like you will have your just rewards in other forms.

Karma is a Bitch. Know you will never believe in this Shits. <<

See lah. This is the nasty part. Anyway, whatever "karma" you are experiencing right now, is a result of your past-selves poor judgement.

So I hope, this time around the cycle, for your sake...exercise better judgment than your past selves, so you don't add to your karmic-debt. 🤡👻

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero 28/2/2018 //Post by Foo Siang Luen, our new contributor//

Uncle RB,

Do you accept (case by case) article contribution sent to your email (assuming that some contributor may want to contribute some ideas/ articles but remaining anonymous)?

This may not sound the norm to contribute an article but some contributors may have some ideas to share yet they may not want unnecessary attention?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle RB & MSN Readers,

This is an ex-PMET.

Would like to have your views on the following idea:

Setting up a stall selling a unique recipe of sesame oil chicken (w/ rice etc).

Do yall think there will be demand for it?

The pricing will be mass market-based and so far those who had tried it suggested setting up a stall to sell this "unique" dish ...

Anonymous said...

Tentatively the name of the intended stall will be called:

"EX-PMET Hao Chi Sesame Oil Chicken

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anyone who has articles to post can email it to me. I will post it as long as they would not get anyone into trouble.

As for sesame chicken, I am not an expert in this. I believe all good food would have its attraction. A business like selling food does not just depend on food alone. They are things like location, traffic, convenience, pricing, image, marketing, customer service etc etc and a little bit of luck.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

“Dear Residents

Singapore Permanent Residents

We would be grateful if Singapore Permanent Residents residing in Bukit Batok SMC who intend to attend MPS, please proceed to identify themselves directly at the registration counter without the need to queue.

Yours Sincerely


Murali, being an ex-foreigner infiltrated into MP position, now is beginning to show his bias, is it not?

Singaporeans must be careful to elect their MPs with open eyes.

Anonymous said...

Murali is an ex-foreigner ? Many don't know.

So did he do his NS? We know Putucheary didn't.

Anonymous said...

Australia's popular low-cost air carrier Jetstar on Mar 2, 2018, announced that they will divert transit flights from Singapore to Hong Kong, China and Middle East.

Other Airlines may be making similar decision because of the Singapore government's arbitrary imposition of extra tax and levy in order to fund the construction of Terminal 5, despite the advice of the International Air Transport Association to not impose pre-funding taxes on present passengers for future Terminal 5. It is unfair and illogical to charge present passengers for a Terminal (being constructed) that they have not use.

Short of funding for Terminal 5, the Singapore government last week imposed a S$13.30 increase per passenger and a S$9 additional levy per transit passenger. That means transit passengers will be an additional $22:30 each.

Penny wise for short-term gains, pound foolish for long-term losses?

Antagonistic leadership who think too highly of themselves, punching above their weights at anybody and anyhow, will one day meet their just desserts?

Antagonized Donald Trump during the US Presidential Elections in 2016, in support of Hillary Clinton.

Antagonistc approach towards relationship with China - openly insulted, belittled and made fun of China and the Chinese leadership while giving speeches at official functions in Japan and USA.

Also attempted to sabotage China at the Non-aligned Movement Meeting in South America?

Concerns of a Heartland Sinkie said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanMarch 04, 2018 10:22 pm
//Anyone who has articles to post can email it to me. I will post it as long as they would not get anyone into trouble.//

Uncle RB, is it possible if u can repost the below comment as a blog entry (post) and make any necessary amendment (edit) u deem fit (for a start)?

Part 1:

As reported in the past week, the latest Peesai TFR has plunged to 1.16 (in 2017) despite Herculean efforts by the garberment since 2004 to reverse a trend that was aggravated by GoaLaonomics (unsustainable) short term policy of aggressively increasing asset prices since the early 1990s ...?

The cascading effects (cancer) of this short sighted policies are far reaching and probably have progressed into mid stage ...?

Many pri and sec schs were merged last year & 4 JCs out of 16 (excluding those 6-yr IP schs) were closed down and "merged" with 4 others ...

The downtrend of the TFR probably has not seen its last and at this rate, as mentioned by old fart in his 2010/ 2011 interviews at the launch of his "Hardtruths" book, the indigenously-born population would be halved in one generation.

In other words, the approximately 3 million locally born & bred sinkies brought up from cradle and educated under the peesai system could be below 2 million in one generation's time ...?

In view of the increasingly obvious pitfalls and grave consequences, ask yourselves is this not the "FOOLISHNESS" of GoaLaonomics & in turn TakBonomics ...?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that as asset prices (housings etc) FAR OUTSTRIPPED the incremental marginal edging up of real wage (since the early 1990s), the ratio of the real cost in raising a child relative to the real wage is ever increasing for aspiring young couples/ parents (despite the futile and ineffective INTERVENTIONS by the garberment in various financial forms to limit the irreversible and pernicious damage caused by the unsustainable GoaLaonomics & TakBonomics)?

Ironically both the "economic architects" behind GoaLaonomics and Takbonomics are first class honours economics graduates but failed to recognise the simple demand and supply maxims that as prices and costs of a "good" increase, the equilibrium quantity has to fall, & fell it did ...?

In short, the short term "mirage" success of GoaLaonomics & TakBonomics had come at an extremely heavy price of long term failure ... (not unlike a marathon runner trying to pull wool over the audience eyes of over achievement by running the initial phase of the race at breakneck pace more akin to a sprint or short distance race but ultimately giving way before the middle of the race and ended up finishing last ...?

The early lead in the marathon race running at unsustainable breakneck pace has to be vomitted back and gradually such (unsustainle early) lead would find this crazy runner dropping further & further behind as the early fast pace effect take a toll on him and making him run slower and slower, even eventually slowing to a tortoise strolling pace and thus continuously being over taken ...?

Economic & social developments are akin to a marathon race and CANNOT defy gravity and natural laws ...?

Any UNSUSTAINABLE policy such as GoaLaonomics & TakBonomics would be exposed over time (as seen by what are unfolding right in front of our eyes unless the dafts' eyes paste stamps) ...?

Concerns of a Heartland Sinkie said...

Part 2:

The immigration policy is probably a stop gap measure than a long term solution. Old fart had acknowledged during the 2010/ 2011 interviews for the launch of his "Hardtruths" that the TFR of naturalised immigrants was even worst than indigenously born sinkies ...?

In other words, the (short term) solution provided by the stop gap immigration policy would in time to come as the earlier immigrants aged morph into another problem instead of being a solution and greatly aggravate the precarious demographic development unfolding in peesai ...? The ratio of aged in the population could shoot up exponentially in the near future and onwards ...? Then what next?

So what could be the actual "Hardtruths" instead ...?

For what is to come, just look at the recent release of the 2017 A Level results and the ensuing flurry of annoucements by the recruiting unis ...?

In the face of declining enrollment now and in the coming years, many are repackaging their courses with double degrees, double majors etc etc ... no?

To make up for the short fall further down the road, are they going to repackage and offer triple degrees, triple majors & even quadruple degrees and quadruple majors ...?

Again the language used is fantastic and not unlike sweet nothings into the dafts ears ...?

The repackaging is for the ever changing job market and thus young undergraduates, (EVEN before their first premanent job) have to equip themselves with 2 degrees (skills) instead of one to ensure higher employability when they try to get their first job upon graduating?

Now, old fart admitted long ago in the early years that the IQ profile of a people does not change much over one or two generations ... did he not?

So how could up to 50% of each cohort suddenly be blessed with such increased (mental) ability to excel in 2 degrees or 2 majors when many in the past cohorts struggled even to manage with one ...?

What has changed?

Think deeper ...?

Think deeply ...?

What has changed?

Wake up (daft) sinkies ...?

See (and think) deeper beyond what you are being told or what appears on the surface ... pls?

For the sake of the future viability and sustainability of our beloved peesai, the place many are born, bred, educated, brainwashed, trained and conditioned like dog (& bitches) etc etc ..., wake up now and immediately ... will you NOT from your deep slumber ...?

Still snoring away ...?

Good luck ...

Anonymous said...


"Noting NUS graduates' good job prospects, Prof Ho also announced that NUS will be increasing the number of double majors to increase career options for its graduates.

"The nature of work is changing very rapidly, and we need to prepare students for a lifetime of diverse careers," he said.

He said NUS, which currently offers 94 double major and major-minor combinations, will add another 86 such programmes. "Someone doing data science and entrepreneurship, for example, can go and work for a range of industries in data science, and also go and do a start-up."

On top of the double majors, NUS also offers 71 double degrees, 33 joint degrees with partner universities and 24 concurrent degrees. Adding all this, currently 15 per cent of NUS students are trained in more than one discipline.

Prof Ho said he hopes half of all NUS students will graduate with knowledge and skills in two different fields, so they will have more job offers to choose from."

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.23

Jetstar from Sin to KlIA where KJN been smothered only below 50 $ off peak.

And even lower back. With forty plus increased Traffic will drop.

By coach less than even 57$ to Genting.

Thus hurts their businesses.

Anonymous said...

Do the (daft) sinkies not think there are some trends that are EXTREMELY "strange"?

1) Many heartlands sinkies' children who are not the elitist scholars are encouraged to take "DOUBLE DEGREES" or "DOUBLE MAJORS" bc they are told future job markets would necessitate them to carry more than double loads/ weights and they might have to over-stretched themselves "beyond recognition" or "other aspects compromised" ...? Yet when they graduate and lands a job, it does not come with a million $$$ pay cheque but miserable meagre wages far from adequate to buy a car, a house, save enough for marriage etc etc ...?

2) Other the other hand, similarly in the ARGUABLY same sector, that is EDUCATION, a minionster job paid in the millions with multi months bonuses and layers upon layers of benefits more myriad than kuehlapis (to borrow a catch phrase by a Chiu Kee joker) CANNOT handle the job alone and NEED 2 ex-scholars to split the work load ...?

Many youths are arguably driven beyond their limits and told to pull beyond their weights yet remunerated miserably just to get by and possibly many ending up a "nut case" down the road ...?

Btw, how many millionaire minionster scholars undergone DOUBLE DEGREE courses for their first degree?

How many minionster can double major Economics & Computing at the same time or a double degree?

Why heartland sinkies children are asked (encouraged) to do it?

Why cant minionster lead by example than the reverse and need 2 millions-salaried minionsters to do the job of one when they asked the youths to carry more than double loads?

Is this NOT another example of CHIO SI LANG?

Are the (70%) DAFTS thinking?

STUPIDITY got cure?

Virgo49 said...

Coach $57.00 two ways tickets some more.

Like the song One Way Ticket? ?

Another 47 plus plus $$ to LHL? ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I still recommend all parents to send their children to universities in India, Ppines, Myanmar and other third world countries. They are value for money and more marketable in Singapore. All the graduates from these universities have no problem finding jobs in Singapore, and in double quick time. No need to write a few hundred letters and no reply.