Article by Concerns of a Heartland Sinkie - Part 1

As reported in the past week, the latest Peesai TFR has plunged to 1.16 (in 2017) despite Herculean efforts by the garberment since 2004 to reverse a trend that was aggravated by GoaLaonomics (unsustainable) short term policy of aggressively increasing asset prices since the early 1990s ...?

The cascading effects (cancer) of this short sighted policies are far reaching and probably have progressed into mid stage ...?

Many pri and sec schs were merged last year & 4 JCs out of 16 (excluding those 6-yr IP schs) were closed down and "merged" with 4 others ...

The downtrend of the TFR probably has not seen its last and at this rate, as mentioned by old fart in his 2010/ 2011 interviews at the launch of his "Hardtruths" book, the indigenously-born population would be halved in one generation.

In other words, the approximately 3 million locally born & bred sinkies brought up from cradle and educated under the peesai system could be below 2 million in one generation's time ...?

In view of the increasingly obvious pitfalls and grave consequences, ask yourselves is this not the "FOOLISHNESS" of GoaLaonomics & in turn TakBonomics ...?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that as asset prices (housings etc) FAR OUTSTRIPPED the incremental marginal edging up of real wage (since the early 1990s), the ratio of the real cost in raising a child relative to the real wage is ever increasing for aspiring young couples/ parents (despite the futile and ineffective INTERVENTIONS by the garberment in various financial forms to limit the irreversible and pernicious damage caused by the unsustainable GoaLaonomics & TakBonomics)?

Ironically both the "economic architects" behind GoaLaonomics and Takbonomics are first class honours economics graduates but failed to recognise the simple demand and supply maxims that as prices and costs of a "good" increase, the equilibrium quantity has to fall, & fell it did ...?

In short, the short term "mirage" success of GoaLaonomics & TakBonomics had come at an extremely heavy price of long term failure ... (not unlike a marathon runner trying to pull wool over the audience eyes of over achievement by running the initial phase of the race at breakneck pace more akin to a sprint or short distance race but ultimately giving way before the middle of the race and ended up finishing last ...?

The early lead in the marathon race running at unsustainable breakneck pace has to be vomitted back and gradually such (unsustainle early) lead would find this crazy runner dropping further & further behind as the early fast pace effect take a toll on him and making him run slower and slower, even eventually slowing to a tortoise strolling pace and thus continuously being over taken ...?

Economic & social developments are akin to a marathon race and CANNOT defy gravity and natural laws ...?

Any UNSUSTAINABLE policy such as GoaLaonomics & TakBonomics would be exposed over time (as seen by what are unfolding right in front of our eyes unless the dafts' eyes paste.

PS. Will post Part 2 tomorrow.


Goh said...

No time to read long story about TFR.
It does not take a rocket scientist to solve this so call problem.
Allow polygamy and we can easily hit high population.
Citizen like me can produce children if granted more wives since sinkies lazy to produce,but maithooliao cos in time to come i may become unproductive.

Heartland Sinkie said...

Redbean //PS. Will post Part 2 tomorrow.//

Uncle Redbean,

Thank you for posting this article.

In 1990, TFR was at a relatively healthy 1.8

After 14 years of GoaLaonomics, by 2004, it plunged to about 1.20+ ...?

From Aug 2004 to Dec 2017 (abt 14 years), TFR hovered between about 1.20+ to 1.15 (the 2015 level, with 2017 1.16 level being the 2nd lowest on record) ...?

So this is the "bright" side bc if TFR has plunged at the rate (between Aug 2004 to Dec 2017) like those between 1990 to 2004, it could have reached a calamitous 0.7 or there about ...?

The fact that despite further globalisation in the 2000s and 2010s, TFR did not fall so precipituously in the period Aug 2004 to Dec 2017 as compared to the GoaLaonomics era of 1990 to July 2004 is highly COMMENDABLE!

However, the "bright side" may be thereabout and going forward a "fortuitous & dodgy" future outlook awaits the younger generations?

Anonymous said...

The low TFR thing tells one thing - FAILURE!
And a disastrous one! Very difficult to reverse. The garmen use it to justify more foreigners import without spending a single cents in Sinkies. Such is the effect & attitude of thus garmen. Zero investments on its people & maximum return from squeeing its people with the result nobody one to give births liow..the vicious cycle continue..

jjgg said...

not to worry rb.. michio kaku already said that 99.5% of living organisms are headed for extinction .. as usual.. Singapore leads the way.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Redbean, why are you so worried about the low TFR??? The PAP government isn't worried at all. They already have this problem sorted. The solution for Singaporeans not producing babies is simple. Just invite foreigners into the country and provide them with good paying jobs, give out university scholarships and allow them to bring in parents, and close relatives. These will be at the expense of the local Singaporeans who refuse to make babies. Singapore population will hit 10M and there will always be a workforce to maintain high GDP. Redbean is worrying for nothing. Singapore will always rock no matter what. Great planning by the pAP. Well done.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, at your age still can meh???

Thought you already fathered many many in Golok, H and Batam with so many Ahgongkias look alike running in the streets.

Only Dafts in sinking land will have their next generations. With such unconducive and unstable environments you want to spend the next quarter of your lives worryingly for them.

Environment so tense that even they have to go for IVF. Last time they gave $5.00 worth of condoms for one's month supply.

Have seen many families struggling with even one kid.Many also single families. So many divorces and odds stacked against you.

No priority in every governments schemes. Only for their cronies and kakis.

Treated more badly than the foreigners trash.

Only daft daft Sinkies will want to produce another generation of slaves for PAP.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of spending money to buy driverless MRT trains when they now have to deploy drivers on these trains to improve reliability ?

Goh said...

Laochek Virgo
You really khongcum boyiokew.
Only think of government grant then can produce.It's a grave mistake giving those grant and it's a waste of money.
It's the duty of one to produce,to continue with the family line,and not fail to produce for financial reason.
Granted polygamy ,I marry Josephine,love children ,lazy to produce but can earn high salary,
Ah Tin,only want produce 2,can teach but cannot care for baby.
Ah Choo,bortartcheh but can produce many and look after baby.
Can actually let Josephine work ,use her money to fund the whole family.
Ah Tin can teach children ABC,give me good massage,
Ah choo can care for all babies ,family n do house chores.
I can kheowkhar .
What's the problem if Josephine and
Ah Tin have no objection to allow me to marry more to care for children.
Stop discouraging those who want to produce.What's wrong with having more babies.?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, I discouraged young dies not to fall into the Poverty Traps. DONT be daft and have slaves to the PAP just for that snares of what's miserable grants.

Who's is talking about the Grants? ? Two dollars big and two dollars small more than their grants.

Raise a child at $10,000.00 grants? Milk powder also NOT enough.

What's for have children with no prospects in SINKIE land? ?

Real daft and boh Yok kieu.

Future screwty guards and blue collar workers serving the Rich and Elites. ??

Just like under the Japs occupations.

Last time they have bonus of litigation after two children just to discourage the mats for having more. Instead the Chinese line up for the Bonus.

See how pragmatic the Chinese are. Have dozens for the government to feed??

Or have to go to DRC and Changi Resorts? ?

Ahgongkia little Ahgongkias will follow the same route.

Goh said...

Whos asking for grant?
Never let your future or fate be affected by whatever policy or whoever garmen., else you total failure.
To me,the only thing one can call himself successful is not becos how much one made, but how much respect one gain and how many children one produce.
My late bortartcheh farmer ah kong got more than ten buses of descendant,kanasoon n friends sending him off on his grand day.Genuine original sincere type hor, not PLP type like you hor.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I don't see what the fuss is about.

Singapore was built on "unsustainable" policies...from the very beginning. They work, until they don't then the govt simply changes policy.

Remember the "Stop At Two" birth-control program they had back in the 1970's? When the numbers reversed and they found that the population was aging, they changed the policy to encourage more births, and to supplement that, open the borders to allow very free-flowing immigration.

Singapore govt is a PRAGMATIC govt. Whatever needs to be done for the moment, gets done. And then they change the policy. Kaninah, you live here so long you still don't notice this ah? You sleeping? ðŸĪŠ

The "mix" of the population is actively and purposely being changed. That is policy lah. They want foreigners in. They want integration by inter-marrying etc. This is outright social engineering but the govt in it's wisdom and cunning labelled this part of Nation Building. Again, this policy is out in the open...what's there to complain about? When they've reached their "numbers", they will stop or even reverse the policy.

Whatever the policy that is in place, there will always be people complaining about this and that, how hard their life is...and instead of waking up their motherfucking ideas, they will immediately blame the government.

So take articles like this with a large grain of salt, and make sure your REALITY METER and bullshit sensors are working. ðŸĪ–

REALITY METER Calibration for Singapore:

1. Set "Singapore is awesome"
2. Set "The government controls everything"
3. Set "CPF is not your money"
4. Set "The PRAGMATIC government can and will change policy to suit its objectives"
5. Set "Nation Building is Social Engineering"

All set? Great! You are now good to go, and can live happily and peacefully in Singapore, enjoying opportunities unavailable in many developed cuntries! ðŸĪ‘

Singapore, continue shopping and eating lah ðŸĪ“😎

Anonymous said...

Wake up! Don't be fooled again and again! Good to listen to old music. But remember always, they are old music - only good for entertainment. Nothing else. Learn new technology. Learn new tricks. You can only new tricks from New dogs because old dogs cannot learn new tricks, and therefore cannot teach New tricks. Of course, some old dogs will claim they still can learn new tricks. Just take it with a handful of salt and pepper. Be is one ear in and the other ear out. Don't give much credit to such old dogs who talk about pragnantism, and in the same breath claim to be visionary. Because they are mutually exclusive. Pragnantism means fire-fighting. When there is a fire, then you react and put out the fire. Visionaries see years ahead and plan for the outcome accordingly. As far as Sinkieland is concerned, it is fire-fighting all the way. Even up till today...... Enough said. Cheers!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 335:

>> Visionaries see years ahead and plan for the outcome accordingly. <<

Visionaries ban see years ahead, and they plan for the future, but are PRAGMATIC enough to change their TACTICS (not the objectives) when necessary.

Singapore is awesome lah. What is is today could never have been attained by DEMO-CRAZY, because democrazy is loud, chaotic, messy...and it takes a long time for people to agree in getting the hard shit done. In fact, rest assured, if the task is too hard, most will DISAGREE and then the whole cuntry is stuck.

The only way, which worked for Singapore (and continues to work until the culture changes) is to have a soft pragmatic DICTATORSHIP which can implement policy to get things done and not waste time. And also to "keep the peace" by removing dissidents from the conversation ASAP.

I have to say, LKY and his groomed-PAP are excellent in doing this. They just get things done...nevermind the odd collateral damage...throw a few hapless fuckers under the bus....Singaporeans don't care because they have short memories for such things. The idea is to get the kids schooled, have fantastic transport, achieve a vibrant OPEN economy for wealth creation and stability, have a safe cuntry where women and children can roam about without fear of being attacked...what some more you want?

Demo-crazy? Sorry lah, you're not going to have it. There is some "table crumbs" of democracy thru controlled-democratic processes like voting for the president and the usual waste-of-time GE's. But this is just "window dressing".

Singapore is a place where absolute rule is the only, monopolistic game in town. The government is the PAP and the PAP is the government. This has been stated VERY FUCKING CLEARLY...and yet some of your motherfuckers are choosing to be "selectively deaf". 😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Stuff to calibrate your REALITY METER for living in Singapore

1. http://bit.ly/2I4ZOe0

2. http://bit.ly/2H3pAOC


4. http://bit.ly/2oT69jQ

5. http://bit.ly/2Fado25 . <=== this one is very important. It is very clear on how democratic processes are openly manipulated if the government deems it necessary.

6. http://bit.ly/2I5R0EQ

...and so on.

How's the REALITY check? Pass? Fail? 😛

Anonymous said...

Need to develop more jails for this kind of standard.
10 millions unchecked population is better than forcing TFR low pushing the pmet to work beyond working hours too tired for sex, and causing jobless as one person does 2 person jobs.
Long over due, better vote for alternative or else this place will collapse.

"She called him “papa”. He sexually groomed her then raped her. Nagulan Karunakaran, then 45, even bought the then-11 year-old girl a sex toy and asked the child to masturbate with it. When he found out that the girl had reported him to the police, he fled to Malaysia.

At the High Court on Monday (5 March), he pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault by digital penetration, and aggravated statutory rape. As he’s older than 50 now, he cannot be caned, so the prosecution pushed for “at least 21 years” in jail.

He’s known her all her life

Nagulan, who is married and childless, was close to his neighbours even before his victim – their daughter – was born"

Anonymous said...

virgo, no point debating with agongkia. his head needs to be examined. his brain was probably damaged when he was still in the womb when botak kept pushing in many times and spat on his head before it was well developed like u posted before. plus he thinks h is the only one th
at know how to screwed!

Anonymous said...

Old dog can only play the same motherfucker's old fixated retarded self-glorifying pathetically skewed record lah. Same old shits all the time for last 20 over years liao. Nobody is going to buy the motherfucker's propaganda any more lah!

virgo49 said...

Just In: 500 Companies on MOM watch list for not employing Singaporeans and favoured foreigners.

Wah piang, in the first place, who is the Main Culprit in this Fiasco? ?

All the time, they DONT take remedial Action? ?

Dared to announce now !!

Some more want Singaporeans to have more children? ??


b said...

Smalland is a stopover and screening land for anz. Those that cannot make it, will stay or go back homeland. Those that can, already enjoying house and auto and space in anz. Long live the Queen.

Goh said...

Though my diploma mei mei can't secure a job for more than a year, after leaving a statutory board,I still feel that pmets should not be spoilt further .
Losing their job can actually make them learnt their shortfall n work harder..
4500 so high salary dun understand why they still need protection .
I say let those towkays decide who they want to employ.If one think he so good go become towkay .
What towkay wanted are those who are productive n able to work under minimum or without supervision.
What wrongful dismissal are we talking about if towkay fire those lazy bump or trouble maker to survive..
Everything oso want tekan our employers .No wonder so many local towkays slowly closing shop and more foreign bosses around.
Daft sinkies ownselves kill ourselves.They enjoy being boss around by foreign towkays.
Erm Chai See.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, talking nonsense again. I think your ass is itching already and time to be sodomized again to wake u up

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia,you are a Real Sadist.

If you Towkays, you be a Damn cruel Towkays.

Know the saying : Prosper Thy Neighbours.

If all Singaporeans are not gainfully employed and the Nation became a State of Poverty and Chaos, there won't be a Nation to call your own anymore.

Just like you travel on a coach Service that bring you to your favourite destination.

You wish that they do Ok, so that you can still have their service to bring you there.

The foreigners have no roots here and they don't give a Damn whether your country sinks or swim.

So have all your countrymen in good shape also for you to be still called Singaporean.

Goh said...

Only lazy,choosy and those who think highly of themselves will be unemployed.Plenty of jobs.Road full of money to pick.Our good chenghoo together with our employers created many jobs waiting for you..
Can drive uber,join screwty,or self employed as garangguni uncle etc...
So long as one is willing to work,no such thing as unemployed.
Want wear smart smart,put on tie n easy job or high pay but cannot yield result or sales,go rich taitai club n sell your soul better. Dun waste our employers time.
Our employers dun owe us a living.When terminated there must be a reason.
Stop the habit of using mom to threaten our employers.

Anonymous said...

Fucker talk cock like sing song. Most deceptive, slimy, hypocritical and cruel bean ever heard of.

Goh said...

Towkay A adjusted his worker B salary from 2.3k to 4.6k to motivate him n make him pmet, becos worker B showed he hardworking and can contribute 5 hour ot a week,instead of the troublesome of calculating overtime.
Give him the freedom to go home early if job completed but no deduction on salary.
Thinking too highly of himself B start to jiajua,
With more protection for these jua ong,Towkay should stop paying such worker more than 4.5 but instead, 2.3k plus ot of less than 500, and no need give pmet title or special privileges cos now same same protection given mah .

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, you are a REAL bitter man. Just because you are jealous of some who are favoured by your Boss than you, you become red eyed and start behaving like an Evil eunuch start sabo everyone.

Others put ties and wear nice,nice and you wear singlets and buy kopi for them, you feel insulted and said the whole working POP of Singaporeans are lazy and choosy.

It's because you have no choice like them been Ahgongkia with dead set stubborn and dead mind. This due to your poor pathetic upbringing of equally parachoical parents.

My son wore a T-shirt to work as a IT Web designer and am.very comfortable save lots of unnecessary expenses. Bill Gates also wore casuals.

Why you jealous that others wear Ties and suits?? That's their Organisations requirements and image.Marketing Personnel have to look presentable. Wheras we Operations people don't give a damn to these attires.

Give you Emperor's Robes also don't like Emperors also no use.

Better have high high salaries and wallets full full with T-shirts rather than only $10.00 in wallet with suit and tie.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah all you wimpy-know-it-alls. You pretend to know everything except about getting and keeping a job.

Bitter much?

Losing a job is as much a part of life as getting a job. Unless you are a total piece of valueless shit, losing your job may not be your fault. However, no one else is responsible for you to get on with your life, or wallow in "VICTIMHOOD" and try tog et as many people to call you "wah, so poor thing lah"...right before you convince yourself and others that your bad situation AUTOMATICALLY GIVES YOU A RIGHT to force others to help you by "bailing you out"

Good luck on that. Most people won't even comment or alert you to your "fucked thinking". Why?

Because they are too busy paying attention to their own situations and minding their own business, remaining aware that they too don't live in a time where one could count on job security.

In case you still haven't updated your consciousness to 2018, here's another tid-bit of REALITY: There is NO MORE "job security" in the real-world some jobs are more secure than others,like the public service or the military...but even those jobs now are being provided on a timed contract which means you have to reapply when your contract is up.

So back to Reality Calibration:

1. There are only 2 types of people in the job market: (i) the one who has jobs to give, (ii) The ones who need jobs to live

2. To EARN MORE you must make yourself WORTH MORE.

3. To be WORTH MORE you must be perceived as a person who can CREATE MORE VALUE than the wage/ fee/salary being paid.

4. Business owners and bosses are not "charities" for your benefit.

5. In Singapore, the social hierarchy self-organises into "people who earn a lot" at the top, and all the rest below them. This is a feature (bug?) of a meritricious culture, a culture which values familial-security and achievement above everything else.

6. Rank has its privileges: i.e. the higher up you are in the social order, the more "privileges" you will be able to take advantage of and enjoy.

7. Singapore is one of the best places in the world for social mobility. You can start from ZERO in Singapore and do quite alright. This is not cherry-picking...millions of Singaporeans have moved up the social ladder. There is really no excuse to be and remain A VICTIM.