Who to blame or who do you vote for to ruin your life

Below is an extract of an article from a bitter Singaporeans, not local, a Singaporean. He is asking the same question many unemployed and highly qualified and experienced PMETs are asking. Many just resigned to their fate and disappeared even in govt statistics of the unemployed, no longer part of the statistics, not even good enough to be a statistic, forgotten, vanished. They no longer count in the percentages of unemployed to make it look as if the unemployed number is really low and acceptable.
Here is the extract by a Don Tan posted in TRE.

“A strange country, low level jobs like taxi drivers, insurance and property sales persons, you have highly qualified professionals. To rub salt into the would, the entry requirements for these course is you only have certificates from Singapore schools like NTU, NUS, SMU, Polys et cetera, all other certificates need to be separately assessed as they are not recognised!

What has gone wrong with this country? Third world foreigners coming into this country with inferior or fake degrees or qualifications are given good jobs while locals with good degrees and qualifications are relegated to prepare themselves to downgrade to low level career? You wonder why taxi, insurance and real estate would only prefer to look at local qualifications while govt ministries, GLCS and MNCS would hire all these third world inferior qualified?

Is this what you voted for? You are preparing yourself to be replaced by these imported FTs?”


What is happening to your country and your fellow Singaporeans? I don’t care a fuck about the locals that are not Singaporeans in such a situation. Now you even have MPs caring for PRs when the PRs are not eligible to vote and did not vote them to rule over you. They rather take care of PRs that are classified as locals than Singaporeans.
How many of you are PMETs and in dire strait like those attending courses with Don Tan and no MP would want to give you a helping hand?

Wake up daft Sinkies. Vote for people who care for you, not to care for foreigners even if they are classified as locals. They are not citizens, not Singaporeans. They are here stealing your jobs.


Anonymous said...

To categorize certain groups FTs or PRs as "Locals" is TRUTH or DECEPTION?
It already shows the intent to confuse.
Sinkies basically have little discernment on deception & truth.
Brought up by propaganda Shit Times.
That's why this country has increasingly more Fake million dollars salaried/big bonuses public servant politicians & Fake spiritual fast driving sports car & Fake miracle healing sweet talking pastors.
Singkingpore is a classic example of the folly of a blind following herd.

Anonymous said...

A very bitter analysis of the current situation in the Singapore job market. FTs are cheaper more willing to work hard, less time off with less MC and no need for call-ups for NS.

Virgo49 said...

Daft sinkies who think that they are Safe from this disasters now still gainfully employed will in a matter of time be in the same boats.

Day of reckoning be soon, very soon.

When they lost their country, it's be stateless and be humiliated and scorned by the others who will Lord over them.

Really, give up hope on these morons who still living in dream world thinking that all is still alright.

Have no sympathy when the time comes for them.

Had lived long enough to worry their foolishness.Anyway, blessed that two children till not still single and can emigrate other country for their survival.

We had more than enough for the oldies.

Matland, here we come permanent.

Anonymous said...

Don't know ownselves shoot ownselves and still thank Garhmen....the majority of 69.9%.

Anonymous said...

Who to blame?
Sombolee whom admitted the many foreigners here, they r here not juz to 'float their Test Balloons', they r here to steal away locals jobs, wives, lunches, flats, schools, scholarshits, everything u name it & 70% dafts keep voting these party against people, stupidity is no cure in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

I NUS grad unemployed for 32 months already, while there are 2.3 million employed foreigners in the country.

Anonymous said...

With Dishonorable Heart comes Dishonorable Son comes Dishonorable Policies comes Dishonorable Pay comes Dishonorable Consequences when given much Power.

Anonymous said...

Only your vote can talk to the PAP. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Why do Loonie thinks his millions dollars pay is fair & reasonable?
1. Believes in his Dad propaganda that he is very capable, one above his 3rd Gen?
2. Believes paper generals have innate talents & multi disciplinary skills despite in command and control fighting paper wars all their professional army lives?
3. His wife secret pay is much higher than his?
4. Believes public service is entitled to millions dollar pay?
5. Believes that governmental power in extracting money through taxes is equivalent to money-making skills in private businesses?
Vote for Loonie brain and values?

Anonymous said...

I NUS grad unemployed for 32 months already, while there are 2.3 million employed foreigners in the country.
8:59 am

What course you study? Or you are very choosy?

If not, cannot be so bad one lah. Most NUS grads not like that one or else PAP would not have got 70% votes, u know.

Or maybe u are among the 30% who did not vote PAP?

Anonymous said...

BaLooney visited the oppo party ward with grand dances & makan, main aim is to court the people there to vote in his kaki Lang, baLoony now testing his balloons on the grounds to see everything so nice & damn cock sure that he gonna win back the oppo ward in next erection ad his cronies r bz finding way to targan or jail aunty Lian, when aunty is jail,oppo will be silent & his party will win at least 90% in next erection giving the signal to raise gst will become reality by 2021, all well plan out, wish there b a heavenly intervention to save oppo lian out & not the balooney b yayahpapaya.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The premises behind the OP's article (OP= Original Poster) is telling of unfortunately many-a-locals mindset:

1. That when things don't go your way, someone or something else is to blame (but strangely enough, not you)

2. That "voting" for a bunch of people purported to have "magic powers to fix things" will guarantee you a trouble-free Utopian existence from cradle to grave.

And why don't people listen anymore? Open economies like Singapore need open borders,(to trade, capital and labour) and open expression. Well...the "open expression" part still needs to be developed; but it is slowly improving.

They should have listened to the wise words of the Old Lee, when he alluded to Singaporeans being too complacent. His correct panacea was to expose Singaporeans to open toe-to-toe competition from any contender on the planet. But they didn't listen. And now instead of manning up and growing a set of BALLS they instead choose to be "victims" and look for someone else to blame.

Unsatisfied, they then the voting process into the argument to state that the govt is responsible for filling everyone's rice bowl...thus making their "hardship" a license to claim "automatic help" from other people who are struggling and competing in the world.

In a meritocracy (that's us!!), there will be winners and losers. Sometimes the winners win very very big. And sometimes the losers get wiped out. That is the nature. However, if the society is rich because winners win big, that makes it a much better place to be down on one's luck, because of the enormous resources available for anyone who has been "beaten" to pick themselves up, and rejoin the fray, the competition, The Game...and this time, hopefully WIN.

It's hard. I know this from my own experience having lived in Oz for 4 decades. In that time, I've experienced devastating recessions. PhDs line up at dole queues. Former managers and highly skilled tech people working in fast food, road crews, cleaning and such.

For those with ambition, they start new businesses. During a recession, everything including labour and rents are cheap. If you have some capital, the fortitude, training and emotional stability, what better time to start-up than during an economic downturn?

We've heard a lot of noise form the PMETs who still hold to the aforementioned mindset. However, there' scarcely a mention of those who have embarked on entrepreneurial adventures of running their own shop. They have the foresight of looking at the market, and figuring out what the "unfulfilled needs" are, then bitten the bullet, stopped "feeling sorry for themselves", ceased "blaming the government"...and just got on with it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There are some common themes running through the many forms of spirituality, which also comport with rational thinking and positive psychology. One theme in particular that has its roots in Stoicism and (according to scholars) has influenced all varieties of spiritual philosophy states that:

Although you may not have control nor choice in what happens to you, you have total control and choice in your response.

Apparently this pearl of wisdom has been lost on such people like the OP. And it is a sad thing...mainly for them, and unfortunately for the people in their lives who have to put up with this "negativity".

The worst thing that happens in the refusal to take personal responsibility for one's existence, is not a worsening situation or dependence on a "saviour", or the incessant victim-hood... but the many devastating ways the lack of personal responsibility affects RELATIONSHIPS.

We know of families who've battled with having a member who is totally irresponsible. for e.g. the addicted gambler, drug addict, serial cheater, criminal etc. The relationships in those families are totally screwed. Day in and out they are on edge as what is that person going to do next. They are family...but they are bad...Awful situation. and can last many, many years.

So think very carefully the next time you are tempted to play The Victim and blame the world for your situation. People don't like that.

If you need help, ask nicely and always offer something in return. People who are willing to help appreciate that. We have the capacity to help ourselves and each other without involving or blaming the government. The Big Government already controls enough on this Small Island. Don't give them another excuse to meddle with our individual lives!

Goh said...

Wonder how this joker BLC Don can claim driving taxi as low level job.Must have been looking down on taxi uncles all these while.
If thing does not work out well to you all and if we need to look for someone to blame then my Laocheks here will know the answer .They are the one who chose their kampong chief in the past so this is karma,if there is such thing call karma.They or their children deserve to suffer.
My love one jobless for a year plus but why I no kpkb.
Becos sinkies despise such so call low level job in the past so its again karma to make them or their children either work in such profession or got to beg for such job in time to come.
No one promise you go university sure can get klkk,cbtc,eng eng cheng cheng, high paying jobs.What they look for are dedicated ,accountable,hardworking type with integrity .
If you not selected mean you lousy,dun know how to PLP,no connection or not up to their standard ..
Lucky to be pmet once before doesn't mean must be lucky forever or must be one.No one owe us a living.
Now ,accept your fate,go get your licence to drive,work long hours n stop wasting time whinning .

Anonymous said...

"demographic is changing, buses are waiting at zero point for evacuation". One punjabi woman representing a super power at united nations threaten to bomb the native army taking the offensive.

This is exactly what is happening on job markets inside a small city. Who has the right to the place or to the jobs?

Continue the story. That war torn place was a big space 370km sq, half the size of a small city whose jobs are occupied. This war torn place had to be taken because it is inside the map of a bigger country. But this space was held by foreigners called al qeuda nusra. They use US weapons.

Within a week of assaults, the 370km sq space broke into 3 small pockets. The super power s gunners are going to hell if they are not let out to another IsIs base. The rest of the story has to wait. How the foreigners al qeuda occupied this 370km sq space? By guns.

How about jobs being occupied by foreigners in a small city? By internet. A foreigner can apply to live in this space with a pass to look for job. A company can apply employment pass on a website. Its all done without knowing or seeing the real person.

With the extremely efficient in approval, foreigners occupying jobs in 24 hours. These jobs often are citizens need to provide basic foods to children at home or medicines for aged folks.

That is the problem. Foreigners want jobs. Citizens want jobs. Who get the jobs are none of the elite s concerns. Its like the 370km sq occupied by al queda in another country. Only when these al queda started to fire artillery against the citizens living in another city, the war started.

So if foreigners come into a city to work, the elite will not bother them. Citizens can cry or punch their own stomach, no jobs? That s their own problem. The elite s salary are good. Their kakinan are not jobless.

Anonymous said...

Despite mess-up environment & circumstances it is right to take onus-ship & responsibility. Diligence, grit, calculated risk-taking & perseverance have their rewards in due time, if God willing.
I know well of many such people in Spore; born very poor, studied & worked very hard, tried to improve focused business & money-making skills despite setbacks & failures tried again and became extremely successful and helping the poor & needy quietly. There are also people afflicted with cancer, dramatically changed their lifestyle and attitude and turnaround for many years & even inspired many others.
Be strong & courageous & kind.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, every parents wants their children to have a easier way of earning a living.

Unless dumb dumb like you just tidak apa whether they are Road side cleaners or sewers cleaners.

It's not demeaning to have no choice in these jobs, but if you have your Children slotted and studied for donkey years to have the Uni Qualifications, you want them to have these jobs??

As for that Anon 9.38 who arrogantly scorned those that seemed helpless and unemployed been choosy or wrong courses.

DONT be so sarcastic as what's happened to them can also happen to you.

If the imbecile PAP kept pursing thses policies, one day you find yourselves in worst Shits than you.

If a Nation leaders as elected by their own do not take care of them and provide them with the best jobs available then what's they are there for? ?

Fark them and oust them them out.

Let others with morehearts s do what's they supposed to do.

You don't raise a child with your blood, sweat and tears and your hard earned monies to have degree and worked as taxi driver or Screwty guard to be screwed by others who are less qualified than you.

Virgo49 said...

DONT have those mfuckers who prograted that no one owes you a living.

The Government owes Singaporeans a living as we with our forefathers had built up this Nation.

We DONT owe a living to those foreigners who come here to snatch your rice bowls.

Just like your forefathers built up a business and pass to you with some robbers just come and fark you off.

Only those Tratious scoundrels would do this to their countrymen who entrusted their trust in them.

Fark them off before its too late.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Parents might want the best for their kids. But just wanting something doesn't guarantee you'll get your "wish". ๐Ÿ˜‰

Going to university doesn't guarantee employment. It might only increase the likelihood of employment. There are also the facts that the Chinese and Indian kids in their respective cuntries are also slogging away hard, and also have parents who wish and sacrifice for their children.

Why the fuck do you think you are so "special" in Singapore? Oh, I forgot...the world owes us a living ๐Ÿ˜

The mindset in Vigo49's world:

Fuck those sua ku kia from China and the smelly ah nehs from India. Balls to those Pinoys...how dare they become engineers and eventually our bosses? Pinoys are only qualified to be maids of Singaporeans. Ang Mo tua kees are useless and lazy.

The world was made exclusively for Singaporeans, and it owes us a great debt, becasue we're special: Singapore Exceptionalism!

Please lah Virgo, who once they reach our ages, has not suffered a setback, loss or being kicked in the teeth by others or by life (I kena both before). And yet, we've pulled through....mostly without crying like a baby to suck the tetek of Mummy Government, then ask Daddy Government to "save us".

I do hope these PMETs wke the fuck up. Financial strain plays havoc on families, but families can pull together and survive, and in future prosper. However if these PMETs are showing "black face" and a bad attitude at home, I wouldn't be surprised if their family breaks up---i.e. the spouse GTFO (Gets The Fuck Out) and the kids go haywire.

Anonymous said...

Is this what Singapore gets in return for snuggling up to the United States? Americans still don't trust Sinkies despite siding with them against Beijing on the South China Sea spat? -

President Donald Trump late Monday ordered Singapore-based Broadcom to call off its unsolicited attempt to acquire Qualcomm for $117 billion in cash and stock, citing "credible evidence" that the move may impair the national security of the United States.

Anonymous said...

Basically, fundamentally, pragmatism brought about CON-Men and CON-Women running the CUNTry. The Tricksters use whatever deception, lies, propaganda and psychological brain-washing techniques they could/can use effectively upon the meekly, subservient, kiasu and kiasi citizenry, who the Master Trickster had sized up and engineered to such an extent that a huge percentage of the citizenry have already become mentally unreceptive to anything adverse about the Tricksters and their behaviour, no matter what new inputs have been shown.

To sum up, in brief, Singaporeans are a gonner denomination. You will go the way of the Dodo Bird in another 20 years or less!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Nah, Trump is just being protectionist.

If a Yemen-based Ah Lah Ack-Bar Comm was bidding for a US company, then that might be a "national security" problem, but Singapore has quite a few "ex-US citizens" who've quit their high-tax, global mess-making cuntry to live "incognito" on our wonderful island. Our govt welcomes those people...actually welcomes their money, but of course the govt has to be "polite" and can't say that. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

American Foreign Policy always puts American interests FIRST. They are very open about that. They are very open about the doctrine of American Exceptionalism, even though when Obama was in office, he tried to downplay it. They awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize the very same week he massively increased military presence in Afghanistan. ๐Ÿ˜› Obama is a handsome, smooth and charming dude. Trump is a crass asshole. But actually, they are not much different in terms of American Foreign Policy.

America spies on all its allies. They've been caught many times. But they still do it. And everyone knows it. And the world moves on. ๐Ÿคฃ

KP said...

The only remedy to all the ills and disadvantages Singaporeans are suffering and receiving is a POLITICAL SOLUTION!

Otherwise, you can kpkb until the cows, bulls, goats, sheep, turkeys and monkeys come home also no use.

If problems are created by your politicians against your interests, it is you who must be blamed. Because you elected the politicians to decide your Fate for you.

If you have a rogue government, you will have a rotten life.

If you have a foreigners-infiltrated government, you will have pro-foreigners policies.

If you have a government who is also running businesses such as those big organizations under Temasek Hildings, you will have pro-business-owners taxations.

If you have a Trade Union running huge businesses, you will have no trade union for workers but a Business-Owner who is more interested in the PROFIT TARGETS instead of the interests of the workers.

If you have one family and it's relatives holding most of the key and top posts in the country, then you are being controlled by this family. And after prolonged control, this family would start to think that it is the only family that can rule the country. And after a little longer, this family will raise its status to that of a ROYAL FAMILY and started to reveal its inner thinking by saying things such as "NATURAL ARISTOCRACY", is it not so? Bad it not happened already?

So, ALL SINKIES fate has been decided. It is too late now, even if you want to do something to change your Fate.

The bottom line is: Sinkies are Losers and Goners because you do not have the guts nor the resolve to make the POLITICAL DECISION in order to get the POLITICAL SOLUTION!

Being stupid is bad. Being stupid and stuborn to change is the worst type of animals in this world! Just like the Dodo Bird!

Anonymous said...

Sounded self reliance will help the jobless who are indebted. Go ask those started cafe or pasa malam stall if they could earn enough to pay off the rental and with extra to give their children to buy foods.

The society is not built for priests to preach self reliance and super nature bless them. The society is built by individual acquiring own special skills and knowledge for exchange. If every body can only greet each other haleluya and foods will drop from sky, this jobless problem would never be discussed.

The government is put there to stop intruders to come in to rob the resources of citizens. Why doing NS?

Not stopping foreigners snatching away jobs, that citizens invested in knowledge to exchange for, a politically correct policy?

The highlight is clear. The jobless citizens are not enough to form a threat to the ruling elites. Its like the signalling system was to be changed in 2002, the elites ignored it. They only realized the need to change in 2016. (see one expert s comment on smrt).

The signalling system problem was responsible by a woman ceo. She was hired as foreign talent. Her former job was a sales woman in a small stall.

The jobless problem is not big enough for this election. Will voters want to wait till the problem is irreversible to their children, then they will vote for alternative party?

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?!

You all deserve it!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

It's already too late lah.
Daft Singaporeans with smart elites on top squeezing your balls and tits, you can't do anything at all!
You daft and stupid Singaporeans are doomed!
It is only a matter of time the Black Ants from the Ant Hill will taken over your tiny boastful and sucker island city.

What do you think the elite rulers have been enriching their own bank accounts and buying properties everywhere for?

Isn't that a clear sign enough that they are preparing to run road when the chips are down?

Why are they introducing new taxes and increasing sky-high old taxes on the common folks instead of the rich?

If you still have a tiny bit of brain left, use it!

Heartland Sinkie said...

Part 4: How come some unemployed are not in the unemployment statistics?

Uncle RB: “Many ... disappeared even in govt statistics of the unemployed ...“

In Economics, unemployment rate is calculated based on following definitions and formula:

1. Person aged 16 and above;
2. Willing and able to work;
3. Actively looking for jobs;
4. But cannot find one;
5. Variables used to calculate unemployment rate:
L = Active Labour Force (Capital L);
U = Unemployed (Capital U);
u = Unemployment rate: (Lower-case);
6. Thus, u = U/L.
Sounds easy and maciam primary 1 math, right?

Now, the “nasty’ surprise…..

7. “Hidden” variables:
WP = Working population;
U = (1) + (2) + (3) + (4);
[Means what?]
If for example, (3) no longer holds true, then L(new) = L(previous) – 1
& U(new) = U(old) – 1

Nb. In actual Economics notations, new L & old L are denoted by subscripts representing different time period, eg., new L is denoted by Lt+1 & old L denoted by Lt. For convenience and easier understanding by oldies such as Uncle Patriot etc, technical and complicated notations and jargons are minimised but the concept is NO LESS rigourous than actually using the international notations in Economics.

Given the description in RB’s post, the unemployed PMET condition #3 no longer holds if after sending out tens of thousands of applications, receiving a handful interviews, (possibly) being “ridiculed” (& “humiliated”) by (some or most) interviewers (which is likely) and some could be so called “fake degree foreign talents” HR etc personnel, such an ordeal could possibly straddle between 2 to 5 years period. By then, most normal human beans, whether from First World, 2nd World or 3rd World would be disheartened and given up finding a job. This implies this ex-pmet is no longer counted as unemployed as he is no longer in the active labour force (L) numbers.

Does it mean this NOT “employed” ex-pmet who is not classified as “unemployed” disappear and evaporate into “thin air” in the national labour statistics?

Not really.

He will be lumped together with another group not satisfying conditions (2), (3) under what is known as out of labour force working population.

So, we come to another “interesting” & important variable in the labour market that many lay persons often don’t pay attention to:

8. LFPR = Labour Force Participation Rate

In the latest Sg labour market statistics, this figure (LFPR) has fallen to about 67.7% (but dunno this figure is computed using “locals”, cannot be too explicit, u get it…?).

In other works, out of the estimated 2.8 million Singaporeans in the working population (WP, aged 16 & above), more than 30% is not in the labour force (L) thus not counted in “U” and therefore DO NOT appear in “u”, the unemployment rate computed as “U/L”.

These more than 30% people include housewives, retired oldies, Sec & JC students aged 16 and above, NSF, poly & ITE students, uni undergrads, lower-skilled workers given up seeking jobs, the huge group of highly educated ex-pmets too discouraged to send out anymore resume or job application etc etc.

Is this all to it?

Not really. In fact, tons more …

One relevant macroeconomic concept and equation is to break down the constituents of “u”, ie, those unemployed and it is given as below:

U = w1u1 + w2u2 + w3u3 … + w(n-1)u(n-1) + w(n)u(n)

In other words, the exact weightage of not “unemployed” pmets who is not “employed” (either) can be found in one of the subgroups and provides a better or more precise reflection or picture of the labour market.

How about the other 4 equations in previous article (Part 3) especially W = PeF(u,z)?

Are both “u” (in this article Part 4 & previous article Part 3) related or exactly the same and the (enormous) implications those variables in the equations (of the previous article Part 3) have on the conditions of the labour market in different countries subjected to the macroeconomic and microeconomic policies of each country?

Anonymous said...

A privilege of being jobless is that you don't have to pay any income tax.

Just received this letter from IRAS 15 minutes ago :

Dear Sir

The income threshold for filing an Income Tax Return for resident individuals is $22,000.

According to our records, your annual income in 2017 did not exceed $22,000 (how come they don't say "ZERO"). Thus, you will not receive an Income Tax Form from the year of Assessment 2018 onwards.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

xxx xxx xxxx
xxxx xxx xxxxx
xxxxx xxxx xxxxx

This is a computer generated letter and requires no signature.

b said...

Very simple. Sg needs migrants to pop up economy and their millions pocket money so have to give them jobs so they keep coming and also tell others to come loh. Its like a ponzi scheme. In order to continue this ponzi scheme, sinkies have to sacrifice their jobs to them.

Anonymous said...

Thot was 2millions unaccounted for: 22.5millions.
"Mr Png (HG MP) concluded, "The accounts and reports are all released now. I have waited 30 months just to get to the bottom of the alleged missing $22.5 million from PE. And yes, AHTC did hand over $26.3 million back to PRPTC, in CASH too." toc

b said...

Sinkies must BLAME the gov and PAP for ALL faults. They got their millions pay cheque so they must PERFORM and not make us taxi drivers or cleaners or maids or foreign workers. Otherwise it is very insulting to LKY, our ancestors who voted for LKY and especially the Queen who passed this jewel city to LKY. LKY should raise from his grave and cane those incompetent ministers.

Long live the Queen!

b said...

""And now instead of manning up and growing a set of BALLS they instead choose to be "victims" and look for someone else to blame.""

Wah bian. Sinkies kpkb is not because they played victims but because they want ACCOUNTABILITY. One does not pay a taxi driver unless the driver drives you to your desired destination. Tiok boh? Same thing applies to the ministers and ceo. If they do not perform then they should step down and stop getting paid by taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

There is talk that they may send SL to jail over this 'float balloon' issue, coupled this with the impending $33 mil legal suit the top WP leaders will be facing, they can force a by-election for Aljunied GRC.
Here you will probably see a freshly retired General or a Li junior or both standing ! Of course this is just a rumour & Highly unlikely!

Anonymous said...

Looking at public debt in cia fb and statista, sinkieland is among the famous Italy, Greece, Portugal, side by side with those African and middle east poor countries. Cia fb 2017 has sinkieland as 114%.

In talking about Japan, comments said Japan spent half of its revenues on servicing public debt. Sinkieland land should be putting 25% revenues to service public debt based on estimation. Comment said, when interest rate raises, the repercussion will be great to Japan. Will it be similar to sinkieland? Therefore, the GST at 9% is conclusive. Should have increased immediately to pay down the public debt before interest rate raises. Why they did not discuss this kind of debt payment in parliament?

b said...

Opps is fake lah. They should all resign and indicate to the world that sg is not a democracy but a draconian state that uses isa against any locals that speak his/her mind.

WTF, the world going to have a war soon over the russian spy murder.

Sad. Like one another seems like too late.

Anonymous said...

Pls lah Singapore debts are all domestic. It is a deliberate creation of a S$ bond market. The Govt issues 100s billions of debts but govt institutions like CPF, Stat boards, etc buy up the bonds beside insurance companies. Little to no net debt lah. This is created to deepen our finanacial markets n attract foreign capital and also as another means to manage interest rates n liquidity in system as well as the balanced out the stock market, etc. Spore is very very rich. How rish, we dont know. Only the controlling elites know. Late OTC probably also dont know.There is only partial disclosure. Understandable for citizens n netizens confusion. This may serve those elite well....dont let us know lah. Many citizens are however fixed asset rich, high debts n low disposal liquidity.

Anonymous said...

Domestic debt no need to pay interest or repay back?

R u a foreigner? Even PR will want the domestic debt to be pay to them 100% w interest. U dont have basic financial knowledge.

b said...

Actually all LKY fault lah. Without him, we will not be kicked out by matland and will all be matmen and can have house and car with just a proper job. Every time I so envy my matland colleague.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //He is asking the same question many unemployed and highly qualified and experienced PMETs are asking.//

"A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune's inequality exhibits under the sun." Thomas Carlyle

Anonymous said...

"A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune's inequality exhibits under the sun." Thomas Carlyle

Anonymous said...

Yes, totally, completely and absolutely agree with you. What is happening to Singaporeans today is all LOT's fault. Otherwise, many of us would still be Brutish Subjects or Malaysians.

Just imagine what freedom you can have being a British Subject. You can reside in any if the 45 commonwealth countries. And you can reside in the UK and Australia and enjoy free education, etc.

Just imagine what advantages you can get Being a Malaysian!

Anonymous said...

"A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune's inequality exhibits under the sun." Thomas Carlyle

Anonymous said...

KNN, this kaypoh keyboard any how change my spelling. First para should read:

Yes, totally, completely and absolutely agree with you. What is happening to Singaporeans today is all LKY's fault. Otherwise, many of us would still be British Subjects or Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

10.45am Virgo
/////DONT be so sarcastic as what's happened to them can also happen to you.
If the imbecile PAP kept pursing thses policies, one day you find yourselves in worst Shits than you. /////

Well said! Virgo

"It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours." Harry S. Truman

Anonymous said...

"Of all the aspects of social misery nothing is so heartbreaking as unemployment."
JANE ADDAMS, Twenty Years at Hull-House

Anonymous said...

"The government has discovered a great new way of cutting down on unemployment -- they're going to raise the school leaving age to forty-seven."
JERRY DENNIS, attributed, The Biteback Dictionary of Humorous Business Quotations

Anonymous said...

"Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depends on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Goh said...

Laochek Virgo
Your parent chose the kampong chief in those days.Your NS gang abuse sus when given power just becos they Hokkien Peng cannot understand your angmo .You Q day n night under heavy rain or hot sun to grief for someone or is it for free umbrella, like you lost someone important in your family......You get angry with Patriot here when he never praise your idol....
Now kena FT neighbour causing annoyance to you,feel unfair n tulan cos mata mata cant help, start blaming our 70% n FT..
Chinese say ๆ—ฉ็Ÿฅๅฆ‚ไปŠ,ไฝ•ๅฟ…็•ถๅˆ。

Forget about the past,go matland enjoy, buy magnum jackpot n hug as many lao charbor as you can with your strong sin dollar.
Anger only drive away God of fortune.I suffer worst fate than many of you but I never blame you PGs.
Oops,Just striked 5 top numbers in yesterday 5 million toto draw.ibet kena 5 numbers so call 3rd prize only collected 655 dollar nia.No fish prawn oso good.
Not enough to pay my chenghoo for my outstanding or my many bills but believe my fortune on my way if I stay cool.Fortune god love those who have grievances but dun kpkb.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

For all your obsexion with mei mei, it is not an overstatment that "cheehongkia" suits u better

Anonymous said...

Tellison kena pork, sacked by Trump today.

"I am proud to nominate the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo, to be our new Secretary of State," said Trump.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, all I can say is it is time for you to be sodomized again.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //Who to blame or who do you vote for to ruin your life//

Too little too late?

Children and grandchildren future likely "in hell & high water"?

When selling salted eggs, how many can "close their eyes"?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //What has gone wrong with this country?//

When incompetent scums are paid in filthy sums month in month out to attend endless (but practically useless and time-wasting) meetings (at taxpayers sweat blood expense), what good karma to expect?

The writings are on the walls?

Continue to spend endless time on endlessly useless emails going round and round but get paid in gold and silver every month using sweat blood taxpayers $$$ when many cant make ends meet and their children often got breakfast but no lunch, got lunch no dinner? Shame on those who LEECHES and suck the poor people's sweat blood $$$ including the poor's children pocket $$$ for next meals?

Next time u JLB useless gluttons LEECHES & PARASITES are putting another spoonful of food into your cb mouths, remember you are "stealing" & "robbing" the poor's children of their next meals

Shame on yew!

Anonymous said...

This farker (paid to) talk nonsense and defend the indefensible?

A shameless scum?

A vicious cat pretending to be looking after the rats?

Goh said...

I love it.Will consider to name my child as Goh Chee Hong and call myself Chee Hong Peh.
Thanks for reminding me:-)๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†

Anonymous said...


Or Goh Orh Gui?

If gal name Goh Yew Tang?

Goh said...


Incompetence Breeds Contempt said...

Who to blame?
Very easy answer, even primary 6 kids know.

1. Those who claimed to be extraordinary leaders and demanded extraordinary out-of-this-world premiere obscene unconscionable salarlies and bonuses.

2. Those who control the government, the organs of state, the finance, the economy, the people and country.

3. Those who made policies and scheming schemes that run counter to people's interests.

4. Those who collect taxes and other moneys from the people but spent them lavishly and foolishly.

5. Those who deceive, lie and con the masses for party interests instead of real national interests.

6. Those who do not practise what they preach and failed to keep their promises to the people who voted them into power. E.g. your CPF savings, Swiss standards of living, more good years, growing old graciously, etc.

7. Those who make use of their positions, status, wealth and the laws to bully the weak and poor, and protect themselves from wrong doings and crimes against humanity.

8. Those who decide your Fate and control your lives and livelihood from cradle to crematorium.

Do the above answered your question?

Anonymous said...

9. Last but not least, those cronies and sycophants who leeches upon those in power in order to suck the blood of the people.

Anonymous said...

May b to add some more:

9) those who made use of race cards to obtain a erected Presitant;

10) those who suka suka form a special committee of unreal/half true or fake news to influence or change the voters decisions or into believing only the ruling party or their own medias r right & true ..

& the list goes on u name it...

Ultimately, the Supreme Almighty Gods or Allah or Buddha or The One Up There will be the judge & no one can escape the Universal Law or Karma..

Anonymous said...

11. Those who are in the position to CON YOU into growing the GDP at SLL COSTS! Which means at the cost of your life!

12. Those who deprived you of a British Citizenship by making Singapore joined Malaysia in order to be kicked out and then declared Independence.

Anonymous said...


11. Those who are in the position to CON YOU into growing the GDP at ALL COSTS! Which means at the cost of your life!

Anonymous said...

13. Those who are only interested in their own personal legacy and personal glory.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia,Ahgongkia, you think I am also one of the morons who lined up the streets and cry in the rain.

Own father and mother don't cry, cry for others??

Only dafts do that. TJS said we must not beholden and servile to one forever. Don't be clouded with blind loyalty. A person can do good today and if otherwise the next, then you must not for old time still be blinded by him.

If one is competent for the job in the past and not so in the present, then you must have the will and courage to replace him. Not beholden of his past.

This is for the good of the future which might bring all down. You simply cannot stick forever that he be good forever.

Now so many comments from ex Papies supporters that they are not happy after what's happened in the recent Budget debate and they are switching camps.

They should realise long ago to do so. This PeeAyam only wants International Stature and talks about ASEAN more than his own country of birth. Tried KP here and there.

Now asking Singaporean business to go to Bangla and other third world countries for businesses.

Don't simply latch up to China and have a share in their booming economy. Doing business in slums rather than with developing and developed countries.

Are are we at this stage only able to do such businesses?? Still in the 60s setting up Ah Gong and Ah Ma prewar provision shops??

Anonymous said...

Virgo 8.09am //Still in the 60s setting up Ah Gong and Ah Ma prewar provision shops??//

With GoaLaonomics and TakBonomics (low) stds, how to compete in China?

One self proclaimed grandmaster almost lost his shirts in the 90s and 2000s and was very bitter about it?

Catfish is (only) "KING" in the padi field streams?

The only sinkie giant able to make any impact is GKS but is long not around.

GoaLaonomics tried to be the replacement after gks forced early retirement. Deng Xiao Ping in the late 80s/ early 90s quickly grabbed and made gks his economic adviser. China boomed till now and never looked back.

What gks laid down between the 1960s to 1980s cannot work for the next 1,000 years. Circumstances changed and since his retirement, GoaLaonomics and TakBonomics are simply not anywhere near his stds. The reasons are quite obvious?

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Prepares To Raise Taxes On "Almost Everything" As It Nears Financial Disaster


You guys are so lucky to live in Singapore where such things do not happen.

Anonymous said...

How come dun compare to HK arh?

How come HK GST = 0% & they have "HUGE FISCAL SURPLUS" (more than HK$57 billion or more than S$10 billion)?

NO ERP, NO COE, lower income tax, lower corporate tax, no NS ...

Even Matland GST is lower at 6% & only introduced in 2015 vs GoaLaonomics GST implementation in 1994?

HK politician often survive on porridge with simple dishes like salted eggs, vege, salted fish ...?

Peesai JLBs use birdnest and shark fin soup to gargle (and then swallow down)?

Why hk no gst for past 24 years with lower income and corporate tax can generate BIGGER budget surplus?

AnyboLEE know the reason pls chiu kee ... oops ... KEE CHIU!

Anonymous said...


*HK budget surplus should be abt HK$160 billion or S$30 billion.


Anonymous said...

PR are put together as Locals in the employment data with Sinkies. This is a very big FAKE NEWS to confuse, blur & replace Sinkies in their jobs.

Anonymous said...

How can PR be called locals. PR are foreigners not locals. Calling them locals is fake.