Criminals can serve jail sentences at home

When I heard that MP Murali asked in Parliament if Kong Hee can serve his jail sentence at home I was really shock. Who in his right mind would ever think of that except for minor crimes. Any crime that deserved a jail sentence cannot be minor.  When I recovered from my shocking spell and recomposed myself, I started to appreciate what this Murali had in mind. He came across as a very caring MP, caring for voters in his ward. Oops, I am not sure if Kong Hee is a PR, a local, or a citizen. Can anyone confirm this? And if indeed Kong Hee is a citizen then his MP should be speaking for him. I also think Murali is not his MP. Where is Kong Hee's MP, sleeping, not caring for the people that voted for him?

I have further thoughts on this matter and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Murali has very good intention. Put it this way, cheating a few million dollars without intention to cheat and never benefiting from it except for his wife, should not be dealt with so harshly. And Kong Hee is such a nice guy, saving so many poor souls and helping them to be rich and to go to heaven. These must be good mitigating factors to deserve serving his jail sentence at home.

There are also obvious tangible and financial benefits and considerations to support Murali's thought. It is very costly to keep a person in prison. The cell and the bed, the medical support and the 'Or tau png' ie black bean rice, also cost money. There will be so much savings if Kong Hee would to serve his sentence at home and pay for his own cell, his own food and medical services.  And the cell and cells for such cases would be needed for those creating fake news or cannot pay their compulsory CPF insurance schemes. The prison must prepare to cater for more intakes with so many new laws coming up.

An added financial incentive would be that prisoners granted jail sentences at home would have to pay $100 a day for this privilege. And there will be no discount for holidays and Sundays. The govt coffers would be much richer if the sentence of 7 years, ie 7x365x$100 is paid. I think this is great idea. And the rich prisoners would be more than willing to serve their jail sentence at home so that the cell space could be allocated to other more needy cases, the hardups that cannot afford to pay.

What do you think, good idea or not? I fully agree with Murali though Shanmugam has rejected it. This is indeed a fine idea from a very clever and caring MP. 'Mo tak teng'. Any idea that makes money for the govt, I like. Then perhaps they would spare the people's savings in the CPF from more compulsory schemes.


Anonymous said...

Moo-lari kuat kuat on one hand wants all "fake" news producers to face mandatory death sentence. On the other hand he wants bug con-men like Kong Hee to serve jail terms at home. What kind of psychopath is this man?

Anonymous said...

I think the voters who voted for him have a huge problem.

Anonymous said...

agree with MooRally idea of having Kong Hee Fatt Choy serve his 'jail sentence' at hm. With today technology, it's pretty ez to track a inmate whereabouts. This would help the G saves lots of monies. The caveat is will Fatt Choy go around Baptizing more people for more monies or will hee con more people base on the fact there r so many dafts Sinkies zombies here.

Virgo49 said...

If you want the Billionaires and Millionaires to stay in Singapore, then you have to make provisions that these Elites can served their sentences in the comfort of their Sentonsa Cove bungalows.

Many countries are doing this. The Ex Presidents and their Elites have special comforts and some even driven by chauffeurs daily to their own homes.

Malaysian Abdullah Ang, ex-protege of Mahatahir been one. Murali testing blow balloons. Normally, have someone brought up and they implement later.

Also, in time to come, many of their own elites will also be answerable just like Abe to the Courts. So have to provide this leeway.

Now, even balloting for schools by MOE computer ballots. Just like the HDB ballots. Wah piang, our cronies come first.

Who knows what's goes behind the Ballots? ?

Anonymous said...

It will be a great opportunity for the Fraudulent Kong Hee to make more money! Then he can sent 10% of his collections to Murali's family? Maybe 10% is too little? What about 50/50 shares?

Anonymous said...

Send part of the donations to Murali's family is too direct. Still can be traced. And Murali will be implicated.

Send the 50/50% shares to PAP Community Foundation, a charitable organization, doing good to benefit the PAP supporters. So no one can be accused of hanky-panky or wrong-doings.

Brilliant idea?

Anonymous said...

Murali must be awarded with the Medal of Brilliance and Great Compassion! A new award to be specially created for him. Our new Indian-Muslim changed to Malay-Muslim President can give the award on National Day this year!

most of the filthy rich millionaires and billionaires usually got their wealth through various ways of attraction, influence, deception, scheming and outright cheating, many who come to Safe Haven Sinkieland may one day be exposed, or traced by CIA, FBI, Interpol, UN Security Council or their original countries, and need to face the music and face jail terms.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.29

Whether want to trace or DONT to tracw up to them??

Who's in charge of the Ahem Agencies??

PMO office lah.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of MP who tries to use his position to pull strings.

Anonymous said...

Still, he is not as clever as Putucherry . . .

Anonymous said...

Ah Nehs speaks with two heads and each head has two mouths and each mouth has two tongues. Remember! This my grandma used to tell me so often that now she is gone for 20 years, but i still can remember. She told me when i ve to choose between killing a double-headed poisonous snake and a Ah Neh, i should kill the Ah Neh first. She said poisonous snake still can get the venom and make antidote but when Ah Neh bites you, there is no cure. You sure die one.

Anonymous said...

All Ah Nehs are the same lah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Home detention...yes, I am for it not for any "compassionate" reason but because it makes sense: less stress on the taxpayer (prison detention is expensive), gives the offender a chance to re-connect and become a law abiding, productive member of the community (prison culture makes people re-offend), and it serves as a great yardstick for data analytics in criminology. (does it work? Where's the data? Why does/ doesn't it work?...i.e. scientific enquiry).

However, who gets home detention instead of a hard life in prison depends on the nature of the crime and the character of the offender, hopefully by now an "ex-criminal", genuinely sorry for his law-breaking, and sincerely wanting a change...and most important---actual EVIDENCE that they are motivated to change. Then you see if their actions match their stated objectives, and you can track their progress.

I wouldn't like to see this as "automatic". It must be up to the court and only the individual judge/ magistrate on the case...away from any political or special interest meddling. Cases should also be held in camera, no press or media allowed. Complete fucking information blackout; no transparency, fuck you if you don't like it.

I would also like to see the return of Yang Pang How's wonderful, one-of-a-kind "jurisprudence" 😝"double your sentence if you kwai lan with my court and lose your appeal". If the judge says NO HOME DETENTION, and you appeal and lose, double your fucking jail sentence lah. 💀

So I guess I agree with this scheme. 🤓

Anonymous said...

Staying at sentosa is like a jail island. Fraud or scam cases or criminal breach of trust cases under 406 is not serious comparing to 409. But they went to charge 409, kena wrong. Yet they said the sentence was not long enuff. Now they said at home detention also ok. The talk said prison commission is to decide. The answer will be seen akan datang.
Sentencing is very interesting to watch. Some are quite different for similar offense. Recent 2 cases of under aged sex cases, two convicted got 26 years. A similar under aged sex case by one mma instructor featured on outreach talent program got 4 years. The more cases the more laws the more different sentences, but the differences are astonishing.
Fraud scams master minds are not harmful to society. Only those greed on the scheme proposed by the master minds got cheated of money. They should be given allowance to stay at sentosa homes to serve their sentences and reflect themselves with beer, beef steaks, red wine, and swim with lovely charbor. Dont waste prison guard s time, they are harmless. This mp is intelligent 4G leeder material. Now 3 must add one more. What do u think?

Hunter said...

What do I think?

I think Murali should be next PM. He has breadth of thoughts and depth of sight.

He is totally different with others, especially those stereotypes paper generals of one-track military commanders' brain only can give orders and demand respect and obedience.

This Murali has new great ideas. He will surely bring Singapore to greater hieghts.

He will turn Singapore into a crime-free and richest of the rich countries and create a lot of apple-polishing and boot-licking jobs for Singaporeans.

Many filthy rich foreigners will queue a long long line to come to Singapore and anchor their ill-gotten dirty money here. We can then open more casinos to let them wash their dirty money clean. And they can start a new happy life here.

Many US and China corrupt officials will run here. Even Russian oligarchs, Italian and Brazilian Mafia Chiefs will run here.

Imagine the huge spin-offs? The number of jobs to be created? The property prices? The number of Sentosa Coves we can built? We can even connect all the small southern islands together and make them into a special tax-free zone for those who work and do business there? A sort of special holiday resort for the rich?

My gosh! Eat cannot finish!

Hunter of Brilliant Ideas.

Anonymous said...

Why create polishing jobs for others? All mah. Was the idea of resting at home prop out of a sudden? What is the significance of this, for this special convicted criminal?

Few notice the congratulatory note Kim Jung Un sent to Xi had missing words: "friendly and cooperative ally" on it. Some picked up as a significance. The relationship lah.

Anonymous said...

First, one MP wrote letter to the judge to mitigate for an offender.

Now another MP explore possibility for a lighter punishment for a convict in Parliament

Hunter said...
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Hunter said...
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Hunter said...

@ 12:18 pm,

This special convicted "priest" has many high and deep connections at high places.

All the "Hallelujahs" top Silver Serpents are of same "God", the Son, Jesus Christ "whose blood washed clean their Sins."

So "through Grace only they are saved, not through work (deeds)."

Bad deeds can be forgiven because:

"No man must judge others" because:

"For he who has not sinned, let him cast the first stone".

And nobody dared to cast the first stone because:

"All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God!"

It is only "through Jesus Christ that All are saved."

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!.

"God is the Only Judge" Hallelujah!

Praise God, the Father, Son and Holy Goh! Hallelujah!

Hunter of Any Bean who has NOT SINNED.

Virgo49 said...

Hunter of Any Bean who has not believe in what we believe.- Dear Hunter.

The Prosecution of Non-Believers is Real, Very Real.

Taiwan easier to merge with China.

But S.Korea to reunite with N.Korea.

Difficult- Many Hallelujah in South Korea.

Won't be able to reconcile with Kim.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

IMO, the "priest" was wrongly convicted. The govt had to throw someone under a bus to give the illusion of "justice".

If people (often well-educated) join a religious group (like a church) and they willingly give up their money for "good works", then that money is "sunken cost". All religions are based on claims which cannot be proved, neither should they. (If you require proof, then you don't have faith. If you don't have faith...what the fuck are you doing in religion?)

Those people, who believe in a magic, invisible space-fairy, decide to give their money. However, they get butt-hurt when the trannie-looking preacher's wife decides to make sexy videos, with music. No, they are not "music videos", they are soft porn with music. To actually make music, she had to have some skill or talent in that area. What is patently obvious is that those "requirements" are lacking.

Anonymous said...

Birds of the same feather flock together. You can know a man by the company he keeps. You can know him also by who he supports.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?!?!

Sinkies deserve it for voting Murali instead of CSJ!!!

Hunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
b said...

Why $100? Should be $1000 a day for this privilege. The gov has wasted so much money on public prosecuting, it is justified to reclaim some part. Btw, the gov better checked this muli guy agenda. Does he have swiss account to hide bribes? or maybe another lover of kong wife? No wonder so many people talked about kong green hat.

b said...

This kong guy is totally under spell or else totally idiotic. His wife is manipulating him. Used his money to do sexy videos. Is she still faithful? What a stupid man.

Same like the AhLong guy. His wife is always surrounded by handsome investment bank angmo men several times more handsome than him. Is she still faithful? Reminded me of cixi dowager.

Hunter said...


You are 90% correct. This clever "priest" was wrongly convicted.

In all probabilities, at the very most, he should only be charged for splurging his God-Given wealth (which is a very personal thing and there is no law saying one cannot spend one's money as one wishes).

As a preacher, his primary responsibility is the spiritual aspect of his congregation. Financial matters are none of his business. Financial matters are part and parcel of the Church's Management - under the purview of the Executive Committee. Period.

Spiritually, he has been doing an excellent job. He has not sinned (no wrong doings) as far as God is concerned and as far as corruption or CBT is concerned.

Whatever money he took or sent to his wife to spend in the US were approved by the Church's Management (Executive Committee) - the Representatives of the Lay Congregation. This is the unwritten understanding between Priests and the Lay Congregations and Lay Management Committees in all Churches in Singapore and elsewhere.

The sore-eye (red-eye or green-eye) problem is because City Harvest has grown too fast, too big, too rich and too daring and yet never kow-tow to any of the Mainstream Churches Headquarters Chieftains, and also never pay them "Protection Money" monthly. while most other churches have to. This is his ONLY SIN, but not entirely his because the Church's Management Executive Committee is equally responsible.

The Hound Dogs already wanted his blood long ago - when he first stepped out to preach.

Many non-believer parents were not happy that their young innocent children have been converted to "Hallelujah followers and started to speak-in-tongue at home. To the parents, they are possessed by evil spirits. So, as time went on, the cumulative anger grows. Hatred developed and increased. Complaints after complaints fell on deaf ears. The Seat-Warmer PM was more interested in ERP, GST, COE, etc and "More Chip Goodyears", "Swiss Standard of Living".

Something must give way. Something must be done to stop this "Evil Spirit" from influencing and converting young 13-14 year-olds to Hallelujah. Meanwhile, City Harvest grew from 15 members to 509, to 1000, to 10,000, to 20,000 to 30,000 and counting. This is terrible isn't it? But no. This is not enough. "Our target should be 300,000!".

Calculate the maths. 10% of monthly salary tithing from each member whose average median income let say $1000 (students have no income but gets pocket money or do part-time sales). 30,000 X $100 = $3,000,000 per month, not counting the weekly collections in Church. Multiply by 12 months, that is $36 million per year. Increase to 300,000 members = to $360 million per year! Easy-cum money!

Then one big itchy finger went on Facebook to boldly declared that "We must buy weapons to protect ourselves!"

Ah Ha! Why need to buy weapons? Protect against who? Fight who? Preparing for a REVOLUTION? Intention to overthrow the PAP Government by violent means? Asking for trouble.....

What happened thereafter is already history.

Hunter of Gold Dropping From Heaven Not Enough - Greed For More Money Is The Root Of All Evils.

b said...

""This clever "priest" was wrongly convicted""

Not really and better not insult the sg court of justice.
Matilah is always on the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

U hit the jackpot, haleluya. There were video showing some audience looked like someone when this convicted scammer was on stage. It might be a white wash scheming when a convicted criminal was able to move his jail to comfortable home at resort like cove.
Your observation might be right, turning the conviction into licks on the cheeks.

b said...

Actually he has sinned. Instead of worshipping God the Almighty, he is worshipping his immoral wife. IMHO, this conviction is God punishment. He should accept it and seek forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will be launching several initiatives and focus on various projects to improve the livelihood, well-being and welfare of the ASEAN people, according to Minister of Social and Family Development Desmond Lee.


Tax us so much, their salaries from taxpayers ! No wonder PRs get served by the Bukit Batok MP !

Anonymous said...

Old slogan cry : Singapore for Singaporeans!

New slogan cry : still ... Singapore for Singaporeans!
but with add-on - Singapore MPs for Singaporeans!

Hunter said...

SINGAPORE (Reuters):

“God is here, God is here,” croons Singapore church official Sun Ho as she struts across a neon-lit stage and thousands of people in the congregation pump their hands and sing along.

Worshippers attend a church service at the City Harvest Church in Singapore March 1, 2014.

With a "prosperity gospel" that blends the spiritual and the material, City Harvest and other Pentecostal megachurches in the wealthy Asian city-state have perfected a popular and lucrative model.

Now they are working to export it to the world and turn Singapore into a hub for evangelical Christianity.

Kong Hee, the church’s founding pastor and Sun Ho’s husband, then takes the stage. In keeping with the electrifying mood, he invites his followers to speak “in tongues” and a pulsing murmur echoes through the auditorium of 8,000 people.

During the service, ushers hand out envelopes for donations, which consume at least a tenth of the salaries of most church members, going to fund different ministries, mission trips and special events.

Welcome to one of Asia’s most profitable churches: Singapore’s City Harvest.

By Reuters' Report on 1st March, 2014.

Hunter hunted this report.

Hunter said...

@ b on March 21, 2018 4:04 pm:

""This clever "priest" was wrongly convicted""

Not really and better not insult the sg court of justice.

Matilah is always on the wrong side."

B, please don't quote me partially to make it out of context. I said 90% cotrect. That means 10% is not correct. That means it is my guesstimate. My opinion. How I personally looked at the whole case as a layman, not a legal expert. This is not insulting our courts of justice. To err is human. To forgive is divine.


@ b on March 21, 2018 4:07 pm:

"Actually he has sinned. Instead of worshipping God the Almighty, he is worshipping his immoral wife. IMHO, this conviction is God punishment. He should accept it and seek forgiveness."

He worships God together with his congregation every Sunday and also other days and nights most of the time. So much so he has neglected his wife (immoral or not is not for me to judge as we do not live her life or spy on her privacy). To make up to her, he sent her money for her to do what she wanted and at the same time to do evangelical works for God on her part. Killing two birds with one stone.

God created woman for man. Naturally, a man must also "worship" (love) his wife while worshiping God. Not doing that will make God angry: "How can a man not love the woman I created for him!"

Whether, the conviction is God's punishment or not, it is not for us to say because only God and him will know. Nobody else. You are of course entitled to your own opinion, as I am mine.


Hunter of Respect for All Courts of Justice, those in Heaven and those on Earth.

b said...


""Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:15.""

Unless you are so blinded/manipulated/misleaded by him, he is found guilty. The sg court has melted that out.

b said...

"' Naturally, a man must also "worship" (love) his wife while worshiping God. Not doing that will make God angry: "How can a man not love the woman I created for him!"

The first commandment of God is in Exodus 20:3: “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

God does not want anyone to worship anyone or anything besides Him and it is better not to quote God if God did not say not worshipping his wife will make Him angry.

Hunter said...

@ 717 pm:

"Unless you are so blinded/manipulated/misleaded by him, he is found guilty. The sg court has melted that out."

No, you are absolutely wrong here! I am not blinded, manipulated nor misled by him. I do not believe in any religion. Religions to me are like hallucination drugs. They make those addicted experience bouts of mental hallucinations and robotic behaviour, unable to think rationally.

So throwing bible verses at me is not only a sheer waste of time but a joke.

People who quote bible verses piece-meal, out of context, at others, as if they are magic spells that can instantly change a prince into a frog, are the ones who are blinded/misguided/misled. They are pathetic and pitiable because they are intelligent people who chose to forget how to use their brains rationally.

Everyone who follows the case knows he has been found guilty. Did I say he wasn't found guilty? No.

I simply said Matilah was 90% correct to say that the clever "priest" was wrongly convicted. That means I allow a 10% probability that he might be wrong. That is not insulting the courts of justice. You have the tendency assume too much and extrapolate too much.

Hunter of Spiritual Addicts Who Lost Their Capacity To Think Rationally.

Hunter said...

@ 726:

"The first commandment of God is in Exodus 20:3: “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

God does not want anyone to worship anyone or anything besides Him and it is better not to quote God if God did not say not worshipping his wife will make Him angry."

Whether it is First Commandment or 100th Commandment, it has no meaning to me because I don't fall into the trap you have fallen in.

You ASSUMED that Kong Hee has been worshipping his wife. What evidence have you got?

Since you have not shown any evidence that he worships his wife the same way he worships God, I take your meaning of "worship" as "Love". What's wrong for a husband to love his own wife?

To preempt your over assumption, I inserted (love) after the word "worship". Yet you chose to ignore it and again extrapolated to what has been stuck inside your own mind.

Hunter of Fixation and Dogmatism.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Hunter

Bro, you are too generous. Most people think I'm > 100% wrong > 100% of the time (I don't know how the get their math..but whatever...), i.e. not even wrong, meaning, my brain is so 'out there' my shit doesn't even qualify to be wrong :-))

I am not criticizing the judiciary. I am criticizing the way they think about this case, and the way they arrived at the judgement. The bench and their courts are 100% human-driven, which means they are prone to making errors. Unlike most rational, well-adjusted humans, members of the benches know that their word is FINAL, so they are not really 'motivated' to redress post-hoc errors.

This is one contributing factor to the occasional execution or incarceration of an innocent person. The reason I'm against the death penalty except for murder where the evidence is as close to incontrovertible as possible, is because once you kill the fucker, there is no going back if you've made a wrong judgement.

@ everyone:

Anyway, about City Harvest, Kong and Sun Ho (what an unfortunate name, especially if she's doing sexy dancing all over YouTube. "Ho", is a very unflattering term for a woman. I can get very dirty here...but perhaps some other time :-) ), you might thing Kong is "a stupid cuck" (cuck= a man so manipulated by his wife, he does nothing if she openly flirts with others), you might think Sun Ho is "immoral", you might even think that City Harvest is so big they need to be "culled"....whatever the fuck you think negatively about the issues, quoting the Holey Babbles chapter and verse...

... that still doesn't make Kong guilty of CRIMINALITY requiring JAIL as punishment!

I am a hardcore, unrelenting blaspheming infidel who gives zero-fucks about people's adherence to unproven and unprovable religious nonsense. Fuck your faith, fuck your gods, goddesses, demons, angels, fairies, and other mythical douche-nozzles. ;-)

But Kong and Sun are human beings, like you and I. And we all (including Officers of The Courts) live within the Rule Of Law. Imperfect as that is, that is universal and it's the best choice, given the alternative: everyone can do what they like guided only, and only by their whims, especially when it comes to fucking up other people.

If the law was applied wrongly, the law was applied wrongly,and that's that. Wrongly applied law held as "justice served" sets a legal precedentto judge future cases.

If you arrive at a syllogism from incorrect premises, and you hold that your conclusion is "true", imagine the quality of your reasoning in future similar situations. You want examples, just look around you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung


" CHC trial judge: Church leaders unrealistic about Sun Ho’s success

And the truth is, as revealed at the conclusion of the long and tedious High Court trial of Kong Hee and his church leaders last year, Ho’s “success” was an illusion.

“I am unable to see how there can be any genuine or honest grounds for their claims that they expected far higher sales for her planned US album well in excess of the projection of 200,000 units,” the judge said.

“I am unconvinced that they could have had a genuine belief in Sun Ho’s prospects of success for the US Crossover given their consciousness that much of her earlier success was contrived and contributed to by CHC itself.”

The judge added that one of the leaders even conceded that Ho’s Asian Crossover albums all made losses. Other church leaders also knew that CHC was involved in propping up her Mandarin album sales. Two of Ho’s Mandarin albums made losses of almost $1 million........."

The link,
Kong Hee made whistle-blower Roland Poon pay $33K to apologise ...

Colorado Chapter - What Is Fraud?

What You Should Know About Conflict of Interest

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own ...

Singapore Notes: The Fix Goes On

Framing Issues Without Context- a common tactic ... - Jentrified Citizen

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1223:

Firstly, Carl Jung's work circa 19-20th century has mostly been discredited now, because he essentially "gasak buta". Now we have big data analytics, fMRI machines, plus a host of "real science" to find out how the human brain, and the mind works. Back in his day, for e.g., the brain and the mind were not the same thing. One was "meat" and the other...some mystical thing that no one could agree on nor measure.

...but no matter.. a quote is simply one person's opinion. Lyrically, it can be poetic or even beautiful. In fact, it is usually just BULLSHIT.

Why this judgement against Kong is WRONG boils down to this:

It is not the duty of the court to determine the artistic merit or lack thereof, or the reasons behind those products of human creativity. The main function of the court is to DETERMINE WHETHER THE INDIVIDUAL ON TRIAL COMMITTED ACTS WHICH FALL UNDER THE DEFINITION OF "CRIMINALITY"

In Kongs case, no laws were broken even though his no-talent transexual-looking wife made appallingly shit content---in the hope of attracting more people to Geebus. Where the fuck is the criminality?

...however it seems to me that in Singapore, subjectivity in the interpretation of the law is "OK" as long some "bad guy" goes to jail.

And now, a legal precedent is set.

b said...


"" The founder of a popular church in Singapore has been sentenced to eight years in jail for misappropriating more than £23m in donations to support his wife’s singing career. ""

He is guilty. The funds are supposed to do charities or church work and not to pay to any tom, dick, harry to become a pop star.

b said...


""You ASSUMED that Kong Hee has been worshipping his wife. What evidence have you got? ""

It is not an assumption but a response to your earlier assumption.

"' Naturally, a man must also "worship" (love) his wife while worshiping God. Not doing that will make God angry: "How can a man not love the woman I created for him!"

Virgo49 said...

The Church Members as Christians main Objective in their religion is to save as many non-Believers from doing to meet the Hades Emperor as they can.

So,if the Pastor or Reverend Father or Bro used their Church Funds for promoting and saving the lives of the Non-Believers as a Worthy Cause by whosoever means is OK with them.

So, can say used the Funds for Kong Hee Fatt Choy's wifey to make salvation for God is wrong.
As long as Church's Members approved of it.

Now New Generation believers need new ways to make them embraced their God.

See,now youngsters wore ballet no more flared pant like we wear to catch chickens.

Now, they danced Ballets with skin tight ballet pants.

So Sun Ho must keep with the times and danced skimpy dances.

The youngsters will shout "We are with you to Heaven".

CANNOT old style preach, preach.All fall asleep.

Must be like Xouk or Zouk.For the In Crowd.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> CANNOT old style preach, preach.All fall asleep. <<

Yeah right. In 1986 about 10% of young adults identified as "non religious".

In 2016, the number was closer to 40% for millennials. Generation Z (turning 18 this year, and younger), are even less religious.

They bang at science, math and tech...boy do they bang! Especially the Asian students.

In white societies like the US and here in Australia, Asian students leave every other ethnicity in the dust. Asians wipe the floor lah, with the blur remnants of other cultures: white, black, indigenous... all can go fuck spider ...with one exception---the Jewish kids. They're wicked smart too!

Have you seen the code these kids are writing and the science projects in schools? Have you seen the labs?

I grew up in the 1970's nd the teaching of science plus the school labs really sucked dead-donkey dick...awful, fucked up...but we did the best we can.

Many of these children are mature beyond their years. And unafraid to express themselves, and they know their rights.

I can't wait for the showdown between the "old out of touch PAP" and some of these "take no shit" smart kids, who'll be growing up...very quickly

The PAP's days might be numbered. Or...they might landslide the next GE.

Who can say? Nonetheless, I think we're in for quite a show of "inter-generational warfare" :-))