Americans are the darlings of Asean leaders

The Americans are in hot pursuit of Najib's crime in the 1MDB case. The Indonesian govt has helped the Americans to seize the hundred million dollar yacht, Equanimity, supposedly owned by Jho Low and with everyone knowing who is the real owner. The hounding of Jho Low is just a distraction from the main victim, Jho Low is only a front runner for you know who.

I am not sure why the Indonesians would lend a hand to do the dirty work for the Americans as if it is abiding by the American Law, that it is also a state of the USA, against the interest of fellow Asean leader.

The Americans are also deeply involved in the overthrow of the Duterte regime and many Pinoys are listening to their colonial masters and sharping their knives to stab into Duterte's back.

Aung San Suu Kyi is also on the hair cross of the Americans. Her removal is only a matter of time. She is a hot target in Canberra when the Asean leaders met with the self appointed white Sheriff of SE Asia.

So is Hun Sen. The Australians are using the Meeting to attack Asean leaders that are not little USAs or American cronies using human rights as the weapon. Why aren't the Asean leaders counter attack the Australian white Australia policies that are still in force under different guises? The Australians have been practising racism against Asians for centuries to keep Australia white and the natives in their black hole.

Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Najib and Hun Sen should also skip the submit unless they are willing to be slammed by the white supremacists in Australia acting as the agent of the evil Empire.

With the American hands everywhere meddling with the domestic politics of Asean countries, would Singapore also do their bidding to gang up against the North Koreans? Singapore has not made any official statement on this but the Americans have already said so.

What is certain is that these foolish Asean leaders would go on their bended knees to have a chance to be invited to the White House to have a meal with the Emperor and would be so happy and proud of the invite. Even Najib would be very pleased if the Emperor were to send him an invitation and he would go ga ga and forgot about the 1MDB persecution and the millions he has lost. And all his merry men would be hysterical if invited to an aircraft carrier and would do anything the Americans told them to, even thinking of starting a war with China.

The silliness of the Asean leaders for not being able to tell a devil standing in their face is in their DNA. The Americans could screw them everyday and they would still go running when the Americans say fetch. When would Najib or his deputies be like eager beavers queuing to be invited to the White House? When would the Pinoys be bowing down to the Emperor and offering their land as American bases again, to be the colony of the Americans? When would Thailand and Myanmar do the same? When would the Indonesians also crawl to the White House when beckoned?

Oops, I for got to include Thailand's Ocha also being attacked by the Americans for his military rule. The Americans have forgotten that Thailand provided them the military bases to attack Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Come to think of it, only two or three Asean  leaders are not being attacked by the Americans and its cronies.

Why would Asean think it appropriate to have a bilateral meeting with a country with a population less than Malaysia as if it is really a big power? This is really disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean is very anti USA this morning, no difference from his usual sentiment. Why are you so anti-USA and also anti-Oz? What have they done to you. Remember, someone very near to us said that the Yanks are here in this region t balance the prominence of China. Cannot remember who said it.

Anonymous said...

8.52am anon. I can remember who said it. It's spoken through your ass man! U need to be sodomised so your ass no longer Attack Rb and talk nonsenseπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

PR are put together as Locals in the employment data....this is the biggest FAKE NEWS in propaganda to confuse & blur & replace Sinkies jobs.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.01, Anon 8.52 is only trying to say that our SInkieland PeeAyam is so Pro-USA that he kena sodomized by DT after licking his balls.

Spend billions to carry him and kena scorned by him withdrawing American businesses interests from Stinking land and now even blocked
business ventures.

So good that after learning bitter lessons that he sang tubes that these Trade wars hurt everybody.

Only idiot who still let foreigners screwed his own citizens whereas DT as a huge country is trying to protect their own interests.

Trying to revive their own TPP to slight his previous Big Bro and have DT fixed him further in the near future to further sodomize him.

Thinking pee sai is somewhat a leader in Ah Sean which they themselves CANNOT even see eye to eye to further Whats Globalisation.

Later, kena gobbled up.

Anonymous said...


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ASEAN leaders know which side their bread is buttered on, and they love lots of butter.

There's maniac in the White House who is as dangerous as he is dumb. Dumb and dangerous---a frightening combination of the worst of human traits, plus he is personally wealthy which means he has zero fucks to give.

He just fired his Secretary of State, a well-connected, ex-multinational CEO and multimillionaire.

Go against DJ Trump, and his childish vindictive streak will "get you back". Tillerson called Trump "A moron". Bye bye Rex, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

True to the pragmatic words of Machiavelli, and proven as a political truism by the likes of Lee Kuan Yew and others---in the Arena of Politics, it is really better to be feared than loved. DJ has proven himself to be a fucking asshole time and again.

So ASEAN leaders have taken heed. They re just being pragmatic. Trump is on the Trade warpath, don't rock the boat and piss him off. ASEAN needs the US as a customer, a foreign investor, and a policeman.

Asia is rising rapidly,and so it needs to be "moderated" by US Foreign Policy to make sure they are always under the thumb of the USA, and align docile and dependent with "American Interests", which according to the idea of American Exceptionalism is more important than "world peace", or anyone else's interests.

Expect more US meddling and more capitulation, compromise and sell-out of entire nations by ASEAN leaders to the Big Daddy Ang Mo Tuah Kee Global Cheng Hu. If you're nice to Big Daddy, he might even reward you and your family with "incentives". If you piss him off, all sorts of butt-hurt will happen to you. For e.g.: trade sanctions (Russia just kena), cut of from investment, visa restrictions (Malaysia kena), destabilisation of the local political systems (Middle East), war games just outside your borders...etc etc

The people of ASEAN get the leaders they deserve. Americans also get the leader they deserve.

Every one of The Sheeple is going to get fucked long and hard, and they'll all fucking deserve it!

Redbean is right in calling out ASEAN as assholes. However this isn't a "race thing". It is a power thing...not only for the Americans (wtf, they already have all the power...US Dollar global currency reserve system). It is the ASEAN leaders who hold on to their power which is the problem. They want to be America's "friend" to protect them from China, get special favours,and when the shit hits the fan, safe passage to the USA like Marcos and The Shah (King) of Iran.

Dirty Harry said...

Politicians all over the world have two faces. One face is for public consumption. The other face is hidden behind-the-scene self-interests. All of them act very well, better than Shakespearean actors and actresses. All of them also have very thick-skin and great pretenders. Even paper generals newbie pseudo-politicians can be seen acting and pretending in Parliament. Because they are new at the trade they let the cats and mice out of the bag.

Always remember, politics is dirty. So how can politicians be not dirty. Most of them pretend to have excellent integrity and honesty. But in reality they are just the opposite. That's why they can survive in the midst ocean of filth and dirt.

So don't get conned!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

For those interested in the scientific findings of PSYCHOPATHY:

Also check out the excellent book by Jon Ronson.

You can't be an effective politician unless you exhibit a high degree of psychopathy.

As part of the job, you will have to put aside all notions of basic human decency and morality to do deals with other psychopaths you don't like, for common objectives, especially when such unions demand that you sellout your entire cuntry and the collective trust of their peoples.

When you can do that with a clear conscience, you've arrived at "enlightenment" and graduate summa cum laude from Motherfucking Asshole University.

Anonymous said...

There are three groups of people one should never trust:




Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Another search : Psychopathy in politics:


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous @ March 16, 2018 8:52 am:

"Uncle Redbean is very anti USA this morning, no difference from his usual sentiment. Why are you so anti-USA and also anti-Oz? What have they done to you. Remember, someone very near to us said that the Yanks are here in this region t balance the prominence of China. Cannot remember who said it."

Uncle Redbean is not anti-USA or anti-Oz. He is anti-Evil and anti-Stupidity.

Most probably your stupid brain must have felt hurt by his anti-Stupidity, that's why to responded in such a manner.

If you can shut up for a while and learn more from Uncle Redbean, you will be able to get rid of your Stupidity. Otherwise, your Stupidity has no cure! And your future generations will also continue to be as Stupid as You, if not worse.


Anonymous said...

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership trade pact bringing Asia's biggest economies should be the next priority after concluding TPP, says Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong. That pact would bring Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and the 10 members of ASEAN into a comprehensive deal covering trade in goods, services and investment.

Negotiations have dragged since starting in 2013, with India resisting pressure to open its markets and insisting on more free movement of Indian professionals.

Fucking 1.3-billion-people India wants to export its unemployed professionals to the world, unashamedly cannibalizing jobs in other countries.

Anonymous said...

"Fucking 1.3-billion-people India wants to export its unemployed professionals to the world, unashamedly cannibalizing jobs in other countries."

This double-headed snake will get its way of book-worms like Sinkieland's A-level Schoolboys turned paper generals do not allow themselves to be conned by black ants within.

When black ants within collaborate with black ants without, then Sinkies definitely lose out.

So the first thing to do is to get the pest-terminator to rid of the internal pests and parasites, that are now more visibly try to usurp the position, power, responsibility, duties and functions of the Sinkieland Pee-Ayam.

Anonymous said...

Jokowi agreed Australia should be a fully Asean member on March 16 Sydney. Au is to be full member on 2024.
US is doing a good job on tracking illegal money washing. The malaysian s billions ringits was prosecuted openly only in US. This is extremely important for country whose financial policy had harboring criminal thief of money illegally gotten. Indonesia was hit badly when one country had such practice. Once a banker was took back to Indonesia. This banker stole usd645 millions and was already convicted in court. That boiled Indonesia. China had at least one criminal handcrafted to Beijing for stealing public fund. Therefore, US taking the leisure boat from thief is another confirmed step to eradicate criminal s hiding place for stolen wealth.

The world is changing fast. Country practising harboring stolen wealth is at disadvantage when US and China started to go beyond borders to trace the stolen money. Taiwan president Chen stole money and bought houses in US was seized by US, sold, and money returned to Taiwan govt. This was another good example US is practising: dont steal public money and get caught.

On US s influence on Asean countries. It is likely to shrink quickly if Trump agree to withdraw or reduce US troops in South Korea, to meet the likely demand of Kim Jung Un. Trump had complained South Korea had too much trade gains and US is losing money for putting 32000 troops there. Trump s policy will make US rich in cash, by cutting cost.

US influence in middle east is waning. One punjabi woman threatened to attack Syria. Russia generals warned US. It was a silence from Trump. The war in Ghouta is over: only the industrial town Guma had IsIs. The other Humariya was taken. The US lost its IsIs kaki.

Au is expected to take up an influential role in Asean to counter China s influence in South China sea. That s where one small country punched high in international arena. But Jokowi s aim to have Au is to prevent its island being seized like Marawi. Duterte had to borrowed from Russia arsenal to complete the mission. Jokowi is using Su35, so no problem to Putin. Again it is Russian influence.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is an article on Zero Hedge about tax havens. The USA is #2 next to Switzerland. Singapore is #5, BTW.

Tax-dodgers and people who get their money illegally will always find ways of evading capture and protecting their "assets".

Social and financial rank, does afford one privileges unavailable to ordinary wage earners.

How many "private wealth" managers are there in Singapore? Enough to make "private wealth management" big business in our fascinating island.

Anonymous said...

Aussie can't be part of ASEAN, Joko will face resistance from other members of SE Asians. Aussie r part of other continent or Oceania in the southern hemisphere of the earth, so geographically Aussie is out unless some insane person pull it in to counter some perceived threat. Probably Joko will face backfiring by China's kakis & Ah Long will act as heavyweight to punch above its weight & wanto allow Aussie in as BullTurn & Long Gor r kakis, when that happen China not going to standstill & let it happen, China will hasten its BRI projects & ensure trades going to SE Asia gone with the wind.

Anti-Modern Slavery said...

President Halimah recently asked Singaporeans to support National Servicemen because “National Service is vital for Singapore’s future”. [ CNA ]

However, while Singaporean parents of NSFs do give full support, the PAP government is the one lagging behind, ie NSFs continue to be paid peanuts, NSFs injury/death compensations meagre and miserly, and NSFs lose out in jobs markets against foreign job-scavengers, who are being intentionally imported by the Ministry of Manpower and support by NTUC.

The PAP government should therefore review and increase NSF ‘allowance’ on an urgent basis, as domestic costs, from childcare to water and electricity bills, have recently been shockingly inflated like no tomorrow by PAP millionaires-ministers.

During the review, if NS is really vital, PAP millionaires-ministers should consider applying their own pay-and-perks formulas to NSF allowances, medical benefits and injury/death compensations.

For a fact, without NSFs to protect our country, millionaires-ministers would not have their easy, cosy, instant millionaires' jobs.

NSF allowances and perks could also be pegged to the Median Wage of Top 1000 earners at age 20-22, with a similar 40% discount.

Currently, thousands of NSFs earn only half the pay of a cleaner and some other low-grade vocations.

As for bonus and compensation s, NSFs deserve to be paid on par with ministers, as NSFs also contribute to the National Growth (GDP).

Present bonus formula is up to 13.5 months’ bonuses for ministers, and up to 19.5 for the PM.

Since NS is vital to our $447 billion economy (increase of $20 billion last year) shouldn’t NSFs be entitled to at least a few months’ bonuses if National Growth Targets are met?

The sacrifice of NSFs can be quantified, ie financial cost of serving our nation runs into tens of thousand$ per NSF, not accounting for the loss of opportunities and precious youthful time and energy.

The PAP government’s ‘recognition’, ie $100 vouchers or subsidized SAFRA membership, is therefore an insult that rubs salt into our already gapping wounds.

It’s worse for NSFs from lower-income families which may badly need an additional income to supplement household income.

By the time a male Singaporean graduates from university, he would be almost 3 years behind his foreign peers who have been invited by the PAP Millionaire-Ministers to steal our jobs and rob our dinners in broad-daylight!

Since 50 years ago, the monthly pay of a recruit has gone up by only a few hundred dollars. However, the monthly salary of a minister has gone up by almost $50,000 (13.5 months bonuses not included) while the PM more than $100,000 (19.5 months bonuses not included)!!!

The PAP government can’t keep shortchanging Singaporeans by treating NSFs as cheap labour, paying only lip service instead of real financial support.

It is time for the President Halimah to order an urgently needed genuine realistic review to trully care for our NSFs.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyah, just one simple way to have your "Black" cannot be seen illegal MONIES into "clean" legal MONIES.

Just have them laundered into legal MONIES in the Casinos

Teach you a method. Just pay a nominal service fee to the Casino. They would not reported as they are also earning some commissions.

Saw an elderly gentleman doing this churning his monies.

Spend some time on the Roulette Table game playing chips.

Put $500 chip on all 36 numbers plus the ZERO making it a total of 37 x 500= 18,500.00

Every roll return back 18000.Thus giving only $500.00 as commission. Then have them issue a legal cheque after all is done.

Voila, black MONIES became White MONIES.

Anonymous said...

Meagre NS allowances as at end-2016:

REC/PTE $480 ; LCP $500 ; CPL $550 - are these the latest updates?

After minus away transport expenses, enuf to buy meals till next payday?

Goh said...

How much do you think NSmen should be paid?
Go ask laochek Virgo n he only paid 90 per month.
Sinkies serving NS are lucky that they are paid handsomely ,some one K n above.
NS is a privilege to serve.
NS allowance should actually be a token,free food n lodging ,free power supply for charging handphone,bathe oso free.,go Roc rubber oso free...Should not be overpaid.
NS is good for all.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, u are just like the first anon, CB words come out from your foul mouth. Some one needs to stick their rod into your mouth then sodomize you to wake u up so that u don't talk nonsense Abd waste everyone time.

Anonymous said...

If NSFs suffers while in NS. Then suffers again after NS. Then how will their future be?

If National Service is vital for Singapore's future, Then logically the future of National Servicemen should also be vital, if not more vital, to Singapore, isn't it?

It, therefore, follows that if the government is not bothered about treating NSFs fairly now, while they are in full-time service, how can NSFs expect the government to take care of them in the future?

Security of the country is everyone's responsibility, not just the NSmen and NSFs. The millionaires' security - personal, family and organizational - is a two-way affair. It has to be a give-and-take in both directions. If you want to be safe, pay for your safety. If you want your money and wealth to be secure, pay for your security. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys playing a fool with your safety and security. If you continue to short-change the NSFs, there will come a time, the critical and crucial time, when the NSFs and NSmen will short-sell you in return!

That is only human nature!

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, we been also shortchanged on just $60.00 per month. LCP-$125.00 Cpl-$165.00

But at that time we understand. Some Ministers also no take home pays.Better than DT-US$1.00

Also that time even Silver Serpents at S$165.00 and 30Cts can buy you one bowl of mee pok.

But our GKS as Defence Minister even don't show off what's LGs/MGs/BGs who looked like mufflets. Just LT or Major or even Kor Por enough.

The best as yet to come. After NS priority in any qualified silver serpents jobs.Same time married have priority in choosing your HDB flats in any estates you want.

Ballotings, can exchange with your Ex Comrades the flats both agreed.

Can married at age 26 and be Gong Gong, real Gong Gong at age 50.

Flats fully paid after three to five years of working.

CPF at 25 and 25.

Pao Tann

Anonymous said...

There are 400 Indian companies borrowed money with aim not to pay.
Some big time oredi fled India. Look out for these free money guys, they can be towkay to let u play for them at casino. They can go London and some small cities. Speak english has advantage.

Bloomberg 15 Mar 2018.
"Some 31 Indians have fled abroad to avoid prosecution, lawmakers were told in parliament on Wednesday. These include Vijay Mallya, the tycoon behind India’s best-selling beer, who’s becoming something of a fixture in London courts as he fights cases including extradition. Also named are Nirav Modi, his wife Ami Modi and brother Neeshal Modi, who have been accused by Punjab National Bank of fraud, and Jatin Mehta, another jeweler who allegedly fled to St. Kitts. Mallya, Mehta and the Modis deny any wrongdoing."

Anonymous said...

People borrowed millions cash and fled. This man has highest ambition.
He climbed up second storey to steal underwear.

U bet whether he is NS man?

"A 31-year-old man was arrested after he was allegedly caught attempting to steal undergarments in Taman Jurong on Thursday morning (March 15).

The man was caught by an alert resident at Lake Vista in Taman Jurong, a Design, Build and Sell Scheme flat.

said he saw a suspicious-looking man loitering around a ground level balcony of Block 138C, and witnessed him climbing up to the second storey balcony."

Goh said...

If we overpay NS allowance, it mean we would be tax more.If taxed more , mean I work longer hour but lesser pay.if lesser pay mean I suffer more.
NS is actually a duty of sinkies and spending too much on allowance is not justifiable.
Which organisation can provide you good food n accommodation etc.
When I got my first allowance, I actually towchio, never know NS oso got good allowance.πŸ˜šπŸ™ŒπŸ˜„
I left some volunteer organisations becos they pay me allowance that I think it defeat my purpose of serving.
Those who serve becos of allwance better return their uniform.

Goh said...

Its a hobby n sickness that we shd not be to offended buy sympathise.
Many would prefer to steal soil or worn underwear.
Only my sifu here understand n can explain why.

Anonymous said...

agongkia u dirty smelly (_O_)

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, one night while you are walking in the back lanes of Geylang, the NSFs or NSmen will catch hold of you and screw your asshole until you shit from your mouth. You better be very careful what you say. There are 30,000 NSFs and 300,000 NSmen in the Military, Civil Defence and the Police Force.

You have offended ALL NSFs and ALL NSmen in the SAF, in the Police Force and in the Civil Defence Force. No Godfather is going to protect you. What can your SiFuck do for you?

Anonymous said...

This Agongkia is actually showing direct and open defiance to President Halimah's call for support for National Servicemen.
If he dares to openly and repeatedly show contempt of the President's direction, he must be somebody more powerful than the Presidency? Is he a PAP Cadre with Secret Unfettered Powers planted here to create havoc?

Goh said...

If we can cut down allowance of 100 dollar each from these 330,000 nsmen a month it mean we can save 33,000,000 a month .
One year saving can let sinkies be free from tax for years.
Though a pokkai,i dun even bother about that 100 voucher or whether they did send me .
Serve with pride and loyalty .
Paying me allowance to serve NS is an insult to my loyalty.

Goh said...

If one found out theres such loyal citizen,it's a waste not approaching him to serve in their organisation.
Me hope to serve in whether grassroots or whatever,but only on one condition.
That they do not pay me any allowance,free car park or whatever.
Many fail to understand the meaning of serve.
Be proud of serving NS.

b said...

Politicis are dirty everywhere. No place is clean. Everyone will bully everyone whenever there is such a chance. Indon still wants east malaysia back. NS is forced labor and an outdated model and continue to help profit some elites and organizations. Today war technology no longer involved using humans but poison, ai, nuke power which are much more effective, efficient and potent. Be thankful papists still provide people with tiny flats, shared bikes and a job that puts enough basic food on table. We are more fortunate than our matland neighbour that has a job that pays well, a freehold house, a private cars and a stupid country nearby that provides even more jobs for them to bring home the more bacon. The world needs a reset. Its useless to tell them to love or like one another. It will never happen. Peace is a myth.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to the Millionaires Ministers and teach them the real meaning of Serving the Nation. Of sacrifice. Of giving without anything in return.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, since u said like so good in army, how come you did not stay on? So this is rubbish talk. As 2.42 pm anon said, u better don't get caught. Better still to clear and clean your mind, just go suck matilar and also ask him to sodomize you. I hope you have a big ass hole, otherwise better put some oil man!

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, u are real one motherfucher cunt😰😰😰 May God blast you always

b said...

Yes, very important that ministers sacrifice their paycheques. That "
is vital for Singapore’s future”. That will allow smalland to develop first class war technology that can defend herself.

Anonymous said...

"The silliness of the Asean leaders for not being able to tell a devil standing in their face is in their DNA. The Americans could screw them everyday and they would still go running when the Americans say fetch."

The silliness of Sinkies for not being able to tell a devil standing in their face is in their DNA. The PAP leaders whom they elected as govt to screw them everyday and they would still vote for PAP when the PAP leaders call for an election.

True or not?

Or is it they can tell PAP is a devil standing in their face but then the opposition is a more evil devil so they vote for the lesser of 2 evils?

Goh said...

Yes,regretted did not sign on .
Did suggested for volunteer army to volunteer before they have a volunteer army .
Unfortunately ....they only allow new citizen .

Anonymous said...

"The silliness of the Asean leaders for not being able to tell a devil standing in their face is in their DNA."

Please lah, if they are silly, how can they be leaders?

U scold the Asean leaders for being silly u are also scolding the Asean people who are ruled by these silly leaders, u know. Only more silly people allow silly leaders to lead them, correct or not?

Anonymous said...

Halimah Serving the Nation is paid S$1.6 million per annum excluding perks and bonuses.

That's $4,383 (dollars four thousand three hundred eighty three) per single calendar day!

b said...

""The last high-profile CFIUS ruling, the rejection of Alibaba's $1.2 billion friendly bid for payments provider Moneygram, made complete national security sense: letting a Communist Party-linked Chinese company take control of a chunk of American payments infrastructure, even a small one, would certainly have been risky. But Broadcom is Singaporean, not Chinese, and very American in culture. Most of its executives are either American or at least American-educated. Unless CFIUS has access to intelligence that the rest of us lack, there seems no reason to be suspicious of Broadcom."" (Forbes)

Politics are dirty.

Anonymous said...

"Mediacorp has apologised after a trailer for a travel programme showed the Taiwan flag superimposed on a map of China."

These producers and presenters cannot see the difference between Taiwan KMT flag and China 5 star flag?
Called that oversight? Some of these clowns are so hard core in symbolic advantage over China.

Virgo49 said...

These Silver Serpents too full of oversights. With LKY and GKS around many would be in the line of firing squads.

Like that Sheridan George's lectures. They approved and can said oversight. So simple matter also oversight.

Ahgongkia should be in the Taiwanese Unit 821 in Kinmen Island just opposite China.

Unit 831 was a brothel of women prisoners to serve the Ah Peng Ker NS Men and regulars.

Posted there to booking Orr kue Tuas or Kongs. After not suitable for any other vocations.

Very approximate for you. Got commissions and signed until Mati

Your Sifu will also loved it.

Virgo49 said...

Hello b, this DT also wanted to arm-twisted the Fox Studios in joint venture with the Genting Group Resorts of their ongoing soon to be completed Theme Park at Genting Highlands.

That's was when Najib became too friendly with China.

It's seemed that the matter is not on the cards anymore.

Genting Resorts can simply have the last leg joint venture with China and see whether the Fox will have their tails down.

Then it be Siow Ting Tang instead of the Fox chasing the Acorn Nut.

Anonymous said...

In order to justify the upcoming censorship laws, the Singapore government broke it’s own rules of stopping foreigners to comment on local political issues by inviting an anti-Russian Ukranian communist leader to speak at the Singapore Parliament's Select Committee.

Is Singapore going to imitate Ukrainian Communist Dictatorial System?

Trumpeting The Trumps said...

Donald Trump Junior's wife, Vanessa Trump, files for divorce. Wonder what has happened? Is it too much political differences or too little sex?

Or she was planted into the Trump Family by the Deep State to spy on them?

Anonymous said...

Who said this in Parliament on 3-4 July 2017?

"If MPs believe that something is wrong, it’s MPs’ job to pursue the facts and make these allegations in their own name, decide whether something seems to be wrong. And if you think something is wrong, even if you’re not fully sure, then come to this House, confront the Government, ask for explanations and answers."

Anonymous said...

Singapore has been ranked the world’s most expensive city for a fifth straight year.

Singapore, an island city state of 5.7 million people, is 16 per cent more expensive to live in than New York, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit survey which compares the price of over 150 items in 133 cities around the world.

The costs of living in the 719 square kilometers island city state is set to rise even higher after the government announced a planned 2-percentage point hike in the GST to 9% after the next General Election in 2021.

Goh said...

Dun be shallow minded.
The world's most expensive city could also mean the world's richest city.
A ranking that Sinkies should be proud of.

AKiangKong said...

Don't be too proud and boastful. The world's most expensive city can also mean the world's most mismanaged and deprived city.
A ranking that Sinkies are put in many disadvantages and miseries, caused by self-enriching, cocky, conceited, boastful, and egoistic leaders and cronies.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, that shows your lack of depth lar in economic and social aspect. Seriously consider my suggestion to get yourself sodomized by matilar to wake up your silly brain.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 16, 2018 11:50 pm
//Singapore has been ranked the world’s most expensive city for a fifth straight year.
Singapore, an island city state of 5.7 million people, is 16 per cent more expensive to live in than New York, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit survey which compares the price of over 150 items in 133 cities around the world.
The costs of living in the 719 square kilometers island city state is set to rise even higher after the government announced a planned 2-percentage point hike in the GST to 9% after the next General Election in 2021.//

As stated previously, the generalised wage setting (WS) macroeconomic equation is given by W=PeF(u,z) --- Equation (W1.1)

Whereas the generalised price setting (PS) macroeconomic equation can be given by P=(1+m)W --- Equation (P1.1)

Under this macroeconomic modelling, the aggregate supply (AS) curve can be derived from the above WS-PS framework.

Now in the WORLD'S most EXPENSIVE city as reported in the EIU, the equation W1.1 would not work in such a setting? Otherwise, wages would increase to equilibrate demand & supply? Apparently over the years, real wages fall rather than increase relative to COL in particular factors such as housing?


Under the world's most expensive city, the macroeconomic modelling most possibly throws up a flat aggregate supply (AS) curve for labour and a (relatively steep) upward slopping AS curve for other factors such as land?

This is PROBLEMATIC (for wage earners)?

On one hand, the SS (supply) curve for labour could be flat in such a model as the foreign labour policy practically yields infinite ΔΊabour quantity?

No matter what is the labour demand, given a flat labour supply curve, the wages cant go up?

On the other hand, in the goods market, supply is not flat but upward slopping?

The conventional loanable fund or money market macroeconomic model is not applicable in the world's most expensive city too?

So adding all up, how is the equilibrium attained for the price level and real GDP output level?

Given the goods market, loanable fund market and labour market circumstances in the world's most expensive city, at any given aggregate demand, for the equilibrium to hold such that real GDP keep increasing but wages are DEPRESSED, the aggregate supoly curve for labour is not only flat but shift downwards to "SUBSIDISE" other factors of production such as land?

It is technically (more than) a DEAD-END for low-wage earners but not a lot better for middle-income earner as well?

Given the infinite labour supply (more than 7 billion to be exact), limited land supply (the peesai size of 719 sq km and not even visible in most world maps unless printed on a magnified ginormous scale), the real price of labour (real WAGES) cannot go up whereas prices of goods and services will keep going up due to very limited supply and worsened by a moving average of 1.3 million tourist population and increasing, and a growing population which add up to a rightward shift in the demand curve?

To use army lingua, wages is hengtakaki or marching on the same spot and probably real wage is keblakanpusing or marching backward whereas prices of goods are chapajalan or marching forward constantly?


Real wages keblakanpusing (backward marching) and prices chapajalan (forward march)?

So a revised equation W1.1 looks like this?

W = PeF(u,Ls,z)

With Ls infinitely large, this translates into a flat WS curve?

With a flat WS curve; how is real wage going to increase (mathematically)?

Anonymous said...

If someboLEE draws up such labour market and goods market policy implications (to their pockets, bank accounts, retirement funds) in the world's expensive city in a simple graph vs those of other countries, many might get "heart attack"?

It's a system whereby for many wage earners, tail others win, head wage earners lose?

In other words, a no-win proposition?

For example, JC sch fees is $36 a month but private tuition fees is another few thousand $$$?

Your kids have a chance against the millionaires children?

Ask or survey those rich kids who got a strings of 3As or 4As in their H2 subjects, got (expensive) tuition or not?

Most wage earners dont have a chance?

Their offsprings also dun have much chance given public education is almost free but expensive private tuition is a necessity (to get the As in many subjects)?

In other words, this system is built by, for and around the rich and elite?

Practically, it is:

For the rich, with the rich, for sinkieland's rich and elites (only)?

Cannot see how that is going to change ...

If agongkia and matilar said they will take care of yewr wives and daughters, yew all (dafts) really believe them?

Given their sexually perverted nature, they wont sexually abuse yewr wives and daughters till they have to walk with legs apart and cannot close properly?

When agongkia and matilar are tasked to "take care" of yewr wives and daughters, yew better not gong gong take it at face value?

For u and with u could mean they farked your wives and daugthers for u and make sure with u not there to protect them?

Next time when agongkia and matilar tell yew they are for u and with u, the best thing is to grab your wives and daughters and quickly run ...?

Virgo49 said...

Smart Sinkies given another few years to chow lors and made survival choices.

By next GE, if the Dafts still NOT wake up, which is likely not happening and many have to skip three meals into one.

Back to the 50s and early 60s.

So, Matland after disposing your overvalued HDB flats still can have six meals.

Nice car and apartment and vast hinterland to explore.

Not everyday shopping complexes until become jaded.

So plan in advance. Leave them to Rot in MOT.


Anonymous said...

Anon 8.37 am, u are right. Given matilar sexual perversion including incest whereby he even abused his own Mother, sisters and daughters, u better never ever let him take care of your woman folks. He even attacked his own Daughter when she was 14 I think. As for agongkia who called matilar as his sifu, he is known to attacked other people wives and shamelessly said he hugging for free.

Both of them are mental cases posting their comments here to irritate people. Virgo was right. They both Kena spat on by one botak when they were in their Mother womb. The constant bombardment on their heads have affected their brains. πŸ˜€

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

echoing angongkia's sentiments:

No fucking kidding. We (the collective "we") are fucking rich, especially when to take into account the relatively small population jammed into a tiny area. Still behind Hong Kong, but not far behind. Plus HK has fucked up smelly air. Singapore has reasonably good air, until those asshole Indonesians start burning down their forests.

Singapore is an awesome, rockin' place to be in, provided you disentangle yourself (selective ignorance) from the bad aspects of the local culture and treat the place as a fun HOTEL. Like every great hotel on the planet, you must have the means to be a customer, so it is fairly exclusive. The great part about being Singaporean is that from the moment you're shit out of your mother's chau cheebye, to the day you up-lorry, you are already a potential permanent guest at Hotel Singapore. But you have to work it such that you truly metamorphise (like an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly) from a govt-controlled minion and cog-in-the-PAP's-socially-engineered-wheel, into an FREE INDIVIDUAL who is at liberty to make their own decisions and selfishly pursue their own "happiness", leaving the rest of the whiney motherfuckers in the swirling pool of shit, to be flushed to oblivion with glee 🀑 πŸ€‘

Acceptance of objective reality is the first thing. The second thing is finding out how to make it work for you and how you can PROFIT from it. The third thing is the hardest, and it it where everyone fails: Taking Action to make it happen...for who? For you, dummy!!.

Unfortunately, in Singapore culture failure is BAD. And this is why many people stop, just give up and go out to the blogs and forums to vent their spleens over why Singapore sucks dead donkey balls, cherry-picking the data and allowing the negative emotions to run rampant. These sad fucks, just don't get it and probably never will.

However if you take failure as a "signal", you can re-trace your steps, modify your plans to action, and try again. Do you feel butt-hurt after a failure? Good. You're human. You should feel your negative emotions to the full, but not more than that. As they say in the US Navy SEALs "Embrace the suck!".

Then one day: FREEDOM. Of course, there are no absolutes in life, so you will never be absolutely free, but then isn't "freedom" more a mental state than some physically, tangible and measurable thing anyway?

Good luck!

Hotel Singapore---best in the world. 🀩

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "sour pussies" 827 & 923

{827} >> Next time when agongkia and matilar tell yew they are for u and with u <<

I would never say I am for you nor anyone with similar mental states. I am very choosey on whom I associate with. πŸ˜‰ Sorry, you don't make the cut.

I have said over and over and over (x10^ infinity), I am only for MYSELF. You, can get fucked...or do whatever it is to mess up your shallow lives even more. πŸ€ͺ

Anonymous said...

After test balloons whether to charge Silvia Lim (not test balloons on GST), they shying away from charging Silvia Lim ?

That would not reflect well on the 4G elite. Wanna charge, must go ahead and charge, and prove that they were correct in their accusations of Silvia Lim all along !

Virgo49 said...

Matilah,only those who have no roots or parasites to sucking the
bloodline of a country will treat that country of residence as a HOTEL.

Those who loved their Country of Birth will risks their necks trying to better the lives of their fellow men and women.

Understandably your lynching of those countries of your parasitic
behaviour that you have no souls for them and treat them as just your playgrounds.

This is the soulless lives of those who only knows the capitalism of their less fortunate human beings.

Likewise those the Papies cronies and their Masters. They are accomplishes to the demise of a Nation.

Virgo 49 said...

Accomplices to the demise of a Nation.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Matilah,only those who have no roots or parasites to sucking the
bloodline of a country will treat that country of residence as a HOTEL. <<

Or---without resorting to the use of ad hominems---we just managed to analyse the situation pragmatically, and come up with solutions which benefit our INDIVIDUAL selves, and then act accordingly, wobbly and failing miserably...until we can inch ourselves, bit by bit to "freedom".

Maybe you don't have the capacity for such painful endeavours. Maybe you just won't fucking try. Or maybe, you just don't care enough about YOURSELF to better your station in life.

One more...maybe you just like playing the entitled victim. I don't know. You should know. I suspect...You don't.

>> Those who loved their Country of Birth will risks their necks trying to better the lives of their fellow men and women. <<

Ah...fucking BULLSHIT mate!

Where in the fuck do you come up with this stuff? 🀑

Anonymous said...

Matilar, as u care only for yourself then why don't u move to one island and live there on your own. There you can Pak chur Chen on your own when u feel like it and spare the woman folks including your Mother, sisters and daughters. Or max u can have agongkia with you and he has a mouth and ass to satisfy you whom he gladly served as he viewed you as his sifu.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, many of you and your co-horts simply lived overseas and some studied there,especially the Kan Tan countries and back with some papers which are sometimes even more inferior than our Singapore "A" Levels and
think that have already arrived.

So, thinking that they are Superior Beans scorned on their fellow beings. Many Overseas Unis accept even "O" Level qualifications as to our Minimum "A" Levels. So you can see the quality of their degrees.

These Air in their heads Arrogant so called papers scholars are a lot of bums compared to our local graduates with stringent qualifying criteria before they are admitted.

Just like those who opted that their children in elite schools are when they start working in real life finds that their are worse in many aspects as compared to their humble cohorts who did better than them.

So many of you self proclaimed elites are just bums which we called them Boh Lean Chors.

Only good in having one sentence talk like their Ang MOH monsters
pricks in their mouths slang without full stops and commas.

Many with their well to do parents supports after finding themselves NOT employable start some OMO business and then pretend to be Director or CEO of MNCs.

They are usually not in the assets owning companies. Mainly papers for Monies services con glib tongue businesses.

Lastly, they have followers like AhGongKia who hated those with Christian Names as through he himself do not have one to worship these useless bananas.

Called him Sifu. What ironic.

Anonymous said...

Well said!


ooo hoo!!!

Goh said...

Adoi,laochek Virgo ah,oops or you another Robert Seet?
I got family members who are their believer too.So pls dun anyhow say hor:-)
You need to know the difference between Xtian names and Angmo names .
Since when did I said I hated those with Xtian names?
Long time ago in my kampong I do have 2 family members and oredi named them Bobby and Robin.
After they passed away we even gave them proper burial except without tablet cos it's a normal practice unless they are human,they are our pet dogs. We miss them.
My sinpopo bar n karaoke GRO all either Lucy,Mary,Grace etc but who cares when what I need is only the you know what.
Certain people are born into family of certain faith and there's nothing wrong with having certain name esp.those given by parents.
During my most difficult period it was one of their follower who approached and help me without condition,believe to be send by God, but did not insist that I change my faith so I do have high respect for many of these followers even if it's only one of them.
What I mean is I am feeling ashame with many of our parents,religion aside, name their babies with names not related to the roots but just fancy western names.
Go kindergarten n you hardly find proud traditional name like Chuang Kwong Yong or Yap Siew Hong etc.
We see babies like Kimberly,Priscilla...
My concern and view is that those children brought up with western names will end up losing their roots,behave like angmo ,look down n bully on the less educated or poor,n you will see more old folks home needed.
Western country may one day think we worship them like God and may tend to bully us.
Now you know why taxi uncle like Peter Tan or Sebastian koh tend to got assaulted by angmo?
That's my thinking.i did not insist I am right and You can name yourself Robert Seet ,your children Reuben or Josephine etc.Who cares?
Western country is not my cup of tea.
My preferred place of burial if I have a choice,Zhao An,Penang or Tsoying.
I am Goh Ah Gong.Forever proud Ah Gong.

Virgo 49 said...

You know your Hero LKY is called Harry Lee.

So, you scorn him also??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah peh kaninah, Virgo...how so misinformed you are. I hope you are joking and don't really believe the stuff you've written. If you do actually believe your "world view"...I just can't imagine how tormented you might be 🀣

You are so darn petty, you even take issue with the fact that some people like "western names" with their "ethnic" names. What are you? 5 years old? πŸ€ͺ.

I have absolutely no issue with the level of Singapore education. I have a rock-solid foundation in math, science and English thanks to the fantastic competitive education environment in Singapore, plus the respect for learning. The staff at the NLB branches in the city know me by name because I'm one of their "regular customers"...I'm spend a lot of my time at the library during my sojourn's to Hotel Singapore.

You also suggest that I am anti-Singapore whereas in fact, I've been praising Singapore as a rocking awesome place. I like meritocracy: if it is good, take and use it, spend your money for real value. If it's a bucket of shit, fuck it off before you lose money. Singapore wins me over, not for any particular "patriotic" reason, but because it is GOOD. I will re-state: I'm the most important person in my life.

It is Singaporeans of a certain type who never fail to disgust me. I think these people should be rounded up and marshalled to one of our Southern Islands out of sight and out of mind, away from the "rational locals" who want nothing but their cuntry to get better and better, with or without the PAP---who are still doing a good (good, not great) job running the shop. And why wouldn't they? We pay them enough to do a fairly decent job...best fucking payscale in the world, goddamnit!

I doubt I've clarified anything. No matter. You live how you want to live, and I'll make sure I do exactly just that as me as the #1 person in my world.

You can choke on it, mate! 🀑

Goh said...

According to what I first read,that name was given to him when he went study oversea in Cambridge or whatever but it appear that he is still call by his natural name .
His children are not given westernize name .That's why I have high regards and respect for him in that aspect.
Even the DIL has no western names,and I agree with her view.
But who cares?
So long as sinkies dun keep blaming everyone or the garmen when landed in old folk homes by their westernise thinking children.
Can call me Ricardo Goh or agongkia Goh oso can,you happy ok liao.

Virgo49 said...

AhGongKia, you have those no Ang MOH extra or Christian Names like the Chee Hong and what's Swee Keat and what's Loong or Looney.

See how dishonurable and deplorable they turned out to be.

Pui, Siak Soa!

Goh said...

Batatai laochek
Ohor,you scorn uncles like Mr.Ang Chin Leng.
People who lost or forgotten their root can be more honourable meh?
Need me to mention some of them?

Virgo49 said...

Who's this Ang Chin Leng?

Heard of Ang Chin Huat.If you tired of living and not seeing any more Sunsets, can contact them.

Or ask Ang Sam Seng to send you off.

Our time First time roll call at Tg.Pagar CC before proceeding to CMPB killing on 3-Tonner.

One called Ang Sam Seng shouted "Yes" in a booming voice in response to the Malay Sgt booming voice. Othman Wok nearly faint when he heard the Name Ang Sam Seng.

Imagine our time Dragon and Tigers tattoo Hokikien Pengs.

Now youngsters want to show off their coloured tattoos and wore three quarters pants but walk gelake gelake.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, aiyoh when as teenagers got listened to Rediffusion or not?
Stylo milo in those days as teenagers....where got used name, Ah Hock dedicate Angie by Rolling Stones to Ah Choo of CHIJ?
Sent in songs' requests as Richard Ricardo Lim from SJI to Karen Betty Sim of CHIJ, Victoria Rd, with DJ Larry Lai and Mike Ellery on the mike.
Once we were young....the Young Ones.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One of my aunties used to work at Rediffusion. Brilliant system. Early version of "music streaming" over communication network i.e. audio content transmitted over the copper in the phone system.

Anyway at one "road show", she introduced me to Mike Ellery...I think they might have been fucking...whatever...they knew each other, apparently quite well. "Unlce Mike" was a super cool guy. The bloody angmoh was more "local" than many locals.

Rediffusion was definitely more interesting than the staid RTS (Radio TV Singapore) stations...which, being state-owned and controlled (what's changed?) was the main medium the PAP used to "bullshit"...I mean brainwash the locals.

RTS content was completely useless. Every evening they had "Speak more Malay" "lessons". Total rubbish. During the day they had some kind of "educational TV" for schools. Also boring garbage. Between every program they had PSAs (Public Service Announcements) like "Eat More Wheat", Anti smoking messages, "Stop at two"...social engineering writ large, especially attempting to "regulate" people's desires to raise families.

Once in awhile, Lee Kuan Yew would come on to "lecture" the people.

The social engineering started long, long ago. And all this time, Singaporeans have fallen for it---and continue to do so.

Maybe it works? πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Yeah, RTS was one boring site, like Shit Times of today, full of propaganda & campaigns like Commie.
Young & old were hooked on the creative & entertaining Rediffusion.
Top 40, UK Top of the Pops for teenagers, Song Request & Dedication, Ong Toh Wu Xia stories for Hokkien, Lay Thia Sor for Cantonese, etc.
Old Man killed the "joy" by banning dialects on Air.

Let's see LoongSon "fake news" laws are likewise aimed at killing the "joy" of coffee-talk shop entertainment in social media?