Chan Chun Seng just gave me a reason to support GST hike

Read the extract of an article posted by Augustine Low in the TRE below.

‘Forgo the GST hike and Singaporeans could end up finding imported goods and holidays less affordable. This was the warning given by Chan Chun Sing at a Lunar New Year dinner.

The pain of having to contend with price hikes and tax hikes is bad enough. But politicians like Chan have the habit of making it worse by giving excuses and rationale which shows a disregard for Singaporeans’ common sense and intelligence.

Defending the GST hike, Chan Chun Sing somehow managed to turn it into something which simply had to be done, otherwise Singaporeans would lose their privilege to continue enjoying imported goods and cheaper holidays.

How he got from GST hike to imported goods and cheaper holidays is a classic case of taking the argument to the extreme in order to convince Singaporeans that a GST hike is the only way out because the alternative is far worse.

To sum up Chan’s argument: without the GST hike, the government would have to draw from reserves and the world would surmise that Singapore has a weak fiscal policy. Forces at large would therefore collude to weaken and destabilise the Sing dollar, and after the Sing dollar comes under attack, Singaporeans’ savings and spending would be negatively impacted. The result: less money for imported goods and holidays.

Wow! And just like that, Singaporeans are supposed to buy into his argument that a GST hike is preferable to none?’

I state categorically that the above is not written by me, but appeared in the TRE.
I am truly convinced by such clever argument. Our PM in the making, more good years coming with more GST hikes. Oh, there is another reason to support the GST hike, it will help the poor, for the good of the poor. Now, how not to support the GST hike, you tell me lah.

PS. Below are some not so complementary and hilarious comments on our future PM in Ausgustine Low’s article. Please don’t take them seriously and treat them as fake news or comments of the losers.


Samuel S:
March 5, 2018 at 9:38 pm (Quote)
For once if we have chance to choose our PM, we will 100% write CCS off the the list! Just dont understand why our current PM think he is suitable choice because PM Lee himself is not qualified to lead the country. The reason he is here is because of his father LKY.

March 5, 2018 at 10:18 pm (Quote)
4th GENERATION “GET SINGAPORE THINKING” aka GST have all run out of ideas of how to govern LEE-jiapore.
The art of governance is reduced to simplicity of CHICANERY including floating the trial balloon and accusing others of working up on suspicions AFTER they had tabled falsity statistic to advance their wicked plots of accusing WP of municipal accounting fraud that never existed.
We don’t want the PAPpys around anymore. They are all failed apprentices whereever they go.


March 5, 2018 at 11:05 pm (Quote)
I am not sure if Chan Chun Seng actually takes Singaporeans as some kind of an idiot.
Idiot politician is not the problem, the problem is we have idiot voters keep voting for them. That’s the reason, Chan Chun Seng treats Singaporeans as idiot.
Singaporeans, we have been called daft by the PAP, are we going to prove that they are right!!!

March 5, 2018 at 11:19 pm (Quote)
No worries, gong gong sinkies are very forgetful.
Once GE comes, dangle some goodies, add in some threat if miw gets voted out housing price will fall and our women have to work as maids
gong gong sinkies will vote against pee and poo.
add in the new citizens, it will be 80% next time

opposition dude:  
March 6, 2018 at 1:10 am (Quote)
Keechiu was never very bright so the things he says are absurd at worst and good for a laugh at best.
This goes to show that ministers do not think before they talk. I’m sure we all remember Josephine’s forever unforgettable you don’t need a big space to orh ee orh or Zorro wanting to upturn the downturn or even once in 50 years.
Just wait for the next time kee chiu speaks, it will be another lightbulb going off moment.

March 6, 2018 at 7:14 am (Quote)
CCS is an ABSOLUTE IDIOT of a politician ! ! !
Three words for him ” OHHH SHUT UP ! ! ! !”


Anonymous said...

Do not TRUST Politicians especially the white party talk cock sing song CCS. This little red dot will be ruined when this Kee Chiu Akan Kee Xiao become PeeAm if this red dot.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Chan Couldn't Sing became a scholar and a paper general?
Bluff his way through?

This is my suspicion, not accusation. I am not making any allegation without facts. I am just making an assessment of him based on his behaviour and what he said publicly.

So please don't ask me to apologise, like they attempted to make Sylvia Lim to apologise.

jjgg said...

Look like junior schoolboy and talk like primary schoolboy..reasoning like kinderkid.. really ah.. this is the cream of G4? Or shit really floats!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singaporeans in general, and pundits like RB in particular never fail to demonstrate their propensity to fly off the handle like a chick on her period and allow their emotions to rule their reaction to a silly claim made by an "expensive" autocrat.

C'mon. The first thing you should do is ask this motherfucker for THE MATH to support his claim.

Also, any allusion to any form of conspiracy theory---like "collusion" to attack the currency, again conjured up from thin-air without proof to scare people, should be thrown out like a used tampon. (My attempt to connect my period metaphor with a used tampon metaphor. My creative writing teacher will be impressed!)

There are only 2 ways to separate a Singaporean from his cash:

1. Ensure that he receives a benefit when he hands over his dough...it could be a "psychological benefit" like doing good by donating to charity. Whatever it is, the perceived benefit must be present in the mind of the person digging into his wallet.

2. Use the "Lee Kuan Yew Method" of absolute authoritarian rule and FORCE people to pay up, and be done with it. Let them scream and yell and do what they so predictably do: complain, complain, complain but take no action...but eventually people have no choice but to pay up.

This clown from the PAP would have been slapped by LKY is he were still around.

What The Fucking Fuck Fuck? There is NO EFFECfIVE OPPOSITION in the parliament, the PAP "own" the ground, which means no need to sing-song-talk-cock, just pass the fucking Tax Bill, and move the fuck on. SLAP!! (hopefully with knuckle-dusters)

LKY,pissed off with this minister: "You young fool! Pay attention and use the advantage we have from decades of dissent-suppression. You use power, you get results.

When you talk rubbish to Singaporeans, you insult their intelligence, and you deserve the ridicule! But your speech also degrades our image in the eyes of the people. You're fired!"
(LKY channeling Donald Trump from "The Apprentice")

Sometimes, I really miss the old fart. He was fucking fun!

The GST and subsequent tax hikes is a clear signal that the govt. cannot run things on the enormous revenue they already get from taxes, fees and returns to sovereign investments.

This "growth model" of increasing the population by any means fair or foul, and then building and building more and more for the sole purpose of "nation building" is going to run out of fans very soon.

Even reasonably well-to-do locals are saying "Fuck it, move to Johor" because living in Singapore is already fucking costly. (not as costly as Perth, but that's another story). When you move to Johor, you can buy a car at 1/3rd the price in Singapore (no COE!!), run it at around 50% less (servicing, fuel etc all cheaper), and just pay a Malaysian RM1500 per month to drive you into Singapore if you need to. Many friends of mine do this. They are fucking laughing. Malaysia might be 30 years behind Singapore and corrupt, and racist...but hey, they'll happily take your money for goods and services.

Taxes, fees and charges are going to increase in Singapore. Perhaps it might be time to consider the "Multiple Flag Strategy"---i.e. have "multiple flags" to your identity, have residency or entry privileges into other territories where you and YOUR MONEY will be (more) immune to the grabby hands, backed by an Iron Fist of our lavishly expensive government.

Anonymous said...

Too long. Skip. Waste time reading.

Anonymous said...

He must be right to say that 9% GST is needed for safeguarding the reserves. He is a front line minister of the efficient PAP government. How can he be wrong?? The people of Singapore, at least 70% have given him the right to impose this increase on the whole 100% of Singaporeans. Singaporeans get what you have voted for. Be thankful it is not 20% as it is in UK. Phew, must be a great relief. Until most European countries Singaporeans only need t pay 9%. Be thankful Singaporean. Come next GE, vote for another GST hike.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies minds are absolutely clear about gst increase vs currency exchange rate. There are so called studies by academics to show more consumption rates, higher currencies in northern europe. But sinkies did not fall into the traps.

The key point of consumption hike and exchange rate is the employment situation. It s not more gst, higher sgd. That is suicidal concept.

Indirectly, it points to salary level and exchange rate. This point many sinkies will have the impression as real. Higher salary level, higher currency against usd. ie stronger currency. Higher salary level like UK is because of UK s consumption tax is high? Cannot be. It is because UK is strong in export. Germany is strong in export, its salary level is higher than sinkies. Its currency against usd is always strong.

Currency strong or weak has no direct relation to reserves (here means currency reserves, not the warko reserves that is not transparent). Taiwan dollar is weak because its salary level is low relative to China, similar to sinkieland. Taiwan dollar is weak because it has low real cash reserves? Not true. Its currency reserves is 4th in the world. In other words, currency weak is a manipulation: done by Taiwan to enable its exports.

To compare about secret reserves: Taiwan has real gold stored in guarde place transport from China by Chiangkaisek. Sinkieland s opaque reserves in trillions are not gold.

To increase the gst to make export strong is never heard of theory. It was expounded by one millionaire ministar. If not making export stronger, can currency be stronger? Still can. Use the domestic currency reserves to buy back sgd to prop up the currency rate: this is suicidal.

Only export is strong, domestic employment goes up, consumption increases, and salary goes up. Then currency will be stronger. This millionaire s theory that increase consumption tax rate will make currency stronger is not founded on sound logic. Its like seeing someone well dress, with car driving around, he would assume this person is cash rich. Not true, that person can be heavily indebted. That is exactly the point financial market sees sinkieland.

Sinkieland increases gst for what? To increase its cash position. If itself is cash rich in trillions, what s the point to increase 2% tax on general goods and services? To financial market as a whole, the interpretation is: increase tax to pay off the high public debt which is above 100% GDP or above 300 billions. This is more logical. How can a rich man has trillions, yet he owes 0.3 trillions cannot pay off at least 50%? Need to increase collection, say moonlighting on a person as example. The 2% tax increase is to pay debt.

The 2% increase will hit hard on jobless and retired to reduce on foods, medical expense, education expense for children, transport expense. Not to mention entertainment will be cut off. The risk will be higher to an economy depending on retailers. This millionaire was not logical when saying increase could make currency strong: actually will weaken currency exchange rate. Why? In the coming 2 years, foreign investors knowing tax hike will move out. These include investors on retails, especially luxurious brands. Local manufacturers if not moving out will increase expenditure to buy machines at lower rate than future. Will the increase in buying lead to increase in salary? The opposite will happen.
Salary level will be stagnant and hardly go up: this can increase strength in sgd? Let wait and see.

In conclusion: look at the employment level of citizens, not cheap foreigners. If citizens salary is increasing due to 2% hike. Currency should not go down. If not, currency will go down.

Voters are improving fast. Listening to politicians need to digest with the brains. When voting for teams, one has to be selective on the team s quality and not entirely base on brand. One may die of lightning strikes to commit such sin.

Welcome KuehLapis-nomics ... said...

A 3% GST was implemented on 1 April 1994 under GoaLaonomics, correct?

Under TakBonomics, GST was raised twice from 3% to 5% and then 5% to 7%, tiok bor?

The architects of both GoaLaonomics & TakBonomics are Economics First Class Honours graduates, no?

These 2 architects are the Economics pole-bearers of the 2G & 3G respectively, are they not?

Now, such pole-bearer of the 4G may have emerged?

And equally deserving (with an Economics First Class Honours degree to boot)?

Welcome to the next change, akan datang peesai economics "sai" ... oops ... economics "Tsar" ... the coming soon new economics of peesai ...

Ladies & Gentlemen, (pls give a thunderous round of applause to &)

Pls welcome ...

None other than ...

KuehLapis-nomics ...

Hurray Hurray ... (pop, pop, pop ... fireworks ...)

Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

Khong Hee Fark Choy (to sinkies for the future GST hike being announced during 2018 CNY)!!!

DAFT Sinkie said...

Vote PAP!
Vote For More Taxes!
Vote for higher GST!
Vote for MORE Compulsory CPF Money-Sucking Schemes!
Vote for More Foreigners to replace you.
Vote for MORE Foreign Trash and Fakes to take your Jobs!
Vote for MORE MRT Breakdowns.
Vote for MORE PAP MPs Absenting themselves from Budget Debates.
Vote for Higher Ministerial Salaries and Bonuses!
Vote for that few $hundred throw at you during Election Time!
Come on! All Daft Dinkies! Give PAP All the Power so that YOU Are Well Taken Care Of!
Vote PAP.

For you and With You.

Spend your money FOR YOU!

Bring in foreigners to compete WITH YOU!

Vote PAP! Vote PAP! Vote PAP!
Long live PAP!

Anonymous said...

Divert but related to Korea:
SK envoy told reporters, Trump told him, he will meet Kim Jong Un by May when invited.

Look at the creativity and flexibility of Trump and Kim Jong Un, sinkies leaders are just not close in intelligence. The latter still stick to Globalization, depending on immigrants to boost demand.

Will sinkieland boom with additional 1 millions foreigners to stay here and work here? Is sinkieland really having so many pmet jobs catering for millions of foreigners? (for 7 millions population in 10 years ahead).

Sgd migh dive down when jobless sinkies leave or worst, when unrest happens similar to little india riots.

Anonymous said...

He not only utters stupidity, he even looks stupid.

Our next PM?

In that event, get ready to be refugees for we are all done for.

Game over.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Here's the data for CURRENCY RESERVES form our very own not-a-central-bank-but-actually-a-central-bank MAS:


Got Gold lah. ~4 million ounces, worth ~USD 5 billion.

SDRs ~ 1 billion worth ~2 billion SGD

M2 ~ USD 420 billion (kani nah, small cuntry has nearly 1/2 trillion USD in monetary assets. Rich lah!! )

**Note these are currency reserves. Not the "secret" oo lui/ bo lui? reserves. OK?


Everything in and about Singapore and Singaporeans are ultimately about The Money which keeps the whole fucking thing in awesome and rocking states, which is the ENVY of even the most developed cuntries. Dun pray pray ok?

Here's some of my observations:

1. People and businesses relocate here---primarily for the money to be made

2. Everything in the culture and day-to-day life involves and revolves around MONEY: ERP, COE, CPF (not your money, gimme my money...kppb 24/7/365 non stop), HDB, GST, Baby Bonus, Pioneer Generation Election Bribe, Healthcare, Education, Transport, PMET salaries, PM & cabinet salaries, Singapore Pools (tax on the emotionally weak and math challenged), Owe$Pay$ (Your friendly neighbourhood ah Loong), and so on.

Everyone is onto "get money lah" cultural game in Singapore. See that old aunty and uncle selling tissue at MRT? They are trying to get some money.

Did you see the pastor rip his congregation? For what...Jesus? No lah, money.

Wah lau, what is Roy Ngreng bitchin' about: fucking money lah, what some more.

How about those "education service providers" who've ripped the taxpayers under the guise of helping unemployed Singaporeans "upgrade" skills? For money lah.

Why do Singaporeans visit Johor? Fill up car, buy shit, makan big big, try to smuggle cigarettes... save money lah dummy. Nabeh, can escape PAP tax...why not?

Better order another kopi: "Ah tee ah, kopi C siew tai!

Please continue the kopitiam cock-talk session. Dun forget to throw in a few sentences with the words "million, billion and trillion" into the conversation. If you don't, we'll take away your citizenship because you're obviously not a TRUE $INGAPOREAN.

Virgo 49 said...

Aunties and uncles sells tissue because they need the MONIES for survivals.

DONT lump them with those who conned their MONIES to have X-0 chai tua kuey.And X-0 funs with call girls.

If Uncles and Aunties have enough? they want to sell tissue Papers? ?

Better have fun in Genting Highlands pressing the Jackpots buttons.

The Rich who symbolises them picking the cardboards for exercises play with the hostess nipples buttons.Who this guy??

Future PeeAyam?? GST so you can have cheaper holidays

Anonymous said...

Continuing revelation of a VERY VERY EXPENSIVE & UNPRODUCTIVE POPPIES GOVERNMENT AND ITS FOLLY that is made plain for all to see...ownself shoots ownself show. The show must go on. Welcome to Tummysick land of the buy-high, sell-low talent & her dishonorable man.

Anonymous said...

Chan Can't Sing!
Chan Can't Sing!
Chan Can't Sing!
We want Chan Can't Sing to be PeeAim!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Aunties and uncles sells tissue because they need the MONIES for survivals.
DONT lump them with those who conned their MONIES to have X-0 chai tua kuey.And X-0 funs with call girls. <<

Aiyoh, please lah Tambi... do those oldies eat, or shit, or breathe air? If they do, then we can lump them with every other person (which is everyone) who eats, shits and breathes.

The point being this: Having MONEY in Singapore is perceived as being on par with the very basics of life: eating, shitting and breathing. Everyone is entitled to make the excuse: "I need money for SURVIVAL. " and in the Singapore context, those are not just empty words...it is the basic, unvarnished TRUTH.

If you are Singaporean, you will live and die by the "cultural meme" of If you die, your business!. The old aunties and uncles selling tissue or performing God-awful music at MRT stations for a few bucks might be "admirable" for people in desperate situations---i.e. being old and completely fucked-up financially.

However their presence does fortify a greater objective cultural truth, widely believed in the hearts of Singaporeans: "If you don't pay attention in your younger years, for the security in your older years, you will fuck yourself up...and NO ONE WILL CARE!"

Those old aunties and uncles would serve well as "poster children" for the govt's "advice" to everyone: Personal Responsibility. It also has a terrifying subtext: This is a meritocracy. If you cannot create value, and save-invest for later, you're doomed!

These matters are seldom discussed, and never discussed in polite, PC company. Because they are too painful. But everyone is aware...better have money lah.

I'm merely illustrating the cultural truths of our "interesting" society---the one and only Singapore society. No other cuntry has a similar culture, not even our Hong Kong cousins.

It's because of this "fear of not having enough money" that the PAP (the govt that Singapore deserves) is so wedded to the present growth model.

Fucked cuntry, Brilliant HOTEL! 🀑

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Seng is really a great asset to the PAP and NTUC. He is such a clever boy. He looks like a boy and talks like a boy. Also behaves like a boy. Do you all know how young he is? He is only 6 or 7 (67 or lok-chet in Cantonese) years old. He loves to sing and he lives to talk cock. Sometimes when he sings, he thinks he is talking cock. Sometimes when hevtslks cock, he thinks he is singing. As a 6-7 boy, he simply cannot know which is which. You all must pardon him. He is only a 6-7 boy!

Shall we call him Singapore's 6-7 Boy? I think this would be an appropriate TITLE for him from now on.

How many agree? Kee Chiu!

Anonymous said...

Matilar, what kind of nonsense view you are talking about. If you are ever a leader in sg, sg will be totally destroyed by you. Though I am against your behaviour but in the interest of national security, u better go do your best. Go back to Australia as the old women are all waiting for you to suck their deflated tits and get your tips lar. Spare sg lar and stop influencing and poison other sinkies minds

Simple Economics by Heartland Sinkie said...

RB //I am truly convinced by such clever argument.//

Uncle RB,

Thank you for another great post (yet again!).

Below is a "pertinent" article (to your post) to share with MSN readers and would appreciate if you can post it up as another entry as per Part 1 & 2 previously.

As mentioned before, pls edict/ amend any error you may deem fit. Thank you.

"Generally, wages in the labour market are determined in the below simplified algebraic equation:

W = PeF(u,z)

On the other hand, prices that producers charged to consumers can be determined by the following equation:

P = (1+Tgst) (1+m)W

Substituting the first equation into the second, we get:

P = Pe(1+Tgst)(1+m)F(u,z)

Further simplifying the factor “u” and converting it to output (Y) yields the following relation:

P = Pe(1+Tgst)(1+m)F(1-Y/L, z)

Given LHS is P (price level) & RHS contains Y (national output), this relation can be plotted in a Price Level – National Output space.

At any given aggregate demand, when the term “Tgst” is increased, say eg from 7% to 9%, at each and every national output level, P would be higher translating to a decrease in the aggregate supply.

Thus, the effect as shown (Mathematically) above implies that at a given aggregate demand, an increase in Tgst would lead to the double-whammy pernicious effects of a higher price level and a reduced national output."

NB: Above formulations are “clobbered” together during lunch break hours (on 9 Mar 2018) amidst gobbling down of a take-way sandwich in a crowded “chairless” stand only tall tables eatery in town area. The “inspiration & motivation” (to “clobber” above-mentioned formulations) came from reading Uncle RB’s post while walking to buy a quick lunch. Thus, there may be oversight in the formulation. If there is any conceptual “discrepancy”, would humbly and highly appreciate any learned economist working near Uncle RB’s office in MBFC, RP or any Economics Professor teaching in the Unis to share their insights. Thank you so much in advance.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ kapoh-kia 230:

You know, I am so touched by your concern for my welfare. Singapore needs people like you to advise others how to go about their lives, who is fit to lead, whose tetek in your opinion is best to suck...

...no need Google lah. Just ask you... you have all the answers

πŸ’©πŸ’© . ⚰️ πŸ’€

Heartland Sinkie said...

Oops typo ...


Anonymous said...

Fellow Daft Singaporeans especially the 70 percent goondoos take note that Thirteen ( 13 ) Billion Dollars are set aside for ministers pensions and retirement benefits. I came across this in what's APP message. Don't know whether this is true or not If this is true it is really outrageous. If not the authority must clear the air . Politicians are not Civil Servants and so are not entitled to pensions. When they are elected they are only on contract to serve the people only for that period of time or for that term of five years. At any time they can be voted out and the country will have nothing more to do with them. They are voted in as people's representatives to serve the people and the country and are justly paid with rich salaries and bonuses during their tenure of service. They must not twist it that they are elected to be served by the people and to rob the country and enrich themselves and thereby impoverish the people and the country. Anyway why did they dismantle pensions for civil servants and then shamelessly emplace themselves with astronomical pensions. This is legalise robbery.

Anti legalise ponzi schemes that rob the people perpetually.

Anonymous said...

Btw Uncle RB,

Just now was rushing for a meeting.

In a haste, forgot to insert in the opening the "heading". Should be titled "Part 3". Tq

b said...

Gahmen said support must support loh. Which law states sinkies have a say? Still do not get it. Sg is a stopover. Those that are good will make their way to anz or cuk. Long live the Queen.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, you are welcome lar. I I don't really advise people lar except you in the name of national security. Cause u talk nonsense all the time and tried to influence other sinkies. Besides your flawed political, economic and social view, I understand that you have some terrible disgusting personal behaviour like the incest thingi. I understand you are proud of them as well.

Only in the recent blog posts that you disclosed that you are a small botak residing in Western Australia Perth and use consulting ( unemployed) as a front but mainly make a living servicing some old white widow for small tips. From the blog posts some said your are a fake matilar but irrespective of whether fake or not, both views are the same and irrelevant. All I can say is God bless and hope you will live a useful proper life in near futureπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

If follow Chan Chun Sing's line of reasoning, than the greater the GST hike, the better it will be for the Sing dollar and hence the better for Sinkies.

So might as well lift the GST rate from 7.0% to 90.0% instead of just 9.0% !

Anonymous said...

@ 3:22 pm.

Well said! I agree and support your view and assertion. Politicians should not have pensions or further benefits once they are not in office. They cannot suka-suka equate themselves with the Civil Servants and hitch-hike upon the Civil Service Pension Scheme. Moreover, since they have done away with the Pension Scheme for Government Servants, they themselves should know better not to shamelessly engineer paying a pension to themselves. How absurd and ridiculous can that be?

Anonymous said...

Greed for Money and Power must have overtaken their better judgement and mental faculty!

b said...

Politicians are like warlords in old days.
You vote for them = you want them to exploit you.
Otherwise, try to go anz or cuk.
At least the Queen keeps a door open for sinkies.
Long live the Queen.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ March 09, 2018 4:11 pm said:

"If follow Chan Chun Sing's line of reasoning, than the greater the GST hike, the better it will be for the Sing dollar and hence the better for Sinkies.

So might as well lift the GST rate from 7.0% to 90.0% instead of just 9.0% !"

Chan Chun Seng has no basis and no facts nor statistics to back himself up. Therefore he has no line of reasoning. He was not using reasons, nor did he use facts. He was merely vomiting garbage that he cooked up himself, probably due to eating too much rich foods that have affected his brain, or he could have been whacked by his wife the night before until his head cannot think straight any more.

UK's GST has been going up but UK's Pound has been going down. This fact alone destroys whatever Chan Chun Seng has been trying to con everybody, even PM Lee is being conned by him.

Anonymous said...

Sinkingpore is basically run by the PAAP as a big corporation & unfortuantely for its massive lower rank employees a bubble brought-up academic paper general CEO has been appointing absolutely the worst & wrong people to run its various business arms; he has appointed goondus brought up by public money most of their lives without any real understanding of how to compete n win in businesses except screwing up n exerting pressure on its massive employees. Unfortunately for these employees most cannot "change jobs" n there is an ongoing system to replace them with cheaper 3rd world employees. Its one of the most abused and incredible deception of political democracy of a nation.

Anonymous said...

Abused and scammed into believing foreigners will create "good jobs" for local, many citizens pmet should realize by now.

Trump s one year of creating job efforts made unemployment at 46 year low. The millionaire still spoke good about globalization at Davo.
Citizens should know, if without foreigners taking over their jobs, citizens income will be far better than now. Retailers will have more buying. F n B will not close down so frequently.

There is hope to get rid of these scammers. In Ghougta war, the civilians under Al Qaeda IsIs control went to the street to protest. They held Syria flag and walked slowly to protest. They want to get out to Syria side, not to be used as human shield.
Defying IsIs at Ghouta war time or peace time can be killed instantly. Yet these men did it and shown on video.
Just that sinkies are so meek, continue to vote for these incompetent scholars.

Citizens being held as shield to profit for the elite corporations by hiring foreigners as majority, hiring citizen as minority is similar to IsIs control type of human shield scenario. Companies operating on sinkieland want cheaper labor cost and the elites gave them all they want. But there is very little corporate tax on sinkieland. Main tax is gst.

The elite held citizens as human shield to wayang to other voters that they are helping foreign companies to hire citizens. Voters do not mine foreigner hiring foreigner if voters are not affected. The elite pretends they are checking 500 companies to ensure each hire some citizens. Are all jobless pmet happy with what the elite is doing?

Citizens become human shield to pacify voters to vote for the elite for allowing so many foreign companies hired foreigners not citizens. Yet companies are paying lowest tax 17%. Citizens are cheated yet dont know.
Elite s performance is questionable. The union chief also hardly push for salary to go up. Is he good in performance?

There should be a day citizens are tired to be human shield for the elite to wayang and collecting huge pay.

b said...

March 09, 2018 7:11 pm>
There are citizens who are like mati-lah who rent out their hdb but live elsewhere and want a lot of migrants to rent their hdb and milk them. These include politicians, expoliticians, excivil servants etc. Its a vicious cycle.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ don't know how to spell "matilah", anon 404:

>> Cause u talk nonsense all the time and tried to influence other sinkies. <<

Aiyoh ah chek ah, how many time I have to tell people:

1. I'm not out to influence anyone. I like to write nonsense for selfish entertainment lah. Kaninah, you still dun get it? πŸ€ͺ

2. I don't offer any evidence to back up any claim. I don't have to. If I'm outrageous wrong, Redbean, an amazing proof reader and fact checker will shit on my head. You see, to be effective you have to delegate work. πŸ€“

3. I don't give a shit how people live their lives. They can even bash each other up or rape each other's women-folk...I simply just don't care. If it is worthy of a joke, I will try to make one...for the exact same reason: selfish entertainment.

4. My prediction remains the same: Singapore is doomed. The people will sabo themselves. It will take sometime because we are so fucking rich, and we can tell even big cuntries to take a flying fuck, but the cuntry will end up in a steaming pile of shit, and there won't be any money there to even pay the toilet bill to flush this sorry destruction of a once-great civilization.

There is also more to the story...many sub-plots and some nefarious activity. But the collapse will mainly be due to lack of emotional control writ large, a callous "you die your business" attitude, and the constant blaming of the govt, foreigners, and everything else under the sun resulting in a complete failure of taking personal responsibility; and of course good old-fashioned, plain brown-paper INCOMPETENCE.

Never attribute to MALICE that which can be explained by STUPIDITY πŸ‘πŸΎ ⚰️✔︎✔︎

>> but mainly make a living servicing some old white widow for small tips. <<

C'mon, you know you are just making up stories about me. You think you're being funny by trying to "cut me down". Nice try, and please, don't give up πŸ˜‚ Maybe one day you will succeed, or maybe you won't and all your time would have been wasted...but you'll only realise this just moments before you DIE πŸ’€ In that way, I get to have the last laugh...assuming I'm still alive. But no matter, when they Up Lorry you, hopefully there will be an honour guard there to salute your service in protecting the national security from a worthless beach bum. πŸ‘πŸ½

...however, you might have a point there where I can pickup some "extra cash" by servicing old white broads. If I wear VR (Virtual Reality) goggles, I'll be looking and be immersed with sexy, dirty, jambu young babes, I can bang these old bitches like a an NS man on his first visit to Geylank. Further more, when these bitches take out their false teeth, just imagine the awesome potential of the resultant blowjob. If I jizz on their face, I probably can charge them "extra" for the "premium service package".

Thank you for your suggestion. You've been helpful. 🍻

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "Jealous much?" b 759:

>> There are citizens who are like mati-lah who rent out their hdb but live elsewhere and want a lot of migrants to rent their hdb and milk them. These include politicians, expoliticians, excivil servants etc. <<

Wah Ah Boy, you very clever to create story about me hor? Anyway, no matter. All fun lah.

Renting out HDB to migrants is a definite "game in town". Yes, of course, the more the merrier, the higher the rent (assuming people don't fuck off to Johor, or that the govt doesn't all of a sudden release thousands of new unit to "spoil market")

>> Its a vicious cycle. <<

No lah. No need to get so elaborate. Here's the simple explanation: It's REALITY. The reason you might think it is "vicious" is because you are not in the game yourself, and you bang balls to see other folks making money by milking the system.

You better wake up from your slumber, you are missing the money-party. True die-die Singaporeans are always looking for "lobangs" to exploit. How to "win back" some money from the cheng-hu? This question is perennially in the back of the minds of many locals. Why do you think the cuntry is so fucking rich? πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί

Anonymous said...

Matilah is correct on the point that Spore is very very rich. Yet it is doomed though will take a longer time to mess away more than a trillion dollars of reserves:
1. Number of pappies eunuchs have been increasing rapidly over the years & they are expensive n unproductive n need to be fed very well. Its a fast developing entrenched culture that started with million dollars pay of GCT. It has taken deep root. Once your politicians & govt decision makers have million dollars entitlement & over-estimate of their paper skills...you had it.
2. Propaganda conned & rigidly controlled citizens plus a million or 2 of 3rd world new citizens is going to make a low productivity & poor economic environment for a financial centre in a very competitive global media based society.
3. A no backbone people are being built up.....those with backbone like SL of WP is very few & in between. Smarter ones give up and many will continue to migrate.
The political arrangement of ruling elites is almost airtight to remain in power for a long time.
But again in life the unexpected may happen.
Who knows many GRCs may fall to WP and things may change for the better though slim.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 934

There's a widespread belief that getting the "right people" to oppose the PAP will fix the situation, and we can all bathe in the sunshine with unicorns and rainbows, luxuriating in a mystical Utopia where everyone is rich---eating and shopping-- and the cuntry at peace.

No such thing. Sorry. Political expression is a collective enterprise. The guy or gal "voted in" by the majority is representative, and expression of the culture. Consider the unspeakable possibility too: the PAP have already recruited the "best" people.

I consider the rebel wards like Hougang to be out of the blue outliers...Black Swan events. You can argue that these events can be tipping points toward change. But you can also say that these are fluke events which don't really have much impact in the longer run, as fascinating as they might appear to be. Are events like this "signal" or "noise"?

Who can say for sure? No one.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, instead of wasting your time and other people time posting here, why don't u just go back to bang the few white Grandmothers u are able to con. I

Anonymous said...

Rent out hdb to foreigners, is it long term life time way of life? If the landlord stays in condo, he has to sell off hdb. Land office has his name. If landloard stays with sibling or other places, there is privacy problem.

Everyone has one life. When time is up its end, who want to choose no privacy, no freedom to stay in other s home? So there is opportunity cost. Almost all self dependent family will stay on their own to enjoy day to day freedom.

Foreigners flooding is Pap s policy. The bad consequences are waiting to happen. Crimes like molesting, kissing/hugging at underground path way, little india riot burning cars, many others unheard of will happen, including spreading diseases.

There will be some day, new team of politicians want to clean up this foreigner flooding policy because foreigners do not bring income to citizens.

Renting out hdb flat is not income because the landlord needs to house himself and family, cost is there. It is not a way citizens want to do as long term as income.

Anonymous said...

Grace Fu blames Sinkies vs foreigners divide on Sinkies' lack of better social norms instead of jobs?

In interview with The Straits Times, Fu said some Sinkies are unhappy with foreigners as they feel that they do not follow social norms, such as how to behave on the train, at hawker centres and even not to hang clothes on playground equipment.

Fu acknowledged that some of these social norms are also not well established among Singaporeans. "If we can have better social norms, I think you can take away some of the friction on the ground in day-to-day interaction," she said.

Fu never mentioned anything on Sinkies' unhappiness about losing jobs to cheaper foreigners.

500 companies were reportedly marked by MOM for unfair job opportunities against Sinkies favoring foreigners. But these companies were just behaving on rational goals of maximizing economic profit, albeit lacking on societal obligations, given the generous official policy creating abundant availability of cheap foreign labor.

Last available figures on the net point to a 5.7 million population in Singapore consisting of 3.4 million Sinkies and 2.3 million foreigners squeezed on the tiny 719 square kilometers island state.

Josephine Teo recently said the population may reach "significantly below" 6.9 million in coming years.

It's not sure by "significantly below", she mean 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8 million ?!

Anonymous said...

5.7 million population excludes 1.2 million "tourists" pass-holders or tourist visas at any one time. That means the tiny island is filled with at least 6.9 million people at any one time NOW!

Anonymous said...

When population reached 6.9 million. By that time the "tourists" would have reached 1.3 million at any one day. Therefore, total number of people occupying this tiny island would be at least 8.2 million.

So, never forget about the "tourists" population. They too need to take MRT, taxis, buses; eat, shit, sleep, play and Fuck. They too occupy the common space and facilities, and public amenities, food courts, entertainment centres, beaches, etc.

Goh said...

Sometimes my heart pain when I see two aunties arguing over something just to show one they are working ,got study high school or trying to impress dunno who.I feel very boliao.
Nothing better to do better go home cook delicious food or give hubby a good massage instead of being disgraceful .
Bortartcheh like me can't understand the last floating balloon thingy they talking about by these boliao kopitiam reject aunties.
When I see saliva being cornered over this floating baloon thingy me feel like needle poking in my heart.
I started to love auntie like saliva.
Oops ,should be Silvia or is it Sylvia.
How I wish I can go hug hug this auntie saliva but many cctv around watching me:-(

Goh said...

Moral of story.
Dun anyhow use cheemful or so call bombastic English to show one's 'powderful' in English.
What's there to argue over a balloon floating on the sea.
I really catch no balloon.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, the reason u catch no ball it's because you are an idiot botartchehπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.20

Tell that Grace Fool to lie down and opened her legs wide wide or bend down changed positions and let the Foreigners fark breaking the record of our ex SINKIE girl forget her name to reduce friction between locals and the trash.

No need KY for he already reported to HELL Jade Emperor.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You know, when 2 women fight, they should do it naked and covered in oil or some other slippery material. I don't even care if they are "aunties". Just get naked lah, and entertain us chauvinist men. πŸ˜‚

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now you understand why LKY did not allow his ministers to anyhow open their mouths?