How the white Americans cheat the world to get rich

They were enterprising, yes, but they would not have been that enterprising without cheating the rest of the world to get a jump start to wealth and glory. The wealth of the white Americans are built on cheats and deceits, on plunders, violations of human rights and laws, and wars. Let me put it in very plain terms for all to understand.

First they came and conquered, killing the native Americans and stole all their land, for free and termination of a civilization of people. They got free land from the native Americans, a whole continent of it. That is why they called America the Land of the Free!

Next, they built their farms and agriculture on free labour. Yes, they had free labour from the African continents. They treated the Africans as beasts of burden, as slaves, to work for free for the white farmers. Now you know why America is called the land of the free, free labour, pleasures from the African womenfolks included.

This is not enough, they got free labour from the Chinamen to build railroads. The Chinamen were treated not much different from the slaves from Africa. See, everything is free in the Land of the Free, to the white men.

After stealing land and exploiting free labour, another remembers anything about human rights, they got free money from the rest of the world. How did they do it?

It’s elementary Watson! The rest of the world have to give free money to the Americans to spend lavishly on themselves. Still dunno how they did it? Petrol dollar! Let me give you a simple analogy. If India or Indonesia or Japan needs to buy petrol, they must buy US dollars first. They need to go to an American bank and exchange their rupees, rupiahs and yen for American dollars to buy oil from the Arabs. The Arabs gave away their oil, lost their oil to get American dollars. The Indians, Indonesians, Japanese, the rest of their world, lost their currencies to get the oil. The Americans did nothing but collected all the monies from the rest of the world. All they did was to print American dollars without a sweat for the billions, trillions, quadrillions, the rest of the world voluntarily gave to them in exchange for the papers they printed.

Now you understand how the Americans got so rich without having to work? Now you understand why petrol dollar is so important to the Americans, to make them so rich without having to work a day? In the Land of the Free, they get free money from the rest of the world to spend. The biggest and most lucrative product of the USA is the American dollar.

With all the wealth they accumulated from free land, free labour and free money, they could invest in R and D, in education, in the finer things in life. But they did more. They continue to exploit the rest of the world by starting wars, starting fires every where. Then they sell them weapons to fight more wars. And as the rest of the world are madly engaging in wars, they forget that they have to build their countries, develop their countries and build a better life for their people.

The rest of the world are so lost in fighting wars, preparing for wars, engaged in arm race, to buy more weapons for wars. And the American military war complex keeps producing more weapons for the rest of the world to indulge in wars while the Americans continue to live in peace in homeland America, Land of the Free.

The Americans don’t just export weapons, they export wars. This is how the Americans destabilised countries, kept them busy fighting and buying weapons and forgot about developing their countries and economies.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

This the Eastor Week.
Let the Gods do justice to Humanity. The Almighty One up there will not just make the Americuns Greed Again, Justice shall prevail & the Universal Law of Cause and Effect or Karma shall do justice & the Evil Ones shall be punished & be sermon to Hell, lets wait and see.

Virgo49 said...

Next they exploited the Natives with Rich Reserves of Oil and other Resources etc.

In Indonesia, they provided Oil Rigging Activities with the larger percentages to them.

Next, they have Scams like Layman Bros that lay your wives and sisters and cheated you of your MONIES.

Even the Shivering Sobering Funds lost chunks to them.

That's why they can be Land Whales and spend most time on their leisure vice activities of grabbing the pussies.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.19

Read on Yahoo that the Senile Mr Pope answered that there is NO HELL when asked by a beliver.

So, NO HELL, what's the point of believing in HIM and be Saved??

So, how many billions believers been conned by them. Only have them.in numbers for their Titles and then have the priests sodomized their Choir Boys.

At least the Chinese still have beliefs in Karma and HELL except Matilah who wAnts you to do good for the Heaven Gates.

My God, this one also they conned.

Wah lan, yesterday's morning after swim at My Faber SAFRA, when bus reaches the Saint
Theresa church, need at least three more buses to take all the Pinoy church goers.

See how many of them in Sinkieland by our beloved PAP Government.

Wah piang, strangers in own country.

Tks to the 69.9% dafties.

Anonymous said...

But from March 26, China started the petroyuan whereby China buy oil based on yuan backed by gold. China bought 100 billion of oil in 2017. So now 100 billion taken away from us$ paper export. China also buy gas from Russia outside of us$ and BRIC countries are trading outside of US$. Iran is also selling oil outside of US$. Last time when both Iraq and Libya wanted to sell oil other than us$, the countries were invaded and their leaders killed. USA can't invade China so likely a regional was involving North Korea, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China will be created soon.

Anonymous said...

On Sept 7, 1853, taking advantage of the confusion and lawlessness that followed an attack by a small army of rebels (the Society of Small Knives) against the Qing government in Shanghai, a group of British merchants and hired thugs raided the Chinese Customs Office in The Bund and looted all the goods which had been left there for duty assessment purposes. The Chinese officials on duty were powerless to stop them and fled for their lives.

On the next day, when Qing authorities tried to enter the building, they were blocked by British marines sent there ostensibly to protect the interests and trading rights of British and other foreign merchants under the unequal treaty forced on China after the First Opium War.

The Qing government ruling China then protested but to no avail. Britain and later the United States simply took over the collection of duty on goods on the pretext that the Qing officials had proven to be inept at the task and were, in any case, unable to provide safety and security. But instead of handing over revenue collected in cash, they “paid” the Chinese government in promissory notes, which, as it turned out, were not worth the paper they were printed on.

Worse, by the end of 1858, after losing the Second Opium War, China had to cede all custom duty collection to the British. This continued for close to 70 years.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.55am

If there isn't any Hell, then go robbed any one or bank, go murder anyone when u hate.
Look at China past great philosophers & influence of Confucius, Taoism & Buddhism. If the Chinese r not taught of these, the karmic effects on the world can be devastating.

Virgo49 said...

That's why I said Anon 10.14

These Farking Barbarians kid themselves that once they are SAVED, they can plunder, murder and committed all sorts of hideous Sins and they believed that their God can Saved them.

That's why the World is so chaotic.

Other religions believe you must do GOOD to be saved.

Anonymous said...

Blame the white, yet people round the world willing sign their death warrants to be slaughtered in any way the providers want.

Hey this is NO religious message. REAL. The worst example was Gadafi. He voluntarily gave up nuclear weapon program, did according to what the west told. Recently, French ex president sakosky was nabbed for receiving US$40millions from Gadafi. What about the other western leaders not nabbed. Sadam s death was no difference.

ISIS signed death warrants to fight for the white in Syria. Nushra was once sitting at table facing Assad to demand the latter s resignation. The one arranged for the conference was white John Kerry. Nushra was wipped out by SAA. At Harasta surrender, 19k fighters and civilians of 20k were sent to Idlib in 89 buses provided by the west. Assad won. One more target at Duma, that s end of western supported fighters. The balance are all at one place Idlib. Trump knew it cost money to feed these defeated fighters at this place. Trump declared US will pull out of Syria soon. Who sign up for the death warrants? U tell me lah.

One site still tells its readers to sign for the warrant despite the providers, from the white sold their personal data to some analytic to make money for political party to predict victory. This is a local site, might not be a NS man lah. The lesson u never learn is: u often sign for your "sold" warrants by using the apps. These apps are provided by the white..free. U tell me lah. One side u blame the white unkind to u, one side u cannot create your own apps free for others to use. U wanta blame who to slaughter u?

Hey look at the world. The white are far superior. Not always working for the west and US. Putin fired the Satan 2 from North Pole yesterday to test run. It traveled 20 times the sound speed. Ranged 6000km, according to Nato.

Putin is Kin Jung Un s ally, or the other way round. Will Kin Jung Un sign his death warrant to give up Nuclear according to US and China s demand? Will this young man with pretty wife die like Gadafi soiled his face? Or hang his head till drop out like Sadam? Will he be so meek like these two death? U tell me lah. One point to be clear is: these dead are not white skins. May be the world is: the white tell the yellow what to do, including signing death warrants. They will do it. That is the truth. Look at the backside books, who will object to the company sold/provided free or whatever, their personal data? The yellow only want the free gratifications.
If Kim, a yellow want to sign the death warrant? Even Putin has the speed 20 times sound speed missile will not help him? Tio bor ah hiar?

Those who want to sign the death warrants provided by the white, dont even look at them. They chose those paths to mark history. Life goes on for those who are not interested. Its not the end of human race.

Anonymous said...

//..These Farking Barbarians kid themselves that once they are SAVED, they can plunder, murder and committed all sorts of hideous Sins and they believed that their God can Saved them.//

These r Not God's kids. These r Hooligans & Karma will serve them right Lah!

Anonymous said...

We welcome the entrepreneur Russians. Contrast them with the job-cannibalizing CECA India nationals !


Anonymous said...

You guys forgot that the Whites also FREELY spread their White-Lies Religion and promoted FREELY their X'Mas to con people to buy "GIFTS" for exchange, eat turkey and become like Turkeys, eat Log-Cake and become like Log, eat pudding and become like Pudding, and drink their Wines FREELY and become Drunks.

They also invented Beer and Alcohol, and promoted them FREELY for idiots to get addicted and spend all their income and get DRUNK.

They also invented Cigats and Cigarette, and promoted them FREELY to make many idiots addicted and "smart" white-men-oreinted banana government to keep increasing Cigarette and Alcohol Tax to suck money out of the addicts.

They also invented the Opium War and now yhe Drug War, and promoted the Opium and Drugs FREELY to suck idiots and innocent young men money out of their pockets VOLUNTEERILY and WILLINGLY.

They also invented and promoted FREELY the Junk Drinks Coca Cola and Pesi Cola, and all the sweeten drinks to suck stupid people's money.

They also invented and promoted FREELY the Junk Foods McDonald, KFC, Long John Silver, Burger King, etc to get idiots and their children addicted and give their money FREELY, VOLUNTEERILY and WILLINGLY.

They also invented and promoted FREELY Military hardware and weapons for idiots to start arms-race to "defend" and "protect" themselves and VOLUNTEERILY and WILLINGLY pay money to them and still got to kow-tow to them.

The list is endless.

Anonymous said...

Countries that want to go nuclear risked going the way of Iraq. Iran would have gone the way of Iraq if they had not submitted to constraints imposed by the West. If you are a small country, going nuclear, which I mean militarily, is not permitted, unless you are a close ally, like Israel.

North Korea did and have gone nuclear. Because they are smart and learned from Saddam Hussein and Gadafi. Without going nuclear they are dead duck for sure. And the West could do nothing about it, not with Russia and China acting as the buffer against any Western action to take it out.

Now China is playing the smart game of meeting Kim to cement ties. In fact China is the first country that Kim visited since taking over the helm from his father. Why not Xi and Kim meet earlier and only now? Because since Trump himself has approved meeting Kim, China knows that meeting Kim would now not arouse protest and fierce barking from the US and the Western poodles.

The US and its poodles are now turning their guns on Russia. I would not be surprised if the spy poisoning is not the work of the CIA. The British refused to let the Russians into the investigations or provide evidence proves there is much more than meets the eye, and allowing the Russians to investigate further might point the finger at the CIA.

Virgo49 said...

Latest news that the American mafias squeezed the Toothless UN balls and wanted to ban many shipping lines vessels from doing trade with North Korea.

SINKIES Land in fully support of the Sanctions. They even cancelled the visas of North Koreans in Sinkieland.

Now China with Russia and other defying countries should ignore the that dummy UN Resolutions and trade freely with North Korea.

Why be gentle men when the whites are not gentleman.

They are blackmailing the free world.

See whether what's action they dare take for defying them.

Anonymous said...

China s action "since Trump himself has approved meeting Kim, China knows that meeting Kim would now not arouse protest". This view is unique. China might have fear on US on meeting Kim Jung Un before Trump s approval.
However, this guessing means, China will follow what US s demand on North Korea to dismantle nuclear facilities immediately on North s soils.
Trump repeatedly told Xi and the latter repeatedly published the same words. One significant force behind did not repeat the same words because Trump was shy to called him.

Kim was treated well in China. That is a clear signal from Xi: to be friendly to Kim.

Kim was very timely on his move. He was the one who asked Trump to meet. Trump was hoping to do it because Trump does not want to be blocked by China. Trump got his path cleared by Moon, South Korea but Kim was fast to catch this chance.

China will lose its initiative similar to Abe, if Xi did not push to meet Kim before Kim meets Moons and Trump.

That s why Xi treated Kim very well in China. Kim is the winner in this game.

However, the real thing is death warrant. Will Kim sign on it without meeting Putin? Watch for this. Russia has proposed to build bridges, and widening roads from Russia to Psyongyang. Putin is behind Kim when war breaks out.

In short, the meeting between Trump and Kim or Kim and Trump + Bolton will be very short. Trump s Bolton will demand instant dismantling all nuclear. Kim will insist on phases. It is likely be a walk out. Very similar to Xi and Kim, the ending statements avoided denuclearization.
Nuclear or not to North Korea has nothing to do with China. Kim has projected this to Xi. So if Xi insisted to Kim to dismantling all nuclear, Xi is doing North Koreans harm. Kim will not accept, though it has assured Xi. Therefore, Kim will have to fall back on Putin.

China will face problems when war breaks out between North Korea and US, if it cannot be sure of its own stand. This stand must not be dictated by Trump. It will be decisive that China loses a buffer state, if China goes against Kim at war by standing aside to let US has free hand, as reported. Beijing academic even projected to US asking the latter to talk about North Korea after Kim. Kim should know about this long ago as it was in media. Therefore Kim s visit was an assurance, and if Xi still insisted its own stand, China will lose this buffer the last chance. When Kim meets Trump, that is the real thing to watch what Kim has to offer. It will be a short meeting if Trump wants to keep playing in South Korea. Kim is more ambitious than Trump, far younger and intelligent than those old hacks.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To Virgo et al:

πŸ’‘ I don't think such a thing as "karma" exists
πŸ’‘ I don't believe there is are god/ goddesses / demons / angels / fairies etc or heaven or hell
πŸ’‘ When we die, we're gone for good. All the Baryonic Matter which make us, is recycled to make something else. Consider that the atoms of your eyes can end up making up the asshole of an elephant after you die. πŸ˜‚

Since everyone has gone fucking nuts with quotes and bullshit ancient philosophy which doesn't apply, let me offer one, form the last century (a bit more modern)


Let me add a bonus one from the ancient Buddhists: If there is but one "sin" in Buddhism, that would be impatience. i.e. you want "the thing" now, without effort, without payment. "Short cut".

All cons and scams leverage these two principles, more or less. Once you identify where a person is likely to be dishonest, and where they are impatient...you are able to craft your tool for manipulation around them. To avoid being scammed or manipulated, "reverse engineer" yourself (it takes work!)

What these folks of old didn't have back in their day was the explosion of brain-science we've been lucky to have in the last 20 or so years, thanks to technology and cheap, fast computer data-crunching. When the use of fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) became mainstream, adding to the already widely used MRI and PET scanners, brain science just went bananas.

We now have a clearer (but still incomplete) picture of how motivation, learning and reward systems work. Those principles as we know and are finding out more, have been used to code algorithms which play on our minds and basic human desires and flaws to manipulate us to buy, give up our data, or change our minds and beliefs. One of these exciting and increasing AMORAL fields is called neuro marketing. In Australia, it's a seriously big deal. Course at undergraduate and post grad levels are available.

Redbean is always quick to criticise white folk for their moral shortcomings. But he is singularly focused on (especially) the Yanks, ignoring the fact that moral turpitude is a universal human failing.

What aids the Yanks and the rest of the so-called victims is the awesome nature of having an infinitely flexible currency to go along with their infinitely flexible ethics; meaning that they can essentially SUKA SUKA DO ANY HOW LAH and essentially get away with "benefits" at a steep FORCED (on everyone else, including the US citizen) discount. This is akin to legalized fraud, and most of the world has accepted it.

The US Treasury Market (securitised "Owe $ Pay $" market) is the most actively traded mechanism on the planet.

But...no scam or cheating can occur without "willing partners"...the so-called "victims".


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Chinamen built the US railroads, and worked the mines. Every Chinese crew, usually multiple crews was "managed" (controlled) by a Chinese overlord. He used to "tax" the workers (protection money), and negotiated with the White Boss Man. He would organise the food and living, even prostitutes for the workers. The Chinese "HR Manager" would actually exploit his fellow Chinese.

Africans were sold into slavery by the millions. Without the "assistance" of Black African "middle men" or "brokers", the black African slave trade would have been impossible. Here again, we see the mechanism of collusion with black Africans exploiting other black Africans.

In the world of currency and global trade. Everyone has a love-hate relationship with the USD. The interest rates of many cuntries follow the lead of US interest rates---to varying degrees, depending on the cuntry and its central bank/ govt policy.

Whenever these is an economic or financial crisis, the US Fed comes to the rescue of the world and prints a whole lotta USDs. When shit hits the fan, those who have criticised the USD as a tool of evil fall on their knees to give thanks at the Altar of The US Fed.

Some countries like China, are weaning themselves off the USD. How this will eventually turn out is anyone's guess. People have been "predicting" the end of the USD as the world's reserve currency for 4 decades lah. This is like toxic-Christians telling everyone "Jesus is coming". So far, the USD is still here as "print as you like" global reserve, and still no sign of Jesus. πŸ’©πŸ˜ΉπŸ€‘

⚠️ If you get conned, you're not a victim, you're a BLOODY FOOL and you did it to yourself! ⚠️ Remember that next time someone gets the better of you❗️

Anonymous said...

Through Western media, the U.S. promotes the accusation that China steals U.S. technology, trying to create an impression that China's modernization was achieved through theft. This is actually a big lie.

Quite often U.S. companies do not provide their most advanced technologies when forming joint ventures with Chinese firms.

In fact, IP rights are owned by different companies and when they enter the Chinese market, they will weigh the gains and losses and sign the most profitable contract possible. It's impossible for them to engage in cooperation that would hurt their interests.

After four decades of reform and opening-up, China has laid a solid foundation for scientific and technological research. Many Chinese companies are now able to compete with Western firms in many sectors.

The Trump administration wants to suppress the "Made in China 2025" plan and China's innovative capabilities. Washington also wants to ally with other Western countries. This is a naΓ―ve idea that ignores both China's creativity and the fundamental rules of international commerce.

Washington has no way to reverse the trend.

Anonymous said...

When the arrival of the new very hawkish Us security adviser nothing is impossible! Remember the Proliferation security initiative when according us definition of, 'reasonable cause ' ships could be interdicted on high seas. Small States were pressured into signing.

Anonymous said...

UN law of the sea prohibits such unilateral interdiction. So much for international rule of law!

Anonymous said...


" All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death, to do what they do not want to do. "
- Leo Tolstoy

It was about the security of global banking, money and oil, it will only end with the collapse of the American Empire or the destruction of Russia and China,
some clues you may want to know what is coming to yr theater......

The link,
Beyond the Iran-Contra Affair Part 3: The World Anti-Communist ... - Sott

Iran/Contra Pt 2: World War 3 - Anti- Imperialist U - Blogspot

Fiat Currency - iGolder

Fiat currency the cause for our economic miseries – The Final Wakeup ...

Why Qaddafi had to go: African gold, oil and the challenge to monetary ...

The Greatest Story NEVER Told | The Untold Story of Adolf Hitler

The Great Depression and the Role of Government Intervention

Anonymous said...

"very hawkish Us security adviser nothing is impossible"

The contrary is true. That is: nothing is possible except war, but war is impossible to Trump.

Look at the examples:
McMaster said if South Korea did not want to get into war, US will go it alone. McMaster was fired.

Tellison decided to spend US$200million on Syria (possible Ilidib) for forces there, Trump put it on hold. Tellison insisted to keep troops in Syria, Trump said withdraw. He said oredi spent US$7 trillions, got nothing, so withdraw.

Now u guess: North Korea. Bolton wants to dismantle the nuclear immediately. He claims talk was delaying tactics for a war.

U guess how long can Bolton last before he is sacked? Or Trump will go for war.
Putin proved this point yesterday. He fired a Satan 2, 20 times speed of sound, carries 20 war heards on one go.

Tell yourself if Trump, how to fight with North Korea? China must stand aside first. He almost or probably had such promise. Kim s new visit to China might have broke Trump s dream of Chinese not help North Korea in an attack.

Without war Bolton will not last till one term of Trump. Bolton has no other ideas.

Anonymous said...

The Trump–Tsai call is a telephone conversation between the U.S President-elect Donald Trump and the President of the Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan) Tsai Ing-wen which took place on December 2, 2016. This event marked the first time since 1979 that a U.S. President or President-elect had directly spoken with a ROC President. In the call, Tsai congratulated Trump for his victory in the presidential election. The two leaders spoke for around 10 minutes, focusing on politics, economy, and security in Asia-Pacific. Following the call, Trump publicized this on Twitter and Facebook and said thank you to "the President of Taiwan". After Trump's transition team confirmed the event, the Presidential Office of Taiwan released a statement about the content of the call. [1][2][3]

Several prominent Republicans praised the call between the two leaders, saying that the United States needs no more pressure from the government of the People's Republic of China (commonly called "China"), which does not recognize the ROC government and claims Taiwan is part of its territory.[4] Some commentators from U.S. media outlets said that the call humiliated Beijing as it seemed a violation of a diplomatic practice. Other media and comments criticized the One-China policy, saying that Trump's move was moral right and strategically correct for American interests.wiki

The brash n hawkish adviser is coming to step on red lines very soon!

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?!

You all fucking voted for it ... you deserve it!!!! Hahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

RB, I encouraged you to view on u tube 7 parts series of hidden secrets of money by mike Maloney whereby he shows the eventual collapse of US$ and episode 3 was filmed in Singapore. There are many more videos on TOP of this 7 but these 7 are the foundation in understanding. Total investment about 3.5 hours. πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

BOTH the incoming US secretary of State and National security adviser advocated regime change in Nkorea. Did someone say diplomacy is a weakness?

b said...

Empires come and go and it is almost 300 years since usofa revolution. It will come a time when new one will take over. Not sure for better or worse.

Anonymous said...

Another similar interesting title to write about

"How the White Bananas Conned Sinkies And Get Rich"

Even up to today, the White Bananas are using rotten Black Bananas to spew fake words in fake committee to enact fake laws to crack down and punish dissenting voices and Critics as "fake news" and "fake news producers".

One day "MySingaporeNews" will be accused of producing "Fake News" and be decreed to shut down.

I suggest that all the articles, including all the comments be backup in another "site" for posterity.

You don't have much time. Make hay.

Anonymous said...

After 4 years of the Hri Kumar CPF Forum debacle, Josephine Teo is going to re-enact and bring back memories of how PAP supporters had deliberately gone online to insult and ridicule an ex-teacher staying 'in landed property" literally begging for her hard-earned life-long CPF savings to be returned to her, on 14 April at the RC centre at Bishan Street 23???

Good show coming?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Anon 4:44. Will find time to view them.

The backup for mysingaporenews is redbeanforum.com. The latter is a read only blog. It was under daily attack with porns all over until I ban access to the blog. Redbeanforum did not have the firewall like mysingaporenews that makes it an easy target to hit and desecrate.

Without access by the hostile agents, redbeanforum has remained safe and secure.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. has obstructed a UN resolution to denounce the Israeli aggression and killing of 16 unarmed Palestinians in Friday's mass protest.

The U.S. provided a cover for Israel to continue its aggression on the Palestinian people and encourage it to defy international legitimacy resolutions that aim at ending the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

U.S. President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has paternal grandparents who were Holocaust survivors.

Anonymous said...

The USA is the MAFIA of the World. Its designs and schemes are becoming more and more well known throughout the world. Mor and more countries are realizing how evil the US Regime is.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The USA is the MAFIA of the World. <<

I say much much better than Mafia. Mafia is illegal. US Govt is legal. Who made it legal? They did. They wrote some words on paper. and they appointed their own courts. So legal lah. Mafia...got no such power, but still got power.

And so if the govt is the Biggest Gangster, it must dominate the not-so-big gangster, but still can fight one. So better beware. Make the Mafia illegal. Therefore you law enforcement (agencies of "legal" violence) can "legally" go after the Mafia, and your "legal" courts can prosecute and punish them under your "legal" code. Problem solved. 😎

This global USD reserve is totally fucking made up by a bunch of Old White Dudes pulling it straight out their arses, and deciding the EXORBITANT PRIVILEGE of the debt-based US Dollar as the Global Standard currency.

All these doom and gloom. I used to be one of these fuckers...now I belakang pusing 180 in my opinion.

How many reports, YouTube videos, expensive seminars, books, courses... simi lan jiau... on the "Collapse of the USD", "Collapse of the global financial system", "Collapse of the US Treasury market"...ah fuck spider lah. All those fuckers short USD and Treasuries all backside koyak, haemorrhaging money from all holes.

The USD is doing just fine.

And it's working perfectly: motherfucker foreigners are buying it to trade with the us and to buy US Treasuries, which the Fed is selling.

Better than Mafia. Better than the best scam you can invent. USD POWER lah. Totally unfair system. Legal theft. Invisible tax. (purchasing power robbed by inflation). Going to be around for long time lah. πŸ€‘

Redbean, bang balls! 🀟🏽