Kishore Mahbubani – Premature retirement

It was a piece of gloomy news that Kishore is retiring from his mentor’s namesake LKY School of Public Policy in yesterday’s media. I look at this development with a lot of misgivings. Kishore is just touching 70, at his prime for an academic and many good years to come. In the academia, people grew with age and experience. Many of more senior age are still plodding along well and good, but not many are of his caliber.

Like him or disagree with him, Kishore is an independent thinker, a very rare specie in an island where everyone thinks he is an angmo descendant after years of being fed with a western diet and believing that hamburger is good for him, his daily bread. Many of these pseudo Asian intellects are veneer thin western droids manufactured and made in the USA and thinking exactly like replicas of little USAs.

The departure of Kishore will lead to a vacuum that is difficult to fill but will be filled as they, as usual, would go around the world looking for another foreign talent to shit over the locals, oops, I mean Singaporeans. Is there anymore Singaporeans left that could think independently as an Asian? Many would think very carefully what they are going to say to be politically correct.

How many Singaporeans could have the honour of being invited to address American Ivy League universities? How many Singaporeans could sit in the same forum panel to discuss world issues with the best in the world without fumbling like a school boy?

Kishore is one of the brightest academics and thinkers that we have produced, of the LKY era. He was LKY’s favourite showman. Now that the LKY era has been eclipsed so would those that rose with that man. With Kishore passing on, not many of the pioneers of his stature would be left standing. And who is there to fill the void? I don’t see anyone filling his shoe and yes, better look for another foreigner of unknown background but a string of glittering degrees from God knows where waiting to be discovered as another fraud.

The grass is greener over the other side. There is novelty in foreigners, many passing off as young genius in the eyes of the gullible and naïve red dot that don’t believe in its own people.

With his experience and reputation, I don’t think Kishore is going to fade away just yet. There will be others that would appreciate his thoughts and ideas. Singapore’s loss is another’s gain. Another case of exchanging our talent with foreign duds is in the making.

Did someone said Singapore is getting dirtier? Must be the rubbish that are being welcome here.


Anonymous said...

All that's left are highly-paid yes-men and group thinkers . . .

Virgo49 said...

Just walk my dog and cursed to myself that the farking government is sick to being all these trash in.

One Indian RC committe member told me to go back to my country.

Where is my Country??

So now they have an Indian PRESIDENT she told me to go back to my country? ?

My country in China? ?

Just like the Mats who told the Malaysian Chinese to go back to China if they are slighted.

I farked her saying LHL may be sick, but we are not sick.

Two generations of us served NS here and you farking black ants told me to go back to my Country.

If PRESIDENT Xi can accept me I be most glad to go back to my "country" rather than your Shits Moody Country.

Sinkies will one day lose their motherland to these trashes.

Aiya, KBW can quote from Sun Tze.

DONT play play.

Pull out grass must also remove the weeds.

That's why Kishore been the weeds ought to be pull out.

If not, they grow and become a threat to you.

Anonymous said...

When we have too many 'young genius', that is when we are heading for trouble.

As soon as they parachuted in, they became instant ministers. Paper generals that do not have the courage to fight serious political battles one-on-one, and have to hide under the coat-tails of entrenched heavyweight ministers to get into Parliament.

What about fighting in a real battlefield? Oops, they do not have to. They just sit around giving orders. The ones that have to die are the soldiers, the ones who gave two good years of their lives as slaves. And meanwhile have jobs taken away during those two years by foreigners!

The MRT system is in deep shit. If maintenance records have been falsified, God knows for how long this has been going on and besides the pumps, what else has not been checked regularly?

If they have to wait for something serious to happen to discover that records have been falsified, it shows the rot coming from inside out, that is not apparent outwardly, but as time passes, is beginning to manifest itself.

Cheaper, better and faster? The whole MRT system has been built on that principle. Now we are paying the real price. Train bodies cracking, glass breaking, electrical problems, rail problems, pumps problems, cultural problems which is human problems. I wonder what excuse they will come up with next?

jjgg said...

Hello... kishore was also a yes man when lky was around.. he only started making noise when old man was 3/4 gone .. his experiences as a diplomat made him realise that a red dot is always a red dot and no amount of masturbation will change global opinion of us. How much more money can you pour into international fund managers for them to keep on saying great things about you. How many $20 billion contracts can u give out. How much more can you tax your citizenry so that temsick n gic can play play. Kishore joins the rank of disillusioned ..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

People grow with years from the things they see and know, ie experience. Some learnt from these and get wiser, some remain just as stupid with their stubborn unthinking and unchanging mindset.

Things changed along the way. Everyone grew up with each passing day and year and one's view could change for the better or for the worse.

Life is not static. What is good one day can be bad the next. A wise head will adapt to the changing circumstances while a dull one would not. Bad always bad, good always good.

You have read the comments of some here that showed this kind of unthinking and unchanging mind.

Anonymous said...

redbean asks:
How many Singaporeans could have the honour of being invited to address American Ivy League universities?
How many Singaporeans could sit in the same forum panel to discuss world issues with the best in the world without fumbling like a school boy?

Dear Mr Chua.
Do you think an emperor wants a star that outshines him?

Is it easier to stay in power after an emperor removes all his capable subordinates?
Desmond Kuek - what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Cheaper, better and faster?
The whole MRT system has been built on that principle.
Now we are paying the real price.
Train bodies cracking, glass breaking, electrical problems, rail problems, pumps problems, cultural problems which is human problems.
I wonder what excuse they will come up with next?
November 08, 2017 9:32 am

If the PAP government did not import so many foreigners into Singapore;
Do you think the MRT system can still survive without breaking down?

Is it really an MRT problem or a population problem?
Is it an MRT problem or an echo chamber (cultural) problem?
Is it an MRT problem or did Singaporeans vote for the wrong political party problem?
Are we even asking the "correct" questions?

Oh sorry.
Singaporeans do not know how to think.
Never mind.
We will have plenty of time to think when we are stuck in the MRT trains.

Anonymous said...

cool! cool! virgo49,,,,,,

Singapore is like that liao!

what to do, 70% voted ok-ED

what can you do now

kpkb kpkb also no use, tooooooooooooo late

so,,,,better to 3Ms if must continue to stay here

hahaha,,,,,go back to your country


what is happening,,,,,,Singapore!

Anonymous said...

so many traitors doing harm to Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The come and go of this kishor is long over due. The other oldies who supported the fake Hague tribunal pinoy judgment all must go to clear the path for this small sinkieland of roadblocks.
The one who hear voices of dead man needs to go appropriate hospital. According to science sound theory: sound energy cannot be created, and sound passes through air. Got it? It is his mental imagination.

Its time to pass down to the young people to manage.

Post 9:23am said some other race asked a NS man to go back to his country. This is closely linked to the living conditions of migrant workers sinkieland employers and garmen exploiting labor.

Go Sunday to see for yourself. The number of migrant workers from sunny land is increasing. They swamp around the hdb estate. This time less the drinking drunkard. But look at the court cases: there are practises of bosses collecting cash back from migrant workers. This kind of cases are obviously from employment passes.

The CECA is the background to ensure streaming of sunny land migrants. The employment passes are issued like papers. The turn them into PR. This process is the time bomb to CPF genuine citizens. Their CPF cannot draw at 100% because PR can take 100% any time when baleh kampong.

The more PR is issued, the less CPF citizens can draw out at retirement age.

If at retired age and cannot draw CPF, working is the only way to survive. The jobs are offered to the sunny land men and women.
NS men being chased out is certain. When is the question?

Opposition should talk to china if they can offer NS men to take up citizenship similar to taiwan. If they can find out a path. Their votes will increase for local NS men who want to run road due to the change blood immigration policy.
At 70 year old, this Kishor should spend time to write blog. He has collected lots of money. Stop pretending he is still energetic.

Believe in science please.

virgo49 said...

Hi Bro, true true.

Let the 70% Dafts be under the balls of their Masters.

Let their children, grandchildren be slaves to their foreign Masters.

Now Trump prograted that North Koreans are starving and dying in the National Assembly of South Korea.

Soon, very soon Kim gonna fire a missle over South Korea as a welcome present.

He wants peace and stated that he had three aircraft carriers loaded with nuclear missles.

NEAR The North Korea.


Rat Catchers said...

Dear Mr Chua.
Do you think an emperor wants a star that outshines him?///

Most of the time it is the in-fighting between two camps. When LKY was around, the rats dared not move against national interests. Once LKY is dead, those rats who were made back-benchers for long long time, started to rise. Now they are consolidating their power behind three Black Rats' leadership - (two with soft power and one with hard power). These three are anti-Chinese and anti-ethical, and anti-national interest. They must be watched and monitored very closely.

Anonymous said...

Under the Leegime of LKY, everything seems blossom, however, under the Ah Long Leegime everything seems to flop or flip like a roti prata...it's a sad day for Sinkieland to have lost another veteran academia, old dog r being kick out of the kernel, seems like Ah Long's administration only allow ball carriers, this does not bode well for Sinkieland but at 70% dafts Sinkies asked for it ..bo bian is too small a word to describe the predicament of Sinkieland Leegime..

Anonymous said...

Trump told NK in SK parliament: the weapons they are acquiring are putting them in danger. Imagine saying the same sentence to Putin? Putin will say ya u r right. Then Putin will look around and call aloud: sadam where are u?.
NK already told US they cannot follow Iraq and Libya. Trump is like selling koyo.

Kim is calm and wise. He seems trying not to stir up anything that US and China meeting becomes a major topic. Kim is wise not to fire missile unless he has new tech improvement.

Trump or SK too, did not want to push for war by visiting the DMZ. Trump said bad weather. (SK hosts had no umbrellas).

Goh said...

Wah piang oi lao chek,
Chin tu lan,hor,?
If what you claim is true,Kena told by inlia RC members to go back to your country is a real insult n clearly shows she see you no up.Pathetic that RC members can abuse citizen and I can feel your frustration .
How can one talk like that?
40 years ago when you belong to that 70% did you foresee this?Did you PG taught your children well that we should be loyal to family n country and not blinded by greed,lust n never abuse power ?
I see everything ok what.
If you feel we are in such a bad state,or being sold away,shortchanged....then it's those PG like you laocheks
got to own self blame own self lah cos you pioneers play a part in the outcome today. Karma tiobo?Why grumble now?
Remember those Goothowtong or Siatin?
You trust Kiatongtarng,gave your vote to them,in return they give you good job ,cheap housing ...at that time have you pay attention to those poor elderly
struggling at tg Pagar pasat?
Or you only do good deed by supporting those pipameis at keong siak kai?
Now so free to bring dog pangsai or pull jackpot consider lucky liao.
Time to repent and do more good deed ,or continue your support to kiatongtarng,join their RC but dun anyhow tell citizen to go back own country lah.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, Mr Chua already said human are not static.

They moved with the times and have brains to think.

Forty years back, you think the old generation thinks it's a mistake to vote LKY and his co horts of GKS, OCT, HSS into Power? ?

As times move on, with brains we choose alternative candidates which we believe will serve us better.

Not like you Dafts still voting the same.

Human beans must use their brains along with the times and not die die just go thru the motions.

Like I posted, the successors who took over with the systems humming away and does not do better Job than their predecessors ought to be replaced.

Simple as that.

As for the SMRT poor performances, the predecessors left Shits for the successors to clear.

Poor Desmond.

KBW said he volunteered and had heart for the systems.

Unfortunately, the Shits has reached the roofs and He is not ruthless enough to do the Hatchet Job.

Anonymous said...

Smrt s problem can be solved over night.
Mumbai has all the experts in train servicing. First India train was in Mumbai 1853. India has trains expert knowledge sinkieland cannot match.
Why ask an army general to head the train service when he volunteered? That is wrong recruitment. Any expert in Mumbai will volunteer to smrt as ceo. Go there to ask for experts.
Change all the useless sinkies to mumbai graduate schools train experts. Mrt will run smoothly every morning and also at night. Silky smooth and no breakdowns.
Follow loong s foreigners create jobs for locals. Never go wrong with his intelligence above all sinkies.

Anonymous said...

hi 126pm

Cannot get experts from Mumbai!

Otherwise our mrt will be Mrt..... Mumbai rt!

Like that how can?

Virgo49 said...

Right, right Anon 1.30

Mumbai and all India Trains like KTM besides passengers in cabins also freeloaders on roof tops.

Insides sharing with cows also seldom breakdowns.

But once a while when the lane changers high on toddy and change wrong lanes, then we have thousands of onlookers plus their Civil Defence Officers milling along the collided trains DONT know what to do.

Right get them to service the SMRT.

Anonymous said...

..huh...Mumbai to take over aSsmrt train operations & maintenance team?!...huh? Little India Riots few years ago still no enough?...These Ah Nehs when they realised that their salary being shortchanged when compared to others in the market, they will roti Prata & worse Riots ...hv we learnt a lesson ( though we aren't bias or racists against the Ah Nehs) but when they come here in big numbers they b a force to reckon with...

b said...

Ship is sinking so he has to jump ship. Sure will retire in Oz or one of those rich countries.

b said...

Those leaders forgot one thing, the earth will move to tears when there are too many injustice. Thus the mrt always failed. The foundation is too weak.

Anonymous said...

I love KBW very very very much!

He is really 万事通!

Without him our transportation will be very very very tough!

We need him to solve the mrt problems!

Yes! He can! He can! He can!

Worry not! Worry not! He is 万事通! 万事通! 万事通!

But, when? You ask him!


Goh said...

Please lah Lao chek.
Stop blaming the 70%.
They are so call dafts of 20th century but no choice.Their PG parents of 19th has a choice.
We dun blame you for your decision .換湯不換藥。
Who more dafts:-)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Kishore is matured thinker with guts to tell Loong, be humble dont play with the the white giant feel threathened by emerging yellow giant n are posturing n pushing. One wrong kaypoh step, n we can be trampled. Loong too proud to listen. Eunuchs jumped on n shoot Kishore. The kind of story has repeated in history many times. Proud n naive ruler circled himself with greedy n selfish eunuchs n soon got rid of loyal capable officials. N sure enough in years to come the country will be in tears n pain. N people will be oppressed more n more n finally dynasty end in tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's leadership seems to be suffering from "food poisoning". That is why there are so much vomitting, purging, repositioning and cleaning going on. Is it moving towards a better or worse situation?

The main indicator of better or worse will be based on how hard the people are going to suffer or enjoy.

Looks like the former is more probable. Just follow where the money goes and uou will know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Sinkingland leadership is steering Sinkies towards a huge disastrous failure because of their arrogance and complacency.