Singapore - A very sad state of affair

Confession of a daft sinkie

Below is an article posted in TRE supposedly by an ex PMET. I presume that this is a real story. Please read it before it is took late, that you have been sold and your turn will be next, if you continue to choose to be another daft sinkie. Betrayed but did not know. Just blame your own stupidity. The death of a once proud people has begun.

This situation is widespread, has been going on for many years, and is still going on. Who are responsible for this sad state of affair? Who allowed this crime against Singaporeans to continue unabated? Do you want this to continue to affect you and your children?

Replaced by FT finally – I voted for it!

I worked for MNC for last 10 years, before I was in a GLC. I am First Class honours from NUS ComSc. I had it easy with my good grade, I joined a GLC and got a good head-start and pay. I was in IT software development and later became manager of the department. That was in the 2000s, FTs were streaming in but the numbers were not significant, I always believe that we probably need more IT talents, the brainwashing on media worked on me. But nevertheless, at that time, I was making good pay, I thought of nothing. Every GE, I voted PAP for sure, life was good and money was good. I never once thought of voting opposition except I thought WP was credible enough to consider. But then, since life was so good under PAP, why bother. Politics are politicians, we were just making a living and when living was so good, would you want to make any change? Over the 10 years, my pay tripled and I bought a condominium, living the 4Cs that many of us dream of.

2010 onward, the stream of FTs were too obvious, particularly from China and India. I made a switch from GLC to MNC, I did notice growing number of FTs. But well, I got another pay hike, so who cares!

One of my old colleagues called me to ask him to help him to look for a job. He was from Indonesia but came here when he was 13, became citizen. He had MBA from US and remained unemployed for 4 years, that was in 2013. I found it hard to believe his words because I had never experienced such incident nor heard from anymore. Perhaps I was sent overseas then, I rarely came back to the HQ in Singapore. But I did understand his Pinoy wife with a dubious degree was promoted so many times after joining the PA. So the Pinoy wife was the sole breadwinner and senior manager in PA. I never really thought of much, I thought he was lazy. As long as you want a job, you could get it easily. I also failed to realise, government had already started PRO FT policies, grooming and promoting FTs in ministries and government agencies. Yes the Pinoy wife took the cue and became new citizen.

I came back to Singapore HQ in 2014 after working for few years in Australia. Life was good, pay was good but coming back is for the family. And I heard on media that PAP wanted all the locals who are based overseas to come back. That gave me some kind of assurance that I did not apply for PR nor thought of migrating there. Once back in the HQ office, I discovered almost 60% of the workforce were FTs, mostly from India.

I was made to report to a regional VP from India who became a PR not long ago. Back in Singapore, the office politics became quite obvious, I felt that my boss was trying to find problems with me. Although I tried hard to please and work to the best of my abilities, there was always something to pick on. I had great records through the years of work and in my last posting, strangely back in Singapore I was branded as “non performing”. Then I realised there was nothing wrong with me, I was being targeted. I saw no point carrying on, I decided to resign. After my resignation, another FT Indian was hired quickly, and to my knowledge they seem to know each other.

Since the resignation, I had not landed any job for almost 2 years. For some reasons, even with good regional software experience and excellent academics, I had very few interviews. And when I met with FT managers, the outcomes had always been negative. It looks to me locals are heavily discriminated.

I also went to WDA, E2i and government organised events, I found that they were mostly “wayangs”, they just want to have put up a show that they are helping locals but it was purely bs.
Since then, I reflected the years when government decided the FT policies, I was too busy making good money. I never realised one day I would be hit. I always voted PAP and trusted that my future would be secured. But it looks to me, I had been too trusting and this has
caused me dearly. I am planning to downgrade and sell my condo to free up cash so that I can continue to live with dignity.

For many of us like me, we are all caught up with chasing career and money, we never really thought about government policies and gave blind faith and trust. I always voted PAP, no matter some of my opposition supporter friends who kept warning me.
Well I had to face the music and I had to say, my time is really over, the next generation will bear the brunt of our decision. If we continue to vote blindly, we are creating the black hole for ourselves and our children. My vote for PAP has come back to haunt me dearly. This is what I had to remind you.
Former PMET

PS. Did those betrayed know that they have been betrayed? Did those betraying the betrayed know that they are betraying the betrayed?


Virgo49 said...

Many I spoke and warned of this displacement of their jobs and bleak future of their children and grandchildren was rebutted with sneers and criticisms.

Most were like this PMET having still a good living and their turns are not up yet.

Now, no bother, leave them to their follies and fates.

Too old to worry for them. Better enjoy the laat few years in bliss.

Next week time for Lion Dance Tournament and time for few rounds of Roulette.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think this story is true.
Describes Singaporeans' national character ... a stupid nation of unthinking PAP slaves.
Like Virgo49, my main focus is on saving myself.

I write here to blow off steam and to exchange ideas with like minded people.

Anonymous said...

Its juz the tip of the ice berg, in fact many middle age or even younger ones r unemployed or underemployed nowadays. Whose fault is this? Blame it on the 70% Dafts Sinkies who voted emotionally during GE 2015, they didn't know that they r being conned onto this, did they vote for more cpf lock in, or ask for more mrt breakdowns or more increase in taxes? ...no? They r either betrayed or conned or misled into believing that the whites men & women r with u 4 u & u die ur own bziness...

Anonymous said...

They urinate down your back and tell you it's raining.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

NUS is noted for being very stingy and demanding when awarding a first class honours. Anyone getting a first class honours from NUS must be very exceptional, the best of the best. Such people will not become duds overnight. They are very smart and would keep on upgrading themselves with the changing time. How can they be obsolete and what are the qualifications of the clowns that think such first class honours from NUS are not good enough. This is the first point to note.

The next point, if first class honours from NUS is not good enough, what about the rest of NUS grads who could not get a first class honours, who could not get an honours, and the rest that did not get to NUS? How would they fair in the eyes of these fake and dubious foreigners now masquerading as super talents by our duds and destroying the livelihood of our real talents?

99% of Singaporeans did not get a first class honours from NUS. And if first class honours from NUS are dismissed by these foreigners, your turn will be next. It is a matter of when. Get it?

This is how sick this little red dot has become, boiling inside a hot pan and not knowing that one is being cooked alive. Those living in the ivory tower are protected for the moment and think it will not happen to them. It will, their turn will come.

Anonymous said...

Just how stupid and por lam par are we?

Polytechnic students used to be able to buy their lecture notes (all nicely photocopied and bound up in one volume). Simple, straight-forward, old-fashioned productivity.

Because SomeboLee said "Smart Nation".
This un-named Polytechnic decided to implement "smart" or "paperless" technology.

The lecture notes are now given to the students in soft-copy format only.

So now, thousands of students individually download the softcopy of their lecture notes.
And thousands of polytechnic students individually print out hardcopies of their lecture notes.

Stupidity has no cure.
I rather all of us anyhow vote Opposition and rebuild Singapore from the ground up all over again.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago in a carpark in my neighborhood I bumped into my ex-colleague we worked together in the bank years ago. I asked him how he's doing, he said he's unemployed and doing nothing. Then I asked him how's our ex-boss doing. He said our ex-boss was also unemployed. Then he asked me how I'm doing. I said I'm also unemployed! We laughed, as so many of us in same shit situation. Makan just waiting for death. 吃饱等死 !

Anonymous said...

@ November 25, 2017 9:18 am

I think Like Philip Yeo has a point.

/// Like Dr Goh (Keng Swee), I don’t believe people can change.
So the best way to change an organisation is to burn it down and start afresh.
That means I sack the whole lot of managers. ///

Editorial comment:
A country is an organisation just like a company.
Maybe it's time to completely change government regularly like every other normal 1st world democracy.

Philip Yeo continued:

/// In every organisation, there are three types of people:
the emperors at the top, the workers at the bottom, and the eunuchs in the middle.

The ruler says, “I want my pyramid,” and the workers are the people who build it.
The eunuchs are the ones who shuffle papers.
They don’t do any real work.
Their objectives are to keep the emperor happy.

How to do that?
Keep the emperor entertained or distract him with other preoccupations.
Eunuchs destroy empires.
It was true in China and also in the West.
The Ottoman Empire was brought down by eunuchs too.

All they did was create problems between the emperors and the commanders who did real work out in the battlefields.


Anonymous said...

Should oso tell him your sons came back with overseas degrees but working at temps in McDonald. Then he would oso tell you his daughters oso graduates, oso working as temps salesgirls.

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ November 25, 2017 9:14 am

/// This is how sick this little red dot has become, boiling inside a hot pan and not knowing that one is being cooked alive. Those living in the ivory tower are protected for the moment and think it will not happen to them. It will, their turn will come. ///

So maybe Singaporeans are not so smart after all.

Do you think Singaporeans should behave and work like the FT Indians and Pinoys when we do our National Service and reservists' training?

Anonymous said...

@ November 25, 2017 9:24 am

Do you think it's time Singaporeans voted out the Emperors and eunuchs?
And vote in the "workers" and "commanders" who actually do the work?

Anonymous said...

Is SMRT project manager Indira Devi - who likens commuters who complain about MRT disruptions to “terrorists” - a FT or a new citizen ?

Devi’s LinkedIn profile shows that she studied at the Ghousia College Of Engineering and the National Institute of Information Technology – colleges from India.


Anonymous said...

Not a surprised at all. There r PhD or Doctorates people who worked in the Garmen agency got replaced by FTs, now driving private hire cars as Grab or Uber, after they being replaced they can't find any similar posts at all in this tiny island flooded with foreigners. To ask Sinkies to vote for opposition is like asking a wall, only when these dafts Sinkies suffers extremes pressures then they might wake up or its too late...Ah Long & its administration knew bout the minds of these Sinkies & in the convention keep playing the 'kaki lang' abang Adik kind of music plus giving these dafts some honey or sweets & mind u these dafts wud jus fall flat by voting in Ah Long san again & again till the days of Sinkieland demise got nearer & nearer..

Anonymous said...

@ November 25, 2017 10:20 am

But if train breakdowns in India is normal.
And Indira Devi is from India.
Then do you think what she says is correct from her cultural perspectives?

Since LHL's PAP approved of Indira Devi's Singaporean citizenship or PR ... do you think this is the new PAP standard?

Goh said...

If what is said is true,blame should goes back on the PGs who voted for the you know who that make life miserable for our generations.
Pmets are just follows their footsteps.

Anonymous said...

This writer s jobless situation has been going on for 15 years. When no private taxi, there were young men articulate in languages. They were mostly nus/ntu graduates former IT, marketing, admin, etc managers. Driving blue color belonged to ah long clan, these people hardly tell stories like this writer. Any passengers came to know their plight to drive taxi, would say nice things to keep them going on the roads.

15 years later, there are countless of foreigners taking over NS men on jobs they wanted and treasured. These jobs gave them income to pay for children s flat or condo shelters, foods, and education. Their aged parents depended on them to pay for heavy operations and medical care.

However, the ah long policy was to treat immigrants as equal to citizen. Right from fighting for primary schools drawing luck to keep the child in school just next to the block, hospitals beds were not available, and the statistics buried jobless NS men who drove taxi. These NS men are not jobless in statistics.

So this write brought out a question: should voters support foreigners have equal chance for schools, hospital beds, and jobs income as NS men? Ah long has a definite yes. Only the suffered NS men as doubt that this policy will work for their future generations.

UK has 66 millions population. The locals found unable to get jobs affecting the middle class when Tony Blair allowed 3 millions foreigners flooded into UK. The impact was significant to drive UK out of EU in referendum.
In contrast, sinkieland has population 3.3 millions, it took in 2.5 millions foreigners at the same time as Tony Blair did. The parliament had a session to praise foreigners contribution to sinkieland. One mp Mr Ong said he fired an old lazy local and hired foreigner to replace him. He was well respected by grassloot hero doing national duty with top brain.

Many MNC are hiring foreigners from one sunnyland because the internal staff can multiply thro internet applicants. Those from the same villages will rush in applications letters and the HR of the same native will simple pick them because such persons were recommended by the inside the firm managers. So the numbers grew quickly. HR have to quickly convert the newly recruits into PR and citizens, in order to fulfill the quota.

When one walks into an organization of sinkieland, they find almost all are of one dark skin color, and they might have to adjust their ears to listen to mumbai adjusted english. This kind of english is hard to learn by local sinkies. So sinkies should identify with 100% certainty such citizens are not NS men.

The policy has wide spread results. Some decisions are forming. If Modi offer sinkie NS men citizenship, will they want? Many would want to be Modi s men. Why? Not needed to do NS. NS keeps HR to resist hiring the male citizens. If Jokowi offer NS men citizenship? Many still have the same yes. Why fight for a land already living with foreigners? There are more national duties to do as sinkies. To earn income is to drive taxi. So if Najib want to offer citizenship to sinkies, will NS men want? Many will take to save the NS troubles for HR to reject their applications.

In other words, ah long s 15 to 20 years policy of implanting foreigners on the economy is a great success. NS men and so their wives and children all welcome foreigners and many do not mind to join any foreign countries as citizens.

Wait for neighbor to issue such applications similar to one issued by sinkieland to HK during 6th 4 time. Probably more than 50% will take up citizenship and want to leave this expensive and no jobs available citizenship. Are they wrong? If the brain s hope is to be pap clonies, he absolutely wrong. If the brain s hope is to have comfortable life to live on as a man or woman, he is absolutely rational.

Anonymous said...

According to this article, Changi Airport also uses Thales:




/// However, information shows that all three airports CAD raised as examples use air traffic management systems developed by French company Thales, instead of Raytheon, which made Hong Kong’s AT3.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore did not respond to a request for comment, but a source knowledgeable of its operations said although some air traffic workstations at Changi Airport did require regular reboots after commissioning of a new air traffic management system due to performance issues, the practice was temporary and only lasted four to five months. ///

Anonymous said...

If PG voted for the PAP in the early years, and PMETs who came after and are deemed smarter and enjoying the good life under the PAP voted in by the PG, and continue to vote for PAP themselves, who is to be blamed for their current situation? Why did they not stop voting for the PAP themselves?

Therefore blame those who enjoyed the good life created by the old PAP and thought that the good life will continue with the new PAP. They made the wrong bet themselves.

Anonymous said...

Indira Devi is in charge of SMRT's culture. this is her professional profile.

In 2012, started at SMRT as a Senior Analyst evaluating and creating business case for IT projects.
In 2013, Manager, Business Excellence. The key focus was Business Process Review & Improvements through LEAN and contributed in streamlining the IT Service desk, transforming our aging email exchange to Office 365, streamlining the IT on-boarding process, driving org-wide printers optimisation project and was appointed to be champion & ambassador to drive culture change in the organisation.
In 2015, appointed as Project Manager for the SAP-ERP upgrade project.

Anonymous said...

Singapore city state - 5.7 million people (excluding visitors) squeezed into an area of only 719 square kilometers, consisting of around 3.4 million Sinkies (many unemployed, males must serve NS)) and 2.3 million foreigners (many holding good jobs).

Anonymous said...

RB: "This is how sick this little red dot has become, boiling inside a hot pan and not knowing that one is being cooked alive. Those living in the ivory tower are protected for the moment and think it will not happen to them. It will, their turn will come."
@ November 25, 2017 9:14 am

This is becoming clearer by the days: Little Red Dot is SICK, because it is being led by a very sick man. Cancer can never be cured. Even seemingly cured, it is temporary only. Lucky if life can be extended to beyond the five-year remission period. People with top, excellent medical care the world can offer, may prolong their life longer. However, the cancerous cells that have already been activated are still there. Never can medical intervention help to totally eradicate all the cancerous cells in the sickened body. The person still can be alive and functioning mainly due to the body resistance, probably reinforced by certain meditational methods. However, that person cannot be too highly stressed. That explains why when that person took over the reign of power, he had to be helped and assisted by EIGHT other Ministers - MM, 2 x SM, 2 x DPM, 3 x Without-Portfolios. Where in the world a country, and especially a very tiny country, prop up their Top Honcho with EIGHT other ministers, at the expense of taxpayers' money???

Yet the pathetic and daft Sinkies continue to be blind, deaf, senseless and so stupid keep voting for the FRAUD, yet continue to blame the Older Generations. The Older Generations built a foundation for them to have good life, easy jobs, easy housing, easy cars and transportation, easy medical, countless varieties of foods, fruits and fucks. These younger breeds had it good. So they continued to vote what their parents have voted. Now, these same ungrateful idiots start to blame the Older Generations except themselves.

You can even see these same ungrateful idiots defending the PAP, whether working as IBs or not. You can see them here in this blog and all other blogs, facebook and twitter.

They deserve it. They deserve to be replaced. They voted for it!

Anonymous said...

@ November 25, 2017 12:02 pm

Indira Devi is in charge of SMRT's culture. this is her professional profile.

In 2013, Manager, Business Excellence. ..... and was appointed to be champion & ambassador to drive culture change in the organisation.

Desmond Quek.
You blamed "deep seated cultural issues".

So was Indira Devi successful in changing the "deep seated (Singaporean) cultural issues" that you are not happy with?

Or was Indira Devi successful in her job to "culture change" SMRT?
From Singaporean culture to "deep seated Indian culture"?
And it is this "deep seated Indian culture" that you are not happy with?

Anonymous said...

@ November 25, 2017 1:26 pm

How do you change the "deep seated culture" of a company or a country anyway?

You do it by replacing the people.
True or not?

Fair Warning??
Make sure you vote for the political party that is not going to replace you.
Make sure you work hard only for companies that are not going to replace you.

Make sure you vote only for leaders who do not regard you as his enemy.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Can you change the 'deep seated culture' of the ruling party?

What we have seen is that 'deep seated culture' has gone even deeper. More relentless in persecuting opposition, more uncaring especially towards the lower income group with the introdction of GST, more importing of foreigners to take away jobs from locals and pushing up property prices, COEs and cost of living, more ruthless even towards siblings and kin not to mention what their attitude is towards opponents.

In which direction will the 'deep seated culture' change anyway? For better or for worse?

Anonymous said...

"They deserve it. They deserve to be replaced. They voted for it!" 1:00pm

Sinkies are at a cross road. To some, they know somedays, the blood shed like middle east of 235 dead by a human bomb might happen. To some, they know somedays at night, rioters turn vehicles upside down and burn them might happen in large scale.

The writer s plight as pmet citizen has been spreading. That does not mean those indebted PR and new citizens are spared. They are like citizens situations, indebted with heaving housing loans, yet being excluded from pmet jobs.

Ah long s economic is to sell assets land to build housing. These houses and shops once built, will activate debts for the buyers to bear. The economy in sinkieland is a plain retailers economy after the ah long took charge. His able generals help to resist salary increase to curb cost, but also curb spending on these new retailers. Have a glance at so called black friday the sales was like normal day. Will there be chrismas boom? This is the sign. Income from families are shrinking. Most parents would let their kids spend on starbots, but themselves stay away from clubs. On consumers spending patterns, it is not a good sign. But sinkieland has no innovation factories like samsung to hire thousands of employees. The biggest are govt related firms and civil servants.

When these govt related and civil servants are occupied by foreigners, jobs for locals pmets are blocked.

In plain words, the sinkieland economy was the same before ah long took over. Its growth was from inflation of prices on housing and consumption of added 2.5 foreigners. There are no new jobs to cater for pmet of special skills. If the foreigners replace the citizens, the latter will go jobless.

It needs a longer time for the jobless citizens to accumulate in number. When these jobless citizens cannot sustain their debts with the moderate income from private taxi, and other part time jobs, the vote swing might take place.

Not so good to blame the voters: they "deserve" the misery. It is fair now to judge on ah long s claim: he is the first class division one player. He has failed badly. Articulated No vision for sinkieland, only did on selling lands. Not able to create and grow gic, and tomarsick but shrink them. Not able to grow shipping but sold it. He is no good at economy.

Sinkies are waiting for the worst to come after this bad times. When taxes are increased at multiple fronts, and debts interests are increasing, and jobs are still giving to foreigners, what do u think ah long will go? His days are numbered, by nature and by economy. Sinkies should suffer because their leeders are incapable. They do not deserve these hard lives because they thought ah long is son of the old fart. Now they learn that he is mee siam mai hum: impractical in ideas, not in touch with the ground at all. He is unlikely to have second chance in next 10 years.

Anonymous said...

When the PAP government appoints a PAP General to run SMRT.
And when the PAP General appoints an FT Indian to implement "culture change" in SMRT.
And you are a Singaporean.

Do you think you should feel threatened or offended?
Do you think the PAP government is a pro Indian government or a pro Singaporean government?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, your Boss dum Toway employing you is not from the PG??

Kept cursing the PG who gave you ungratefuls a good life and foundation.

It's the dumb successors who made a mess of the sorry state of affairs.

So don't keep cursing the PGs.

Some bros kept calling their managers as BOSS.

Real bosses owned the Companies and not Worked for the company just like any other salaried men as called by the Japanese.

When I worked as an employee with a Company. I called my managers Chiefs not Bosses.

They are just as vulnerable as any other employeess to get the sack.

Bosses sacked themselves and go bankrupt.

The best solution to have these people in TOP Management Positions is to havea them as stakeholders.

Just like a Proprietor or Directors with shares in their Organisations.

Not Executive CEOs or Directors. These people even drowned the Companies would not feel any pains and the fears of Bankruptcy.

So if their drawn remunerations and also their stakes of shares in hard cash are been invested in their respective Companies, then you can see them on the toes making sure that their Enterprises survived.

This is why we even small companies bosses survive. For to fail means bankruptcy and unemployment.

Also very difficult to be anemployee's again.

Let's the CEOs of all Statutory Boards and Whats GLCs have stakes with their monies in them.

Draw with bonuses unless the Companies are well run and profitable.

If not paid Executive CEOs and Whats Management Staff with their easy fast earnings would just simply be Gaji Butas.

After a few terms pat their backsides and away they go. If as responsible stakeholders, many procedures as Companies winding up or bankruptcies is very miserable for them.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand.

Because as recently as Sep 2015, a whopping 70% still voted for PAP.

Does it mean that in Sep 2015, only 30% are like what happened to the above NUS 1st class honour Sinkie who had to resign? And presumably will not vote for PAP?

And for the 30% who did not vote PAP, will the percentage increase next election?

Or will the increase be nullified by a equal or even bigger increase in "FTs with jobs" becoming citizens?

If so, then I think PAP is very smart to really know what to do to win votes and stay in power. And LPPL for those jobless Sinkies, including those 1st class honours. Vote opposition also no use.

Anonymous said...

When minister not necessary to have a degree
Its means sg future is" tua kee"

Anonymous said...

They had actually caused the big mess, but with cosmetic cover up. If you do not experience it, see and feel deeper of it, you will be blinded with beautiful outlook. As for the FT and new citizen their benefits are much batter than where they came from; many just wanted to milk the system to have immediate gain while they are here. They would not bother about our outcomes, it is easy to understand why many of them like to join PA, CC or whatever CCCs, and to the establishment, they can have many "yes" people" This is another analogue of win win situation.

This is a sad situation, whoever take the leading, wants you to accept that they are always right on whatever policy they implemented, and nowadays you often heard blaming; and bulldozing statement (~I am right, I did it my Way), of cause you will be rained with some "good KAO YO and incentives", not forget the daily "Positive Energy" brainwashing media. It is not hard for people to lose their mind.

b said...

花无百日红,人无千日好 always have a plan B.
Politicians only care about their own pockets.

b said...

I am afraid sg will end up like some eu countries where even youth unemployment is 30%.
Debt is bad.

Anonymous said...

"Get out of my elite uncaring face," Wee Shu Min, daughter of AMK GRC MP Wee, under PM Lee. She was responding to one Mr Derrick Wee, who happened to write something similar to this pathetic daft PMET 1st Class Horny Degree holder. It was known as the Triple Wee, or the Wee Wee Wee.... Cry baby.

Can still remember that 18 year-old girl?

Since then, the policy of replacing Singapore-born citizens with foreigners had already started, given the mentality of the Elites.

Wee Shu Min had innocently reflected the hidden thinking of her father's cliques of Elitists, close to the Highest Echelon of Power.

At that time, Sinkies should have woken up. How many years have gone by? Yet today, the situation is even worst. Yet no definite resolve nor courage has been stirred enough to want a clean shake-up of the Self-Inflicted Evil System.

Really pathetic and tragic!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the problem, our "leaders" think like they are the directors of company (Singapore) without sinking in any of their monies unlike the directors of private companies.

No risk and no need to worry if the "company" has money to pay off the staffs because they simply increase tax as and when.

They yet have the cheek to pay themselves salary pegged to top entrepreneur and with bonuses no other can enjoy.

How can these assholes steer the nation well?

Not Rocket Science said...

Everywhere one stays, must always prepare for future unforeseen circumstances. Always have a Plan B and a Plan C. Minimum must have 3 Plans.

Plan A is stay, work and exploit the prevailing privileges and goodies to your fullest advantage, within whatever systems in the country of residency.

Plan B is to have an alternative residency in another country, preferably nearby to your present residency; while still working (to save as much as possible) in the existing country. In other words, buy properties in nearby countries.

Plan C is to be prepared to up-root entirely your whole family, including all your assets, to emigrate to a country that you can easily assimilate into their society, culture and way of life. Language, finance and safety are the three paramount considerations.

Everywhere you go, money is king. But how you manage your money and make them grow is the Emperor. And having financial freedom and time freedom is the God of all Gods.

Anonymous said...

5:26 go get lost. We have roots.

Anonymous said...

When the father appointed the paper general pampered son & the highly qualified academic daughterin law to the 2 most important key leadership positions, when their experiences & talents are ill-suited this naturally is the outcome. Square pegs in round holes. And these 2 square pegs do not have the humility to admit they are not suitable. Made worse by 1000s n increasing number of bootlickers surrounding them.

Anonymous said...

ICA: Re-registration exercise for Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Permanent Residents (PRs) born before 1 January 1962

ICA then said that to enjoy the subsidised fee of $10 for Singapore citizens and $50 for permanent residents, eligible NRIC holders will have to re-register within one year from the date of the notification letter. Thereafter, the full fee of $60 will apply.

What's wrong with collecting more money?
Can you guess how many millions is collected from this "service" ??


Anonymous said...

Any status update about Hong Kong listed Razer's e-payment system "for Singapore by Singaporeans"?

3 things you have to know about razer before buying its stock


Anonymous said...

Razer has done well in cashing out in HK. After the bubble burst (dont know when), it will be worth probably $100m rather than the Us $2.5bln now. Nice one for Tan.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:01 pm:

"5:26 go ge lost. We have roots."

1. You are one person only. You can't speak for everyone. Who is this "We"? You can't even speak for your own siblings. Case in point: LHY and LWL vs LHL. You cant also speak for your childen, isn't it true?

2. Where are your roots? India or China, or Malaysia? Indonesia of Pakistan, or Philippines?

3. Who the fucks you think you are to tell others to get loss? You own this piece of tiny Red Dot? This proved that you are not only DAFT but also Fucking Arrogant!

4. People are simply giving sincere advice. If it suits you, take it. If it does not suit you, why the need to tell people to get lost?

I am just a by-stander here. I hope you continue to behave in this manner in public.

Anonymous said...

Likely the story is true cause I was in the same situation as him and I Kena in 2001 much earlier than him. Since then spend time smacking flies and hang around shopping Centers looking the sight of pretty office girls passing by. This was how I spent the last 17 years.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 5.01

You are absolutely right.

They want their Remurations to be amonst the TOP 10% of Entrepreneurs whilst many had to risk their Fortunes and Lifes to run their businesses.

Wah, think their brains equivalent to the Top Entrepreneurs and Eyes Red Red when they became millionaires and they also want to have million hairs with their incompetent performance.

Monitoring a business and doing Real business are two different kettle of fish.

They have no equal miseries if the businesses fail.

Only their CB mouths in running the government.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.03

I fully agreed with you. SMART beans owe no loyalty and beholden to someone and government forever even through that person or government does some good to you.

It's foolish to be beholden and be in debts forever as time and behaviours changed.

So you must always have plans to save yourselves if these foolish beans want to kill themselves or live in miseries.

After all, you onay have one life.

How's much loyalty and Sincerity cost in Today's Materialistic World? ??

My sanctuary run down apartment in the heart of a kampong in Melaka is a place when it is unbearable to stay in SINKIE land.

Anonymous said...

-----> My sanctuary run down apartment in the heart of a kampong in Melaka is a place when it is unbearable to stay in SINKIE land. <-----
November 26, 2017 9:52 am

I understand how you feel.
The stink of bullshit, hypocrisy and stupidity is pretty unbearable in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Political Parody - My Grandfather's Fairy Tales

1. PAP Millionaire-Ministers wake up every morning worrying about the livelihood and well being of Singaporeans.

2. If a plane full of PAP Millionaire-Ministers were to crash, Singapore and Singaporeans will be doomed.
(Maybe instead, HDB flats will become affordable and our trains will work again?)

Anonymous said...

“If all the 300 (top civil servants and political elite) were to crash in one jumbo jet, then Singapore will disintegrate”.

who said this? ... you tell me lah.

Virgo49 said...

They just think too highly of themselves lah.

Anybody can always take the leadership role if that is Void.

Just like an organisation, you quit, someone took over.

No one is indispensable.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When you are ruled by patriots, you owed them respect and honour. They did not ruled to be rich, but for the good of the people.

When you are ruled by mercenaries, you don't owed them anything. They took what they think is right for themselves without your consent, even when you don't agree.

Mercenaries are just mercenaries, no honour, just money. There is no need to respect mercenaries, you don't owe them anything. They are well paid, overly paid for what they did, compensated beyond your imagination, by money.

A good example is the NSmen. You owe them a debt. They get a pittance for their sacrifice. Anyone grabbing millions and talking about sacrifice is a hypocrite. Show him your middle finger.

Anonymous said...

Grandfather's Fairy Tales (Hokkien translation) = Limpeh kali kong

Anonymous said...

Rb os absolutely right. In sg the Politicians are like working for private companies. The 1/3 discount is not real as they pegged the salary to TOP 1 % so 2/3 does not mean got sacrifice. If they Kena fired or die on the job, no diff from private sector, no need to feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

"A good example is the NSmen. You owe them a debt. They get a pittance for their sacrifice. Anyone grabbing millions and talking about sacrifice is a hypocrite. Show him your middle finger.

November 26, 2017 11:58 am"

I respect you from my heart.

Anonymous said...

PUB says that its contractors retrieve an estimated 200 kg to 400kg of litter a day from the 3.2km-long Singapore River, just between Kim Seng Road Bridge and the Esplanade Bridge.

“Singaporeans still must learn not to drop litter and trash on the ground, which washes into drains and the river, and has to be caught with booms along the way,” said Mr Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday (Nov 26).

Currently, 5.7 million people (excluding visitors) live in Singapore, consisting of around 3.4 million Sinkies and 2.3 million foreigners.

Why is Loong blaming only Sinkies for littering and not the 2.3 million foreigners he invited here to live and work ???

virgo49 said...

Have to blame the Sinkies. Chan Chun Seng, Ah Seng had already said: "DON'T BLAME THE SYSTEM"

We have to work together.

In the First place, WHO CREATED THE SYSTEM??

Talk Cock and Sing Song, AH SENG.

Anonymous said...

These clowns keep blaming Singaporeans for dirtying the island. I have made complaints to Halimah's ward of two foreigners littering daily. The officer came and explained one side belonged to SMRT, one side belonged to LTA and one side belonged Halimah. So if littering is on one side, the ministry/dept is responsible.

What a joke. Reminded me of the fishbal stick case in Bukit Gombak. Thought they have sorted this silly division of responsibility oredy.

I had to write to NEA on this and waiting to see anything happen. Halimah is no longer in charge and her ward is turning into a 3rd world enclave. And foreigners littering, put blame on Singaporeans.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro 8.39

Let me share some of the loopholes that these chiak liao bee government agencies secretated their scope of justification.

Parked your bikes on Grass Verges or parks in HUB Estates.

HDB motor squads or even LTA/TP or even URA or their Staw Hats parking attendants CANNOT summon you. Under NEA or Whats AVA.

Parked on pedestrians paths and not in roads on main roads.

TP/LTA will simply ignored them.Not our problem,I go lah kopi.

Parked on carpark shoulder not in HDB Car parks. They also also ignoredand be blinded to what they see. Think one attendant told me under URA.

That's why things are so messy.Josephine Tan now coordinating Ministerfor these nonsense and she will coordinate with respective agency to handle the matter. She will recommend small spaces for sex.

See What's these ministries are dividing their responsibilities.

You call NEA and they said call URA. certain enforcement agencies also got no capable and willingly officers to take action.

Scared bok kok.

So this is how you can played their arses if you know how.

Virgo49 said...

Parked on Grass paths or anything to do with grass for our Cow Khaw under NParks.

Not Mindef NSLavery.


Anonymous said...

First Class from NUS and no job???