Liu Thai Ker peddling his 10m pop

After 4 years when he last brooded about the 10m population for Singapore, Liu Thai Ker is at it again. 10m pop is not only necessary but good for Singapore. He is not going to give up. In a way I can agree with him. It is like a multi millionaire saying it is good to be a billionaire. The only difference is why the need to grow population to 10m and then what if 10m is reached.

Let’s put aside the cost of having a 10m population instead of a 5.5m population. It is like a soldier’s problem versus a major’s problem. One is a soldier’s little problem, the other is a major problem. A 5m pop’s problem is different from a 10m pop’s problem. Don’t just look at economic growth alone. There are plentiful of other issues that would accompany a 10m pop. 

Housing a 10m pop is no issue. Like Josephine Teo said, you don’t need much space to have sex. Singaporeans used to squeeze 10 to 15 heads in a small cubicle. Squeezing 10m pop into this piece of rock is no different. Sure can.

Let’s ask this question, why is there a need to grow pop to 10m? Is this the meaning of growth, of existence? Economic growth is not dependent on just population growth. There are many ways to growth without growing population. Growing population to gain economic growth is suicidal, a sure way to self destruction, just like growing the population of mother earth.

Up to a point, more heads in the island is counter productive and destructive, like a family having 2 to 4 children and one with 10 children and still producing. What for? What is the point? What is the meaning of it all? Growing population for the sake of population or the flimsy excuse of economic growth? No population growth means no economic growth?

Heard of one trick pony? Even one trick pony already admits that growing population is easy but no longer workable and not sustainable in the long run.

For those who are commuting by trains, the packed train is getting very uncomfortable and irritable and very stressful. For those who are travelling in the comfort of their limousine, they would not appreciate what life is like squeezing in the packed trains with strangers, some smelly, some foul and some roguish, selfish and hostile.

What do you think?


Virgo49 said...

He be dead and gine after advocating this idea.

Chui Kong Lampar Song!

Let the generation at that time suffer their miseries.

What's there just for the sake of internal economic growth to have this POP??

One deadly disease will annihilate half the POP in so close proximity living to each other.

Old bitter man taking revenge on the young for his unrealized dreams.

Surname Liu or MONIES. 36 years back China Men come here and learnt on about building our pigeon holes.

Now they are back right in front of our blocks of pigeon holes building the Circle Line MRT.

You no need internal economy to churn and strangle for your wealth.

China with its billions still has to proceed over seas to create their wealth.

Small quality POP with external economy could be more economic productive than a large POP.

Thirty odd years after TSP vision China is becoming a Major Economic Player and a Super Power and Sinkieland regressed into slums.

With a past head start, we should be building MRT for ourselves as well as Overseas Ventures instead of now trying to solve nitty gritty problems of frequently train breakdowns.

Finding easy options to take over dying companies that are already of no value to them.

Gamble, also gamble wisely.

Not your Ah Kong Hard earned MONIES.

Anonymous said...

The call of a 10million population in this little red dot is overly stretched. Imagine a sardine packed island unless more underground spaces, sky city or reclaimed land is created. To do the same thing of increasing population again & again is totally INSANE & ABSURD. Maybe this Tigger old man is a bit senile & lack the mathematics behind for a more humane quality living ( like wat an ex-Gic economist Ah Lam said few days ago). Technology, digital technology, robotics & AI are changing the world where we live, who knows Human Beings manual or routine or even intelligence ones r replaced by Robots or AI one day. Think tat Tigger need to find a POoH for his own project in next life, & when he reincarnated or in heaven he be shocked to see the entire world has change..

Anonymous said...

Blame the 70% who voted for PAP. They don't mind a 10-million population and all its accompanying woes.

Anonymous said...

Please tell him 10M is too little!

This pee sai can easily houses 13.8M by 2038!

This double what the govt plan.

Can! Possible! Dont delay! Qiuck! Just do it!

All the best, Singapore!

Unknown said...

He is an architect, not a demographer or economist. If earth's resources are finite then how can population growth be infinite ? There is a problem with this entire economic model that requires population to keep growing.

It is a scheme to import labor so as to keep wages down. It also increase the prices of property, thus beneficial for those who own a lot of property.

Dr Liu, who is also founding chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities, added: "Before Singaporeans complain, they have to ask themselves: How long do you want Singapore to stay as a sovereign country?"

To be honest its better to live under matland then this.

Anonymous said...

There are calls from various quarters for Singapore to ditch its long-standing Chinese-Malay-Indian-Others (CMIO) framework. Today a ST columnist, a Melody Zaccheus, suggests S'pore should shape to be more diverse.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda for more to come ?

Anonymous said...

A more diverse Singapore meaning they want us to accept say a Filipino MP as they expand the population towards 10 million with further influx of Pinoys?

Unknown said...

Melody Zaccheus, jewsish name. Trying to destroy Singapore's ethnic heritage.

Opinion discarded.

Anonymous said...

Do you think a population of 10 million needs more buildings?
Do you think more buildings need more architects?

Do you think architects will benefit from a population of 10 million?
Can you think of one architect who may benefit from a population of 10 million?

Anonymous said...

"Before Singaporeans complain, they have to ask themselves: How long do you want Singapore to stay as a sovereign country?"


"Before Singaporeans vote PAP, they have to ask themselves: How long do you want Singapore to stay as a sovereign country?"

Anonymous said...

Sinkies if believe this old fart s words will have their sons and daughters curse them in future.

The current immigrants stocks in demographic is 46% of total population on sinkieland. 2.5 millions foreigners mean what?

These foreigners sent billions dollars of remittance home yearly. The credited CPF owing to them are not revealed in public figures.

How much is the total GDP? Its only $300 billions in a year.
Almost all sinkies GDP are made from export. 111% GDP.
Sinkies import is 96% of GDP or $282 billions.

Importing another 4.5 millions immigrants will change the GDP total to $600 billions? U better dont vote for Pap who hired Liu before as HDB chief. He is blind to the risk of sinkieland.

Sinkieland is a fragile economy. No solid foundation on foods and medicine for survival. Yemen is under attack from Saudi. Yemen s situation is similar to sinkieland. The sea is blocked by Saudi. Not enough medicines passed through.

If sinkieland is not more fragile than Yemen, this Liu must be a fool or the writer here.

Any one want to have 10million population on sinkieland has one objective in mind: they have empty properties to sell but no buyers. There is no need for children to die ugly because he has empty properties. agree?

Trump has been going round to do one thing: get jobs for his own constituents to work. He was smart to start from getting ORDERS first. China gave a 250bn for him. He keeps quiet for trade disputes and NK. Its JOBS that bother US.

Sinkieland has no leeder to go round to ask for orders. Went to China came back empty handed. Wanna take hungry immigrants 4.5millions? This Liu is a fool. Brain rotten.

Anonymous said...

Rich old Singaporeans don't seem to know when to shut up and fuck off with their millions.

Still want to hang around in Singapore and make things difficult for young Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek sent email to chastise & encourage employees


One e-mail and all our MRT problems have been resolved.
Very powerful you know.
That's why he is paid millions.
To solve problems by e-mail.

Next time Singapore gets invaded;
We must ask him to write an e-mail to the foreign invader.
"Obey the rule of law."

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1149am

this is what the Chinese saying

""paper top discuss army""!


Anonymous said...

@ November 11, 2017 11:49 am

This type of e-mail is called "limpeh kali kong" e-mail.
Motherhood and apple pie.
First year university student also know how to write.

Anonymous said...

I think Lui Thai Ker (alternatively means Old Tiger) is not someone who has cared for the well-being of Singaporeans at large. He was a mere architecture student who was used as a tool by LKY's Administration to built low quality hdb flats, which turned out to be one of the three major con-jobs against Singapore common folks. Now he is trying to make himself relevant to the present LHL Administration by coming out another con idea to assuage his over-the-hill status. Nothing else. So, commoners should be very weary of him. Just brush him aside and tell him go and enjoy his millions amassed over the long years. Otherwise, he and his children should be held responsible for any future ills to Singapore and Singaporeans in future because of his balls-carrying idea.

Anonymous said...

/// I think Lui Thai Ker (alternatively means Old Tiger) is not someone who has cared for the well-being of Singaporeans at large. ///

Can we all agree with this statement?
- The PAP elites do not give a fuck about Singaporeans.

What's the clue?
- "What's wrong with collecting more money."

What's the most important survival skill for a Sinkie to master?
- Learn how to vote wisely

Is the above true?

Anonymous said...

Jobs, schools, housings, transport, hospitals are fully tested with opening flood gates. All failed badly. No capacity, unprepared.

The cost for increasing hospitals, roads, buses, mrt, are paid by sinkies.

Jobs lost to cheaper immigrants are helped by elites blaming on productivity %.
Productivity % needs to increase before cleaner got $100 increase. (what can cleaners do? esp they were foreigners getting less than $700pm, eating instant noodle at corners sitting on the floor)
Jobs higher than cleaners were given to foreigners, occupying banks, schools teaching especially private setups, IT in companies, accounts, engineering (should include the mrt) etc.

Did sinkies gain from productivity? innovation from managers like auntie saw? bank? stock exchange?
Luckily SIA was not transferred to foreigner CEO. The Tiger was gone.

Jobs given to foreigners could not be reversed. Its still remain unsolved is NS. If another 4 millions foreigners were to come in, Sinkies give up NS. At time of conflicts between India n China, NS men will get whack from immigrants who have the larges number.
Go to serangoon on sunday to confirm for your self. Another 4 millions migrants will spell the end of sinkieland when these migrants go crazy.

Bear in mind, migrants are cohesive sharing the same culture ie language and behaviors. If migrants are 7 millions, citizens are 3 millions, NS men are 300k, there is no control literally.

Out numbered. Whoever want to have 10 millions migrants is not a NS men. He or She is setting citizens and NS men up for risk no one can manage when it implodes.

How money do u think sinkieland still have to build extra housing, hospitals, schools, buses, mrt, roads, etc? The debt sinkies have and the public debt (111% gdp) is reaching $500billions.

China are not giving orders similar to those giving to Malaysia. The sinkie revenues will shrink when Malaysia are operating.

Where the ahlong gets the funds for 4millions immigrants to enjoy here?
Can sinkies pmet go without jobs for years?

Anonymous said...

Put person in charge of proposal.
To manage what he says.
Talking no use.just like saying i can fly.
Do u believe.

Anonymous said...

Liu Thai Ker
Yew Fuk Ker

Anonymous said...

79 years old versus GE 2020.
Before that time, do you think PAP may lose a loyal voter?

Anonymous said...

Q: What's the advantage of becoming a father at 79 years old?
A: You can both be in diapers at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Q: What's the advantage of becoming a father at 79 years old?
A: You and your baby can both be in diapers at the same time.

Another old man joke
A sexy 20 year old woman walks up to the 79 year old man,
lifts up her skirt and says "Supersex?"
He thinks for a minute and finally says "I'll take the soup."

Anonymous said...

A 79 year old PAP voter is sitting in the HDB void deck crying his eyes out.
A young Opposition voter comes by and asks him what is the matter.

The old man says, "I'm a multi-millionaire, I have a great big house, the most expensive car in the world and I just married a beautiful young woman who satisfies me every night in bed (sob)."

The young Opposition voter says, "You have everything I have ever dreamed for in my life. What could be so wrong in your life that you are sitting here, crying in the HDB void deck?

The 79 year old PAP voter says, "I can't remember where I live."

Anonymous said...

A proud old architect who has grossly overshoot his competence, barking to his foolish master call ignoring the citizens needs, living in his comfort ivory hall. Mr Lui go experiment on your own family not on Sinkies lives please. Try to get married again n father twenty more children n house them in your current abode n let us know your woes.

Anonymous said...

79-year old, one leg already in the coffin, brain cells deteriorating fast, still spewing senile nonsense to continue his life-long carrying of the PAP's balls to hurt the welfare of Sinkies . . .

Anonymous said...

When I am 79 years old;
Will you believe me when I tell you that I am working for the long term (more than 20 years) benefit of all Singaporeans?

Will I really work so hard for benefits that I will not live to enjoy?

Do you think a 79 year old man is more short term focused?

Anonymous said...

79-year old should be making end-of-life preparations and depart with dignity . . .

Anonymous said...

79, 79, 79,,,,,,,79,,,,,,

Don't play play!

PAP 79% at next GE?


Anonymous said...

OK........tomorrow I will invest in 4D, the following numbers,,,,


Each 10B and 10S.

Huat Ah! Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

b said...

Another guy turns senile and needs to see doctor immediately.

Anonymous said...

"Do you want Singapore to remain a sovereign country?"

What an inspiring question.
Imagine going across to JB with no passport / custom control and endless queues.
Imagine no more NS and reservists.
Imagine no more COE.
Imagine cheap food and petrol.
Imagine getting 6% on our retirement money.

By now, the answer is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero: $$$Liu Thai Ker peddling his 10m pop$$$

What now?


Follow where the smarties go ...?

Smarties like ay, lsw, lsy ...?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 11, 2017 11:42 am
>>>>>Rich old Singaporeans don't seem to know when to shut up and fuck off with their millions.<<<<<

That's why the best option is emulate ay, lsw, lsy ...?

Rr ...?

Better than eat bah tang mati?

Anonymous said...

This guy already 79 and most sinkies already dead before reaching 79 so he is damn lucky to be still kicking. Likely he is rich so with all the health screening, good food etc so he can live much longer than most. But his brain already senile. As it is we already have big problems and he wanted to add more problems that the existing problems have not been solved. He need to be sodomized to get his senses back.

Anonymous said...

(Sensible & Far-Sighted) Lao Hero: $$$$$££¥$$$$$$ Economic growth is not dependent on just population growth.

There are many ways to growth without growing population.

Growing population to gain economic growth is suicidal, a sure way to self destruction, just like growing the population of mother earth. $$$$$€£¥$$$$$$

Unfortunately since 1990, the (fake) LaoGoanomics & Botaknomics are all about that?

Mr Harakiri admitted openly that in the recent MRT NSL 2-days (Sat & Sun, Oct 2017) paralysis, the flood was totalLy avoidable ... the flood pit (which is the equivalent of) 2 olympic pools size could not fulfil its purpose and accomodate the less than 1/10th volume of flood water bcos the pit was filled with mud, debris etc ...? (If Mr ChaoZhou mistakes ever come near, he & his workers patty could be roasted (& become ppq) beyond recorkneetion)?[Meanwhile, the faults of the MRT lie with the newsmedia & commuters (despite the facts that they are not correcting the millions of fat cows & cats salaries, bonuses, perks & what naught?)]?

Now, regarding this "population flood policy", oops population growth (one-trick) policy .... How much "mud, debris" have been accumulating in the "economic buffer pit" built by gks and the old guards that is being undone by LaoGoanomics and Botaknomics (all these years since 1990)?

When the "economics flood" (similar to the NSL MRT flood saga) takes place one day, the population growth one-trick LaoGoanomics and Botaknomics would be exposed fully?

The architect of such an "Economic flood fiasco" is one "LEWD TIGER" (abetted by one cha tao & one botak)?

By then, how to salvage (the economic devastation & destruction)?

Write email ...?


Better rr (asap) like ay, lsw, lsy ...?

PS: AY supposedly is invited by Harvard to give a talk ... Not bad for a teenager to make a wise choice, rr and now joining lsw who is an economics research fellow there ...? Not bad ... indeed not bad ... Better than "rotting" under (the misguided) LaoGoanomics & Botaknomics?

Anonymous said...

Seat warmer Laogoh delivered swiss standard golden peanut to himself n corrupt a generation of elites with self serving golden peanuts salaries n served sinkies with high swiss costs of living. On top of opened leg mindless FT one trick pony growth policy without preparing the infrastructure. GooduLi destroyed fabulous relationship with China built up over 35 yrs with his crappie jokes, n jinxed Sinkingpore with his wifie buy-high sell-low invrstment strategy for our nation squeezed citizens hard earned money n reserves. Sinkies are slowly feeling the pain n opening their eyes to see the gross hyprocrisy n laughable incompetence of Pappies yes-men dishonest paper general scholars on a life of entitlement n feeding on public money. The votes is only way to talk to such self serving goodu elites bend on benefiting themselves without shame.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The problem of foreign trash in our country is avoidable if actions are taken now to stop more trash coming in and remove the mud and debris that have accumulated in the past years due to the indiscriminate open leg policies.

The problems associated with overpopulation can be avoided if the people voice their displeasure now and stop the mad men and women from doing more harm to our country and people by continuing with increasing the population beyond what is tolerable and bearable.

Anonymous said...

@ November 12, 2017 7:00 am
"Amos Yee invited to Harvard to give a talk and Q&A session"

This is what I admire about the ang mohs.
A willingness to hear a different point of view.

If Amos Yee's opinions can endanger Singapore .... then I seriously question the quality of work done by LKY and PAP over the last 52 years.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately what is written here is likely (seen as) "blasphemy against" Laogoanomics and Botaknomics ... and will nvr be ...?

Whoever "speaks against" the "gospel of $$$€£¥$$$ one trick population growth policy $$$€£¥$$$" could be "crucified in the most painful manner" (in their pockets, bank accounts, mental torture .....)?

Given such backdrop, the only (sensible) option is to follow the foot prints of AY, LSW, LSY, LS .....?

Anonymous said...

>>> There are many ways to growth without growing population. <<<
November 12, 2017 7:00 am

Very true.
But do you think PAP only knows ONE way to achieve economic growth?

Chan Chun Sing was quoted by Reuters as saying:

“In Singapore, leadership is a responsibility to be borne, not a position to be sought.”

He also said whoever took over was unlikely to drastically change the government’s policy direction.


More of the same in the future.
Nothing is going to change for you and your family.
True or not?

Anonymous said...

Woman from India among 3 Singaporeans held for supporting ISIS

A woman originally from India was among three Singaporeans arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for supporting the Islamic State and terrorism-related activities, authorities said.

Munavar Baig Amina Begam (38), a housewife and a naturalised Singapore Citizen originally from India, is an ISIS supporter . . .


Anonymous said...

This old fella is not only a PAP dog, but a wife-grabber as well; he was screwing Kishore's wife when he was S'pore Representative to the UN.

He's pushing for 10m population so that Rowsley which had merged with his architecture firm can hope to sell the 10,000 residential units they're to build in Iskandar.

This old dog is damn selfish to propose for S'pore to accomodate 10m population when his family has already migrated to Perth.

His old man artist Liu Kang passed away buried in Perth.

Anonymous said...

Its not about how many peple on the road
Walking.its about how much $ in my bank.
1 man on the road also never mind.if my bank got
Lots of monies.

Anonymous said...

Try filling up stomach 1st fully then c how it feels.
Really fill.eg.eating 1 whole chicken.if can try one pig.
If can eat everything then u say 100 million pop also ok.

b said...

Too many cows and the farms will be prone to mad cow disease.

Try to get out lah. Try oz or nz. Many sgies already set up camps there.

Anonymous said...

923pm good inform on Liu, a questionable character. expose sure men to keep his big bootlicking mouth shut.

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang, sure poor tastes.

Black hole of Calcutta also screwed? ?

Or is it White HOLY LOMABANG??

Think its should be the latter.

Away too long, very hard to resist the snakes from the holes.

Asked Sinkies to work abroad .

Want many divorces cases? ?