3 aircraft carrier groups in western Pacific

The USS Nimitz, USS Ronald Reagan and USS Theodore Roosevelt are conducting a naval exercise with the Japanese Navy. What are they up to? Two of the most wicked countries scheming to plan a preemptive strike at North Korea? These monkeys still think war is an option when nuclear weapons are in play and desperately wanting to go to start a war. Do they think that this is going to be a limited war that will be over in a few hours or a few days?

Pray hard that it would be that way. The North Koreans are not Arab countries that are hapless and unable to hit back. They have every weapon ready and the slightest sign of an attack could be the signal to let go everything they got. Would there still be a Tokyo standing? How many Japanese cities would go up in smokes and would Japan still be habitable? And they are counting on the Chinese and Russians standing idly by and doing nothing while they devastate North Korea, their close allies, with nuclear weapons that would put both Russia and China and their people at risk of nuclear fallouts?

Be very sure that once started, it would proceed to its natural end when nuclear bombs would be flying all over the sky and many would be hitting American and European cities as well. It would be armageddon, no two ways about it. Don’t even think that it would be anything else. The days when the Evil Empires can go around hitting any country with impunity is over. The lessons learnt by the Russians and Chinese about Iraq and Libya have put them on full alert of the wicked intention of the Americans. Strike again and they would strike back. Syria is the last stand. There will be no more Iraq or Libya to fall to the evil Empire. North Korea, Iran and Syria are untouchable. Don’t ever try.

The mad and dangerous men in Washington and Tokyo are clear and present dangers to their people and to the people of the rest of the world. They still think they can hit the North Koreans and the North Koreans cannot hit back.
Look at this video again and again. Only 10 minutes.

This is the fate awaiting the Americans and Japanese should they be reckless and mad enough to think of attacking North Korea. Any attack on North Korea will be an attack on China and Russia. The North Koreans, Chinese and Russians will hit back. The Americans must not doubt the capabilities of the armed forces of these countries.

There is no way that the North Koreans would attack the Americans unless the Americans struck first. Only silly little countries are still clinging to the American lie that North Korea is a threat to them. The Americans must stop crying wolf that the North Koreans are going to attack the Americans first. The real devils are the Americans and now also the Japanese, with encouragement from the Americans. The South Koreans would be sacrificed. They are dispensable. In the American calculus to attack North Korea, the South Koreans are not in the equation.

Can the American people stop the evil men and women in the White House and the Pentagon who are seeking wars and not peace? The USA must stop behaving like a rogue state. They can continue to stage murders like 911 in homeland USA but not elsewhere.

PS. At this point in time, the Americans must not make any silly move that is mistaken by the North Koreans that they are attacking them for them to hit the button first. The consequences of such a mistake are unbearable to both countries and the rest of the world.


Virgo49 said...

The silly South Koreans clapped and clapped in their National Assembly hearing what's the North Koreans said Mad Dog barking.

They are too afraid of abandoning their corrupted capitalist way of life.

At least, some protested NO War banners to DT.

DT is just playing psychological warfare now trying to get Kim to abandon his Nuclear Arsenals.

Once abandoned, it will be like Iraq devastated and destroyed by the Americans.

DT kept harping that no American Cities would be harmed by Kim.

He is just too fearful that they are now in danger of being bombed by Kim.

Anonymous said...

The North Koreans would only attack US cities in retaliation of an invasion. Otherwise they would not dare to do anything to invite their own destruction. They are sensible people.

Only the mad men in the evil Empire would want to start a war, an invasion knowing that the NK cannot hit back. They want the right to hit at others without being hit. Now with the NK able to hit back, they are very sore. They want to make sure NK does not have this ability so that they can do an Iraq on NK.

Anonymous said...

Minister Chee Hong Tat: Public will not have access to Parliament videos

Minister Chee Hong Tat dodged answering the question and referred to state propaganda media, Mediacorp, which he said will provide specific video clips for public consumption:

“Video recordings of parliamentary proceedings belong to the Government which in turn commissions national broadcaster Mediacorp to cover the sittings and show the footage on various platforms, including free-to-air television as well as on Channel NewsAsia’s Parliament micro-site and its Facebook page.”‘


"Video recordings belong to the Government" .... so who does the Government belong to?
PAP or Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Malaysian man held two jobs, allegedly collapsed & died from overworking


Do you think our PAP Millionaires are very strong and genetically superior?

Do you think many of them hold at least 2 jobs and yet continue to live a very good and long life?

Anonymous said...

Hi 9.51am

you dont know meh?

they are all supermen and wonderwomen

yes, they live a very very very good and loong life

you want to join them?


Anonymous said...

The belligerent Americans sent 3 aircraft carriers loaded with hundreds of attack aircraft, missiles and nuclear bombs to the waters around North Korea and crying that the North Koreans are threatening the Americans.

These fucking liars must be cursed by God, if there is one, and be struck by the greatest force of the mighty ones to be obliterated from the surface of the earth.

How can the small and weak North Koreans, staying within their borders, be a threat the the evil Americans?

For goodness sake, the sillies and stupids in the world should not be so blind and stupid to believe the American lies. The Americans are the aggressors, the warmongers, the ones that are threatening the North Koreans, not the other way around.

Let the Americans be cursed by the wrath of God.

Anonymous said...

Asia is fast growing in self made arms that can rival US made. Trump s shouting at SK against NK: dont try us, has his own fear.
NK openly said in UN that NK will teach the dotard a lesson with videos of burning US upon NK attacks. Other asian countries are able to do the same. India on 7 Nov successfully fired Nirbhay missile. This limpey missile can reach China and Pakis. While Pakis in this year fired one self made missile also could reach 1000km.

US those 3 fleets: nim, ross, ron can swim round and round the SK water with the Japanese smaller ships. The best they can do is to practise landing on fleets, the hardest part of flying especially at night time. NK is assumed to have basic hardware to fight with US. But US must land on NK.

When weather was bad due to fog, the US commander chief dare not to go DMZ while the SK president Moon waited for him there. U can see Trump actually is very scared he will end his life without spending his billions. His trip to SK landed in a US based first. Where got state visit first landing in an army base on 7 Nov afternoon? Then withing hours, at 2pm 8 Nov, he landed on Beijing.
Trump was in hurry to have dinner with Moon, and ran off.

There is highly unlikely to have war with NK. Pentagon had said: US must put land force in NK. Who dare? SK Moon declined. US and Japan can go ahead. Will they?
If US throw nuclear toys on NK. Tokyo will be burning. SK US forces might be wiped out if Kim left with last few nuclear toy.

Trump will lose his job if he tries this ending. In US, someone dem has tabled to impeach Trump by Chrismas. Trump s position is getting shaky, while Xi has strengthened. There will be trade disputes coming after Trump returns to US.
Kim is smart to stay cool to watch the game changes. There still have TPP talk in Apec. To surround China?
From the macro point of view: overall situation changes including in Iran, reflects US s power is waning. With missiles reaching US lands in next 2 years, especially Pakis, will US still shouting with the fleets?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon.10.07

America will be destroyed by her own Nuclear Arsenals.

One fine day, mayor Natural Disasters of Equake quakes, tremors and own humans sabotage or mistakes will themselves blown to dust.

They have the largest arsenal of Self destroying bombs.

God is Great as proclaimed by the ME.

Anonymous said...

While the American fleets are in the western pacific, it has been reported that the Russian and Chinese submarine fleets are shadowing them to stop them from their mischief.

Anonymous said...

Russian, Brazilian, Chinese and North Korean nuclear submarines are deployed in international waters off the coasts of California and Floria, ready to reply to any nuclear attack by the US.

In addition, Chinese and Russian nuclear weapons are ready to strike All US Nuclear Bases, especially South Korea, Guam and Japan, including all US Fleets in the Pacific and Elsewhere.

Every action the US makes, whether militarily or otherwise will be met with multiple counter moves.

The U.S. is no more the Policeman of the World but yhe Chief Terrorist and Criminal of Humanity in the Whole Universe.

Anonymous said...

The Russians are developing trades to integrate with Road Belt development along the routes leading to Germany. Putin is very smart leader. Besides high tech guns and planes, he is developing trades with no tariffs with APEC and trying to tie with ASEAN.
Vietnam has ordered S400 from Russia. That is a significant influence of Russia with ASEAN country.

Putin had spoken to Abe that a rail route will link from Siberia to NK. Putin asked Abe to participate in construction. Putin s trading group is Euraisa, with lots of potentials for infra structure projects. Some of the special country has nuclear bomb technology, u know where to find it.

Indonesia Malaysia bought Russia fighter jets. Vietnam bought S400, effectively can put vietcons to "sleep in peace", not scare of china missiles. Russia s interest in ASEAN is far stable than US s fleets which can shout but cannot use. Literary useless and wasting money war tools.

Fleets like these 3 big money eaters in SK sea are good example of outdated technology of the empire. Imagine those day handphones were like bricks kinda size? Fleets are like those handphone technology. Missiles with multiple nuclear heads can easily fire out of nowhere eg submarine and completely destroy the entire fleets within minutes. Russia can fire 6 nuclear heads in one go. NK may be able to do so. US will have to say: boh pian liao. Have to talk peace with NK.

Anonymous said...

USA is the MOST EVIL COUNTRY in the World. Period.

Anonymous said...

The US's strategy is similar to the Singapore's strategy: The strategy of no strategies. Only short-term fire-fighting reactions to international developments with arrogance, concert and self-deception.

Read the following from TOC:

"Between 1990 -2010, however, twenty years of this “go for growth” strategy has left us with a bloated, inefficient, excessively labour- intensive and low productivity economy that has depressed wages for the working class, created massive working poverty, and boosted the population to an uncomfortable 5.6 mn that could easily swell to double that if labor force growth is not scrupulously controlled well below 1% pa long term.

Germany for example, grew its labour force and population at less than 0.5% pa over the last few decades and remains the most competitive and dynamic high value-added export economy in the world!

Doing the same for the next few decades will leave Singapore with a population well below 6.9 million (a goal enunciated by the Prime Minister) and not anywhere near an awful 10 million population. And the former with higher productivity and real wages, less extreme wealth and income inequality and a much, much smaller and more assimilable new foreign population.

What we need is high quality, not poor quality, high quantity growth. The latter is the way towards an unbearably crowded, extremely stratified, xenophobic and socially divided Dubai-type society; very far cry from a Swiss-style standard of living that a productivity-led, relatively population-light strategy like Germany or Switzerland’s can alternatively provide.

Citizen well being, not growth numbers, greater profits, more billionaires or tall fancy buildings should be the true test and ultimate goal of long term population policy and urban planning. Let’s not forget that we are not just a city state but, much more importantly, a nation state as well."

Mr Yeoh is the former GIC chief economist and had written the above post in his Facebook page. Reproduced with permission.

Anonymous said...

Abe just play dumb agreeing with trump. Look at Japan culture, they are famous for copying skills and kept them dearly without sharing. Japan currently have the capability of producing nuclear bombs in a short times. It only waiting for American permission to proceed. Look at Japanese history, they will always seek revenge by killing everybody harming them. If japan have nuclear bomb, their first target would be the country who hit them before. It must be usa. One hydrogen bomb in the yellow stone park would destroy usa.

Anonymous said...

China and the United States signed US$9 billion of deals on Wednesday afternoon, just hours after US President Donald Trump landed in Beijing.

The two countries sealed a total of 19 deals covering bioscience, aviation and smart manufacturing, official media reported.

The signing ceremony in the Great Hall of the People was overseen by Wang Yang, China’s vice-premier in charge of economic issues, and US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's PM Lee went to USA to sign a one-way "dealt-with" of losing $19 billion taxpayers' money did not get anything in return and did not get any visit from President Donald Trump in return. Simply by-passed as an insignificant stooge.

What a laughing stalk, stock and stork!

Stupidity has no cure!

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland Lee Ah Sai also went to China and came back empty handed. Did not sign any deal. Wasted taxpayers money to go there for holidays and establish own interests, not national interests.

Most expensive, wasteful and incompetent PM in the World.

Virgo49 said...

The Americans Media of their own self appointed lawmakers and own self appointed Congressmen aren't too happy with DT toning down and been too friendly with China.

These bastards and britches are the Ones who are the REAL Shits stirrers who messes the World.

Chinese are smart and hospitable to guests whether they are comfortable or not with them.

The way to a person's Heart and soul is through the stomach and given State's Banquet, DT sang praises for China.

Our lononytune just invited to white house parted 19 billions funds.

Like small boy looking for attention.

Anonymous said...

In contrast, najib one single trip got US33.6 billions from China.

Sinkieland leeder got voice to tell him what to do. That voice was reported in china, to advise US to surround china. Jokes like open windows got free smoke were told to usa congressmen openly. That isnt the result yet. Once the Malaysia port is ready, and Beijing world biggest airport operating in 2019, sea traffic, air traffic will reduce in sinkieland.
Chinaair is Star-alliance. Direct flights with Beijing will scope away sia business.
Look at the figures, and compare with the world most expensive pm.

"China has committed to import goods worth US$2 trillion from Malaysia over the next five years (a nearly eight-fold jump from 2016 imports over that period), to invest up to US$150 billion in the country and to offer 10,000 places for training in China.

Mr Najib brought home US$33.6 billion in deals when he visited China in November — the biggest haul yet between the countries — plus an agreement to buy four patrol boats from China."

Anonymous said...

Hello 1.54 pm

Wah wah wah!

Based on your comments, Singapore finished liao!

Like that very the siong leh!

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland whole year export to china excluding HK is about 40+ billions S$. Najib s one single trip is equal to S$48 billions. Whole year sinkieland export orders all filled up.

Sinkieland leeders last trip got "empty handed" is insulting to the whole world. China s small orders will make sinkieland happy. The leeders will shout aloud.
But China did not give. Not even "throwing a bone on the ground" for sinkies to rush. "Bones" words were repeat of one ah go s words on others, sounded insulting hor?
Sinkieland needs to quickly change the leeders, hopefully can start fresh again through working with china. If these old leeders remain and keep sitting on jobs, sinkieland is habis, finished liao. Go US and Russia, may be Trump and Putin will give lean meat.

Anonymous said...

Not finished. Sinkieland can import 4 millions ah nehs to have population 10 millions. Boom again, GDP will grow at 16%. Top the world like what leeder did last time at 15.2%.
This is the best way: import cheap labor by millions. Beat china GDP.

b said...

Trump and Putin and Xi playing a game called sucking all the money from japan together with NK. The three of them can rule the world easily if they work together and create a happy world. Only an idiotic fool will want to destroy it. All these are only just wayang wayang.

b said...

DT is a very good actor. Do not discount that.

Anonymous said...

Beat china GDP.
November 09, 2017 3:39 pm

Put Singapore onto China map.
Cannot find little Singapore on China's big map.
Only way to find Singapore is to follow the smell of bull shit coming from our MRT tracks.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

b said...

Sg is just a vassal state and will stay as one. The world will belong to Trump/ Putin/ Xi for many years to come. But they will need to destroy some evil vassal states together who are rebellious and anti peace.

Anonymous said...

U spoke the truth. Sinkieland s systems like laws english teaching social interactions. transport like buses were set up by the British. Pap just follow the ways. Buses were not on time for so many years until the British Goahead came to show them. Mrt is something new set up by Pap. No one including Pap can deny it is a breaking down company. It went worst when ah long hire an auntie selling provision stock to be ceo of an heavy engineering firm.

The results spoke for the problems. This morning NS line was delayed 30mins at least at 750am. Mrt company never put in twitter to warn commuters. This type of self defeating culture died hard with the mrt management.
When see the harakiri face and the general face, heads start shaking left right.
Want to compare with china, to handle high speed rail, wander who will dare to sit inside at 300km per hour. The train might miss the stations like mrt did at amk station and went backward. High speed rail must provide go backward power engine for sinkie mrt company. Else the train might overshot the JB custom.
China will have goo laugh when sinkie mrt handle the high speed rail esp using Japanese shenkangsen.

Virgo49 said...

MRT CEO go the cheek to tell the Staff, Let's not be embarrassed together.

Equal miseries but not equal pays.

Heaven and Earth or Hell salaries.

Hari Kiri Man hide, last time he said LTA will monitor SMRT.

How come no lapses and equal blame on LTA???

Aiya, let's me tell the truths. Silver Serpents only knows how to check but they do not know how the things work.

Just check check, whom don't know.

Even don't know pretend to know.

My spouse ex British and later Hong Kong joint venture company engineers said the LTA Engineers are all DUDS.

Some joined them for better prospects and they found that most are duds. After a while, many returned back to LTA where they can have three hours luch breaks.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys noticed that Donald Trump refused to bow to the Japanese Emperor?
When he visited Saudi Arabia, he bowed to the Saudi King but he refused to bow to the Japanese Emperor. What does that tell you the world?

Anonymous said...

U go ask staff at station if cow s words made them shameful.
Ya. The management managed that problem that failed should get the kick. The management of the managers the ceo is responsible for causing the shame.

This ceo pulled the staff inside as if they felt shameful. That reflected how he felt. He should feel shameful and harakiri man should simply ask the former to resign and he pulls out a sumurai to do harakiri. Use a plastic toy sumurai will be sufficient on sankieland.
Both still want to collect million dollars, what so shameful?

Anonymous said...

Who is more responsible for SMRT failures?
Desmond Kuek or the people who hired Desmond Kuek?

What about the Singaporeans who voted for the people who hired Desmond Kuek?
Are Singaporeans ultimately responsible?

Is it true?
70% of the Singaporeans who are caught in an MRT break down voted for PAP?
Did they own self fucked own self?

Anonymous said...

@ November 09, 2017 6:04 pm

No. They did not ownself fuck ownself. You did. You just fucked yourself. In your eagerness to put blame on the 70%, you forgot that out of every 3 commuters in the trains, there are two foreigners. Also, of the 70% who voted for PAP, at least 30% do not take MRT. They have their own transport - their own cars, delivery vans, motorcycles, pickups, and lorries, or they are taxi drivers.

So, isn't it true that you have fucked yourself instead?

Anonymous said...

/// ... you forgot that out of every 3 commuters in the trains, there are two foreigners.
Also, of the 70% who voted for PAP, at least 30% do not take MRT. ///

Blah. Blah. Blah.
I see a lot of numbers.
But I see no evidence to support your numbers.

Singaporeans got the MRT system we deserve.
Thank you 70%.

Anonymous said...

Next time your HDB lift breaks down in your HDB block in your PAP constituency.

Do you think it is fair to say that 70% of the people who voted for PAP only got themselves to blame?
Own self fuck own self ???

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is indeed racist ! He bowed to the Saudi King but refused to bow to the Japanese Emperor ! How can Japan stomach the insult ?

Virgo49 said...

Saudi Arabia the King in league with the Americans to screw their own Middle Eastern people.

They are the Devils in Disguise the Big Shits Stirrers.

That's why DT bowed to him as collaborators and also oil still flushing from their grounds.

Wait till the days they ran dry, they eat sands.

Japan's Emperor is Asian.

Which Ang Moh respects Asians??

Now may be President Xi as equal.Xi also got Nuclear Bombs.

And Kim Jong Un who puts fears into them.

Kim's philosophy we can embrace and die together.

Now you got gun, I also got gun.

All still fear the bullets.

Those countries who spent billions on knives are Duds.

Conventional arms can beat Nuclear Bombs.??

b said...

This world is funny. NK and China embraced K Marx (a westerner) communism. But Trump and Putin embraced Jesus (an asian) christianity.

b said...

Love and not hate or fight one another and we will all have a chance to world peace.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With 3 aircraft carriers at the door step of NK threatening to blow up NK to oblivion, who is threatening who?