SMRT’s bad luck just would not go away

When Khaw Boon Wan mentioned that it was bad luck that caused all the problems in SMRT, or something like that, many took it with a pinch of salt or laughed it away as market talk. How can technical problems be attributed to bad luck?

With each passing day, this bad luck thing seems to get more real. Whenever the media quoted Boon Wan or someone in the SMRT management claiming that services had improved, banged, something worst would happen, and the trains would suffer more breakdowns to press the point that it was not so, that the train services were not improving.

The point I am making about this bad luck thing is that it is not due to poor management or poor maintenance. Whatever maintenance processes they are doing, using high tech, big data, 3D printing or rocket science, if the breakdowns are due to bad luck, nothing will work. The SMRT staff is working very hard, I am very sure about that. Working hard is not the solution if they did not know what is the real problem. Worse if it is due to bad luck.

Perhaps a little divine intervention may help in some cases. From what Boon Wan had done, including inviting the religious leaders to pray to protection, it is still not working. Got blessing and things get even worse. It was just inconvenience, now people are getting hurt. Some said it was so lucky that no crowded train drove into the flood tunnel as the consequences of commuter drowning inside a flooded tunnel is beyond comprehension. So what can be worse than that? Would that be the end of the bad luck?

Fat hope. This morning, 15 Nov, one train collided with a stationary train in Joo Koon and 29 commuters were hurt as reported in main media, not fake news. This is first time in Singapore’s history, oops second time, that a train crashed into another train. Talking about bad luck! Sure this kind of accident must be bad luck. There is the train signal system to prevent such a collision. Could you believe it that it was the train signaling system that caused the accident? The train signaling system that was supposed to prevent such accident ‘was inadvertently removed’ when the train passed by a faulty signaling circuit. Holly cow, how can this be? Does anyone know how dangerous this is when trains are moving fast instead of this case when both were stationary and only a few metres apart? And this is a new train signaling system! How can a new train system have this kind of serious flaw embedded? This is totally unacceptable. A safety feature cannot and must not be allowed to be removed by accident or unintentionally even by a faulty circuit.

The most important thing now is to find the source of bad luck. Oh, also debug this new train signal software to make sure it is fit for operation. Many lives are put in danger if this bug is not removed completely and the system declared 100% safe for installation. As for the bad luck, if it is due to an individual, then the individual must be removed. This time big data can come in handy. Use big data to correlate the bad luck with some individual and remove the individual to remove the bad luck.

For a good start, all the top management staff and Boon Wan must go and bathe with flower water as a precaution.


Anonymous said...

First get rid of Hu Li Jinx, half of problem solved lah lah lah.

Anonymous said...

The difference between a wise leader and a nut is the ability to know what is enough and when the limit is hit and stop going down further.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand this government culture. In a public sector, when a company is responsible for a mishap, the CEO will come out and apologize. He or his top management will visit those injured in the hospital. Here we see a different play. Minister of Transport has to apologize. His deputy and other ministers have to go and visit the injured. CEO of SMRT just go and take a look at train and keeping quiet all the while. Is this acceptable?

Anonymous said...

Bt panjang LRT car also "langar"b4.

Anonymous said...

"..its an awful ( or awesome) day.." remarked by Ah Cow after the langa incident..Enough is Enough!

Ah Cow & Ceo Quak & dCeo Ling must go! They r utterly Incompetent & Incapable to handle the aSSMrt train operations & safety of its commuters.

Anonymous said...

Make every PAP Minister from President, Prime Minister downwards;
Make them take public transport to work for 12 months.
They must sit/stand in the same carriage as the rest of us.
No such thing as a private PAP only carriage.

I guarantee problem will be solved.

Anonymous said...

Ah Cow must be jinxed... every time he celebrated an "achievement".. sometime "bad luck" happened next

When Stench Is Too Unbearable.... said...

When 70% keep voting for greedy pigs, cocky monkeys, insidious snakes and incompetent lazy clowns, instant pseudo politicians who are paid by the $millions of taxpayers' money, will never know what political acumen means. They only know how to cue up for a $2 chicken rice or scouping earth on tree-planting day for photo-taking by reporters.

After LKY's death, the helm of power is obviously losing its direction and the decency of human character is pathetically found wanting again and again and again.

If the First Elected President can be deliberately changed from President Ong Teng Cheong to Nominated Centennial President Wee Kim Wee to shot-change the public, what else would they not do?

If an Indian-Muslim, legally established as such by Birth and by Identity Card, can be interpreted as a Malay-Muslim for the purpose of walking-over to the Highest Office in the, what ethical and moral values are there left in the authority to administer the country?

If the Sacrosanct Constitution of Singapore can be raped, defiled and trampled upon blatantly and easily, what legal rights are there left to rule the Country and People?

If the MRT system of any system keep breaking down despite so many fire-fighting problem-solving techniques employed and comic excuses given, and the Thieves of Conscience have not been arrested and made accountable for their Mis-Chiefs, and mis-management, what integrity and dignity are there left to gain public respect and trust?

Anonymous said...

When the appointment of Minister for Law and Minister for Home Affairs are both given to one person to take charge, this already shows how careless and stupid the One Man who is responsible for the allocation of such appointments has been.

When further approved and authorised by the President, that shows how effective or defective the position of the Presidency has been.

Those in power must have assumed that the public is stupid and insignificant.

These are the resultant consequences of giving one and only one political party to be in power for too long.

Anonymous said...

I m a believer of luck.

But not an expert.

According to what I know, every seven years luck changes.

And will stay with the person for the next three years.

So be very careful.

How is your luck?

Anonymous said...

Ah Kuek ah.
Boy, boy.
How much money did SMRT pay to all the CONsultants to design your corporate logo and vision/mission statements?

Why not spend more money on maintenance staff salary instead?

Do you think your media CONsultants are nothing more than Mental Masturbators?

Our Identity

SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT Corp) is Singapore’s premier multi-modal land transport provider. Our core businesses are in rail operations, maintenance and engineering as well as in bus, taxi and automotive services.

Complementing these are our integrated businesses in retail, media and marketing, as well as properties and retail management. We are committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.


Moving People, Enhancing Lives


To be the people’s choice by delivering a world-class transport service and lifestyle experience that is safe, reliable and customer-centric.

Anonymous said...

Talking about luck...can you all suggest a few

4D numbers to buy for this Saturday and Sunday?

Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

NOL - PAP General Ng Yat Chung
SMRT - PAP General Desmond Kuek

Do you think there is a pattern emerging.
Mathematically speaking ... is this a coincidence?

Ah Loong.
What does your mathematics tell you?

Numerology Expert said...

Lucky number is 8889 - meaning Fuck Fuck Fuck Cow!

Anonymous said...

..here is another 4d number, how bout 9513, or 3159 ( Kow Wu One) with awful day on Wednesday...

Anonymous said...

The source of the SMRT problems is the French signaling contractor Thales lah, as the train delays and collision all due to signaling faults. All blame lies with the French firm for selling SMRT a defective signalling system ! Kena cheated by angmohs!

Anonymous said...

6 carriages + 6 carriages joined together becomes 12 carriages.

4 D number 6612

Huat ah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The signaling system presents a clear and present danger to the lives of commuters. The signaling system must not be used on the trains until it is debugged, retested and clear of this fault.

SMRT and Boon Wan must act on this immediately. How can a system with such a dangerous bug be bought and installed in our SMRT and put on a live system for testing?

Remember what Goh Keng Swee used to ask before purchasing a system or equipment? Has it been used and found to be working? How long has it been in used?

We can't be buying an unproven system and in this case proven to be faulty and can lead to loss of lives.

Take this faulty and dangerous system out immediately. This is no joking matter.

Anonymous said...

In Remembrance of Princess Diana

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"Go Slowly To That Garden” was written while watching
Princess Diana's funeral procession approaching the church.
As found at http://obamasmessage.com/the-poets-soul.html

Anonymous said...

Do our Singaporeans and Permanent Residents need to suffer a tragic accident at our tunnels, like what Princess Diana experienced twenty years ago, before our Ministers wake up?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, this is the PAPies motto --" u die ur own bziness" ...looking at wat the Smrt & Min Kaw is doing -- wat they can do wud be "kowtow" & said it's not their fault its somebody fault & the the sad thing is 70% dafts Sporeans believes in them...when things is solve in this manner one wud expect troubles after troubles...& Min Kaw got the cheek to ask for more times...it's certain that time is not not their side...it's Divine intervention to tell these buggers to "f&%#0" ( but Min act dumb & dun get it)..

Anonymous said...

Bad luck or jinx? Jinx is difficult to get rid of with the PAP in power.

If it is bad luck, I think they have been pushing that too far. I hope 'Cow Boo One' is not serious about this bad luck thing, because thousands of lives are at stake every day. You can't depend on luck operating a train service or an airline.

Still, it was an 'all fools day', to be celebrated by the 70%.

Can we believe that this is the worst that can happen? Don't bet on it! PAP today is different from the PAP of old.

Anonymous said...

The attitudes of Smrt & Mot on pinpointing the fault to someone else & does not do their own mirror reflection, more troubles will likely to come! It seems that the mrt trains incidents has been going from bad to worse when current problems r not solve. Remember the Murphy Law when many small small incidents could lead to a major one...

Anonymous said...

@ November 16, 2017 12:39 pm

Until somebody dies, do you think anything will change?

Anonymous said...

According to one expert, luck changes from -10 to +10 during a seven years cycle.

Hope KBW's lUck is not in the negative luck cycle.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Corporate manslaughter in English law

Corporate manslaughter is a criminal offence in English law, being an act of homicide committed by a company or organisation.

In general, in English criminal law, a juristic person is in the same position as a natural person, and may be convicted for committing many offences.

The Court of Appeal confirmed in one of the cases following the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster that a company can, in principle, commit manslaughter, although all defendants in that case were acquitted.


Anonymous said...

This signalling system is not from China is it?

Anonymous said...

We can't be buying an unproven system and in this case proven to be faulty and can lead to loss of lives.
Take this faulty and dangerous system out immediately. This is no joking matter.
November 16, 2017 12:39 pm
Do you think somebody forgot to say this to the daft 70% in GE 2015?

Anonymous said...

@ November 16, 2017 2:05 pm

By "an unproven system", do you mean the MRT signal system or the parachuting PAP General system?

Anonymous said...

dont like that leh

please give KBW a chance

he is the best-est transport minister so far

if KBW resigned, who will be next....any proposals

look at him....he looks so so much diff now and in 2015......

remember....he had by-pass done......please dont stress him

anyway, how can the whole singapore cannot solve the mrt problems

the whole world is watching.....smiling

hello! where are all the engineers in singapore!

calling all engineers.....please help to solve the mrt problems

dont drag anymore dont drag anymore

tolong tolong tolong!

Anonymous said...

When ownself can check ownself, you know we are on the slippery slope.

When ownself can praise ownself, you know we can only go downwards from too much swell-headed arrogance.

When own people are promoted not based on meritocracy but political patronage, you know the country will go to the dogs.

When people who do not know the job are put on the job, and people who know the job are asked to make way for them, you know problems will multiply, fester and one day bring the whole system down.

We are going backwards from first world to third. Even people in Matland are laughing at our MRT.

Those who does not believe that those who laugh last laugh best better take this as a lesson in humility.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.33pm, based on your good comments, what should the people do next?

Anonymous said...

Can we forgive Minister Cow for yesterday mishap? This is because he is not at fault & he is trying to solve this " Sick Men of ASEAN ( 东亚病夫) as Sinkies Smrt has lost all its reputation & standings.

Anonymous said...

How about let the next PM-to-be takes over!

If he/she is able to solve the mrt problems he/she
will have the whole nation behind him/her.

Good proposal?

Anonymous said...

Asking the 70% to do otherwise is like flogging a dead horse. How many percent of those 70% are really not hardcore PAP supporters? How many percent are new citizens who are ultinmately beholden to the PAP Government and are unlikely to do the unthinkable and vote for the opposition?

Added to that, figure out how many working in the Government departments, civil service sector including the army and police, semi-Government organisations, Temasek-linked entities and the like, who in honesty fear for their own livelihood, and you know how difficult it will be for the opposition to grow.

Asking what should we do next may be too little too late at this stage, when the PAP taking advantage of the support of those parties mentioned above over the decades, already has total control of every avenue for the opposition to grow, save for us voters clutching at the last straw, and that is our vote.

Who knows for how long we can clutch at this last straw when changes to the law just get shafted down our throats? Remember the old man talking about more than 'one man one vote' for some categories of people years ago? Luckily that did not come about. We should have exercised our votes wisely over the years.

But then with upgrading and other pork barrel politics thrown at voters, greed took a stronger hold than the reality of long term strategic gains for the 70%. Now we have to live with 'cash less' retirement with hijacked CPF, expensive houses, cars, cost of living and not to mention a laughable public transport system.

We dug this hole ourselves and we are being pushed into it now. It is now up to the 70% to wake up and do the right thing. But that may be a tall, tall order. Who will be able to sway them and live to tell the tale?

Anonymous said...


Singapore's railway woes is a consequence of bad population policy. To solve the MRT problems, simply revert to the 4 million population prior to 2004.

For that to happen, we urgently need to ask 1.7 million of the 2.2 million foreigners working in Singapore to return to their country, retaining just 0.5 million foreigners.

The trains will then not be overcrowded anymore, and there will be very much less strain on the MRT system.

Anonymous said...

Collision was caused by software being deleted. To protect commuters s safety features in software was removed accidentally.

More staff are needed to check the software. Software experts from sunnyland and pinoys are needed to be hired to check on present pool of staff s shallow design. How can the staff remove an important protection feature that prevent collision.

More experts from flooding chennai are needed to re design the entire mrt software. The result will be silky train moving without needing to worry cow every week. Shamu has said cow will sort out the problem in mrt. He is confident of cow. Cow should take the hints, or he will be doing transport next time. Chennai has experts on IT, hire them to re design a new software of world class safety features.

Anonymous said...

Thales is a French company. Not sure who wrote their software now being used and tested in the SMRT.

b said...

The pap/smrt will turn their incompetency into a money making affair by increasing fares. It is a sad world.

Anonymous said...

Blame the 70 percent numbskulls for electing the narcissus politicians who think of nothing but how to scrown from the people and country ever more unlimited millions though they show themselves to be the world's most incompetent fools and non performance in everything they do. Ask them what happen to the hundreds of billions they collect from the people through ponzi schemes like CPF, COE,ERP and GST besides personal income tax, property tax and corporate tax. These characters totally have no shame and no consciennce at all.

Anonymous said...





b said...

If they have any shame or conscience, they will not be politicians.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous @ November 16, 2017 4:45 pm:

"Thales is a French company. Not sure who wrote their software now being used and tested in the SMRT."

It was in France that Princess Diana was killed in the tunnel. All the CCTV Cameras were switched off and the signalling system was faulty.

Yet our milliin dollars minister and paper general can approve the purchase of the signalling system from a French company? Was there any undertable money offered?

Son cannot match Father's Hair! said...

Can't even solve the MRT Systemic problems, PM Lee Hsien Loong's speech at the Ass-See-Yuan Summit at Man-i-lah arrogantly boasted about taping on technology to leverage for progress and benefit Singaporeans.

Hahahaha... Make how many toes laughed at the summit? Already become the world's laughing stock, still don't feel ashamed?

Anonymous said...

The whole MRT system is riddled with problems.

We have hardware problems pertaining to tracks and trains. We have software problems pertaining to signalling. We have human resource problems pertaining to maintenance and servicing.

On top of that we have had electrical breakdowns, collision and flooding.

We really need an experienced person with knowledger of overseeing MRT systems from countries like Japan, UK or other European nations to sort out this mess of ours. We cannot rely on volunteers who thinks running the system is just like playing with toy trains.

The sooner the better!

b said...

So much mess! Ministers salaries should be reduced by 50% until the mess are cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

" The whole MRT system is riddled with problems. "

@ November 16, 2017 8:52 pm

Let's just hope it's limited to only the MRT system.

If it is a "deep seated cultural issue" , who knows what else is affected?
- C(on) P(eople) F(und)?
- TummySick? Gee-I-See ???
- Ass-Gee-Axe?
- what else?

There is usually more than one cockroach.

Anonymous said...

Good thing they cannot blame the WP for all the MRT mess. Now the old man is not around to deflect all the criticism that the public is putting on the PAP Government. But maybe it is time to bring out the AHTC case to distract public attention.

On another note, do not mess with minister's salaries. We will regret it for sure!

If their salaries are reduced by 50% and someone else with expertise comes in and fix the sinking ship, they may demand an increase of 150% for clearing the mess.

Always remember that the PAP is good in giving chicken wings and then take back one whole chicken in return.

Anonymous said...

6.02 pm, very jialat u wrote like that. U may get Rb into trouble too. If u Kena lim Kopi then Kena throw into jail and sodomized by dangerous criminals, don't get Rb into trouble leh

Anonymous said...

This period for those taking GCE A level exams and travelling by MRT to schools very jialuck! Many papers start at 8.00 am and the MRT train services break down during morning peak times.

Never give up your private car ownership ! Have PAP MPs given up their cars?

Anonymous said...

Please please please

KBW had by-pass done!

His heart needs tender care!

Do not stress h4m!

Very very siong, you know!

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.35

Not only for Singapore but the whole of ASEAN.

He is boasting that Sinkieland is the Best In ASEAN.

Wait one member asked him about MRT and he will tawinglk cock and sing songs.

Wong can Sing after Allah mak no more.

Now OTC is angry for he is the one who mooted the MRT system.

PE said I not first elected President.

Wah piang stoop so low to con the people.

Anonymous said...

Hi 7.53 am good morning,

Of course he can!

Smelly smelly he got 70% votes!

Which politician can?

You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, if a salesgirl is found fit to run the SMRT for so many years and rewarded handsomely with big bonuses, why can't this bunch of super talented scholars do the same job and do it a bit better than a salesgirl?

What is so difficult about running a train system? I think it is time to reinvite the salesgirl to run it. I think she did a better job than this bunch of super talents.

A job that is deemed fit for a salesgirl cannot be that difficult right? Just use common sense can do oredy.

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with collecting more money? "

Is this the deep seated cultural issue that Desmond Quek was referring to?

How do you balance "collecting more money from Singaporeans" versus "safety issues" versus "maintenance/reliability" issues?

Anonymous said...

From your ivory tower of million dollar salaries, what part of "public service" don't you understand?

"We have lost sight of the joy and excitement of public service, helping our fellow men.
The joy and excitement of seeking and understanding of the joy of the miracle of the living the duty and the grandeur.
We have lost taste for heroic action in the service of our people."
-- David Marshall

"What's wrong with collecting more money?"
- Lee Kuan Yew


Anonymous said...

“a political opponent is not an enemy – an honest opponent should be treated with respect however bitter the opposition of his views.
It is the essence of democratic progress to recognize that political opponents have material contribution to make to the thinking and efficiency of the government process and the education of the people.
Abuse, ostracism, refusal to speak to one another, vicious slander; these are the symptoms of infantile arrogance enshrined in the traditions of rigid dictatorships.
They have no place in the conduct of any one who believes in the democratic process.”

- David Marshall

Quotes taken from Marshall of Singapore by Kevin Y.L. Tan, ISEAS 2008. ISBN 9789812308771

Anonymous said...

Public service nowadays equates to how to help the establishment fix the opposition and those who diagree with its policies.

Look around and ask youself. Helping our fellow men? All the organs of state are there to help the PAP fix opponents, even siblings and relatives of the powers that be. It is the culture of the PAP and has never change. The only change can be seen in the severity of the measures taken to enhance control.

Anonymous said...

So far MRT had major disruptions from tunnel flood (WATER), train collision (METAL). Next major disruption from FIRE ?

Anonymous said...

1108am Saw was the foundational reason why our current Mrt has so much problem. Policies take time to see their effects. Instead of hiring this dfs salesgirl, Saw, the govt should be suing her to cough out all her bonuses and make her good friend who recommended her be make accountable besides the previous smrt board of directors. No wonder LKY said Sinkies are daft.

Anonymous said...

Steel hv WOOD(EN) (BLOCK chatao aka laogonomics)


Botaknomics (soil)?

Anonymous said...

In ancient China, the empress dowager can put anyone she likes at the top of the imperial palace administration. We in red dot is not the first.

That is why many dynasties came and fell. Such practice is a sure way to disaster.

Why should red dot be an exception? It must be heavens will that such things happened and is beyond control and not preventable, however glorious and powerful that dynasty had been.

Are we at that stage?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 5.32

Read :- http://thepeakmagazine.com.sg/interviews/former-edb-chairman-philip-yeos-latest-book-sheds-light-leadership-pitfalls

Read how he described those eunuch diseases in the PAP.


Anonymous said...

Thks virgo 5.47

Philip Yeo said it all. Old PAP vs New PAP? He worked under the old PAP system. Either you deliver or you go.

We need such a man helming the MRT. No excuse is tolerated.

Anonymous said...

So many people injured. Ministers still talking cock. PM still "thiam thiam". What leadership? Gross failure. Bey Tar Han!!!

Anonymous said...

Loong busy with ASEAN matters lah ! No forget S'pore now chair ASEAN .

FL said...

Ya, continue to pay sky high salaries to MIWs and CEO, etc lah ! See wat is happening now ? We have lost 2 lives (mrt staff)earlier and now so many passengers injured. What next is very scary lah !! Better touch wood, commuters !

Anonymous said...

PAP has such a high superiority complex that ministers and CEOs, that they put on top of entities through political patronage, have to be paid sky high salaries.

Fair enough if they are there based on merit. But can we see any merit in MPs and ministers-to-be having to hide under the coat-tails of entrenched heavyweight senior ministers to get into Parliament? Where is the proven merit that they are indeed suitable for the job? Because the PAP said so?

Like the import of foreign talents that turned out to be faked-talents, how many among the top appointees in Government, statutory boards and other Government controlled bodies are truly talents appointed based on merit and not cronyisam or are politically affiliated?

If the rot comes from the inside, it is not immediately apparent, but will come to be seen eventually.

Anonymous said...

Indeed infest throughout with political patronage, Sinkpore is worse than Japan amakudari. It is rotting all over inside. Now we can see some of the filth n smell the stink; it will get dirtier n more smelly as the years go on.

Anonymous said...

Our failed Chartered chips guy is now running our intl investments in Tummysick. Now Tech at all time high n these goodus are now investing aggressively. Indded squeezed citizens to BUY HIGH n SELL LOW. We are done.

Anonymous said...

Japan Railway 'Deeply Sorry' After Train Leaves 20 Seconds Early

A Japanese railway operator has issued a deep apology for the "tremendous nuisance" caused by a train departing 20 seconds early, surprising even a nation renowned for both punctuality and politeness.

The Tsukuba Express train linking Tokyo and the capital's northern suburbs pulled out of Minami Nagareyama Station at 9:44:20 instead of 9:44:40.

"We deeply apologize for causing tremendous nuisance to customers," said the Tsukuba Express company.

Read more at : https://sg.yahoo.com/news/japan-railway-deeply-sorry-train-leaves-20-seconds-011603571.html

Anonymous said...

The Minister got no guts to fire the CEO.
Strawberry culture.
Or Lucy in the Sky with Diamond?

Anonymous said...

MIW. Where are they from mostly? The Army, NTUC and Civil Service of course.

These are people that went through the same kind of PAP indoctrination before they can be accepted into the political clan. They think alike inside the same box which is why they are accepted and therefore fresh ideas are difficult to come by.

And when issues crop up they just push the blame to lower ranked subordinates, unlike in Japan, where the top man stands up to take the blame and in serious situations even commit suicide.

We can never be like Japan. Maybe because the top man gets paid too much and has too much to lose.

Anonymous said...

Because of their incompetence & Party patronage our Leeders have been exposed, since they had been feeding propaganda on the population with their boasting No.1 claims for so long. One of the boast is world class, excellent MRT.
Tokyo metro has a much more complex subway train system, with numerous lines, and had been in operation for more than 60 years. Yet it runs smoothly, consistently, on-time, to the dote day & night, in winter, spring, summer & fall. And haven't heard of any accident like that we had in Joo Koon.
Grossly overpaid & underperforming Pappies & gang.
Low Thia Kiang & Workers Party if in charge will in all probability do a better job in appointing better persons from the vast business world or civil service to do the job. Not some DFS salesgirl or Paper generals. Patronage to Eunuchs indeed will destroy this little red dote. Not only it will not be exceptional, but it could be history soon if this folly & system continue.

Anonymous said...

The old signaling system consists of rugger electromechanical switching components, it can not compete intern of speed with the highly electronic design new signaling system, - the aim is to hv shorter time interval between arrival of trains at station, one can imagine, it is similar to car tailgating problem, and u often experience sudden train stoppage and delay nowadays. It is back firing, infrastructure could not catch up the increasing commuters/population.

Virgo49 said...

What's a former employee posted of Whats the firing of the Maintaiance staff is true.

They simply wants to prove their competence in having a profitable bottomline to the shareholders and have their big bonuses.

What's LTK said in parliament is true. They only wants to make MONIES.

As for the change of sleepers and Whats railway maintenance, unless they have really no alternative but to spend then they will do it.

These projects are been thrown to the contractors like Gammon etc.

Not done by the SMART staff.

That DFS ex'CEO allowed food retailers and now infested with RATs problems.

They are just hiding the Truths not to blame the Emperor's cronies.

That's why no heads are rolled.

For it will backfires to all the Emperor's follies