Architecture of old China

I briefly mentioned about the mansion of Mo Biqiang and Dong Xiaowan in my previous article and the little corner of the city that was preserved for posterity, a past that should not be forgotten. Here are some of the photos I took of this part of Rugao. Incidentally the mansion of Mo Biqiang is now a tourist attraction, very well preserved and maintained. Here are the pics of the old rich in dynastic China.
Park entrance to Mo Biqiang's mansion.
First bridge after the entrance with a statue of Mo Biqiang, a rich gentry.
The actual main door to the home of Mo Biqiang, a 400 year architecture in the dying days of Ming Dynasty.
Portraits of Dong Xiaowan and Mo Biqiang. Dong, a famous courtesan of the time was a mistress of Mo. She died at age 29. Mo was a few years older than her but lived past the 60s and the portrait was painting after his death as customary practice then would not paint a portrait of a living person.
The garden with thousand year old bonsai.
One of the building in the garden.
Another well preserved building.
Roofs of connecting walkways.
The lake in the garden.
Intricate carved walls of room dividers.
Walkways around the mansion.
Connecting rooms and open access area.
A back section of the mansion with a stone painting of Kwan Yue, the God of War.
Main hall for receiving visitors.
A different angle of the main hall.
A pavilion in the garden.
Some of us in the mansion.
The wall around the mansion.
Another view of the wall.

I will post more pics of the ancient quarters in my next article.


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virgo49 said...

Mr Redbean, China even though thru so many uphevevals and revolutions had preserved their cultures and beautiful places well.

Though their hard work and perseverance. Sinkies now must learn from them.

HERE Youtube link http://youtu.be/ULHuDEvB3gY shows more of China's Sceneries and Cultures.


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