What, raising taxes again?

After so many tax hikes, grabbing more CPF money, higher ERP fees, higher COEs, 30% fee water hike, still want to tax more? What is happening, our treasury drying up? Something must be seriously wrong with our finances. With more tax revenue, with the huge profits of GIC and Temasek bringing in billions, still not enough meh?

What about cutting down on the grandeur items, on frivolous expenditure that is not necessary, not essential like the F1 and the fake garden and the free scholarships given to foreigners, just to name a few? What about cutting down on the hiring of so many foreigners in the academia and so called think tank agencies? When money runs out, isn’t it the first thing to do should be to look at the expenditure, cost cutting? What about cutting down on military toys and extravagance and stop spending as if we have a mountain of gold and money is not important, endless supply?

What about improving productivity, from the top down? Why is there a need for so many ministers, two ministers plus so many ministers of states, etc etc to helm a ministry, so many mayors? Is this productive or counter productive? What about the many million dollar jobs that may not be necessary or justified? Not every ministry is the same, not every stats board is the same, not every GLC is the same. It is time to cut down on extravagance and frivolous million dollar salary. If jobs do not justify a million dollar pay, then the incumbent should not be paid in millions. Let the highly qualified incumbents that could command million dollar salaries to go where they could be paid justly for their contributions. Anyone earning million dollar salary must account and justify by his contribution. Did they produce goods or services that are worth more than their million dollar salary? Million dollar salary in public service must not be a given. It is taxpayers’ money and derived from taxes, a big burden on the people.

The people have been squeezed dry to the bones. Even their CPF savings are said to be not their money and people can anyhow make them pay by compulsion for things they did not want nor agree to pay.

The belt tightening should be at the top, aim at those with a 50 inch girth than the lean and bony citizens that have nothing much left to be taxed. Take away a few hundred thousand dollars from a million dollar man is nothing compare to taking a few dollars from a pauper. Stop being so mean to the less able. They are poor but not idiots, not fools. Stop squeezing them so very often. Where is your heart?

Do you think raising taxes would raise cost of living and would turn this place uncompetitive and bad for the economy? Who cares? What is important is that high taxes mean that there will be enough money for big bonuses, for more pay hikes, and continued to be paid in the millions. You die your business?


Anonymous said...

RB. I agree that Government should tell us what are they doing to curb costs. Have they re-evaluate the projects and cut-off some. A good example is the National Stadium. It was built with millions but at the end few citizen can benefit from the premises. Even national events could not afford to use the stadium due high cost.

Virgo49 said...

One friend commented :

Singaporeans are like the sugar canes that been machined rolled into juice as sold in drinks stalls.

The Pay And Pay will no give chance and have you rolled and rolled thru their taxing agencies even after you have no more juices to steamrolled and already became husks.

Silver serpents, no productivity also have quarter, semi and yearly bonuses even economy is lousy.

Commercial sectors brought in the dough and they walloped the dough.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo49November 22, 2017 8:38 am
//One friend commented :

Singaporeans are like the sugar canes that been machined rolled into juice as sold in drinks stalls. //

MayBEE is wormst than that?

Maciang tcm herbs usually boil one time or at most twice?

This one boiled aunteen times until tap water goes in almost same colour come out from the herbal after boiling hours and over night still kena recycle and boil ovwr and over again? Like that can tar hunt or naut?

jjgg said...

How many different types of taxes do we have..every year they raise this tax or that tax claiming that the particular tax hasn't been raised for years... so if u define how much tax you want to collect.. break it up into a 100 different categories then every year u just increase a few components there u have it!!! A country that suffers tax increases every year..just remember.. all taxes go into consolidated revenue.. the road taxes that's collected is never earmarked for road improvements.. what hv the investments in gic n temsick returned.. how much dividends have these companies ever given.. it's TIME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Singapore society on sharing prosperity is as follow- there is a big bowl of soup, the TOP use a big scoop to scoop the soup up to drink. The middle level people are given spoons of various sizes to scoop the soup to drink depending on their pegging order or rank. The bottom people are given chopsticks, like that how to drink the soup from the bowl?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is like that liao. Difficult to U turn now!

You want to live in Singapore is like that. You pay until pant going to drop!

Bo pian bo pian! the 70% are very very happy as they voted "YES"!

All that you mentioned, the 70% and everyone know!

Know so what.....the 70% still die die must vote for them!

What can you do now? You tell me lah!

Only can kpkb kpkb and kpkb. But at the end also only lan-lan!

Actually life here is very the siong.

Tax here tax there, all added up very the siong!

But what to do, this is what the 70% wanted!


Singapore Tax Huat Ah! Singapore Huat Ah! Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

The PAPies is now gaining Profits After Profits...year by year increase in monies, taxes ..liddat where got lose monies..What's wrong with collecting more monies? Lu C Lu A Dai Zee...

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, vote PAP. For you(taxes and high fees), with you(taxes and higher fees), for Singapore(more foreigners to replace you).

Singapore huat ah!

Anonymous said...

//Blogger jjgg said...
How many different types of taxes do we have..every year they raise this tax or that tax claiming that the particular tax hasn't been raised for years... //

This is a pattern seen in olden days when failed dynasty with empty treasury will tax people until they are left with nothing. Citizen have no choice but to revolt resulting in the collapse of a dynasty. Hope this is no the case.

Anonymous said...

"I don't want to talk about it"

by sir rod steward

Anonymous said...

How much tax can ah long squeeze? The new citizens are not rick type, mostly from sunny land. The NS men are squeezed financially starting when they are 18. The high pay $500pm requires their dads to pay for them another few hundred a month. Averaged citizens are squeezed dried long ago when fresh flat prices went 2 to 3 times higher. These taxes are huge sums. eg NS men s tax on families, loss of income. Fresh flat prices went twice or triple.
Ah still want to increase their clan s salary including himself s. What to tax: GST. It will go to 12% or even 15%.

The only solution for NS men and new citizens is: stop buying.
The economy depending on retailers to employ youngsters will collapse. That will be good news. Ah long will take his chance on "tumble but did not fall" that moment people saw as real: he wanna go and give up his salaries? May not. He will be advisor like mm.

The situation is very bad for sinkieland now. The neighbors are engaging in changes on foreign policies in super disruptive nature. When Malacca port is up two years time, port klang is exterded, and more high end firms gain access to neighbor s markets like Tencent, Alibaba, the transformation will be rapid and over take sinkieland. Readers need to thing: with some anti china politicians are sitting in, China business men will avoid sinkielands. Can sinkieland create their own AI land? Look at the so called design center at Orchard road. Do u have high hope of the future? Its a small step forward. But this similar step has oredi done long ago in HK and chinese cities.
Why so slow? Its because ahlong thinks he is the best leeder in this world.
If readers look at the coming invasive development to undercut sinkieland, they will realize things sinkieland buy like foods, will be getting costly and sinkieland s own products (like what? will be more difficult to sell to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia.
The invasive developments are the malacca ports, the rail roads liking to malaysia from china, the routes to germany, the rail roads to korea penisula. The time lime is very close, probably 5 years to 8years, things will turn from poor to poorer for sinkieland.
Taxes increases is inevitable. Only hope is the tumbled did not fall man better get out fast. Sinkieland needs to catch up with development: example, having an AI center for chinese firms to like up with the Malaysians china investments. This has to be done with the team is different. Voters want to have better pockets conditions must not be anti china. Ahlong has done once, and pro tamanadu and chennai, they should learn now. In deli, wants free smoke, open the windows. This is real when ahlong spoke of china. But the real difference was: ah long always bet on the losers.
What more voters need to learn to turn sinkieland onto right direction? Vote for opposition, life will be less cost, more income for NS men and new citizens. Just do it.

Anonymous said...

Top Scholarships receivers with brilliant brains, who resort to telling the common people that increasing taxes is inevitable, only show themselves how brainless they are. Unable to think out of the box for alternative solutions but resorting to the lazy and easy way out through taxations, of which even idiots know how to do.

When the Blood-sucking Minions proposed for instant Multi-Million Dollars Salary, they told us they were World Best Talents. But instead of solving problems, they created more problems. After creating all the problems themselves, which they have to solve, they again generate new problems for us. What type of leaders are they? Do you want these kind of "leaders" who only care for growing their own bank accounts and keep taxing you to do that?

True genuine leaders lead by showing good examples.

Those Blood-suckers are showing all the bad examples, e.g. incompetence, unproductive, unprofessional, cunningness, ruthlessness, callousness, dictatorial, shamelessness, shamefulness, greediness, dirtiness, abuse of power, cronyism, nepotism and dishourable behaviour???

Ruthlessness only can be countered with Ruthlessness, not Reasons. Callous, heartless, soul-less ruthlessness can only be suppressed through Revolution.

In every situation, the is always a way out. There is no such thing as "Bo Pian" (cannot change). If cannot U-Turn, then TURN IT UP-SIDE DOWN! That means Revolutionary Solutions. Not status quo.

Show you revolutionary zeal and ideas in the ballot box come 2020.

Anonymous said...

New (song) lyrics to ponder upon:

"Let it rot ...?

Let it rot ...?

Too late to stop it now ...?

Let it rot ...?

Let it rot ...?

Run road like Aaaaaaye Y?

GKS, TCC are gone ...?

It's not the same anymore ...?

Let it rot ...?

Let it rot ...?

Dun let them squeeze u (over and over again) like sugarcane ...?"

To be continued .....

Anonymous said...

Do you think we need a fiscally prudent political party to govern Singapore?
Do you think that political party is still PAP?

<<< 6. AHTC continues to exercise fiscal prudence and this has seen its financial position improve significantly as a result of a number of new contracts secured at favourable rates. For example, the total amount of savings arising from the Town Council’s contestable energy contract is about $1.2m over two years. As a result of such savings, the Town Council recorded an operating surplus of about $4m this financial year. AHTC plans to devote a portion of this surplus to town improvement works next year. >>>


Anonymous said...

The last time they raised GST by 2%, a bowl of dry noodles went up by 50cts, or about 20%.

And every time they spent money to upgrade a hawker centre for example, food prices also went up by 10% or more. More taxes, to fund more upgrades, means more price increases by hawkers. Who gets the wrong end of the stick, both ways.

If they raise GST by another 3% this time, eating out at hawker centres will be quite prohibitive for some people like me. Already, since the water hike, shops (including NTUC etc), hawkers and market stall holders have raised prices of most products, whether edible or not. Some price increases are not justified and have nothing to do with water.

Raising income tax does not have the same wide ranging effect on the cost of living for the poor. Raising GST does, and is truly regressive. The rich can tolerate the increases, but it is the poor who will suffer more.

How in the world could that petty toothpick grabber, yet who feels so rich looking at this CPF statement, tell us that GST is to help the poor?

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for this tax announcement since the last election. The result of the last election gave the government the confidence to increase tax.

Anonymous said...

Increase tax?

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to where?

Where? Where? Where?

Anonymous said...

The most dearest tax of all is
Queqing for 4D n toto n soccer beting n horse racing.

Anonymous said...

The logic is wrong. Increase 3% gst means hawkers must increase price 3%? This kind of repressive thinking to oppress the not rich hawkers to keep the prices low has been the pap s way. Did you remember the woman minister went to hawkers to put stickers to keep the prices unchanged for 6 months?
First of all, why that woman minister asked the hawkers to keep the prices stagnant?
Did she ask the suppliers to hawkers to keep the prices stagnant?

Second prices changes at peak when rental for factories including jtc went up 300%. Did the ministers ask these factories units who supply ingredients or making semi finished products to hawkers not to increase their prices?

Third, based on your logic, are pap ministers passing laws to control prices increase not crossing the 3% limit for whole island?

Once taxes increase, of any kinds, prices for all items will shoot up easily more than 50 cents for finished products and foods. There is no increase 10 cents for foods except coffee. Wait for the one plate for $5 dollars chap chai png 2v1m, small volume per plate.

Stop being fooled by the scholars teaching you this kind of logic: gst up 3% prices for foods in hawker will up 3%. These scholars are never been poor before. They also do not cook even noodle at home. They are so naive like primary school kids doing maths. Thats why sinkieland is going backwards and stop moving forwards.

Anonymous said...

Even before any GST increases, hawker centres especially those owned by big chains like Kopitiam already up their rental and coffee price. Let's say Kopi O is $1, the increase is not going to be 3cents but 10 cents. That is a bloody 10% increase. So don't be fooled by government's logic of only 3% only.

Virgo49 said...

They always round up.

Pak Kat. Now even Foodstalls sells Shits also sold out by 2.30pm.

All of the two over million rufugees.

They asking when the balance 2 millions coming.

The Present Rulers with their billions will be in Med Bungalows overlooking the RED SEA.

The Red Sea is bloodied with their follies.

The ordinary Sinkies will have to cope with the Refugees.

In time of recession, left to be imagined.


Goh said...

Sinkies should be tax in a manner that they do not feel being tax and the best way to tax daft sinkies is by increasing their cpf contribution.
They will be busy dreaming of their cpf,counting the numbers of zeros they have and can smile even when they are sleeping.
18% on employee part not enough.Time to double their contribution as many can afford cars and buying properties.
School holidays can book ticket till fares goes up.
I say increase sinkies cpf contribution discreetly and many will be happy.
Sinkies happy,Chenghoo happy,everybody poonpeepee.

Anonymous said...

How to increase Sinkies CPF contributions discreetly? 'Pa Kat' with the boss to pay employees less and pay the balance into CPF?

As for hawkers increasing prices even before GST increases, I feel it is the Government's ploy to tell hawkers the raise prices ahead of the GST announcement, so that they can pretend to warn every hawker that they should not raise prices when the GST comes into effect. What a wonderful tactic!

b said...

Rulers are good in spending other people monies. Wait until the thai canal is built, they will want even more. Better to emigrate to a rich country while still can.

b said...

Rulers are all ruthless but some are more ruthless than others.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 types of emperors.
Bad emperors and dead emperors.

There are no more dynasties and emperors in China.
See how prosperous China has become.

Anonymous said...

Sg has about 1.2 trillion reserve and a 6% return will provide 90 billion income that meet the Budget revenue of 88 billion. In another word the government need not even need to collect one cent to fund expenditure but with 88 billion revenue on TOP of the 90 billion income from reserve, why squeeze people for another 3 to 5% gst?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

RB, you are absolutely right. May I add:

Singapore's pseudo-scholars' leadership's performances are just like the US Navy's shameful performances.

This month alone, a US Navy aircraft just crashed on 21 Nov 2017 over Japan, and another aircrew drew a penis over the sky of Washington last Friday. And one US Navy destroyer collided with a Japanese tug boat.

Those are in addition to four other incidents, almost one careless mishap every two months, since January this year, after President Deranged Dotard Trump took over from the corrupted Obama Administration that created ISIS.

The US is the main sponsor of organised terrorists and promoter of terrorism, yet it is accusing North Korea of sponsor of terrorists. What a great disgraceful behaviour and conduct, and liar!

Singapore's MRT system is being screwed again and again, since the Sales Girl from a Duty-Free Shop who happened to be a close friend of Ho Jinx took over five years ago, and got paid by the millions of dollars as bonus and compensation for sacking, after screwing up the MRT system.

Since the $8 heart-bypass Cow, thinking that it was a piece of cake, had volunteered to take over from Navy Scholar No-Dignity-I-Resign Lui, the situation has become horrendously shameful, disgraceful and a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. Since he took over, the MRT system has become from worse to the worst.

Now even brand new MRT Line broke down on the very first day of operation. And now it has to be closed down after only 4 months of operation. What a great shame to the whole nation and to the name of Lee Kuan Yew. This is a direct besmirching of the LKY Brand, is it not?

If LKY is the PM, I am sure the Cow would have been sacked long ago. Yet we hear two gangland-mentality, blatantly arrogant, couldn't-care-less-about-the-feelings-and-intelligence-of-commuters, head honchos coming out to defend him and close-rank with him. These two must have eaten too much good food that their brains are now so drunk and drown with powerful herbal soups that they are unable to think straight any more, is it not? What are they trying to prove?

Now, despite all the shameful display of inability to serve the people and incompetence to do their jobs properly; despite making a mockery of the Constitution; despite degrading the status of the Presidency; despite having been accused of being the "dishonourable one", abuse of power and abuse of the organs of state; despite over-spending on the Youth Olympics, F1, the Gardens on the Bay, the National Stadium, extravaganzas in organising the National Day Parades, in hosting VIP dinners and feasts after certain International Events, and despite great losses suffered by GIC and The-ma-sick Ho's Ding, instead of careful and proper investing to earn returns to finance social programs, now the greedy and ruthless idiots want to increase more taxes, to the already too high taxes, to finance investments???

How can that be? The financing of investments has always been using the CPF Funds, is it not? Why the need to finance those investments by more taxing?

I believe something is not right. Something is very fishy. The stench can be smelt even across the causeway and all the way to Beijing.

Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people understood what Abaliba is saying.

But no use!

70% had voted for them!

You think this % will drop at next GE?

Please don't beg on this!

Some even predicted 79.9% at the next GE!


We shall see!


Anonymous said...

When the devils speak, listen intently. They only think of robbing you to pay themselves.

Rocket said...

Don't be too cocksure about the next election result. Nobody can predict so far ahead. Anyone who tries or even talks about it, is either an idiot or someone who thinks others are idiots. Using this method of propaganda is a fool's erand.