Singaporeans should venture abroad, Singapore too small 猛龙过江 or 小虫过江

This seems to be a favourite mantra to the elite. Singapore business must go overseas, NTUC training our retrenched PMETs to go overseas to work. Superficially this sounds logical. Singapore is indeed too small for our growing companies and they need to spread their wings abroad to grow.

What these talkers did not say or ask is that many third world companies are flooding into Singapore to do roaring businesses. And all the unemployed third world workers are rushing here to take up jobs, steal jobs from Singaporeans and with many queuing to come in.

While the elites are calling Singaporeans and Singapore companies to go overseas, they did not mind the foreigners to come in and replace the Singaporeans and Singapore companies here. Is there anything wrong with this situation?

Why are Singaporeans encouraged/forced to go overseas and their places at home being taken over by hungry foreigners? What is the long term effect and damages to this country and people?
Yes, we are going to be replaced by foreigners, our country and homes, jobs, our govt and commercial institutions, schools, universities etc etc and even the ministries and govt.

Unfortunately our schools do not teach the meanings of nationhood and what it will be like if we lose our country and become boat people, being kicked out of our own country by inviting too many foreigners here and they have a different agenda of their own, to take over everything we have built.
This is the consequence of not knowing that we are a nation, a country and this is our country, not a piece of land belonging to everyone.

Still thinking of leaving your homes and leaving your country to the foreigners? Should not we be securing our home base first with Singaporeans and then go overseas?

PS. If Singaporeans unable to find jobs here, would they be able to compete overseas? Maybe for low paying jobs.


Anonymous said...

Rb, no choice lar. My 4 kids also pmet but hVe to work overseas. Not that they wNted to go but I think if they don't go they may ended up as security Guards or uber or grab Drivers.

Virgo49 said...

Singapore, last few decades had a head start over many countries with our vast Reserves and Educated Workforce.

They should push for Excellence not on Lips Service and further our own Citizens to be Top Professionals in every Professions.

The State and their Entrepreneurs should have branched long time ago and established bases regionally if not worldwide just like the Japanese and Koreans.

By now, we be having our own as Regional Management Staff all overseas.

Same time, offered True professionals like the MRT Builders and Maintenance engineers to be PRs and later as citizens. Instant True professionals.

We shall be building our OWN MRT System not only here and overseas and not trouble shooting problems now.

Instead, they splurged on themselves and gave Free Scholarships to one and sundry thinking they be Royal citizens or when returned to Homeland will be also loyal to Singapore giving us leg ups in businesses ventures.

Just like Chop Hoo Thye, the Abalone King with established business went into quick stocks and other fast making ventures and ended up bankrupt.

Just because they said Singaporeans shunned Construction professions, they just brushed aside to train more of these professionals.

You must encouraged and offered attractive terms for them to take up these professions. Now they want to train more engineers. China learned how to built pigeon holes and now Cross channel bridges and HSR.

They went for soft options of having the Casinos and sold of our Assets. Telling our younger generation to go to ITE and be hawkers.

In Matland, many states with no economic activity, they are Hawkers in most of them to survive.

Singapore is a Metropolis and they want our children to be Hawkers.

The mistakes made are reversible if they take bold actions now.

We still have the Resources of both Finance and Human.

No need buy Expensive Toys for Defence. Shed your phobia and become like a Fortess. No one is going to attack you like the last fifty years.

Keep your big mouths shut not to.offend others.

They will leave you in Peace.

Lastly, remember to take your Bipolar medications in most of the Elites and Ministers.

Anonymous said...

They haven't mention the nationality of the SMRT maintenance staff who falsify their records. Am curious are they foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Looong told the Americans: "“Singapore is a small country - we’re just 5.5 million . . ." But Sinkies are only 3.4 million. The newly-named NS Square will be a bitter reminder.

Anonymous said...

Only losers "venture" overseas without first making it big here in SG. It's a last ditch survival attempt --- do or die.

Elites make it big in SG first, fat pay, iron rice bowl, golden accelerated career pathway.

Elites get "posted" overseas .... with huge pay & allowances ... and plenty of perks .... fully paid return trips at least 2X a year back to SG.

Even for low-level elites e.g. 26-yr old civil servant scholars --- quite common to see them being given total package of $20K a month for posting to San Francisco or London, or $15K a month package to Tokyo.

Slightly higher level elites can get away with demands like renting 2 properties overseas --- 1 for family, 1 for self in CBD area next to office, or demanding to ship back entire furniture from US or Europe back to SG costing $50K freight charges --- all using taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

ST headline Saturday - "Singaporeans must take ownership to make country clean: DPM Tharman"

Why he never tell the 2 million foreigners here to help keep the country clean ?

Anonymous said...

A government that encourages citizens to go to other countries to find jobs, because the country is overpopulated and jobs are scarce, does it not because of pride or wisdom, but for expediency. For example, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Myanmar.

But for a country, like Singapore, that is underpopulated and having millions of extra jobs that are given to foreigners, it makes no sense to encourage and train your citizens to work in other countries and be separated from your loved ones. Only extremely stupid or evil hearted leaders would have done such a thing to their own citizens. I believe the latter is true because your leaders are top scholars with double Top Scholarships. How can they be extremely stupid? Impossible! So, therefore, there is likely an evil scheme planned against the interest of the citizens, just like the verious designs cunningly curved out to swallow all your life long savings in your CPF Accounts. Just like the ruthless 30% tax increase of water consumption. Just like your ripped-off COE and ERP schemes. Just like your worthless HDB at the end of 99 years lease. Just like your NS obligation. Just like the ministers and top civil servants paying themselves obscenely and unconscionably, etc.

But, alas, when 70% voted for the same set of leaders with same mentality and ruthlessness all the time, then you have yourself to blame. You deserve the government you elected. You have enslaved yourselves with your choice. Rightly or wrongly, you have to bear with it.

Stupidity has no cure! No medicine or doctors can cure you. The only way to get rid of stupidity is to chop off your head and drop dead!

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans should venture abroad, Singapore too small."

Do you think Lui Tuck Yew is a very good example?
Japan not good meh?

Tuck Yew.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...


Singapore is like that lah!

You really don't know meh?

The masses did not mind things done to them!

That was why 70% voted PAP!

They must be very very happy with PAP!

What can you do now? Say now? Kpkb kpkb kpkb?

Only two words...,,,,.lan lan!

Anonymous said...

Still vomiting?

Anonymous said...

They thought that by keeping all the talents within the party and civil service, it will be good for them to deny these people from growing into an opposing force against them in future, if they decide to join the opposition.

But this is a double-edged sword. What became of these talents in the civil service and PAP? All indoctrinated to become yes-men following the same mindset, indoctrinated to obey but not to think, and what we call the consequence of inbreeding.

They are afraid to speak their minds, uphold their integrity of serving the public instead of the PAP and just follow the rules and keep their confortable jobs. That is why we are stagnating or even degenerating all round.

If these talents had been let lose, they would probably be able to think out of the box and make better use of their talents. Instead, the private sectors had to make do with so-called fake talents from overseas. And that is why we have so much problems with the MRT system for one. And that is why we have sliding productivity even despite the use of technology.

If good jobs cannot be given to locals with talents and you encourage them to go overseas, that is sucidal for the country. It is ironic that knowing we are a small country, yet we think of exporting talents is just ridiculous.

Good for the Government to have sterling low unemployment to crow about and not to have to worry about them if they leave for overseas, but again a short term solution.

Anonymous said...

PAP welcomes companies like Uber n Grab as these entities help to generate jobs, albeit low-end, for unemployed Sinkies to ferry the good-jobs FTs.

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, we have a Loony who went to the UaSs to buy many toyRus Air planes that costs billions of dollars to please the Trumpet & create 70k jobs for the Americunts. But when Loony come back to Sinkieland, he faces the reality of a BroadCon semi-conductor company shifting back to the UaSs & many PMETs will be out of jobs. U see u had a Leeder that pay tributes to a Supreme World Leader but didn't realise that he being backstab & own country people gonna lose their jobs? Isn't that Lonny crazy or some say Stupidity has no cure?

Anonymous said...

China's State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (Sasac) rejects Singapore's sovereign wealth fund Temasek model as it feels that promoting the Temasek model would reinforce an undesirable trend in China’s economy towards “fake” investment that generates profits by shifting money between existing assets without generating new economic activity, Caixin reported.

Virgo49 said...

Bro, many been conned by What's Grab and UBER pirate taxis that deprived the Sinkies Taxi Drivers.

They just sell on what's their technology of what's the booking of their cabs.

The traditional cab companies got no this systems meh??

Previously, they dont allow others to break the Rice bowls of Sinkies Taxi drivers.
TheO UBER and GRAB companies foreign owned are siphoning the MONIES to their economy.

Even no livelihoods protection for our own Citizens.

But I Must Say said...

"Singaporeans must take ownership to make country clean: DPM Tharman"

Fully agree. take ownership to keep everything clean in the country. Get rid of all the corrupted politicians who pay themselves (by legally or illegally corrupted ways) obscene salaries and bonuses.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 said...
Bro, many been conned by What's Grab and UBER pirate taxis that deprived the Sinkies Taxi Drivers.

Grab's Co-CEO - Anthony Tan is the grandson of Tan Chong Motor's Founder.

The details are in the middle of the article below.



Under LHL's PAP government.
Look at the type of industries being introduced into Singapore.

Is there a lot of glory in squeezing profits out of taxi drivers and taxi companies?
Where is the honour and glory?

Anonymous said...

Not only be cleaned of being clean locally. Internationally bet on the woman with thin make up cray. Now she was disclosed by her ex party chairwoman of rigging her votes to win against her rival who never wear shoes except sanders. But the bet lost. She was revealed as one who supported to provide weapons to IsIs. She was revealed to be one who "bought" dirty stories about her opponent from Russian.

sinkieland s leeders lost a lot of credibility about themselves and the island s reputation. From the judgement betting fully on one devil, will voters still have confidence to caste supporting votes to them? If they do, they are the daft, cursed by one old fart.

Anonymous said...

@ November 04, 2017 9:49 am

"Singapore is a Metropolis and they want our children to be Hawkers."

Of course lah.
You think "they" want your children to be well educated and to compete with "their" children on a level playing field is it?
You think this is a real meritocracy is it?

"The mistakes made are reversible if they take bold actions now."

Why would "they" want to take action?
Are "they" not benefiting from the status quo now?
Why change the status quo ... to benefit non-elites?

The "mistakes" are only mistakes if you are a non-elite.
They are not mistakes if you are an existing elite.
In fact, the "mistakes" are very good policies for entrenching the existing elites and preventing the non-elites from joining the party.

Anonymous said...

actually, they know that no matter what they do to the people,
people will still die die vote for them

haha....... they know they know they know

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Statestimesreview rebuts Tharman's allegation that Singaporeans are as dirty as 20, 30 years ago.

"The PAP Minister omitted the percentage of foreigners from third world countries like China, India and Philippines of 2017 compared to 30 years ago," Statestimesreview says.

read more at: https://statestimesreview.com/2017/11/04/minister-tharman-singaporeans-is-as-dirty-as-20-30-years-ago/

Anonymous said...

Speaking at the annual Clean and Green event, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam complained about Singaporeans being as dirty as 30 years ago and do not take responsibility of their environment:


When PAP Ministers talk bad about Singapore - everything they blame the Singaporeans.
You don't hear them say "locals".

When it comes to employment, they say employment rate of "locals" and not "Singaporeans".

When it's shit (like National Service); they call Singaporeans.
When it's about good things like jobs; they call "locals".

Let's face facts.
Anything good, they won't call Singaporeans.
They will call Singaporeans only if there is shit work to do or somebody to blame.

Why the fuck 70% of us want to vote for them, I really don't know.

Anonymous said...

The elitist PAP is embroiled in a culture of blaming ordinary Sinkies for anything bad while turning a blind eye on their pet foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Something you'll never hear SMRT say:

"no service on the MRT because of a CEO fault. Commuters will be repaid with free rides and the money will be deducted from the Transport Minister's salary."


b said...

simple, smalland has no natural resources. smalland is only a stop over.

b said...

smalland people should think of future and move to rich countries, otherwise only milk milk milk by elites.

b said...

It is time to abolish mandatory ns. Nationality is a lie.

Anonymous said...

It is time to abolish mandatory NS, mandatory CPF Life annuity scheme, mandatory HOTA organ transplant, etc . . .

Virgo49 said...

Hello Botak,.take ownership? ?

We Still the Owners???

Long time overran by the Trashes that you open legs brought in.

Go to any void decks in Sinkieland.

Your Ah Nehs laze all over the places even obstructing walking traffic.

Many just in without any jobs and loitering around the estates.

Ah Tiongs parked their bicycles obstructing even lift landings.

After Makan on deck tables threw everywhere except the bins.

You blamed us Singaporeans

100 Indian National Farmers families coming with their cows to have a taste of Singapore urban life. They got no Urban Cities? ?

Come here and Shits.

The void decks cleaner than their palaces.

Anonymous said...

“After 20 to 30 years, PAP haven’t improved on many of their habits.

Today PAP still rely on millions of;
foreign workers,
foreign maids,
foreign PMETs,
foreign doctors & nurses

Foreigners are not the way to solve our problems.
PAP should be mindful for Singaporeans.

PAP must take ownership to make Singapore clean from all the rubbish left behind by the foreigners they import into Singapore."

Is the above true?
Does it offer a more balanced view of who is making Singapore so dirty?

Anonymous said...

It is the dirty corrupted minds of PAP politicians that made Singapore dirty. The dirts and stench spread from the TOP downwards and outwards. Downwards from the shameful erected Indian-masqueraded-as-Malay shameless Puppet Not-My-President to the back-lanes of Serangoon Road. Outwards from the Looney Dishonorable Son to spending $19 billion of taxpayers' money to curry favour with Dotard Trump and provide 70,000 jobs to Americans for next 10 years, while telling Singaporeans to go to other countries to work and separate from their families.

Those are the REAL Dirty Traitors of Conscience, Traitors of the People.

Goh said...

Please lah,laochek
Traditional cab companies are originally pa ong chia,private taxi .
Great to have it back now,else many taxi uncles will continue to lakopi,choosy and lazy.
Having private taxis should be the way,to lesson commuters worry of not being able get transport to move around.
I love pa ong chia's services.
Moral of story .Never be lazy ,work longer hours and grumble lesser:-)

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, for once u are not posting rubbish. In the past especially the change shift time slot, u practically have to beg the taxi Uncle to take u in as passenger. Not only that 8 out of 10 taxi Drivers are arrogant and rude. Now no more, 9 out of 10 grab and uber Drivers are extremely polite. I have not taken taxi for two years already.

Anonymous said...

Not only taxi drivers in Singapore are lazy and choosy, even the Ministers are lazy and choosy. Taxi uncles learnt from the top leachers.

Not only that, the Ministers are also irresponsible, disrespectful, ruthless, pathetically disconnected and pathological liars, who make use of selective statistics to short-change the daft Sinkies.

Yet 70% Sinkies preferred to be daft forever. Living like a frog in a boiling pot deep inside a darkened well with lid covered on top opening, unable to see the sky.

Pathetically daft and stubborn Sinkies deserve to get screwed again and again! Serve them right.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.53

I have no quarrel with the Grab and UBER services. They are here to complecent and punish our too choosy taxi drivers.

This is the kill people no see blood tactic by the PAP. The only consideration is that this Taxis vocations is also one of the "Sacred " cow's establishments to give locally born Sinkies a livelihoods.

Previously, only for those aged 45 or 50 and above with no real chance of finding employment.

The PAP does not want to put them on Social Welfare. Later, we have younger and younger people taking up the jobs due to many also becoming less competitive to fight with others for gainful employment.

Now we have opened up and any body could be a Grab and UBER driver even owning their own private cars.

The last bastion of home protectionism is over. Come a time even locally born are been deprived of a lifeline.

The newly baked citizens will also take to the services and the taxi drivers will be left high and dry.

Also, to alleviate the problems of our young from finding employment,they diverted their attention of the root of the problems by having them as so called self employed.

Thus killing one stone with two birds thinking that the government is great in allowing them to have substances.

These are joint ventures with foreign interests and the capital outflow is no good for the Country.

The Japs can talk of open markets but they are still protectionist with their capital outflow. They would use their own Compatriots services and have their capital's flow to their Nation rather than others.

Also, many Sinkies, especially the young see see must have a set of wheels.

So, even unaffordable they use their cars for subsidies for their mortgages repayments.

The Pay And Pay made things so difficult for their own citizens even to own a necessary convenience for them and their families whereas they have them without problems.

Yet, the Dafts worshiped them.

Next would be their insistence that these services implemented their Apps so that we could tax you.

Many cab drivers switched to Them thinking they could escape the taxes.

The PAP silver serpents are paid not to serve the people but to screw the people.

They are everyday Kening how to find ways to slaughter the masses.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Agongkia and Anybodhi. Taxi drivers nowadays are lazy, choosy, rude and arrogant.

When pirate taxis were around in the 60's, the fares were so low and when you are in a hurry, it was so convenient to just hop on a waiting pirate taxi at Bras Basah Road outside the church travelling towards Hougang. How much was the fare? About 40 to 60 cts (if I remember correctly). For 4 passengers the drivers get only about $2.40 per trip. from Bras Basah Road to Kovan MRT station (It was still called Hougang then).

Then came NTUC into the picture, taking over as the main taxi-operator and cheaper, faster and better services become an empty, extinct slogan, just like the present train services slowly going down the gutter.

When operators have connections with the Government, or the Government having investments in them, they became pampered, greedy, sloppy and demanding. And because NTUC = PAP, the fares skyrocketed because the drivers have to pay the operators high daily charges, with the operators arguing that the cost of the vehicles being the reason, and the Government reaping in the dough with the tax, import duties and COE system.

Those were the good old days!

Anonymous said...

Virgo, all sectors of the economy already open up to FT. Though I don't agree, however I see no reason why taxi should be different. If we believe opening up all sectors to ft is wrong then we must fight this but not to protect only the taxi industry. With that protection, consumers have a raw deal paying through the noise and get bad service with rude taxi Drivers. I have taken so many taxi rides and very unhappy I have to pay for really very bad service. Now that we have grab and uber, as a consumer I am very happy. The rude taxi Drivers do not deserve the special protection. Now when I look at the taxi q waiting for passengers and yet most passengers are getting into grab and uber cars, In my heart I said these motherfuckers deserve it.