Welcome to Third World Red Dot

Finally we have arrived at the dreaded third world that we have left a few decades ago. In the media, everyday without fail, there will be reports of train breakdowns, and now even accident that caused more than 30 people injured and needed medical treatment. Here are some samples of comments that were posted in Yahoo News.

Commuters travelling on the North-South Line on Wednesday evening (15 November) were advised to add 40 minutes of train travel time, rail operator SMRT said on social media.

Free one-way bridging bus services from Bishan to Yishun and free regular bus services between Bishan and Yishun in both directions were available, SMRT added in the tweet posted at 6.29pm.

“They (SMRT) have been saying that they’ve been upgrading… but this has been going on for at least one, two years already,” the shipbroker told Yahoo News Singapore.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, commuters on the SMRT-run East-West and Circle Lines were hit by delays.

There was also a train collision at Joo Koon station on the East West Line that injured 28 people.

The govt has invited Taiwan's rail operator, an organisation that was much younger than SMRT and has lesser years of experience in train operation and management, with their top management being paid a pittance compared to the millions SMRT is paying here, to help to solve our seemingly unsolvable problems of daily breakdowns. And here is what the Taiwan train president was reported to say in Channel News Asia.

With 117 stations, .... has a punctuality rate of close to 100 per cent, reporting fewer than 30 delays exceeding five minutes a year.

“We always plan ahead of all the maintenance operation procedures for every system, and execute thoroughly in order to ensure the system can operate smoothly, ” said B C Yen, president of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation.

This requires proper training for maintenance staff, as well as strict controls on system parts thorough execution of construction works and material supplies and qualities in order to maintain the system’s stability, he added.

I am sure what the Taiwan train president said above is not rocket science and simply basic management processes in train management or in the management of any systems. We don't even do these things? We need to be told that this is how it should be done?

But this is not why I said Red Dot is now in the Third World. Look at this pic. Photo credit to Yahoo News.

This reminds me of the days when there were no computers and word processors and the secretaries were typing with manual typewriters. When there were errors, they either blanco it and typed over it or typed on another slip of paper, cut it and pasted over the errors. This is exactly what this sign board is all about. Third World starring at you in the 21st Century. My eyes popped out when I saw this. Unbelieveable that no one thinks this cut and paste thing is unacceptable except in the Third World. But it is happening, it has arrived!


Anonymous said...

30 yrs of trying out Paper generals. The system has failed our nation. A life of luxury from public money from students to paper generals to CEOs or politicians has destroyed & turnef our elite human asset into yes-men n straightjacket incompetents in closetted, fake competitive environment.

Time to send these Paper generals back to where they belong. In the army camps pushing papers fighting a fake war or doing some humanitarian work in 3rd world countries.

Our leaders are screwed. N we are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Frankly if the minister does not replace the mrt two layers of management, then the minister needs to be replaced. The problem will not be solved by just asking the Taipei people to come and take a look as running the system is 24/7 thing. We just have the wrong people with wrong experience and skill on the job. ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ

Anonymous said...

LKY era - from 3rd world to 1st world
GCT era - from 1st world to 2nd world
LHL era - from 2nd world to 3rd world
CCS era - from 3rd world to 4th world**

(** forecast )

virgo49 said...

GKS said it is pointless to have these people managing an organisation to fail time and again and again.

Only way to have a complete change of them.

Also, we need to have a complete change of the PAP Government.

LHL have these Paper Generals in all these Appointments to have a hold of his power.

How can sack them?? Allah Mak senior also wants to beat the dogs also must see the Master.

If not, he himself gets the Sack.

All past mistakes and follies created by LHL and his wifey past appointments of their cronies.

So have to keep mum if threatened to be sacked they will point fingers at them.

So the vicious cycle goes on.

Let the dafts who worshipped then have equal miseries for the next few years and when the next GE come, remember their sufferings.

If things don't improve, next change would be more disastrous with the lost of more lives and limbs.

Commuters will be travelling with fast heartbeats till they arrived at next destinations. Each time a train stalled they have to lie down fast to minimise less injuries.

They have to hold these emergency exercises which they are famous for wayang wayang in the past soon.Ladies no more wearing minis and skirts for lying flat on trains floors.

Lots of Black Ants be waiting for these opportunities.

Imagine trains at 50 to 70 kmph and bang into each other.

SMRT apologised for Signals Faults.

Caskets and Funeral Services boom time.

Read: http://thepeakmagazine.com.sg/interviews/former-edb-chairman-philps-yeos-latestbook-sheds-light-leadership-pitfalls.

Atomic Bomb said...

Every job you apply, they will tell you that yoir salary commensurates with your relevant qualification and experience. Yet, all these paper generals have no relevant qualifications nor relevant experiences, but being paid with taxpayers' blood and sweat money by the millions AND PROVEN AGAIN AND AGAIN BEING UNABLE TO DELIVER.

To be fair to the taxpayers, to maintain appropriate ethical standard and to uphold moral standing, the Public Service Commission, the PMO and the Presidency of Singapore, who recommended, approved and endorsed those paper generals must be made responsible for their failures to deliver.

Anonymous said...

Confidence in SMRT train transport has dropped to zero with parents ferrying their children to schools in their private cars for their A-level exams, avoiding the risk of being late for their exams due to train breakdowns.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the trains during school going hours are now less crowded, looking very spacious with much lesser passengers and the absence of school children. Looks like they are taking alternative transports like parents who could fetching them.

Anonymous said...

“We always plan ahead of all the maintenance operation procedures for every system, and execute thoroughly in order to ensure the system can operate smoothly, ”
said B C Yen, president of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation.

Just like an army right?

I wonder what is our Singapore army up to?
Oh! I know.
They are busy preparing for careers in shipping, trains and newspaper companies.
(and also as politicians)

No more time left to do "army" things.

Anonymous said...

@ November 18, 2017 10:10 am

It is not how much you know (like their advanced management degrees from elite universities).

It is how well you know what you know.
Do you think this used to be a Singaporean trait?
Until our culture got corrupted with ideas like "grooming", "career planning" and "natural aristocracy" ?

Anonymous said...

Do you think there are many PAP parachute-Generals in the Singapore economy today?
Do you think we should send them all to join America's 82nd Airborne Division?

The 82nd Airborne Division is an elite airborne infantry division of the United States Army, specializing in parachute assault operations into denied areas.


Anonymous said...

Can't even do trains.

And now want to do "cashless", "smart nation" and nuclear technology.
Do you think we should prepare ourselves for more "surprises" in the years ahead?

Anonymous said...

before, every Friday at 515pm my friend would took mrt from potong pasir to harbourfront to reach the gambling cruise counter before 6pm

he told me now he don't trust the mrt anymore

he takes bus now, to reach the gambl8ng cruise counter before it closed at 6pm

indeed very sad that we are now like that

Singapore, ,,this is very serious!

Virgo49 said...

The following is just one of the responses of the SMRT debacle:-

"The image of a ponding MRT on its submerged track is iconic and deep prophetic tell-tale signs of the state we are in as a Nation"

The admission of a culture of complacency in SMRT by its very CEO has served to expose the parasitic cancer eroding all that we have build as a Nation, when we abandoned what we used to champion, i.e. meritocracy.

Leaders are no longer chosen on the basis of merit, required expertise and capabilities for the core functions demanded. Political interests to maintain control and power dictates who gets any top jobs. The best gets sidelined for not being correctly aligned politically. The mantra for the job no longer applies.

A pervasive culture of silence exist deterring anyone to speak up for the truth in which we today's high salaried pseudo corporate top jobs potentially means foregoing that politically laced iron rice bowl.

We are doing everything that the best management gurus warned against. Never to compromise separation powers to ensure adequate checks and balances as well as non tolerance to conflict of interest situations.

Now instead, an elitist tight clique safeguards their own vested interests as they run the faltering Singapore Inc. The reminder and caution of pitfalls when government do business is simply ignored. Lessons strangely don't apply of gross abuse that always happen when the scared lines on separation of powers that must never be crossed disappears.

Emblematic of this chronic malaise is the blurring between who is checking who.We are shockingly reminded again of this sickness with the reply Minister Khaw gave to Low's question in Parliament. The information of how checks and balances are ensured between Ministry, Stat boards and Operators are vital and valid must be clearly answered. Simply brushing aside such queries in Parliament with pathetic line of we know what we doing and can be trusted will not do anymore,

Singaporeans must remember all these moments and there are surely plenty now to list. Government must never be allowed to get away with excuses instead of explaining why things fail and must take responsibility for their failures which clearly is the case with poor judgement on top executive choices. Poor decisions and bad judgments must have consequences.

Ultimately, the root of the problem begins in government. This government has abandoned all the lofty ideals of governance that our founding fathers stood for and defended. The government has no checks and in truth we the People made it so. With no real accountability by the government to the People, the inevitable will happen.

Remember this image when we nest go the polls and vote wisely.

Wah, tok kong , WELL WRITTEN by one True Blue Singaporean.


Anonymous said...

/// This is exactly what this sign board is all about.
Third World starring at you in the 21st Century. My eyes popped out when I saw this. ///
- redbean.

Ah Loong say can use "smart nation" technology like twitter to do the communication.
No need signboard.

And if you use technology like "twitter" to make the MRT breakdown announcements ... it may make it easier to prove that MRT has improved over the last 6 months.

With 3rd World Technology like the signboard;
Do you think there is any audit trail left?

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans are willing to wait until 65 years old before we get our CPF money back ....

Why can't we wait 65 years until our MRT trains get better?

Anonymous said...

Why can't they just hire the Taiwan train president as SMRT CEO to replace the incumbent? Surely the Taiwan expert will be attracted by the generous pay package that the current one enjoys.

Anonymous said...

When a sinkie takes mrt he will hear loud speaker telling them no mrt service betw certain stations for weeks. What has made this nation so backward? Train crashed train is no human error but software was to blame. Stock exchange stopped at working hours was software glitch.

Generals in charge of the garmen institutions are based on hearsay and they formed their theory. Hearsay that sillgcon valley are mainly supplied with dark skin IT from a 3rd world sunny land. There it became a policy for sacking locally train IT for darker skin IT from sunny land and a country consists of islands. Any sinkie who bought sinkieland made software accompanied with hardware will end up exchanging the package to taiwan made to avoid dealing with those dark skin IT experts station on sankieland. This is the ground aspect of IT revolution. The end result is no innovation. Zero new products.

On the supposed to be flawless institutions, main institutions SGX Mrt made out of actions due to IT problems. Banks too, had atm stop working. The entire problem came from hiring ceo coo from unknown foreigners to take charge of exchange and mrt. 10 years of ruin. Not only ruined by the unknown figures who got away with multiple millions of cash, these foreigners left the desks with messy unsolvable hardware and software.

The one who started off the unfounded economic model: foreigners create jobs for local to replace locally trained experts with foreigners did not take responsibility for the failure. They keep quiet. Pass the problems to some unknown army fools who want the money.

The mrt is beyond repair due to poor maintenance under the foreign talent ceo, and across the lines down, hiring talented experts but unable to perform on the tracks. They had said they had completely changed the track. Then track problem continues. The said they bought new signally software, then they have signal problems and crash among trains. Who is to be responsible for the software removal problem and resign? Nothing will happen. Do not expect the one who wanted others to Harakiri will do it himself. This man has created so much problems to solve. Excessive foreigners on his white papers, under ground city for his 10 millions, and now mrt problems he could never solve. He said he could have a train academy to train up experts. Where is it? The answer is to continue with foreigners come and go to keep the trains going. Its time to resign on the spot for these high salary well treated officials. Do not waste public s time to have mrt "delay" as a way of life. Voters should not vote for these men who waste their life and time. Lose a lot of money on them for their foolish economic model: foreigners do the jobs for locals, create jobs for locals or whatever theory. It does not work. Is the economic model wrong? Who care? The model is created by fools.

Anonymous said...

We are indeed a SM@RT nation!


Anonymous said...

When the head of a company - there for 5 years - has to be taught by the head of another similar company how to do a proper job, surely the former should have been fired long time ago.

Anonymous said...

How not to become third world when we keep importing third world talents with dubious qualifications to bring us from first to third? What irony! We are too small to follow the way of the big countries like USA.

The writing is on the wall when the floodgates opened years ago. And these so-called talents don't come alone. The whole family came here presumably to enjoy the first world facilities and in the process help to sink the ship.

I am not too confident that the Taiwan train president can solve the deep seated problems of the MRT here. Not that I am pouring cold water and not that I do not respect his abilities.

The problems we are facing are not once in 50 year affair. They have been festering for the last few decade through neglect and having the wrong people helming the operation. It is just like cancer. If you neglect the earlier stages, the result is terminal suicide staring you in the face.

I wonder how this will end. It will not be easy and it will not be good for commuters who rely on the train services.

Anonymous said...

The PAPies have shortchanged the people in many areas ( from housings, to cpf to medical to transportation), they only care for themselves ( u die ur own business is the norm)..the shocking part is they use Live Human Beings as guinea pigs to test their trains signalling software & signalling fault! To ask them to plan ahead is like asking ' chicken to fly' ..so 70% dafts Sinkies got to suck it up all the shits they created..

Anonymous said...

Are you a proud singaporean, today?

Anonymous said...

We can just kpkb kpkb and kpkb!

You think they will listen to you when they have the support of 70%?

With the 70%, they can do anything and say anything!

So, please don't blame them!

You know who to blame?

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.43am

..huh? ...wat Singaporean? ..walaueh? ..is it part of China or USA or Matland? it's never a Nation ( as the then old fart said ), even Ah Long declares that Sinkieland belongs to everybody in this entire planet! Now we have pests from third world countries swamping in this red dot. So SInkies r only a minutes sum or even be a minority in a not so distant future..

Anonymous said...

It is a cultural issue.

This one damn hard to change one, u know.

Can a leopard change its spots?

Can a siou lang (mad person) become sane?

Anonymous said...

The greed of big money & power has screwed the heads of Looney, dogwager Wifie & paper general scholars n fattened their pockets. As such the lifes of most citizens will be very screwed. Much more be revealed n coming.

Anonymous said...

The brokers said every morning when they switched on their computer terminals there will be several irrelevant windows that popped up. And , they have to click them away one by one. The thing is that after clicking a few away, another set of these irrelevant windows would pop up. Sometimes it went on rounds, like playing computer games, moving from one level to the next before they can get to the log in window.

This silly thing has been going on for several years. What kind of IT is that? Can't even get a basic thing right every morning. Everyone shaking heads. Got to live with it. This is the standard and quality of IT in this world best stock exchange.

Anonymous said...

Political Appointee & Political Appointments

According to the United States Office of Government Ethics, a political appointee is "any employee who is appointed by the President, the Vice President, or agency head".

As of 2016, an incoming administration needs to appoint around 4,000 new employees, of which about 1,200 require Senate approval.



Is Desmond Kuek a political appointee?

How many political appointees are there in Singapore?

Are PAP Generals nothing more than political appointees?

Anonymous said...

Why would Taiwan MRT want to tarnish their good reputation by becoming associated with Singapore's MRT??

Anonymous said...

Thales Group


Do you think their reputation has been enhanced by their SMRT projects?

Anonymous said...

Desmond Kuek volunteered. All the top and maybe middle level civil servants are political appointees. Why do I say so?

Let us say LTK or Chee had the experience and expertise to run the MRT and they volunteered, do you think they will get the job of CEO?

In other words you have to be politically aligned to be sitting at the top of any PAP entities.

So, is Desmond Kuek a politcal appointee?

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.46pm

..alamak? Do u think Taiwan Mrt people r here to help? Whose face is it? Ah Long or Ah Cow or Ah Sia ? ...probably they render help bcos Ah Sia had helped them before & they r returning that favour to Sinkieland...other than tat they gonna bring back wat Sinkies mistakes & lessons to Taiwan for their own train improvements...as they know it's no point preaching what r 'good maintenance practices ' to these white ghosts of ASEAN..

Anonymous said...

<<< The model is created by fools. >>>
November 18, 2017 11:15 am

But who voted for these fools?

Did the dafts vote these fools into high office?

Didn't we get the government we deserve?

Anonymous said...

Probably our best of heavyweight Paper generals is George Yeo. Amicable, big macro picture but looked what happened? Defeated at Aljunied instead of staying n fight another day, "chow lor" to HK. This is the quality of our pampered Paper generals. The real test come of fire or competition...defeated!!! Singapore has become Singkingpore with such leadership.

Anonymous said...

Did the dafts vote these fools into high office?
1:25 pm

The dafts are the root of the problem, not Khaw, not Desmond, and certainly not the MRT maintenance staff.

Bo yok Kiu (No medicine to cure).

Anonymous said...

Yes! 70% voted for them wah.

Som they must be the best-est!

Anonymous said...

U are right. The daft voted the fools into office. The fools believe what economic model the west wrote as freedom of movement and jobs for immigrants will drive up economy by gdp.

The fools accept it as if they did the research and implemented. Got in 3 millions foreigners. GDP shot up 15.2%. Inflation 5.5% as chronic stage.

The daft now realize: these GDP are just figures surged by prices shooting up on properties. Prices went up due to sudden demand on properties from 3 millions foreigners.

The fools had good laugh. Their bonus went up few hundred % reported in nytimes. 1 late ah neh walked away with $32millions in a year.

The result is: these fools got lots of money for opening the borders on free to come in policy. Jobs went to new citizens and PR because of low asking price, and fake printed certificates. Now mrt tracks cannot run, software got removed "accidentally", these are the results the daft voted the fools to bring in.

How to change? None of daft s business. Just vote for opposition when GE comes.

If vote for pap, wise ones should demand foreigners to do NS. PR, new citizens, employment pass holders must do social duties as NS.
These people collect the cash here and did nothing worthy. They must do NS as something worthy. If these foreigners die due to army exercise, they will realize to ask for low salary to live on sinkieland is a sin they have committed. NS men cannot get the jobs to feed families. All NS men has old folks.
Vote for opposition is the wise decision.

Anonymous said...

November 18, 2017 11:15 am
"The one who started off the unfounded economic model: foreigners create jobs for local to replace locally trained experts with foreigners did not take responsibility for the failure. They keep quiet. Pass the problems to some unknown army fools who want the money."

The above statement is definitely NOT FAKE.

Anonymous said...

The fools took the 70% dafts for a long ride. The 30% are just collateral damage because they did not vote for the Government they do not deserve.

But the fools are no fools. Foreigners push up property prices and car prices besides cost of living. Jobs were taken by foreigners at lower salaries and this helped business to cut hiring cost. But behind this, shop rentals spiral despite the cost of hiring workers going downwards. The bids for land gets higher and higher. The bids for COEs makes people in other countries cringe.

These helped the economy to achieve good growth and they rewarded themselves handsomely over the years. Do they really care about what happens to those who voted or did not vote for them?

But what they did cannot be sustained. Some other ASEAN countries have achieved much better growth rates than us today. What else can they rely on for growth? FI and Casinos did not work well enough to generate the expected promise.

Soon, they may go back to digging holes on the beach and covering them up again to generate growth. Lots of digging have been going on all round the island. Bicycle tracks, covered walkways that extend for hundreds of metres everywhere. They might as well cover the whole island with a glass dome! Little wonder we have so-called 'lame legged soldiers' needing an umbrella when they go to war.

b said...

Sg should be a colony of us or oz so we can have house and cars and no need mrt. We can also get rid of those expensive and incompetent ministers and boost economy of oz or us. Win win for the people.

b said...

SMRT is a case of too many scholars spoilt the system. Scholars do not work, they only bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Our minister scholars have no passion nor love of people nor country. But a call by Looney with million dollars pay to "serve". Hahaha. Its absolutely pathetic. As Kee chui himself is a fine example. Public service? Lim Siong Guan, Eddie Teo n other ex-Hd of PSC may have been very able administrators but they have lost the most important fundamental spirit of the matter to our scholars. Our scholars are on pampered public welfare n have little shame maybe except Liu who resigned.
Think about it?

Anonymous said...

"The bids for COEs makes people in other countries cringe"
The GDP=Volume x price.

Bid price for COE surges to sky will produce high GDP growth. Same as land price bid. High GDP will give high bonus for the fools generals.

Voters must not be foolish. They must look at their job income. Hs the figure been going up or staying the same. Have their sibling and children employed?

Anonymous said...

True Singaporean should be awaken by now isn't it ?

Anonymous said...


Yes! Singaporeans already awaken, otherwise
how can the massive 70% voted for them!

Anonymous said...

Those 70% are the living dead. They will never wake up!

They are waiting for the prophecised next coming of the old man!

Anonymous said...

PM Lee on GE2015: 'You will be setting the direction for Singapore for the next 50 years'



Third time lucky for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, as PAP scored 69.9% and won 83/89 seats


1. A very strong mandate for the PM Lee

At the PAP press conference in Marine Parade GRC, Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong told the media that if Singaporeans are happy with what has been done, they should give the PAP “a strong mandate to continue with what they are trying to do”.


Dear 70%
Good choice!
Well done!

Anonymous said...

If there are two Transport Ministers, their salaries should be divided by half - logical or not from taxpayers' point of view ?

Anonymous said...

At least I know I am I the TOP 10% financially, so the 70% dragging me along, they will suffer first before me. And they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐin NA hiA

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 11.26pm

U see pai rich! Top 10%!

Good for u!


Anonymous said...

Hello all.....

Good morning........

Singapore will be ok lah.

Life is very very short.

So be very very happy and worry less!


Virgo49 said...

Right, 2018 the Year of the Dog approaching soon.

Fortunes turned Round and Round Every Year.

Top 10% can be bottom 10% and Vice Versa.

Top 10% can be seen at Hawkers Centres and after Diners or Lunches finished their Makan can be seen scavenging the balance food.


Anonymous said...

Virgo Knn I am already 70 and still in TOP 10% so what talking u TOP 10% can be bottom 10% talking rubbish and stop cursing me

Anonymous said...

How many of our thousands of scholars funded with public money have left for the real private sector & do anything of significance in business or social enterprises? Didnt hear of anyone, have you?
They have been trained to be pampered very well fed rich yes-men, destroying their talents & passion thru the Pappies n Psc system.
A sure steady way to make this country truly a mediocre one.
Just like the appt of the Son & Daughter in law in the wrong key positions. The results are obvious to see.

Virgo49 said...

There's a Saying :

Man proposed and Heaven Opposed.

Also Pride comes before a Fall.

So those in Top 10% please so not always think that you be forever Top in that 10%.

Fortune changes and Top 10% can also be Paupers if they are not in favour with their Fortunes.

So more good seeds to remain in that TOP 10% of Happiness and not Wealth.

As 10% Top in the Wealth Circle may one day also be in the Wreaths Circle.

A Rich Person may also lived in misery dwelling on his Wealth.

See, so many Rich with their descendents embroiled in Drugs, Death in Fast cars etc. Premature Deaths.

They are also left lone in miseries.

Unless you are already in the Top 10% awaiting to be called by the Hades Emperor Notice of Enlistment.

The MPs of Khaw and Horse Face clink clink clang clang with chains coming from afar.

So, if you are still lucky with your Top 10% status, by all means enjoy your Earthly Wealth b4 proceeding to the Layers of Judgments.


Anonymous said...

Q: What's the difference between CPF and SMRT?

A: No difference. CPF withdrawal age has been postponed for 10 years till age 65. It seems many SMRT maintenance & replacement schedule has also been postponed for 10 years.

Q: What's the difference between preventive train maintenance and corrective train maintenance?

A: What's the difference between Singapore's SMRT and Hong Kong's MTR?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 @ November 19, 2017 9:48 am
"Man proposed and Heaven Opposed."

The Yiddish proverb is "Man plans and God laughs."

Do you think the Singapore proverb is:
a. "PAP plans and Singaporeans laugh" ?
b. "Khaw plans and Singaporeans laugh"?
c. "Kuek plans and SMRT Maintenance laugh"?

Humble Citizen said...

If anyone with the ability to collate, analyse and interpret all the woes that Singaporeans have been swallowing in the past 13 (unlucky) years, it would be excellent for hom to put all the failures and 'achievement' (yes, only one achievement) of the Mini-Lee's Administration in the right perspective. Don't know RB has the time and enthusiasm to take on this task?

Anonymous said...

@ November 19, 2017 10:10 am

Why not make it a community effort?
RB sets up a webpage called "Mini-Lee's achievements & failures"
And everybody contributes our ideas.

Anonymous said...

Where are the scholars funded with public money who left Government service for the private sector?

As scholars they have the licence to sit on top of establishments, courtesy of the powers that be. And because they were former high or middle level civil servants, companies hiring them may have the advantage of using such connections when sticky situations arise. Don't say evrything in red dot is transparent.

What big establishments have no connection with the powers that be or Temasek? They have their tentacles on every money making concerns in red dot. And whether they call it private, privatised (like hospitals), trade unions or Government-linked, they still have to tow the PAP line.

So those scholars who left will most probably end up in those entities, not able to use their talents or passion, but still collecting fat paychecks. Who does not want that? Ask the cat whether it likes to eat fish?

It is all entrenched in the system.

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo 9.48

I agree with what you say. Life is like living in a hotel. Life is impermanent. You come, can become rich, enjoy your wealth for a few decades and everything is left behind when you leave, empty handed.


Anonymous said...

Q: What's the difference between preventive train maintenance and corrective train maintenance?

A1: What's the difference between giving Desmond Quek a 50% performance bonus and giving the maintenance department a 50% performance bonus?

A2: What's the difference between voting PAP and voting Opposition in GE 2015?

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Whether you are top or bottom 10%, it is OK if you are healthy for your age and happy.

So.....be very very happy and worry less!

Best wishes to all! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The achievements would be so many that it would take me a thousand years to write and this blog would not have enough space for it.

Anonymous said...

SomeboLee just kena suan.

Anonymous said...

No need for RB to write. Elder lee already wrote so many books about achievements from third world to first.

Dragon prince will probably also write (or some applepolishers will write on his behalf) about his achievements including from first to fourth or fifth. I mean our Changi Airport Terminals lah!

Anonymous said...

Hyprocrisy has a new definition in the name of public service with million dollars pay from public money.

Anonymous said...

SMRT - Slow Motion Rail Transport

Anonymous said...

Expat website CEO’s comment that MRT issues don’t really affect foreign talent draws netizens ire


Good to know PAP's foreign talent thinks SMRT is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Khaw Boon Wan has “our full support and confidence” – PM Lee says at PAP Convention 2017


So stop worrying.
PM Lee thinks Khaw Boon Wan and his team (including Kuek?) is the right man for the job.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee also thinks Indians = Malays for PE

Four = Five

Mee Siam Mai Hum

Gelek gelek

Keep humming OK

Anonymous said...

They are baptised by hyprocrisy, public money, greed & wayang...same gang.

Anonymous said...

“People must know the PAP not as a remote, impersonal Government, but as their team, as a human, personal presence – your caring MP, your friendly branch secretary, people whom you know, people who have shown that they can get things done, and will help you through difficulties and improve your lives." - PM Lee


Does this mean PAP Ministers are going to start taking the MRT to work ... since they will be showing their "personal presence" ???

Anonymous said...

As Singapore’s spending needs grow, raising taxes is inevitable: PM Lee


Sir! Sir!
Why not just reduce the defence budget by 50% ??

What's wrong with collecting LESS money??

Anonymous said...

They improve lives alright.

They hang on to our CPF for life to protect us, so they claimed. They increased GST to help the poor, and which we pay for throughout our life and even thereafter. They bring in millions of foreigners to take on jobs so that locals can have involuntary retirement early, cashless as well, for life. And these foreigners push up property and car prices that most locals, with debts up to their noses, have to slog and pay for throughout their life.

No wonder when the PAP mentioned the word help, poor people beg for mercy.

Anonymous said...

"Gasping For Air" - Atlanta Nursing Home Staff Laugh As WWII Veteran Dies After Calling For Help



Dear PAP Millionaire;
Is it still okay to leave my old parents in Johor Nursing Home like you recommended a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

A crow (CEO-General) was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day.
A small rabbit (maintenance engineer) saw the crow (CEO-General), and asked him,
"Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?"

The crow (CEO-General) answered: "Sure why not."
So, the rabbit (maintenance engineer) sat on the ground below the crow, and rested.

All of a sudden, a fox (Minister-Millionaire) appeared, jumped on the rabbit (maintenance engineer) and ate it.

PAP Management Lesson One:
To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

Anonymous said...

Clown Prince still insisting Smrt world class. Pride & folly have no limit & cure...the result of intoxication of money & power & HoLiJinx.

Anonymous said...

Loong: "The Transport Minister has one of the toughest jobs in Cabinet...I want Boon Wan and his team to know that they have our full confidence."

But not us commuters ! We have a BIG ZERO confidence !

Anonymous said...

PM Lee: "The authorities will continue expanding the public transport network as well, and make other major social and infrastructure investments, he said, adding that taxes will be raised as spending needs grow."

U saw that? - " TAXES WILL BE RAISED as spending needs grow "

Anonymous said...

LHL era , 5.7 million population versus 4 million pre-2004 :

"Putting in a heart stent at a private hospital in Singapore costs about HK$166,000. The same procedure at Mahkota Medical Centre, which treats more than 85,000 foreign patients a year, costs HK$51,000. Room costs, too, are higher in Singapore. A basic single room in Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore, costs about HK$3,200 a day, while an equivalent room in a Columbia Asia Group hospital in Indonesia costs about HK$440."

read more at http://www.scmp.com/week-asia/business/article/2120445/medical-tourism-looks-healthy-malaysia-singapore

Anonymous said...

Effectively, due to poor management at SMRT, taxes will be raised . . .

Anonymous said...

No need to raise taxes lah. Give Jinx, GeeIsee n Mas less to gamble away n lose less of our national reserves. Problem solve.

Anonymous said...

"Bangkok bears its traffic cross, Singapore its frequent MRT breakdowns."
— Goh Chok Tong


From comparing ourselves with Swiss standard of living.
We are now comparing ourselves with Bangkok's traffic.
... so soon after a 70% mandate at GE 2015

If we give PAP a 90% mandate at GE 2020 ... what will be our new benchmark?
Swaziland, Africa?

Anonymous said...

Next budget early 2018, GST likely to be raised, maybe to 10% from current 7%? Stupid 70% had this coming! Even the jobless Sinkies, exacerbated by the 2 million foreigners working here encouraged by LHL, need to eat & use utilities, and cannot escape the GST hike !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not to worry anonymous 7.57pm.

Unlikely to be 90%!

Many think maybe 79,9%!

So worry not!


Anonymous said...

Top 10 Richest Politician In Singapore


Anonymous said...

When the foreigners came from countries when there is no job, everything does not work, trains are pre WW2 and colliding every other day or breaking down everyday, Singapore is heaven on earth. Why do you think they are here if where there came from is so good. Anything anywhere is better than their god forsaken countries.

Anonymous said...

Trump is cutting taxes in US, Loong is raising taxes in Sinkieland !

Anonymous said...

Virgo u die die must have the last say talking rubbish. I am being dragged by the 70% but I am just lucky since birth I have always been the TOP 10% so the 70% who voted for the government would Kena before me. So they deserve it as they voted for the present government. So stop twisting what I posted.

Anonymous said...

How can Loong increase taxes for jobless Sinkies like me ??

No access to CPF savings, no job, yet taxes I pay increase ??!!!

Anonymous said...

So, lets see. Two years after GE2015 and three years to next GE is the perfect time frame to sharpen the knife and skin the 70% dafties.

Water rates, part one, already raised. Part two is coming.

Zero growth vehicles can only mean higher COEs. There will be frantic biddings for sure. Never listen to the MIW when they tell you otherwise. Didn't they tell you that there has been so much improvement in the MRT, yet we are having so many breakdowns every week. They and the peasants see the same thing from two different perspectives. Maybe it is too high a view for the MIW sitting at the top of the tower.

Now they are testing the ground about raising taxes, which can only mean GST. Raising income taxes will hurt the rich more, which is themselves, so unlikely. They need to help the poor more, so more GST is necessary. Perfect argument! Actually no need to test the ground and 'let go wind'. It is a done deal if they just tweet about it!

Next - Is sugar tax on the line as anticipated?

I love all the 'akan datangs'. We asked for it!

Anonymous said...

Carbon tax, sugar tax, petrol tax, water tax, property tax, goods and services tax, maid levy, etc etc etc . . . an ever increasing mountain of taxes weighing on our weary shoulders !!

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At 3% per month,
Do you think he is from the PAP Internet Brigade?
Moonlighting as a loan shark to increase his income?

After all;
When taxes increase ... Do you think loan sharks will have more business ....