Hsien Loong - I did the right thing

A few weeks back Hsien Loong said he did the right thing by changing the Constitution to entrench race as a key factor in the election of a president. The statestimesreview has this to say,

'In his speech addressing to PAP grassroots leaders on Friday (Sep 29), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong claimed that Singaporeans are unhappy that he did the “right thing” to create a race-based election leading to his choice of candidate winning without a contest:
“Did I know that this subject would be a difficult one? That it would be unpopular and cost us votes? Yes, I knew. If I do not know that these are sensitive matters, I cannot be in politics. But I did it, because I strongly believe, and still do, that this is the right thing to do.”'

This thing about doing the right thing regardless of how the people thing is a LKY legacy. It was relevant then as most of the people were either illiterate or not well informed. Today, with so many people educated to tertiary level, many are more well informed than those in govt and this kind of thinking can only get increasing irrelevant and misplaced.

How many people agree with Hsien Loong that he did the right thing? It all depends on who you ask and under what circumstances. The answer will be yes if the right group would to conduct a survey, for sure. If social media were to conduct a survey, it will be unanimously NO.

Hsien Loong admitted that it was a difficult one, an unpopular one and very costly politically. So what is so right about this EP thing? That the majority of the Chinese population is racist? That the Malays would never be voted to be the president? Why not do the simple and right thing and go back to square one, return to the system of a president appointed by the Parliament?

Practically every ‘racist’ Chinese is rooting for Tharman to be the next PM. Queer isn’t it? How about this? ‘According to Yahoo survey, almost 70% hope Tharman to be the future PM’. Tharman, do you think the Chinese are racist by voting for you and wanting you to be the PM? Oops, maybe Tharman is a ‘Chinese’ and only the racist Chinese know about this secret.
What about this comment in TRE:
NC Tay wrote, “Stop accusing the Chinese of being racist just to push your agenda! I’m all for a minority PM now as Long as he’s capable. Mr Tharman is much more capable than you, why don’t you step aside and let him be the PM. Are you oppressing the minorities?”

Why so gungho about wanting to do the unpopular, the difficult and the costly thing? Is this stylo milo, a show of statesmanship, great leadership, a show of great political thinking?

What is going to happen down the road following this highly controversial and to a certain extent bizarre decision is very serious. In the first place I don't think the Malay community is amused or won over by this funny walkover EP in Halimah. As some Malay leaders had said before this event, we did not ask for it, we did not want it, but since it is given, we will accept it, but not really happy about it.

This change, in my view, did not win the Malay votes but actually undermine the trust among the Malay to serve a political agenda. The Malays are not daft. They could see everything clearly in black and white.

As for the rest of the races, it is a no go from the start and many are fuming. What did Hsien Loong gain to push this through? Political wisdom or what?

Just because Hsien Loong said it is the right thing does not make this the right thing to other people. This could be the worst mistake that he had made in his political career. Not to mention the indiscriminate influx of foreigners and the withholding of the people's 'blood and tear' money in the CPF.

History will be the judge. If this is not the right thing, history will be very harsh on him. But that is not the point. The point is that the people will have to bear the consequences of this constitutional change, and our politics will not be the same again. Race is entrenched in our Constitution when we are singing and pledging regardless of race language or religion everyday


Anonymous said...

What is so right about what he did? Please explain to us!

Saying it is the right thing must also explain.

Virgo49 said...

There is no other way to make sure that there is No Second OTC. as PRESIDENT and be pain in.his arse.

So the only "Keng" to 48 tricks is to have the Malay a chance to be PRESIDENT after so many years after Prata Man and KFC man

Why he don't implement earlier??

Let Prata Man as a Minority Race be President for two terms??

He should have slot in a Malay PRESIDENT.

Why let KFC man two terms??

Because they.are all YES Men.

Only ceremonial duties.

Why so many terms never even a whimper of Real Responsibilities of an Elected PRESIDENT.

Why waste so much time and resources to have the EP the powers to have the Government's accountability? ??

Why, why, why??

Mien Sian, Sian Tow.

Anonymous said...

Hope the cancer cells get him . . .

Virgo49 said...

Should be:

Mien Hsien, Hsien Tow.

Even count wrongly the how many terms from which President.

Kanang Kabok.

Also said advice from AG until exposed by SL.

Anonymous said...

Why not by rotation among the races?

In this way, the PAP can ensure that any President they choose is a yes man.

And not make any mistake of getting another OTC. Hence no TCB.

Anonymous said...

Right in a sense if president

Need to change during term

No need accountability.

Anonymous said...

Right thing is claimed by person in power. We will only know if it was a right thing after that person is gone and his power base dismantled. During Mao's rule, who in China dare to say he has done the wrong thing?

Anonymous said...

May be the voters support may go down from 70 to 60 but it does not really matter as 60% still can get 100% seats.😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

When you are in power, you can say what you want!

One can be two!

Black can be white!

Up to you!

Now, the peope just bo chap cheng hu liao!


jjgg said...

Anything air that comes from an arsehole bound to be smelly..

Anonymous said...

hi 1008am

you may be surprised come next GE

because the masses bo chap bo chap

pap may even get 79.9% 😄😄😄

of course 100% elected parliament

this is the real culture on the ground

bo chap bo chap....PAP....the old trusted brand

Anonymous said...

It is not just the withholding of the people's 'blood and tear' money in the CPF that is unacceptable, but forcing CPF members to buy the CPF Life annuity which they get back much less of their own money if they die early - very very short-changed of our hard-earned CPF savings !

Anonymous said...

"I did the right thing."
- By whose standard?
- PAP's standard or Singaporeans' standard?

Who benefited from this "right thing"?
- PAP or Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think."
- Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

/// It was relevant then as most of the people were either illiterate or not well informed. Today, with so many people educated to tertiary level, many are more well informed than those in govt and this kind of thinking can only get increasing irrelevant and misplaced. ///

Is this why university education is restricted to only 30% of each Singaporean cohort?
- Do you think this policy makes Singaporeans more stupid and easy to govern and control?

Anonymous said...

On what basis is he so cock sure he is right?

During the early onset of the Lehman financial crisis, he told the audience at a regional forum not to panic. After that, the crisis brought down many financial institutions worldwide and caused a multi-year global recession.

A T-shirt slogan said: "When others are losing their heads while you can keep yours, it means you don't understand the problem!"

Anonymous said...

The giant pink elephant in the room is:
"After winning every General Elections since 1965, why does PAP keep choosing a Chinese man to be Prime Minister ??!!!

In Singapore's Westminster style of democracy, the Prime Minister is chosen by the political party and not by the citizens.

Do you think it's time the PAP chose a non-Chinese to be Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

This government is very good to transfer their burdens to the sillyzens. Medisave premium, Medisave links, property tax on hdb rental they said leaseholder is owner. Indian is malay. The burden of tray return in hawker centre to patronage who already paid for the foods and services. It is like a person let goes human gases (a burden) in an closed lift and expect other people to enjoy it.

Rocket said...

As I have said several times before, there is no such thing as right or wrong in this world. Right or wrong is merely a matter of perception and interpretation according the the inclination of whoever he/she may be. Again, right or wrong cannot withstand the test of time - something may be deemed 'right' for the sake of expediency at a particular point in time may be deadly wrong in the future, e.g. the invention of the atomic bomb.

In this world, everything is relative. Everything is Relative Truth. The reality we know is relative reality. It is not the Ultimate or Absolute Reality. How long is long? How short is short? You have to make comparison, is it not? Is it a half-full glass? Or, is it a half-empty glass? It is a matter of perception and interpretation, is it not? Likewise, how right is right? Is it half-right, one-quarter-right or three-quarter right? You just cannot quantify, is it not? What is the probability that everyone else is wrong, and you are the only one who is right? What is your basis to say that you are right? You just cannot pluck it out of thin air and say you are right and expect everybody to believe you, is it not? Unless, of course, you might have assumed that everybody else are damned stupid? Either that, or you are the one who is damned stupid? Again, this is a matter of perception, is it not?

Moreover, since it is impossible for anybody to acquire perfect knowledge, nor matter how clever, intelligent or wise a person may be, he/she can never be sure that he is right or wrong. Whoever tells others that he is right with 100% confidence, he/she is only bluffing himself/herself. And others will laugh at him in their hearts. Many powerful emperors, generals, dictators had said many things in the past and insisted they were right, but after their death, the peasants spit at them and trampled upon their graves. For some of them, like Hitler, even their remains cannot be found.

In politics, people say there is no permanent friends or permanent enemies. Likewise, there is no permanent right or permanent wrong. Even if you are a genius, it is humanly impossible for you to be absolutely right.

In management teachings, we know there are only good decisions or bad decisions, instead of right decisions or wrong decisions. This is because, all managers / leaders make decisions based on a certain percentage of available information, never the full 100% picture.

There is, however one exception. And this exception is:

If your body has been invaded by cancerous cells, your brain will think like a cancerous cell. How does a cancerous cell behaves? How is the aim of the cancerous cell? Answer: It aims to destroy the very body that helps it grow strong and big. It behaves recklessly - to the extent of destroying everybody else so that it can survive and grow and grow and grow for ever and ever like a banyan tree. But alas, when the body is dead, that cancerous cell will also die, isn't it?

Lesson learnt:

Never allow a person inflicted with the disease called cancer to be the leader of any country. Because he might lead that country to ruin, just like the cancerous cells inside his system.

Anonymous said...

Anon 228pm

Is it true everyone has cancer cells hidden in the body but yet to say hello?

If correct, no one can be leader leh!

What say u?

Rocket said...

Just like stupidity has no cure?

b said...

People must learn from this episode not to be loyal to leaders who think they are always right for example Hitler. People must learn to help kids to migrate to rich countries and maybe they can also migrate through the parents visa mode.

b said...

Unfortunately, most people just follow their leaders blindly. Thus, they are able to control the people.

Anonymous said...

SMRT: Staff falsified records that maintenance was done at Bishan depot when no work was carried out for almost 1 year


Ownself check ownself.

Anonymous said...

Germany Forced To Pay Consumers To Use More Electricity


Germany pays its citizens to use more electricity.
What do our PAP Generals do?

Anonymous said...

Singapore Book Titles I'd Like to See (Jokes)

"Preventive Maintenance Made Easy" by Desmond Kuek
"Hara Kiri Made Easy" by Khaw Boon Wan
"Mental Masturbation Made Easy" by Chan Chun Sing

Anonymous said...

LHL right?
Engineer wife at Temasek right?
Talked to Yang & Ling via lawyer right?
Disobeyed dad will right?
No CNY reunion as eldest Chinese son with siblings right?
Indian IC woman as Malay right?
Appoint paper generals outside their expertise here & there right?
OTC not counted as 1st elected president right?
Fix WP right?
Lose goodwill built with China over 35 years right?
The meaning of right, is not so "right" hummm?

Virgo49 said...

Wah frightening, appointed Paper Generals just in charge of one Corporation and he does not even know that some departments can switched off for one year.

MG- Major General.

In charge of Brigades. Suddenly, if War breaks out, the Air Force cannot fly.

The Batteries of the Arty cannot fire.

The Infantryman equipments all jammed.

At least the CD is doing a better job with their Fire Fighting Units and their Hoispitals Services.

When we are posted to the SCDF after stand down from the SAF, we were trained to be Prepared like the Boys Scouts Motto.

Every night's, ALL Emergency Vehicles on Standby to be filled to the Brink and Logs and Inspections followed suit.

So, do you Trust our MGs,BGs and LGs to defend Singapore and your lives??

Virgo49 said...

Forgetting LG- means Life Good.

The Fat salaries and Abundance CPF's Savings.