Empire dying – Synchronicity of events

When an empire is dying, many events will take place to bring the empire to its knees. Some called it a confluence of events, some called it a synchronicity of events. History always repeats itself, without failed. Some human beans think they are above this law of nature, that they can change the rule of the game, that they are above nature. As long as they can control and manipulate things to their advantage, they will live happily forever ever after.

All the empires came and gone, no matter how powerful and brutal they were to suppress and oppress the people to remain in power. The evil empire is no difference. Militarily it is supreme, unchallenged and can wipe out any country it wants within a few minutes. This is no joke. The overwhelming power of the evil empire is frightening. But it is telling the world that some little countries are threatening it and coerced its allies, some willing, some unwilling, to go along with the farce, to bully and threaten those that are not willing to compromise their independence, with boycotts, sanctions and threats of war.

Never the evil empire believe that whatever it tries to fix, eventually it would fix itself and bring its own downfall. All the signs are there that the evil empire is falling apart. At the top it is run by a bunch of crooks and greedy people masquerading as angels, virtuous, righteous and selfless, but evil by all counts. Many of these charlatans are passing themselves off as talented leaders when reality said they are duds, hopeless in what they are doing, pretentious and hypocrites in their own rights. Many are bankrupt of ideas, unproductive except for making silly comments that are worthless and useless.

And the economy is running to a halt except for a few isolated industries, notably selling arms and weapons of destruction. The real economy is gone or reduced to a rubble. The banking and finance industry is anything but a farce, churning and producing worthless papers to con and cheat the unthinking, without producing anything of value. Derivatives is a swear word that they made it out to be the thing going forward. The gullible around the world swallowed it with gusto. When the ability to print paper money to be accepted as currency for exchange no longer holds, it will be the end of the empire.

The broader picture, a synchronicity of events would take place beyond the control of the evil men in charge. Bad and idiotic leaders will rule unchallenged. Accidents will keep happening, keep repeating. The spate of accidents involving the evil empire’s navy is a point to note. Why would such accidents happen to the most advanced and supposedly best trained and best equipped navy, with sophisticated technology and very clever people cannot go unnoticed. There is a designed to make these events happened. Nothing the dying empire does will stop these events from happening.

The most powerful evil empire cannot be defeated militarily. They are so advanced that they need not send their soldiers to fight and be killed in the battle field. But their soldiers should die, by a synchronicity of events that should not happen at all, unexplainable and uncalled for.

A dying empire will be brought down to its knees, no matter how powerful, how manipulative, how cunning, and how ruthless it is. There is no where to run or to hide. What must come down must come down. Surely and steadily.

The empire will try to impose more repressive and oppressive measures to keep the empire alive, believing that these would work. They would keep to their old ways of doing the same old thing when the world is changing rapidly in their face. They would not accept the change, cannot believe that it is changing to their detriment. If they would, all the empires of the past would still be around and be as ruthless as they were in their dying days.

There is no escape for the dying empire. It is a matter of when or how fast it would come crumbling down.

PS. What if everything is breaking down but pretending that everything is fine?


Anonymous said...

I'm cuntfused.
Are you talking about USA or Singapore or PAP?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB is refering to the UaSsA Lah, sort of the Stars Wars version of the Evil Empire & its last Jedi...may the dark force be with u Akan datang 14th Dec 2017 ( not sellng this movie cos its the same old story & nobody really cares about stars wars...people r playing all kinds of online games far more exciting than this...maybe the Evil Empire is no innovative anymore..)...

Anonymous said...

The empires one on the west one on the east had thought sanctions are weapons to control ICBM spread. They now realize that the poorest NK could manage an ICBM traveling 13000km at standard elevation, sure to reach washington and beijing. Guess Iran will be happy and other oil producers will balls drop.
NK surprised SK who claimed it has no re entry to atmosphere technology. However, NK had said in international meeting that the ICBM is solely meant for US.
US has 3 fleets sailing on korea sea. Why didnt the fleets fire thaad to intercept the missile launched at 3:17am they detected?

That short change reflects the uncertainty of thaad. US might be sure the thaad could reach the NK ICBM. The ICBM travelled 53mins. The thaad could not aim slowly and fire meh?

The author said the empire is dying. That can be over night when the US fleets attack NK.
A nuke might land at washington.

The problem now is NK ignore china s personal envoy from the great dearest leader. No talk. Not only that, NK closed the dangtong bridge for "repair".

Will there be a new race of incomparable endurance for NOT pocessing luxury guchi / lv bags or fly chicken? US military should be astonished on NKoreans tastes. They might eat kimchi and join the military to fill the stomach for future centuries.
However, Iran might want to buy NK s advance weapons through NK s advisors. Therefore, the empires on the east will panic and the one on the west will press the one on the east s balls to topple the NK kim. Putin however is always the nice guy. He keeps Asaad going, he should miss Kim if he let Kim fall. No Russian has done something so drastic to topple a communist state to do a favor for US.

So the author is right. US is on the hot pan, if Trump still believe in "fury of fire" for others and not for US citizens.
A new order is emerging. Old concept of small state depends on big state for protection is 50% reliable. The big state might ignore the fall of the small state, if there is big money on trade at risk. This is the present situation. But the small state created its own nuclear bomb and can deliver it 13000km away. How to accommodate this small state?

Denial denial denial. But missile has no eyes to identify who is the emperor. 5000yr or 300yrs all can wipe out with just one nuclear bomb. There seems no intercept things like star war movie. Its really a bluff except the radar can monitor 2000km covering the entire empire on the east.

Anonymous said...

Compare and contrast.

Halimah earns about $4,400 a day excluding perks.

66-year-old woman and her 27-year-old son, suffering from severe depression, were found hanged in a bedroom in their flat in Block 727, Tampines Street 71, on Monday in what appeared to be a double suicide.

The misery of poor suffering Sinkies versus the exuberance of the PAP elite.

Anonymous said...

hi 944am

sad case.......

the Chinese saying......

"Same human being, but not the same life"!......

sorry my England no good lah....

sad sad sad.......

Virgo49 said...

S $4400.00 can pay 3 uncles and 3 aunties collecting crockery a month.

Not to worry, Halimah is the People's President.

Coming Presidential Charity, she is going to donate her 8 millions Presidential salary to Charity.

Got free lodgings and Makan in Instana Enough.

How much can a Person Eat and wear ??

Anonymous said...

// 66-year-old woman and her 27-year-old son, suffering from severe depression, were found hanged //

Increase more tax lah?
What's wrong with collecting more money?

Anonymous said...

Any threat of war in East Asian is from the evil Empire, not from NK. However, this threat has been neutralised when NK has proven that it can lob a few nuclear warheads on mainland America.

Also, China has told the Americans that it would be on the NK side if the Americans attack NK. The Americans would not do any wild and mischievous act given the present balance of power in East Asia.

Once the Americans come to terms with this fact, that they cannot hit NK without being hit by NK like they did to the Arab and Muslim countries, they would behave more sanely. The only way to deal with the bad and evil Americans is to show them that you can hit back as hard as they hit you.

There is now a stalemate in East China. All the hypes about a mad NK leader are simply American shit and only silly Asian leaders believe in the threat of NK flying his nuclear missiles to hit them. Why, what for?

Stupidity has no cure. They allowed the Americans to dictate their behaviour and foreign policies and willingly accept to be the running dogs of the Americans. And very happy and proud some more.

Anonymous said...

@ November 29, 2017 11:03 am

Coming Presidential Charity, she is going to donate her 8 millions Presidential salary
(from our Singaporeans' tax money) to Charity.
- True or not?

Do you think the source of PAP politicians' salary is from Singaporeans' tax money?

Anonymous said...

Our Heartiest Congratulations to North Korea ! The hegemony of the Western evil empire is breaking down!

North Korea Says It Launched a New, More Advanced ICBM Called the Hwasong-15 -- according to N. Korea State Television

North Korea Says New Missile Puts All of the U.S. Mainland in Range

Leader Kim Jong Un: 'We Have Finally Realized the Great Historic Cause of Completing the State Nuclear Force'

Anonymous said...

Hello 11.03am

Are you sure that our president is going to donate $8,000,000.00 PS to Charity?

If true, that would be very very very kind!

Must salute! Must salute!


Anonymous said...

Trump now cannot be safe from North Korea even in his own home.

US citizens will glance nervously at their American skies everyday for any incoming nuclear missile from the unpredictable fat boy Kim.

Anonymous said...

In before Trump s time, usa provided arms to arabic speaking militants to fight each other.The real aim was to topple asaad syria, the last before iraq sadam and libya. It ended up europe got the hits. Russia took the lead to pretend to join the bombing usa was doing with uk france, to kill isis. Obama objected to putin s offer. But asaad took the chance and he won at last. Asaad s own army re organized and captured lost lands with Russian planes providing air support.
That was a lesson for usa empire and its cronies uk and france. The local forces would do the job when motivated and organized.

Regional war in middle east is dependent on local fighters who identify with a state.

US marines have no chance to win NK s own troops. The NK troops in total is estimated as 1.1millions minimum. US and SK combined troops are around 300000. US will be defeated based on middle east s battles. People can see clearly. US is bluffing it can create "fury of fire" on NK. The fact is far from it. US should bring in ALL its 11 fleets to fight NK. Kim might have a hard time and slim down. But a few ships with jets that are reported to be short of parts to airborne cannot conquer millions of loyal north korean troops.
This a fact. Except paper generals, real on the ground general like present usa defense minister knew it from war in Afghanistan. US not only could withdraw its troops to claim victory there, it had sent another 3000 troops over there.

Wanna fight with NK? US and SK are too short in number. There will be no empire can bully Kim. They can only collude together to deprive Kim s people of foods or oil.

However, will Russia people ignore Kim s plight? Very unlikely because Russia and NK has some common border. If US win the war, then Russia will have more problems than seeing Kim s state collapse.

US to be empire of Korea peninsular started after world war 2. Its long overdue because US s power is weakening while the regional power like NK is fast catching up with nuclear and space technology.

Anonymous said...

Hello November 29, 2017 12:19 pm
"Are you sure that our president is going to donate $8,000,000.00 PS to Charity?"

Are you sure that our National Service boys (peanut salary) will defend Singapore?
If true, that would be very very very kind!
Must salute! Must salute!


Anonymous said...

Is this another example of PAP technology in PAP's alleged 1st World Singapore?



Anonymous said...

Virgo49 11.03am

Coming Presidential Charity, she is going to donate her
8 millions Presidential salary to Charity.

True or not? Fake news? Don't anyhow say say!

Don't play play! Can kena lim kopi!

Virgo 49 said...

People's President Mah!

Must Show Good example what!

Preferred to with the People and stay in HDB football field pigeon hole what?

Do good deeds go to Heaven you know.

After all, got free Makan and everything now in Istana.

People's President must help the unfortunate Mah!

Betual kak?

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: India To Provide Naval Support To Singapore

India is getting set to provide to Singapore naval practice and logistics facilities, which will include live firing drills in the Andamans

Visiting Singapore defence minister Ng Eng Hen, who reached New Delhi from Kalaikunda airbase in West Bengal on Tuesday, will hold delegation-level talks with his Indian counterpart Nirmala Sitharaman in South Block on Wednesday. The bilateral naval agreement is also slated to be inked during the talks.

Read more at https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/india-to-provide-naval-support-to-singapore/articleshow/61842258.cms

Virgo49 said...

This Hen sebok only.

Wear military uniforms.Purposely want to antagonise china.


Ask them to polish their Toe nails.

Want to be a Regional Force.

DONT MAKE MY Toes laugh.


Anonymous said...

This one go against PApies principle of What's wrong with collecting more $$$ from the people?
Giving is not the Presi-mah job...she only mayb help distribute to her boss pocket first b4 fund arrive a beneficiaries...tio boy?

b said...

The evil empire are the false prophets. They pretend to be christianscatholics but actually are anti christ spreading false facts such as Jesus was a white guy. They are good in spending other people money aka socialism. When the money runs out, they start wars and plunder others. They are arrogant, barbaric and selfish. The rest of the world must wake up and unite and stop them from bullying others.

b said...

Indians must wake up to their QUAD con scheme and not being made use of them to fight neighbour.

Virgo49 said...

Ex-President Tony Tan exhorted Singaporens not to believe others False News. Only believe the PAP News that is thru their mouth piece The Shits Times.

So now even 60 over percent DONT believed the MRT is telling the truths. So how can you believe Halimah would contribute her S $8.00 millions that is RM 24 millions.

See the past President Charity Shows, any donations from the Ministers, MPs and President? ??

Not even a single cts. DONT take from you better laugh already.

Now day in day out, put adverts of unfortunate Singaporeans asking for donations.

And the Telcos also never waive the fees.

Heartless Rich Scums.

The more in my pockets, the merrier.

Donations? ? You want my lives? ?

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should not ask Halimah to do National Service by donating her salary?

Do you think we should just ask her to pay income tax on her salary like the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

Singapore must not shy away from standing up for its vital interests, even if it leads to bilateral relations turning sour for a while, said Tony Tan.

But what about Sinkies' vital interests? Jobs, CPF, taxes , transport, etc . . .

Anonymous said...

@ November 29, 2017 5:18 pm

How much of PAP government's budget is being used to pay pensions for former PAP Ministers?
Do these pensions come with an inflation escalation factor?

Is current taxes collected from Singaporeans sufficient to cover the pension payments?

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.23pm

Wat this KFC is trying to say is to ask Sinkies to believe the Garmen of the day...Sinkies vital interest if not wrong is its Sovereignty Land la, cos no land is no people & no people is no $$$$$ ...no $$$$$ is against Profits AFter Profits Lah...

b said...

Sg should be a colony of oz. No need million dollar pay cheque ministers, no need mandatory ns and can have house and car.

Anonymous said...

Singapore must not shy away from standing up for its vital interests, even if it leads to bilateral relations turning sour for a while, said Tony Tan.


Singaporeans must not shy away from standing up for our self interests, even if it leads to bilateral relations with PAP turning sour for a while, said Crony Tan.

Which statement is real news?
Which statement is fake news?

Natural Science said...

Signs of a Dying Empire:

1. A dying empire keeps taxing its people.Why? Because of lavish spending and fattened bank accounts of their relatives, cronies and ministers.

2. A dying empire keeps making one serious mistake after another? Why? Because of arrogance, conceit and complacency due to prolonged period of having a free rein of power.

3. A dying empire keeps lying and deceiving its people. Why? Because the laws, rules, regulations, policies and schemes become irrational, illogical, absurd and untenable due to putting the cart before the horse.

To continue....

Anonymous said...

How Olympus was almost brought down by one of the worst corporate scandals


A new board took over the reins and set out to restructure the company, changing not only its communication processes, but also the way it was governed.

Said Mr Worthington: “When you’re that broken, and your reputation is that low, you're not going to be able to communicate your way out of that situation. You have to demonstrate what you're doing.”

The company ensured that, among other things, it had external auditors who were really independent and not linked to the board, noted Asst Prof Ohlsson-Corboz.

Anonymous said...

Hello @ November 29, 2017 7:57 pm

Any lessons for Singapore?

Natural Science said...

4. A dying empire keeps recruiting and gathering people of low or no integrity, honesty, loyalty, sincerity, and unethical and immoral. Why? Because only persons of such characters would bow down and stoop so low to lick the boots and ass of the Emperor.

5. A dying empire keeps increasing force, intimidation, coercion and even atrocious measures against all forms of dissents, disagreements and differences. Why? Because it is feeling threatened for losing its grip on power as indicated by widespread loss of trust and respect, both locally and internationally.

6. A dying empire keeps making wrong assessments, judgement and conclusions in its analysis of international events. Why? Because its agents, spies and thinkers only know how to feed positive and rosy inputs. No one is willing to be the carrier of bad news for fear of losing their lucrative and luxurious life-styles, and harsh punishment.

Those are the 6 Open Signs. There are also 6 Subtle Signs and 6 Hidden Signs. Together, they make the Sign of Satan = 6 6 6.

Anonymous said...

Dynasty comes and dynasty goes. It is not if but when. Rome was powerful for centuries but eventually collapsed. So is Great Britain, which boasted that the sun never set under the Empire. Well it followed the same fate as Rome. USSR, France, Ching Dynasty and those dynasties before it, all dead. This is the cycle of nature. No one can change it. Maybe some can prolong but never to prevent. So, as sure as the sun, collapse is a sure thing to come.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will forever be ruled by the PAP. This is the unchanging and everlasting truth. Even God cannot do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.38pm

..huh?...alamak...how sure r u on ur statement? Don't be quick to say that" Sinkieland will 4ever be ruled by the PAP" ...no empire or dynasty or party can last 4ever as history has shown. Perphaps u maybe right on condition that this tiny island 'Sinks' ( by flooding of nature or Fts )...probably Sinkies exodus is already taking place with phase 1 the migration of Moses Lee Ah Yang, Anus Yee, TRoy Ng etc..

Anonymous said...

{ The next time you read a foreign policy commentary or op-ed, ask yourself who stands to benefit from the proposed course of action.
Singaporeans also need to be well-informed and understand not just a diversity of views but also the trade-offs that come with each policy position, he added. } Tony Tan


Do you think we understand that if we vote PAP, our taxes are going to increase?
Do you think we understand that if we vote PAP, our population is going to increase to 6.9 million?

Do you think we understand who stands to benefit from the proposed course of action?
Do you think we understand the trade offs?

Anonymous said...

PA-endorsed sign language instructor teaches inaccurate signs on Channel 8 tv programme


A People’s Association-endorsed sign language instructor has come under fire online after she demonstrated inaccurate signs on a Channel 8 current affairs programme, 狮城有约 Hello Singapore, on 20 Nov evening.

The instructor, Tan Teck Sum, claims that she teaches SEE (Signing Exact English) classes to the public. Approved by the People’s Association (PA), Tan conducts her classes, that come under the SkillsFuture government scheme, at community centres.


Do you think Tan Teck Sum is also a General?

Anonymous said...

India and Singapore on Wednesday favored having a naval exercise in an area between the Andaman Sea and Malacca Strait with the participation of more South Asian nations - a move that may upset China.

"The Straits of Malacca and the Andaman Sea are key sea lanes of communication. It makes sense for countries to cooperate not only to establish maritime security but also to ensure continued freedom of navigation, because it is a lifeline to our economies and any disruption will affect our people and well being," Singapore Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen said.

Though no names were taken, the obvious reference was to China, whose increasing muscle-flexing in the South China Sea has become a cause of concern for South Asian nations.

"We would encourage Indian Navy ships to visit Changi more often," said Hen, who flew in the indigenous Tejas Light Combat Aircraft at Kalaikunda on Tuesday.

Read more at: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/645399/india-singapore-favour-multilateral-naval.html

Virgo49 said...

Andaman Sea near to the Indian Sub continent and Straits of Malacca long coastline is mainly Malaysia and Indonesia.

If these two countries DONT raise a hoo haa, why little Red Dot tried to stir Shits??

Have the Chinese send their Naval to harass anyone in these areas? ?

Its the Americans they should be wary by having their Naval Fleet in all over with their arrogant incompetence crew that had caused accidents all over.

And Sinkieland DONT even raised a protest of their Naval vessel colliding near our water's without any communication with our Port controls.

What man, South China Seas is thousand kilos away from SINKIE land and you poked your noses into their affairs.

Internal problems can not solved and you want to stir Shits to create more problems.

The Chinese Navy had hold joint exercises with the cunning two faced Indians.

They are notorious for their cunnings and you want to co operate with them.

Eyes pasted stamps. Anyway shipping business will be a sunset business for SINKIE land when all the neighbouring countries catch up with their ports.This is not rocket science businesses and anyone can operates just as efficiently and less costly.

WITH the potong of the Isthmus of
Kra which even Japan is welcoming it, Sink Ka Pore eat Shits.

So, little USA is doomed. Want us to be behind your foolish follies.

President, no more DON'T keep harping ex-President.

Also, people said you useless waste tax payers MONIES chiak liao bee unnecessarily President.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Listen to Tony Tan's good advice on foreign news and ask who would benefit from the Indian Singapore naval exercise and who would be the loser and you will know the agenda and intent.

Anonymous said...

Little UaSsA in cahoots with Ah Neh Land is gonna bite at its own land. Hypocrites co-operates with another hypocrites is hypocrisy at iis highest form. This will alert the PRC China & double or triple confirm that these 2 hyenas the dragon won't trust them, never r they going to get any projects or investments from China & the Dragons r stepping up fast & furious to boost its economy, defenses & BRI projects so that these 2 hyenas will die of hunger in this era of disruption technology..

Anonymous said...

Up till now, India-Singapore military naval cooperation news not yet reported in Straits Times

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

India has refused to join the BRI and starting its own BRI with Japan. They have been invited and China actually planned a route running through Myanmar thru India to Pakistan. They stubbornly refused to join.

Some time in the future the Indians will be accusing the Chinese for not inviting them to the BRI. Eventually the whole western world, including the USA, would be involved in the BRI. Only three countries would be left out, India and Japan.

Anonymous said...

The cute young Jedi fighting the evil empire is Kim Jung Un. He is leading a rebellion against the evil empire.

Anonymous said...

Wait long long.......

Anonymous said...

US should come clean if it’s looking for pretext to destroy N. Korea – Russian FM Lavrov

The US has been consciously provoking North Korea to take action, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov alleged after Pyongyang’s latest ballistic missile test. Moscow suspects the US wants a pretext to attack North Korea, he said.