USA, the world’s number one terrorist state holding court

The world’s number one terrorist state, the USA, harbouring the world’s number one terrorist organization, the CIA, got the cheek to accuse and brand North Korea as a terrorist state and acting like they are Gods, all virtuous! Can you believe that? All the evils committed by terrorists around the world have their source in the CIA and the USA. The bombing and demolition of the World Trade Centre in 911 have been conclusively proven that it was an American job but putting the blame on Osama and a few Arabs that are still alive. The killings of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were two state sponsored terrorist acts committed by the evil Empire, conspired and fabricated in the White House and no one dares to take the terrorists in the White House for trial for crime against humanity?

And the biggest joke of all, the rest of world believing or accepting the world’s number one terrorist state passing judgement on North Korea and other countries and organizations as terrorists without question? They accepted this fait accompli meekly, afraid to ask question, or unthinkingly accepting these as the American truth.

What the hell is going on to the people of the world? Where is their conscience and sense of justice? Satan is ruling the earth and they pray to Satan as their new God. Unbelieveable but this is the situation today. The devil is in charge and branding everyone the devil dislike as devil and all the unthinking people of the world would say aye, aye sir and went about screaming at the victims.

Who is the biggest devil that is supporting and giving birth to all the terrorist organizations in the world? Who has been financing them, training them and arming them? Who has been fomenting and provoking acts of terrorism around the world which they called it war to legitimize the killings of the innocents?

No prizes for the correct answer. It is definitely not North Korea. The criminals of the world are passing judgement on other states. They assume the role of judge, jury and executioner and the daft of the world meekly accepted this fate and worse, some even happily and voluntarily bowed to this world number one terrorist and willing to do its bidding and went about screaming North Korea is a terrorist state.

Stupidity has no cure. Or is it criminals will flock together to commit crimes together?
The series of accidents involving the naval boats and aircraft of the evil Empire is God’s way of dealing with this devil. The accidents would not stop and more American boys and girls will die under mysterious situation, not in war. Be warned!

The temple of God is not in the White House. The White House is the throne of Satan.


Anonymous said...

..uncle RB, dun be surprised that Little UaSsA is part of the White Gods or Demons plan..the Liitle UaSsA is even worse than these Whites Demons cos they r the Draculas or Vampires of ASEAN - a bunch of 吸血鬼 putting on white clothes...

Anonymous said...

There are two types of Emperors.
It's not bad vs good emperors.
It's bad vs dead emperors.

There is no such thing as a good and living emperor.

virgo49 said...

Likewise Sinkies who are also too afraid of the Pay And Pay.

Believing meekly and 70% that what they doing for the People.

They knew the psychic of the lambs.

Once became hyenas they hunted in packs to hunt the weaker preys.

Now they are going to contend with a rising Dragon who are going to be stronger than the hyenas.

So Big Hyena USA is trying to get other hyenas to gang and kill the Dragon before She gets stronger.

North Korea is a strong Tiger to contend with.

They could also kill the Hyenas even though it be maimed or killed.

Anonymous said...

The author s judgement is true. DPRK could not defend its own survival without the nuclear weapons. Its technology is far inferior comparing to those countries demanding it to denuclearize.

Trump added NK to the 3 states as state sponsoring terrorism was purely to provoke NK. The latter reaffirmed DPRK will hold its nuclear swords tightly.

NK will not talk to countries demand it to denuclearize for simple reason: without the nuke as deterrence, the 3fleets might have bombed DPRK because the latter threatened to "disappeared" Japan and South Korea.

Multi millions dollars are spent on the 3 fleets exercises with one plane crashed into the sea, and one US ship "came in contact" with one Japan s ship, the entire exercise was an expensive show on tax payers money of these countries. US Japan SK dare not to trigger the first bullets to start the Korean war going.
Are they waiting for the DPRK to start first? Probably so. However, the DPRK might be too weak to go for a war with sanctions biting its exports. Its situation was similar to china in the 60s.

Kim seems to develop closer ties with Russia and Iran. These countries are not so frustrating to Kim because they too are strangled by the west on trades.

The one that openly terrorizing its neighbor demanded its pm to resign was not mentioned or criticized by US. This country was known to have supplied trucks, weapons, medicines to IsIs at war in Allepo and other parts of Syria, and now blocking medical supplies for Yemen.
Who are the terrorism state sponsors? Besides the white, there are more countries standing with the West. Readers should know long long ago.

Anonymous said...

Being a peesai is very "cham" ...?

Caught between 2 gigomous "elephants"?

Can get caught whether they in bed make love or in the ring wighting "muay thai" ...?

So caught in between "very jiatlat" also must (pretend) very happy sulk (their corks &) up to them?

If leaders happen to be mischivous teenage boys, some might (consider to) hide an elastic band between their 2 thumbs and index fingers and "(use the elastic band) soot d 2 elephants' corks" (pain pain)) while (in)voluntarily (pretending) to sulk their "corks"?

Anonymous said...

US and its EU, middle east members sponsoring terrorists like isis are well known and documented on twitters and other social media.

Modern world with apps on handphones, politicians try bluffing in parliament they are world class division one and deserving billions of rewards in total, will be treated like scammers.

The Harakiri man told its opponents in parliament when hawker center roof top was not cleaned due to scarfer company s scheduling problems to do harakiri when his opponents did not do well. The harakiri man did not tender his resignation when doing a bad to worst job in mrt.

The survey in blackbox proved that 59% population believes mrt will not improve in next 12 months.

Pap s multi millions dollars world class division one claim is not credible. The voters with handphones do not trust what the harakiri man s ability at all.

When is the harakiri man going to honor harakiri himself?

"about the issues plaguing the MRT, according to a new survey by market research company Blackbox Research.

Some 57 per cent of the 1,000 Singaporeans polled – who are aged 15 and above – said they are not at all confident or not very confident that they have been kept informed and told the truth about current problems with the rail system.

Also, 65 per cent of respondents had no or little confidence that the MRT is being well managed."

Anonymous said...

This white devil has been pointing its fingers at China as a military threat while it has been starting wars and fighting wars everywhere and everyday. Many foolish Asian leaders believe this white devil is God reincarnated, a peace loving beast.

The white dog down under is spreading rumours that China would swallow up the ASEAN states if this world terrorist withdraw from the region.

There are two lies here. The white terrorists would not go away. And two, China would not behave like the white terrorist to start wars or bully its neighbours.

White men tell white lies. Stupid coloured men believe in white lies.

b said...

The evil empire are the globalists whatever their colors or race. They resided mainly in us and eu. They are good in making use of others to do dirty jobs for them, promoting stupid ideology like marxism and mohamadism, creating hate and wars between people and nations etc. These elites are the anti christ. The people are just cattles who are ignorance, naive, clueless and easily manipulated.

Anonymous said...

Minister Indranee Rajah: Singapore is rich enough to be tax more



Do you think PAP Ministers are rich enough to pay more taxes?
Do you think PAP Ministers are rich enough to start paying estate duties again?

Anonymous said...

Must bring back the Estate Duty. There are too many millionaires in Singapore. They should not escape this taxation, which has been in force for donkey years, until somebody cunningly remove it in order to hide important facts from the public.

b said...

If us really hates china, then they should have their iphones being made in mexico or some other poor south america countries. It seems to me they (elites) are just part of the global system to con people.

Anonymous said...

@ November 23, 2017 5:04 pm

Do you think PAP Ministers pay any income tax on their salaries?

Anonymous said...

The pap s words on reserves could be bluff similar to mrt s problems. Remember the gic sold at loss of USD4billions on just one lot of shares UBS. This gic got in kfc as director. It sounds like not doing properly because it announced only can do 3.7% returns. The average equity returns in US is 6 to 7%. Gic only promised half the ability of US funds managers. It means not running well similar to mrt. Remember they hire a lots of foreign talents from 2001 similar to hiring uunties saw to run the heavy engineering transport company.
Tax increases are not for social spending. It is likely to transfer to cover losses, as a speculation. They have hardly pay any sums for social services.
When social service went up to S$100mil, keechiu went up in parliament to speak sinkies should pay for their own social service and not govt, when the old fart was listening, and was very weak.
Now they want to do social service? do what? help who? Foreigners or citizens? Each has equal number now.

Look at the shittimes, talking about GST increases bagus. U better be prepared the GST will be 12%. The best is shoot at 15% so that they can get so much cash that they stop thinking about scooping money from the poor citizens who push carts on tons of card boxes.

The elites might increase conservancy charges, school fees, tax on electricity, besides push the food prices high through gst.

In sinkieland, tax increases will hit the poor hardest, the rich will not blink the eyes because they dont buy from sinkieland but from other countries and neighbors/JB for big expensive items. Even medicines they go JB and they save alot. Foods they eat at restaurants, not hawkers. The minister said this long ago: eat at hawker for the poor. So they will see hawker foods price at restaurant foods prices soon. No cheap foods but plenty of cheap labor. It nearing the end of a dynasty lee.

Anonymous said...

Say NO! to more PAP taxes.
Vote Opposition in GE 2020.

Anonymous said...

A poor family spending S$1000 a month on food, education, transport, utilities etc pays the equivalent of nearly S$850 GST directly on utilities and indirectly on food and other items levied by the Government on third parties and passed to them, factored into the price of the product.

If GST goes up to 10%, the burden for the poor will rise to S$1200 on GST alone. How much does the Government give back as GST rebates and for how long?

GST is a tax on unborn babies and even those who left this world on the items used by families to remember them, especially on anniversaries etc.

Unlike income tax which is only paid if a person starts working and earns a certain level of income and stops when he retires. Most do not even have to pay tax if they are from the lower income group. But GST does not differentiate between those who are rich or poor, high or low income personnel.

When personal income tax for the rich comes down and GST goes up, it is a an injustice thought out by the rich, so much so that all the wealth in the system accrue to one particular group of people.

b said...

GST just like compulsory NS should be abolished. They are useless in making smalland a better place to live in but is a tax/exercise on the poor.

b said...

Maybe smalland people should learn from amos yee, condemn pap like crazy and seek asylum in usa where easily can have houses and cars.

Anonymous said...

6.07pm //be prepared the GST will be 12%. The best is shoot at 15% //

Only 15%? R u sure it is enuf for (the chut bin) "GLUTTONY" (pa)pigs?

Better best if shoot straight to 40%?

Under Botaknomics (theory), GST helps the poor so the higher the more the poor benefit?

Such from the mouth of a human bean?

Ahqualand & ahquamen are in goooood hands, handpicked & left behind by 2 old farts (couple)?

Anonymous said...

If GST is to help the poor, raise it to 100%.

Then, there will not be anymore poor people collecting cardboard boxes in red dot. And all people in red dot need not be poor again.

But then, if it really is helping the poor, why is it necessary to have GST rebates for them in the first place?

Anonymous said...

If GST is to help the poor .... Do you think PAP is also helping the poor?

Anonymous said...

That which is not good for the bees, cannot be good for the bee hive
- Marcus Aurelius

That which is not good for Singaporeans, cannot be good for Singapore
- Annonymous @ My Singapore News blog

Anonymous said...

"Do you think PAP is also helping the poor" unquote

Oh yes, they are. But funny thing is, when the PAP offers to help the poor, the poor begs for mercy.

That is why the PAP says they have the most difficult job in the world and need to be paid millions.

b said...

PAP only helps their own pockets by plundering the weak people of smalland.