SGX –No lunch break reinstated

Is this an admission that the no lunch break decision was a failure or an act of farce? Before it was introduced they gave reasons like longer hours meant more business. Such a simplistic view was unbelieveable! Now that six years have elapsed and the business boom that was supposed to come along with no lunch break with longer trading hours failed to materialize and failed miserably, what else is new? Should every laugh or clap at the naiveity?

Another reason was to keep the market open for continuous trading across regions and across different stock markets so that the traders, were they funds managing millions and trading across borders or little kuching kurap traders thinking that their two cents worth of trades justified the market to open and to trade without breaks, could capitalize on this great scheme of things or not to lose out because the SGX was closed for lunch and they lost big monies or did not helped themselves with huge profits from the sacrifices of remisiers having to work with no breaks? Was there another stock exchange that thinks this is really necessary? What about the big funds in the USA and Europe and Japan, do they also believe in this myth that they cannot live with if their markets are not open longer, dispensing with lunch breaks, to breach the gap of different time zones?

Or were there other reasons that were not told, not spoken that made this no lunch break so bloody important? If it is, then it should not be changed. Or if the big funds or little traders needed the market to be open just in case they missed the golden opportunities or to cut positions when big changes happened in other markets then it is even more important to keep the market open with no lunch break.

So, would these funds and traders be complaining now if they made losses because of the market being closed for lunch? Now, would the return of lunch break, ie shortening of trading hours, reduces the trading volume further and reduces the income of remisiers even further?

What would happen to the future of the SGX when longer trading hours did not help and shorter trading hours too would not work? What is or are the real problems that are driving the stock market to irrelevance, becoming dysfunctional? Dunno leh.


Anonymous said...

With the advent of the Internet & Mobile Apps, one could even trade while sleeping, needless to say lunch break. Look at China Alibaba, doing internet shopping while most of us r still asleep in mid-nite during the double eleven days ...technology r changing the way we think it should be & Sinkieland still stuck in the old paradigm of doing bziness..

Anonymous said...

With online shopping getting more popular, shopping malls and shops are going to face stiff competition and maybe go out of business. The same thing is happenning with travel agencies. People go on line to book their travel needs, hotels, inland tours etc.

Some shopping malls may be crowded, but people are not shopping. They are there to 'look see' newer shopping malls and once the novelty wears off, the owners again need to renovate to attract customers. At Orchard Road they are doing just that, flogging a dead horse. At older established malls, people are there to eat, meet and talk cock. You hardly see shops having customers nowadays and yet more and more shops are springing up in new shopping malls.

Big changes coming to red dot, they shouted. Oh yeah, everything is falling apart like the MRT.

Anonymous said...

In the Middle East, some r testing or gonna use the Drone Helicopter Taxi to transport its commuters ( but its risky & pricey currently)..in the future Sinkieland aSsMRT trains might be a thing in the past, once the drone transport technology become safer & more prevalent ( its price might even go down), more autonomous vehicles will hit the road with better & faster services than the aSMRT trains & buses..

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean.
I am not involved in the stock market business.
But years ago, when I first heard the reasons for cancelling the lunch break for remisers;
I told myself - "Singapore is fucked if such logic is accepted by Singaporean elites."

Reason is simple.
If SGX prosperity is based upon cancelling the remisers' lunch hour, we are truly fucked.
Do you think it shows a complete bankruptcy of leadership, imagination and ideas?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland s exchange had rest days due to programs fault and spare batteries not charged. Added with no lunch breaks may increase a few more deals from those working crowd. Provided, sinkie ah long realize that situation on sinkieland is getting worst after Trump took over. Trump flew home yesterday, cut off his planned trip to attend east asia summit. Leaving the game for china Likeqin to play, US is signalling disinterest on Asean. Among those worst hit, sinkieland should be number one. US will only look for business that put American jobs as priority. Sinkieland land ah long is looking for business that put foreign talent first. China throughout the Asean show avoided close contact with sinkieland team. No clear investment from chinese.

China has 12billions investment in Kwangtan Malaysia and Kwangxi to attract Malaysian SME to expand to china. The steel factory in Kwangtan is starting. That create jobs. Malaysians are gaining jobs from chinese investments. Sinkieland s hope is IPO from regional booms. But HK has signed free trade with Asean. HK exchange will play major roles on IPO for chinese investments in Asean. There was a razor kinda firm media claimed was sinkieland s investment. Dont know why this sinkieland investment is in HK exchange.

After Trump s head home cut short trip, sinkie voters should realize US investors are heading to US, China investors are heading to Malaysia, and HK exchange is the king of IPO in region. What voters should hope for? They must not vote for army generals to ruin their children s future. It is a guaranteed ruin in the sense that these politicians minds are inflexible. They believed in what ang mor in US taught them. Hillary Obama s extremes pushed them to go against China. They did it openly as if they are the super power to team up with Japan. These politicians are no longer easily getting along with chinese Xi and Li for the next 5 years.

Without china s money from chinese investors, while Malaysia are booming with jobs, sinkieland exchange will be moderately improved if its voters vote for new team to show its neutrality. But a how lian defense chief will irritate PLA in every shangrila show to remind the chinese please dont come here, its US strong ally.
Sinkies stock exchange s future will be like now, unless it has good names like Tencent, Alibaba on its listing. Hope is fading away for sinkieland if the voters continue to vote for these old faces. Look at mrt to learn the daily lessons. Hiring non mrt professional and minister will not cure mrt problems. Hiring the power hungry inflexible politicians will lean on one side and gets little benefits from the other big economic power. Time to consider voting in 2020.

Rocket Man said...


A new independent news outlet has been launched.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely said...

Government-owned transport operator SMRT suffered its second breakdown back-to-back today (Nov 15) with a major service disruption affecting all stations on the Circle Line during the peak hours.

This is a very strong indication that even a 3-star Paper General is just a PAPER in general. No matter how high a paper general is jacked up,,he is still just good on paper.

The losses of public funds channelled to GIC and Temasek Holdings, running as private organizations run mainly by ex-military personnel without financial, investment and business experiences, is another significant indicator of square pecks forced into in around holes.

The inability to steer a foreign policy based on the interests of their countrymen by those ex-military paper generals also spells out the incompetence and inadequacy of these over-rated, over-paid and over-trusted inexperienced incubated paper generals.

Make sure you do not vote for another paper general to be your next PM or MP.

It is time to give others a chance in 2020.

Anonymous said...

1 train stopped. Infront had another stalled train. The back train hit the stalled train resulted 25 ppl required to go hospitals.

Was it possible when the train oredi stopped could hit a stalled train with force resulted people inside fell on their karchgn, and go hospitals.

mrt on sinkieland has new theory in physic: stalled remains stalled, stopped remains move.

Anonymous said...


What is happening! SMART!

This morning at J00 Koon!


Sad! Singapore! ITE!

Anonymous said...

hi 12o8pm

this time they will,,,,

who to blame,,,,,,

what to blame,,,,,,,,

run out of ideas,,,,,,,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't read too much into this once in 50 years accident. It is just bad luck.

Anonymous said...

Who to blame? It clear case of front train at fault. Block the way of back train. cow said public should appreciate mrt working hard. That signals going to hospital to waste long waiting time and money is well deserved.

Where is another transport top man. young man went hiding is not working hard. Last time Lui always went to the site to greet the passengers taking buses. This time 2 top men all didnt show face. 1 still demand appreciation for the delay they themselves are fully and jointly responsible. None show up to say something soothing to the pain and anger.

Voters vote for the politicians who demand money to them and demand gratefulness for 2 days multiple breakdowns plus train knock at train. Most delays are at peak hours.

Cow proposed 10 millions population using under ground city to accommodate. They should dig now. Send their kakis 61% to stay 100km deep inside. Just hope that there is no flooding on tunnel, and no airflow break down that resulting people die of P2.5 dust and toxic gas.

U trust these politicians? The 61% need to send them underground first. Dont dig underground city, the money will run out on salary to world top politicians, while they flood in 4-6 millions foreigners in next 10 years.

Mrt breaks down is nothing. When ambulance breaks down frequently, 61% will know who not to vote in. Who to blame will become obvious when underground city is opened by cow.

Anonymous said...

..uncle RB, sometimes u can't really blame on bad luck Lah, all incidents or accidents r all preventable ( as wat Liang-Juliet Cow A Wan said b4), so wat's Mom WSH people doing? ..probably nothing but waiting accidents to happen & repeat wat Cow said, see peh hor tan jia Leh?...

Anonymous said...

This morning trains collision us not a once in a 50yrs incidents. It happened before in Clementi mrt stn back in 1993 ( or some 24years ago)...look like the once in 50yrs incident no longer valid as we have doubled the mrt train capacity resulting in more frequent failures...a COI need to be call for to address SMRT issues else it will repeat again, it's very very serious case as many people were hurt ...

Anonymous said...

A COI, convened with people chosen by the PAP, will only exonerate them from blame. It will achieve nothing!

Anonymous said...

What is actually happening to Singapore?

What is actually happening to Singapore?

Very very sad!

Anonymous said...

What a shame!

Fast Loan Finance said...
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Anonymous said...


Stock investors don't need 24/7 trading environment like Forex ... we just need properly run & properly managed companies by competent mgmt with integrity within a stock exchange similarly run with integrity & competence, and emphasis on pro-investor attitude.

Anonymous said...

This Africa old fart, visiting sinkieland often probably friend of the ah long clan is finally tamed this morning.

"HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's military seized power early on Wednesday targeting "criminals" around President Robert Mugabe but gave assurances on national television that the 93-year-old leader and his family were "safe and sound".

Soldiers and armoured vehicles blocked roads to the main government offices, parliament and the courts in central Harare, while taxis ferried commuters to work nearby, a Reuters witness said.

"We are only targeting criminals around him (Mugabe) who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice," Zimbabwe Major General SB Moyo, Chief of Staff Logistics, said on television."

Anonymous said...

They should go back to good old days contra 5-day settlement .

Anonymous said...

NETIZENS in Singapore have launched a petition to initiate a live video feed of parliamentary sessions to see their highly-paid representatives “do their jobs” amid growing demand for greater transparency and accountability in the tiny rich nation.

This after Chee Hong Tat’s remark last week that “the reason why we (Parliament) don’t have a live feed is because this is not in great demand”.

Read more at https://asiancorrespondent.com/2017/11/singapores-netizens-demand-parliamentary-live-feed-multi-million-dollar-ministers/

Maybe live feed will reveal the high rate of absenteeism of PAP MPs from Parliament sessions ?

Anonymous said...

Frequent Train Breakdowns in Singapore Seen Denting Image

Singapore's "car-lite" future ambitions could be hampered if breakdowns and other snags continue to plague its mass rapid transit system, Jones Lang LaSalle says. That as a collision between two subway trains in Singapore injured 25 people Wednesday morning. The city state had been known for its well developed public transport infrastructure, but its train network has faced criticism in the last few years for frequent breakdowns. "Of greater concern is the underlying causes of these breakdowns and incidents as these could call to question Singaporeans' work ethics and corporate governance, amongst others," says JLL's Singapore research head Tay Huey Ying.

Is it Singaporeans' or foreigners' work ethics ??

b said...

So simple - scrap the mrt and convert them to bike path. Cheaper, better and faster to maintain.

b said...

Sg is so small, from one end to the other end only needs less than 60 min of biking.

Anonymous said...

Negligence is a failure to exercise the appropriate and or ethical ruled care expected to be exercised amongst specified circumstances.

The area of tort law known as negligence involves harm caused by failing to act as a form of carelessness possibly with extenuating circumstances.

The core concept of negligence is that people should exercise reasonable care in their actions, by taking account of the potential harm that they might foreseeably cause to other people or property.

Someone who suffers loss caused by another's negligence may be able to sue for damages to compensate for their harm.
Such loss may include physical injury, harm to property, psychiatric illness, or economic loss.


Anonymous said...

Mahathir said many years ago: "The problem of Singapore is like Perlis. In Perlis when you shift into fourth gear, you are already in Thailand. Change direction, and in fourth gear you are in Kedah.

So it is like Singapore. It is only 18 miles from Keppel harbour to the
Causeway. Not even time to change into fourth gear. You buy a Ferrari
you can't change into fourth gear, there is no use. So we want to give
them the opportunity to change into fourth gear on our roads.

Singapore is very clean, with beautiful buildings, everything is nice. But four million people live on the island, it is not nice. Langkawi is the same size as Singapore, but Langkawi has 70,000, Singapore has four million. So we like them to

Today Singapore has 5.7 million residents, going on to 10 million, thanks to Loong !!!

Anonymous said...

Gross Negligence
Gross negligence is the "lack of slight diligence or care" or "a conscious, voluntary act or omission in reckless disregard of a legal duty and of the consequences to another party.

In some jurisdictions a person injured as a result of gross negligence may be able to recover punitive damages from the person who caused the injury or loss.

Negligence is the opposite of diligence, or being careful.
The standard of ordinary negligence is what conduct deviates from the proverbial "reasonable person".

By extension, if somebody has been grossly negligent, that means they have fallen so far below the ordinary standard of care that one can expect, to warrant the label of being "gross".

Gross negligence may thus be described as as reflecting "the want of even slight or scant care", falling below the level of care that even a careless person would be expected to follow.

While some jurisdictions equate the culpability of gross negligence with that of recklessness, most differentiate it from simple negligence in its degree.

Anonymous said...

Criminal Negligence

The failure to use reasonable care to avoid consequences that threaten or harm the safety of the public and that are the foreseeable outcome of acting in a particular manner.

Criminal negligence is a statutory offense that arises primarily in situations involving the death of an innocent party as a result of the operation of a motor vehicle by a person who is under the influence of Drugs and Narcotics or alcohol.
Most statutes define such conduct as criminally negligent Homicide.

Unlike the tort of Negligence, in which the party who acted wrongfully is liable for damages to the injured party, a person who is convicted of criminal negligence is subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both, because of the status of the conduct as a crime.


Anonymous said...

Corporate manslaughter

Corporate manslaughter is a criminal offence in English law, being an act of homicide committed by a company or organisation.
In general, in English criminal law, a juristic person is in the same position as a natural person, and may be convicted for committing many offences.

The Court of Appeal confirmed in one of the cases following the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster that a company can, in principle, commit manslaughter, although all defendants in that case were acquitted.

The common law test to impose criminal responsibility on a company only arises where a person's gross negligence has led to another person's death and (under the "identification doctrine") that person is a "controlling mind", whose actions and intentions can be imputed to the company (that is, a person in control of the company's affairs to a sufficient degree that the company can fairly be said to think and act through him).

This is tested by reference to the detailed work patterns of the manager, and the job title or description given to that person is irrelevant, but there is often no single person who acts as a "controlling mind", particularly in large companies, and many issues of health and safety are delegated to junior managers who are not "controlling minds".


b said...

Sg has only one primary law - pap law.

Anonymous said...

“If you vote wrongly and the country goes down the wrong path – it’s hard to come back again.”
- Lee Hsien Loong


Dear 70% who voted PAP in GE 2015.
Lampar song boh?

Anonymous said...

"Ministers who deal with billions of dollars cannot be paid low salaries without risking a system malfunction."
- SM Lee Kuan Yew, Speech to the National Trade Union Congress at the Singapore Conference Hall, 19 July 1996


Lampar song boh?

Anonymous said...

To really solved the mrt problem, u really need to replace the ceo with a train veteran with engineering background and experience. The next level of management from the army that were brought in by the ceo also need to be replaced. If the government refused to admit the mistake it makes in staffing the Organisation, I am afraid all these daily breakdown will continue. Then a heavy political price has to be paid especially when injuries and death occured.

Anonymous said...

/// To really solved the mrt problem, ... ///
November 15, 2017 5:43 pm

And what exactly is the "mrt problem" ???

- is it an engineering problem? .... change the engineers and problem is solved
- is it a management problem? ... change the CEO and senior management and problem is solved

- is it a political party problem? ... vote in an Opposition government and the problem is solved

- is it a "deep cultural issue" problem?? .... I don't know what know what "cultural issues" mean ... but if I am in charge I will certainly ask Desmond Kuek ... Can a cultural problem be solved?

Virgo49 said...

This morning MRT Accident and they called in Incident.

Just KISS KISS only. Some more got drivers. No drivers bang bang how ah??

If trains travelling at 50 to 70 kmph and signals faults, wah piang unimaginable !!!

If both collided, How Ah???

Mr KBW and Desmond, how Ah???

On top, three storeys high and derail and below tunnels how ah???


Anonymous said...

When singapore was known to be good at running train, those days the trains were not crowded. Those days maintenance was done by real singaporeans under Micheal fam (sounded) as ceo.

Under some saw peck something as ceo, heard that maintenance kept changing people, predictably, changed to PR and new citizens from north, ceo saw s country or from sunny land, the main influx of new citizens and PR.

Since ceo saw, train has been weekly breaking down. The minister liu gave up. another thought he could fix. he cannot get the credits from ex singaporeans good work. because the mrt s maintenance has change blood under ceo saw.

Who can do blood transfusion for mrt when there are fewer real singaporeans are employed in mrt. ceo saw might be able to press down the salary, sacking real singapore engineers and replaced with less than 2k type from sunny land. The results spoke for itself. Cow now realize he cannot get the credit to be mr fix because there are fewer real singaporeans at work.

Voters might recalled SGX had 1 biggest joke: power was out, and UPS were found not charged to supply emergency power. The COO was a foreign talent.

Foreign talents were hired in singapore s mission critical organizations like SGX, mrt to squeeze into jobs they are not familiar to do or they came without the real training except the certificates were printed nicely and correctly.

Now who will fix it? One way: make NS men to run the trains and do maintenance. Then the generals and airforce maintenance chief transferred to mrt might be respected by rank. Yes sir will be solid. But NS men needed to be told then do. How to tell them to do what? Cow should be called upon to solve by training them, bcos no body was mrt trained except mr fix, may be.

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe army launches takeover against 'criminals' around Mugabe, says president 'safe'


@ November 15, 2017 3:18 pm

Do you think Mugabe forgot to pay his Generals their million dollar salaries?

Anonymous said...

Time for Singapore to say 'Yes' to nuclear


If you think our MRT problems are bad ... wait until our PAP Millionaires say they want to build a nuclear power plant.

Anonymous said...

After today's SMRT trains collision, ST senior transport correspondent Christopher Tan said: "Enough is enough!"

b said...

All smrt needs is a good maintenance team just like what smalland needs. Build and maintain is two different things and needs different skills.

Anonymous said...

SGX weak position is another reflection of failure of macro policies of Goh & Lee, losing Singapore strategic advantage.
Our advantage was: clean, safe, green, "can get all things done" city with competent leaders & hardworking cooperative citizens.
1. Ill suited Ho Jinx, Paper General & cronies, appointed as key leaders failed miserably with gross incompetence, reward-entitlement strawberry attitude & the effects are showing up.
2. Many "top" FTs placed in key positions in various sectors were/are fake talents especially in education, banking, IT, medical & research.
3. Too many FT & new citizens have made our place not so clean & not so safe.
4. PMET are infested with questionable FTs.
5. Poor wayang leadership by examples with millions dollars compensation of politicians with poor performance has corrupted & weaken the minds our civil service and nation.
If we continue with such leadership & attitude, Singapore & Singaporeans in due time will be "eating grass". In time the self-enriched politicians & their families themselves will cash-out & migrate.

Anti-Aristocratic Dictatorship said...

Zimbabwe's military took over control of the country and put the Robber Mugabe and his family plus his Deputy and his family under house arrest, because of the extensive purging Mugabe has been doing to clear the way for his wife (dis)Grace Mugabe to take over from him as the President of Zimbabwe.

It is important to note that Mr Mugabe is not being challenged by the Western governments, nor by Zimbabwe's political opposition, nor by the recent mass uprising against economic hardship.

Basically, it looks like an internal power struggle within the PAP, oops, I mean within the Zanu-PF, and whoever emerges victorious can expect a newly purged party to obediently fall in line. The military is being used by a group of younger political leaders, with strong connections to the military commanders, behind the scene. This group is probably being led by Emerson Mnangagwa, who was purged by the Robbing Robert Mugabe and his family.

The 93 year-old Mugabe's mistake was to presume he was still powerful enough to build a dynasty to back his son, oops, I mean wife to succeed him, so that his family can hold on to power forever.

Many foreign governments, especially China, UK and USA, are likely to give the new leadership the benefit of doubt and hope it can rescue Zimbabwe from years of misrule and the present economic hardship being suffered by the majority of the citizens, like Sinkies who are now suffering under the PAP.

I wonder, if at all, by any chance, one day, Lee Hsien Loong decides to purge the PAP to make way for his wife, Ho Ching, or his son Li Hong Yi, to take over from him as the PM, will our military be able to take over control and re-establish our country to a proper democratic country instead of a dynastic rule?

Anonymous said...


Like what the hokkiens say our mrt is "Very eat strength"!

Our mrt is now joke of the world! Yes! The world!

Enough is enough!

Very very very very siong!


Singapore Boleh?


Anonymous said...

Watch this video:


Anonymous said...

"Singapore’s mass transit system has been strained as the population expanded, leading to multiple breakdowns and delays especially in the past six years, symptomatic of a learning curve the city faces as it upgrades infrastructure rapidly to cope with more people" - Bloomberg.

"The incident is the latest blemish in a city known for its efficiency, tree-lined highways and slick infrastructure."


5.7 million people squeezed into an area of only 719 square kilometers not enough, still want to increase the population further?

Anonymous said...

" Technology has moved ahead. Maintenance approach has largely moved from preventive to predictive. So we need to invest in technology to exploit predictive maintenance, and to build up capabilities to do so. " - Khaw Boon Wan


Do you think "predictive maintenance" is enough?

Do we need "preventive collision" or "predictive collision" technology?

Do you think "predictive maintenance" can solve "deep seated cultural issues" ???

Anonymous said...

Our Leeders & Paper generals & Jinx continue to contribute to making Singapore a laughing stock to the world:
1. Highest pay politicians in the world for one of smallest nation in the world.
2. Almost daily MRT breakdown or screwed up somewhere.
3. Indian woman approved by "Committee" to be Malay President.
4. Chinese PM didn't invite brother & sister to CNY reunion dinner, but used state organs against them, as highlighted by siblings.
5. Cannot count the terms of Elected President; 4 became 5; OTC became Wee Kim Wee.
6. Sold NOL at the lowest point the latest besides many others by buy-high sell-low Jinx. GIC lost about 9% last year in midst of great bull market.
7..8..9..and many more coming.
Apparently Xi Jin Ping said "If you want to be a (good) government official/politician don't think of getting rich. If you want to be a government official and still want to be rich go to Singapore."
People are laughing at our Leeders......indeed we have become a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

This is how the Japanese do Preventive Maintenance
- 48 second training video


Did you see how they double confirm to ensure success?

Anonymous said...

“In Japan, the CEO and board of directors will call a press conference and take a deep bow, and in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri.
Where there are breaches of the Companies Act, both the company as well as the individuals responsible will be charged, and if found guilty, punished with fines and/or jail terms for the individuals.” PAP Minister Khaw Boon Wan


Anonymous said...

Our Poon PiPee leaders are one-trick pony economic growth thru increased in population.
Local Razer chose to list in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong signed free trade agreement with ASEAN.
Singapore has become SinkingPore. Soon citizens will be eating grass, while our leaders still want to collect millions dollars salaries despite their gross incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Digging tunnels all over, soon we will flood inside and sink from outside.
Thinking of building nuclear plant, then we totally destroyed by these IDIOTS.

Anonymous said...

Singapore screwed by Clown Prince & Mamee Jinx.

b said...

Sg should be a colony of us or oz so we can move there and have big house and big cars and no need lousy mrt to get around.

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