When multi million dollar pay produces nothing

When the scheme to pay multi million dollar salary to govt scholars was introduced it was only a small dent in the budget. There were only a handful of such scholars to talk about and to be paid. No big deal. Today there are thousands of such scholars floating around waiting to be put into multi million dollar jobs, or was it thousands of scholars being paid multi million dollar salary but with only a few multi million dollar jobs available? In the end jobs that do not need to be paid multi million dollar salary would still have to pay multi million dollar salary because the incumbents have to be paid multi million dollar salary regardless of the jobs?

How did we end up in such a situation? How can this be sustainable? In a production and manufacturing economy, the people being paid multi million dollar salary earned their keeps. They created values, sell goods and services that brought in the revenue and profits. What did our multi million dollar scholars produce that are of value, what did they do that brought in the dole? Practically everyone is involved in pen pushing jobs, unproductive, no real value added jobs. They did not do anything of real value. They produced nothing. They are unproductive.

Oh, they raised taxes, raised fees, raised rentals, create COEs and ERPs. Oh they raised the values of properties in asset enhancements to make everyone a millionaire property owner. They are also very good at creating demands and turning them into revenue and profits by using the savings of CPF members by legislation. They are also very good at holding the people’s savings in the CPF forever. They are also very good at telling the people to put in more money into the CPF. Are these really productive work, work with real value?

Seriously, did they create or produce anything of real value, commercial value, goods and products like mobile phones and online businesses? Did they do anything that is real, of economic value to deserve being paid in the millions? What have they produced, the thousands of multi million dollar salary scholars in public services?

Do they deserve to be paid in the millions for being unproductive in real economic sense, for producing nothing of real economic value? How can an economy survive and sustain itself with so many thousands of people being paid multi million dollar salary but not producing a thing of real value, without producing anything that is useful economically? Can you believe that?

Here is a quote from Teo Ser Luck, MP, former minister, now a happy entrepreneur. ‘It gives me great satisfaction to see that I have created something and that it is helpful and beneficial of others. That to me is very fulfilling.’


Anonymous said...

Rb, to them they have created value like Coe and ERP which are in great demand so there are economic values as they do not point a gun at your head to demand these creations Tio bo? So it's not a product but sort of like services like Doctors or Lawyers fee

Anonymous said...


Manufacture one basis car the profit maybe only $5k.

Here, one sheet of paper, the profit is $50k.

This is what scholars are for!

Singapore huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Our scholars from students to army paper generals to politicians or ceos live on a life of sucking big fat public money from the blood, sweat & tears of hard work from the citizens; this is one very big hyprocrisy of our public service system shamelessly adopted in Singapore.
Parents should be ashamed of themselves & their children.
It's definitely not honorable, but shameful.
The philosophy & principle behind are wicked and evil.

(I told my son who qualified, do not take the public money and he listened).

Anonymous said...

@9.03am good morning

Blood, sweat and tears,,,,,,,,,,,,

But the massive 70% still OK-ed!


Anonymous said...

Ask for million dollar salaries.
We give them million dollar salaries.

Ask for strong mandate.
We gave them 70% mandate.

And what did we get in return?
A big fat nothing.

So what do we really have to lose if we voted Opposition?

jjgg said...

U don't know meh? PAP= PIGS ABOVE PEOPLE .. so PAP just expressed full confidence in kbw.. when has PAP not embraced failure .. mah bow tan.. that shorty guy .. ho ching .. is PAP so short of talent that they continue to keep these jokers?

Anonymous said...

..under these scholars do you have Sinkies products & services produce, manufactured & serviced by Sinkieland in the global stage, to be in line or on par with global brand like Apple, Samsung, Alibaba, Facebook, Amazon ... very very few & r diminishing or sold or gonna sold or gonna bankrupt...may be that's why Ah Luck left his cabinet job & be himself as entrepreneur & dun wan to associate himself with these white cabinet monies suckers ..

Anonymous said...

Public servants collecting million dollars salary make a mockery of public service.

Anonymous said...

Just compared a non-graduate but risk taker like Tommie Goh, built up Flextronics and sold it for US$1bln, while the Jinx President scholar graduate on public money & lost billions & still on it.

Anonymous said...

No use to kpkb kpkb kpkb.

Also too too too late now!

Singapore is like that liao!

Can u-turn?


Anonymous said...

Another evil under the sun: multi-millionaire ministers' children taking public money scholarships & bursaries. Obviously the religious/spiritual doctrines of some PSC honchos are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Scholars are bred to help the PAP hang on to power. So the system was set years ago to churn out scholars by the truckloads to fill the gravy wagon.

If they are not paid millions, the famous PAP argument is that they may turn to corruption. Or become politically opposed to them. So, die die must make sure they are paid high salaries, like ministers, so they will not be corrupted. Every top leader paid less than ours is deemed to be corrupt!

What benefits do these scholars bring to the people? They probably helped to think of more ways to hold on to our CPF, maybe also helped to create the COE system, maybe also helped to tinker with election rules, maybe also helped to shift goalpost before elections and most of all, how to fix the WP and opposition, besides lurking in blogs like RBs and spouting PAP propaganda, discreetly pretending to be not too highly qualified in their comments.

It is the people's loss that the PAP has a monopolistic hold over those scholars, who despite being funded by tax payer's money, are not at liberty to use their passion and talents to improve the lives of peasants, but instead are doing them an injustice.

Rocket said...

The useless, always resting-on-the-laural of their GCE A Level Scores to disadvantage all their fellow citizens, are paid Multi-Million Dollars Remuneration did/do produce something:

A Fucking Huge Ego that Is Too Big To Fall!

Anonymous said...

Diplomat has a good summary of Asean after Duterte entry. The only losers:
"Singapore was the only ASEAN state to openly call for China to respect the tribunal ruling, and this was faced with strong backlash from China. Some analysts have argued that China’s decision to invest in Malaysia’s ECRL project is a strategic consideration, as the railway linking the east to west coast of peninsula Malaysia will slash 30 hours of travel time for cargo shipping through the Port of Singapore." Demanding China to follow a tribunal s judgement clearly against China s interest, the decisions drew unending loses for sinkieland. The south china sea trade will not be heading pass sinkieland deep in the future.

Duterte is not paid mulitple millions sinkie dollars as salary. He is lucky to avoid the curse of money greed. He talks long term. His genuine care for phillipines future generations was reflected on his words: let dont touch the south china seas. He said pinoys could not afford war. Ya, Marawi war forced him to ask Putin to loan riffles to fight in Marawi. When sinkies need riffles to fight terrorists like Marawi, the millionaires can demand US to ship them at Malacca port and transfer through high speed rail. China s malacca port is expected to be faster than sinkieland s ah neh manned port. Why? China s alibaba had US$126billions business in one day. On second day, it was said 85% of cargoes already went off the warehouse.

Why? Artificiate intellegence controlled the warehouse with distribution of cargoes ie boxes running at hight speed to the loading bays. What did sinkies see on one ang mor online warehouse on sinkieland? The technology deployed on this ang mor land was manually handled. The set up showed to experienced sinkies that this ang mor company is using sinkieland as testing ground. The real online selling site is not sinkieland. Where? Our neighbor where China is interested.

Giant US investments on sinkieland is unseen. Japanese are shifting out. Broadcom the big semi con factory is shifting. Big financial HSBC is building its headquarter at Jln sultan ismail. Not on sinkieland.

Look at the telling signs. The big opportunities sinkie millionaires missed will not return. Xi will have 10 yrs to go. Ah long may not last that long. But his cronies are well known to be yes men to ah long. The 2 parties are politically rivals. Who will win? Can sinkieland gain business like Duterte and Najib for their own countries?
The chance is slimmer with these ah long clan around for next 10 years. What else can sinkies voters/parents do? When funds run out, under the constitution, sinkie garment cannot raise external debt. Look at Zimbabwe. After Mugabe took over from UK, its economy was #2 in Africa. After 37 years of Mugabe rule, Zimbabwe is near bankrupt. Sinkieland will be heading for hard time by implementing wrong policies like mass immigrants influx, high land price, low technology polcies.
The millionaires high rental, cheap labor policy is not attractive to modern businesses. Chinese use AI to run business. US is catch up with it. With AI, Trump needs not to let his factories to run outside USA. So if the tax at 20% goes through, Sinkieland s high rental low salary policy hits right at the poor retailers. Low salary fits eating at hawker center, as one min implied it in parliament. Restaurants, clubs, high end super mar are waiting to go broke. That is exactly what Jewel for, correct? Par bang. Vote for opposition is the only solution.

Rocket said...

One can easily see how many daft Sinkies are here by reading their daft comments.

Firstly, COE system started in April 1990. That was during the ending phase of LKY Premiership. It has been there for more than 27 years already.

Secondly, the ERP System started in 1998. That was during the Era of GCT Premiership. It has been almost 20 years.

Thirdly, the COE and ERP systems were the creation of only TWO blood-sucker scholars. What about all the other hundreds of scholars? What have they produced? Nothing of significance that has registered even a headline in the local government-controlled press.

Last but not least, during the last 20 years, what have been the contributions of those scholars who were produced during the past 20 years?

Nothing other than:

1. Selling off NOL at low price to foreign concerns,

2. Selling off of three Power Stations and other strategic assets to foreigners,

3. Losses of billions of dollars of taxpayers' money in the GIC,

4. Losses of billions of dollars in Temasek Holdings,

5. Selling off Changi Airport, SIA and other Public Assets to Temasek Holdings to help increase the profitability in Temasek's balance sheets,

6. Screwing up the MRT system,

7. Screwing up the CPF System,

8.Screwing up the Housing system,

9. Screwing up the banking system,

10. Screwing up the Job Markets and Employment opportunities for Singaporeans, and enabling foreign trash and fakes to flourish and take full advantage over Singaporeans,

11. Screwing up the Foreign Relations policies,

12. Screwing up the manufacturing sectors,

13. Screwing up trade opportunities with China's BRI-linked countries,

14. Allowing foreign spies to operate inside our Think Tanks, Research Institutions and Universities,

15. Allowing Racism to take root within legal and Constitutional frameworks,

16. Allowing Indian to be accepted as Malay in the Highest Office of the Land,

17. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera......

Anonymous said...

The ultimate manifestation of the "dark side" of the insidious LaoGoanomics & the equally pernicious Botaknomics is inevitable and as certain as the rise of the sun (in the east)?

In 1988, Ben Johnson was caught with using steriods to boost his past performance and fake achievements?

What are temporary cannot be sustainable and LoaGoanomics and Botaknomics could be the economic version of the steriod Big Ben was caught with to boost short term (fake) achievements?

Simply not real and not sustainable?

LaoGoanomics & Botaknomics are probably fake economics not unlike steriod boosting drugs?

Using inflation, unsustainable population policy and growth, surreptitious capital accumulation in gigomous magnitude etc to show unsustainable (and fake economic) growth?

For example, if GDP equals $400 billion, levying an additional ad valorem tax of say 10% would drive up the final value of all goods and services in the economy by another $40 billion and accounted as 10% growth in the (nominal) GDP?

If not, how come they nvr publish real GDP growth in per capita format especially per capita real consumption spending growth accounting for rise in COL and changes in real exchange rate?

Laogonomics and Botaknomics simply not sustainable in the long term (without continuing to pump more steriod)?

When it no longer works, the withdrawal symptoms could be worst than cold tuckey?

Anonymous said...

If people are Singapore's only resource.
And the PAP scholars are just a waste of time, money and human talent.

Do you think Singaporeans can continue wasting our human resources by voting PAP?

Anonymous said...

About the 70% idiotic Sinkie voters:

“COE is not a very popular measure, and any government that tries to implement this kind of a measure in any other country may lose elections,” Vivek Vaidya, a transport expert at business consultancy Frost and Sullivan, said.


Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //How did we end up in such a situation?//

How many of the 70% know how to read and interpret the (minimal) data published in singstats.gov.sg?

When more (of the 70%) use their $500 to acquire basic (economics) knowledge, things might change?

Meanwhile, there are many past, present and prospective medical and law students who shun away from economics (like plague) and only mug/ memorise hard enough to "scrap through" in the last second (before the gantries close) for their uni entrance A-level exam?

But then if many if not all or most of the supposedly creme de la creme aka medical & law students are so "frightened" of economics at A-level std, how many 70% of the ahguamen would have the courage of (their) conviction to sign up for economics intro/ elementary modules to understand better what are happening in economic policies (& outcome)?

Look at the billions or tens of billions PIC (Productivity & Innovation) scheme under Botaknomics ... What were the objectives and what had it achieved (if anything)?

In the PIC scheme, it was Botaknomics at (one of) its worst using a simple rehash of the 1950s growth theory by Professor Robert Solow to increase k per worker (hoping) to increase optimal putput growth per worker but fell flat like an African 10m platform diving competitor executing a 3.2 degree difficulty routine scoring 7 zeros in the process (by the learned olympic games diving judges)?

Alas, the 70% (economics ignoramus) Ahguamen instead scored 7/10 for Botaknomics (in 2015)?

If the 70% (economics ignoramus) ahguamen did not realise the PIC scheme (under Botaknomics which fell flat?) was just a (half past 6) rehash of Professor Robert Solow's 1950s k accumulation growth model, what else they do not know?

Anonymous said...

In the past few years parliament, many including west coast mp Ms Foo Mee mentioned that despite the (tens of) billions spent on the PIC scheme, what were the KPIs?

Was any concrete barometer/ metrics/ data presented to show the efficacy of the PIC scheme in achieving its objectives?

Anonymous said...

Ahqualand cannot afford to have any more agency/ MIN become SMRT or NOL?

SMRT & NOL are 2 too many liao?

Ahqualand could (rly) sink (into obscurity) if the failings & fiasco (& cancer) of NOL & SMRT spread to other parts of the (State) Organs?

Or they had already?

A lot of (involuntary) "amputations" may be (forth)coming (if the vulture is alrwady deep seeded)?

Anonymous said...

"It's better not to govern than to govern badly."
- German FDP head, Christian Lindner



Christian Linder sounds like a patriot.
Unlike SomeboLee we know.

Goh said...

How did we and up in such a situation?
Aiyo,Use knee cap think oso can know.

Must be grateful to our PGs like many of you here.
No use blaming the 70% now and then just because one cannot make millions or your children can't get scholarship or find a job.

Sinkies,scholar or not, can afford to throw dinners in five stars hotel, drive cars and keep dogs,can afford to place their
elderly like you all in safe and secured old folks home and travel without troubling you showing them around.
These are good results ,accomplishments and achievements...What more to expect?
If one think they are not doing good enough,then probably it could be that they scholars are being underpaid.
A hungry man is a angry man.Can consider to pay these scholars more if you want see more results.
Dun listen to those so claim experts.What they know?
Who says COE can affect a voter's decision.Mai khongcum lah.
I say COE must be increase , up up n up.
These car owners can easily afford.
No one force these days to own a car especially with our efficient transportation.
Now stop being lazy , go and work harder n longer hours n stop grumbling.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have no chance to look at present. Look at 5 years and 10 years down the time line: where can their families get income?

When Malacca and other parts of Malaysia prospers, foods, water will be expensive. Sinkies will pay more on these hard solid stuff. Ah long oredi told sinkies taxes will shoot up. Likely is GST moves to 12% to 15%.
Salaries will get cut while cow will increase transport fee quarterly with mrt breaking down weekly or fortnightly.

Ah long will continue to bring in foreigners to take up jobs in banks, IT, cheap labor at FnB as these kind of import is done online. Ah long has little control.

Parliament voicing out against policies of jobs for foreigners, cost high, is a no go. Sinkies will face more and more cost pressure because their own current debts are double against those owed by their parents, while earning the same salaries level as their parents.

There is no delay if to vote for opposition. New citizens, sinkies in mid 30 to 60 NS men, they will have decide on 2020GE to cut off with the present policies makers or to stay with them and die together with ah long.

Take the chance with different policies to live on this dot or die with the old fellows. Decision on voting is that serious.

Anonymous said...

Scholars in Government are there firstly to helm the top positions in every field be it Army, Police, Civil service or even he Unions when they have been properly politicalised and brain-washed.

Their mission is to make sure these top positions remain under the domain of the PAP and help them to hang on to power. If they helmed top positions in entities that made wrong decisions and loose lots of money, some are not even held accountable by the PAP. It is other people's money. They won't feel the pain of loosing billions.

Contrast with the scenario that if these scholars had been using their own money to set up enterprises of their own, do you honestly think they can be behaving in a nonchalant manner while losing hundreds of thousands or even billions? It is a different thinking altogether.

No accountability makes the leader take undue risk and, after all, there is no running away that it is just other people's money on the line.

b said...

Politicians only serve their own pockets. They will con, manipulate and give you false promises to win over you just like any saleman. Blame yourself for believing them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes in politicians must be very stupid. Anyone who trusts politicians must be idiots. Anyone who believes and trusts the politicians must be stupid and idiotic. Anyone who voted for the same lying politicians again and again must be brain dead.

Anonymous said...

The decision to file the application, made six months after the discovery of the new facts, were well within the rights accorded to Malaysia. This application and the second one, on June 30, 2017, for the purpose of judicial interpretation, was not done callously without solid basis.”
Khairy said Hsien Loong should also know that when the new findings were made on Aug 2016, Malaysia’s general election had yet to be announced. The filing on Feb 2, 2017 was done to give ample time for the preparation of documents within the allocated six months.
“It should also be noted that as of today, Parliament has yet to be dissolved, one year on from the date of the discovery of the new facts,” he said.
“It is easy to gain political support by hurling accusations to other countries, as what Prime Minister Lee had done at the PAP party convention. However, unlike him, Malaysia views the issue of sovereignty seriously at all times, and not merely to gain support during elections or political conventions.” © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

Anonymous said...

“Singaporeans have to understand our core interests.
When we are put to the test we will stay united and back the Government.
Then we can stand our ground and defend Singapore’s interests as one single, cohesive country.” - Lee Hsien Loong



True or not?
When there is shit like this, PM Lee kpkb and call Singaporeans.

When there are million dollar salaries to give away;
Only the PAP Generals get called.

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Maserati driver "makes contact" with Singapore traffic cop


b said...

If ahlong abolished mandatory ns, will save sg a lot of money and no need to raise tax.

Anonymous said...

Lèse-majesté is the crime of violating majesty, an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or against a state.


Do you think "Lèse-majesté" is pronounced as "OB Markers" in Singlish?

Anonymous said...

"Then we can stand our ground and defend Singapore's interest as one single, cohesive country" unquote

Excuse me, when benefits for the nation like upgrading were announced, Hougang was initially excluded, treated as outsiders, then told to queue at the end of the line after much criticism, then upgrading programe came to an end and nothing was given. Can Hougang be excused? Hougang will only stand and defend Hougang from white ants.

We in Hougang understand our core interest very well.

By the way, he looks terrible on Yahoo for a 65 year old

Anonymous said...

Grab some much, hold so thight on power & public money in the end still have to died & face judgment. Why not stop squeezing the people & do something really right like ordering wife to step down & cut pay of miw by 75% & apologize to siblings?

Anonymous said...

@ November 20, 2017 6:18 pm

Tan ku ku.

Anonymous said...

The 70% who voted for tax increase should see this :


Anonymous said...

Pap has learn to cut its own hair
W/o the barber.

Virgo 48 said...

LKY and LHL always used Boeymen to frighten the Sinkies.

Want to have our people crossing over stand for two hours to pass thru their Immigressi.

Also pick unnecessarily issues.

Now Matland got a very strong case requesting the stupid Ang Mohs his they gave their judgements when they do not know where Sinkie land is.

They should have asked them at that time and bet you they CANNOT even give a reply.

Smart far sighted Sinkies can foresee the coming demise of Sinking Land.

DONT think of just making capital gains on Matland properties.

Just have a Sanctuary for you and your children where they are valued and not here where poor Sinkies get all the Shits even for anything committed by the Trashes

Anonymous said...

Got money, buy properties in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and Philippines. Must buy at safe and peaceful neighbourhoods, preferably away from main cities but not too far away. Singapore has very bleak future, based on what have been going on in the last 15 years. The worst has yet to come. After the demise of LHL, the PAP will be finished. Whomever tries to hold it together will face a very difficult time and he/she will perish with it, preferably spending the rest of his life in jail. All the years of unaccountable sins will suddenly fall upon his/her shoulders. And he/she will have no escape routes. Because all the hungry and wild crocodiles are waiting quietly for foul blood and stench flesh.

Anonymous said...

The worst has yet to come. After the demise of LHL, the PAP will be finished.
November 20, 2017 9:28 pm

Do you think his brother agrees with you?
Is that why he relocated to Hong Kong?

Anonymous said...

928pm Lee HongYI will freakout.

Anonymous said...

Tax hike is inevitable: PM Lee confirms


Dear Tar-Man (Favourite Politician of the Daft 70%)
Do you think PM Lee has just contradicted your 2015 statement on no new taxes?

Can the both of you be correct at the same time?

Do you think one of you is more trustworthy than the other?


Anonymous said...

Looney, Jinx & HongYee better watch their heads & wear thick plastic helmets; lightning might strike anytime. Be careful. Be very careful. Better do good not evil.

Anonymous said...

DPM Tharman said in 2015 that the increased spending planned for the rest of this decade is sufficiently provided for by measures that the Government had already taken.

Straits Times August 8, 2015 headline: NO BASIS TO CLAIMS OF GST HIKE: MOF


There is no basis to claims that the Government will raise the goods and services tax (GST) after the next general election to fund increased spending, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) has said.

Such claims, which have been made on some websites, are inconsistent with what the Government recently stated, the ministry said in a post on the Government's website www.gov.sg

In its post, the Finance Ministry said that in the debate in Parliament on the Budget in February, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said the increased spending planned for the rest of this decade is sufficiently provided for by measures that the Government had already taken.

For instance, Temasek Holdings will be included in the Net Investment Returns framework starting from next year, a move that will allow the Government to draw on up to 50 per cent of Temasek's long-term expected returns.

read more at http://www.straitstimes.com/politics/no-basis-to-claims-of-gst-hike-mof

So what happened? Why the need to raise taxes now? MOF said in 2015 that Temasek can fund !

Anonymous said...

a Google search of "no gst hike" :

No basis to claims of GST hike: MOF, Politics News & Top Stories ...
Aug 8, 2015 - There is no basis to claims that the Government will raise the goods and ... Yesterday's article “No basis for claims of GST hike: MOF” stated that ...

GST hike could be on the cards for Budget 2018, say economists and ...
4 hours ago - GST hike could be on the cards for Budget 2018, say economists and tax specialists ... "At the moment, there's no pressing need to raise GST.".

Anonymous said...

The old man said that if we want to have casinos, it will be over his dead body. But the casinos came and he even supported it. That's what happened!

That is why we can never trust the MIW.

Neither can we trust darkie.

I think Temasek must have been toasted quite badly.

Anonymous said...

How do parasites survive?
They eat a bit of the victim everyday.
The giant parasites eat from 5 million victims. But not enough. They need 10 million victims to survive.

Anonymous said...

Agree, these are million dollar parasites, with very big appetite, unsatiable.

Nick said...

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