Asean countries should trade less with China to avoid dependency

In an article by a Sulaiman Daub posted in the mothership.sg, he advocated that Asean countries should trade less with China to avoid a dependency relationship with China and came under the influence of China. In his piece he quoted this,

'In a paper published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies-Yusof Ishak Institute (ISEAS), academic Sanchita Bandu Das argues that China is using its growing economic strength to advance its political agenda in Southeast Asia, including its strong position on South China Sea issues and negotiating for the use of Chinese technology, supplies and workers for China-financed infrastructure projects.'

The same article also mentioned 'white elephant' projects initiated by China like the BRI, ports in Sri Lanka and highways in East Malaysia. There is some logic to this kind of thinking. And there are alternatives to just trading and depending on China for infrastructure building. The assumption is that the govts of these countries engaging in trades with China and with China making more profits are daft, especially those that joined the BRI, built ports and highway that are white elephants and have no or little benefits to their countries. I would not try to argue on behalf of these govts and leave it to them to justify their 'stupid' actions.

While trade in these cases favoured China, it is true that these countries need not continue trading with China. They can choose to trade with Japan and the West. But if the products from these countries are too expensive and they could not afford them, they can always look to India for Make in India products. I think these products, if available, would be much cheaper than China's and would be a good substitute. India could replace China to build highways, ports, high speed trains and mobile phones etc.

As for infrastructure projects like the ports in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan govt can send trade delegations to Europe, USA or Japan to invite them to build instead of China. Oh, England is a good candidate too, the former colonial master that looted the island but forgot to build a decent port like what the Chinese are building for the Sri Lankans. Likewise countries in land locked Central Asia can follow this option or dispense with the 'white elephant' projects since they are white elephants and remain isolated and cut off from the maritime trade routes..

Actually the Americans are having the biggest trade deficit with China compares with the Asean states. The big question, why would the Americans continue to buy China and not buy European or Japanese products or the cheaper Indian products? The Americans cannot be so stupid right? And this applies to more than half of the world that chose China as their number one or number two trading partner despite the trade deficits. Stupid or what?

China, unlike the colonial masters that came to rob and loot these former colonised countries with gunboats, negotiates and trades with these ex colonies on a willing buyer willing seller basis. No guns pointing at their heads. If the govts of these countries, given all the options available, they are not stupid for sure, still choose to trade with China, there must be some logic to it.

I would like to see these 'disadvantaged ex colonies' steering away from trading with China and choose to buy more expensive products from the West and Japan or cheaper products from India. That is only logical when they put everything under the microscope to compare prices and benefits.

Who is the idiot?

PS. The Indians have conceded that the Chinese are making products that are cheaper than the Indians in India. Even the Indian gods are made in China.


Virgo49 said...

These stupid arseholes preferred to be colonized by the Whites instead of mutual benefits in Trade as offered by China.

They prefer to be slaves to the Whites.

Anyway, they are just too fearful of the Chinese who are deemed to be the World's most hardworking and some like SINKIE bananas World's most traitorous creatures.

Anonymous said...

Of course the article is idiotic, because it's written by a Sulaiman Daub . . .

Virgo49 said...

The Japs got arm-twisted by DT to spend billions on their military hardwares.

China is awaiting you stupid Dafts kept spending your Treasuries of Reserves in Arms purchases just to be frightened of an imaginary boeyman and you already Oo Tak or dry, we gonna buy over your bodies and your souls.

Americans created fears all over and you suckers fall into their traps.

The idiots simply have cordial relations with Kim who is shouting for the lifting of the Sanctions. They will have peaceful Trade and Peace all round.

The Americans and their cronies whites will start eating their own Shits.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are conning the stupid that a small village chief can threaten the world's biggest and most powerful evil Empire.

Unfortunately many unthinking fools believed so, esp those in the little Red Dot.

Anonymous said...

Who is this HE talking? Is he talking on behalf of sinkie or entire Asean. If talking on behalf of Duterte or Jokowi, he needs to change name to Trump dua or something to be believed by sinkie daft. Duterte went to China in Oct 2016. He was promised trade S$28billions in just one trip.

If HE is talking on behalf of sinkieland, will China bother? Let say sinkie Dua wants to order meat or vege from China. Place order 4 20footer containers. He will see no reply. 4 containers to China is no go. Sinkie Dua needs to tankuku.

Sinkie s total import in a year from china is $42 billions. Total export to china is $88 billions including HK. How much bargain does sinkieland leeder has? China can give Duterte one deal/trip $28 billions.

Sinkies should know. Their market can be ignored by the world. Go to stock exchange: Pinoy shares are booming, with pinoy beer growing fast. Where does sinkie beer tiger belonged to? Sinkies are proud of their banks. Now the foreigner led bank is bankuk. Banks with US interest rates raising should be booming. Why not for sinkie banks?

Dont Be Singaporeans if they hate china market. Yes. Dua should give up $88 billions and sleep at home, while still needs to pay $40 billions to buy china rice. Wake up sinkie daft. Asean is not belonged to sinkies.

Ainimal Farmer said...

All these minorities, Malays and Indians, in Singapore have a hidden agenda to satisfy their secret ambition of taking over from the Chinese leadership to rule the Country.

As Lee Hsien Loong will be stepping down soon, there will be a power vacuum that needs to be filled. At present, there seems to be no strong men amongst the Chinese within the PAP cadres. Most of the key and POWERFUL Top Appointments are held by Indians. Moreover, the President is also Indian Muslim. These people will definitely exert themselves more and more in all fronts, even academics and information arenas.

Their aim is to brain-wash the Chinese majority to soften the ground for them to eventually show their hands to take over Total Control. Attacking China is an indirectly attacking all Chinese in the world, including the Chinese Majority in Singapore.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that all Chinese Singaporeans must not be side-tracked by such amateurish indirect attacks. Stand up whenever necessary as a united force culturally, socially and politically. Don't make the same mistake as the Malayan Chinese in the early days of Malaysia's independence.

As Race is now embedded into the Constitution in favour of the minorities, therefore it is only wise for the Chinese Majority to wake up and protect their own interests. Otherwise, you will not have anywhere to fall back on. The Indians have India as their backer. The Malays have Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines and Saudi to fall back on.

As Chinese Singaporeans, China does not automatically treat you as part and parcel of her Overseas Chinese like before. You have to fend for yourself. You have nobody to fall back on.Individually may be but not en mass.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland passport most powerful? Becareful. Its reputation is ruined long ago after the 3 millions foreigners settled in.

1 sinkie passport holder mick davis went to china. He was arrested for fraud. In april given bail, he escaped china and entered back door into vietnam. He unsuccessfully gained authority to re issue him a new sinkie passport. He entered back door into hong kong. Paid yuen 55k to buy a new passport.

SUCCESSFULLY entered into sinkieland. (he was arrested 14 days later at ICA probably trying to make new passport).

Can sinkies imagine how many of these criminals can enter sinkieland by holding sinkieland passport?

Its time voters need to vote for opposition to do away with incompetent ministers and politicians. The immigration policy is harboring criminal wanted by countries like china and indonesia.
This mike davis is an obvious criminal running on bail.

Anonymous said...

This guy probably dunno what a small and open economy (like ahgualand) needs most?

He doesn't know much how CA, TOT, MLC, changes in TOT affects X rev due to price elasticity of X and the need to leverage on many factors to tilt TOT in favour or against own economy to max X?

Many garments interfere to tilt TOT either in their favours or against depending on X elasticity to gain trade advantage and not the other way round?

Anonymous said...

He probably also doesnt k much abt the workings of 21st century trade?

And the possible impact and wirkings of the international currency market on X, M, CA, FA, BOT, BOP?

Does he know what kind of international macro policies suit ahgualand?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has made many consumer items esp mobile phones within the reach of many ordinary citizens in rich and poor countries. Many could otherwise unable to afford many of the luxury and life convenient gadgets if China did not produced them at ridiculously low cost and thus selling at very low price.

This is one of the greatest contribution of China towards uplifting the quality of life of many citizens of the world, in the rich west and the third world countries. Many life convenience items are now in the homes of the not so rich for them to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, one more thing to add China is gonna teach the West how they lead their own country & nation economically, socially, diplomatically & defense. Show of brute forces not going to be useful but only the very last last resort. China in near future will be a model for everybody in this planet to emulate ( though they still hv some gaps in graciousness ) China will be the Worlds Leader in areas that the Western Countries fails...

Virgo49 said...

wah piang, sorry out of tropic.

See 1500 news of KBW ans the Rest in Parliament.

With SMRT CEO, Chairman etc.

Like attending a funeral mass.

All Papies MPs sorrowful faces.

Way to go PAP.


Anonymous said...

Good news for smrt ceo. cow said salary review from ceo down the lines. 4 millions salary can go up to 40 millions as the flooding problem is serious.

smrt are happy to thank for poor maintenance. More pumps were found not serviced and workable. But pay increase is coming to the ceo and downline. Sinkies tax coffers robbed again by the u-harakiri me-dont-do- man.

b said...

Whether is it china or us or whatever, anyone always must have plan b and not depend so much on one thing. Politics is about power and control and politicians only care about their self interest. There is no friend, only allies.

b said...

The best is to hope china and us leaders work together and not hate or fight each other. Only this way, people can have better living.

b said...

Its not about who is more powerful but about how to achieve a more harmonious relationship between the two most powerful. Experts that are creating hate between the two countries should shut up.

b said...

Of cos, the ahnehs want angmos to fight chinese so they can benefit and be the most powerful. Thus, they will sow discord among the two most powerful.

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, only those duds still believe in the what's I-phones.

Queuing overnight and enter airport restricted areas to buy I-phones.

Kena charged in courts.

Cocks, other hand phones better technology than them.

Only for those still taking allowances and sucking milk who still don't earn a cents parasites to go for I-phones.

My children long discarded the small tiny weeny screen I phones and go for Samseng, oops Samsung and the rest. LG- life good like for the LG Ng who no need look for employment.

All parachuted like adoscoelents intopositions.

Anonymous said...

Smrt ceo said smrt has a deep seeded culture. In report at indeependent, the author pointed out that was not the first time that army general said the same words.

Why got deep seeded culture after ceo working for 5 years. Harakiri-u said it is ceo who is responsible for the deep seeded culture. This time, due to flooding and stoppage of 20 hours operations, this harakiri man pushed the fault to ceo. Its true, ceo is the one should shape the culture. Howcome 5 years after the army generals took near 20 millions then the harakiri man started to push the ceo.

Voters should vote opposition and not for this kind of minister. Is it the same problem that transport has a deep seeded culture of breaking down? Does it relate to the harakiri man s transport division? So now the harakiri man wants to re shape transport culture? Election is coming in 2-3 years time. He should do a harakiri to shock the pap as wp low is oredi promised to step down. When is this harakiri man?

Anonymous said...

Will Apple a near US $1 trillion company if without China cheap labourers n incredible manufacturing structure? This applies to many MNCs that boom. Stupidity has almost no cure, rings a bell.

b said...

I used a step scooter and faster than mrt. The gov transport policy is total wrong. They should have built bike paths to link the whole country. No need to waste so much money to overseas companies to build lousy train system.

Anonymous said...

China builds infrastructure for 3rd World countries. Uncle Sam sells expensive weapons of mass destruction to 1st, 2nd & 3rd world countries. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

The Attorney General, who has been PM Lee Hsien Loong's personal lawyer for many intimate years, is going ahead to charge PM Lee's newphew LI SHENG WU for contempt of court.

People always say, "A wise person will think of its master before beating a dog." Since grandpa Lee Kuan Yew is dwad, it seems now nobody give a damn to his grand children.

I believe this legal proceeding is politically motivated. And I predict that Li Sheng Wu will definitely be found guilty. And I also predict that he will be slapped with such punishment that will disqulify him from participating in any Election.

I am of the opinion that the whole idea is to pave the way for his cousin, Li Hong Yee, Ho Ching's son, to become Prime Minister in the near future, without any challenges, taking over from a puppet Seat-Warmer like the Old Wooden Head.

According to Yahoo News Singapore, the pre-trial conference for the case is set 13 Nov.

b said...

He is really going senile - sue this and sue that. He needs to go and see a doctor.

Anonymous said...

President Donald Trump happy with South Korea buying more US arms as he fuels North nuke scare. He is acting as a door-to-door salesman for US defense producers, pitching contracts to Japan and South Korea by talking up the bogeyman of Pyongyang’s nukes.

read more at https://www.rt.com/news/409040-trump-asia-arms-sale/

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.05

LHY had already bad blood with LHL. Now his son made a mistake of antagonizing his Uncle.

LHL took this opportunity to sue him. Reason: Just to show the Public that he is a "FAIR" and Impartial PM.

For don't let people said own kins don't sue.

So, just too bad, for sake of future credibility has to sue lah!!

Too Bad LSW became the Scapegoat.

But this is not going to be the last of the Episode.

LHY and LWL, I can foresee will retaliate within their powers to protect the Son and Nephew.

So sit back and see the Drama.

Maybe, this be the end of the Reign of the Little Emperor.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.26

Let me relate that it is not easy to reshuffle an organisation that is already seeded with deep culture.

For many CEOs before Desmond Quek and even Ex Minister Liu did not uprooted the already deep seated culture as allowed by many ex previous CEOs, for example Saw.

Past CEOs who are tolerant of the happenings going on and made no effort to uproot the bad working attitudes have the others who took over the Reins big headaches

So, can not totally blamed Desmond Quek and even some before him.

When many old long serving staff are leagues with one another. Especially those management staff, they will formed cliques everywhere in any organisations.

If things are well running, the CEO will have an easier time.

But when things needed to be reshuffled or need to get rid of some deadlocks, then things can become messy.

Those in cliques been together for long time will form a sort of defensive wall to protect themselves. They will be United against any threats to their livelihoods.

The CEO to go in to ckear this mess must be a ruthless man with the character and charisma like LKY.

He must be fear by the cliques of High Management Executives as well as the Engineers in the case of SMRT.

A SMART and wily CEO to clear this sort of shits must be as ruthless and cunning like a Fox.

He must know who to get the support and who to be able to take over as he needs to chop the rotten branches and pull the dead weeds.

Many are just afraid that the Corporation may be palayased with the reactions of these cliques and he might get the blame.

In Sinkieland, the Employer is the King. Sinkies employees are been tamed long ago to obey and accept any decisions by the Management.

So, actually if the Current CEO is specially brought in to do this hatchet job, and if he is ruthless and cunning enough will be able to clear the Shits fast.

But when the CEO supposedly appointed to do this unpleasant task us weak and for giving, then they will never solve the problems and in the end it will simply killed the One who is supposed to be the Chief.

I have had this unpleasant task before and also with another GM to clear the Shits and mess.

The Organisation been old and already entrenched with many Senior Managers and Managers are too deeply rooted to be uprooted by us.

With a change of a new posting of another MD. They simply carried on the Charade and later it was been brought over by a larger Company.

So, it needs a very Ruthless CEO to rid of these Deep Entrenched Cultures.

Anonymous said...

"Asean countries should trade less with China to avoid dependency"

What about Singaporeans?

Should Singaporeans vote less for PAP to avoid dependency?

Anonymous said...

A few simple questions these leaders would be asking. Do they want to build new infrastructure and cheap and useful products? Who is going to build the infrastructure and sell them products at prices they could afford?

Anonymous said...

Red Dot likes to hear this type of narrative. So this type always got hired. Now so many of them in Red Dot all singing the same song and all put into high places.

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