The sinister agenda of the TPP

What is the purpose of a regional multi party trade pact for? To promote trade among its participating members. That must be the main objective of such a pact, an entity to benefit all parties economically. The key member of the TPP was the USA with 11 other partners.

When Trump came into office at the White House, he smelt a rat and immediately threw out the TPP into the toilet bowl. He did not want to enter into an agreement that is unfavourable to the Americans, economically. As far as money and business is concerned, Trump knows what he is talking about. He is a shrewd businessman.

His predecessors, the neocons, have a different agenda. Their objective is political, the containment of the growth of China by excluding China from the pact. They were prepared to pay some economic price for political gain for the American Empire.

What is China to a trade pact like the TPP? China is becoming the biggest consumer market in the world with 300 million middle class consumers, the size of the American population. And in another 10 years this would be 600 million. Why would a trade pact deliberately exclude the biggest consumer market in the world?

With the American market in the pact, it still makes some sense. Once the American market is out of the pact, the true economic value of such a pact diminishes instantly. Japan cannot replace the loss of the American market even if it wants to. The Japanese market is too small and the Japanese only buy Japanese goods.

The only reason left to continue this TPP is the sinister political agenda, to isolate China, to gang up against China. Who in the remaining 11 members would want this to continue as the raison d'tre of the TPP? Listen to their narrative and you can smell out the little USAs. On their part they have deliberately excluded China from theTPP. On the other hand they are questioning whether China would seek a China centric trade pact or regional order. This is despite the BRI and AIIB, two Chinese creations that have extended an open arm to all countries, excluding no one, two all embracing and inclusive organisations. The few countries left out are those that chose to ie you know who and their hostile intent towards China.

In a normal and genuine economic trade pact free from political motives, it would be reasonable for the remaining partners of this failed pact to recruit a bigger partner to replace the void left by the Americans. The very fact that some would want to continue in the same form, excluding China, speaks for the intent of some of these members, notably Japan and the little USAs. Japan wants to assume the leadership of this pact without asking the consent of the Australians and Canadians nor the other members. It is a convenient vehicle for the rise of Japan as the new Asia Pacific leader, though a declining one. Some former victims of the Japanese aggression in WW2 have forgotten the massacres and atrocities committed by the Japanese in their countries, against their people, and naively wanted to go to bed with the Japanese.

Would the TPP survive under the leadership of Japan to pit itself against China and deprive its other members from the growing and lucrative China market of 600 million middle class hungry consumers? China is negotiating and promoting the RCEP, another regional trade pact that does not exclude anyone.With its 600m middle class consumers and a market of 1.4b people, would the RCEP dwarf the TPP and turn it into oblivion to the disappoint of the anti China gang that talked inclusivity but practised exclusivity and division?


Anonymous said...

<<< What is the purpose of a regional multi party trade pact (TPP) for? >>>

The purpose must be to benefit Singaporeans lah.
If not, why would PAP support TPP?
If not, why would Singaporeans support PAP?

Do you know what is the meaning of sarcasm for the stupid 70% ???

Virgo49 said...

Simply so not understand why these idiots want to isolate China.

Many had their prejudices and Secret Agenda against China.

Many feared recuppersions from China of What's they had done to them in the past.

Just see Alibaba's Record Breaking Singles' Day Sales :

$2.1 b in First three mins

$20.1 b after three hours

Total sales 34.6b

SINKIEland 19b purchase is chicken feet lah.

PSA per year revenue just in millions

Casinos just 1 to 2 billions, tax paid only in millions.

RWS reported due to VIP I.e. China Men contributions that they made a huge profits.

See PRCS in Genting Highlands gambling in chips.

Goes by the Thousands.

You think the Japs, Ah Nehs and Sinkies got this type of Spending power???

You want to isolate China??

Najib and the Sultan of Johore would be very happy to accommodate them.

Anonymous said...

Ash Carter had said TPP strategically worth more than a carrier. But US Trump threw it out on first week in office. Sanders and Hillary both campaigned against TPP. In Vietnam, Canada Trudeau did not show up to signal TPP was up in operations. Canada s concern was to "sustain well paying middle class". That was sentence that proved TPP is a pro employer secret pact. US worried JOB loss threw out TPP. Trudeau dare not to show face despite Abe waited for him in meeting.

What s inside TPP is secret. Sinkies only hope jobs are not given to foreigners as a priority. In TPP, there was clause allows employer to sue the government for not implementing certain clauses. So sinkies middle class can expect good show from TPP to benefit their pockets? NO. There are free trade agreements covering Japan Australia etc. Only fools in sinkiesland hope to enlarge already large employer power to control the government.

Think back now on Ash Carter s words. There is only big market that Vietnam and Japan want: Canada. Sinkieland has neglected manufacturing since it started to open the flood gate for ah neh and pinoys to flood the job markets with some came with fake degrees or master degrees. The debris like mrt s neglect on maintenance due to a "unqualified sales women", is still lingering with another "volunteered" general who blame "culture" not the broken hardware that needs fix.

Sinkieland with TPP is not likely to increase export to Canada. Hopefully Canada can open more PR for TPP countries middle class to migrate into its country. That s what Trudeau mentioned that he was concerned about JOBS for its citizens. Will sinkies lose more jobs to foreigners under TPP. That is a certain yes. 1 CECA oredi killing lots of banking and IT jobs, including stock exchange, where else can foreigners take? SME. That will complete a foreigner controlled industry on sinkieland that manufactures nothing saleable. China Xi looking at the place that joked about "turning on the tap got pork soup", will laugh in the eyes when Malaysia ports are operating.

Will TPP strategically affect China? A big NO. First China and Russia partnership is US s obstacle. This is insurmountable to Trump now. US ex general claimed to fight with NK alone, US army will be outnumbered. So Trump dared not to talk nonsense on fire and fury any more. He pushed the fire and fury to China.
Second Trump collected USD250billions order to work on for US JOB markets. He will talk peace to enjoy rather than wearing uniform at war. Third, TPP without US, Japanese Abe is not going to be king in Asia. Xi knows. If Moon of SK can get peace and talk on unification with NK, Xi will be more worried. Moon is a smart guy, he seems to play a key role in power play against Japan. Xi has to thaw the hard stand to tame Abe and US. If Moon can do well with Kim, then Xi will lose his game to control Kim. Other than this point, events are moving well for Xi. TPP is just a show by Abe.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world can there be any pact, trade bodies, sports bodies, climate change bodies etc etc that does not have a political agenda for those who called the shots?

Where in Sinkieland can you find a Government organ, Government linked bodies like PA, NTUC etc that does not have a political agenda set by the PAP?

If 'ka ki nan' needs to 'fix' other 'ka ki nan' living in the same country, how do we expect different countries with different people not do the same thing against each other?

Anonymous said...

But at least other countries do not try to confiscate our 'coffin money'. Only 'ka ki nan' goes to that extent.

Anonymous said...

How come got TPP also got RCEP ?

According to Wikipedia, RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) is a proposed free trade agreement (FTA) between the ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) and the six states with which ASEAN has existing free trade agreements (Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand).

RCEP negotiations were formally launched in November 2012 at the ASEAN Summit in Cambodia, and the agreement is scheduled to be finalized by the end of 2017 - that's just weeks away !

Anonymous said...

To all the stupid Singaporean fuckers who support TPP.

The details of TPP is secret.
So how do you know it is good for you?

And if it is good for you, why do they need to keep it a secret?
If TPP is good for Singaporeans, do you think PAP will tell us all the details to win our votes?


Anonymous said...

cool cool cool 1230pm!

angry not angry not

bad for health

don't care what had been agreed or signed

what is important, all are employed

tiok bo?

Anonymous said...

<<< We have a bad government.
They allowed doctors and lawyers to charge very high fees that goes to hundreds of thousand dollars.
How can the ordinary people afford these fees?
The government does not act to stop the high fees.
They allowed ordinary people to suffer from these unreasonably high fees. >>>
- Tan Kin Lian (12 Nov 2017)

Dear Mr Tan Kin Lian.
How many PAP lawyers and PAP doctors are there in the Singapore parliament and Singapore cabinet?
Do you think they will fight very hard to lower the doctor fees and lawyer fees?

If doctors and lawyers can earn high fees from poor Singaporeans, does that mean they also pay more taxes to the PAP government?

Doctors are happy.
Lawyers are happy.
PAP Government tax department is happy.
Even the poor Singaporeans are happy because 70% voted for the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Remember the absurd argument PAP MPs put forward in Parliament years ago ? - that if Singapore medical schools produce more doctors, then medical fees will rise as doctors will charge higher to maintain their income level due to lesser patients seen per doctor, so that justify not training and producing more doctors.

Anonymous said...

The Pappies since LaoGoh have been on poppies.
Very screwed up in so many ministries.
Yeah in medical schools, very restricted intake of our extremely qualified local students for so many years. And instead imported fake & 3rd rate Bombay doctors...giving them the required training & experience, high pay, etc.
And now channeling our local med graduates to poly clinics, the lowest paid area. Years later it will show up the Pappies again screwed our graduates after 6 years of most demanding study & training. N in meantime opening our legs to more overseas fake & 3rd rate doctors.
Pappies are screwing all levels of Singaporeans except themselves & their cronies.
Got to expose their extreme selfishness & hypocrisy. Must teach them a lesson and vote them OUT!

Suckers Are Made Everyday said...

How can a TPP trade agreement be secret? Why behave in such a dubious and devious manner?

What are these countries attempting to hide? Hide from who?

Most probably hiding some ill intent against own citizens or other countries. Either way, such secretive character must arouse suspicion because it cannot be a good and geniune intention for the purpose of mutual trade alone. They must be harbouring ill will against either own citizens or citizens of other countries. Something that can see daylight.

Moreover, if there is a dispute, they cannot go to International Courts for arbitration because of the SECRECY. So how can it be a good pact?

Suckers Are Made Everyday said...


"Something that can see daylight." should be:

"Something that CANNOT see daylight!*

b said...

Sg is only for rich people. Poor people must try to get out or get kids out. Otherwise no chance for house, cars, cash and jobs.

Z said...

TPP stands for Tricky Persons' Pact.