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Watch this video to get an education for yourself and free yourself from the clutches of neo colonialism of your mind by the West. Many western scholars have been trying very hard to do this to help the unthinking Asians and Africans to think and to find some self respect in themselves, and to stop them from continuing in their unthinking ways, allowing the West to think for them. This is a video that is very educational and the things said would hopefully remove the blinkers and the clogs in the minds of daft Asians and Africans.

Cutting Through the Childish Lies Against China
Streamed live on Oct 26, 2017

Bill Jones, EIR Washington, DC Correspondent, joins us for a discussion on the silly lies spewing out of the Western media establishment about China. What most Americans have been fed this week about China and how it views the world is utter nonsense. It is the crudest of cartoon characterizations. According to our fake news media the Chinese have overtaken the arch devil Putin in attempting to emasculate the United States. Breitbart even went so far as to compare China’s current thinking to national socialism. These are all ludicrous lies peddled by the same people who are out to destroy Donald Trump — precisely because he might ally with Xi Jinping to bring real economic development to the United States and the world. These lies will increase in intensity the closer we come to the President’s state visit to China in early November.

Our guest tonight, Bill Jones, has been a key aide to Helga Zepp-LaRouche in fighting to bring China's Belt and Road Initiative into collaboration with the United States. He has closely followed the recent Party Congress and its significance both for the Chinese and for human history. He understands the unique perspective of China's Belt and Road Initiative, the largest infrastructure building project ever undertaken by mankind, both in terms of physical economic development but also in terms of cultural interchanges and a new type of relationship between nation states based on mutual benefit. The Chinese call this win-win cooperation, a model vastly different from the geopolitical zero sum calculus employed in the West. This western world view, authored by the British Empire, creates the perpetual warfare we have suffered for the last decades. Join us tonight for what promises to be a most intriguing discussion.

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Anonymous said...

As sinkie, he is exposed to all kinds of opinions. Who is to believe who is not to? The answer is yourself. A reader who believe what he read should not take it as if he is in the situation. No he has nothing to do with US UK or China. Keep a distance from all media and think for yourself as sinkie.
The great mess in sinkieland was created by sinkieland s politicians. The kept talking about globalization and ushered in 3 millions foreigners to create the great mess on schooling priority, housing shortage, hospital shortage, mrt break down, traffic jams.

Look back, both the western media and sinkie s are expounding a new world order, the "freedom of movement". The last was ah long question when Asean would be implementing AE something similar to "freedom of movement".

Now UK is not subscribing to "no border freedom of movement". Trump follows to drive US out of this. EU is isolated. But look carefully, there are a plenty of pro "freedom of movement" in UK and wanting UK to stay inside EU. If a sinkie read those speeches made by these anti UK leaving, they will find them interesting.

Few people are interested in UK. More sinkies are interested in China. This is a good sign because old fart s time, china was a no event country. Sinkies were not interest. Now chinese can bring in money. Sinkies are interest. US has a plenty of china haters. Now US president needs china to "tame" NK because that small country is openly against US threatening with Nuke. The point is still on what can this bring into sinkie s pocket. Sinkies should not be too bother about what Trump said because they know US has no gut to throw Nuke at NK to ask for a full retaliation. US rather spend multiple millions a day to keep the sailors in sea spinning around to keep NK watching with interest.

At US s home channels, fox, cnn, etc are watched by sinkies, and also keenly by NK, not to forget china and russia. If readers know the background they will know to keep the distance.

Note this: many video on youtube are produced by individuals with political objectives to achieve. Many cnn bbc fox programs are funded by advertisers.
These advertisers decide who contents are to be included as main theme. If readers need to test out, can watch local programs on discussions group. They will find the advertised messages inside the programs. Why professional discussions also has advertisements?

First choose the professional in talk show who are the pro topic, avoid inviting those who are anti that topic.
Second edit out the anti messages from the talk, so that the pro subject talks remain in the programs to present to audience.

Never rely your opinion on youtube programs or cnn nytimes fox bbc. Form your own about US and china. Both will not fight. This is the real background, no matter how the talk show goes.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity has no cure!

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland's nobody can rule better than Ah Long PAPies, repeat this as an education many times & at least 70% dafts Sinkies will believe in tat ...& that's it -- all the issues from housings, hospitals, cpf & mrt breakdowns will be there forever, never be solved ( cos PAPies claimed that they r thy only one to solve)...it's 无药可救 , 愚蠢愚痴 or Stupidity is no beyond cure!

Anonymous said...

10 Craziest Engineering Projects in China


Ah Loong
What engineering skills can you and PAP offer to join in China's OBOR projects?
You have money but China got more money than you.

I know, I know.
Money collection skills and technology.

b said...

Can OBOR end up like SMRT or not? Not easy to connect so many nations of different backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Can OBOR end up like SMRT or not? Not easy to connect so many nations of different backgrounds.
November 17, 2017 3:53 pm

Do you think you are measuring China's capabilities using PAP's standard?
Like a frog in the well?

b said...

Honestly, it is a very ambitious project. China has to be very careful otherwise can end up like Great Wall. Just be very careful. Cannot trust anyone in politics.

Anonymous said...


Not to worry Ah Long will just ask Sham to come out laws that OBOR need to abide International Laws ...it's seems that this is wat China PRC Xi needs ( besides having tons of monies)...u see Sinkies can come out paper COE to generate monies ..ai yoh..this OBOR is 'sub sub sui' for Ah Long & Ah Sham mah...has

Anonymous said...

OBOR = Own Belt Own Road!

Anonymous said...

@ November 17, 2017 3:00 pm

What about Mental Masturbation?
Do you think PAP Ministers are champion Mental Masturbators?
- do you think mental masturbation can help China with their engineering projects?

denk said...

Aneh minister, accompanied by aneh CEO,
surrounded by aneh workers/students.

Those uninitiated would be forgiven if they thought this is somewhere in India !

They aint entirely wrong tho, this is in
'little india of SEA'.....SG

Scenes like this has become the norm rather than exception.

now we heard 刘太格 says SG can support
10m population ....
can you guess where'd most of them come from ?


Anonymous said...


CPF Medicare Minimum Sum has been increased by 4.8% to S$54,500. Why?

According to the government, and CPF Board, the adjustment for the Minimum Sum is meant to cater for inflation.
The official inflation rate for 2017 is on the average only about 0.8%. Why then CPF Minimum Sum is increased by 4.8%?
Who authorised the exhorbitantly irresponsible increase? And for what reason?

Is it to off-set losses suffered in the billions by GIC and/or Temasek Holdings? Can someone enlighten the public, especially the CPF contributors, please?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi b, indeed the BRI is a massive projects with inherent political issues that no one dares to touch. Other than genuine political and cultural differences, there are also the evil empire and its cronies poking here and there to agitate the participating countries to break away from the project. They would poison everything that is good in the BRI to make sure it fails.

The golden hope is that Trump has seen light in the tunnel and is likely to support it with the massive infrastructure renewal in the USA on the card. GE is already in the scheme of things, signing agreements with Silk Road Fund to support the BRI.

b said...

Thanks redbean. If URC works together, the anti christ revived evil union will be destroyed. They conned china using marco polo and marxism. Killed massive number of asians, africans and americans. Not to forget, they killed Jesus and pretended to be Christians to prevent others from knowing him by tarnishing his name and hence reject him. Christianity is an asia religion.

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