Hsien Loong hearing voices

Hsien Loong said he often heard voices of LKY, words of wisdom that he could rely upon to make political decisions. Could not remember what he heard but he quoted something, was it about the Elected President? Anyway, LKY said a lot of things and many are still relevant and applicable but many are obsolete or irrelevant in today's context. For instance his advice on taking up a govt scholarship to pursue a degree and subsequently join the civil service or PAP, I mean politics as a career. I can't disagree with him on this then as this was and still is the shortest and quickest and most assured road to instant multi millionaire for a young man without much working experience in the commercial world, without having to work to produce something of value.

I said I disagree on this is as many ministers have openly spoken out against having a degree while some even said a degree is really useless. It is skills that are more important. Fake degrees also never mind as long as people think you have the skills. Degrees cannot be eaten. So if degree is not important, what is the point of being a scholar? However some would say a scholar with a degree is different from a non scholar without a degree. Ok, I can accept that. The instant millionaire route is still relevant but for how long?

Now where was I? Oops, I was talking about Hsien Loong hearing voices. I think he did not hear this from LKY, and I quote, “Everything works, whether its water, electricity, gas, telephone, telexes, it just has to work. If it doesn’t work, I want to know why, and if I am not satisfied, and I often was not, the chief goes, and I have to find another chief. Firing the chief is very simple.“

LKY also used to say this proudly, ‘in Singapore, when you push a button, it works’. That was his Singapore. Can't say this about the SMRT today. In the latter it is more like every time a button is pushed, nothing works. The faults plaguing the SMRT are like a daily affair and if there is no fault in one day, it is a pleasant exception. This is Hsien Loong's Singapore, not LKY's Singapore.

Why did I bring this up? It is in everyone's lip, the amnesty offered by Desmond Kuek to his staff to own up for non compliance, non performance or even dereliction of duty. This is the first time such an idea is being used in Singapore, pardon first for non performance or violation of standard operating procedure, deceit, and talk later. You can imagine the kind of aghast and the shock waves spreading across the island.

There is a disbelief that Singapore's work ethics has degenerated to this level. Hsien Loong probably did not hear this in his head. LKY must be fuming if he is alive. This is not the Singapore he created or at least at one time during his watch.

LKY better makes his voice heard to make things better. How many CEOs would have lost their jobs in SMRT if he was in charge? Nowadays quite senang. Fingers point here point there and point everywhere. Definitely not my problem, OPP is other people's problem. Not bad for collecting millions every year with no accountability
Latest heard that Desmond Kuek’s amnesty bore immediate result. Several staff had owned up and they were duly sacked despite the condition that no punishment would be meted out. This part a bit grey and people could interpret it either way. Yes, no punishment, just leave. Some would argue that sacking is a punishment. The union would have ‘one head two big’, scratching on how to tackle this new development.


Anonymous said...

George W Bush said God talks to him. Loony now says he heard his father's voice of wisdom. The old man must have risen from the grave as prophesied.

Trump is said to be mad. Kim is said to be crazy. Now, what about these two?

Anonymous said...

Things must be really wrong in red dot.

The old man did say that if things go terribly wrong, he is going to rise from the grave to put it right. Now, the voices of his father that Loony heard must be signs that point to his resurrection.


Anonymous said...

No! I m not surprised at all!

Singapore is now like you had described liao lah!

Many many things....really got no eyes to see!

Wrong = Right and Right = Wrong!

Sometimes dont know which is which!

In this kind of you-die-your-business society, you just have to.........

自己保重! 自己保重! 自己保重!

No choice! This is Sinapore!

Virgo49 said...

Most of the Prestigious Scholarships are given to their own cronies.

Even Minister's children and puppies grabbed the lot.

Really selfish, even though they can afford on their expenses.

If you are for the Nation, you think of those who are capable but unable to have these scholarships.

Anonymous said...

The way tat aSMRT amnesty on their sacking of maintenance staffs will scare many who would intend to join the maintenance team later, probably no job takers for the locals only foreigners would risk taking up the posts, when everyone in in organization starts pushing responsibility here & there this organization would hv a big problem & one day lead to its own demise, ..no choice these r Ah Long choice candidate what can Sinkies do but to accept it -- KJ -u got ur own Garman u deserved..

Anonymous said...

Greed cannot be satified. No matter how rich, they want more.

We came into this world naked, we will leave empty handed.

Why is this so difficult to understand and they still want to fight and deprive aid meant for the poor?

Anonymous said...

Foreigners will take up the jobs at SMRT that locals shun. Why would they worry when they know after their permits expire they will leave for home. Sacking will not scare them.

So, expect the train services to go from bad to worse.

Anonymous said...

"Hsien Loong said he often heard voices of LKY, words of wisdom that he could rely upon to make political decisions. "

We can't really tell what Ah Long said is true or not, seems like he suddenly become a world most expensive medium. For someone who hungers for power & monies, no Gods or even his own beloved ones r going to whispers anything on Ah Long's head cos his mind might be corrupted. What Ah Long's hearing from others world of LKY might he Devils in disguise whispering him to press on ( for more powder & monies), the Supreme Beings from other dimension usually will tell the Enlighten One to give up everything u have in this mortal world & follow God's path ( just like the Buddha, Jesus or Prophet Mohammed)...

Anonymous said...

"There is a disbelief that Singapore's work ethics has degenerated to this level." - could it be that the workers are foreigners ? So far no mention of their nationality leh . . .

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is likely that no Sinkie will ever want to be an SMRT maintenance engineer in the future?

Do you think that SMRT will have to recruit maintenance engineers from 3rd world countries in the future?

Do you think it is also lucky that our PAP government is not operating a nuclear power plant here in Singapore?

jjgg said...

There's a lot of people who hear voices in imh.. has he gotten to the stage of plucking invisible hair yet? That's the point of no return!!!! Loll

Anonymous said...

That's the voices of the cancer cells . . .

Anonymous said...

Is there a relapse affecting the brain cells?

Anonymous said...

No punishment = No legal action, no charges or police report will be made.

Govt & SMRT & some talk-cock SIM / NUS / NTU lecturers already say on TV which Acts and which laws can be used.

Writing so clear on the wall --- if low-level staff want to keep quiet, they will be slapped with charges & facing police detention. What is being sacked compared to this?!?!?

By highlighting the faults of the low-level staff, the top people in LTA, MOT & SMRT can continue to shake leg & collect multi-million dollar pay.

This is how the rich get richer in S'pore.

Anonymous said...


any voices about how to deal with siblings and nephew

should have......but don't know sweet or angry voices

what say you..........

Anonymous said...

If LKY still believe in excellence, he will be repenting over the "scholars to army generals to ministers or CEOs" idea. His son & his paper generals have proven clearly he is wrong. He and Dhanabalan should be weeping over Ho Jinx, "the best candidate."
Loong & Jinx indeed makes a perfect laughing stock combo both domestically & globally. Their retirement will save lots of face & money for SinkingPore

Virgo49 said...

Ah Loong is still using his Late Father's influence to con the Sinkies.

Knew his time is up.

That's his version of hearing voices from his Papa.

Anonymous said...

One minute video of PM Lee hearing LKY's voice:


Anonymous said...

Not over my dead body, old declared to the world. Gambling dens went up and he did it. Is that an industry hiring citizens?
There is no value to bring up that old man. Ah long should show black and white video of old man shouting matika matika. See if people watch at coffee shops are excited?
Old man and son brought in 50% population as foreigners to under cut jobs salary and raise rentals for shops and coffee shop stalls.
Rice per plate is $4.5. Still has mood to look at that old man s silliness on foreign talents, and the selfish paths for his elites to short cut training in NS making scholar generals at least majors before finishing university abroad.
The general scholars are not trained through hard work. They are trained through good words and freebies on their way to the top jobs. This is the old man s system. The path will lead sinkieland to matika. No doubt about it.
Time to look at young leaders especially from opposition. They have to swim afloat, or sinkieland will sink if the below average standards practices continue by these old money spenders.

Anonymous said...

Divine Intervention is akan dating. Hearing voices from the DEAD is a very BAD OMEN, if not insane.

Either way, something must be seriously wrong with his brain, after his father's death.

Of late, he has been making too many glaring mistakes and bad decisions.

All his major decisions have been against, not for, Singaporeans,

His mental conditions don't seem to be okay. Some psychiatrists should take a look at him for the good of the country.

Anonymous said...

This type of "train-ing" must be "divine intervention". How can cow s excellence end up almost every week has train signalling? problem? Train-ing is not working on sinkieland.
Good timing: 7:50am

"A commuter at Ang Mo Kio station said that a train ran overshot the platform and had to reverse to pick up commuters at the crowded station. The same train also ran overshot at the next station in Bishan, and commuters of the train eventually were told to alight at Braddell station and wait for the next ride."

Anonymous said...

The answer is here. Have u thought of this question? What if u strike $8million toto?

Will u find life ending is unbearable to u? U have so much money to spend yet u have not enough time to spend at all. U go crazy by thinking of how to use your money. Yet u are still thinking how to grab more and u cannot give up the chance.

U will hear voices, noises in brain. U cannot concentrate at all. No brain problem or need to go IMH. Just give up greed and focus to stopping not grabbing. That will fix it. Mind will be clear and spend on the endless millions dollars, to tour, to eat, to die.

Virgo49 said...

Get half past six pick up from rubbish dump workers expecting them to do do good jobs.

Top of pinnacle Staff gets all the meat.

So, eat snakes and can skive, skive.

One ex SMRT employee said at Bishan Depot, most just laid around and slept without checking the trains

My spouse was with one Aussie Rail maintenance company recalled back with new contract as too many rail breakdowns.

They were allocated an office space at the Depot next to the Engineering Department.

Everywhere, everyday you can see "dead" bodies lying everywhere in sweet dreams.

Fiesta like their ex CEO Cleopatra.

How NOT to have no breakdowns???

Anonymous said...

Hi 1159am

So you think he is going to be very the siong lah?

Are u sure?


Goh said...

Normally sinkie will work from 8 to 5,after off duty will just bochap.

My experience tells me that someone who often heard voices shows that this person's mind work 24 hours ,possibly to think of ways and means on how to improve Sinkies' lives .

I work 21 hours daily and oso heard voices so I understand how one may think that he heard voices but actually it's a sign of a dedicated leader who overworked .Look at the positive side.

Young leaders no hope lah.Many are not properly guided by their PG parent tend to be more greedy, arrogant and lazy and situation could be worse.
PM should continue serving.
Sinkies are fortunate to get a hardworking leader they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia...24 hrs work makes Loong a dull boy...you confirmed he reached level of incompetence. If competent & focus 10 hrs a day is more than enough, avoiding all "rubbish" work.

Anonymous said...

..u all know that Ah Long can't be working 24/7 due to his health..remember he has to exercise every morning to improves his health & stamina..at his age he will lack the stamina & vigor of young fellow, so there will be many files or cases or budget need his approval, or he would let his deputies do the tasks, if he work non stop he gonna have fainting spell in next NDR or even collapse..so being a Sinkie PeeAyam no ez cos everyone in the Istana is waiting when will be his last day...

jjgg said...

I know one very high official who spend all his time THINKING for Singapore.. not much good isn't it.. he only gone less than 2 years n his thoughts all turn to dust.. I think all those mfs who tcss n say they THINKING for Singapore all bs.. probably only THINKING where to go for lunch n where to invest their fat cat shit.. I only THINKING which cha bor available today ...)))

Virgp49 said...

When my Mother-in-law and Mother gonna pass away, they saw images of their relatives and shadows, voices and sometimes ask who that's sitting there and that's so and so visit me.

So, BAD Omens, my friends. Ahgongkia, wah piang worked too hard my foot. Heard voices just like you.

You all gonna be summoned to see Tua Yak Pak and Dee Yak Peh and the MPs of Horse And Cow to answer for your SINS.

See which power floor or all the Floors you going to.

For memories refreshments, Visit Haw Par Villa or Genting Chin Swee Temple to atone your Sins before too late.

Even those are presumed to be already SAVED are also still fearful.

They are the Ones who sees the most images and hear the most voices.

Anonymous said...

Engineering department can sleep during office hours?
The chief engineer was from singapore airforce, the chief corporate officer was from saf colonel rank, all were invited by the army chief general kwek.
Your descriptions of people on the ground made me wander how soldiers will be like when at war with those high ranking officers.

No wander accident killed trainees at pasir risk station and pump not cleaned more than one year ago at bishan.

These 3 high officials should hear voices in their brains. they are very hardworking, else how to be chiefs in airforce and army?
So are these people like ah long and generals talking to the voices to consult them how to solve mrt problems? Reporters should ask them.

Virgo49 said...

Bro, my previous post:-

Virgo49 said...
Wah frightening, appointed Paper Generals just in charge of one Corporation and he does not even know that some departments can switched off for one year.

MG- Major General.

In charge of Brigades. Suddenly, if War breaks out, the Air Force cannot fly.

The Batteries of the Arty cannot fire.

The Infantryman equipments all jammed.

At least the CD is doing a better job with their Fire Fighting Units and their Hoispitals Services.

When we are posted to the SCDF after stand down from the SAF, we were trained to be Prepared like the Boys Scouts Motto.

Every night's, ALL Emergency Vehicles on Standby to be filled to the Brink and Logs and Inspections followed suit.

So, do you Trust our MGs,BGs and LGs to defend Singapore and your lives??

November 04, 2017 7:50 am
Virgo49 said...

Forgetting LG- means Life Good.

The Fat salaries and Abundance CPF's Savings.

November 04, 2017 7:55 am

Agong-Bapak said...

Where in the world you can find a prime minister having one minister mentor, 2 senior ministers, 2 deputy prime ministers, 3 to 4 ministers without portfolios in the prime minister's office - a total of 8 to 9 other ministers - helping him to do the job of the prime minister? And all obscenely paid at the expense of the taxpayers. This fact alone immediately tells those who are not stupid, or daft, or brain-dead, or with shit-in-their brains, that you have an extremely incompetent and wasteful person holding the office of the PM post.

Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

300pm. Yes. Most overpaid, most overly supported PM in the world....indeed laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

"The Infantryman equipments all jammed."

Jammed on communication. At war, this is guaranteed. Electromagnetic jamming. These paper generals dont know how to fight. They rely on others to set up the equipment. Themselves cannot event assemble the antenna.

This is real. During Little India Riot, the uniform men chief was unable to be reached. His rank should be general in army. He could not be reached during riot time.

This was disclosed at Inquiry. Reason: the communication net was jammed.

Got such thing in emergency? U can imagine during war time, how these generals be contacted. Likelihood: cannot be reached.

b said...

All these political leaders are getting senile. They must be replaced.

b said...

The world is in a mess because of these senile political leaders. They forgot they made all the lousy policies but put all the blame on the people, migrants and weather.

Anonymous said...


Please don't blame him.

He is not at fault.

Indeed 70% voted for his party with eyes wide opened!


Anonymous said...

Joke - Voices in Ah Loong's head.
"Use the Force Loong.
Let go.
Loong. Trust me.
The Force will be with you.


Do you think the Force is the Police Force?

Virgo49 said...

Apology not revelent to this topic.


DT said USA will help Japan shoot down North Korea's missiles. Abe smiling.

The Catch After Japan PURCHASED from the USA.

DT good salesman.

Foolish Asians.

Earn so hard the MONIES and spend in WOM.to kill own Asians

b said...

DT good in grabbig pussies. After LSL is Abe pussies.

Goh said...

Hardworking leaders dun restrict themselves to 10 hours.They deserve million dollars and should be further rewarded.

Goh said...

You unproductive lah.
Who says doing exercise mind got to stop working?
Can jog at garden and at the same time think of how to make the garden betterer for sinkies.
I hug and kiss Josephine on the bed but my mind thinking I am hugging Silvia can or not.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Kishore Mahbubani has gone the way of Cherian George. So predictable . . .

Anonymous said...

Kishore Mahbubani has gone the way of Cherian George. So predictable . . .

November 06, 2017 10:07 pm

Do you think Mahbubani has learnt a valuable lesson?
"Talking is useless because nobody is listening. Only votes count."

Virgo49 said...

Just learnt a beautiful phase from DT:

"Milking from the country"

Are the Pay And Pay with their cronies milking from Singapore? ?

CEOs bankrupted and sleeping on their jobs.

Anonymous said...

@ b November 06, 2017 3:55 pm
///The world is in a mess because of these senile political leaders. They forgot they made all the lousy policies but put all the blame on the people, migrants and weather.///

1) For a society to function properly, YEW need TRUST?

2) When YEW r ill in yewr SOCIETY, who do YEW go to?

3) What if at the GP clinic, (loooooong ago) yewr doc already told u now garment also everything squeeze/ milk for $$$?

4) And then he (doc) knowing that u have fever and flu that day said your bp very high, need (start) take lo(ooooooo)ng term (bp) medication, need come back every 3 months soend a few hundred $$$ buy (bp) medications from him? Is there any link to what he said at (3) abt the garment also squeezing/ milking $$$ at evry chance?

5) Besides many (such) docs in the medical profession (where everytime u visit them, u fear u might lose (at least a leg or an arm in) your bank account, u experience similar "trepidation and horror" in a lawyer office? U keep "see-ing" images of a shark head talking in a human bean body while in a lawyer's office?

6) Is there any more trust in YEWR SOCIETY?

7) What happens when there is NO MORE trust in YEWR SOCIETY?

That's why ay, lsw, lsy, ls..... rr?

What if similar to the gorgeous and sexy vixen in the outerior in many demons in "Journey to the West", underneath YEWR facile SOXIETY, it is a transformed demon with white skeletal?

Anonymous said...

“As said in Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu’s Art of War, there are
bound to be defeats and losses in this multi-year war to improve rail
reliability. And if people were to attack the troops or call for the switch
of a general each time something disappointing happens, this would be a
sure strategy for failure.”

Would LKY agree to his?

Anonymous said...

945am leave LKY alone. He is dead. Not resurrected. Dead men cannot talk.

Anonymous said...

Dead or Dread, he is syill unaccountable and responsible for what he had done to Singapore and Singaporeans.

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