Forum on Rise of China and implications to US and Europe

‘NEW YORK, March 20, 2017 — Experts discuss how Europe and America might stand to achieve shared goals while navigating China's growing relationship with the West. Speakers include Sebastian Heilmann, La Repubblica’s Federico Rampini, Ambassador Peter Wilson, Susan Shirk, and Asia Society's Orville Schell.’

This forum was on the book by Sebastian Heilmann titled Everything under heaven…. After a short exchange the discussion turned into another China bashing session with the panel of pretentious white gods passing derogatory and negative comments about China and Xi Jinping. China is unreliable, untrustworthy, did not play by the rules, mischievous intent, a country of liars and out to destroy the world by hook and by crook.

Unfortunately I was not there for this would be what I would ask the panel of righteous, high and mighty white gods if they have read the history of China in the last 200 years and what the white gods, their forefathers did to China. Did they know that they invaded China, robbed and looted China, defying all ethics and international rules, forced China to sign thousands of unequal treaties with the barrel of the gun, forcing China to sign all its rights and national interests away, annexing territories/colonising China, bankrupting China with compensations and reparatory extractions for wars against China and to pay for their opium burnt by China, and still forcing China to buy their opium.

How righteous and ethical were their forefathers, all white gods? Everything they are accusing China was applicable to their white forefathers. How they forced China to trade with unfair rules, unfair playing fields, burning the Summer Palace and looting everything in there, and today trying to sell the loots back to China? Today they are claiming themselves to be champions of free trades and globalisation, honourable, righteousness! And I am not even talking about the rest of the colonised countries in the whole world that became their victims and how they were conquered, ruled, robbed and looted by the European countries under the rule of the gun and their white God and gods.

Compare the excesses and behaviours of their forefathers to what China is today. Who are the evil ones? Did they play be the rules then, or did China play by the rules today?
And the guests at the forum, also white gods and some coloured gods which, by their appearances you can guess that they were the descendants of slaves or nigger comfort women of their white masters, and they were all just as righteous and dismissive in their comments about China.

What is wrong with China wanting to continue to play within the rules of the free trade systems designed by the white gods while the white gods are crying foul all because China is making the best out of it. Now they are demanding to change the trade system they designed quoting human rights and labour rights. Did they remember they did not care a damn about human rights and labour rights and national sovereignty when they invaded and looted China for 200 years and the rest of the world as colonies?

How pretentious and hypocritical are these white gods? There were two guys trying to be rational and balanced, Sebastian, the author and the British guy. Watch the video to see how they behave, like white gods, doing all the right things and China the bad guy doing all the bad things. I wanted to puke looking at how they acted like the good gods, the ones that were wronged by China and they were trying to teach China what is right and wrong. It is not an exaggeration to say that the wealth of the western world today was built on what they robbed and stole from the rest of the world. They did it fairly?

See this video to see how the white gods were telling their white lies in straight faces. And I was not alone to feel so disgusted by their cheap and shameless charade, especially that little Italian guy.

Below are some comments from viewers of this clip.

Basically the West leading by the US is the biggest control freak and that poses the biggest threat to the development of the world that including all countries. The West leading by the US is realizing that China is finally catching up and this is the reason for them to constantly make up stories to make people to believe China is a threat and China must be contained. But in fact, rising China has been making positive contribution to the world, especially to the developing nations who have not been benefited from the West. Rising China is a different than the traditional dominators from the West. China is for peace, stability and prosperity for people from all over the world. The West leading by the US only cares about the well being for themselves at the expenses of others. We can see that from all events happened in the past. How come I don't hear the complain from China about the threat from the West leading by the US? The West leading by the US not only they are doing everything they can to contain China themselves but they are very good at creating conflict between China and its neighboring countries and using other Asians to fight against China

Spadey SayI am actually quick sick to hear of how it is the West who should decide what China should do. China should do this, China should do that. It would be more productive and do the world a lot of good if America and the west spend more time in thinking what it should do for its own countries in the very criticism that they are directing at China.

A panel discussing China without a Chinese member. How interesting

what's the deal with a bunch of white men and women talking in a program of Asia Society?

Shinji Kataoka
I greatly applaud China for their dedications and hard work. With that said, you guys should see some of the negative comments posted on many of the videos that were uploaded on the CGTN channel. Many are from the Americans. Also, China Uncensored channel ln YouTube are always posting their anti China propaganda videos and fake news about China and guess what? Many Americans, especially the Trump supporters and the right wing Americans. (they sure hate China, do they?)

Josh Tep
This forum was very, very well articulated and I loved how it showed different sides of the spectrum. To those that are still disillusioned about the Red Menace, I'd like to say that your opinions are outdated and are a threat to the modern world.

That italian guy is so fascist , just like mussolini in WW2

MoonResident No.9
Disgusting... Remember, in the history, the past 400 years are the darkest authoritarian world ever since human emerge.

Gilles Milaire
Not a well informed panel, hence very little information except for their arrogance.

Yow Beng Lim
Five blind humans describing an elephant without having seen or touched one but assuming the smell they smell is from the elephant.

Mel Xin
Supremacists are always bad losers!

wad wdf
You're more likely to be killed by a US soldier on this planet than a Chinese one - that's just statistics. We should look forward to China's rise, the world needs a realignment in the balance of powers.

These people behave as if today were still the heyday of imperialism. Well, news flash, the Chinese are becoming a major power. The west could either deal with the situation in a pragmatic way, or hang on to delusions of superiority and attempt to isolate China. I guess it's no surprise they chose the latter option.


Virgo49 said...

In Sinkieland, the Bananas Elites after feeding for years on the Ang Moh Sais are no different from their White Gods and Masters.

They are just as prejudiced and wary of China.

LHL propgrate that the Americans have thousands of Sinkies in employment.

Now must reciprocate by giving the AMexicans business of 19billions.

Wah, keh tua yaa**

Americans companies employing hundreds of thousands Singaporeans??

BOA, Halliburton employed hundred of thousands? ?

They are here only for the exploitation of the Natives.

Sinkieland just a transit point for exploiting the neighbouring countries of their Resources.

Whereas, China deals with Others in a Win Win Business.

Not taking advantage of the Natives.

So for so long did China accuses the West and the Rest of their Whites of exploitation? ?

Now just because they are Rising, They are just too fearful and must bring them down.

Virgo49 said...

Here a joke of don't try to screw a ChinaMan.

A Chinese bought a well from an Englishman.

The next Day while on his way to market he met the Englishman who told him.

"Brother, I have sold the well to you but I have not sold the water, if you use the water you will have to pay for it"

The Chinese replied:
"Ah, yes, I was planning to go to your place and ask you to empty the water and if you don't it then you will have to pay the rent for the water in my well.

So, don't try to screw a China Man.


Anonymous said...

Very disgusting. I think every china man now rich with money should make it a point to pay and givscree the white Roman as revenge for the white who did it to Asian

Anonymous said...

point to pay and scree the white Women as revenge for the white who did it to Asian

Anonymous said...

What is the implication of China's rise for Singapore ? - a Loong-led PAP's tilt towards INDIA for so-called counter balance of power against China !

Anonymous said...

The traitors within Singapore's Chinese population are exactly the same as these Western white gods. Even their party uniforms are also it white. Even their party symbol is a fascisfs' symbol similar to the Nazi swastika.

Anonymous said...

One should ask: WHO are you? China chinese? No. Yellow skin is no chinese. Taiwanese is not chinese. President Tsai is looking for her root in Marshall island. SKoreans are the worst of all yellow skin. Their army commander is a White 4 star general. Sinkies can hardly sing they are chinese because many cannot read the chinese words. Sinkies survival relies on White USA. A late sinkieland leeder wanted the white to surround China. Even it bent beyond its small size can take, the white king in usa does not stop over at Changi airport on his way to Vietnam on 5 Nov. In Viet Apec, 11 countries are ready with TPP to show white king: US is still wanted to exclude china in trade.

The yellow skins are longing for the white to stay in asia.

The new white king wants money and jobs for usa in this trip. He brings along 40 selected traders to sign contracts with the big yellow skin countries. Buying contracts from China, Japan, SK will make their pockets full full. That s life.

White king and former invader Japan will sing song about North Korea threat. That will enable Abe to change constitutions to head for nuclear power. White king and cronies are laughing to the banks. And warn the yellow king to watch out. Besides THAAD already installed at border, Japanese nuclear power will follow.

Whether you like it or not, being sinkies are just not significant to demand attention from the white big country. Sinkies support the white s rule on South China sea ownership has stopped the big yellow skin country s interest on the little dot. That is the reality. Sinkieland is at lose lose while white king is playing his game.

How the white comments about China is called freedom. Its the same applies to how the sinkies comment about the white s behaviors. Ultimately, the exchange must take place: what have you got to sell to the white? to the yellow?

China has lots of goodies, cars, handphones, pc, parts, steel, AL foils, literally can flood the US market. That why the white are scared of China. They find ways to criticize China. Their own freedom in USA. But they are not allowed to do the same way in China. Not even by the Chinese citizens. That s how people live their lives. Free to say is one, zip the mouth is another.

Sinkies can do both, but have lots of their own concerns: money run out, good jobs given to employment pass foreigners, bad jobs given to $500pm asking price foreigners, cost of foods run high. They fell into the traps of no savings no cpf. A well designed one 61% love it.

When the yellow king accomplish his jobs 10 years later in 2027, the yellow skin chinese earn more salary per month for the poorest. What will the white usa s average salary? What will be the average sinkie s salary? S$7 per hour still in 2027?

Yes. That s what the white employer want to pay: past 25 years, at 7 to 10$ per hour. They are scared that the China chinese are paying more than 15$ to 20$ per hour in 2027.
USA and sinkieland is facing similar problem: the rising China. To the leeders, they cannot afford to let salary increase. Sinkie leeders want to feed sunny land s immigrants to make up 10 millions population. To Trump, he is heading for the right way: jobs for america first.

Rising China under capable leaders is a problem to sinkieland, and certainly usa.

Anonymous said...

Since race has been officially introduced into Singapore politics and enshrined into the Constitution, to advantage the minority, therefore, the majority must now fight for their rights to ensure proportional representation in key appointments. It is now too lob-sidedly tilted towards Indian Singaporeans and Indian New Citizens, who never do NS, holding almost all the key and powerful positions in the Government as well as in the Private Sectors. This has been going on for the last 15 to 20 years already. It is time the majority wake up and take immediate action before it is too late.

Virgo49 said...

Trump blamed the Democrats for their Open Leg Immigration Policies that now Americans are been maimed and Killed frequently.

Will Sinkies blamed the PAP for the same case scenarios with their Open Legs Immigration Policies? ??

Drilling and psychological prepare the Sinkies for any eventually happenings.

Calling all Sinkies to be United for their follies.

Anonymous said...

HIV positive lecturer at polytechnic was hired for 8 years. Though cannot prove someone intentionally sabotage the public, the loose system of check on critically fatal bacteria being brought into the clean sinkieland has failed badly.
This kind of lapse is as good as terrorists created havoc.

Immigration intake had 1 mma instructor featured on Reach as successful resettlement. This immigrant is a criminal for underaged sex. If this kind of assaulting underaged female is not as bad as ramping a truck on innocents, the difference is only on the seriousness of injuries: one is: victims lifetime depression if not councilled properly, the other is dead right on streets.

Both US terrorist case and local immigrants created cases harmed local residents badly. The cause is: badly managed Immigration.
Local immigration has been poorly managed resulted problems for local residents.

The cause is poor management in immigration for US or sinkieland.
Compare to China, they hardly import rubbish immigrants into Xenzhang or Shanghai to give them havoc. Look at the numerous cases of molests on public places, violence on taxi drivers. In a recent case, a NUS researcher bother to touch women s buttock to be handcuff away. This man was caught not for once but numerous touching on beer delivery women. This last was reported by member of public who saw him touching backside, not the beer woman herself. She scared to report.

Sinkieland s immigration is similar to mrt, full of hidden problems under the pap. Voters dont blame pap. They are similar to the beer woman.

Anonymous said...

Joke - Singapore Book Titles I'd Like To See

"Making Friends With Chinese People Made Easy" - By Lee Hsien Loong

Virgo49 said...

There is another joke which I will try to recall asoriginally as possible below :

In America, an American went to a Chinese Restaurant and saw an old genteel Chinese man sitting alone on a table.

Being Racist, he wanted to show off and shouted to the waiter that he is going to buy food for everyone except that bloody old Chink over there.

The old gentleman just smiled at him and said Thank You.

This American on his further three vists does the same insulting that Chinese Old gentleman.
Each time, he just smiled and said Thank You.

Exasperated, on his another visit, he shouted loudly and cursed the Old man.

As he was going to pay the bills, the cashier told him that someone is giving him and the Rest of the diners today.

He wondered who is that person who is going to outclassed him.

He asked who that person is and the cashier pointed to the Old Chinese gentleman sitting at that corner table.

The cashier told him That's my BOSS who is footing the Bill today and he said Thank your for patronising his restaurant.

Anonymous said...

According to data sources, as at 2016, China's population was 1.379 billion, while the US's population was only 323 million. The Chinese outnumbered the yankees by more than one billion people ! Yet the US wants to dictate to China ! China should kick the US aside. Against tiny nano PAP, China should . . .

b said...

Ruthless vs Wisdom. I say stop the fight and work together for a better world. All those experts are satan minions. They want to make people fight each other and destroy the world. No one should listen to them. They should be listed as criminals.

Anonymous said...

Joke - Singapore Book Titles I'd Like To See

'My Magic Show: Maintaining 1st World Standards with 3rd World Talents" - by Lee Hsien Loong

Anonymous said...

Go google youtube on the truth about 911. Many Americans have done their own investigations and pointing the fingers at the real devil behind the attack. Even one retired Maj Gen came out to tell the truth.

These criminals should be put behind bars. The passengers that disappeared were in the same fate as those in MH730. Gone, disappeared without a trace.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy is found in everywhere and in every heart, especially those that shout the loudest, which the whites are good at.
If rulers are righteous, the people benefit. If rulers are dubious, greedy & wicked, the masses suffer, regardless of white or yellow or black.
The test is both in times of poverty and riches.
Our Leeders have failed progressively in past 27 years starting with Chok.

Anonymous said...

Making use of the Constitution and the Laws to short-change the citizens in so many areas is a crime that should never be forgotten and/or forgiven. Such cunningness must not be allowed to go unaccounted for. Historians who are upright and truthful must record the crimes vividly for future generations' benefits.

Anonymous said...

Best place to keep records is the Internet, Wikipedia, WikiLeaks and Google.