Emperor Trump and his tributary states

Finally an Emperor has arrived to take his rightful place at the throne of the American Empire. His antics and behavior are exactly a replica of the last emperors of China in their dying decadent days. Trump is telling the world that the American Empire is The Empire and is self sufficient, does not need to trade with the rest of the world. His first edict was isolation. His second edict was to build the Great Wall of America. This is going to cost the Empire billions, to keep the barbarians out. Trump would be remembered in history as the Emperor who built the Great Wall of America, a man made feature that can be seen from the moon. Not bad for an Emperor.

Trump is also in a way replicating the Chinese tributary system and vassal states. America’s vassal states must pay tributes to the Emperor and visit the White House with gifts. And the Emperor will say ‘Good boys, good boys’ and then shower them with gifts, like an audience with the Emperor himself.

Vassal states of America please take note and start queuing up with largesse for the Emperor. Some have already been there to kow tow to Emperor Trump and brought gifts to please the Emperor. For those vassal states that are not going to bring tributes, or pay to the Emperor for the protection, they could expect pressure to come down on them hard.

Long live the Emperor, Long live Emperor Trump.


Ableone said...

The Emperor is Dead! Long Live the new Emperor!

Ableone said...

I forgot, what about the little emperor on the little red dot?

Anonymous said...

President Trump is no different from all the previous US presidents right from its first president George Washington. Do a research on American history and read the records of each and every one of its presidents you will find every one of them is a killer, a murderer, a genocider and wholesale brutal destroyer of many other independent nations. They always justify their killings and aggressions in the name of their white men's God and under their evil doctrines, The Doctrine of Christian Discovery,The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny and The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism. With each and every year that follows they will refine these evil doctrines further with new neo-conservatives doctrines of fake human rights and democracy to con and subjugate the world.


Anonymous said...

The white king has settled down while Russia is still a place he dare not to go. Go to APEC at Vietnam. White king after swimming in the sea of problems, has come to asia pacific to unfold his grand plan. US will join force as strategic partner with India. And pacific countries: Japan, ASEAN, Australia, Pakis to counter China s RB.

SK declined to form strategic partnership with Japan, as 3 nations to counter China is a first shortfall. SK wants back the control of its army is the crack waiting for repair. SK mysteriously thawed THAAD issue with China. Xi wrote to Kim Jong Un to have "sound stable" relations. All this koreans are fast to strike for bargains for the best deals. White king loses some balls.

China expects white king will talk about SC sea navigation freedom to discredit the former s ownership of the islands. PLA has ordered pilots have authority to shoot when think fit. Its air force also when near Guam to say hellow. The white king got slightly negatively affected. What is he gonna say at Beijing? Expected: Kim is the devil the white king wants to destroy.

China is playing the N S game to counter the N leaning toward Russia. In white king s last leg with Duterte, the latter already told the press, talk to the Kim, not threatening him.

White king in asia pacific will gain with Abe changing to war enable Japan constitutions. Will US forces react to Kim s missile test if Kim provokes him? This is hard to predict. If war breaks out, SK will not join US to fight, according to Moon. Then how? the White commander of SK troops becomes useless. So white king is stuck with hot air, sanctions become the tangible things todo.

US s strategy to encircle China is weakening. The little kingdom advised Hillary what to do with China is neutralized, literary. Its market quiet down in consumption, while its statistic figures persistently showing boom time. White king should not expect it will buy F35 from US. Obama offered to the dragon son when having makan at white house. Who else will buy F35 besides Japan? White king s asia trip looks fruitless.

Ableone said...

Do you think PAP also same as all the US Presidents, justify this and that to go against their people, based on:

1. The Doctrine of Illogical Logics?
2. The Doctrine of Annihilation of Opposition?
3. The Doctrine of Replacing Singaporeans with Foreigners?
4. The Doctrine of Using Laws to Oppress and Suppress All Resistance?
5. The Doctrine of Suing Until Pants Drop?
6. The Doctrine of Character Assassination?
7. The Doctrine of Gutter Politics?
8. The Doctrine of Hypocrisy?
9. The Doctrine of Making Themselves Instant Millionaires?
10. The Doctrine of Not Taking Responsibility?
11. The Doctrine of Non Accountability?
12. The Doctrine of Secrecy?
13. The Doctrine of No Transparency?
!4. The Doctrine of You Die Your Own Business?
15. The Doctrine of NS for Singaporeans, Jobs for Foreigners?
16. The Doctrine of Misuse of State Organs,
17. The Doctrine of Dishonourable Son?
18. The Doctrine of Cronyism?
19. The Doctrine of Temasek and GIC not returning interests earned back to CPF?
20. The Doctrine of Locking Up Your CPF Savings Forever?
21. The Doctrine of Deliberately Making Unpopular Decisions in order to be Popular?

What do you think?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Welcome to the blog Ableone.
You are very able in writing doctrines: )

Virgo49 said...

Vassal Sinkieland Little Dragon Small Emperor paid homage to White Big Emperor with 19 billions

Met Own colour skin Emperor with just wry smiles.

After back turned, Criticise the Yellow Emperor.

Sinkieland with her billions and a head start in most developing countries should have used these billions and invested in her own citizens.

By now, Developed First World Nation with branches all over the Globe.

First class Singaporeans as Regional Management Staff overseeing all Overseas Ventures and Businesses.

Instead, they have Fake degrees holders from third world to oversee Singaporeans.

Now, even all projects and Construction in infrastructures are been channelled out to others with depletion of our Currencies.

Spending unnecessary expensive toys and throwing good MONIES to train others laughing all the way back to their countries.

Many even took over the Rice bowls of Singaporeans.

What a sick and no foresight government.

Anonymous said...

"Spending unnecessary expensive toys and throwing good MONIES to train others laughing all the way back to their countries."

Retraction watch: it reported 3 Indians had their doctorate retracted at NTU. 1 first author Balona falsified data on research.
The 3 indians are laughing with huge sums from tax payers coffers.

Local researchers are not ethical. NUS foreign talent researcher buys beer will use his hands on beer women delivering the drinks. Until the last, a public could not stand his unruly behavior and called the police: handcuff NUS researcher away.

NTU researchers foreign talents falsified researches got their doctorate taken back.

Both cases tooks tons of cash from govt coffer ie tax money. And got the higher institutions reputations ruined, being looked down like institutions collecting rubbish immigrants as top brains.

Anonymous said...

When a country is on the way down to the gutters, the leaders will behave selfishly and paranoid.

Their fear of losing power makes them seek for more and more power to protect their positions and prolong their reign.

The more they gain power, the more unreasonable and ruthless they become. This leads to wide-spread stress, tension, pressure and hidden unhappiness and dissent within the ranks of government as well as the society at large.

Prolonged unhappiness and dissent will manifest into a sudden, quick, furious, ugly and bloody revolution. This has been a trend and seems to be the one and only way the outcome will be for a over-powerful dictatorial regime that refused to share wealth and power with the common folks who have been driven to the state that they have nothing to lose any more.

Where is Marcos now? Where are Soekarno and Suharto now? Where are Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi now? Remember the Arab Spring?

It is only a matter of time the decline will be complete.

Anonymous said...

Joke - Singapore Book Titles I'd Like To See

"Deep Leadership Issues" - By Desmond Kuek

"English Made Simple" - By Lim Swee Say

Anonymous said...

White swiss should sound honest? 1 yellow bought a bottle of whisky for USD$10,000. He was coned.

There is no honesty when money is to be made. U trust those who claim to serve you with high quality world class number one standard, you better keep your money in safe and not cpf.

That is the conclusion, expensive whisky is fake, doctorate is fake from sunny land, nothing is real when good money is dangling in front.

"The tests conducted by Scottish whisky experts and researchers from Oxford University, found that the drink was not the 1878 bottle of Macallan Single Malt it had claimed to be.

The whisky had a 95 per cent likelihood to have been created between 1970 and 1972, carbon dating found.

It was also possibly not even a single malt, but a blended Scotch of 60 per cent malt and 40 per cent grain."

Anonymous said...

Former EDB Chairman Philip Yeo’s latest biography sheds light on leadership pitfalls

Today, ministers overwork – doing everything and appearing everywhere.
When there were issues with CPF, the minister answered.
Where was the CPF chairman?

When the trains broke down, the minister answered.
Where was the SMRT chairman?
In the past, the civil servants would take charge.

Now, the Admin Officers are quiet.
That is a sad thing.
In my time, permanent secretaries were permanent in their postings.
Today, we should call them “temporary secretaries” because they get rotated every few years.
There’s no reservoir of experience… they are constantly rotated and they have no depth.

What is the rationale behind your firing-squad approach to managers?

Like Dr Goh (Keng Swee), I don’t believe people can change.
So the best way to change an organisation is to burn it down and start afresh.
That means I sack the whole lot of managers.
In every organisation, there are three types of people: the emperors at the top, the workers at the bottom, and the eunuchs in the middle.

The ruler says, “I want my pyramid,” and the workers are the people who build it.
The eunuchs are the ones who shuffle papers.
They don’t do any real work.
Their objectives are to keep the emperor happy.

How to do that?
Keep the emperor entertained or distract him with other preoccupations.
Eunuchs destroy empires.
It was true in China and also in the West.
The Ottoman Empire was brought down by eunuchs too.
All they did was create problems between the emperors and the commanders who did real work out in the battlefields.


Anonymous said...

Singapore's politics can be divided into four phases:

1. Politics of Survival.
2. Politics of Crushing Dissent.
3. Politics of Dominance.
4. Politics of Absolute Power.

Politics of Survival gave rise to Cronyism.

Politics of Crushing Dissent gave rise to Nepotism.

Politics of Dominance gave rise to Despotism.

Politics of Absolute Power gave rise to Abuse of Power and Organs of State, which ultimately leads to Tyranny.

The next phase will naturally be the Politics of Destruction.

Anonymous said...

Singapore already done its part - Loong brought the S$18 billion Airbus deal as tribute to Trump recently. Trump was pleased that 70,000 jobs can be created for Americans from that deal . . .

Anonymous said...

Now Broadcom is going back to the US, announced Trump. How many jobs will go?

After paying his tribute of US$13b I thought Trump said he likes the dragon prince, but Trump probably meant his backside.

You play a double-sided game, you get screwed left, right and centre.

Anonymous said...

Is it true the 3 Singapore university researchers who falsified research data were all India nationals ? The ST report never mentioned their nationality, but this was revealed by statestimesreview


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China took the path to make real goods as manufacturers and engineering. Singapore took the road to gambling, inventing papers to make more paper money without real productivity, producing nothing.

If not careful, the banks could be pulled down by the tons of derivatives they are gambling with.

Anonymous said...

SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek: No penalty if staff own up to negligence now


Please tell me lah.
I really don't know what is going on.
My boss don't know.
My managers either don't know or don't want to tell me.

Is the above true?

Virgo49 said...

Wah, suddenly become so Managamious.

Thought they always preach Work Excellence.

The reason being that the majority may be their Abang Adeks.

Secondly,most of the Management Staff also like the other staff.

Also, take covers and ate snakes.

So, if too drastic, they might also be exposed and that's will sink the Cow and Dragon become Crow and Snake.

Further disclosures may shock everybody.

So, confess, rectify and stop further past lapses.

Anonymous said...

Singapore to lose S$136 billion Broadcom relocating to US

Do you think this is another excellent deal by our PAP government?

Singapore spends S$18.7 billion in the SIA-Boeing deal to create 70,000 jobs in the USA.
In exchange, USA-Broadcom relocates to America and Singapore loses US20 billion dollars in revenue.

Straits Times calls it a win-win deal.




Anonymous said...

Since the so-called "Independence", Singapore actually has been controlled by the White Men until today.

The facts that your leaders speak English, educated in Western universities, socially and diplomatically more inclined and comfortable with Western leaders and heavily relied upon Western Powers protection, show that it is so.

Anonymous said...

Own up:
In one rustic grassloot, approved expenses were paid to the approving hands, and the claims made were not supported by receipts. The 2 approving hands were also grassloot org s contractors. Auditor found out. How could they own up?

If subcontractor to maintain somewhere is related to the staff, the problem is similar to approving hands are also director of contractors. This kind of no show at maintenance is no simple thing as own up like in the army.

They should hire another team of managers when found out jobs supposed to do not done but records are falsified. The story behind is not as simple as eat snake. CEO oredi 4 to 5 years still so soft and looked to staff like inexperienced "tu tu lai" type. Only the lonely and harakiri cannot see the difference. Other managers will see them thro equate to chia liao bi.

Anonymous said...

The Phase of Destruction actually has already begun with the erection of a Godless person disguised as God-fearing, an Indian disguised as Malay, a person who has never even managed a company of $5 million equity but considered capable of managing a company of $500 million equity and the National Reserves, and a shameful and disgraceful spineless spectacle presented as a honourable and dignified personification.

From then onwards, Racial Politics will proliferate and within 3 GEs or 16 years, the PAP wiil destroy itself.

b said...

That is why people must be mixed race so they will not be manipulated by politicians to fight and hate each other. Mixed race people are also of higher EQ. THey are less emotional when it comes to racey issues and will look at things more objectively.

The west leaders have dominiated the world using ruthlessness. The east has to learn to be very ruthless to defeat them. This is very difficult because chinese only ruthless to own people. Maybe the Nkoreans can do it. They are pure breed.

b said...

China took the path to make real goods as manufacturers and engineering. Singapore took the road to gambling, inventing papers to make more paper money without real productivity, producing nothing.

If not careful, the banks could be pulled down by the tons of derivatives they are gambling with.

November 03, 2017 1:58 pm

>> Europe is the worst kind. They invest a lot in healthcare industry, not to cure sickness but to make people sick so that industry can make more money.

b said...

Politicians are all bad whatever their momland. All they want is to enrich themselves and bring sufferings to people.

Anonymous said...

Wah lau! I got a SHOCK out of my life! First time visited the Ministry of Education at Buona Vista. Never see so many CECA Black Termites before. I tot for a moment I was in India. Looks like the Black Termites have taken over the Little Red Dot. No wonder so many fake PhDs around. Soon the Little Red Dot will become the Little Black Dot.

Virgo49 said...

Red also meant Red Indians.

Already vassal state of USA and India.

The Mandarins Garden Management Take Over Episodes already three quarters of what's happening in Sinkieland.

Not care full and the dafts majority still swimming in Already Hot Waiter tak bohoh will have no chance to reclaim their Status Back.

The Traitorous Chins Chins DONT bother as long as MONIES rolled in.

Anonymous said...

From Twitter Management:

Earlier today @realdonaldtrump’s account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee. The account was down for 11 minutes, and has since been restored. We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.

BUT actually it was one of the Twitter's staff who deliberately deactivated Donald Trump's account.

virgo49 said...

Now DT threatening China that Japan will take action against the North Korea if they don't want to rein in Kim.

Japan dared to take action??

Become Dust. Bloody Whites want Abe Poodle to kill the Asians.

So the Whites can ruled the World unharmed.

Anonymous said...

Good, let the beast in Abe do it and see what Kim will do to Tokyo and other big Japanese cities. The Koreans are waiting to avenge the cruel rule of their country by Japan.

b said...

The east and west is like athens vs spartans. One was breed to build and trade and the other was breed to fight and plunder.