Singapore promoting a cashless and car less society

This cashless society thing is a new thing the govt is promoting. Actually there is no need to promote this as this has been a reality for quite some time. Singaporeans' pockets are really and genuinely cashless especially those living in public housing. Maybe those in private properties are better off. The cash that Singaporeans have or used to have has been transferred to their properties and in the CPF. The little left over that some may still have would be transferred to the cars they are owning and that effectively made many cashless. So the govt need not have to sweat the small stuff urging the Singaporeans to become cashless. It is a fact that many are not talking about.

What many have forgotten is the govt's campaign to promote a car less society. This is an ongoing process and with the proliferation of bicycles all over the island, in the longkangs and bushes, yes bicycles growing in the bushes and floating in the longkangs as well, it must be a sure sign that bicycles have taken over the existence of cars. Bicycles are everywhere, for everyone, supplemented by e scooters and other personal mobile equipment.

And the main reason or justification for a car less society, other than being too expensive, not enough space as space is needed for more foreigners to come here to create jobs, while some say we need 10m population to sustain economic growth, is that we have an efficient public transport system that is the envy of the world. These are the basic assumption and premise for a car less society.

Well, how things have changed or not really. Boon Wan has been quoted in Parliament to have praise how the train services have improved over the years. Here is something quoted in thestatestimesreview.

Just earlier this week in Parliament, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan attributed government statistics claiming rail reliability has improved three times:
“For our MRT network, it has improved significantly from 133,000 train-km in 2015 to 425,000 train-km this year. For years, it could not even reach 100,000 train-km. That is how far we have come. The improvement is real and significant and is experienced by all the 5 MRT lines, including the oldest North-South and East-West Lines.”

I dunno if anyone disagrees with him but this was what happened last night, 10 Nov, and reported all over the social media. Below is quoted from thestatestimesreview.

'SMRT saw it’s third and fourth breakdown in a week last night (Nov 10) and stopped all East-bound train services on the East-West Line (EWL). From 11.15pm until the end of service at midnight, the disruption happened after the first train fault occurred at Outram Park station.
Shortly after a service train was deployed to push the faulty train, the service train also broke down at Paya Lebar station, and SMRT deployed another service train to push the two faulty trains.'

What is pertinent is the breakdown of a service train that is being used to push the faulty train. A service train is like a backup, like a standby UPS or like the drainage pump in Bishan. The backup train or equipment is supposed to take over or to provide emergency services when needed and must be serviceable at the critical hours, like draining water from the flooded station in Bishan. They must be tested and kept in working condition. Looks like they may want to have a standard SOP to check and maintain these service trains as well.

I digress, didn't I? We are moving towards a car less society and this is only possible if we have an efficient, comfortable and reliable public transport system. It used to be, Boon Wan still believes so. Many commuters are cursing themselves for giving up their cars. One commuter tweeted that he thought he could leave his car at home last night only to be caught in the massive jams due to train faults.

The point is, how is Singapore going to be car less if the public transport system is unreliable and breaking down is the norm? For those heading to catch a flight at Changi and got caught in the jam at Tanah Merah, hope they did manage to get to the airport in time.

What is going on? Oh, they are not issuing more COEs to keep the car population from growing, and there is a reliable alternative public transport for those who could not afford the cars or have given up car ownership.


Anonymous said...

Singapore should promote a leaderless society. To each his own, for each his own. Everyone can become citizens and everything can be imported and exported. Best is to export all the Paper Generals.

Anonymous said...

Not only Cashless, Car Less but also Citizens Less becos Sinkieland birthday is low or probably lowest in the world. More open door policies for more Foreigners to come & take away Sinkies lunches...sooner or later Citizens will be Careers Less with everyone dying in a Coffin Less graves or columbarium ( New study how to reduce space in afterlife care by making use of a 'garden' with no dead people name...)..OMG..

Anonymous said...

MRT system breaks down 4 times in one week. Still want to go car-less?

I believe the right word to use is CARELESS!

With each minister becoming an instant millionaire within the first year of holding the appointment, I believe the only thing the Ministers care about is to ensure that they keep their position as ling as possible, instead of genuinely caring for the commoners in the street.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree Sinkieland should go for a LEADERLESS and LEEDERLESS Society. All the present leaders and Leeders are Jia Leow Bee. Only know how to fatten their own bank accounts by using taxpayers money.

Simple, straightforward problems also cannot solve.

Anonymous said...

The only way towards a car-less society is all ministers take the lead.

All ministers BMW to work.......by Bus, Mrt and Wal

Otherwise no point tell the masses to be car-less!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the government, as people know that they vote for part-timer Mps. What to expect from part-timers and on 5 years contract period? Of course, they would only make policies beneficial to themselves. One such policy is to make every workers in Singapore to be liked them on Contract basis. The different is they get million dollars and other get cents. Knowing that Singaporeans have no common sense. like sheeps, accepting every things, even led to the slaughter house.

Anonymous said...

Do you think I should still support LHL-PAP's vision of a car less and cashless society even though I think it will result in more chaos in Singapore?

Do you think chaos (from bad PAP policy) is the only way to convince Singaporeans that PAP is incompetent?

Anonymous said...

@ November 13, 2017 9:37 am

Do you think it's just like SMRT Maintenance versus Saw Phaik Hwa (SPH)?

- do you think SMRT Maintenance tried to convince SPH that there is no such thing as "Maintenance less" MRT system?

- do you think SPH listened to the advice?

- do you think a "car less" and cashless" Singapore will result in the same chaos as a "maintenance less" MRT system?

Anonymous said...

Voters for current mp are to be happy about the break downs on mrt, high COE going highest. Voters authorized these mp to cut off a major supply on cars without reliable alternative to work or leisure.
They also face the prospect of old folks having dementia having to pay a plate of noodle $50, when some play them out in IT. Handphone click means transfer of money. Old folks buying things should pay cash denominations given to them, not clicks on handphone where a check is seriously require on Bank STATEMENTS. How to find out when there are numerous small sums of $100 or less at hawker center stalls?

The alternative to voters is opposition. Vote for them. The way to set policy is so simple now as things are going extremes for so long.
1. vote for mp that believe in curb in immigrants. This will raise the salary. Keep the citizens working on similar jobs so that they can get salary raise faster. Keeping temp jobs for youngster to move around is one way, but the young must end up being someone such as a cook, and not someone keep doing temp jobs as waitress to security guards.
ie Curb the immigrants from sunny land and pinoys to steal the jobs and move home with 100% cpf. Without salary increment, there is no profession. Not to talk about professionalism.

2. cut the cost on coe by voting for opposition. once the population is curbed, demand for transport will be lessened. COE will drop. Cost will reduce in firms on transport. Curb on population also reduce rental. Firms number will increase and salary will go up.

3. vote for opposition to curb population will ease the tight home budget for foods and transport. The extra money will spend on products produce by firms, which will have better products quality than those produced by immigrants ah neh or pinoys. They are not salable. Their products cannot export to China, dont expect to US or Japan.

Sinkieland is trapped. HK has free trade agreement with Asean as sinkieland s competitor. Sinkieland used low corporate tax to lure firms. Now HK half the corporate rate of sinkieland, while US is lowering to 20% almost same as sinkieland. Sinkieland s coe is the blood sucker. No sensible firms expats will come into sinkieland to buy cars to runt their business.

For workers to get transport reliably well like HK Tw or Japan, they must vote opposition. The jobs is simple: sack the army and political cronies of the elites living inside without knowing/doing the jobs well.

There is not much time left for sinkieland. The old faces will be happy at 70s yet voters still want them. But will voters get the benefits for voting these familiar faces? The danger of starvation can happen as sinkies are left with very small cash savings.

How many sinkies can go without a jobs for 5 years? Vote for changing the old faces to brighten the future.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.08

Five years???

Most Sinkies two months alreday call Tolong Tolong.

Most are alreday cash less. Now Thomson temple also don't take in refugees. Only bee hoon to satisfy your hunger.

Much more cars less.

The more you have, the more you pay.

Unless you are in Matland.

Anonymous said...

That why Khaw must resign. As transport minister, he has responsibility to make sure public transport is reliable before making the shift from private transport usage to public transport. But he has failed.

With great salary comes great responsibility and accountability.

Anonymous said...

hi 1256pm

who do you think would be the best to take over if kbw resigned

who? any proposal?

Anonymous said...

2 months? so little cash cannot survive a family. 2 years might not be safe under population expansion by immigrants.

The jobs are fluid to sinkies. Firms can move away easily or shut down like retailer with 100 over year history. Running cost for both individual and firm is too high resulting saving is too little. If individual cushion in cash is 2 months, that is very stressful life.

This is the result for voting the present politicians. Look at APEC. There was no opportunity open for sinkieland. Trump did not offer. Xi offered USD230billions imports over 15 years. What can China buy from sinkieland? All china can get from Matland. 2015, sinkieland leeder acted like bouncer for Hillary, this year Apec kept so quiet or china leeder kept a distance from the team. The FM was famous to Xi for not attending closing press meeting with China s FM on SC sea debate. They are sitting there to become obstacles. While pinoy changed to Duterte, one go got sinkieland s one year export to China.

Sinkies young are doing temp, or on contracts shifting around. The rulers are offering jobs for immigrants who are not performing to create more jobs for sinkies young. This way of wasting citizens time is very dangerous. The politicians are not getting business for sinkieland. The are giving away jobs to foreigners. Their policy is to curb salary increase. It sounds logical for firms having high COE ERP costs, plus super high rentals, but the results are not favorable to citizens. Firms like broadcom ran away. Firms like HSBC headquarter are not on sinkieland, but at KL.
The answer is: globalization free trade policy is not working in sinkieland s favor. That resulted sinkies cannot have enough savings. But the chances of losing jobs to foreigners increases with time line on globalization. The longer these old leeders are sitting on the jobs, the less jobs are offered to sinkies young.

What happen when next 20 years down the road? If these old faces are still around?
Sinkies must vote against these faces to have break through.
It is not voters responsibility to decide if a mp can be pm. None of their ability to judge that. Its the mp elected to decide who they want to be pm. Never rule out anyone to be pm from outsider s point of view. The mp elected know who can be pm. Not the voters.
So voters must vote for alternative to get rid of the useless faces being obstacles to their future. That s voter s responsibilty.

b said...

When people give too much votes to a party, the party will only think of their own pockets. The relationship is: more votes, gov less people oriented and less votes, gov more people oriented. Inverse relationship. Try only 50.1% lah.

b said...

All the mrt and gov mess points to one thing, sg model is not substainable. Its like any empire before destruction. Better have another passport to stand by.

Anonymous said...

That's why (Mosses) Lee Ah Yang & his son have left Sinkieland as they were very disappointed under the Long regime. Imagine the Royal FamiLee people has no confidence under the Long system of garmen, what can an ordinary folks do ? Fight or Flight? ...seems like at least 70% dafts Sinkies chose to stay with the Long regime & got the garmen they deserves..

Anonymous said...

China's cashless society.
Ownself evolve, develop and grow naturally.
No need Xi Jinping to say or do anything.

Does this mean communist China has good economic policies in place that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship?

Citizen can ownself do.
No need to por lam par and say to Xi Jinping "Just say the word ..."

Anonymous said...

<<< Say the word and I'll have the epayment system rolled out nationwide in 18 months. For Singaporeans. By Singaporeans ;)— Min-Liang Tan (@minliangtan) August 22, 2017 >>>


Why must ask PM Lee for permission first?
Are Singapore's policies and laws so restrictive that nothing can be done without PM Lee's personal approval?

Anonymous said...

@ November 13, 2017 5:07 pm

Dear Mr Tan Min Liang
How can it be "For Singaporeans. By Singaporeans" if you have to ask for permission first?

virgo49 said...

Just another one month's plus and our beloved Punch Over Your Weight said Singapore gonna be take over ASEAN Cha Man Ship.

He be requesting the USA to help in bringing important issues of Kim's Necular Arsenals and the South China Seas issues.

Wah piang, so many countries nearer to Kim and China Seas and he want to be leader to push these Agendas.

Asking USA to be involved. Our two Ahquas, one chinese and one chiap cheng would be strutting like peacocks.

DT also very warm to Xi and he wants to stir shits.

Wait North Korea send you a A Bomb then you know.

Even Moon, Abe lie low and you want to punch above your weight.

Want to bring the demise of sinkieland faster.

Anonymous said...

He lecture other countries to spread the benefits of globalization, but in Singapore many Sinkies are suffering from the adverse effects of globalization, squeezing in with 2 million foreigners in the tiny severely overcrowded island state.

Anonymous said...

5.6 million people cramped in an area of only 719 square kilometers - no wonder huge hike in price of scarce water resource; packed-like-sardine overcrowded trains contributing to frequent breakdowns; super-long wait for medical appointments at public hospitals; cars now unaffordable compared to 2 decades ago, etc . . .

Anonymous said...

Time for Ho Jinx to do a real job. After all her good friend, Saw Phiak Hwa screwed up. Sacked Khaw, and "volunteered" Ho Jinx as next Transport Minister, she has engineering background. Fund management is the wrong place for her. Save billions, and solve engineering problem; killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie costs for businesses are way too high....most expensive city in the world for expats...likewise actually for locals....thanks to Old Goh & Loonie Lee

Anonymous said...

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia seems to be following the footsteps of the Clown Prince of Soulless Sinkieland.

Abusing his powers all the way - detained, charged and imprisoned anyone of his own siblings whom he deemed as a threat to his dictatorship; confiscated more than $800 billion of cash that belonged to his siblings; and even assassinated some of them in order to consolidate his position.

The only difference is that the new Saudi King happenns to display greater ruthlessness, while the new Sinkieland's Emperor is doing it subtly through the use of laws, attorneys and judges?

Even his own siblings and nephews have to go into exile?

Sinkies will likely be facing a very hard time with this kind of leadersip. Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

Ex-Malaysian Engineer Lee Bee Wah should take over from Ex-Malaysian Khaw as Transport Minister.

Anonymous said...

Jim O’Neill, the former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management who coined the BRIC grouping acronym, says Chinese consumers are ‘easily' most important to global economy.

He says that while it had been "fashionable" to talk about India outpacing China as the fastest-growing major economy, it should not be forgotten that Beijing's gross domestic product (GDP) remains five times larger than New Delhi.

China's Alibaba announced over the weekend that Singles Day sales had ballooned by 42 percent — or US$25.4 billion — when compared to the previous year.

That figure not only set a new record for the e-commerce giant, but it also topped Black Friday and Cyber Monday U.S. sales combined.

"Singles Day in China makes the U.S. consumer look like an irrelevance," O'Neill said.

It makes the TPP deal excluding China looks like a colossal mistake sealed by short-sighted leaders with no grasp of current economic reality.

Anonymous said...

good morning 147am

you suggestion is very very very very good

how about proposing to LHL?

Cheers, ,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

..huh?...that Jamban Gal wanna be a Transport Minister...think she can tkk..if she did become a Trans minister whole aSsmrt wud go hay wire as she has no experience in managing transport or even trains & buses though she has engrg. background , maybe she wud ask those maintenance smokers to smoke in a demarcated smoking area & these maint guys wud no choice go to go to Yishun & smoke in shelter leaving Bishan & others stn flooded with waters or hit by fire...scary that Jamban gal & a nitemare to commuters..

Anonymous said...

Ho Jinx is best choice. Her father in law thought so, for someone without fund management experience, a multi-talent like other paper generals. Her husband will be very paiseh if she screwed up everyday for commuters. This strategy sure work, one lah.

Anonymous said...

India Indian consumers become big global shoppers ... chio see lang....wait long, long.

Anonymous said...

"With you, for you, for Singapore" ... chio see lang....wait long, long.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.36

Ah Nehs in Genting only jammed the bloody places six seven abreast taking selfies.

One or two playing 1 cts 1 bet jackpot with twenty of them crowded around disturbing the Rest of Gamblers.

Poor Abang at drinking points got to replenish coffees, teas, lemonade when their swarms came.

That's why Resort World Sentosa now only have PUB water.

Weekends came for free drinks.
SINKIEs got spare cash to spare CANNOT go in.

When they go for the Buffets at only RM40.00 per head.

Hordes of them will stared down at you as though they are paying US400.00.

Poor chefs got to replenish every five mins.

That's why now less the Black Ants. Resorts World Genting prefer the PRCs.

Anonymous said...

Cashless will kill tourism and be extremely delicate and possibly unreliable . Singapore has already had a telephone failure , and without telephone networks , cashless will not work . Also when the replacement for so-called smart phones comes and ideas change , the system will become outdated .
Any system which relies on one particular technology will have problems in the future , become unreliable , hackable . Sorry to say someone is just trying to make money out of so-called smart phones \, and it will not spread across much of the planet .

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Anonymous said...

You dummies. You are all missing the point. This is all about the the push for the 2030 Agenda or better known as the 21 Agenda. That's what is being implemented. Don't you people know that it isn't just happening in your world but its happening all over the world. This push for the using your bikes and mass transit transportation as oppose to using your car. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! NEW WORLD ORDER!!!ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!!! ONE WORLD RELIGION!!! CASHLESS SOCIETY!!!