Preserved quarters of old Rugao City

Below are some pics of the old quarters of Rugao in the days of Ming and Qing Dynasties about 400 years ago. The area is still occupied by some residents and commercial shops. The houses are small and the roads and lanes are very narrow. The floors are layered with bricks.

The eastern entrance to the old city.
The western entrance where I started my discovery journey. It was just off the main road.
A short distance into the preserved quarters.
This was about 2pm and this part was quite quiet.
There were several of these 3 storey houses in this corner.
Behind this row of low houses were the new buildings.
The other side of the street.
Old houses, new uses.
The narrow backlane with brick floor.
An entrance that led to a few homes.
This is a wider lane.
This does not look like a backlane with a main entrance here.

This lane led to a pavilion sitting on the edge of a river dividing the preserved quarters into two halves.
One side of the river with willows.
The other side of the river.
This looks like a wealthier home.
An elderly man with a pack of lunch on his way home, a right turn about 12 feet in front of him.
These are authentic homes other than the few modern fixtures around them.
This is not a backlane.
The height of these homes are really low.
These are real modern city folks from Beijing visiting the town.

Looking from the other side of the river.

Another lane with very old brick walls.
The water supply for the folks.
A narrow backlane.
Another narrow main street.
An old bridge.
A wide angle view of the east entrance to the ancient quarters from the main road.


Virgo49 said...

I Say Man, Mr Redbean, can live there and lived up to 100 year old. Centurian.

Real peaceful and beautiful.

Only for nature loving folks.

NOT for those still loved the Sinfully Night Lifes and Orgies.


Anonymous said...

The first look at it it's as if a nice looking ancient old town. On second look, it appears to be a Ghost Town, hey where r all the young ones, r they all working in other provinces or abroad. Sinkieland will be like tat in the coming years due to demographics or even worse, the young ones might even go abroad when they graduate from uni & can't even find jobs in their own home town, such scenario will become worse as our population ages leaving an empty brick & mortar home & the elderly with no one to care..it's another sad state of affair in Sinkieland cos the 70% dafts ones asked for it!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.36

You might be completely wrong.

The Oldies would yearn for these places to live and if possible buried in these places instead of having to be cremated.

Burials in SINKIE land only for the Rich and Privileged.

Sinkieland, DONT you worry will be a Cosompolitian City with different nationalities. True true Singaporeans will be a rarity. Maybe the still successfully ones who are aligned with the PAP having the ball of their lives.

They can have the balls of their lives by sucking and carrying the Elitists balls.

Singapore will forever be a place only for those who can make it to be a wonderfully orgies Society.

Anonymous said...

Thanks the author for the professional pictures. No wander Beijing youths traveled to the old towns. Those days Huanfujin looked similar. From the map, Rugao is near Fuzhou. There are lanes and towns look alike. In the past, people probably traveled by seas through port and inevitably passing the port of sinkieland. China s old bricks look reddish blue similar to greatwall bricks. That is distinctive. Fozhou might attract some. Besides the attractions on web, there is a place traveler might miss when walking along the town street. That is Linzemin s resident. This man was 1 of the 72 against the Qing when the revolution started. He wrote a famous "letter to my wife". If one came to know about what the past in these places and who lived inside, the stories will bring new inspirations to the young. Life is gone, while the mortar still stands.

In modern china, these towns like Fuzhou, Rugao in china east would be less passed by cargo. And people too. Recently, china s cophc secured 70% control on Gwadar port. The route for middle east oil will land at Gwadar port and go through land to Karshar autonomous region. Now traveling pass Pakis is faster than traveling across china. ie from china ports in the east like xiamen is no longer the fastest to mid china.

Sinkieland today headlines bluffing ties with china is bagus. It looks like sinkieland s port will par bang in future. Sinkie defense chief goes with usa defense chief on helicopter to visit 7th fleet patrolling Malacca straits will not be news. Its similar to sinkies minister visited china and talked nice words about china relation. HK and china media all ignored the news, except local sinkie papers.

1B1R has oredi taking shape and operational from the west side of china: baru, new and fresh. Those depending on the ports in china east like xiamen and fuzhou will get less business.
But cargo will still be lesser for sinkieland. so do travellers.

The Kra cut through is brewing. Japan is the most interested now. China has broken thro the US 7th fleet s locking of straits of Malacca supported by sinkieland logistically, thro Gwadar. This is real now. There is another break thro thru Myannmar Ky Pye port. China is building a deep port to take in oil cargo thro Myannma. This port effectively sealed the game US is trying to lock china s oil route.
When the Thais are ready for the Kra, probably working with the Japanese, the new port will cut short any routes for the Japanese and chinese cargo to India ocean to the west.

No wander china/hk never reports much about sinkieland s relation with china. Their plans have worked. Not against sinkieland on purpose but US s locking on the straits. Sinkieland now will be bypassed by the chinese. Bear in mind the air space rights ah long mentioned on his speech.

What do voters think when situation is like that ah?
It came from sinkieland s foreign policy with these countries. From good to bad. From bad to fair. Now sinkies have to use their blains. got brains or not. Yes, then vote for change. ahlong and his clan is the roadblock for sinkies next/future generations. Fresh faces are needed quickly.

Look at the mortar of those pictures. They once housed heroes, wise folks and also idiots in them.

Anonymous said...

//..Singapore will forever be a place only for those who can make it to be a wonderfully orgies Society...//

...r u in Dreamland or LaLa Land or Ariscat in Woiderland?
Sinkieland will be bypassed by other emerging ASEAN countries who r in close business relations with China PRC, Sinkieland only good for the rich elites to park & launder their monies & other than who wanna come here? For wat? To see F1 or gal or let the vampires suck their blood?...

Virgo49 said...

And Sinkies main economies will be the Flesh Trade, Casino Gambling, Drugs heavens Monies laundering and all vices that you can find in this Realm of Life.

When the sustaining sectors of businesses collapsed and faltered.

That's why you must plan to have a Sanctuary for yourselves and families.

If not, sons be selling backsides and daughters selling front sides.


Goh said...

Must thank uncle for sharing these photoes.
However I think it would be great for those descendants from China , having the opportunity, to share their ancestral homeland pictures and take this opportunity to do so.
Many of those chinaman left their love one behind,promise to return after making a fortune.
However,many PGs' parents fail to return and we,as descendants can help in other way like promoting tourism ,if we can't help so as to fulfil our forefathers promises.
Should consider to buy properties in our ancestral homeland,help to boost economy and be grateful to those who grant our forefathers to travel here to look for opportunity.
No use buy house in angmo countries ,discard our own culture or buy a house in melaka and end up babatai.
Today no one will scold me cos I talk sense.Happy Sunday to all.

Goh said...

If that's the case,must thank our local PGs for that.
It's not easy for one to say I admit I made a mistake ,except to blame the 70% easily.
But fact remain .That's 因果。

Anonymous said...

Citi lives makes me constipate.

Anonymous said...

Under the expert guidance of the Dragon King and his cronies;
even an African tortoise will surpass Singapore in 10 years time.

Sinkies got the government we deserve.
The Dragon King is so stupid, he does not even know that he is stupid.

Anonymous said...

U spoke the truth of the situation over the 20 yrs.
From this yesterday s Golden Horse awards, taiwan films made the top. "The buddha" the "blood kwangim" both films were awarded for the contents. They surprised China s makers, who used to sweep the golden horse.
Remember those days taiwan s simple movies using cheugyaw stories? and the pawpio tv series. Taiwan s improvement is astonishing. Sinkieland s control on media is the great contrast on taiwan s loose control on media.
If innovation is to be nurtured, the latter is the only way forward to a small country of limited money resources. Better pray for change to take place fast. Like u said it, another 10 years time, sinkieland will be behind KL and even Jakarta.

Anonymous said...

The world is changing all the time. The wheel of fortune goes round and round and does not remain with one all the time.

How did the British Empire, controlling half the world become what it is today? How did the Chinese overtake the Japs and become the second biggest economy in the world? Who would have expected that to happen 40 to 50 years ago. China was a communist country, condemned to poverty and with the economy under state control, was thought to be a basket case.

You would never believe the consumer goods now coming out of Vietnam. They are moving and learning fast with hardworking and people hungry for change. Myanmar will be the next to watch in ASEAN.

Anonymous said...

China has at least 6,000 years of cultured history. Singapore how can compare?

China has 1.5 billion people. Singapore has 5.6 million people, half of which are imported. How to compare?

China is thousands of times the size of Singapore. Singapore is only 24 km by 16 km plus a few tiny islands. How to compare?

China has been one of the greatest nation in the world at one time. Singapore was once a colony of the British Empire and before that was only a tiny part of the Sri Vijaya Empire. And later, it was only the penis-head of the Malaya Peninsula. How to compare?

China is now rising to become the Super Power, challenging the Evil US Empire. Singapore is now blowing in the wind, and at times do blow-jobs for USA and Japan. Nowhere to compare.

b said...

Japan was armed and helped by the anti christ evil continent/empire.
The evil continent/empire using muslims to deal with russians.
The evil continent/empire used japan and now using india to deal with chinese.
Every country must learn to love and respect one another to deal with evil empire.

b said...

Jesus had pointed the evil empire out long ago. "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." In other words, they preached christianity but are not christians. Their houses filled with idols.