Amos Yee - Freedom of speech in the USA?

‘The Harvard College Open Campus Initiative (HCOCI) announced online that it has cancelled a talk by Singapore’s most infamous teenager Amos Yee.
Our upcoming event with Amos Yee has been cancelled. Our apologies to those who were planning to attend.
— HCOCI (@harvardfree) November 12, 2017

This came less than two days after the event was publicised.’ Quoted from the mothership.sg

Many were pleasantly surprised that an esteem top university in the country where freedom of speech and human rights are sacrosanct in their constitution was inviting a young rebel to speak on its sacred ground. The event was scheduled to be held on 13 Nov and with the topic, ‘Jailed for Dissent’. Amos Yee even went to his facebook to invite people to attend. It was something that the Americans should be proud of, could be proud of, till a sudden turn of event.

Amos Yee was invited to speak but was disinvited two days later. This kind of flip flop only happened in third world countries and pretentious third world countries trying to pass off as first world countries. But not America, the USA, the Empire ruling the world.

Even for a tiny little country like Singapore, our govt pride itself as a country that would not comprise its policies and national interests or be pressurised to do so by outside parties. And it is unbelieveable to even harbour the thought that the American govt or Harvard, the seed of freedom and freedom of expression, is being pressurised to do so, to turn down a young kid from speaking his peace in the land of freedom.

No, it cannot be. Harvard or the American govt would not be pressurised to do such a cowardly and shameful thing. It is unimaginable that any country could have such a great influence to change what Harvard decided to do. No way. And there is Donald Trump that believes America is great or he is going to make America great again. He would not tolerate such an act of cowardice that undermines the greatness of the USA and to make America small again. I think if Trump comes to know about this, someone in Harvard or in his govt is going to get grilled.

The only reason I can really think of is that it was all a mistake. There was no such invitation. It was fake news.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Either way, hahaha. Trumpie listened to Loonie (Sinkingpore is greater)or No invite, fake news (mothership on opium).
Have a nice day, Redbean.

Anonymous said...

Harvard could have been pressured by Little UaSsHA that by allowing that rebel young chap to speak will only allow the bilateral relations to go sour. The Ah Long administration might have an undisclosed agreement not to allow Sinkies dissenters to speak in renown UaSsh varsities, even Ah Yang son Ah Wu career might be a stake..this the new Americuns being pressured by 'rich little UasshA'..

Anonymous said...

There r peple gd at c ing lobang wan.

Virgo49 said...

The Americans can shout Lans of Free and what's Freedom of Speech.

They are just been the Greatest Hypocrites and Mother of All Hypocrites.

Let's this be a wakening to those who cherished the Green Cards in the Land of the Free.

They should renamed as the Land of Free Shootings that you are standing here today and lie in caskets tomorrow.

That Loony Guy promised to be the mouth piece of USA as Chaa Meh (Blind Man) of ASEAN next year and that AY be disallowed to speak.

If not all the Dirty Linens and all their atrocities will undone the masks that they be covering to the World as a Great Nation.

In a way, HE is telling the past Chaa Mehs that you are all useless.

My country is richer and military stronger with my NS Forces that I can influence the Rest of AESEAN and possibly ASIA.

You think the Vietnamese, Philippines listening to your Talk Cock And Sing Songs upmanship.

President XI is very SMART to use his diplomatic influence and promises of mutual benefits to all these countries.

The very most, throw some more MONIES to these Beggars.

MONIES talk, Loony Guy, forget to outshine your Papa in International Arena. You are nowhere near him.

He no need to carry their balls to be famous.

Rocket Man said...

Shame on Harvard University ans shame on USA for becoming a chicken. How can a chicken become great again? The only way for a chicken to be great is to be fried and sold as Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Anonymous said...

Q: What does Tan Cheng Blocked and Amos Yee have in common?
A: They have share the experience of having been dis-invited.

Anonymous said...

Amos got disinvited because if his pro pedo views saying babies and kids ought to be able to have sex with adults. He breched the one major taboo in US society making himself a pariah.

Anonymous said...

Harvard disinvited someone did not disclosed reason. People should not conclude the institution did so under political pressure. It however could be a reason in background.
From fairly objective view, this teen s belief was not in political ideology clash with the ruling authority. People can read reports why he was in troubles on sinkieland.

On debating freedom of speech at Harvard, there is no limit on what any one wanna say on Massachusetts? Generally the people generally on that state are far polite than this teen. Polite in the sense that they will not use the word fuck so frequent while this teen cannot do without this word among every 10 sentences.

It will be a mess to have a debate on freedom of speech on the contents of this teens speeches. The political aspects of critism on this teen s videos were mind blowing with punches. But this teen did not expound his ideology on what his vision about the world he believes in.

There is basic value conflicts on such institution. Should this institution set example for behavioral freedom, letting go vulgar word among the conservative community? Once they know more about such behaviors with this kid, they will have to balance it with Harvard s reputation that built as world top since 17 century.

There is more loss than gains for debating this teen s adventurous journey to the west. He has no complete his conscription NS. To his peers, his journey is an escape of conscription using the loophole.

The teen s similar case is with one Malaysian scholar going for the same journey. He was paid on scholarship as foreign talent at NUS law school. The filmed lewd movies online. And he messed with pork against his home town religious laws as reason for escape.
Wander this chat was invited to Harvard for freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech should be more noble than messing with social custom like pork, sexual exposure, vulgarity. Agree? Freedom of speech should be on ideology of political nature. Dont now, in the past if someone traveled to China and got the stamp on passport, he will not be allowed to enter sinkieland. Someone was arrested only and stayed at that stage for 32 years for believing communism according to someone who now selling salted eggs. This kind of rules on freedom of belief and speech have quietly changed with time. No one was arrested for shaking hands with china leader Xi. Dont know why. There are PRs and new citizens from this communistic state.

Parents are more worried about declining moral value hugging open sexual exposure, same sex, that affect their children. Teen who are vulgar should not be treated like academic teaching students freedom of speech, especially in Harvard. If the meeting went through, it will be interesting comment on Harvard=half volt. No brain and not new idea but stirring smelly cake somewhere worst than NUS which produced foreign talent who acted on sex movies online. The problem is moral decay and not freedom.

Anonymous said...

At least Amos Yee can claim credit that he at least received an invitation to talk at Harvard.

Champion Mental Masturbator CCS got receive any invitation or not?
Why listen to a tape recording when the original has already written so many books?

Do you think our LKY clones in parliament will ever get invited to speak at Harvard?
Got any thing new to say?

Anonymous said...

/// It will be a mess to have a debate on freedom of speech on the contents of this teens speeches. ///
November 14, 2017 10:38 am

That is for Harvard University and the Americans to decide.
LKY clones have no business interfering with the affairs of Americans.

Amos Yee is an American citizen now.
Not a PAP slave.

This is an internal American matter.

Anonymous said...

Freedom Of Speech In Australia

Several Chinese exchange students in Australia have publicly complained that teaching material at Australian schools has been false about or insulting to China.

One incident that drew controversy was when Chinese students protested over course materials listing Hong Kong and Taiwan as independent countries. The students complained that the lecturer was making them "feel uncomfortable" and he should "show respect."

The other incidents that drew controversy were a map that showed Chinese-claimed territory as part of India, a cheating probe that allegedly targeted Chinese exchange students, and a test question that implied Beijing officials only told the truth when they were "drunk or careless."

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop replied that Chinese students at Australian schools should respect freedom of speech at universities, as speech should not be "curbed in any way."

Anonymous said...

@ November 14, 2017 12:26 pm

I have to agree with the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

If you are in Australia, please ACCEPT and RESPECT Australian customs, culture and way of doing things.

If you are in China, please ACCEPT and RESPECT PRC customs, culture and way of doing things.

b said...

There is a difference between freedom of good speech and freedom of bad speech. One should be promoted and the other should be demoted.

b said...

Whether the speech is good or bad depends on the factor RESPECT. If it exists, it is good else it is bad.

Anonymous said...

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

So when in India, gang rape ?

Unknown said...

I don't believe in freedom of speech. And Amos Yee is a useful idiot, disrespectful towards Asian culture and values. He is pawn used by the western elites to promote their vision of the world.

Anonymous said...

5.11 pm lucky you toots is annoymous. Sg has about one million black ants and Yiu anger them u may Kena sodomized by them! Hope your old ass can still take it

Anonymous said...

5.11 pm lucky you post is annoymous. Sg has about one million black ants and you anger them u may Kena sodomized by them! Hope your old ass can still take it

Anonymous said...

@ November 15, 2017 12:13 am

Black ants and Traitor white ants.
First you get sued. Then you get sodomized.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.46

If the Majority's Sinkies are still complacent and sleeping, MOT the Black Ants will Bite and Ruled Sinking Land.

Their Chief invited by Loony Loong to look see look see Sinkieland where they can send their remaining three millions over.

The traitors simply loved their curry.

Anonymous said...

Luck Amos Yee.
He is now an American citizen.

He is now under the protection of American justice, American military and President Trump.
Not so easy to bully him anymore.

Anonymous said...

Amos now an American citizen and he's of the right age to be drafted into the US army, to fight in the Middle East or Afghanistan !

Anonymous said...

@ November 15, 2017 12:32 pm

There is no compulsory national service in USA !

Singapore has national service.
In America, you are not a slave !!

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