The world must set the agenda, not the Americans

The Americans with the help of biased western media, have been setting the agenda and the unthinking and mindless world just gobbled them up as the right and proper thing or message. The Chinese are moving missiles into the SCS and this is bad. The Americans have 400 bases surrounding China and the western media did not utter a whimper. The Americans are sending their THAAD missiles to South Korea, this too is a normal and acceptable thing, just like the nuclear bases in Okinawa, in Guam, in the Marshalls, in Diego Garcia.

And Kim Jung Un is a mad man, not George Bush, not Tony Blair, not Hillary or Obama that set the Middle East ablaze, killings millions of Arabs in the process. And I quote a few paragraphs from Andre Vitchek,

'In New York City and Paris, in Buenos Aires and Hong Kong, the then consensus was almost unanimous: “Chavez was a vulgar populist, a demagogue, a military strongman, and potentially a ‘dangerous dictator’”.
In South Korea and the UK, in Qatar and Turkey, people who could hardly place Venezuela on the world map, were expressing their ‘strong opinions’, mocking and smearing the man who would later be revered as a Latin American hero. Even many of those who would usually ‘distrust’ mainstream media were then clearly convinced about the sinister nature of the Process and the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’.
History repeats itself.
Now President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is demonized and ‘mistrusted’, ridiculed and dismissed as a demagogue, condemned as a rough element, mocked as a buffoon.
In his own country he is enjoying the highest popularity rating of any president in its history: at least well over 70 percent, but often even over 80 percent.'

Now they are getting the UN to conduct investigation against Duterte for murder. When is the world going to pursue the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the killing of Saddam Hussein by the Americans under false fabricated charges of possession of WMD? When is the world going to prosecute Bush and Blair for these killings and also the killings of Libyan and Muammar Gaddafi?

Why is the UN thinking it is the right thing to investigate Duterte but not Bush and Blair? By setting the UN on a wild goose chase it makes the world body forgot about the crimes against humanity of Bush and Blair. Russia and China and other nations in the UN must not let this crime against the Arabs and Arab nations go unpunished. They must set the agenda, grab the UN by the collar to press charges against these two criminals and their accomplices for genocide and the invasion of nation states under flimsy and false charges.

There many crimes and despicable things being committed by the US and the western nations that should be brought up against them, charge them, make them answer for their crimes and violations. The rest of the world must take the initiative to set the world agenda against the Americans and the west and their crimes.

Would Asean be united behind Duterte against the attacks by the Americans and the west?


Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Sorkarbah is also guilty of crimes against humanity. During his presidency, after receiving a Nobel Peace Prize only after a few months in his office, without accomplishing any significant thing, from the corrupt Norwegian Nobel Prize Commission (newly elected that year, 2009), he ordered the extensive employment and increased use (10 fold in frequency and numbers) of drones to kill thousands upon thousands of innocent, helpless, defenseless civilian children, women and men in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen.

The UN should not allow these heinous crimes to go unanswered and unpunished. Russia and China, as part of the UN Security Members with Veto Powers, should make it known and recorded in the UN History that Barack Hussein Obama is also a criminal against human beings without doubt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree, he looks so innocent and allowed Hillary and others to do the killings. Everyone of them have Arab and Muslim blood on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Obama of Kenya was his false father (as made known by him in his book and fake birth certificate).

Soetoro of Indonesia was his step father (as recorded in his Indonesian School official records).

Sorkarbah of Indonesia was his real father (as recorded in his mother's Indonesian official immigration documents).

This imposter has forged a fake birth certificate using 9 layers of digital manipulation on a birth certificate belonging to someone else. It has now been proven by two separate US independent investigators that Obama's birth certificate that was presented by him to the White House, Congress and the American Public, was a fake one. He deceived the American People and the World Bodies right from day one of his Presidency. Yet the US Congress has not impeach and imprison him for Treason. This is very uncanny.

Anonymous said...

Which country dares to accuse the American? Unless they looking for regime change lor😰😰😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

On 6th February, 2009, less than a month after Obama was inaugurated as the 44th US President, the Board of Directors of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited (“Temasek”) announced a leadership transition – "Mr Charles (“Chip”) W. Goodyear will succeed Ms Ho Ching as Chief Executive to lead the Singapore investment company."

On 15th August, 2009, the former BHP Biliton CEO Chip Goodyear announced that he "has rejected his upcoming appointment of CEO of Temasek Holdings." He was supposed to take over Ho Ching on 1st Oct 2009. Ho Ching will remained as CEO of Temasek Holdings until today. In addition, Goodyear also stepped down from Temasek’s Board of Directors on the same day.

Temasek’s press release stated that "his resignation is due to irrecouncilable strategic differences". The fact was Chip Goodyear was a CIA Agent infiltrated into Temasek Holdings, who Directors, CEO and Management, as well as the Singapore Government, had failed the Singapore Stakeholders miserably by not conducting a thorough in-dept detailed careful investigation into Chip Goodyear's background before signing him up for the post of CEO Temasek Holdings.

Likewise, Obama was a CIA creation to hoodwink the World and the American People.

Anonymous said...

Dun talk far..how bout the 'silent killings' of Sinkies by our whites miws. It's even more heinous crime compared to those that can be seen . Remember the 'stop at 2' campaign, those planning to give births went for abortions when they were fined, jailings of political dissenters, opening up of foreigners & allow locals to go hungry & jobless, cardboard collectors, giving of our Uni places to foreigners, unreasonable sackings of PMETs, jailing of own citizens bloggers (like RN , TSL , AY ..), silence of the feared commoners, demolished the old Nanyang Uni ..so on...history will put them right in future..Sinkieland miws crimes r aplenty awaiting for the heaven to account them soonest..God bless the Sinkies in Sinkieland (New Year Resolution every yr)..

Anonymous said...

My New Year Resolution:


Anonymous said...

Medishield Life and CPF Life insurance schemes meant to be profit making???

I sincerely hope not!

To many many many, the money is their.....血汗钱!....棺材本!

Yes! Their 血汗钱! 棺材本!


Because.......人在做天在看! 人在做天在看!

At the end....善有善报! 恶有恶报!

Medishield Life and CPF Life insurance schemes meant to be profit making???

Medishield Life and CPF Life insurance schemes meant to be profit making???

Anonymous said...

Who says what from which source, sicktimes or bbc or cnb is no longer valued by readers. Wanna read what Trump says, no one will refer to NYtimes. The main media is damaging the world after Hillary s bias reports on all US main media. I dont read and believe what they said especially when "opinions" were expressed and not factual reporting.

Readers have varieties of sources, some real some fakes to know about a single case of event. However, knowing what events WILL happen cannot be ignored. So what predicted is in thing provided it has value, no value is something like who will marry whom, but Euro will collapse is something i cannot ignored, RMB sold 5 times in Dec is something i wanta know, S$ will touch 1.5 is worth knowing, but sin exports will be declining is much better to know now.

Politicians come and go in the west. Tony Blair tried hard to come bark, but rating support was only 17%, gone case, similar to Obama. People do not listen to what they say. What Trump says will be read. In reality, i as news reader do not depends on news from sick times or NYtimes.

I go for who said this, really? verify a little, then, what it means to me.
For example, Turkey president said there was evidence the west supplied weapons to IsIs. Wahlau, it was just a proof that Obama rumored to supply weapons was true. Long ago people suspected it because Russia said this many times. US said Russia hacked into election system. The Judge allowed hand counts of votes. Now Obama keeps quiet.

Main media shut off the crisis in Italy banks. Dont know why. Could be sing dollars is growing higher, haha. News said Italy banks might allow to go bust. Italy leave Euro could be real. That will spark buying of USD. Sing dollar will "grown". Things will be expensive. But export to china market, about 14% of export sum, will not grow.

China is the biggest outbound tourism country. Main media do not report. Sin city streets hardly see china chinese tour groups. So good and bad news in Sin city cannot depend on sick times. Some news in non msm is useful: 495k sin workers earned median salary at S$1200pm. or 21% of workforce earn $1200pm. Minimum to survive in 2016 is $2000pm. This is useful to know 1 in 5 of those taking buses and mrt are very poor. Some professor said Sin city has per capita income 72k per year. That is 5 times of 1200pm. So sin city: most people are so rich, 20% are so poor. 1 rich earns 5 times the income of the poor per month.?? I hardly get info from main media when coming to such issues of cost of living and rich and poor.

The world is fast changing, so as the world media. NYtimes bbc are fast losing readers for their bias reporting in elections and middle east. China media is catching up. They too will bias towards china. Ang mor can read chinese words. I think the world western influence will be neutralized. Only one city enjoys bias reporting remains in this century. I cannot tell you where it is.

Anonymous said...

495k sin workers earned median salary at S$1200pm. or 21% of workforce earn $1200pm.
11:02 am

Something wrong with your 21% lah. Median salary means 50% of workers earn above $1200pm, 50% earn below $1200 pm. That's the meaning of median.

So what 21%? It should be 50% earn $1200pm or less, and assuming your median salary figure at $1200pm is correct, which I doubt.

Anonymous said...

1200pm is the middle point so it shd be appro 245kth. 245k is about 20% of total workforce. You are good to read the word median. Bagus.

Anonymous said...

middle point is only assumed the incremental difference is even, if not it can skew toward after middle point, means more are earning less than 1200pm. i think this interpretation is more correctly reflecting the fact. 1200pm is the key subject, as in 2007 it was around the same number of people earning less than 1200pm median. under ah long, poor people has no improvement in standard of living, this is a conclusion from figures.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.12

If I remember correctly, Mahathair Mohd, ex PM of Malaysia dared to critise the Ameticans.

And he vacate seat without Regime Change.

Think the Americans worse than Paper Tigers.

So many threats of war against china but yet to take first step.

They can only able to disturb the disunited Arabs.

But shits scared the North Koreans, the PRC and Russia.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting about this year and next year:
"Singapore Business Federation (SBF), 63 per cent of companies believe that the economic climate in Singapore has worsened this year, with 48 per cent of all businesses believing that 2017 will be even worse."
If this year is bad, next year is worst, what happen to the difference 15%? Good or don know or close shop? I guess close shop is around 15%. Keep the money than to let it lose on business.

That s what happened to some bonds and notes due to be paid but defaulted. Keep the money to close shop mah, returning the money on bonds or notes which are unsecured is stupid, as keeping the AAA credibility is useless, default is better at lease staff can go on further. These 2 sectors crying oil and gas and developers.

Sell jobs to foreigners for them to buy properties. Last time when market was good, millions jobs offered to 2.6 millions foreigners as talents scheme to cause inflation up to 5.5%. Now business is bad, Pinky dare not to open the gates to take in 2 to 3 millions to boost demand. CECA TPP are all ready. White papers already passed. In the past, he said just bringing in few billionaires will boost gdp % up. Do now. Industries are already down due to high costs of rental, no chance already. Sell jobs sell properties is option.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland Enconmy now in doldrums

Got jobs to sell???

Massaging unemployment statistics of low unemployment

Many had already the Red Passports

Not easy to drive them off

Still can sell jobs and properties? ?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is in for a long haul. There are so many factors running against her, both externally and internally, some of which a self-inflicted through sheer stupidity, twisted as cleverness just because the ideas had come from the mouths of the ruling class.

Anonymous said...

There are civil servant jobs need foreign talents to increase productivities, ministers jobs need foreign talents to teach them what next, gic companies jobs, temasek companies jobs, remember mrt, cheap airlines, telcos hiring foreigners chiefs, these are not down yet, they are still kicking, give all jobs to CECA to handle so as to buy up properties at different locations, boom is coming. This is urgent, not cannot, no such answer accepted, the world is collapsing.

Anonymous said...

USA is run by crooks, rogues and scoundrels. The elite ruling class are robber barons who clean off the state coffers of hundreds of billions of dollars. Singapore is little USA and the takings from state coffers is legalized and therefore they cannot be referred to as Robber Barons. The people don't know what to say actually.

patriot said...

Sin Leedership is made up of mathematician and his magicians.
There is plan to prosper Sin all the Way to Sg 100.

All are already in the Piping of the Leedership and 70%
will work hand in hand with the Leedership to make the
be reminded that there is no guarantee that some of them would not be around before Sg 100 either because they go to see their
creator or most likely left Sin for good to live their good lives with their successors.


patriot said...

Sin Leedership is made up of a mathematician and his magicians.

All are already in the Pipelines(to replace Piping)

My apology.


patriot said...

be reminded that there is no
guarantee that ALL OF THEM WILL BE AROUND before Sg 100.......

My apology for the Mistake in the Earlier Post.


Anonymous said...

US Bases Encircling China - in South Korea

Army: The US 8th Army is responsible for the defense of South Korea. It is spread across the whole of South Korea in at least 42 military bases. The following 11 are the major ones:

1. Camp Carroll 546-acre Army Base in Daegu City, Waegwan in the south east part of South Korea. The camp is named after Sergeant First Class Charles F. Carroll of the 72nd Combat Engineer Company, 5th Infantry Regiment. Location: 35.867, 128.6 degrees. Phone: 011-82-53-470-7132. It has 1,200 US 8th Army military personnel and 1500 civilians - Koreans and Filipinos.

2. Camp Casey 3,500 acre Army Base in Daegu City, Dong-Ducheon, South Korea. Location: 37.922, 127.085. It has 9,000 personnel, of which 6,300 are military personnel from the 30,000 strong US 2nd Infantry Division (spread over in 3 camps, namely Camp Casey, Camp Hovey and Camp Castle) of the US 8th Army.

3. Camp Castle 50 acre Army Base in Daegu City, South Korea. Location: 35.908, 127.767. It has 630 people, 500 of which are military personnel, from the 2nd Engineer Battalion and 70th Support Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Division.

4. Camp Hovey over 4000 acres Army Base in Seoul City, South Korea. Location: 37.905, 127.084. It has 3000 people, 2500 of which are military personnel from the 115th Field Artillery and the 47th Cavalry

5. Camp Eagle Army Base in South Korea, once known as base R401. It is the most modern huge camp jointly built and financed by South Korea and USA. Location: 37.467, 128.136. Phone: 011-82-33-738-2110. It house 20,000 personnel, which include the 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division and 101st Aviation Group.

(To be continued)

Anonymous said...

US Bases Encircling China - in South Korea - Part 2

6. US Army Garrison Yongsan, covers over 600 acres, in Yongsan, South Korea - one of the top three U.S. Army Installations in the World. Location: 35.908, 127.767. Phone: 011-82-2-7913-3386. It home for the US-Korea Combined Military HQ, the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital, the 121st Combat Support Hospital, the US Embassy South Korea and the Seoul American High School, Seoul American Middle School and Seoul American Elementary School, Kindergarten Center, Kids Day Care Center, Theaters and a Recreation Center. Total students about 2000. Total population, both military and civilians is estimated to be about 30,000.

USAG Yongsan is not just the most important US base in South Korea, but also the most visited by US VIPs, e.g. George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton visited and talked to the troops. Each of them tried to encourage the soldiers and promised better times. According to George W. Bush, the units were supposed to get there and leave the place by rotation, so everyone can get to come back home.

USAG Yongsan was actually a military base built by the Empire of Japan at the beginning of the 20-th century and was the home of the Japanese Imperial Army HQ from 1910 to 1945. The place was so resistant that many of the buildings raised by the Japanese engineers are still standing today and used by the American forces today. At those times, this entire place was used for military garrisons, forts, training facilities and military schools.

7. USAG Daegu Army Base in Daegu, South Korea. Location: 35.838, 128.591. It is the home of the 72nd Ordinance Battalion, the 36th Signal Battalion, the 19th TSC and the 20th Support Group. There are also multiple associate tenant units, but they are not as popular. Besides, they are hosted for short periods of time. The largest one is the Red Cross.

8. K16 Air Base 85 acre Army Base in Seongnam, South Korea. Location: 37.446, 127.114. It is now used as a transit center for troops who has no specific camps to be designated in South Korea. It is also known as Seoul Air Base. It conducts airshows annually.

(To be continued)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Very informative and thanks for the effort to get these info here.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump is trying to set another agenda, this time naming China as a currency manipulator. China should name the US as currency manipulator first before Trump gets into the White House.

China and Russia must start to accuse, allege and charge the US for all the crimes they have committed and not sit there doing nothing and be on the receiving ends.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Owing to the LIMITATION of your comment section (I can only fill in not more than 4,096 characters in one go, I have to separate the information into parts.

I will be researching and sending all the US Bases that encircle China in your blog so that there is a central place where all these data/information is kept and can be referenced in the future by yourself, your readers and the public.

Anonymous said...

US Bases Encircling China - in South Korea - Part 3

9. Camp Red Cloud 164 acres Army Base in Uijeongbu, South Korea.
Location: 37.75, 127.05. Phone: 011-82-351-870-8948. DSN: 315-732-8948. north of Seoul. The base is the home to the 2nd Infantray Division Command Group, Special Troops Battalion, Air Force personnel, and a few other smaller units. With all these, it supports a wide variety of military units and military operations.

The 2nd Infantry Division, the largest US Unit in South Korea has about 14,000 troops, plus other combat support personnel. It is solely responsible for the 30-mile stretch between Seoul and the DMZ, that has divided the two Koreas since the Korean War cease-fire in 1953 (but the war is still technically on because there has been no declaration of the end of war by either side).

The most important events in the short history of the base were negative ones. In 1998, that specific area of Korea went through a few severe floods. Though no Americans were lost, many Koreans were killed or missing. Throughout the camp's existence, there have been numerous protests by the Koreans, culminating in an apocalyptic height in November 2002, when protestors cut through the perimeter fence, threw Molotov Cocktails into the buildings and staged a demonstration right in the center of the camp. This demonstration to get the US troops out of korea, was caused by the brutal killing of two young Korean school-girls, both aged 13, by a 50-ton armored vehicle driven by a Senior Officer of the 2nd Infantry Division. The protests continued every year up to this year 2016, usually during the anniversary of the killing of the two young local Korean girls.

Since then, the US Government replaced the Camp's fragile fences with a strong and tall concrete wall.

The Uijongbu area has plenty to offer for GIs, from suits, jackets, pirated software and games, plaques, coins, paintings, trinkets to the standard “drinky girls”, mostly Fillipinas and Russians trying to make a quick buck (US$20) from the horny American troops.