The naivity of Donald Trump

This is what Donald Trump said about the defence of its allies and his intention to make them pay for US protection.

On September 2, 1987, Trump published full-page
advertisements in The New York Times, The Washington Post and
The Boston Globe that were billed as an "open letter from
Donald J. Trump".

     "Make Japan, Saudi Arabia, and others pay for the
protection we extend as allies," he said in the advertisements,
which cost him a total of US$94,801. He said the US should
"'tax' these wealthy nations" and allow the US economy to grow
by relieving itself of "the cost of defending those who can
easily afford to pay us for the defence of their freedom".’

The big question or big deception is that do these countries need the Americans to defend them? Saudi Arabia is the most powerful country in the Middle East with the most modern military weapons money can buy. Japan was the world’s top military nation, conquered the whole of Asia and nearly conquered the USA. Do the Japanese need the Americans to protect them and to protect them from who? Which country in Asia wants to conquer Japan or is able to conquer Japan or has the intention to conquer Japan?

The hype about North Korea is purely an American red herring. The North Koreans would have problems dealing with South Korea let alone thinking of attacking Japan and getting away with it. The tension or threats of war in Asia is an American creation, an American myth created to force Asian countries to embark on military expenditure, to buy American weapons to fatten American coffers. Without the Americans inciting and raising tension, Asia is peaceful and does not need to keep buying expensive weapons to protect against an imaginary enemy created for them by the Americans. The threat to peace in Asia is actually Japan, that the Americans have supported its remilitarization. Japan is the threat, not the victim.

Trump can keep all the American soldiers and weapons back home and no one would miss them except one or two little puny countries. Donald is still so innocent about the American conspiracy to force Asian countries to spend extravagantly on unnecessary military weapons, to buy weapons from the Americans. The war merchants and war industry will murder him for that.

Trump is ‘trumping’ up more contentious issues and is attacking China on all front as if he is the only one that is holding all the cards and China has nothing to play with, that China does not know what to do or how to hit back at Trump. China building military fortresses in the South China Sea? I think he would faint if he sees the American fortresses in Diego Garcia, Guam, the Marshall Islands and Okinawa. He has no imagination or clue of what a fortress is all about. And China is lost, China is hapless, does not know how to respond, how to deal with Trump,  and waiting to be knocked the daylight out of them.
To all those in the western camp, they could only look at the issue from only one perspective, the superiority of the West perspective, that they can do anything they want and China is at their becks and calls. If things were so simple, then the Americans would have swallowed up China long ago. If things were so simple, ISIS would still be running wild in the Middle East and all the Arab countries would be on fire. If things were so simple, the South China Sea would have flared up into a full blown battle field with silly puny American cronies fighting China.

If things were so simple, the Americans would not be owing trillions to China and the rest of the world. If things were so simple, they would not need to vote for Trump, the best of the worse presidential candidates they ever had in American history. And how could such a poor quality candidate yesterday becomes a savior of the American dream overnight? He is now the Superman, the American hero from the comic books.  It is good to live in a lie, that Trump has all the solutions to all the American problems and he would dictate to China and to the rest of the world what he wants, take it or leave it. China and the rest of the world would be on their knees begging for mercy?

Keep living with the American fantasies, that the rest of the world is just dumb folks and the only clever people are the Americans with Trump the super ‘knows all’ genius. Didn’t the Americans forget what the media were saying about Trump during the run up to the presidential election? The two rejects but the winner is now the maverick they were waiting for?

PS. China told Ford Motor, you want to sell your cars to 1.3 billion people, build your factory in China. Ford said no, we will build factory in the USA to sell to 300m people. This is Donald Trump’s brilliant advice on how to do business to Ford.

I stand corrected, not sure if Ford is building car factories in China or pulling out of China.


virgo49 said...

Understand Nike,Adidas and many other brands of Sportswear made in China at cost of US$5.00 per pair.

Sold in all countries cheapest at US$70 AND at 200 plus US$/pair.

Think of one speech by Pres Xi when US accused China of unfair trade practices and currency manipulations.

You think U.S. factories wants to shift away from China.??

Anonymous said...

"Make Japan, Saudi Arabia, and others pay for the protection we extend as allies," he said in the advertisements, ...... "

Do you think DT is learning from PAP?
Make the Singaporeans pay for the protection of the PAP government?

Maybe Singaporeans should also ask.
Do we really need the overpriced and under-talented protection of the PAP government?

Afraid that without the PAP government, our wives will work as maids?
News flash!
Our elderly grandparents are already working as cleaners and cardboard collectors under the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

"If things were so simple, they would not need to vote for Trump, the best of the worse presidential candidates they ever had in American history."

Tiok. Just like if things were so simple, 70% Sinkies would not need to vote for the PAP, the best of the worse political parties they ever had in Singapore history.

Anonymous said...

Defend against who? Ironically it must be defending against IS, which ironically is the creation of the US itself.

The only resons I can surmise out of all this is that, firstly, the US itself wants to have bases in all these poodle dog houses to contain Russia and China. Secondly, it is the most lucrative source of sales for the US weapons industry, disposing of obsolete weapons to it so-called allies. Thirdly, the US wants to be looked upon as the protector of these poodles, when in reality it is lording over one and all.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump has charged that the F35 scam is too bloody costly. He knows what the warplane manufacturers are up to, to fleece all those silly govts that signed on the dotted line to finance this F35 scam, by jacking up the cost every day and the unthinking govt haplessly keep paying and paying, unable to get out of the scam, too stupid and costly to cut losses.

Trump would have none of it. He is going to cut down this scam and save some money for the US govt. Indirectly his decisive act would benefit those fools that are still paying and asking how much more to pay for this scam.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha.
F35 becomes the FU-35-SG

Do you think more Sinkies will have to become unemployed and work as cleaners to pay for this aeroplane?

Anonymous said...

Trump is a businessman and his children are helping him run the business. His secreatary of state is a business
Honcho . So i think he will not create ."luan" all over the world like HC. Instead he wii build "guansi " so that when his term is over
he will have all the lobang to expand his business. Unlike Tony Blair n Bill Clinton he need not have to give speeches
To earn a living. What do you think.?

Anonymous said...

Those garments still cannot see the scam and wanting to buy the FU 35s. Nevermind the cost, just buy. Got OPM what.

Anonymous said...

Trump is very skillful in publicity campaign. I read books years back, Trump went bankrupt he still managed to squeeze the bankers to support him. Of course, not to forget his father was millionaire too. Father s assets not enough to mortgage to secure loans meh? I asked in mind. US is living on future loans and mortgages. This is very true on US financing. US owes 19 to the power of 16 zero debts.

US owe china 1.22 power of 12 zero debts in bonds as at september 16. China should cut this bond debt down to buy US weapons to please Trump. But Trump cannot sell weapon. US however sell 737 to china. Last year China order 38 billions dollars of 737.

The hoha of Trump giving up one china policy is very much a publicity campaign in my view to eclipse Obama. Its like president Trump is working in office. Net net effect is zero to Taiwan. The secretary of state Rex Tillerson works in exxon. He knows how much china s cash against tiny orders from Taiwan. How much can Taiwan buy in terms of submarines and war ships? Taiwan is buying Japanese submarines not US types. Trump tries to use his kaki to draw world attention to keep US s reputation high. Because in Syria, US is facing another defeat. At Aleppo, the Hillary Obama built up, the world cruelest warriors ever seen, and managed to occupied Syrian s industrial estate, faced a total defeat on Nov 11. Piles of US weapons, medicines, foods worth hundreds millions dollars were given to Syrian troops as chrismas gifts, they well deserved.

From this contrast, world english readers should realized the world has changed. Hillary style of controlling the main media to project Hillary could win election at 98.2% (HuffPost) and Trump could win at 1.8% was not not not not real.

I have my parents to thank to make me also read square words meaningfully. But china s words are the same as HK or Taiwan or mainland, the messages formed at each place has its own meaning: the political power who transmit the messages is the control and command center. I can say Taiwan is an independent country in that sense, free from china s press interference. Same, some HK press are anti china. In HK, someone can carried a yellow umbrella in aircon room with solid roof to swear as mp, and the speaker passed that swearing as legally valid. That kind of anti china standard? Is this acceptable to commoners who are pro china or so called love china?

The over all picture is: China is heading for a breadup. It is not Trump s fault. Trump is just playing Taiwan as a card, similar to Chris Pattern playing HK in recent weeks to gain self publicity.

China FM said playing with 1 china principal is carrying stone to hit his own toe. I think it is possible that Xi is carrying own stone to hit his own toe eventually. What US can play out is not an independent Taiwan or less South China sea development.

Trump stirs up other countries to go against china is very sure future game plan. Vietnam will develop more Scs islands. Taiwan will lean towards Japan more so, and form a kind of association. Japan will re arm its own fire power. US will lean more towards Putin to separate China and Russia association. China if still keep Nkorea as enemy, it will be a lone power with money.
Not to forget china s 8 country war with the west when it is a lone dog or wolf. HK had to be given up for 100 years. Question is: if UK did not give up HK, would China use force? My guess is 100% yes, why? Local hong kong will support china against the angmor.
Question is: if US treats Taiwan as independent country without declaring what Trumps do, will china use force against Taiwan? My answer is no. China is scarce of Japan fighting with China eventually to save Taiwan.
The problem is: the longer Xi scarce, the hardening of reality will be similar to Hillary s defeat. Pure controlling of the media cannot turn into a victory. It is evidence in Aleppo and Hillary s election. Get real china please.

Anonymous said...

Correction 11:04am.
Aleppo US defeat was on 11 Dec, no 11 Nov.

Anonymous said...

Is the F35 really too costly for the US? If it is really a state of the art in weaponry as claimed, I think cost is of secondary importance to them. Or could there be other reasons, such as problematic issues that cannot be solved and newer technology coming out that could now defeat it in terms of operation. Hard to tell!

Anonymous said...

If the the best of the worst is leading the US, you know what the result is going to be. I cannot help thinking that between Clinton and Trump, the choice for the Americans has been between the devil and the deep blue sea. Just like in red dot.

Jobs may go back to the US, but Americans are going to pay for expensive things down the road and expensive things made in the US may be difficult to compete, particularly in less developed countries. If that happens, jobs may also be lost to machines instead, not to China and India if employers try to cut cost to be competitive. We have to see.

Anonymous said...

Those garments still cannot see the scam and wanting to buy the FU 35s. Nevermind the cost, just buy. Got OPM what.
December 14, 2016 11:02 am

Which is more stupid?
The stupid gahmen buying the stupid plane?
The stupid Singaporean voting for the stupid gahmen who is buying the stupid plane?

Anonymous said...

F35 s capability was never shown. Japan got F35 now. It never use against China s regular passage through Miyako straits. Japan recently used F15 to intercept China aircrafts flew pass. At the end, Japan s F15 had to spray flash heat to get away from China s jet entangling with the F15.
It meant to me F15 is not superior comparing to china s jets, may be speed or capabilities to block the china jets.

If Japan use F35, will china jets be able to even catch up with it? It was never in use even Japan has it. I think as some comments here said it, there could be some problems to use it in real competition. Not war, but game like "catch me if you can". This should be game #1 to test run the jets. Sin city should flock out all cash and reserves to please the US new administration as the biggest buyers for F35. It will deserve more dinners at white house. In real sense, i doubt F35 can park at sin city and take off after a few years when Indonesia takes over the air control of this region to protect its air space riau island. Can take off without asking Indonesia, similar to indonesia needs to ask sin city control to take off now? Buy the F35 for display set is garang. Countries in the regions cannot afford mah. See how rich is sin city? Citizen earns 60k per year. Can you see how rich is called rich? Kneel down to dragon king please.

Anonymous said...

FU-35-SG aeroplane becomes FU @ 65-SG.
- no CPF
- work as cleaner
- exercise by collecting cardboard boxes

- wait for Grace Fu to finish parking her Mercedes with help from alleged policeman
- then pray that this woman who cannot park her car unassisted ... can ... ha! ha! ... create good jobs for Singaporeans.

Tan Ku Ku GE 2020.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06pm

I think the mom official must issue a notice to merc user to go for training now.

It is a mismatch of skills needs mom attention. Many merc user cannot park car, due to mismatch of jobs and skills. Compulsory training is needed or she will be retrenched and ban from driving merc. Next question, Can she drive and park japanese car properly?

Anonymous said...

Next question, Can she drive and park japanese car properly?
December 14, 2016 1:21 pm

Can she work and create good jobs for Singaporeans ... as advertised in GE 2015?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:48pm
How does culture minister create jobs? I think can. First step is to encourage to have a culture to driver mercede. Start to advertise, all singaporeans must drive mercede to show off as rich and powerful. That is to have a culture for merc.

Second is to have culture for driving cars. Tell singaporeans driving is the status for rich and powerful, not driving means poor and not powerful. Has to be from politicians to show how to have the right culture for singaporeans.

Third is to have the culture for quality service for mercede. Like the transport claimed to start a train academy. The culture politician must claim to start a mercede acedemy to teach parking mercede without police help and how to, and polish mercede with all the tools as diy.

Fourth is to hire graduates from nus and ntu, telling them no jobs for them as they are not that reputable comparing to mumbai university. Polish cars, repair cars like mercede are lots of jobs available for them.

Ok liao. 5 mins job.

Anonymous said...

@ December 14, 2016 2:25 pm
How does a culture minister create jobs?

Good question.
How does a Foreign Talent create good jobs for Singaporeans?
Seems more like they steal good jobs from Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

U should have chance to work with foreign talent. They create good good jobs for Singaporeans.

First they asked for 3.5k while the boss pay for 5.5k. The HR applied employment pass successfully.
Second they recommend to change subordinates supervisors, as the supervisors cannot tahan and resign or cry openly due to his pressure. The change is a native foreign talent from his village. So the local supervisors can apply better jobs elsewhere or stay at home. That how foreign talent create good jobs.
Third they spot local peer s faults, mingle with them and report the faults to the boss. Eventually the boss distrust the local kaki and the kaki resigns. The boss hire hew kakis, that is creating jobs for new locals correct?
Then the company is not doing well because staff keep going and coming in.
The company decided to sell the company assets, the building and let the ceo go without renewing his contract. The foreign talent manages it well, can create good jobs for the ceo to apply elsewhare. He himself also apply jobs a good job elsewhere.
Foreign talents are very capable to create jobs for local, some big shot said it correctly. Singapore should hire all civil servants from foreign talents, all saf, police force, should hire foreign talent as seniors or generals. I like to see such world to come some days. Sin city will be regional power, yokowee, najeep, all will be ousted as foreign talents are very good to create jobs for them too.

Anonymous said...

Are you joking? This is December, not April 1, please!

Anonymous said...

@ December 14, 2016 3:03 pm

Sounds more like Singaporeans create good jobs for PAP Ministers who then create good jobs for Foreign Talents.

So what benefits do Singaporeans get out of this cycle?

b said...

He is very smart loh. Security fees do not come cheap. He knows that very well. Saudi and Japan (not china) have been taking usa for a ride for a long time and exploiting them by 'donating'to all those previous presidents who made harmful decisions destroying jobs is usa. DT will soon find out that China is a friend not foe and helping his countrymen and women able to afford things when others ripping them apart.

Anonymous said...

WP proposed a very good scheme to support the retrenched workers. I scanned thro the figure some thing like if he worker earns 750, he can get redundancy insurance pay out of 500. I wander this can be achieved.

However, a small sum of 300 to 500 is mission critical to a family for foods, disregarding the installments of flats.

One Pap mp said such redundancy scheme will encourage worker to fall for retrenchment. I cannot agree with such silly idea. Why?
We allow MC as free day with pay. Will worker pretend sick to get MC to avoid working?

Pretending sick, there are workers doing it. Can we rule off MC?

If we cannot, then Redundancy Insurance is a very good stablizing scheme to help families of financial difficulty. With a running cash to pay for basic foods like $10 to 20 per day, many children at home will have no proper nutritions.

Pap s mp are so foolish, i have never heard of such adult man using that as a reason to reject a proper proposal. Its like NS is poorly paid, and we will expect most NS men pretend to be sick to get MC. In reality, even NS men are poorly paid, life function as normal. It means singapore citizens are not what the Pap mp referred to that type.
I recommend to vote for WP and hope WP can go further than a small number of constituencies. Its time for WP to go big in 2020GE.

b said...

Politicians, once they get power, only care for the interest of political class and big corporations. They will treat citizens as milk cows and milked until sick or die. It is everywhere - EU, US, Asia etc. Politicians are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48pm

U and i should still have PR as foreign talents or employment pass holders.
Do you find them taking away jobs that other citizens can do?
I can tell you 100% yes. When a vacancy is advertised, hundreds of citizens sent in their emails applications.

Why must the vacancy filled by a foreigner? Only Pap politicians justify it. Citizens do not find it necessary at all.

Put citizens voted for Pap politicians to play them out in job markets.

Anonymous said...

japanese American admiral, Harris is begging for attention again.

U.S. ready to confront Beijing on South China Sea: admiral

US won't let China 'shut off' South China Sea

Anonymous said...

Indonesia is the biggest threat to Singapore and Australia.
Singapore and Australia shared same destiny.

Singapore should co operate more closely with Australia to protect their security. Singapore should get a military base in Australia and signed a collective defense treaty. Singapore may parked their aircraft carrier in Australia.

If Indonesia attack Singapore, Australia would obliged to attack Indonesia .

LKY and LHL are so short sighted to rely their security on US .
By taking sides between US and China, Singapore become the victim.

By aligning closely to the Australia, Singapore become the good friend of both US and China.

Australia should enjoy independent foreign policy . They should cease to become a puppet state of US.
Australia are still clinging to those feudal idea that they must help US to contain China because Australia and US are Anglo Saxon.

Anonymous said...

"If Indonesia attack Singapore, Australia would obliged to attack Indonesia ."

Australians lives worth nothing? Under what treaty they need to die attacking Indonesia?

US and Taiwan has treaty. If China attacks Taiwan, US already made known, US will not die for Taiwan. They will sell weapons to Taiwan.

Stop spreading unfounded imagination. Politicians must make sure no war for Singapore else it will be the end of the island. Even Singapore runs out of cash, no country will lend money to help. Not to talk about war, it means someone must die. Ask the foreigners to do it by defending singapore, will they do it? If they do, the you may think Australians want to do it. I tell you they will never do to help singapore except donating weapons, medicines foods and may be coffins.

Anonymous said...

Don't think much of Australia. It would be swallowed up by Indonesia if war breaks out. It is a small country other than the land mass. Remove the US element, like Israel, both would be gobbled up by their neighbours.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Japanese are trying to get Japanese Harris to start a war between China and the US. Would the Americans allow it to happen? I think the Americans are not that daft to allow Japanese Harris to do as he pleased. His officers around him will lock him up if he tries to be funny and abuse his authority.

He may get his way if he could get his officers to mutiny with him and broke ranks with Washington. MacCarthur tried that and was removed.

Anonymous said...

Harris is not high ranking on initiating war. If i m correct, it is John m Richardson Chief of Navy operations to determine, and probably the defense secretary Ash carter to recommend to Obama. Harris has no say. But if china bomb Harris ship, Harris will have reason.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Harris is the Commander on the ground and could cook up any fabricated excuses to start a war with China before Washington knows what is happening.

Anonymous said...

They managed to cook up the story of Saddam possessing WMD. It turned out there was nothing of the sort as fabricated by the military chiefs. What did they say about that? They obviously just shrugged it off. And they have the audacity to talk about human rights, which they do not have the slightest morality and shame!

When they bombed the Chinese embassy in Europe, obviously intending to provoke a response from the Chinese, what did they say? The USA is the most advance military power on the planet, and with satelite technology, they claimed the bombing was due to an out-of-date map. They are extremely good in talking cock and singing song.

Now, they are provoking and prodding the Chinese and North Koreans, directly or using the Japanese proxy to start another conflict in East Asia. Wherever they go, trouble is bound to follow.

Anonymous said...

The Russians and the Chinese should initiate a war crime against Bush and Blair for their lies to conduct war in Iraq and killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Saddam.

Mahathir did not did not have the clout to mean business.

Anonymous said...

Hainan 2001 air collision and 911 Sept attack only served as diversion tactic when Bush regime has legitimacy problem at home.

Tight contest between Bush vs Al gore in US election 2001.

Anonymous said...

Trump want to build a good relationship with Russia.
it goes against core interest of many people in Washington , EU , Japan, Saudi and Singapore too etc..
They get lot of benefits from tension exist between US and Russia.

I predict that another 911 attack might happen in US.
US would blame Russia for such terror attack.

You would have another style WMD War campaign .

Anonymous said...

Donald John Trump, the son of Frederick Christ "Fred" Trump of German Blood, has been an American real estate developer and businessman like his father. He has a sister who is the United States Court of Appeals Judge, Maryanne Trump Barry. He has been a Democrat as well as a Republican insider. Most of those Democrat and Republican Elites have been taking his "donations" for over the last 40 years. He becomes a billionaire not through being naive and stupid. He is in fact one of the smartest, shrewdest and cunning operatives in the American Political and Business scenes.

He has won the Presidential Elections by a landslide (both electoral votes and popular votes), despite the system being corrupted, tampered, rigged and blatantly cheated. The Republicans also won the House of Representatives and the Senate. Come Jan 20, 2017, the Republicans will be in full control of every aspect of the US Government. The Democrats are desperate and therefore, they are doing everything they can to sabotage the Presidency of Trump.

The Democrats, under President Obama, has been telling lies after lies that Hillary would win by a margin of 98% of votes - through the colluded and crooked mainstream media (controlled by 5 owners) - so much so they themselves believe in their own lies. So, when the results came out, they were totally shocked and could not swallow it. That is why there has been so many violent protests engineered and paid for by George Soros, the evil puppet-master pulling the strings behind the scene.
The numerous violent protests and riots across USA failed to dampen Trump's Landslide Victory.

Then the Democrats used a side-kick called Jill Ellen Stein, from the so-called independent Green Party, to call for a recount of votes in several Key States. Jill Stein is an American physician, activist, and politician. She ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010 but lost. She was the Green Party's nominee for Presidential Candidate in the 2012 and 2016 Elections and lost miserably. The recounts made Trump increased his votes, because of many illegal votes discovered during the recount.

Next, the Democrats engineered the Electoral Voters Representatives to refuse to cast their Electoral Votes for Trump in the coming Voting this month. The scale of this action is unprecedented and smack of coordinated foul play, manipulated by the sore losers of the Democrats Elites led by President Obama, whose smelly legacy is at the mercy of Trump to denounce and destroy - to the extent that the various glaringly questionable deeds done by President Obama against his own country and people could be brought up front and legal actions taken against him.

In the mean time, President Obama has engineered to sabotage Trump's Presidency by accusing him of using the Russian President Putin to help him win his Presidential Elections. Obama has openly directed CIA to investigate into the Russian interference in the Presidential Elections and demanded a full report before he steps down. Despite the fact that President Obama has publicly announced and given assurances that he would ensure a smooth handling over of power to Trump, he is actually double-crossing on his promises and public assurances.

If all their devious actions failed to prevent President-Elect Donald Trump from being inaugurated on 20 Jan 2017, as the 45th President of the United States, then it is most likely that they will either assassinate Trump, like they did to John F Kennedy on 22 November, 1963, or they will engineer an impeachment to get Trump of the Throne!

This is Dirty Politics at its Dirtiest ever to be revealed so openly and blatantly to the whole world to see. The masses of the whole World should realize how evil Politicians can be when they are hungry for power!