John Pilger - The Coming War on China

Let me thank Lycurgus80ofSparta for this lead on this coming movie by John Pilger, The Coming War on China. You can view a 12 minute interview by Afshin Rattani with Pilger at this link,


I strongly recommend everyone to spend 12 minutes to listen to Pilger about his movie based on the real situation surrounding the American pivot to Asia and the biggest and most dangerous build up of American military power in history around China, with more than 400 military bases in a tightening noose to contain and strangle China. And this is the best kept secret of the Americans and the western media, keeping a tight lip over this build up but screaming that China is building 2 or 3 airstrips in the islands in the South China Sea as a threat to the world. This is western hypocrisy at its peak but daft Asians would buy it as a natural development and a right for the Americans to have 400+ military bases surrounding China but China cannot have a few air strips in the South China Sea.

Listen to what Pilger said carefully, at the misinformation, the blackout and the hypocrisy of the Americans. Get some insight into the 32 military installations in Okinawa and the secret nuclear complex in Marshall Islands aimed at China. In the event of a war, Okinawa would be sunk and the innocent Okinawans would be buried with it as the sacrificial lamb just like the South Koreans in Cheju Island, another American military base.
Learn the truth about the real provocateurs of a nuclear war and how China has to react, to raise its nuclear alert state from normal to the highest alert in the face of this serious American encirclement and nuclear threat. Learn what the Americans are doing to contain China, to blockage China etc etc.

Look out for this coming movie just before Christmas, to be screen around the world and to be enlightened by the truth of what is going on around Asia and be well informed.

Thanks again Lycurgus80.



Anonymous said...

This is a very informative film, telling the uncomfortable truth that the West did not want to talk about. Kudos to the John Pilger.

It will open the eyes and ears of those that were shut and did not know that their eyes and ears were shut. But it still needs a little intelligence and humility to be willing to accept the truth that they have denied themselves for so long.

Anonymous said...

May olso read this http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/12/02/the-coming-war-on-china/

The hypocrisy of the Americans pivot to Asia that explain China is restoring its military existence in SCS for a potential threat of US.

Virgo49 said...

One thing is that I have great respects for some of the Ang Mos which are fearless and not biased towards other coloured people and dared to expose the wrongs and evil deeds of their own kind.

For Asians, most of them would not be bother or too timid to expose their fellow kind atrocities.

For thrle PAP pigs and chinese sinkies busy making more monies for themselves and sayjng NOT MY Business. DON'T care.

Let the PAP stooges prograte that CSJ, JBJ, WP are threats.

Now must keep this John hairstyle and specs.

Wah, diginarifed. Unlike our Lam Par Law Ran Wong and his stooges.

Anonymous said...

If war started would also mean sg would be bombed to Stone Age

Anonymous said...

John Pilger also revealed that the grandparents of Roosevelt and John Kerry built their fortune from trading opium in China and how the profits from opium trade were used to build the roads in Manhattan.

virgo49 said...

Sinkieland first to go Stone Age.

Hello Flintstones Fred And Wilma.

John did not mentioned Sinkieland use for Americans Naval forces and surveliiance planes.

To contain China at The Straits of Malacca.

PRC knew..THAT's why they contained you by seizing your toys

Still sleeping, asking reasons why.

Anonymous said...

Worry not! Worry not!

There will be no war!

Lots of talks and actions only.

Remember they are politicians.

To keep their jobs, they have to wayang wayang!

So.....Not to worry! No war! No war!


Anonymous said...

I dont have much sympathy to China when US and Japan want to attack it. China has used 69100 millions USD to defend RMB from dropping too fast so far. China still has 30000000 millions USD currency reserves. China has made so much money from selling goods to US, and does not expect Obama s Hillary who was 30 years in high level politics to kowtow to Xi? The plot pivot to asia is so natural.

It is the US policy to loot other country s resources and topple sovereign state contradicting its policies. Russia was toppled formerly called USSR. It was the stupid Goldbarchop who chopped away the too big country, and drunkard Yellsin who offerred terms that US France UK satisfied. But Putin is no Yellsin, he focuses on technology on weapons and re establish Russia, now, seriously under threat from US Obama, under sanctions.

Pivot to asia in my view is the next step after fixing Russia. China kept a distance from rivalry between US and Russia. I guess Putin has lost his patience. Russia sold high tec jets to China, and China copied the designs and sell weapons to other countries. Russia has delayed delivery of S400 to China and also su jets high end type to prevent it from taking advantage. China has never supported Russia on UN resolution Syrian war. So the months before November, Russia was seen on social media as an attacking force using bombs to kill women and children. Western reports showed pictures on victims to sway support. Only in December, when the West Nz and other countries answered to IsIs trapped at the defeating Aleppo asked for 7 days ceased fire. The UN resolution tabled by Nz s block was rejected by Russia and first time CHINA went against it.

I see this movie of pivot to asia should be lots of talking, as i have not seen the video. US did not fire a shot against China. It was a pity i felt in May, the 3 Fleets were at Scs. Under the China constitution, war needs parliament approval. If US fired the first shot at Scs, PLA can react naturally. The the pivot in Asia will have its answer.

What is pivot to Asia? In my view of watching the Aleppo war, US is not fight against China. US marines are not so motivated, similar to IsIs given with superior US weapons. It was the civilians, the children who got killed as they dont have hiding places like trenches and armoured carriers.

Pivot to Asia under Trump will be worst as Trump want more money to flow to US to pay the debts as his election promise. This is the figure: 19,0000000000000000 USD. If this figure goes up. Trump fails. Not pivot to asia fails.

Anonymous said...

/// .... surrounding the American pivot to Asia and the biggest and most dangerous build up of American military power in history around China, with more than 400 military bases in a tightening noose to contain and strangle China. ///

How you know the more than 400 military bases is not a tightening noose to contain and strangle RUSSIA or NORTH KOREA?

My point is that there are many possible interpretations.
I have no way of knowing which is correct?
The only way to maintain a balanced view is to actively debate like we do in this blog.
Unlike our Singapore parliament which is still operating as an overpaid echo chamber for the opinions of the Founding Emperor.

Anonymous said...

"an overpaid echo chamber for the opinions of the Founding Emperor."

101% agree. My point to add, and readers must see it for themselves is:
the LEVEL of intelligence appears on the debate. Some had said in other comments. The level is HIGH school standard debate.

I agree. This means the level of intelligence for the average readers has improved, and goes beyond the level of the overpaid members of chamber.

Unknown said...

Pleasure is mine Red Bean. A lot of Singaporeans are very ignorant on these issues, our job is to red pill them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19pm

It is a problem with voters. Voters do not link misery with voting rights. I asked a woman who speak like local educated. How much can 1 kg of can fetch. $1. Then it could take days to have 1 kg. She agreed. She turned the trash cans, many had no cans from observation.

Today read Comcare has increase 10% to 130 millions. The overpaid said it was "stable" due to aging population. Overpaid? Is that what voters want to see? The aging population is known 30 years ago. A health person needs to walk hours to collect cans and take $1 after a few days, isnt that is a politician s problem? Voters will still vote for the overpaid men and women. They watch figures and said stable for 30 years. Voters are so satisfied someone watch stable figures for them.

Is there better ways to improve income of these health elderly? Don tell me they like exercise. Don tell me employers want to hire foreigners for their experty in shops or stalls or office clearing cleaning packing tasks.
There might be elderly can plan can write SOP and sitting at home or doing such jobs as exercises. It is the loose policy of giving employment passes and work passes.

Voters must vote for a team similar to Trump s concept. There are jobs actually given to foreigners that local citizens can do. There are people willing to wait for $1 as reward with so much efforts of collecting cans. Collecting carton boxes is much heavier task. Go look at the age of those collecting cartons. Overpaid said its exercises for some. I think its their profession. The can take cleaning jobs if they can collect heavy cartons.

But cleaning job is given to person willing to take below 1000 or 1000 and must go through progessive model skill training. Is this kinda pressing the free market pay so that cleaning job is forever at around 1000? I do not think other country have such free going for 3rd world to take jobs where elderly are forced to take harder jobs. Only in this place. But the elderly has 70% and above voted for the overpaid to screw them. That is the hardest job for the educated to help.

Anonymous said...

RB, show his documentary to LHL who always deny that US had no intention to contain rise of China.- 400 military bases surrounded China.

LHL blame China govt and china media for spreading distorted information to their own people.

TPP is openly discriminating against state owned investment and state owned companies- (China)

LHL had gut to say that we welcome China to join TPP. China refuse to join TPP at this moment.LOL

Anonymous said...

One thing is that I have great respects for some of the Ang Mos which are fearless and not biased towards other coloured people and dared to expose the wrongs and evil deeds of their own kind.
Amos yee, Roy , Han Hui H are not ang Moh.
When they expose the wrong and evil deeds of their own kind, they would become No.1 enemy of the people.

Anonymous said...

@ December 09, 2016 2:07 pm

Thank you for writing down what has been in my heart and mind for many years.
- I never wrote about it because I believed Singaporeans are just too stupid to see

You give me hope.
- At least one other person sees what I see

Anonymous said...

MOM must have a policy to ask employers hiring foreigners whether the job can be done by a Singaporean before approving EP and SP.

Anonymous said...

@ December 09, 2016 2:07 pm
"Voters must vote for a team similar to Trump s concept"

Is this why we have so many overpaid people in the government and civil service?
- are they overpaid so that they will shut up and do nothing?

Anonymous said...

@ December 09, 2016 2:07 pm

Do you think when LKY was alive ... do you think he cannot see the problem?
Do you think LKY was that stupid?

If LKY did not do anything about the elderly problem you highlighted, it is because he did not see it to be a problem (at least for him and PAP).
And LKY was correct.
Did not Singaporeans continue to overwhelmingly vote for PAP despite the sufferings of the elderly?

If you want LKY and/or PAP to do something about a problem ... just vote Opposition.
If you vote Opposition ... then PAP starts to see a problem.
Then PAP will start doing something about it.

You cannot vote PAP first, and then try to persuade PAP to do something about the problems you highlighted. PAP will not listen.

You must first vote Opposition in large enough numbers.
When there are a large enough number of Opposition MPs in parliament.
Then and only then PAP will be persuaded to listen to you and do something about it.

Anonymous said...

This news is reported in HK media.

Singapore s state own bank in HK bearing the same name sold customers details to China call center to do cold calls.

HK Anti Corruption Agency Limkay has arrested 20 bank ex and current employees.

Singapore really got ways and means to break HK laws, besides the Terrex.

Habis for Singapore s reputation for this team of overpaid leaders. I heard the bank is headed by an indian new citizen. This kind of practise: letting others knowing bank customers information is very bad, and is very serious offense in HK on privacy laws. Most HK citizens know this law as it used to broadcast in HK to educate the citizens to obey the laws of observing privacy. A Singapore bank did just the opposite.

b said...

The way to deal with uas is not by military. Every year they celebrated thanksgiving which is celebrating genocide of the red indians. Uas is the one that made china strong. The reason is simple. They want to create a threat and sell more weapons. Its a collaboration .

Anonymous said...

Today marked the end of SKorea President Park s career.

Impeached by more than 2/3 of parliament. 234 vs 56 passed the motion, Park has to handover the power to the current PM.

This may lead to chaos or rapid re election of South Korea.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:09pm

The lady spoke to me looked healthy, no silver hair, no broken teeth. The clothings were dull and old, skin look brown due to sun burn. I asked her how many cans she needed to pick to make 1 kg, ie to make 1$, she told me about 60. No newbie, correct. Opening every can peep inside, and may not eve see one, i pity her choice in profession.

Let me ask readers, why did a healthy singapore need to make 1$ after walking hours and after keeping the cans for days to make 1 kg? I know pinky will say, hey average singaporean earns 58000 per year or more than 5000 per month including bonus.

Dont be fooled. That is the median figure not average. Mid point figure means half earn more half earn less. We must see the left figure before the 58k, what is the number? That one was never told.

I guess family who need to take 1$ over many days are actully having problem. Can be family having sick members to pay for. But i am sure financially, it is tight. The cost of living has raised while family getting old lost their jobs to foreigners. That is the real problem i see it now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3"13pm
Overpaid groups together to help each other to cover their mistakes. This is the trend we can see from outside. When there is mistakes pointed out by auditor, we can see how they help each other to make honest mistake and move on.
The only way is to vote for other team.

Anonymous said...

Park would not respect Impeachment ruling.

She would launch military coup soon.

End of SK democratic nation!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:25pm

That old man is non existence. To answer a fictitious question, if he was alive he could not see the problem? You must remember this: a person can changed from good to bad and bad to evil. U cannot read the mind. U can see what he did n deduce what he had in mind.
That old man authorized influx of 2.5 millions foreigners. During that time he was in senior position. Many lost good jobs to foreigners due to issuing of employment passes, PR. There is no reason a politician does not know the impact of influx of 2.5 million immigrants, about 40% of the population. Where there people earn their money to feed themselves? Jobs. The difference in salaries, first no cpf on employer, second no NS in camp attached, third can bargain down the asking salary to curb company wide increase, fourth can even ask employees to pay back cash for some cases, fifth foreigners dare not to ask for raise or resign before getting PR, sixth foreigners will obey as told no argument, seventh foreigners have no family, no kids sick or father in hospital, eighth, foreigners dare not to go home exact at 6pm, get free overtime, nineth tenth, you can name it. Citizens are like loosely behavior ill disciplined the old man called spur not stuck on hides.

Old man said that is the citizens problems. I say, citizens were not prepared for the invasion of 2.5 millions immigrants. Many lost their jobs and end up getting salary only half of previous to tahan the family expenses. Some simply cannot find back the jobs for many years. Family finance suffer as savings are used up.

This is the big problem caused by old man and pinky, that s why people pick cans at trash. The lady told me, sometimes, foreigners also pick the trash cans, and mess up the rubbish, while she gets the blames. To get rid of foreigners, only votes can change it. I agree vote for opposition is the only way.

virgo49 said...

This lady has to pick cans as the Social service manager pocketed 340,000.00 for the needy and poor.

And add insults to injury promoted some more.

Tan Chuan jin don't just go to the gym for your biceps and JB for durians

What happened?? Misappropriated funds for years and all sleeping?

Anonymous said...

Macau's former chief prosecutor charged with nearly 2,000 crimes ...

This is Rule of Law.

Anonymous said...

LHL does not talk about importance of Rule of law and international norm against China
when China had seized his toys.
Singapore main interest been affected by such seizure.

Singapore dont have any interest in SCS.
Yet,Singapore always lecture China about importance of rule of law and respecting international norm.

Anonymous said...

The sickos still think they should be paid in the millions and the people tightening their belts, picking tin cans.

Anonymous said...

The DAFTIES still think they should vote for PAP and pay them millions while the DAFTIES tightening their belts, picking tin cans.

In a democracy, stupid people deserve to eat shit and die.