China steals drone? What did the Americans and Europeans steal?

Trump has been trumping about China stealing an American drone in the South China Sea. Wow, he is standing on high moral ground, on strong legal grounds. How could anyone or China defend such an attack? China stealing an American drone, even used for espionage or collection of intelligence data, would be hard to justify or prove in The Hague Tribunal. China is now looking very bad in the eyes of the world.  Hishammuddin, the Malaysia Defence Minister is very worked up. He wants Asean to unite to confront China and the USA. Asean is very powerful when united. Dunno if other little USAs dare to open their big mouths again. But all the little USAs would be smiling, the Americans putting the Chinese in a spot.

Does anyone ever ask what did the Americans steal from the native Red Indians? If you do not know your history, the white Americans were originally from Europe, landed in the American continent and stole the whole continent from the native Red Indians.  But they need not have to explain or defend that as there was a Papal Bull issued from the Vatican called the Doctrine of Christian Discovery in which the native Red Indians, being non Christians, have no right to their land and the Europeans had been given the right by the white God to steal their land. Oops, cannot say steal. They just came and took the land.

And this same formula was used for the Europeans to steal the land of all the natives around the world and many of these former colonized natives are now little USAs, forgotten that once their land were stolen from them by the Europeans. Even today, many of these lands are still stolen and not return to the natives.

But do not underestimate Trump. He is a smart alec. He knew his history. So he generously told the Chinese to keep the drone the Chinese stole. Wow, the thief can keep the stolen property!  If not how, would Trump and the white Americans return the continent they stole from the native Red Indians? Would the Europeans return the land they stole from the natives around the world? Would the European colonialists returned all the loot they stole from the colonized people? Would the Queen of England return the golf ball size diamond to India? Would the British, Americans and all the Europeans return all the treasures and wealth they stole from their former colonies?

You see, while Trump point the finger at China for stealing an American drone, he quickly covered his backside by saying no need to return cause he remembered they stole the continent of North America from the Red Indians, and no need to return also. What about Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries still being stolen? What about the islands they stole like Diego Garcia, the Marshalls, Guam and Hawaii? Would the Americans return them? By the way, China did not steal the drone. It was a suspicious object in the sea and posed a hazard to shipping. After identifying it, China is returning the drone to the US.

What is a drone compares to all the land mass and wealth stolen by Trump’s forefathers and the forefathers of the European colonialists?

PS. Does Hishammuddin remember what the British stole from Malaysia, then known as Malaya and the Straits Settlements and Sarawak and North Borneo?


Anonymous said...

Asean is very powerful when united.

Hahahahaha. Just like the Sinkie opposition is very powerful when united.

By the way, I agree Trump is a very smart alec. If not, how can he become a billionaire and can even win the US Presidential election, tio bo?

On the other hand, Sinkie opposition leaders are quite stupid. Not only not that rich but also cannot win elections.

And Hishammuddin? Aiyo, just mention UMNO politicians and politics and you know lah. No need to say more.

Anonymous said...

This joker wanted to send his Malaysian navy ship to chase away Chinese naval ship! hahahahhahahhaha.......

Najib must be careful. The Americans are grooming him to take over. The Americans are supporting him and he is now in open defiance against Najib, knowing very well Najib is close to the Chinese.

Najib must be careful of Brutus.

Anonymous said...

I still think leaders mud take care

Of his owe country 1st.

Anonymous said...

The drone snatched by china was well received by china chinese including HK media. They are pleased china had the gut to seize something harmful to china s security. For readers who thought that is just water research. My guess was: the drone was an input scanning devise. It cost so little around USD 50k. My guess is: it scans under water images and more using sound wave and others, then transmit to satelite. Of course not PLA satelite, but USA satelite. The guess is also included PLA ability to detect the under water drone and pick it up when it surfaced.

This guess is close to reality and it is not US claims that it was to study water temperature. My foot. US RQ4 global hawk took off at Okinawa recently to monitor China s J6 jets flew around Taiwan island the first time. RQ4 and drone are the same type of input devises to monitor PLA.

Trump was confirmed by Electoral College on Monday to be president of USA. This call removes the doubts that Hillary was winner in waiting. Obama s hope s dashed. The problem for little USA is clear now. Stuck at freeze relation with China is not comfortable to little USA s business community. A small place China simply ignores. China has its problem of funds leaving China. Its currency will reach 7.3 rmb. The will increase import to USA. Bad for export from little USA. But little USA does not even sustain fishball laksa export to China. PC parts are not in things. Little usa does not export hand phone parts, too bad, being arrogant for so long. It should import foreigners now, 3 millions to fill up the White papers to boost property and have growth 15.2% to beat China. Let China s 6.5% steady growth pale mah. With import of foreigners, little usa has nothing to boost growth. The biggest export market is stuck. Real USA do not want globalization with new boss sitting there, what tea pee pee. Trump does not pee so much. He goes for creating real jobs in USA. Can pinky do the same to compete with Trump see who creates more jobs?

Anonymous said...

Can pinky do the same to compete with Trump see who creates more jobs?
10:34 am

Maybe Pinky thinks his job, although leader of only a peesai (nose snort size), is much, much tougher than President of USA lah.

That's why Pinky need to be well compensated with million dollars salary to do such a tough job mah. Some more, no other Sinkie is also ready to do his job, tio bo?

Whereas Trump even want to work for free as President, and take only a nominal $1 annual salary! Like that which leader can compete with Trump?

Anonymous said...

In 1860, the French and British looted China's Summer Palace at the end of the Second Opium War. Large parts of the Summer Palace were destroyed by the Westerners.

Many of the stolen Chinese imperial treasures are still in the hands of the descendants of the European robbers and turn up occasionally in Western auction houses.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysians are very smart. They want to get the best of both worlds as the prime minister Najib snuggled up to the Chinese to get economic treats, while the defense minister Hishammuddin lean on the Americans for defensive shield. Compare that to the stupid actions of the Singapore ministers, with the Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan விவியன் பாலகிருஷ்ணன் pivoting strongly towards INDIA . . .

Anonymous said...

Singapore can create more taxi driving jobs and cleaner jobs. And oso security guard jobs. Everyone is competing to be taxi drivers and now cleaners.

No one wants to be the EP. Only PAP ministers and ex ministers want to be, or qualified to be.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to be the EP.
11:32 am

Got lah. Tan Cheng Bock want to be EP. But PAP see Tan Cheng Bock got no value lah.
Halimah got more value because ...... (you fill in lah).

Anonymous said...

Hishammuddin is an opportunist and a dirty politician. He is going against Najib now, exploiting the situation to gain political points for himself. He sees that Najib's days are numbered.

So, this dirty Hishammuddin is trying to make himself popular to the voters of UMNO in order to seize the UMNO leadership in the future, similar to what Mahathir did in the past when he was trying to rise up in the UMNO hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59am
On salary, it is clear. 1 is motivated by a lot of money beyond he can spend when still breathing. 1 is not interested in making money for himself. This part is clear.

Now talk about on the job. 1 bluff by creating jobs through import immigrants, brand it like google: under academic globalization. There is no nation has no border. Sin city thinks it can do it giving jobs to foreigners asking for the cheapest price ie low asking salaries. What Sin city buy? Look can tell: actions like take tools knock, drill, screw, move around. Stir, chop, serve. Design new ideas, structure, not even new screws, can these import labor do. What the globalization in Sin city buy? Basic actions, The higher level like design including new menu, procedures, sop etc are totally wipe off from replacing old sinkies who created reputation for Sin city.

Trump is in business. He knows what i described above. Army general wants money and has never worked in whole life requiring skills in commercial world. Things are given to him. He might think the world is like a big army camp, all are given or can buy it with public funds.

But commercial firms in Sin city need to compete. It needs new designs, new procedures to make sop. This part was wiped off by the open borders issuing s pass and e pass. Will someone like Creative sound prosper in Sin city? It cannot even do well in China, as top hardware producers. Can you see the competition? Sin city cannot even have its own sound card and prosper, wanna Indians or pinoys to create sound cards for Sin city by importing talents? It is proven to be illusion, or bluff.

Anonymous said...

China never steal the drone. That drone was a spy-plane. Under International Laws, any spy get caught is executed in public and disgraced forever. Even his country of origin would dare not own him up. That include drones or any movable objects, and animals as well.

Anonymous said...

China may hold back the drone like the Terrex APVs.

Anonymous said...


I heard the drone already returned.........

But how about our terrace houses..........


Anonymous said...

The Canadian man David James Roach, who robbed Standard Charted Bank's Holland Village branch on Jul 7, never returned to Singapore to face justice as Canada refused to hand him over to Singapore authorities. How come PM Lee Hsien Loong never exhort his Canadian counterpart to follow international law and repatriate the criminal ?

Anonymous said...

No one wants to be the EP? Not that no one wants to be, but everyone else is disqualified one way or another, except PAP and ex-PAP ministers, so how? Just scrape the bottom of the barrel and moving the goalpost, bringing race into the picture now. Wonder what else they will think of next.

b said...

The world belongs to animals and we all stole it from them. Live and let live and stop acting like little kids.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06pm
It is frightening. In mandarin best description is xinhunt or the heart feel chill.

This EP was designed by gks to check on future pm, with one simple power to disapprove key appointments and budget. It was played by Pap old man eventually looking to public like useless and money grabbing high position. One had walked away with 32millions in his final year for doing immeasurable tasks. Did he question the budget, did he helped to make government executive vs parliament vs judicial institutions more distinctive in mutual checks? Immeasurable for collecting the money without contributing much. Future ep will not be respected so much so as in the beginning when gks started. As it goes down the time line, this ep job will go down further as its initial vision has already lost.

Anonymous said...

Drone was returned at noon today to US after friendly negotiations. US critisied china for not following international laws, PLA demanded US to reduce spying.
PLA won i think. What was inside the vehicle certainly was scanned. PLA did not promise not to do it again means US s drone can be caught again and again.
PLA has it say on matters relating to security. No longer china foreign minister or Xi could stop it from snatching spying devices.

Taiwan better watch for its pro independent leaning and actions in parliament. PLA may not ask US first before it launch sudden attack, similar to the drone. How about the tarrax from some big country? PLA never advise HK under laws, either give back or charge the shipping company? PLA is caught: to say sorry, the other side want a former reason to seize the vehicles, to not say sorry, the other side keep asking why vehicles were seized, to charge in court, lawyers are too busy for chrismas time.

Anonymous said...

First I collect 9 Terrex from Singapore.
The I collect one drone from USA.
Wah! I feel so rich.
Almost as rich as a PAP Minister reading his CPF statement.

Anonymous said...

Germany s big truck ramming through crowds enjoying chrismas lighting at a big square killing 12 and the off duty police man in Turkey special force killing Ambassador Karlov with 8 shots from his back, seemed went unnoticed for the daft sinkies.
Didnt see msm spending time on both cases, happened on the same day.

The one murder at Ankara was unbelievable as this off duty police man was not inside the security group protecting Karlov.

Who was behind the killing that it could pass the screening in security? That was what i had in mind. A similar case was death of Indira Gandi. She was shot by security guard. But this one at Ankara, the off duty police could get into close range with Karlov. Its so dangerous to deal with IsIs. The most dangerous of all is to deal with the supporting forces behind supporting IsIs. What do you think? Who is supporting IsIs?

Anonymous said...

HK and Taiwanese artists are very popular in Mainland China.

Even when these artists get older and get fewer/no job in Hk or Taiwan,
they can still go to mainland market to earn RMB. ,like chow yut fatt, tony leung, leon lai, aaron kwok, Jimmy lim etc..

But such opportunity does not exist for Singapore artists.
Nobody know the Singapore famous artists.- actor/actress

Those famous Ah Jie cant earn RMB in mainland China.
They still need to steal job opportunity away from these younger artists in Singapore despite the fact

Mediacorp make Mandarin Chinese drama while HK made Cantonese drama,

Singapore mediacorp hold more advantages than TVB. Singapore artists speak Putonghua much fluent than HKer.

PAP did not help sinkie to gain access to lucrative China entertainment market

Famous or top Sinkie actor/actress had difficulty to get job in Taiwan, Mainland China or Hk, unlike Taiwanese or HK actor/actress.

Anonymous said...

TVB is successful in HK. -make cantonese drama
Mediacorp is successful in Singapore . -make Mandarin drama

But those old artists from mediacorps are not popular in Mainland china.
Old artists from TVB are very popular in Mainland China. - adam cheng, sean lau, liza wong etc...

Short sighted of PAP policy?

Anonymous said...

Sinkie Singer -JJ,Stefania, tanya, ah dou can make RMB in Mainland China, taiwan, Hk

They used Taiwan as their launching pad . Why not Singapore? a global hub for the World, namely US?

Anonymous said...

Superiority Mentality of some sinkie -

A concert in collaboration between Singapore's Mediacorp and China's CCTV named "Starry, Starry Night" has made it to the 4th year. (2012)

However, there are some local viewers urging Mediacorp to cease the concert, Zaobao reported.

"We are not familiar with Chinese singers, so I think it is unnecessary to continue the show in the following years", said one of the viewers to Zaobao."

Such concert actually help Singapore artists to penetrate China market or gain recognition

it would open up huge opportunity for Singapore artists, as they did for HK, Taiwan artists.

Anonymous said...

"We are not familiar with Chinese singers, so I think it is unnecessary to continue the show in the following years", said one of the viewers to Zaobao."

- unbelievable
- a big country like China (with big domestic market) is willing to collaborate with small Singapore (small domestic market) .... and you have a daft Sinkie making this type of comments.

I'm a banana ... and even I shake head ...
- my hat's off to China for their patience

Anonymous said...

Were they familiar with the Korean singers?