Terrex Incident – What a lonely feeling

When Aquino was provoking China with his kangaroo court rulings on the SCS island claims, Singapore was quite vocal about Asean unity, that Asean should stand together as a grouping and take a common stand. Singapore’s policy is for a united Asean to face external threats and issues. Singapore’s support for Aquino’s claim on Chinese islands need no further elaboration. Several Asean countries too were behind the Aquino govt, including Vietnam and Malaysia, both claimant countries. Japan and the USA and the western countries too were parroting that the kangaroo court rulings were legal and binding. These supports gave the Aquino govt a false sense of victory, that the western world was behind the Filipino claims. There was strength in numbers. At least Aquino did not feel alone.

Singapore is now having a little problem with China, a good friend according to Vivian Balakrishnan who said he could sleep well over the Terrex Incident.  More than a month has passed and the armoured personnel carriers are still in Hong Kong with no further news. The Hong Kong/China side was silent and no one knows how long this matter would drag.

What is surprising is that no country, or at least that was what I have read in the media, has come out in support of the Singapore govt, to give encouragement and moral support to Singapore, a show or unity and solidarity. No Asean state has spoken out on the issue in favour of Singapore or to put pressure on China. Where is the Asean unity and solidarity? Anyone thinking he is the leader of Asean and mustering the Asean states to go against China? Should not one or two Asean countries be calling for Asean countries to unite behind Singapore? There was or were leaders herding the Asean states against China in the SCS claims and the kangaroo court rulings. Where have they gone to? Maybe the Terrex Incident is a different issue that does not need Asean unity or Asean to front out for Singapore, to speak for Singapore, to put pressure on China.

What about the USA and Japan, staunch allies and friends of Singapore? Did they say anything and give some moral encouragement? Are the Americans and Japanese going to sail their navies into Hong Kong as a show of force? Did any of these big powers make presentation to China to help out Singapore?

Somehow I got this lonely feeling that Singapore is in this all alone. Where are Singapore’s friends? Where are the western media that thought it was their responsibility to lambast China on the SCS island dispute and daily blasted at China on the side of the Aquino govt? The western media have been exceptionally quiet about the Terrex Incident. It is all Singapore’s problem. Or all of them think Singapore can handle this alone. Maybe they believe Singapore govt can punch above its weight and Hong Kong/China would soon return the armoured personnel carriers without undue delay, without the need for them to blow their trumpets?

Is Singapore being left on the lurch, alone, to deal with the problem? Have they abandoned Singapore? What a lonely feeling. A friend in need is a friend indeed. This is a time when Singapore needs all its friends to stand up or to speak up, and the voices of the western media to blow up the issue.

Are you lonesome tonight? Oh, what a lonely feeling.


Anonymous said...

Rb, the best option the government can do in this case is not to punch above her weight as China does not give a shit whether we punch above or below our weight. To save further embarrassment, the best option is to write off the few vehicles that we can afford and Ensure no more transshipment for our military vehicles. If not more will be detained,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I said before, one can only punch above his weight when the bigger victim allows him to do so. It is a self delusion to think a kid can punch a giant.

What Singapore should do, yes shut up. Just ask APL to deliver the vehicles or sue APL for compensation. Do not engage Hong Kong or China. Let APL handle that as a commercial transaction, nothing to do with Singapore. APL has a contractual agreement with Singapore to deliver the vehicles here, unless Singapore has somehow compromised its position in the documentation.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the arrogant big mouths? All went into hiding?

Anonymous said...

9.18 am, not hiding cause now they know Kena already with a superpower better keep quiet like a mouse. If not the China aircraft carrier may pay Singapore a visit. Just by parking outside Singapore in international water all foreign investment will run and all FT also fast hand fast leg balek back to home country and sg will be ghost city Liao.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, support Singapore on Terrex incident can make money or not?

If not, support for what?

Actually they learn from PAP lah. Cannot make profit (aka money), don't do and don't care. And PAP doesn't care so much about welfare of Sinkies because it is an expense to do that, not profit, tio bo?

patriot said...

l guess la, that Asean Members know Sin is filthy rich and can give away the
Terrex, no sweat and therefore let the Matter passed.
9 Terrex maybe buy 1 wing of a F35, so no big deal. Like Trump said to China; it(PRC)
can have the Underwater Drone la.

lt is a blessing that Asean Members are not having conflict of interest. However, there is no guarantee that there will be none.
Between Sin and Indonesia, there exist many issues that are not ironed out yet.
And who can guarantee that Sin and Malaysia will be adek
beradek forever?


Anonymous said...

If not, support for what?
9:41 am

Maybe PAP kiam siap (stingy) lah. Don't want to spend money to get support.

They are willing to spend billions on defence to get protection or lose millions not getting back their Terrex, but not a cent for this to get support on Terrex issue.

Anonymous said...

Our leaders must not take relationships for granted......


So..........保重! 保重! 保重!

Anonymous said...

I guess the Asean leaders all 'to lan' little Red Dot want to be leader of Asean. No respect for big Asean countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc etc. So when little Red Dot got into trouble they stand aside, fold their arms and laugh.

Anonymous said...

China foreign ministry said the country's circle of friends had widened in 2016. That goes against what Lee Hsien Loong proclaimed - that China would be isolated if it defies international law over the South China Sea issue . . .

Anonymous said...

Vivian Balakrishnan said he could sleep well over the Terrex Incident. That's because he knew Singapore would all the more has to pivot towards India.

Anonymous said...

That goes against what Lee Hsien Loong proclaimed...
10:35 am

Because what Lee Hsien Loong proclaimed is valid and boleh jalan only in Singapore. Tak jalan when go international.

But good enough for Lee Hsien Loong and ministers to win elections and get million dollar salary.

Too bad lah, if daft Sinkies suffer because of that.

Anonymous said...

Tarlex lost liao. Oh uncle teach u lah. U dont buy insurance for the loss, the loss will have to sue the carrier for missing the stock. If the carrier go broke being fine by the berthing authority for unloading "strategic stock" and want compensation, pay the carrier to tell China, that sum is small in singing dollar. Give up at the end, send another batch of tarlex to that place for training. No shipping company want to take the tarlex, send frigates to fetch one by one to show china what is punch above weight. Make sure the frigates convoy sail through Scs islands to show them the power of shangrila group. Ash Carter s promise to show PLA. Now frigates and no carriers to navigate Scs, its from the big brother s little brother s frigates. china will let go. Ok lah sorri sorri. Got drivers, if not we have already practised the vehicles, sure can help u.

Anonymous said...

That's because he knew Singapore would all the more has to pivot towards India.
10:39 am

Because to be frank, India is also very good in certain things. If you go Chennai, oops! Changi, Business Park, you will know what I mean.

If China is better, it would have been China Business Park, tio bo?

So it is for good reasons if Vivian pivot towards India.

Anonymous said...

I am a Singaporean.
Terrex detain or don't detain so what?
I can make money or not?
If I cannot make money, why I care so much?
Where is my money going to come from?

Who is going to feed me and my family?
If my family and me is left alone to eat shit and die.
Why not I also let the Terrex and the PAP gahmen to eat shit and die?

Anonymous said...

During your Christmas vacation.
Spend time and think of how to fix China.
Punch above your weight.
Fixing Singaporeans no standard lah!
That is punching below your weight ... some people may call it bullying.

Anonymous said...

That is punching below your weight...
10:56 am

The more correct phrase is "hitting below the belt".

And it hurts very badly and unfairly, unless of course Singaporeans have nothing below their belt... Hahahaha.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, we live up up to this Ripe Age must hayotve known human faces by now.

Must have seen more than hundreds of human faces who turned from enemies to friends and vice versa.

In everywhere, schools,camps and even working places, many instigated and you became the pawns to defy against authorities or to bully another.

When that authority or person suddenly retaliated, you can see the instigators running for cover.

Sinkieland, naive leaders been conned by the instigators who now kept mum.

This is human nature or weakness in having some one to die or fight for your cause and you unwittingly die for their cause thinking you are Bravo and punch above your weight.

Just look at Dr Chew. The daft Sinkies came out in force at his rallies to hear him speak.

But most voted the Pay And Pay.

Hypocrisy at the highest level to Heaven.

This is the norm for most Sinkies. Now the daft punch above the weight warriors been abandoned like hot potatoes and now licking their wounds by keeping quiet and taking long breaks.

Anonymous said...

Singapore s "lonely feeling"? Not such feeling to me. Indonesia s navy is more glaring. Indonesian ministers were unhappy about some rumors about its "tax amnesty" being torpedoed by singapore banks and civil activists. Give them incentives to come clean still kena karchaw, Indonesians are not that forgiving. Memory still fresh, the naming of some ship caused Indonesians army officers a few hundred of them, cancelled plans to visit an airshow at changi, over a weekend too short notice. The Indonesian army junior and senior officers are having promotion and still sitting there. Expect them to help singapore to claim the custom held vehicles? I doubt.

Singapore can do what is right within their minds, do not expect Indonesians not to think for themselves in their minds. This line of thoughts should be applied to china chinese. The 1 china does not include using taiwan lands and keep relationship so close with one big and one small china. It was the chinese s mistakes for being nice, paisei to tell singapore to fuckoff.

But singapore supported the Hague tribunal judgment as a policy. The judgment says china s holding of Scs islands was illegal. China can take country questioning its SCS ownership? The aircrafts missiles war games are messages clearly telling the world that ownership is non negotiable. Singapore did just the exact opposite in supporting the Hague judgment. Poking at china s asshole is not free, the chinese will react violently. Because the asshole belonged to that body and not the poking s body, clear?

Other countries also have their assholes, no one want to teach others the wrong message. So they cannot support singapore on talex and haque judgment issue. It is singapore s own unique thinking, being so innovative to seek loneliness.

Now it is time to enjoy the lonely feeling for the loneliness singaporeans are seeking. I feel chilled when looking at the exports figures, the declining S$, and increasing prices of foods, the jobless people s news, and the closing shops.

Singapore s innovative policy is called the lone man s world. Number one by self claiming, polishing up the figures, but not the grand pockets among its people. It s going to the doom kingdom for good if persists.

Anonymous said...

All these talks about how great SIN is are over rated. In fact we were lucky to have the Old Guards who had good vision and courage. Our new generation of leaders have none of these qualities. They are merely scholars who did nothing to prove their worth so far. Being scholars, they are also afraid to fail and therefore always take the safe route. Alas unknown to them, there is no such route in life.

Anonymous said...

lt was the old guards and the daft babyboomers that are used by a horrible man to make his dynasty. This has caused young singaporeans
to suffer for a long time to come as they got sold out

Anonymous said...

I feel chilled when looking at the exports figures, the declining S$, and increasing prices of foods, the jobless people s news, and the closing shops.
11:12 am

So when will Hong Lim Park have more and bigger protests and don't say PAP voted out, but at least lose its 2/3 majority in Parliament?

Now I see Hong Lim Park quite quiet leh. Like that do u think PAP will worry?

Anonymous said...

Like that do u think PAP will worry?
11:46 am

PAP will only start to worry when:

1. Foreigners don't want to come to Sinkieland anymore.

2. An opposition party announce that they will contest 100% seats just like PAP and ready to be govt by next election.

3. By an act of God, an earthquake and tsunami hits Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hong Lim park quiet? That means the land can be sold to build shopping mall. I hope to see tender tomorrow. There are so many china tourists crowding at china town, mall similar to the Jewel at changi car park will be a hit to world tourism industries.

Hong lim park is not used because people are very happy about the garmen and ministars. There is no need to have park in expensive cbd area, one park can build malls and condos to sell to foreigners. Singapore needs PR 3.5 millions to be equal to citizens number.

3.5+3.5 is 7 millions white papers figure, in 13 years time by 2030.

Time is running out to achieve 7 millions population target by 2030. The next 10 years will see population increase by 4 millions foreigners, to get the cream for PR 3.5 millions including the current 600PR+400 E S pass holders. 1 millions pmet is too small for 7 millions target. Singapore needs to sell more lands to build malls and condo.
Do not think Hong Lim park can be used for noise. The nearby hotel will complain.

U are outdated, make money by selling lands, sell condos to foreigners to make more money, foreigners create good jobs for citizens. These are innovative policies no countries can catchup. Others are not doing well like singapore 1% growth. China s 6.5% growth or Philippines 6.7% growths are calculated wrongly, because their maths students are not that good lah. Singapore is the best.

Anonymous said...

/// The aircrafts missiles war games are messages clearly telling the world that ownership is non negotiable. ///
December 29, 2016 11:12 am

Why is China and Xi Jinping so stupid?
Why not follow Singapore-LHL's way?
- "Singapore belongs to everybody"
- "South China Sea belongs to everybody"

China should sign CECA with USA and Japan.
Then Americans and Japanese can create good jobs for China in the South China Sea.
Just like India and Indians create good jobs for Singaporeans in China.

Xi Jinping.
Please learn from LHL and PAP.

Anonymous said...

@ December 29, 2016 12:53 pm
I mean to say "Just like India and Indians create good jobs for Singaporeans in Singapore."

patriot said...


with all the Cynical Outcries
of the Leeders.

lf l am in the Cabinet, l shall
feel too shameful to stay there a minute longer.

Maybe l may indeed hara-kiri out of shame.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe we actually paid somebody millions of dollars in annual salary to come up with the strategy: "India and Indians create good jobs for Singaporeans in Singapore"

Cannot believe 70% of Singaporeans are stupid enough to believe this.
Fucking deserve to be slaves.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 11.54

We have daft Sinkies who told me that they voted the PAP because the Opposition contested 100% percent in the last election.

So contest 100% also die, don't contest 100% Sinkies said opposition not serious. Not ready to be government.

Sian liao ching

Anonymous said...

What happens to the yaya papaya Ambassador in Beijing? Why he never go banging at the Chinese foreign ministry's door to demand for the return of the Terrex APCs?

Anonymous said...

Hong Lim Park is a Prime Peace of Land that will fetch a huge fortune.
lt is a great waste for it to be used for some useless activities and worse largely under-utilized.

The Suggestion to build a hotel to specially caters to
PRC Tourists is a great idea. High time
to put Hong Lim Park
into productive purpose.

Anonymous said...

The Singaporean, Amos Yee, 18, is a former child actor turned prominent online dissident who fled to the United States last week after being convicted in his own country of “wounding the religious feelings” of Christians and Muslims. Yee was apprehended by US immigration officials at O’Hare Airport in Chicago and is in custody.

The plea he plans to make to US authorities, that he was punished for insensitive speech, echoes an argument that Mr Trump made repeatedly throughout his campaign — that political correctness was damaging to the country, and that it had prevented government officials from adequately addressing issues of national security, race and religion.

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous said...
I can't believe we actually paid somebody millions of dollars in annual salary to come up with the strategy: "India and Indians create good jobs for Singaporeans in Singapore"

Cannot believe 70% of Singaporeans are stupid enough to believe this.
Fucking deserve to be slaves'

Ya ya, believing in a dysfunctional backward country as a role model for progress. How stupid these people are?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousDecember 29, 2016 1:30 pm
Hong Lim Park is a Prime Peace of Land that will fetch a huge fortune.//


Nvr attend "kueh lapis" skillsfuture course?

Build a 20-sty commercial bldg there lah yet retain the "function of HLP" on the rooftop lah?

AhKong65 said...

All these big-mouths and champion speakers are now quiet and gone into hiding...just wake up to the fact that "a little red dot" is a little red dot. No point talking like big boy as nobody will believe in you .
Just "Quay Quay...Daim Daim" is the best mode of diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

Chinatown is a tourist dollars revenue earner?

Make full use lah?

20-sty commercial building in prime location (next to Clarke Quay MRT & 3 mins walk from Chinatown NEL & DTL MRT) can generate significant GDP mah?

Anonymous said...

AhKong65, you think the khong cum kias would see the hard truths? I think they are all thinking and planning how to get even with China. And the khong cum kias believe they could come up the winners to whack and shame China. Just wait for them to start opening their big mouths.

Anonymous said...

Then just mark a "Yellow Star" on the red dot tourist/ travel map?

Uniquely (high rise) Sin City?

Even designated (gazetted) protest site on 20-sty rooftop?

Anonymous said...

Build some shelters, resting pavilions, decorated with potted plants etc on this 20-sty rooftop .......?

Ang Mo tourists from temperate countries can rest/ take in the view after a hot, humid afternoon tour of Chinatown, on this airy, unique, serene, peaceful "oasis" 20-sty rooftop amid the hustle-bustle in the middle of downtown?

Make tourists add in another half a day itinerary into their tour plan = more tourists revenue in Sin City?

Anonymous said...

Go watch the movie The Great Wall..an interesting movie that depicts China legend of the past though not a real one ( a depiction of China undying spirit of protecting its own border against any barbaric threats ( here using a fictitious animal Tao Tie as Greed) ..see how a foreigner ( Matt Damon) though captured by Chinese, also helped the Chinese army to outwit & defeated the barbarians animals..perhaps in collaboration with Chinese Army ( instead of wanting their black gun powder) that Matt was released from capture & become a hero...this analogy tells us to fight a common enemy against threat..maybe the Sinkies Terrex incident can learn from this episode ( as now the Chinese government view Sinkieland a potential real threat to Chinese survival , that's why they take action, cos China also worried that Sinkieland will help or combined forces with Taiwan ROC & US to attack China )..Sinkieland need to be perceived as a real "trusted" friend to China & not like the barbarics animals Tao Tie..

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:29pm
Orchard plaza and surrounded buildings are too low, few storeys. That area should build 30 storey offices. The restrictions must remove. In side the president house, there is a big grass field. That field can build 20-50 storey housing board or condo. Or a building for all govt departments including the parliament house all in one. It will save time to travel around, for those seen as JLB. Opposition takes over, can easily make billions for singapor from these ideas.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 3:51,

You are flattering the little peesai and they would be so happy to believe in what you said. In reality Singapore is inconsequential to China's rise as a super power and their game plan. At best Singapore is a nuisance, an irritant, nothing more.

But the Khong cums would think otherwise, and think very highly of themselves, punching above their weight.

b said...

The housing prices can ease down which is good for people who want to buy. Too bad for those fts and opportunists who sinked in millions to buy condos. There is always winners and losers except in a war where everyone is loser.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean, what u said 4.42pm is very true & nothing but the truth.
The problem of this peesai is an kpkb arrogant lot & always think they r SomeBoLee. PeeSai relationship with China ends when LKY passed away. In time to come Sinkieland is in deep shit, forecast of Sinkieland economy isn't good next yr ( or even for the next decade), predict a mass Exodus of some sort is hitting Sinkieland very soon as many were left to fend for themselves, how bout the poor ( the miws can only say boh bian u die ur own business Liao)...

Anonymous said...

"Sinkieland will help or combined forces with Taiwan ROC & US to attack China"

It makes readers wander such sinkie s writing has basis to support the claims.
First i would recommend those had not step physically on Great wall, do it before they die. How the feelings when on Great wall depends on how much the person knows china s history. There were parts of great wall being torn away or bricks being used to build village huts after generations of thousands years. The Great is not how long, but how wide, to me.

Second I know many Taiwanese are worried Trump could be risking their lives by telling China US would sell higher grade weapons and having higher level military interactions.
Taiwanese saw China j15 moved 2 rounds on top of Taiwan islands, and carrier Liaoling went round half of Taiwan, with chief navy PLA on board. These recent events told Taiwanese PLA will attacks from China side, and with carrier from Hualian side simultaneously. Previously, Taiwan assumes Hualian side is safe.

Third You said sinkie want to combine with Taiwan as attack force against China. Have you any data to show the number of jets both Taiwan and sinkie combined? I dont want to talk about sinkie as you do not sound like NS man with basis. Let me tell u: Taiwan maxi has about 300 jets, and are old jets type: cannot detect far with radar type. China s something 35 can detect 400km away object of 3m wide.
Hallow, you do not spread rumor sinkie wants to combine with Taiwan to fight China, please please please. I scared to go toilet. You know how many jets of whatever number from 15 to 35, the best is 20? 3000+jets now.

Hallow, sinkie + taiwan + us force in pacific want to attack china? you must be joking, i do not want to be minced meat. U please sign up. count me out. NS is not attack other country force, NS is defense force. Get it clear. Go form your own pro army in sinkie to attack china please.

b said...

Why fight over a few toys? Better think and spend the money by setting up the turf in townsville queensland australia 3 times bigger than sg. That will be the new sea route. Change and adapt. Route is made by humans.

Anonymous said...

The cheenas should just blow up all the Terrexes live on TV and put up the videos on YouTube.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 3.30

Red dot principled leaders live by their Ideals and Principles. No way they gonna give way to the PRCs just because they are Bigger, stronger and can intimate us.

You see how our smart lawyers, diplomats won Pedra Btanca. How our Schooling won an Olympic GOLD medal? ?

How our Ping pong girls, oops sorry, they are from China Ah?.Ex PRC.won World TT tournament.

How our Armed Forces trained in some many countries in so many different terrains.

You want to play monkey with us? ??

Paper Tiger do notnl know Real Lion yet.

We are now playing chicken with you.

See who give way first.

You want us to stop starlight training with Taiwan.
You just said, ,we must obey isnit? ?

We are a sovereign and independent country and we make friends what we want.

Don't tell us what to do. Punch you then you know.

You better blink and give us back our Terrex. We do not break any international laws.

We are the World most law bidding country
Don't play play with U.S.

Anonymous said...

Hi 3:26 pm
You are right when one look at it on the surface.
However people should be surprised 闭关练功 has been started.
The un-predicted move will finally come.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, your Singaporeans government should not have too much problem with this matter. China will return what belongs to Singapore. The PAP government will solve this issue. Don't worry too much.

Anonymous said...

The Real Story About the Nine Terrex

Actually, the 9 Terrex Armored Vehicles were not seized by Hongkong. They were originally intended to be a Christmas Gift from the PM of Singapore to the Chief Executive of Hongkong for use against political protests instigated by Pro-US elements.

So initially the HK Chief was very happy and China President also was very happy.

But Singapore's Pro-India Foreign Minister and the Pro-US Defence Minister opened their mouths too quickly, loudly, arrogantly and stupidly without checking with PM Lee first.

Now, PM Lee is stuck! He had no choice but to accept the situation as it is now that it has been reported the 9 Terrex were impounded by the Hk Authorities for violating HK's laws, which was not what he had intended.

So, both China and Singapore are now playing a delaying game, hoping that time will erase all memories of the incident and the public will forget about it and just move on.

The PM of Singapore can then quietly whisper in the ears of China's President, "Please Sir, kindly accept my 9 Toy Armored Vehicles as my Chinese New Year Gift to Hongkong. Wan Sui, Wan Sui, Wan Wan Sui!", then bow down and prostrate by knocking his head three times on the floor. The harder the knock the better, making sure there is a "THUD" sound for each knock on the floor, loud enough for President Xi to hear without any difficulty.

Problem solved. QED (Quite Easily Done)!

Anonymous said...

We have daft Sinkies who told me that they voted the PAP because the Opposition contested 100% percent in the last election.
Virgo 49 1:19 pm

Because many opposition parties contested 100% seats mah, and not united some more. WP even said they would not want to form coalition govt with other opposition parties. Maybe only with PAP lah.

Like that how to expect Sinkies to vote opposition as govt? No wonder WP also nearly lost Aljunied!

When one, and one only, opposition party contest 100% seats by itself, just like PAP, only then Sinkies will start to think about voting opposition as govt lah.

Virgo49 said...

So many countries had coalition parties forming the ruling government and they are still in the world map.

Only kiasee, kiasoo, kia cheng hoo sinkies would not vote opposition to form the ruling government as they are too afraid of change.

Too many years under papies that they think only are the Saviours to save their liviehoods and souls.

Little do they realise that they are Indebted thru their policies that they can only vote them to save them.

They are made to pay exorbitant prices for their liviehoods that they are been chained as slaves to them.

Sad fates.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with you Speedwing.
After toying with the boys and put them in their rightful place, to remind them not to be boh tua boh suay, the toys would be returned. But HK will send a hefty bill for parking, storage and security services rendered and only return the toys after the bill is settled.

Anonymous said...

/// Too many years under papies that they think only are the Saviours to save their liviehoods and souls. ///
December 29, 2016 9:22 pm

The fucking female papig can't even park her Mercedes car without police assistance.
And the daft 70% thinks that this papig can be their Saviour?
Just how fucking stupid are 70% of the Singaporean voters?

Anonymous said...

When Will The 9 Terrex AFVs Be Returned To Singapore?

Yes, of course, China will direct the Hong Kong Local Government to return the 9 small-boy's toys to Singapore. However, they will only be returned after the condition is right, the terms of negotiation are met and the anger in the breasts of top Chinese Government Officials have been assuaged.

That means the following would have to take place first:

1. Singapore send someone, or even the PM himself, to visit China and Hong KOng, and bring along some special gifts to please certain officials from bottom up to the top hierarchy in order to set the condition right for negotiation.

2. Negotiation will be long and tedious because Officials in Beijing will not negotiate. They will leave it to the Hong Kong Local Government to do the dirty job. The Hong Kong Negotiators will have to keep consulting the Beijing Officials back and forth. This will cause delays, which are necessary to drive the lesson home into the thick skulls or the bookworm school-boy leadership of Singapore. This will also incur cost - both admin and legal costs.

3. During the protracted negotiation, the terms will be set by Beijing, not Hong Kong or Singapore. The Singapore school-boy leadership will have to swallow their pride, dignity and integrity and simply accept whatever dished out during the negotiation.

4. How to assuage the anger of the Top Chinese Officials? Promise to be good obedient boys, and not join the US-Japan Mafia Gang to slander or denounce China openly, by any Singapore Officials (irrespective of whether they are in official or private capacity), in any forum, in any country, especially in Japan, UK and USA. Humbly apologize and agree not to punch above the small boys' weight against big heavy-weight boxers of China. Throw a big diplomatic dinner party during the Chinese New Year Season and invite all the Top Beijing Officials and Hong Kong Officials from the Port Authority, Customs right up to the Chief Executive.

5. Pay all the fines, compensations and bills incurred by the Hong Kong Local Government.

6. Most important of all. Stop all military training in Taiwan within the next 3 years (or when the contract with Taiwan expires, whichever is earlier) and establish military training camps on Hainan Island as offered by Beijing. Not to do so would be an insult to the Chinese Government. To do so means lots of money will have to be spent.

One blunder of complacency by bookworm school-boy leaders like this will cost the Singapore Taxpayers $Billions! So it is better to have street-wise non-school-boy type of leaders to lead the tiny city-state, right?

Anonymous said...

12.49 am, I like your wild dream and imagination. There is no way our leader will apologise as its not in the DNA. Our leaders are always right so how can they apologise? It's against their principle Tio bo? The cost of the 9 toys are nothing. It's not worth apologising. Of course the implication is not the cost of the toys but what China will do to sg example developing Malaysian air and sea ports to sink sg economically. That is the bigger implication.

Anonymous said...

Its not nice to interfer wif

Other country law.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think the conditions mentioned by Dragon Fly is about just right. Otherwise the vehicles would remain in Hong Kong forever.

Virgo 49 said...

Got Read today's Shit Times???

AMK TC GM and secretary investigated by CPIB.

Some more LHL Teck Ghee in AMK TC.

Wah piang got the cheek to swan WP TC !!

Theirs more serious - CORRUPTIONS.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 11.46

Seen a.lot of drivers especially the Female ones who drove super POWER or big expensive cars.

Many unable really able to control these make of super power cars.

Not said I Red eye. Driving a high power car with their acceleration many newbies does not realise their potentials.

They are actually a danger to other road users.when they are unable to control them.

Just like In cases of car valets who crashed some super cars even just parking.

Anonymous said...

What about little boys and girls running ministries or stats board or GLCs, dangerous or not?

Anonymous said...

To red hair,
A banana that cannot bring them benefit, is not a good banana.

Pathetic to say, many banana are proud to be banana.
This morning, news that Singpost appointed a red hair to lead the company.
And one comment I heard from a senior person : ''for this kind of post, Singapore really need red hair.''
He totally ignored the previous CEO of Singpost was also an ang moh who abruptly resigned but still took big fat pay check.

Anonymous said...

What about little boys and girls running ministries or stats board or GLCs, dangerous or not?
December 30, 2016 9:28 am

These are all political appointees.
They are appointed based upon political affiliations and not on merits.
So if these little boys and girls cannot do their jobs.

You can blame either the idiot emperor who appointed them OR
the idiot voters who elected the idiot emperor who appointed them.

Is the above true?

Anonymous said...

/// And one comment I heard from a senior person : ''for this kind of post, Singapore really need red hair.''
He totally ignored the previous CEO of Singpost was also an ang moh who abruptly resigned but still took big fat pay check. ///
December 30, 2016 11:27 am

Same same with Singaporean voters.
For the prime ministership of Singapore and the government of Singapore
"we really need the Lee family and the PAP".

Slaves deserve to remain as slaves.
True or not?

Anonymous said...

Singapore would soon be colonised by the white men with more coming here to take charge of Singapore companies. But what to do when there is no more talents here except generals.

Anonymous said...

There are talents in Singapore.
Very talented at voting for chee byes who can't even park their own Mercedes car without police assistance.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it true that this armoured vehicles require regular maintenance to prevent rusting and other issues? What is the plan of Singapore? No one wants to take responsibility. What kind of leaders we have, collect very humongous salaries but shirk responsibility.

Anonymous said...

American Ministers and Generals are paid peanuts.
And can get their underwater drone back in 3 days.

How many millions in salaries are Singapore Ministers and Generals paid?
How many months already and still cannot get back get Terrex?
And still 70% of the chee byes in Singapore want to vote for these type of JLB.

These type of JLB.
When they were toddlers.
Their mothers probably held their penis while they pissed in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it true that this armoured vehicles require regular maintenance to prevent rusting and other issues?
12:15 pm

Of course. SAF even have maintenance bases set up just to do that.

But I think, worse come to worst, the SAF Generals are prepared to write it off lah. This is called sacrifice to protect dignity and honour mah. If lives can even be sacrificed, what is armoured vehicle or what not?

Anonymous said...

Very talented at voting for chee byes who can't even park their own Mercedes car without police assistance.
12:11 pm

These are privileges, besides high salary, that come with being a minister lah. Another is fast checkpoint clearance.

It's normal, not just in Sinkieland but also elsewhere. In other countries, they even have police outriders accompanying their car.

If not, who wants to be minister?

Anonymous said...

Please note that the Female Cabinet Member is getting many of her Personal Escorts to do biddings for her. They carried her handbag and parked her car to 'por' her probably expecting for promotion or favour.

Think it is not to fair to blame the Minister when the
Underlings are the Ones trying
to carry her 'lumpar'. Lol.

Virgo 49 said...

Not por lum par lah.
Por neh neh
This disgraceful Fu got neh neh? ??

Ya, bro just like Korean cha boh big shots daughters.
Body guards even got to throw KORTEX for them.

Think Grace Disgraceful no need KORTEX anymore

Anonymous said...

What is a few armour vehicles? Sap sap suey lah.

Anonymous said...

wikipedia --China–Singapore relations

People's Republic of China – Singapore relations officially started on October 3, 1990. [1] Diplomatic missions were established in the early 1990s based on trade and the warming of ties from other ASEAN countries towards mainland China.

While bilateral relations between China and Singapore are still quite strong, they have begun to falter in the later part of 2016 after the occurrence of numerous high-profile events that threaten the positive relations between the two countries, including Singapore's stance against China's aggression in the South China Sea dispute (Singapore expected China to abide by international laws regarding the dispute, which angered China significantly),

Singapore's staunch support for an American presence in Asia (to counterbalance that from China) and the fairly-recent seizing of nine Singapore Army Terrex armoured personnel carrier (APC) vehicles by China in Hong Kong (after the Terrex APCs were being shipped back from a military exercise conducted by the Singapore Army in Taiwan, a move which provoked China's displeasure), all which have caused much friction in the ties between the two countries.[2]

Singapore–Taiwan relations were the international relations between Singapore and Taiwan that peaked during the 2015 Ma–Xi meeting in Singapore. Taiwan has a representative office in Singapore. Singapore operates the Singapore Trade Office in Taipei in Taiwan, both of whom are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO).