Eng Hen – A rude awakening

Was it the seizure of the armoured vehicles or was it the newly elected Trump Presidency that prompted Eng Hen to have a rethinking of what he said about the rise of China in Simi Valley, California?  The containment of China, provoking and inciting Asean to put pressure on China, bad mouthing China and selling the story that China is a destructive rising power were given a new twist in Eng Hen’s speech at the Reagan National Defence Forum over the weekend.

Before this forum, all the arrows were aimed at China and nothing good was said about China, a country that did not respect or live by international law, against freedom of navigation, bullying small nations when the truth was that little puny countries were trying to bully the sleeping dragon.  Eng Hen was telling the US and those at the forum that all these silly propaganda and provocation need to change. There were several takeaways from his speech which would be upsetting to our foreign minister and his MFA officials.

The first point, it was ‘“neither possible nor strategically necessary” to contain the Asian giant’s rise’. Of course the Americans would deny that, they would even swear in the name of their grandfathers that they were not trying to contain China with a blank face.

The second takeaway, ‘It is clear that China needs the world as much as the world needs China, and I think this interdependence will grow, not diminish.’ Now who wrote his speech? Definitely not from the MFA. This is likely a speech coming from the analysts in Mindef and would make many in the MFA very uncomfortable and unhappy. But Eng Hen is not going to hold back after his armoured vehicles were impounded in an embarrassing incident in Hong Kong and the likelihood of his boys training in Taiwan being scuttled by the MFA’s position on China.

The third takeaway, ‘that Singapore is “very careful and in fact, constructive” in adhering to the “One China” policy’. Would the reemphasis on adhering to the One China policy at this stage help in his boys training in Taiwan or is it too little and a bit too late after all the poking by the MFA at China? How constructive was Singapore towards the rise of China in the last few months, and would there be a change to go back to earlier days before Vivian took over the MFA and allowed his team to go wild to heckle China?

And another takeaway for the Americans, ‘There are many areas that (US) can focus on that are productive,’ he said. So the cat is out of the bag, the US had been counter productive in its treatment of relations with China, put it in a polite way without saying it, like telling China to abide by international law implying that China was not. Eng Hen added, actually reported as stressed, that a ‘US presence in the Asia Pacific “based predominantly on security is uni-dimensional and structurally brittle.”’ I am not sure how his good friend the hawkish Ash Carter would swallow these advices from Eng Hen in his policy of containing and isolating China by military means and alliances?

Eng Hen is the first minister to take a different view of relations with China following the recent fiasco by Singapore that led to the rub and snub by China.  The point is whether this is just his personal view, speaking as a private individual, or a Mindef view, or the view of the govt? Whatever, it is a first sign of fence mending with China, a job that the MFA has fouled up so badly that nothing they said would help. MFA better shut up and shut the mouths of its officials if Singapore wants to improve relations with China. Perhaps a few sacrificial lambs like the retiring of some of the more vocal anti China voices may soothe the nerves in Beijing.

Can the Americans still think they could contain and isolate China with the help of some silly Asian cronies? Would Eng Hen’s advice be taken seriously and lead to a rethink in American policies in the containment of China? Is Singapore rethinking its position and trying to do some damage control at this critical time? Is Eng Hen’s view a solitary view, a departure from the official govt’s view?


Anonymous said...

If you do your own homework properly, nobody can stop your rise.
So if China do their own homework properly, who can stop them?

If Singaporeans know how to vote wisely, who can continue to keep Singaporeans as unemployed debt slaves in our own country?

Anonymous said...

Hen is not in the PAP CEC so may not know the official position of PAP against China. He may be the odd man out saying what he thinks should be said. He may be wrong.

Virgo49 said...

This Hen spoke in front of the Press, foreign dignitaries and with such Seriousness and Gravity.

How can said He spoke as individual opinion.

Saying: Gu kia ng pak hor or abe too tio hor very apt.

I have under my command: By now should be numbered 253 battalions SIR. From 1967- Named 50 Sin
Onwards just to confuse our adversaries that we had straightway 50 battalions of operationally ready fighting men.

Plus you got see our Air Force flying and our Naval exercises or not. ???

Some more very Educated present day well trained soldiers excellent in Electronic playground warfares games just like in Genting the Children's Games Hall.

Surely, we can take the PRC on?? Tiok boh???

After all, they are just peasants soldiers!

Little does Hen knows that Peasants made excellent soldiers.

If not why they recruit the Gurkhas???

So this Hen got swell headed and sway away.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to note that Dr Ng was not elected to PAP CEC.

Hope it was not due to the what he had said and the seizure.

How to cool China? Say sorry? What must we do? Nothing?

Is it someone involved must go or step-down?

Hope it is not Dr Ng as he is one of the best ministers!

Wish him well! All the best, Dr Ng! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I think the khong cums now understand what a mess they have done themselves in. Or would they rally Singaporeans to stand up to China and accuse China of bullying and keep on poking?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Wu Sangui has a lesson for Singaporeans?
Who was Wu Sangui's real enemy?
The external enemy or the internal enemy?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The absence of Eng Hen from the CEC is telling. He is one of the stronger ministers, one that looks like a minister, and being left out, reported that it was his request, just does not make sense.

What is going on, Tharman did not want to be the PM, Eng Hen did not want to be in the CEC? Why then be in politics, be ministers? Just for fun?

Anonymous said...

Our Singapore fun comes with a million dollar salary.
Fun for who?
Fun for you?

denk said...

if an indian fm could wreck such havoc,
what'd happen with indian fm + indian pm ?

tharman said it's a matter of time,
lhl said he'd like that and its very likely.


Anonymous said...

Singapore should talk like Trump. Singapore would not let China tell us where we can do our military training and who we can have relations.

Waiting for Vivian to say this or his garang ambassadors to say it.

denk said...

December 06, 2016 11:35 am

your murcunt daddy was the one who demand all
asian countries to choose sides,
*u'r either with us or against us* !

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ 11:23 am

The latest model of Prime Minister is about to be unveiled.
The 4G model.
Once the 4G model Prime Minister is annointed.
The 4G PM will start appointing his team of 4G Ministers

If you are a 3G Minister ... you know your JLB time is coming to an end.
Isn't it better to ownself excuse ownself from the political scene?

Do you think this is groundless coffeeshop talk?

Anonymous said...

The only 3G Minister who will be hanging around is the 3G Senior Minister.
And the 3G Senior Minister has not appointed himself yet.

Anonymous said...

What is going on, Tharman did not want to be the PM, Eng Hen did not want to be in the CEC? Why then be in politics, be ministers? Just for fun?

Actually hor, it is not nice for the PAP and also for the minister concerned, to resign as a Sinkie minister lah. That's why they still remain as ministers lah.

In fact, Sinkies ministers never resign, even though they screw up or are unhappy in their job. They are only dropped as ministers after an election, when a new cabinet is formed, or they retire just before an election. Mabok Tan, Raymond Lim, Wong cant Sing and Lui Tuck bo yew are some examples.

Anonymous said...

Ng Eng Hen pro-China ; Vivian Balakrishnan pro-India . . .

Anonymous said...

hi uncle rb (11.23pm),

To Dr Ng.......enough is enough!

I m sure Dr Ng is able to Make Much More Money (4Ms) as a private surgeon.

No sweat! No sweat!

denk said...

all those tung lang ja boh marry aneh
produce anti tung lang offsprings.

si beh bo hua.

Anonymous said...

I m sure Dr Ng is able to Make Much More Money (4Ms) as a private surgeon.
1:28 pm

True, but a private surgeon's income can also fluctuate from year to year depending on the business.

Whereas a minister's million dollar annual income is more or less stable, even if the economy is screw up like now. And when economy is good, there is also good bonuses, in addition to their basic million dollar incomes.

Virgo49 said...

Plus many many fringe or unseen benefits. Plus how lian face. You top surgreon got those JLBs muscles bound bodyguards to make way for you???

Even old uncle and as aunty don't know you can scold you.

Think now so easy to sharpen your scapels to put whatever in your bills like Su San Lim????

Not even dentists and GP doctors got to itemise bills. Cannot anyhow charge liao.

Even Pai Mei subsidies went down.

So better be a JLB minister than a top Surgeon. Hang cheng so bad you think got spare cash to let you slaughter???

Super rich also opted for C class wards.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 1.50pm is correct that the hang cheng now is bad n as
a minister it pays very very well with other perks attached.

But, when u seriously know the amount a top surgeon earns per
operation, you will fall off your chair! U must try to find out
especially from the top private hospitals.

Just to give u a rough figure, my friend had a 3 hours stomach
operation, the surgeon fee is $23,000.00 n each 5 mins visit to
my recovering friend is $200.00. The surgeon had 3 patients
scheduled for the day n fully booked for the month!

So how much is MUCH!


patriot said...

The Perks a Sin Ruler enjoys other than a multi-million Sin Dollars remuneration, includes round the clock protection, diplomatic/VIP/celebrity status and the lmmunity that comes with it.
And having ones name in the History of Sin should be great for posterity.

ln Sin, there is practically and absolutely no risk or danger as a ruler.

Look at the Faces of the Rulers in Sin; almost all of them have 'l am limpeh and
lim laobu' looks glaring at You. That is how pompous and conceited Sin Rulers can behave with impunity.


Anonymous said...

Just to give u a rough figure, my friend had a 3 hours stomach
operation, the surgeon fee is $23,000.00 n each 5 mins visit to
my recovering friend is $200.00.
2:24 pm

So expensive meh? I thot MOH website shows the range of surgeon fees for abdomen (stomach) category is only from a few hundred to about max $10K even in private hospitals?

I think either your friend is exaggerating or so daft and rich as to become a "$carrot" for the surgeon!

virgo49 said...

This is because the patients believe that the Doctors are Gods

They allowed them to slaughter them any way they like.

You think the King of Thailand can live forever or LKY can live forever

When your time is up, no way you can porlong it.

Porlong to suffer more.

Just go peacefully to Nirvanna at CCK. Beautiful six stars hotel

Any doctors will do. But nowadays how ti find an ethical doctor that do not charge you for them to buy their bungalow and pay COE fir their sports car??

b said...

China will be alone if DT manages to seduce Putin. It will mean china facing very difficult times.

Anonymous said...

China cannot be contained? Singapore is a base for US to contain China yet Singapore said China cannot be contained. Singapore is not a commander in US forces. US can contain China, that why Singapore allowed US to use Changi as base.

I have to point out China has harden stand on US. IN UN, NZ and US s block proposed to have 7 days ceased fire for Aleppo IsIs to rest as Syrians Tiger forces are encircling IsIs and attacking IsIs s HQ at Idlib, aleppo. China did a surprise. It supported Russia and VETO the resolution. China is daring to go against US s wishes.

This is new to US. US Kerry is working with Russia to transport IsIs out of Aleppo to avoid them being killed, using reason that these IsIs are also holding civilians to be killed. Kerry now has a problem: will US issue green cards to these IsIs militants?

This war at Syria is a good lesson for US s allies to learn. US will not want to die with IsIs for a cause. Similarly, i deduce that US will not die for Taiwanese, and Japanese or Koreans. May be US will die for Singaporeans when PLA has war with it. Why? Singaporeans are rich cannot die like those militants in middle east. Which means that Singapore must support US similar to those fighting at Aleppo. Waiting to be killed still refuse to surrender to Syria. At the end, ask this question? Why US gave them weapons to fight Syrians? Why did they die for? Similar to Singaporeans, if they die, do you ask this question for those NS men, why do they die for US against so and so? For what? My conclusion is: for nothing. US is not worth helping and not worth dying for them in Asia. I will not want to fight with PLA, for what reason? Its similar to the Aleppo IsIs fighting with Syrians, no reason as the lands belongs to Syrians. China has their lands like South China sea, want fight for gaining the land at Scs for US to have them? US dont want them, similar to Syrian lands. Why die? To those Isis? No one can explain. So as encircling China? tell me please if there is war with PLA, for what?

Virgo49 said...

Why the HSR between Singapore and Malaysia supposed to be signed on Dec 05 postponed to next week Dec 20/21????

Its because the kwalan boy insists Sinkie section be given to Abe. Now this Abe pretends to be a cat crying for the mice that they had killed and paid a visit to pearl harbour to offer his condolences.

Nasib said give to Mr Xi my great benefactor. Now sinkieland no choice give to Mr Xi as arm already twisted in pain.

Same time soothe some nerves.

Tell Abe to apologise for the sufferings and pain caused to so many nations and the Heavens be more mercifully to them with less earthquakes and other disasters.

KFC man can be the mediator instead of por lum.

Virgo49 said...

Missed out par.


Anonymous said...

The US now so desperate wanting to save the Frankenstein ISIS they created. What happened to all the cries to send in troops to destroy ISIS? Now they cannot hide their lies. They were never there to destroy ISIS. ISIS was and still is their baby and they want to protect and save them for more evil adventures elsewhere, some place, some other time.

All the fuck and blind believers of the Americans, open your eyes and see the evil one doing their evil deeds, killing the Muslims and Arabs by making them fight among themselves.

Anonymous said...

Washington post 6 Dec 7:23am
Kerry tried to negotiate for IsIs fighters to leave Aleppo obviously failed.
I like this. Get rid of IsIs in Syria. Next in Iraq. This one US is supporting Iraqi, hopefully not tricks.

" “Those who refuse to leave nicely will be destroyed,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters in Moscow, speaking of the Syrian rebels. “There is no other way.”

In Damascus, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement, carried on the state SANA news agency, that the government will not allow rebels a chance to “regroup and repeat their crimes” in the divided city — a reference to rebel shelling of Aleppo’s western, government-held districts that has killed 81 civilians in the past three weeks, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.?

Anonymous said...

State mouthpiece say that there are no "formal reason' given for seizure of 9 terrex.

What are they discussing for 19 hours for second meeting?
What are they discussing for 7 hours for first day meeting?

If there are no "reason" been given to them.

Are they playing semantic games " Formal" (paper) vs Informal" (oral) with Sinkie mind?


Singapore refuse to take back their vehicle as sign of protest because China did not provide "formal reason" for such seizure .

Is it true? Singapore stand against China bullying?

Anonymous said...

Something got to do with Pro Indian faction dominated Singapore foreign policy?

Minister of defence been left out from CEC.
Eng = Pro China faction???

Vivian quickly went to India and pay deep respect for the demise of Tamil Nadu Chief.

Singapore always have a favorable impression of Rise of India or India would act as a beign superpower.

There are no need for Singapore to shout for USA to check their rise of India and ensure freedom of navigation in Indian Ocean

virgo49 said...

Bro, no Formal or other reason means there are No Real Reasons to detain your cargo.

We just want to toy with you how like your Ministers used to swan you Dafts Don't boh tua boh suay.



And their Chief always in hypocritically manner said We Must Serve the People.

You real Dafts just like your citizens.

What we want is a undertaking that you will respect the One China Mantra.

Stop all your connections with Taiwan and we shall return you the Cargo.

You see see wants to know reasons and follow what International laws.


DONT want your Terrex? Never mind, we can always played 48 and give an excuse to have them as presents for Chairman Kim

He be delighted to.have them for display at the 36 Parallel.

Want or not??

Please give answer.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China would follow international law and would not be caught violating international law to seize the armoured vehicles when there was no reason to do so. If they did, Singapore will be the first to cry foul and tell the world China is breaking international law.

The evidence in this case is very clear. Someone did not file the papers. APL or Singapore? Someone got something to hide or got a motive not to file the proper papers?

Now got caught red handed by Hong Kong. See, no one is accusing China or Hong Kong for not following international law in this case. It is the guilty party that did not follow international law or procedure.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RedBean,

You are absolutely right. Singapore would be the first to cry FOUL! and now show the whole World and the International Community that China is A GREAT BULLY!!!

They are now trying to present their case as a Case of Bullying from China. They are the crafty Ones. Now they are turning the incident into an issue that the Rising of China as a Super Power is NOT a BEIGN ONE.

See how they BULLY us a Pee Sai small nation. All the while we harping that small nations needed to be protected by International Laws.

You think this simple incident cannot be resolved by just one or two meetings??? You made mistakes in shipping matters. You paid the Fines or at worst they are confiscated.

Now with the Tsai or Sai Woman as President of ROC. She is a fox anti-China. So China wants to contain them internationally as well as diplomatically.

They just want to tell Sinkieland to stop the diplomatic and other relationships with them.

So, just activate this small incident and tell the Pig brains to heed their advice.

Instead, the Pig Brains now becomes Foxes brains and turn the tables on the PRC by pretending to be innocent like virgins and played the game that China is now bullying us.

They want to make it an issue so that Uncle Sam and those so called Righteous Ones will come into the Arena and condemn China. So if they were to gain sympathies then they would have won hands down. Still have the cake and eat it.

Still status quo with Taiwan. If not, you think theses "incidents" would not happen in the future if Sinkieland insists of sending troops to Taiwan to train.

What smart sinkies we have here. Don't see them No Up. This is how they get the 70% Daft votes.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on Dec 6 visited India's Tamil Nadu to pay his respects to the state's late Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa Jayaraman.

Tamil Nadu is only a state, not a country . . .

Virgo 49 said...

Hello B,

DT can be more friendly with Putin.

But Putin would be be seduced by him.

Kena grobe and groaned by him.

Too dangerous. Americans too dangerous and world no one hypocrites

Think they prefer the Chinese.

More straightforward and only cunning in making monies.

For years allied with China.

Invited even.for their National day Parades and other military functions seeing all their hardware and strengths of their armies.