Kelvin Cheng – a plea to support the govt

Below is a statement by Kelvin Cheng posted in the TRE.

‘I wish Singaporeans would rally behind the Government instead of criticising them re our recent issues with China.

Partisanship is for domestic politics. On the international stage, we must all be loyal Singaporeans.

And on this note, I also urge my fellow business people who do a lot of business in China to stop getting intimidated into lobbying the Government to appease the PRC. This is precisely what they are trying to do.

Yes our businesses and wallets are important, but our country is more important.

Be strong. Chins up. Have some pride. If we become doormats, nobody will respect us even as business people, and nobody does business with doormats.’

 Kelvin Cheng

The need to put up such a plea is telling. It is a sign of desperation and calling on the people so abused and taken for granted to support the govt facing a row with China is the lowest it can go. Let me remind Kelvin Cheng and his fellow Channel 5 people that the Channel 8 people is a majority vis a vis the Channel 5. Rubbing up China the wrong way would not be seen in the same way as the Channel 5 people.

And the response and reactions, if what were posted in the comments to Kelvin Cheng’s plea in the TRE is a measure of the sentiments on the ground, some people is going to get a rude shock.

This guy is still having the mentality of punching above our weight and want to take China head on, stare them in the eyes, don’t blink, chins up, and China will shy away, wither and melt down. Nothing to worry if we are brave.

The divide between the govt and the people is so stark and Kelvin knew it if you read his comments carefully. He knew that the govt has been harsh on the people domestically but is calling the people under such harsh treatment to put their differences aside to back the govt in an international dispute. And he believes the people will go along.  Are Singaporeans really that daft?

Someone must explain to him what is the meaning of ‘khong cum’.

Below are a few samples of the comments in TRE.

  • Uncle Lim:

Rally behind a petty tyrant and a police state? He is crazy.

On the international stage must be loyal? But on domestic stage get bullied by SPF by the Scrooge it is ok is it?

The ruling PAP doesn’t deserve our support at all.

If it has been sincerely serving the people, no need to preach to us. We will support the Govt but not this repressive regime.

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  • Jim:

So typical of papigs and all dictators
When they could not justify their action, they called for blind loyalty and support
When our leader do stupid thing on world stage, we must not be afraid to criticise
He is already an arrogant dick

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  • Ho Lee Sheet:

When pap treated singaporeans like doormats, this idiot often took the chance to stamp and wipe his dirty shoes on the doormats and then grinned like a monkey. Now he wants singaporeans not to be doormats just coz his beloved pap has offended a big giant? This lackey sure knows when to lick his bosses b@lls.

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in the first place, have you or your Chief Idiot any scant respect for fellow Sporeans?
by importing FT in tons, by appointing officers who are not held accountables to failures, by not resolving problems of transportation, housing and cost of living? by embarrassing spore with silly jokes all over the international areana?
finally by changing our constitution of electing EP by race and thereby reserving the pending Ep candidancy to Malay, to preserve your party’s secrecy n survival despite strong objections from Sporeans?


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Virgo49 said...

Thats MF see san bin wants to suck LHL's balls.

His pocket full as suck up the PAP and NCMP and he expects those with enough barely to survive
to support his bloody arse and his elites cronies arses when they are been screwed.

Pui his CB see san face

Anonymous said...

I m not here to spread fear.

U called now, BAD.

No! No! No!

The WORST is yet to be!

It is coming! Slowly but surely!

Hold very tight! Goodbye to 2016 n hello 2017!

自己保重! 自己保重! 希望明天会更好!


Anonymous said...

Calvin worries too much.

Singapore will thrive even
if it cuts off aĺ ties with

Sinkies are a special breed
second to none.

Singapore may be more powerful than lsrael.

Murderers Detective said...

Correction for 2nd paragraph:

It that is the one, then I think TRE has done a great disservice to Singapore and Singaporeans. He should not be given any airing in the TRE Site. He should NOT be given any prominence at all in the Internet. Since it has already been done. whoever did it, has to shoulder the responsibility of their Decisions. Their reputation has been tarnished.

Anonymous said...

I read from Bloomberg article today that close to 1/5 of Singapore GDP is linked to China so if we really pisses off China, then we are in deep shit. 1/5 of sg gdp liked to China but from China large economy, we are probably 2% or less of their GDP. So u tell me lar who die first economically if we pisses off China. We you are on empty stomach, see u can talk big or not!

Anonymous said...

I read from Bloomberg article today that close to 1/5 of Singapore GDP is linked to China so if we really pisses off China, then we are in deep shit. 1/5 of sg gdp linked to China but from China large economy, we are probably 2% or less of their GDP. So u tell me lar who die first economically if we pisses off China. When you are on empty stomach, see u can talk big or not!

Anonymous said...

Calvin is unduly
like to assure him
that he has the support
of 70% Sinkies.
These 70% braver Sinkies
than lsraelis will never
allow anyone to bully

Relac la Calvin.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:18. Self confident is good but over confident is doomed. Chinese says "kiang chui ho, mai keh kian".

Singapore is facing the biggest challenge since independence. Malaysia is moving ahead with its developments like HSR, Malacca Port, Forrest City etc and Indonesia is flexing its muscle by cutting our flights to Jakarta. Philippine has turned its back on South China Sea dispute and hold hands with China instead. America may turn its back on Singapore. Economy is in trouble and so are property prices.

Yet, we have not seen and felt that ministers are coming out to address these issues. Instead we have almost total silence even from super minister KBW and our FM Heng. This is all too scary.

With LKY gone, where is the fire in our leaders?

Anonymous said...

No sweat la.

No FM Heng got Tharman
mah. Internationally welknown
and recognised. Just given the
Top Appointment in G30.

Who is KBW ?
The One who only talk big ?
WithOUT him, Sinkies will
still strive cos Sinkies better than Israelis.
Have faith.

Anonymous said...

/// I wish Singaporeans would rally behind the Government instead of criticising them re our recent issues with China.
Partisanship is for domestic politics. On the international stage, we must all be loyal Singaporeans. /// Kelvin Cheng

When there is anything good (like good jobs),
You give to the Aliens.
When there is shit work to do (like National Service)
You call Singaporeans.

Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

The Super talents are paid millions in commercial competitive package so let them sort it out

Anonymous said...

Khaw Boon Wan, Lim Swee Say, Amy Khor, Lee Bee Wah are all born Malaysians. Sinkies can do without them. Had they not come to Sin, they are nobody in the Land they are born.

Let's be straight and candid,
Sinkies do not need Pappies, not any of them.
The Pappies have to depend on Sinkies and are leeching on the people.

Anonymous said...

Stopped reading after "Calvin" if not for this site

Anonymous said...

To prevent S'pore-China relations from worsening further, we need first to change the current S'pore minister for foreign affairs. Since that Vivian Balakrisnan headed the ministry, the pivot to India had gotten stronger . . .

Anonymous said...

ST: But Singapore has the sovereign right to train wherever it is welcome,
and training in Taiwan does not compromise our acceptance of the 'one China' policy.

Training in Taiwan does not compromise our acceptance of One China policy?

PAP can freely determine what is One China policy?

China must agree with logic of PAP on One China policy.

Anonymous said...

Can any foreign nation held military training with Communist rebel in Singapore while they proclaiming One Singapore policy?

Anonymous said...

LKY in his book or his interview with a foreign journalist - He already explain this situation before

One day, Singapore must terminate their military training with Taiwan when China ask them to do so.

That is why Singapore also conduct military training in many nations -Australia etc..

Now, PAP want China to accept this situation as status quo -

Training or military ties with Taiwan does not compromise Singapore stance on One China Policy .

Punched above the weight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong hit China: You are not the Middle Kingdom

“In this new world, there is no country which is the middle kingdom. ............................................................
one week later, Hk seized your 9 Terrex.

Even Singaporean people find those speech truly offensive and disgusting . LHL does not feel that way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
ST: But Singapore has the sovereign right to train wherever it is welcome,
and training in Taiwan does not compromise our acceptance of the 'one China' policy.

This type of silly logic only can use to talk down to sinkies.
When used against another country, big or small, a middle finger will come our way, or worse.

Anonymous said...

I find our top paying ministers all keeping silence except for two i.e. FM and DM. Could it be the whip is on and all tow the line or just merely no solutions.

Anonymous said...

Better keep quiet and collect million dollar salary.
Open mouth sure kena sai.

And that is how we wisely spend our tax dollars ... on these type of people.

Anonymous said...

There are morons here with negative IQ thinking that sg hs sovereign right to train in other "countries".
These dumb idiots obviously did not know that officially taiwan is nOt a country EVER since 1971 when it disgracefully ejected from unitEd nations which favoured one china,meaning PRC.
TAIWAN is officially part of china as much as hongkong is. You dont like communist is different matter, no one can dispute that china is only one race one people encompassing taiwan n hkg. In particular putting military hardware in another locale is certainly different from starting an ice cream factory there. You are tempering with national defence of third party, therefor its utterly stupid of any Singaporean to fight a case on zero grounds. We are guests in THEIR LAND, technically PRC even if it is in Kaohsiung.

Anonymous said...

Please be kind. Unthinking daft sinkies cannot think. How to tell the difference in such a difficult case?

denk said...

gobi diam news wire....

lhl just said he hopes for an indian pm , adding that 'its highly likely'.
dont be surprised if he step down soon quoting 'health problem'.

indian pm leading a bevy of prominent indian ministers, plus an army of indian ft, workers.
the sikkimisation of sg would be complete.

washington gets its unsinking aircraft carrier with
gah kee nan at the helm.
mission accomplished.

denk said...

why do all sg leaders speaking with forked tongue ?

thats what u get when u keep sucking up to the murcunts.

denk said...

in case u dont know whats sikkimisation...


denk said...

in the 70
india annexed sikkim and made bhutan a 'protectorate'.
modi has already sikkimised nepal.

Anonymous said...

Is this Kelvin the same Calvin who wanted to kill children of terrorists? That with a c was a malaysian, heard not working yet has money to write on the net, so must support his master lah.

The other with a k, i dont know. If working in some channel, must also be the same kind as their masters are the same.

Telling businessmen in china to go against china, who is going to pay back their investments? this kind of thinking is wrong.

The armour cars had no license was unloaded in HK. Saw the no license? This act broke any country s laws. HK has laws require license for import, export and transit. The shipping company unloaded the armour cars with no license on HK. Who want to fight for such act against a country s laws? Wake up citizens, we cannot do things illegally. The same as asking someone to kill children of terrorists, that is wrong. Morally wrong and breaking the laws, yet this new citizen put that in writing. He needed not to do ns. I wander he got into any trouble for saying killing children as he is a special foreigner turned citizen of this great country.

virgo49 said...

My estate with Indian dormitories as rented in HDB flats
Asked one RC grassrots why so???

Answer : our MP Indian and our RC committee top elechon Indians, what to do ???

So hurrah, hurry hurry bring in the Indian PM. and Malay president.

This may be be the start of a new good relationship with the PRC .

See how Malaysia Kawan.Kawan and not Kawlan with PRC

Anonymous said...

I dont think the airfreighter unload Terrex cargo. My understanding is this this is commercial liner, thousands other container, some are hongkong destination so the ship must unload other cargo. However i assume that transit items must be declared to customs. Customs was doing routine check and found terrex.
There is a possibility Apl ship DID DECLARE but customs still open the containers. But you are atvtgeir mercy, you coukd declare but made a slight error, you are dead. This happens everywhere in the world, you cant win, because there are 1001 rules to declare items, you get caught no matter how. How to argue?

Unknown said...

Its better to be diplomatic. I felt that the fiasco could have been better managed by the authorities.

b said...

Just train somewhere like australia. what is the problem? simple win win solution. LHL big mouth to blame.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese has one phrase:

"Qing Zhe Tong, Chou Zhe Kuai"

In the LR, his "spat" only harms China and Sg interests.

There is another (Chinese) phrase:

"Blood is thicker than water."

There is yet a Chinese poem:


"煮豆燃豆萁, zhu dou ran dou qi

豆在釜中泣, dou zai fu zhong qi

本是同根生, ben shi tong gen sheng

相煎何太急? xiang jian he tai ji

English translation …

Boiling beans to make soup filtering them to extract juice.

The beanstalks were burnt under the cauldron and the beans in the cauldron wailed:-

“We were originally grown from the same root;
Why should we hound each other to death with such impatience?”

This is another of my favourite classic poem. I studied it in my Chinese language class at Secondary Four. Brilliantly composed using powerful yet simple imagery of beans and bean stalks depicting the biological relationship between blood brothers.

It’s my privilege to share this with you.

According to legend, the great warlord Cao Cao was succeeded by his son Cao Pi as the King of Wei state. Maybe Cao Pi inherited his father Cao Cao’s extreme suspicion and jealousy traits, he harboured great distrust on his own brother Cao Zhi.

Cao Zhi was a genius in classical literature and the arts. Since Cao Pi kept suspecting that his brother Cao Zhi had intention to usurp his throne, he summoned him to the palace.

Cao Pi using the pretext of Cao Zhi’s reputation as a genius scholar in classical literature, issued an ultimatum to him in his court in front of all his officials. Within seven steps, Cao Zhi had to compose a poem telling King Cao Pi why should he spare his life? Failing which, Cao Zhi would have to be executed.

The King’s brother Cao Zhi with a sad heavy heart and streaming tears walked the seven steps and stopped. With extreme sorrow and soft breaking intermittent frail voice, he recited the above poem comprising four verses with five characters in each verse. Being a genius, he had composed that poem inside his head whilst taking the seven paces!

Having heard the poem recitation by his brother Cao Zhi, King Cao Pi felt remorseful. The powerful metaphor hit him like a thunderbolt. He gave order for Cao Zhi to be released. He did not bother Cao Zhi anymore.

Yes, the beans and the bean stalks are from the same tree – like brothers from the same parent. Yet, the bean stalks are used as fuel to burn whilst the beans are boiling (crying) inside the pot.

Why must they end up in this manner or situation – killing each other?"


The Chinese has yet another phrase:

"Liang Bai Ju Shang"

There is yet another phrase:

"(China and Sg) Bu Shi Sheng You De Deng"

China and Sg should focus on their COMMON INTERESTS than their "different opinions".

Make sense?

The Chinese has another phrase:

"Qing Ru Shou Zu"

"The hands and feet" are part of each other;

Harming the hands is harming the feet and vice versa.


denk said...


do u think a indian led sg in the indian/murcunt orbit would be more friendly to china ?


Anonymous said...

Oops ..... Typo ......

Line 3 should be:

"In the LR, this "spat" only harms China and Sg interests."

Anonymous said...

Dear PAP Ministers.
Do you seriously think the issue is “clear and legal” reasons for the detention of the Terrex?

If you really think so.
There is no hope for you or Singapore.
This is why productivity is so bad in Singapore.
Arse hole managers and leeders trying to solve the wrong problem.

Anonymous said...

Seizure of 9 terrex would indicate the ending of special relationship long exist between China and Singapore.

UK and US enjoy special relationship because they are anglo saxon

China and Singapore enjoy special relationship because they are chinese.
Special relationship allow Singapore to maintain military ties with Taiwan unofficially.

Singapore has repeatedly insulted China and remind them that Singapore is not a Chinese state.

Singapore had publicly rebuke China leader to harbor false reality that Singapore should support them in SCS because Singapore is a Chinese majority nation. Singapore state mouthpiece produce such propaganda on many occasions.

In reality, China leader only ask Singapore to maintain a Neutral position.

Singapore insulted the intelligence of China by suggesting that China misinterpret Singapore position as " taking side " when they support " Tribunal ruling" and rule of law ( echo the view of US , Japan)

Singapore LHL also blame China leader and China media for spreading false information to Chinese citizen that Singapore are helping US to contain China .

Singapore govt dispel these allegation by saying that Singapore is the largest investor in China. Singapore did not mention that they allow US aircraft carrier, littoral ship and US spy plane .

Singapore had publicly call for US pivot to Asia to balance the power of China- Implying that China would behave like a Bully or Enemy for Singapore.

Singapore did not ask China, US to balance the power of India in Indian Ocean. Singapore media did not brainwash people that India would acting like a bully or acting aggressively to impose their views on their smaller neighbor.

Singapore did not ask South Asia nations to negotiate with India Collectively.

Singapore had frequently imply that bilateral negotiation between China and individual Asean nation is a " Bullying" . - Kowtowing to China.

Singapore media blame Malaysia and Philippine for kowtowing to China.
But Malaysia and Philippine dont have China military base - Chinese warship.

Singapore had kowtow to US long time ago.
Singapore media and Leader did not say that and always portray US as " Beign and responsible and rule abiding Superpower by not mentioning that Singapore is pro USA.

If Singapore is pro China, US would bully them relentlessly.

Would US tolerate stance of pro China,anti US Singapore which opposed interest of US ?

Singapore allow US warships .Is this not kowtowing to Superpower and causing disunity in Asean?

Unknown said...

Good poem. Very touching story. Wisdom and humility in SG leaders is a rare quality.

Anonymous said...

7 hour meeting and you still cannot determine and decide the "clear and legal" reasons for the detention of the Terrex?

Does this not tell you that you are solving the "wrong" problem?
- Please lah.
- Singapore's productivity is bad enough.

Unknown said...

Ladies n Gentlemen, brace yourself for another sicko comment from No.1, very soon. This is more exciting than waiting for what Donald Trump will say next. Muuhahahaha

Anonymous said...

Do they have courage to tell Singaporean that Special relationship long exist between China and Singapore had officially ended due to foul mouth of someone (leader )-assertive foreign policy.

What would happen if UK PM tell british people that special relationship long exist between two nation (UK-USA) had officially ended due to foul mouth of one politician.

Anonymous said...

One politician? I counted 3 already.

Anonymous said...

Actually 4, surprisingly Teochew Ah Hia's ka-gia fired a shot out of the blue. Wonder why Ah Hia not shut him off. Maybe senile liao.

virgo49 said...

Denk bro, we have a chance to visualize.our Powerful our SAF.is.

Spending.So.much time and.monies on training.in so many.continents

Super modern arms with.nearly 500 thousands of.operatoomally ready men.

Itching for sparing. Trained until become no.more coloured belts.need sparing badly1àa a..aà

Anonymous said...

Its very funny, we are just like a ball to them, they kick you around, care nothing about your hardship, " you die your own business".

Yes, we will support if the country is being bully. Instead, you take things for granted, making wrong judgement, slap yourself with a stupid mistake, how to support?


Anonymous said...

Response made by pap minister -vivian etc...

It remind people about amos yee and Roy strong belief (illusion) in democracy, freedom of speech, rule of law,

PAP must respect their freedom of speech and ruled the world in accordance to those ideal values or their naive belief.

China must accept your lame excuse that Singapore can't betray their old friend, Taiwan

Singapore are basically saying that there are Two China.- PRC and ROC(taiwan)

How do Singapore uphold One China policy if PAP minister treat Taiwan as " another independent entity" from PRC?

If Singapore truly respect One china policy and want to maintain good ties with old friend, then Singapore should hold military training with PRC ( real China )

Now,PRC is the China, not Taiwan

Singapore have good ties with ROC ( china in taiwan) before 1990.

China(ROC)is the old friend of Singapore . China (ROC) help Singapore to build SAF.

Old friend ( China) of Singapore is PRC now.

Anonymous said...

Vivian is making a big blunder in his response to China.

1)Singapore do not support independence Taiwan.

2)Singapore would uphold One China policy.

3) Singapore recognise PRC as Legitimate govt of China.

If this was the case, Vivian should not say that they cant give up their old friend, Taiwan.

This implied

1. Singapore support independent Taiwan. Singapore treat taiwan as " independent entity from PRC.

For China , Taiwan or ROC do not exist anymore. Taiwan do not have own interest. Taiwan is part of PRC. PRC speak for Taiwan.
If Singapore want to talk about Taiwan, Singapore must ask PRC first.

2. Singapore do not respect One China policy.

3. Singapore support One china, One Taiwan.

Those blind PAP supporters are endorsing whatever Wumaos told them. - Blind Nationalism.

What you need is Critical Thinking !!!

Anonymous said...

Extracted these lines from Peoples daily China s own papers. I just read in between the lines.
Title: Singapore’s hypocrisy exposed by seized military vehicles
" The case is still being verified" (abt the 9 beautiful cars in HK, implied not now)
"For quite some time, Singapore has been pretending to seek a balance between China and the US, yet has been taking Washington's side in reality. Singapore was never a military ally of the US, but has given the green light to US military forces' long-term presence at its Changi Naval Base as well as allowing US Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft to operate out of its airbases."

"but its remarks about the issue are far from neutral" (issue: south china sea tribunal, but whose remarks, it never said it)

" The military equipment seized by Hong Kong authorities this time further adds to the suspicion that Singapore might be working against the "one China" principle."

"it will turn into a huge blow to bilateral ties, result in a possible adjustment to Beijing's foreign policies and profoundly impact Singapore's economy. "

The last sentence is threatening Sin city. I think Kelvin whoever to morrow will raise up from somewhere to lead a charging against China. Sin city is so good in economy, i do not think China s official threat has any impact on its rich and very rich citizens. There is no poor citizens in this city, China, please lah, keep your change, Sin city do not need to deal with China from to morrow. haha, thats could be generals replies.
Dont return the 9 cars, we will cry and stamp our feet ok, i dont know what to say.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: A police report has been made against former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng, over his Facebook comment about killing the children of terrorists.

The report was filed by the opposition People's Power Party's (PPP) organising secretary Augustine Lee Tze Shih.

On Nov 17, Mr Cheng posted a four-line comment online, which suggested killing the children of terrorists “in case they grow up to take revenge”. He had been responding to a thread about liberalism and security started by Future-Moves group chief executive Devadas Krishnadas.

After receiving negative feedback, Mr Cheng later clarified on his blog that his comment was not “hate speech”. He added then that he was “hoping to tease out a philosophical discussion about the killing of children (and women) terrorists”, after reading a CNN article about ISIS grooming children as terrorists.

He has also apologised to the Media Literacy Council, of which he is a member, and the Media Development Authority Singapore.

When contacted by TODAY on Wednesday (Dec 16), Mr Cheng declined to comment on the police report that had been made against him.

The PPP, in its Facebook page on Wednesday, revealed that one of their party members had filed a police report against Mr Cheng on Monday. The posting stated that the party believes that the “fascist statement made by him (Mr Cheng) has gravely threatened Singapore’s security”.

Mr Goh Meng Seng, the PPP’s secretary-general, told TODAY that the party held various meetings and had Whatsapp conversations to discuss the issue.

He said: “Allowing people to incite violence against the innocent children or even the family members of any criminal – I think he is challenging the current system … From a legal point of view, my party believes that this view is dangerous (as) it will set the precedent that will challenge the rule of law.”

“We will definitely keep a close look on this issue, especially at a very sensitive time at this moment. We do not want people to take the laws in their own hands; there are reports of people doing that in England and I think we should stop that,” Mr Goh added.

Anonymous said...

The Original Report of the above appeared in TODAY on on 16 Dec 2015.

Anonymous said...

Many Singaporeans may want or hope that their government would take a more low-key approach towards the South China Sea issue since Singapore is a non-claimant.

But they need to understand that doing so could put Singapore's own interests — respect for international law, freedom of navigation and a united Asean — at risk and potentially cause more harm over the long term.
typical Pap propaganda!!!

Singapore keep total silence on many major issues
1. Syria war
2. US bombing of Afghan hospital
3. Iraq war
4. Shooting down of civilian airliner. M17
5. Genocide of Rohingya
6. Israel illegal settlement in Palestinian Land
7. ethnic cleansing against ethnic Chinese in indonesia 1998
8. Libya intervention
9. US killing of Syria soldier in Syria

Singapore total silence

It does not affect Singapore interest for International law, rule of law, freedom of navigation, united Asean?

Singapore(non claimant) is pushing Asean to confront China over SCS.

Anonymous said...

Why must the Singapore PM be so extra-ordinarily vocal in slamming China and favor Japan, the very atrocious aggressive country that had invaded China and South-East Asia, including Singapore.

Japan is also the only country in the Asia-Pacific Region that had slaughtered and murdered millions of innocent Chinese men, women and children as well as tens of thousands of Singaporeans during the period between 1942 to 1945.

Could it be because his dead father had a special connection with the Imperial Japanese Army, at that time working as an undercover Interpreter for the Brutal Invading Japanese Forces against the safety and interests of the Singapore Citizens and Residents in those days?

Could it also be that the dead president Nathan also had a special connection with the Japanese Imperial Army, at that time working as an informant (spy) for the Brutal Invading Japanese Forces against the safety and interests of the Singapore Citizens and Residents during 1942 to 1945?

Looks like the personal interests of someone has always been more important than the safety and interests of Singapore's Citizens and Residents. Is it not so?

May be. May be not. Nobody can phantom into the dept of a person's heart nor the breadth of a person's mind. In this world, especially in politics and political maneuvers, there are many things in the DARK; there are many hidden self-interests that override national interests; otherwise how can there be so many pretentious and crooked politicians in this world that we can see with our own eyes and feel with our own hearts?

SAD and ANGRY are the words to say but these are emotional outbursts which would just fade away with passing time. What can ordinary wage-earning masses do without any political or military powers? NOTHING!

virgo49 said...

This little spoilt boy is throwing tantrums

Now being proven wrong by the Chief gangster and reformer Duruete and DT.

For thirty or forty odd years Sinking land been successful due to hard work of the true blue Singaporeans

All these goes to their heads thinking that they are the ones who created all these happenings

Beacon of light to other SEA nations. But very soon gonna be the Beggar and Sick Man of the world.

So now being sighted felt angry

This is like a two dollar company boss who wants to go round and boss everybody thinking he is the Boss of all.

denk said...

lots of murcunt mouth piece, those bananas in the sg english main stream, parrot the bs that china is 'bullying and dividing asian countries'.
this is typical ROBBER CRYING ROBBERY.

the one who started all the bullying and dividing is none other than the unitedsnake, the world's no1 shit stirrer.
china is only reacting.

here'r just some biggies,

the cia/raw [indian intel] slaughtered the whole family of nepalese king birendra in 2001, why, cuz he's pro china !

china/jp had a honey moon period during the 70's
but the snake engineered the down fall of two pro
beijing pm, thus scuttling the re-conciliation of the two arch rivals.

the snake exploited the nk boogeyman to ram thaad down sk's throat, shattering the china/sk honey moon built up since 2010.

we all know how washington forced ph to ditch the bilateral talk with china and turn to confrontation. just ask duterte !
ironically while ph is shaking off washington's deadly embrace, sg is sinking deeper and deeper
into the snake pitch !

a recap of how the snake has been punishing malaysia for its pro beijing stand ,

mh370 'disappeared'
mh17 shot down,
mh148 engine on fire, near miss.
airasia qz8501 exploded in mid air,
najib's chief of staff copter exploded in mid air,
the media campaign targeting najib is still on

the aussie pm whitlam was removed by a soft coup
when he tried to befriend china,

india's rajiv ghandi was blown to smithereens cuz
he was friendly to china.

etc etc............
above are just tip of an iceberg.

so u see what kind of terror asean is up against and it's nothing to do with china !

in the current spat,

how can we blame china when lhl has been acting like aquino the 2nd ?

i dont blame lhl either , god knows what kind of arm twisting was applied to him behind all the smiling foto ops ?

the blame lies squarely on the no 1 shit stirrer,
washington's professional arsonists who make their living out of igniting sparks into inferno all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Someone arm twisting LHL?

LHL is a man of principle with backbone,
doubt he will bend to suit
or oblige others.

denk said...


December 02, 2016 11:45 am

take a look at
December 02, 2016 12:09 am

i can add 100 more if u want.