Save ISIS, save ISIS

Now who is so mad to be shouting 'Save ISIS, save ISIS'? Not me for sure. Just a year back, everyone was shouting to destroy ISIS. The Americans were taking the lead, and many crony American countries were sending their boys to the Middle East to fight and die, fighting ISIS. Even today, our media are still daily reporting on ISIS bombing or threatening to bomb this country or that country. I am sure Singapore also have some of our boys in the Middle East fighting ISIS.

At the peak of the fight ISIS campaign, the Americans were seen leading the fight, and ISIS somehow got stronger and stronger, gaining more and more territories, victory after victory, and the Americans appeared to be hapless, the world's most powerful military force unable to contain a rag tag group of misfits called soldiers. How could that be? Were the rag tag soldiers, mostly untrained, half trained, badly trained and badly equipped, no air power, no big guns, were thrashing the professional Rambos, Green Berets, Special Forces and threatening to conquer and rule the Middle East? Their morale was so high, and this became their strong point to recruit more jobless kids from SE Asia, who believe they were on the winning side.

Then the Russians stepped in and the picture of the war against the ISIS changed. The Russians made the ISIS soldiers looked like misfits, rag tag soldiers as what they were supposed to be, incompetent, unable to fight and on the run after many were killed in battle. The whole image of supremacy, a victorious rebel fighter force collapsed. Rag tag meant rag tag and had no chance against the professional Russian army but triumphant against the Americans. Why, how could it be?

Then the Americans panicked and behaved like incompetent rag tag soldiers. They told the world they were attacking the ISIS but ended up shooting down Russian fighter bombers and bombing the Syrian soldiers. What was happening, what was going on? The Americans, the world best professional army, apologised. They made mistakes in attacking the Syrian soldiers just like they made 'mistakes' in sending a super accurate cruise missile into the Chinese Embassy from 1000 km away. The Russians and the Chinese knew the cunningness of the Americans. The Chinese then were militarily too weak to strike back and had to swallow bitter pill. The Russians sent in their anti aircraft missiles and all the attacks against the Russians and Syrians by the Americans stopped.

The Russians, Syrians and Iraqis continued to slaughter the rag tag ISIS soldiers daily and only a handful were left in Aleppo waiting for a total wipe out. Thousands of the ISIS soldiers have surrendered. Victory and a total annihilation of the ISIS soldiers were imminent. Now what? What are the Americans doing?

The Americans are pleading to save ISIS. Yes, save ISIS, save ISIS! This is now the American stand. They wanted an immediate ceasefire. They wanted the Russians and the Syrians to let the ISIS go to live and fight another day, to continue to create instability and wars in the Middle East and threats all over the world.

Why, why are the Americans pleading mercy for the ISIS?  Anyone still blur and did not know what was and is happening in the Middle East and ISIS? The truth that everyone has been talking about, ISIS was and is the baby of Hillary Clinton and Obama and the White House. ISIS is the Americans weapon of mass destruction, WMD. ISIS was created, fed, trained and financed by the Americans to destabilise the Middle East and the rest of the world, to keep all the countries in trouble, under ISIS threats and needing the protection of the Americans and needing to buy more weapons to protect themselves.

The Americans have pushed through a resolution in the UN to force an immediate ceasefire against ISIS in Aleppo. And all the silly American cronies that were fighting the ISIS in the Middle East and in their own countries were told by the Americans to vote to save ISIS. And they did, and still have their boys fighting ISIS in the Middle East. How delirious can this be?

The Russians and the Arab countries would not  have such nonsense. The continue to bomb the ISIS positions in Aleppo. The ISIS rag tag soldiers must either surrender to die. There is no two way about this. They would not be let loose, to run out from the tightening noose to live to cause destruction all over again.

The Americans are furious and desperate and John Kerry is threatening to charge the Russians and the Syrians for war crimes. He forgot that he should be the first to be charged for war crimes for feeding, arming and financing ISIS and all those involved in the White House.

Anyone on the side of the Americans wants the ISIS to be let off? The mother of ISIS cannot let her baby die. The baby is very useful to disrupt and destabilize countries and govts. Please help save my loving baby. All American crony countries must stop persecuting ISIS and let them live.

The American hypocrisy is exposed in broad daylight for the world to see. How many silly cronies would still want to send their boys to the Middle East to die fighting ISIS?


Anonymous said...

Save ISIS (ooops! I mean WP) in AHTC.

virgo49 said...

Save Singapore, Singapura, Sin Chia Por and what's in Tamil from the Useless Millionaire Monkeys in.White


virgo49 said...

YA, Singa puri!!

That's it.

Anonymous said...

only American can bring other countries for war crimes cause the court is run by USA. For big countries like Russia and China who have nukes, they don't give a shit but smaller countries very scared and need to watch out

Anonymous said...

Fact Check: You are getting your facts WRONG and spreading falsehood
It's for local Syrian rebels and not ISIS terrorists that the Americans are trying to get a ceasefire

Anonymous said...

It's for local Syrian rebels and not ISIS terrorists that the Americans are trying to get a ceasefire.
10:42 am

Cannot differentiate like that lah. Because both the local Syrian rebels and ISIS terrorists are all fighting to overthrow Syrian President Assad which America hates like shit, perhaps even comparable to Saddam.

So if America is helping the Syrian rebels to get a ceasefire, like it or not, America is also helping the ISIS terrorists lah. Nothing wrong with such facts!

Anonymous said...

/// Cannot differentiate like that lah. Because both the local Syrian rebels and ISIS terrorists are all fighting to overthrow Syrian President Assad ///

Just like both WP and SDP are trying to replace PAP.
Cannot differentiate.
So as long as both are Opposition, anyhow just vote for them lah.

denk said...

here comes the 'great white hoax', the alleged 'isolationist'


Anonymous said...

IsIs fighters in Aleppo are foreigners entered from Turkey. Aleppo was an industrial estate. According to articles of Reuters, the isis groups entered syria and started to control wide areas of aleppo. The locals syrians had to obey the new rulers for 5 years.
To understand the situation, its like Jurong being held by foreigners fighters. There Asis fighters used US weapons. They are fierce. I saw a video of IsIs counter attacking Aleppo s palmyra. Isis won and took palmyra yesterday (11 dec). The Isis fighters ran in open desert shouting and can be seen on "sky line". Syrian army fought with them and withdrew at night.
I think it was an "re-org" and getting reinforcement. At night, syrian troops took the surrounding rural aras surrounding the city, and important town Saeed.

Today there was an article in Reuter saying US and Russia proposes to allow IsIs to withdraw. But Russia denied the report was reflecting the factual situation on the ground.

From media, there are less than 10 more districts for syrian army to gain control and Aleppo war is over. Any allowing IsIs to pass and leave is taking a risk. I would think unless US airlift these IsIs to somewhere in US or France or Germany, syria will get the counter attack again. Will syrian army take the risk?

Syria army captured the Isis who cut off the head of a teen boy and held his head on a red truck. Can reader imagine letting off these criminals who occupy syria?

US politics is complex under Obama and Hillary. The syrians found piles of mortars and weapons from western world, and foods medicines from US (with US logo) in warehouses. The boss behind the war could be saudi and US.

Remember Obama disapproved the laws to allow US citizens to sue saudi over 911 attack? Congress passed an overwhelming majority resolution to over rule Obama. It happened in 2 months ago.

I am less incline to trust Obama in Isis issue. There is scheming behind to support Isis. There is scheming behind to stir up Scs fight. It seems there is another group of politicians are against Obama in congress.
I only hope people pray this group of IsIs fighters are completely terminated. There habits of cutting off live human s limbs and heads needed to be addressed. Will modern society accommodate these "refugees"? I think even German citizens are no longer that patient. Trump? I guess he will not support IsIs in Aleppo. Only Kerry is working hard to save these fighters. Who will bother?

Anonymous said...

Why our dragon king don't go to Aleppo and preach his doctrine of "the rule of law" there?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fact Check: You are getting your facts WRONG and spreading falsehood
It's for local Syrian rebels and not ISIS terrorists that the Americans are trying to get a ceasefire

December 12, 2016 10:42 am Delete

Your simplicity and stupidity is astounding!
Actually I want to delete your post as you have been a pest here for too long and I am not going to let you vent your stupidity here. I leave this post as evidence of how stupid you are for all to read.

Anonymous said...

I think where protecting Singapore is concerned, LHL trust America more than China. LHL did not buy Chinese made weapons or even want SAF troops to train in Hainan, despite the reported offer by China.

Maybe the Americans could even be behind LHL taking an anti China stand on the SCS. And LHL was hoping that Hillary Clinton had won, and together with TPP, so why not side with America?

But with Trump having won, and also due to key player Pinoy President Duterte taking a pro China stance, the SCS issue also died down. So externally, the outcome now is very unfavourable to LHL.

But internally LHL is still strong, having won a 70% mandate more than a year ago. And with that, politically or even socially (Sinkies are peaceful and don't like public protests) it should be OK for LHL and PAP, never mind other bigger and more serious economic or external issues facing Singapore.

Anonymous said...

/// (Sinkies are peaceful and don't like public protests) ///
December 12, 2016 3:48 pm

Hey! Stupido.
Public protests are illegal.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Stupido.
Public protests are illegal.
3:58 pm

Aiyo please lah, even with legal protests allowed at Hong Lim Park, how often and how many Sinkies do you see protesting there?

b said...

They want to destabilise the world so they can sell more weapons. They told the world Russia and China are threats so they can make small countries buy more weapons from them. They created ISIS to sell more weapons. They let in terrorists into us/europe to sell more weapons. Germany enjoyed more budget surplus due to selling more weapons to other eu countries like greece. If the world is peaceful and everyone living in harmony, the weapon industry can close down.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo please lah, even with legal protests allowed at Hong Lim Park, how often and how many Sinkies do you see protesting there?
December 12, 2016 4:03 pm

If that's the case, then why not the Dragon King legalize public protest?
Chicken is it?
Cluck, cluck.
Cuckold, cuckold.

Anonymous said...

Save IsIs kelly. Latest news tonight, IsIs has only 5% while syrian army has captured 95%.
Past 24 hours had 728 militants surrendered, 17000 civilians ran to syrian army side.

Media estimated the remaining militants have only 5 sq km to run about. How to be US representative army? Kelly should send in aircrafts to airlift these remaining militants or they will have no future in Aleppo, counting by days, they will be gone and US will not have any militants to fight for the america in syrian, not to say topple the sovereign government there.
Kaput and habis, coming in few days time. Obama will be angry if Kelly does nothing. Get UN to pass final resolutions to help the "dying civilians" there in air lift. Air lift is only practical provided the aircraft has landing space. That needs UN resolutions quickly, tonight and not tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"only two districts remain under Fatah Halab's possession"

"they were confronted by an exhausted Fatah Halab force"

"jihadist rebels negotiate possible surrender"

PU YAW WAN LIAO. Surrender? No No No. UN SAUDI US UK France Germany will send in weapons, foods medicines. Fight IsIs do not surrender. Hillary Obama Kelly certainly are watching tv on you guys.

Anonymous said...

News 29 mins ago.

The Syrian military claimed to have taken control of 98 per cent of rebel-held east Aleppo early on Monday morning after seizing the large industrial district of Sheikh Saeed.

"They [ie ISIS] don't have much time. They either have to surrender or die," Lieutenant General Zaid al-Saleh, head of the government's Aleppo security committee, told reporters, adding that he expected the battle to end quickly.

ISIS fighters are now confined to tiny pockets in the southeast of the city after withdrawing from the east side of the Aleppo river following the loss of Sheikh Saeed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The first major defeat of American forces by the Russians/Syrians.
The American empire is waning, days numbered.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it was a moment for deep thought about the Aleppo war watching on videos.

The video i saw last night was vivid on an article by RT. The 30 mins video started with sound like firecrackers burst into the air at Chinatown new year eve in somewhere.
Very intense and continuous, followed by twice of aircraft flying pass. Smoke came out mile away. It meant the battle field was so far away and the recording was so loud.

After the loud burst of noise for 2 minutes. The the video show was a complete silent for the remaining 30 mins, the whole town of housing saw 2 men walked passed. No soul found on the densely built up area for 30 mins of recording.

Aleppo residents have the syrian army to thank. This kind of duty is deadly, especially clashing with fierce militias with war experience and carrying american weapons.
Syrian army lost to a group of 300 militia at their counter attack in battle of Palmyra, a major town at the industrial estate. However, it was occupied for one day and the final call to them was:
"Green bus is waiting, last chance to leave, hurry up".
The final victory for the syrian was 5 hours ago, not too long. It was a historic battle event for internet watchers.

Anonymous said...

ISIS stands for Idiotic Singaporeans In Singapore.
So "Save ISIS" Means:

Save The 70% of Idiotic Singaporeans In Singapore!