Terrex Incident – The art of interrogation

The Singapore team met up with the Hong Kong authority over the Terrex Incident for 3 times, each lasting about 6 to 7 hours. The time is about right, could be longer, for such interrogation or investigation, or shall I call it meeting? With the wealth of experience learnt in Singapore, hopefully the team went there were well prepared, at least they should be in thick clothing in case the Hong Kong authority turned on the aircon to the fullest. Luckily the meetings were held during the day and not drag on to the wee hours of the morning. And they were not stripped to their underwear.

Altogether 19 hours have been clocked in the 3 interrogations or meetings and nothing came out of it. Maybe this is the norm and the Singapore team should be prepared for another 20 meetings or interrogation sessions before they could see some light in the darkened and cold meeting rooms.

I am not sure if the Singapore team brought along their lawyers to protect their legal rights. At least the lawyers could insist on food and drinks be provided or they be allowed to bring in their own food. Such long hours of interrogation or meetings can be very taxing on the side that is not the authority. The advantage is definitely on the authority side, the side that could set the temperature, set the tone, prolong or call off the meeting or interrogation as and when they like.

I could not believe that such a straight forward case of filing proper documents could take so long and yet nothing is resolved. Maybe the authority is just being the authority, just wanting to drag on and on and on. This is a common practice I think. The side that is not the authority would just have to bear with it.

The next step could be site visiting. The authority may want to bring the whole team to visit the site, open and inspect everything, including the canvas covering the vehicles. They may want to take some back for sampling test for dangerous chemicals or drugs. I just can’t imagine what the authority is capable of doing in cases like this when they are going to exercise their full rights and privileges being the authority.

The poor Singapore team is going to have a rough time, I think. And now is December. Better send them more warm clothing.


patriot said...


Redbean Sir;

You are very imaginative today.

Rest assure that the Sin Team are staying in 5 Star Accommodation and enjoying World Famous Cuusines that Hong Kong is most famous for.

l do not know if the Sin Members fly First, Commercial or Economy Class. However, as very important people, Economy Class maybe too belittling. Afterall Sin Rulers are remunerated by the Million Sin Dollars for them to stand equal with others, if not head and shoulder above others.

Be reminded that Sin Defence Minister has made it clear that Din will not take back the Weapons jusy because China is willing to return them.



What do You think?


Anonymous said...

I think China and hk are now very scared as they don't know what to say. So best option is not to say anything and prolong the situation.

Anonymous said...

free smoke?

Anonymous said...

The poor Singapore team is going to have a rough time, I think.

No matter how rough, this is nothing as compared to Sinkies saying wrong things and having time to lim kopi with the Sinkie police or ISD.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen should be personally present to lead the Singapore team to kau tim the matter.

Anonymous said...

I think the team should advise them our next option is to send our navy and airforce to retrieve our assets. Once started we don't give them chance already.

Anonymous said...

Why DM Ng Eng Hen? It should be FM Vivien Balakrisnan.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Air Force and Navy will frighten the Chinese PLA.

b said...

An enormous money transfer to a secret swiss account is what the other party is after. Talk is no use. Corruption is very wide spread in china.

Anonymous said...

What you talking?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha SIN team is enjoying taxpayer-paid 6-star holiday in HK, maybe with side visits to Shanghai & Macao also. Every night screw $10,000 top prostitutes, stay in $50,000 a night penthouses and eat $20,000 Michelin-starred cuisine. After fuck & gamble enough, then fly back to Singapore on $15,000 1st class SIA personal flight cabins.

Virgo 49 said...

Good,good wake up the Sinkies parents whose children are wearing the SAF free uniforms with exclusively high salaries as Regulars.

Day and night bullying the poor NSFs.

All the years chia liao bee with just billshit training and exercises from tax payers monies.

Not the time to show your mettle as Army, Navy warriors.

Sail to the coastline of China and confront them.

Returned back in bodies bags.

Waste so.much tax payers monies and don't show your work.

Same goes for the Chak liao bee in blues.

Like what Patriot said you jokers be handling those not bag less Sinkies.

You be handling the wolves,hyenas,foxes from our pool of special talents.

The nincompoos who created these shits were fly away with their richest to enjoy another world.

Don't know whether the South Korean Honary Fellowship VIP citizen still stands for our VVIP when now even their PRESIDENT is been impeached.

Anonymous said...

Why no country willing to come out to stand at sinkieland side to ask China to return the Terrex. US Obama keeps quiet, Abe Keeps quiet, pinky s new hope Modi keeps quiet.
US uses sinkieland as a base, and asked pinky to be dinner partner, why hiding away, Ash Carter should shout at PLA demanding Terrex to be released immediately tonight.
Please do not ask NS men to confront PLA, ask the foreigners trained in Sinkieland to lead the way with arms and weapons. NS men will stay at home to protect their families.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you take multimillion dollars salaries and claim to be the smartest people on earth. All it takes is a couple of peasant commies to show the world what complete incompetents you are with your Harvard degrees. Only dumber Sinkies will submit to this misrule. The world, including the Malaysians, whom your leaders often ridicule, a looking a laughing their heads off. Thank you China. Next time, just take the money, don't make false claims about your intellectual superiority. Because after a while you start believing your own shit, while the rest of us think you as nothing but a damn fool. Anybody listening to you making all those insipid, high school level speeches, know you are so full of it.

Anonymous said...

Karma karma karma ........?

Ha ha ha ha ha

Aung Juan Soon Chee and many kena "politically persecuted" in the past 50 years are "laughing their hearts out" on Earth and in Heaven .......?

Anonymous said...

Recently, noticed in the neighbourhoods many "glass looters" seem "crest fallen" .......?

Maybe many ....... their "luck ...... out and ....... days ....... numbered ......"?

It is not if but when ........?

Anonymous said...

China already long ago

Knows sg r dafts

Anonymous said...

Many ".....papigs ....." not unlike the economy in general ..... nvr ...... core skills not capabilities ...... but depended on "........" over tbe years .......?

"Tua Heur Tua Ba" and "Tai Lang Pang Huey" ...... days ...... over soon .....?

Some might be ...... on .... roads ..... begging ...... eventually (from the look on their faces in the recent past)?

Anonymous said...

After in the education system for a few years, mee since upper primary already knew ......

Anonymous said...

After all these incidents, probably many (70%) sinkies faces are "blue black and swollen" ......?

Cos they cannot believe their eyes and ears and keep face "palming" gazillion times ......?

Wan tan le, too late liao ......?

Anonymous said...

Old man used to shave the spurs up Jeya and said everytime Jeya will go down for the count (on his knees)?

Now who went down for the count?

Bully kena another (much) bigger .......?

Anonymous said...

The JLBs displayed their "helplessness" (and utter JLB "uselessness and parasite-ness and leeches-ness") in the face of real world problems?

Why book smart JLBs proved "totally washups" (even compared to non-PSLE holders)?

If yew looked at the current Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics textbooks at O and A levels, many if not all the theories are a few hundred years ago discoveries by the Europeans Physicists, Mathematicians .......

So even get 100 marks for such subjects got real use or not in a real matchup?

Book smart JLBs can come up with any new ideas, theories, inventions etc ......?

How many Nobel prize winners among the 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11 straight As JLBs?

All these "toilet papers" for decorations on their (totally "useless" JLB) resume?

(JLB) Cover blown liao?

Anonymous said...

JLBs kena Xi Da Da's knuckle dusters?

Aiyo .......

Went down again for the count ...... (on their bended knees) ........(like the way old man described his treatment of Jeya)?

Anonymous said...

National identity no hope le ......?

Caused by super loooooooose mass prostitution and leg open biiiiiiiiiiiiig biiiiiiiiiig policies .......?

Already kena "penetrated in out in out ........" until beer bucket also can le ..........?

Anonymous said...

RB, don't worry about the Singapore team. Beside the 6-7 hours of interrogation / meetings, there's still a lot of time to go Tsimshachui, Mongkok, Aberdeen Jumbo, Central, Lan Kwai Fong, Disneyland, etc. Can even make day trip to Shenzhen for some shopping.

Anonymous said...

Yes can also go ShenZhen Luo Hu District/ Shopping Mall/ opp street .... etc for "cheap entertainment", foot message, body message, full body spa/ message ......?

Shopping near Hua Qiang Bei Lu area ......?

Huang Gang Kou An there also can get some "cheap shots" ......?

Luo Hu Kou An also can buy many "shan zao LW, Kucci, Prata, handbags and Colex, Lo(oooooooooo)ngenes, Gag Whoreyear watches ......"?

Anonymous said...

Can buy "di(di)doughs" at Luo Hu areas oso for ....... (much) cheaper .......?

Can resell to many single spinster old hats when bk .......?

The cheong branded stuff oso, "can resell make some $$$$$ ......"?

Anonymous said...

The food varieties in Shen Zhen oso not bad .......?

Southern or Northern cuisine also have ......?

Got some cocking classes also (but far less than USD50,000+ ) for some homemade dishes and desserts ...... (only few hundreds rmb for full course lessons) .......?

Anonymous said...

PRC currency depreciated against Sin City $$$ by abt > 15% in the past 9 mths alone?

Go Shen Zhen shop shop, entertainment, enjoy even cheaper than HK ....... (for daft city taxpayers)?

Daft City, Daft Pple, KhongKum JLBs?

Anonymous said...

The media dont mention much about 3 other containers of explosives and weapon.

virgo49 said...

If that true.

Then tua teow lah!!!

Explosives and weapons in GP containers no declared as Class I cargo chia Lak

If explosives blow.up.Lee Ka Ching HK Hitachi Port gonna sue you until pants drop.

If got deaths, the MG or BG or the Hen gonna go chia Or Tau Png

Good for.a.change..all the time charged people.
Now kena charged.

Anonymous said...

Many oldies now realised old man's policies not sustainable, as witnessed by rapid slide in economy and IR?

Regret too late le ......?

Now oldies and many of their descendants waiting to eat (super diluted) plain porridge with salt, (repeatedly salted) dried fish (1 small piece can down 2 large bowls of plain porridge?), xian ya dan ......?